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File: 1714244599336.mp4 ( 12.42 MB , 480x360 , 167530993304153697.mp4 )


I wouldnt, If would, Describe reasons.

The goverment and healthcare system keeps letting me down, Why should i?

As a pussyfree man myself, Id betray my whole nation like it betrayed me just to have a chance to get a girlfriend, What has it ever done for me? Get bullied here, Ridiculed, Abandoned by the healthcare system, Denied XRAY, Denied this, Denied that, Denied meeting the right doctor. I dont even celebrate national day, This country is shit anyway, Is it even my country if i dont get pussy in it? Nah its not!

Is it even your country if your countrymen dont stand up for you to prevent you from being bullied? Is it even your countrymen if they keep belittling you and making fun of you?

Is it even your country if you get no say in what you want to do in said country? Is it even your country if you have to pay taxes to get nothing in return not even an XRAY at the doctors office if it was needed?

Heck idgaf about nationalism for the shithole i live in, Wait a whole month to meet a doctor so i can be rejected for the help im needed, nah this isnt my country, Fuck this country, The russians can just go ahead and invade it, Idgaf anymore.




You're complaining too much, you have a defeatist attitude and not a revolutionary one. Marx supported anti-idpol position when he supported Victoria Woodhull's expulsion. Why can't you just kill yourself instead of wasting our time?


Let's be real, you're not a real revolutionary. You're just a manchild. No one takes you serious. You are going to die for nothing. It's over for you.


You were birthed from sperm and eggs. Generations of reproduction created you. And what do you have to show for it? Sad. I wonder how your parents feel. It should've been you who died in that car crash.


Many people are outcasts, yet they still manage to find a social circle. What do you have? 8.1 billion people in the world, and you can't find a friend?


File: 1714247153385.png ( 91.39 KB , 249x267 , 167530993304153364.png )

>Let's be real, you're not a real revolutionary.


Nobody cares.


it's not a smart move


File: 1714248778366.png ( 112.9 KB , 957x829 , yougov_1.PNG )

In the UK there was recently a survey done on this exact question, and the results were very interesting.
It found that 38% of people under 40 would refuse to serve in the military if a war broke out and they were called up. Furthermore, 30% would still refuse to serve even if the country was facing imminent invasion.

The survey also asked for reasons why people answered the way they did, here are some of my favourite responses:
<"I won't put myself in danger to defend the interests of people who would not risk themselves for me."

<"My life is more valuable than being wasted in a war caused by rich people’s greed."

<"I am a Christian and would never get involved in warfare."

<"Because the process would be an unfair process and the expectations would be on the working/lower/middle classes to serve and not the rich, royalty or the politicians making the decisions."

<"The UK has seen people like myself as a danger to society. I have no nationalistic pride to protect my country. If my country treated me as an equal, not a minority I would be willing to serve."

<"Because our borders are already allowing in thousands of men from countries who hate is anyway, so we’ve already lost before we begin."

<"I wouldn't fight for a country that hates its native people. They don't care about the natives, insult the natives, put the natives on a scrapheap then want to use us as cannon fodder for their borderless economic zone (I can’t call it a country any more) well, forget it!"

<"I would be terrible at war. I am physically unfit and I do not perform well under traumatic conditions (e.g. war). I freeze as a response to trauma/threat, I am clumsy and my aim is poor. I would be a liability to whichever army I joined. I do not wish to shoot/kill anyone. I also have a moral objection to joining the armed forces."



File: 1714250269479.webm ( 499.58 KB , 480x360 , 167530993304153762.webm )

The real world is dangerous. Still trying to figure out why I should worry


Civil wars are far more likely and cause more damage


File: 1714255910906.jpg ( 143.43 KB , 800x800 , 1675309933041537.jpg )

Can’t wait till fucking die


Ain't my country. If the invader is more benevolent than the current burgerlickers, I'll say 'welcome!'

>muh no gf

shit reason tbh


>shit reason tbh
fuck u uygha, i wanna know what love is


Love is listening to Jack Klugman.


File: 1714275795999.png ( 288.11 KB , 812x617 , 167530993304153.png )

I am ready for war.


