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I hate banks. I hate CEOs. I hate Capitalism. I hate israel. why can't we be friends?


Sounds good. Of course you know actual Nazis love all four of those things, right?


hatred is a flimsy basis for friendship, what happens after we overcome capitalism ?
We try to stab each other in the back ?

A soldid friendship would be based on shared goals.
Do you think we share goals ?


File: 1714347010743.png ( 536.86 KB , 774x581 , 17141030131.png )

it's not a smart move to support far right


>Of course you know actual Nazis love all four of those things


-loved banks
-was financed by and supported German corporate officers
-was a champion of German capitalism
-supported Israel and wanted to deport all the Jews there

And that's just in Germany. Modern Ukrainian Nazis are puppeteered to a humorous degree by Ukrainian billionaires (some of them Jews!) and have both supported and received military support by Israel.




File: 1714361526272.mp4 ( 4.48 MB , 854x488 , 0vmcgg.mp4 )

? it's no secret


File: 1714400562785.png ( 6.03 MB , 3000x3300 , so much for the intolerant….png )

Nice try Shlomo but you will not get away from this fuck up unscathed.

Zionazist nazionism is der grossest ally of our national socialist revolution, mein kamerad! Now gobble up that nazi beans™ package provided to us by herr Goldstein to get the super sigma powers of our fuhrer, Adolf "Shekelgrabber" Hitler!


Wait a moment.

Do you think the nazi-flag-poster is the same guy as the jdif-click-farm-guy from the other day ? The one that was posting Zionist hate-propaganda against the peaceful democratic student protests, in the Gaza thread ?


Because you blame workers for your problems like a retard.


came here at the same time. let's see if he starts spamming cp next. probably an .orgre fag


skorzeny only collaborated with mossad because they threatened to expose him as a cuck THOUGH (and he actually was)


>they threatened to expose him as a cuck THOUGH (and he actually was)


Why didn't he just simply claim it was an open relationship like Destiny does?


>The “hook” used by the Mossad was Skorzeny’s beautiful wife, Countess Ilse von Finkenstein, with whom he was in an open relationship. Described by a CIA informant as a “very attractive and highly intelligent woman,”

Because open relationships aren't exactly approved of by most Nazis


do you have that clussy in a higher resolution?


What would you say if you were accused of being autistic?


hw would start quoting age of consent in different countries while waving the bandera blood and soil flag while holding his copy of "Leninism or Marxism" by Rosa


post video of yourself bombing a bank


Why do Nazis persist in being the most disingenuous fags in all things? They only know the Germanic sneer and insult. What a disgusting race. They always throw their fake friendship in your face and insist all politics must be as fake and gay as their (very foreign I should make clear) ideology.


This is the funny thing about the post-war revisionists' hot takes on fascism. The idea that fascism is "not for export" is the exact opposite of what fascists really were. They were funded from day one by pallets of money airlifted from the Anglos to prop up something that was good for eugenics. That was the stated purpose of the Nazis. None of this faggotry where they pretend they're going to help anyone who isn't part of their gay cult.


We are not compatible, die.


Dunno, I don't visit that thread much. But considering how retarded op's points are it looks like a bait & nothing else.

>Because open relationships aren't exactly approved of by most Nazis
Not @ all, maybe only the ones who are @ the lowest point in their hierarchy but everybody above them are on the constant fucconquista mode thanks to the '68 sexual revolution, which liberated only the middle classes, as usual.
Btw weren't ww2 nutsoys reversing this idea later on into something like "aryan sexual superiority"? Idk where I heard about it.


File: 1714771155637.png ( 812.18 KB , 1521x1081 , ClipboardImage.png )

>the nazis were tra-ACK!!!!


File: 1714817650621.png ( 80.78 KB , 1230x291 , not national not socialist.png )

>reject mod-AAACK


File: 1714833281383.png ( 45.06 KB , 339x149 , ClipboardImage.png )

IN 2035 Nazism will be nothing more than antisemitism + civic nationalism. They'll basically take anyone as long as they think the holocaust never happened and that Hitler was just some Malcom X type figure.


Most of hose "kids" are failed adults


i am a far left wing a i really believe racism is a intellectual disability .
BUT I am really think you are right.
If the right and the left do not work together it will never work out for workers worldwide.
The people let divide them selfs and who profit of it are some rich assholes.


File: 1715210713892.jpg ( 47.51 KB , 378x575 , 480995.jpg )



>Class collaboration
This uygha


That's not what class collaboration is.
Do you know what a class even is?


Right wing, left-wing. Tired of these moronic distinctions


What do you propose?


Not that guy, but i'll reply anyway.

Left vs right politics goes back to the transition between monarchy to capitalist bourgeois democracy. The right wanted to preserve monarchy, while the left wanted to abolish it. There simply are no monarchies anymore, even the gulf states where the people with actual political power have monarchical titles, function like bourgeois cartels. So the original right is gone. What counted as left way back when, would probably be called classical liberalism today. What counts as left in bourgeois politics today has little in common with that.

We probably should use political categories based on actual material interests, as they exist in the present system.


They referred not just to the monarchy as a form, but what the monarchy was there for - the consolidation of state power. At that time in France, the monarchist ideology was absolutism, where the king took more power for himself at the expense of vassals. The "bourgeois cartels" were already part of the monarchical system, as they were in England.

