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It's so crazy how there has been such a paradigm shift to where the GOP is anti-imperialist.


you sure youre using that term correctly?
and their polititians being isolationists isnt really new


You're telling me out of 550 18-24 year olds that they asked, 51% of them said they're okay with sending aid to Israel? I realize that this is America but I thought young people don't support Israel. Those are pretty depressing numbers tbqh.


Hamas=terrorists. It's that simple. Fuck you antisemetic.


There's nothing wrong with terrorizing the United States or their puppet territories. We're all terrorists here and we're coming for (You) you cunt.


Zionism is "the right for Jewish people to have a religious state." But that has nothing to do with Iran and Israel. Hamas is a U.S. designated terror group that murdered over 1200 innocent people, raped countless women and girls, and kidnapped over 200 people into Gaza. So leftist of them!

>H.E. Takeshi Okubo, Ambassador for Palestinian Affairs and the Representative of Japan to Palestine inaugurates hangars at the Jericho Industrial Park, which were donated by the Japanese government and UN Development Programme, August 2017.
Famously leftist JAPAN working with Palestinians. A 1st world country but they're so oppressed. Yeah right.



(You) have a history of lying so I'm not going to believe what you're claiming is lol, but if it was then what's so bad about raping and killing the people stealing your house? Like why are they there in the first place? Just to steal right?

Plus your side killed way more children than that clearly you're okay with it.

>the right for Jewish people to have a religious state

No one needs an ethnostate, yours is just a project in the greater theater of western imperialism turned fascist.

Everyone that comes back from Israel to their home country will be eventually found and got, I don't envy them.


That's just Democrat Bidenist propaganda. The same media that demonizes a man for visiting a funeral. (Trump.) Miss me with that.

Trump is a guy that goes to people's funerals to pay respects. The news is trying their hardest to make him look bad and twist his words.

Biden? Well, fuck if I know anything helpful he's done but the news sure does spin it to look like he's helping you by stealing your freedoms.

I should compile a list of all the laws Biden has broken in his efforts to make himself losing the next election literally impossible. That's cheating, and impeachable. No look at Trump. Point the spotlight on Trump. Lie about Trump then do the same shit you accused him of.

>Everyone that comes back from Israel to their home country will be eventually found and got
That's not true. Lithuanians got away with Nazi collaboration, why would Jewish Lithuanian Israelis get any type of consequence? Lol at this.


BTW I bet you support a black American ethnostate because of Black Lives Matter. Literally the meme. "Shut up Israel, I don't believe in that shit - Cracka I demand an ethnostat - Yes sir, glory to the black nation!" Hypocritical.


>Lithuanians got away with Nazi collaboration

Inadvertently, and hilariously, you just outed yourself as thinking you're similar to nazi collaborators. That's all I needed to know, thank you.

>support a black American ethnostate because of Black Lives Matter

You're retarded, but workers have no need for an ethnostate, or any other kind of state for that matter. You seem to think in terms of Us vs Them a lot, you should read up on basic Marxist ideas and figure out where you stand in relation to production. Then come back and argue from a materialist point of view.


"anti-imperialist" is too strong. When it comes to political factions in the ruling class of imperialist countries, they usually have different priorities when it comes to imperialism.


The Zionists have expanded the definition of "Hamas" to include everybody that isn't cheering for the genocide against Palestinians. Which at this point is likely above 90% of the world's population.

>Fuck you antisemetic.

I doubt that it's possible to make somebody antisemitic by fucking.

Incidentally the greatest driver of antisemitism is Zionists falsely proclaiming that they are mass-murdering people in Gaza in the name of the Jews. By the way the majority of Jews in the world is vehemently opposed to this massacre.


>Zionism is "the right for Jewish people to have a religious state."
While communists support religious freedom, they usually aren't very fond of attaching religion to a state. I know that you are just a shill rattling off the talking points but still.

Zionism in praxis for the last 70 years has been a brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing of Palestine, with methods that are similar to that of past colonial terror. You can't reconcile this murderous behavior with rights.