UK has been a shithole for centuries.
Why else did they colonise other places?
Its no surprise the youth arent gonna risk their libes for the only fist wrld country in the world that parades around its aniquated monarchal system.


why is it socially acceptable for post-teenage people to whine about lack of sexual/romantic adventure?


I would only fight if I had no other options and was forced or coerced.


File: 1714279127415.png ( 29.37 KB , 353x398 , 167530993304153548.png )

>I had no other options
There’s always a choice. always will be
If you liked being a teenager, there's something really wrong with you.
there are other worlds than these.


>Why else did they colonise other places?
For the same reason countries today engage in international trade.
>the only fist wrld country in the world that parades around its aniquated monarchal system
Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, Canada, Australia, Luxembourg, Saudi Arabia.


>Would you fight for your country?
That's not a particularly useful question. If you are a German between 1933 and 1945, fighting for your country objectively means fighting against the illegitimate NAZI government. Naturally said NAZI government would not have shared that interpretation of 'country', their perception would've been very different.

It is perhaps best to avoid using abstractions like 'country'. There always somebody trying to hijack it for ulterior motives. If you are considering joining a war effort, you have to make sure it is actually in your rational interest of doing so. Keep in mind that the vast majority of wars were not worth fighting, and in fact nothing but a racket to line somebodies pockets. So that should be your default assumption.

If somebody asks
<what would you fight for ?
Consider the strong possibility that they are trying to figure out how to manipulate you into becoming a body they can sacrifice in a war that benefits them and not you.


Fighting for Canada would necessarily mean being in the fascist faction. Not only would I not fight, I would actively help the other side any way possible. Fuck this place, seriously I hope it gets nuked.


>If you liked being a teenager, there's something really wrong with you.

I never said that. In fact, most people say that schooldas are "the best years of ypur life".
Not that I agree with them.
Being a teenager isntbad.

Whats bad is the cultural prison that is adolescence.
Adolescence is what sucks not being a teenager.

In fact, I guaratee that adolescence is a key ingredient to the dumbing down of society and a source spiritual trauma.

Thats why we have postpubescent folks still hung about sex and romance.
Thats why postmodern afults are experiencing a declining skillset


Saudi Arabia is considered first world?

Also, theres other first world countries that tote around their antiquated monarchal systems?


File: 1714330666227.jpg ( 3.29 KB , 244x150 , 167530993304153147.jpg )

i wouldn't fight for any country to be honest, but especially my own, its views on the world are warped on so many levels and it is a shithole. It doesn't give me economical benefits, its society and population are trash. There's almost no connection between myself and my country on a spiritual level. Literally not a single reason to throw away my life for it.


what is this picture??


File: 1714331004029.jpg ( 17.22 KB , 580x423 , 167530993304153202.jpg )

Human rights are a meme.


File: 1714331490799.jpg ( 140.6 KB , 1920x786 , ClipboardImage.jpg )

im asking because this literally looks like my lockscreen. im spooked out


File: 1714331740405.jpg ( 114.02 KB , 1200x630 , 1675309933041539.jpg )

He’s a monster.


That's hilarious but I think that might be a bot, judging by their replies…


If anyone wanted to fight for America, don't join the US Military.

If America were in an actual war where the core territory were at risk, I'd be forced to "fight", even though I'm far past conscription age and obviously unfit for service. That's who loses in a war - the people who can't fight back. It's the poor sods at the bottom of the social ladder who are first to die for this horseshit.

If you're fighting for your country as an idea, you're an idiot. If you have a stake in the thing you're fighting for, you will be a lot more successful. There is no stake in fighting for this opium-dealing empire, and that's what the wars are. All of them. There is no "existential war" except the ones the empire has engineered. The world wars? Complete bullshit engineered with a whole priority list of who was to be sacrificed. They are eugenics wars. That's the only wars they allow.