In my (probably not approved) model - and we should not put too much credit in models - the left/right distinction was between technology and the authority of institutions and property and the right of state authority. The left represented the interest of a growing technological interest, and one result of that was industrialism and the normalization of corporate government and the corporate person. The right to this day trades in the projection of personal authority, but "personal authority" of the sort they imply ceased to exist many decades ago. The last vestiges of it were blown to bits repeatedly during the last half of the 20th century.

A curious thing happened where the "left" rebranded around all of the traditional prerogatives of the right - consolidation of state authority, limited access of technology because of fear of popular revolt - and the "right" feigned populism and claimed they represented the personal rights and interest of "good people". This reversal was only possible with tacit approval of the leaders of both "factions", who saw it as a complete joke. The original contention was settled, because oligarchy won. The left's aim with mass politics was to bring the masses into the technological interest that they controlled, and once that was accomplished, they shunned the very idea of mass politics at its heart.

We today inherit the results of that struggle, because we are made to relitigate it in our personal lives if we want to live. It is a struggle within the institutions for the office-holders, who long ago abandoned any vision other than power itself. Government by crisis and coup became the only idea that could rule in their mind, and so that is what we do - lurching from one crisis to the next, always manipulated by some power that we're not allowed to acknowledge.

For most of humanity, there are no material interests that you can represent in a political arena. If you want to do politics, there is only the institutions. Within the institutions, the left/right distinction in its original sense is still alive, but it purely concerns those who have business in the institutions. They are united in purpose of commanding the commons and suppressing the lower orders, so that history never changes.

For what it's worth, "leftist" and "rightist" never had mass appeal, nor do people vote for ideology. Behind the stories and narratives of public relations, there were men who represented certain interests in the society - "special interests" if you will. Most of politics is about schmoozing and knowing what your core constituents want, so you can keep getting rich and get what you really want - all of the kickbacks of political office. Electoral politics is always going to produce that, rather than this idea that through abstractions and stories, the people as a whole are somehow served by this. The very act of elections is alien to the people having what they want, down to the process itself being a charade that can easily be rigged if needed. Still, if you asked what people voted for, they voted for the guy who they believed would make their life a little better. Voters do not believe in self-abasement, and exhorting them to do so is a sign of the politicians' contempt for groups who have no one to fight for them, sectioned off from the rest of society. That process continued generation after generation until "democracy" only existed for a favored group who would be told they must march in lockstep and make "the ultimate sacrifice" to continue having their privileges - and this required them to declare a war against those outside of society, for the sake of society. That is where we are today.


It was with the Nazis that the "change-up" happened. If you told people that the right was about "small government" or "social conservatism", they'd laugh in your face. The right's canonical position was everything for the state, because the state was imagined as the thing that kept the masses down and allowed proprietors to hold their fiefdoms. The right wants the state to be nothing but that. It was the tacit approval of the left that allowed them to get what they wanted, at least as far as they have.

What ultimately happened, despite the efforts to pretend it wasn't happening, is that technology and the interested parties continued to extract rent, and as they finish cannibalizing labor, the commons are looking to seize the last shreds of independence. And so, the traditional left thinks more like a barbarian warlord - because for the masses, this is the world they want. They want a world where those selected to live have everything, and those selected to die will be attacked by their rightist allies, who will be told that their path to victory is "more blood for the blood god". But, technology always wins - it always has in the long run, because the human spirit is fickle, and the aristocratic and proprietor spirit is more fickle still. What was needed, and this was accomplished during the 20th century, was the complete demoralization of the lower classes, who represented a world that had been untouched by modernity and the drive to enclose them in the aristocratic game played since ancient times. The true aims of the masses have always been to leave this condition and never speak of being ruled by it again, and the masses were defeated on all fronts, for they would not be allowed anything they ever wanted.


For the commons of the 19th century - including many of the people who made anything in technocratic society that actually worked - the left/right distinction was incidental to what they wanted. They weren't invested in this idea that history was made of narratives. The left/right distinction was useful for understanding the historical conflict and roughly why we're here, but the real politics was always about who and what held power, and who and what held the machines that allowed rule. Personal honor had a lot more to do with politics than any ideology or claims of institutional authority. The genius of the smarter political writers is that they worked through that instead of insisting reality matches a technological conceit or ideology.


>I hate banks.
>I hate CEOs.
>I hate Capitalism
>I hate Israel
Left-wing antisemitism is actually cringe


I made this thread as a shitpost guys…


People hate the Zionreich for bombing children, schools, hospitals, aid trucks, for mass murdering a population via starvation, the list is extensive, and it's easy to list the war-crimes they haven't committed.
Those despicable actions deserve all that hate. Zionists attempting to claim victimhood while actively committing a genocide is fooling nobody anymore. Cry-bullying doesn't work for mass murderers.

We also have to talk about the 4 Zionist antisemitisms
1 holocausting the Palestinians who are ethnically Semites.
2 claiming that all this horror is done in the name of Jews.
3 weaponizing false accusations of antisemitism to attack democracy, eroding the protections for Jews
4 equating Zionism with Judaism


File: 1715991866835.png ( 22.46 KB , 500x500 , shatpost.png )

Right and you're complaining that not enough people shat in it ?





Because you killed people for being NEETs or neurodivergent. Also makes the Soviet Union shit though and why socialists in general here are cringe.

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