>a U.S. designated terror group

Given how much political convenience influences the US's terror designations, this is not a particularly convincing appeal.

>murdered over 1200 innocent people

lets not forget that many of the casualties of oct7 resulted from the IDF enacting the Hannibal directive, (Israeli soldiers intentionally shooting on Israeli citizens)

I wonder what you think about the 30.000 plus Palestinians the IDF has murdered ?

>raped countless women and girls

there was no convincing evidence for those claims, so there is a strong possibility that it was propaganda demonization.


File: 1714492775287.png ( 12.48 KB , 602x123 , jewish healthcare.png )

Everyone: I haTe tHe JEwS
Actual Jews:


>I haTe tHe JEwS
No one said this, Fed


It's definitely implied. Y'all might as well wear hats saying "Make The Middle East Great Again"


>It's definitely implied.
>implying that it's implied
Have you tried trolling more creatively?


Support for Zionism = support for antisemitism

You are the one that is low key pushing hatred against Jews, by implying Isreal's mass murder rampage is happening in the name of Jews.

Actual Jews: Not in my name


The thing to remember about American politics is that people's opinion mainly depends if their team is in power or not. If Trump was in power the percentages would be swapped.


I was immediately skeptical when I saw the polling in the image. Doesn't match a lot of other recent polling ftr:

The idea that the Dems and Libs approve more of Israel than the GOP doesn't match other polling at all, either. The approval stats for Israel in general are lower in other recent polling, and approval among Dems (the young especially) is in the toilet.

Attached are some numbers from YouGov, too. I have no idea who Harvard/Harris is polling, but it seems like an outlier. Net approval for Israel has gone down much lower than that among the general population.


Nah, see >>481048

Trump & Biden also have record unpopularity, ftr. A lot of the people who would normally see them as "their team" hate them.


Lemmin was the best revolutionary hardcore commie politician the leftards ever had. He was the guy who said that we should try to convert every single retard we can & exploit every single crack in the ruling elites to gain as much ground as possible, thus his critique of so-called leftcums for the fact that these shits only narcissistically cared about their self-image of a progressive cuck than an actual praxis fighter against global bourgoid tyranny.

What's the matter with all that? The matter is, even this same lenin, the guy who threatened to leave his communist party & start fighting against it if it did not approve the creation of soviet national republics, didn't see any way to progressively exploit the left zionist movement so even he threw "these prostitutes" out of the RSDRP a whole year before the 1st russian revolution of 1905, where any help would've been appreciable.
Well, fuck. Now add the fact that all these left zionists came to be the actual creators of iϟϟreal & started openly saying shit like "palestinians don't exist" & then everything comes into place.

Another thing: moϟϟad was actually always financing all the specifically pogromian movements around the world in pursuit of forcing all the damn stupid kikes back under the caring rule of iϟϟreal, just like in the good old times of hyperjudea. & it's still failing to achieve that, kek. G-ddamn jews, being too smart, still don't wanna another second king on their asses lmao. Based semites.

why is there no support for opus ffs


>Net approval for Israel has gone down much lower than that among the general population.
Okay, I'm glad you think so too, I came back to this thread to say the same thing, the numbers in OP's report are sus.

And the crazy thing is my IRL friend was talking about some similar stats, but he doesn't read leftychan (I'm pretty sure, he's pretty normie brained) so I think the propaganda machine is running with this study. Which, like is to be expected, I'm not surprised I guess.


>why is there no support for opus ffs
Oh uh let me fix that


Okay you should be able to upload an OPUS file now


File: 1714756723976.jpg ( 44.71 KB , 458x550 , gal_gadot_indig.jpg )

>everyone: I hAtE ZiONisTs
>Actual Zionists:


who took your dick skin?


<a show for indigenous people

that totally makes up for bombing Gaza to rubble and mass murdering it's population.


Reminder this whore helped protect a rapist when one of her modeling colleagues was raped in Italy.


Blackpilled again

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