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I have a conspiracy hypothesis.

There are a lot of junkies that have a substance addiction, unable to kick the habit.

Most addictive drugs are complex molecules, that makes them distinct enough that they could be cleared out of the bloodstream via the body's immune function. Something similar to a vaccine would teach the immune system how to do this.

These junkies would get a temporary immunity to a particular drug, that lasts long enough to break the addiction cycle. It wouldn't work on everything, Alcohol for example is addictive but not a complex molecule, and can't safely be immunologicaly targeted. But most Junkies could just be cured by getting a single anti-drug-jab.

I suspect that this direction isn't being vigorously pursued because it would also work against many pill addictions that are making the pharmaceutical industry a lot of money.

What do u think ? Am i on to something ?


It's been done with opiods

Don't do this, are you stupid?


The immune system regulates cells, not molecules directly. Cells are about a dozen orders of magnitude larger than molecules. Organs like the kidneys and liver focus on molecules.


>It's been done with opiods
I see we're reading the same science news

>Don't do this, are you stupid?

Don't worry i don't intent to. I don't have a drug addiction, besides perhaps caffeine, which is harmless enough.

I did complain that this field of study isn't being pursued vigorously enough, i thought that would imply that it's not something anybody could use atm.

I know, i wasn't going to attempt to explain the extra steps with attaching marker-proteins and so on.

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