For America in particular, I would do everything possible to prevent a civil war and, finally, have a government worth anything at all, rather than this dogshit they violently imposed on us. But, it's not going to happen. There is no "good side" or "good end" to something like this. Even so, I will stand against any civil war or any balkanization faggotry, out of a sense that I don't want to live in a shithole so that Israel and Europe can keep stealing our shit, so that transnational assholes keep getting richer. I won't win, and I won't contribute much. I'd probably be more of a liability. But, with what I have, I will say until I can no longer say so that everything we've been steered towards is bullshit and anyone who egged it on is a complete faggot and should hang themselves in shame. Stupid, stupid people. If you think doing this to America is going to end the pressure against the rest of the world, just wait until you see the empire without the niceties. It will not be good, and most of the world knows it.


I can also say - imperial armies are noted for recruiting from the dregs of society, rather than citizen-soldiers. When citizen-soldiers fight for empire, they turn out like Rome - the soldiers would come home to find their land was bought up by rich people who reaped all of the profit, and then there are no more citizens meeting the property requirement. That is inherent to empires based on what they do, until someone built an empire that was premised on equal development - something that empire conceptually abhors, but is not strictly speaking impossible. When you have a city-state going for seasonal wars or wars of self-defense, the citizen-soldier model works, but long-term imperial projects draw on immiserated men as their grunts, because that's the only job available for eligible men. That's how it went for the Romans after Marian reforms - any man who could pick up a sword and not get laughed out of the legions could join the legions, and they were hoping the general would make good on that land promise. If nothing else, it was a job - a job that sucked, so much that Italians stopped joining the legions after Augustus won. Nobody who contemplates joining such a thing believes this is a job he's going to like or that fulfills some moral choice he's making. For one, empires are not purely defined by having an army march and kill things. They always require a productive base, and men sent to fight in wars, which cost wealth to equip and pay off with land, are not farming or working in industry, and aren't managing commerce. Without a dedicated warrior caste / aristocracy, the grunts are stuck with shitty choices. The argument of "choice" is all about pushing the world back to warrior aristocracies and mercenary armies.


File: 1714489827943.jpg ( 74.95 KB , 640x356 , soldiers of infortune.jpg )

Fucking BASED. So fucking refreshing to see ppl realising @ least the tiniest amount of self interests in not fucking dying for the system that only oppresses them & always will treat them like shit no matter what they do.
>Fuck this country, The russians can just go ahead and invade it, Idgaf anymore
Lets cross our fucking fingers that r**zkoids would actually take some fucking lessons from g*rms in the 1st global meatgrinder too, so that allat shit would turn out to be absolutely pointless in the eyes of the whole fucking humanity.

>Furthermore, 30% would still refuse to serve even if the country was facing imminent invasion.
Yeah, when life gets only shittier with this state & gubbmint, why not try to see what their competitors (= colleagues) would bring instead? Just for fun ofc, it's not like it would be any different anyway.

>>muh no gf
>shit reason tbh
Beats anything a militard could sperg out in their defence for serving the elites.


>Eugene fears the power of independent states of greater Idaho


File: 1714513131338.jpg ( 71.16 KB , 800x375 , 175309933041536954.jpg )

Better fight for your ideology than for your country


Bitch I would draft dodge like you wouldn't believe. Already emigrated and got my popcorn. Plenty of meat to go around at home, planning to slip under the radar and then fuck all their widowed bitches. They will be BEGGING for some of that incel dick LMAO.

All of my sexual fantasies, all that I was deprived of, finally fulfilled..


OP vid is a usual guilt trip video used to guikt trip disaffected youth.

America was founded on privatised exploitation of blacks and natives.


>America was founded on privatised exploitation of blacks and natives.
That is true for almost every country.


>NAFO fag is actually a ukrop
explains the low eyeque and sociopathy


huh, weren't you claiming that I was an ukroid all along lol? ran out of RAM?


File: 1714603252197.png ( 9.26 KB , 69x72 , 167530993304153535.png )

>For America in particular, I would do everything possible to prevent a civil war
Shut up fed


at least theyre hones about it.
America does admit it but they always try to downplay it.

In fact, most slaves in the beginning were white.


>not wanting a civil war is soy bcuz muh revolution


File: 1714626934870.jpg ( 710.42 KB , 2270x3200 , 167530993304153161.jpg )

Congratulations, You Played Yourself


mo. you think civil war is gonna be glamorous and bring about the utopia you always wanted.

America is too entrenched in capitalism to reconsider.


File: 1714627652231.jpg ( 46.1 KB , 716x980 , 797.jpg )



No not really. Americans were always aware that slavery was a big deal. The only people who ever actually denied what slavery was were the eugenists, who needed to wipe out history of anti-slavery, democratic ideas. And so, they were going to promote "unlimited abolition". It's all very British and very Germanic.


What really tickles me are Eurofags who want to keep making America "European". It never was that. Has a large non-European population, and part of the country's "ideology" was getting away from everything that made Europe suck and turn inward to cannibalize itself periodically. The only time Europe really "worked" was what the US and USSR set up, since they were actual states worth a shit instead of the farce Europeans usually run. It is easily forgotten how barren Europe was, and how unevenly it was developed, until the 20th century. Reactoids simultaneously bitched about industry while taking credit for things they never did. Britain had more in common with the Americans than Europeans and was the chief vampire squid. Developing capitalism in Europe was almost always something the British wanted to see because it opened up the continent to manipulation, to fomenting revolutions that would keep the continent fighting itself and buying moar opium. They love selling opium and filth.

We've seen what Europe has to offer the world, and it's shit. Instead of being good little vassals for non-retarded polities, they insist on telling us how to think. Lenin might have made something out of it, except for the European fetish for fascism.

America's greatest problem is that, for all it possessed, it wasn't allowed to be anything but what the mother country wanted it to be, when it had all of the things necessary to break free from history's trap. Every time a lowly Burger got ideas that this country could be something other than porn drugs and slavery, "those people" stepped in to make sure history was corrected. What Americans were subjected to for the past 50 years is more thoroughgoing than anything that has ever been done - a total breaking of the mind and will, ritualized child abuse as the main social engineering policy. That's what it took to demolish America completely, and we see the results. The world won't do anything with it but what it's always done - find more wars to kill poor people and bray about how we should smell their farts and love it.

I don't say this out of "patriotism", but because god damn, look at the mess that Europe is making of the world when we listen to them. I have yet to see most Europeans even comprehend what they have done or what has been lost, and for all of their braying, they don't know their own history. It's been rewritten so many times because of said love for fascist faggotry that they don't know their head from their ass. I used to think they were smarter than us, but it turns out I'm wrong. They suck cock for the Right more than we ever did. They'd rather indulge in smug and piss away the world for their race war fantasies than do anything with this world and humanity's technology. I would have thought a continent with about 500 million people and no threat of mass depopulation would do better, but all they can think about is how to dance like retards. The Hitler rant from Downfall is almost certainly fictitious, but it's entirely correct. Europe is ruled by the most insufferable faggots who never did a damn thing. They're shit enough that Hitler could appear like a basically normal ruler by European standards - not because Hitler had "tricked" anyone, but because the standard for Europe was already abysmally low.


TLDR Eugene figures out that the psychotic overlords of the varying empires all had their idiosyncrasies while brutalizing the world.

Just don't let it turn into hatred towards the masses.


China or Russia could run America better than our current politicians.


China maybe but after all of this time, they still don't really "get" America and what they'd inherit.

Russia is a basketcase run by Satanists and Nazis.


In any event, if China were smart, they'd pick the many Americans who wanted something functional in this country, instead of the slave plantation that was always the European idea for America. There's no shortage of that, and my feeling is that China sees far more benefit from commanding American compradors than kowtowing to Kraut BS.


There is a very marked shift recently where the US and EU are more hostile towards each other. The Trump/Biden rift and the horseshit of the present rulers tells that Europe sees nothing in America except something to run into the ground.


>Russia is a basketcase run by Satanists and Nazis.
>instead of the slave plantation that was always the European idea for America
>There is a very marked shift recently where the US and EU are more hostile towards each other. The Trump/Biden rift and the horseshit of the present rulers tells that Europe sees nothing in America except something to run into the ground.


>China maybe but after all of this time, they still don't really "get" America
I think you misunderstand, the Chinese really aren't interested about what happens outside of China unless it can have an effect on what happens inside of China. It's a culture with an inwards focus.

>if China were smart, they'd pick
I doubt anybody can make China pick sides

>US and EU are more hostile towards each other.
Diverging interests of the respective ruling classes.
The Euro-masses and US-masses largely have compatible interests. Other than perhaps that both compete for overlapping natural gas resources. That was artificially imposed by the Neocons blowing up that European gas-pipeline, which makes it a temporary condition.

>something to run into the ground.

The US is being run into the ground by the imperial factions draining the homeland to hold on to a declining empire. But it's also harming the US's allies, Europe, Canada, Australia etc are suffering enormous economic damage on account of US big power competition.


>UK has been a shithole for centuries.
That's hilarious


In the sense they dont pander to individualist entitlement, then yes they could do a betterjob running America.

But China and Russia are also imperialist states.


File: 1714956382727.png ( 124 KB , 526x328 , 1714644666151229.png )

>imperialist states.


File: 1715038087511.png ( 382.82 KB , 1280x720 , 167530993304153460.png )

End military Coercion


I think that if they keep edging towards ww3, the dominant political trend will become radical assertive pacifism. Where people reject the concept of war as ideological extremism in the service of a conspiracy to commit mass murder. Everybody will have to earn their right to life via dedication to diplomacy.

Not gonna lie, this will be rough and I'm not looking forward to this, but if the alternative is nuclear annihilation by ww3… Maybe we should just skip all the madness and focus all the energy on building a world that is a pleasant place where everybody can have a long and prosperous life.


The masses around the world overwhelming oppose any geopolitical game. Their local interests are the area close to them, not the demarcated borders of kings and states. If you asked working class people around the world about other nations, after the perfunctory bigotry of local preference, they will admit freely they really have nothing to do with someone on the other side of the world and that suits them just fine - or, they recognize that all around the world the working class, if such a thing can exist, shares the same enemies who always collaborate with each other. Groups of the working class is set against each other by powers which are not of of either group, but who have made it inadmissible to suggest that those powers can change - hence the invocation of "human nature" and other such faggotry.

The empire isn't going anywhere. The worse the conditions of its people, the stronger the hold of the empire. The last thing an empire ever wants to do is let its people live free. If that happens, they will see the empire as a gigantic ripoff and a waste of their money.


The American working class is not invested in the "idea of America" or the "idea of Europe" or any other place. A territory is a place. The genuine interest of the nation - if you can speak of the Americans and Europeans as nations - is to get rid of these intriguers who foment wars where no war had to be made. The idea of Europe was proven to be a false idea by 1914, and there is no relitigating that. Whether some Europeans want to accept that or fetishize their gaudy state flags, they know that the only reason their countries are set apart is because rich people play the people off each other with a free hand.

What people want is precisely what they are denied - space to call their own, without some asshole insinuating that this is actually the king's forest, the king's city, the king's farmland, the king's mountain… you get the idea. Some other person who is in the same situation as you would not be a reasonable cause when it is very clearly the king, or the king's people and the class supporting the king, that created the enclosure. If someone from another part of the world specifically came to your village and acted like an ass and did so entirely for their own purposes, that is a different thing. So far as there is a collective awareness within a nation, it only is the common knowledge base that its members are connected to, rather than something inextriably linked to a "national mind" or a corporate body calling itself the nation.


prison abolitionism is stupid, we need prisons to throw the fascists and porkies in


No, various reasons
>Only country that is a threat to mine is China, and China is 100x more based than my shithole country
>Not dying for the elite.
>Not even drying for our elite, but the American elite, who we are a vassal state of.
I would honestly just go up into the mountains and live there.


Also why the fuck did you ban me across the site with 0 warning? I can't even appeal in /meta/ because of it and the ban appeal system is still borked you clods, so I can't even go through the proper channels and have to use Tor. Zankaria when are you gonna fix the ban appeal system!? It's been an issue that's been brought up before, including in regards to mistaken bans.


File: 1721767737086.gif ( 62.44 KB , 312x312 , spooky scary skeleton.gif )

Well spooked, my lad.

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