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there is not one reason why i should help them or make their life easier. they generalize and exagerate about every government on earth ever. they lie through their teeth as natural as as they breath. they take advantage of the progressive zeitgeist that happen in society. they take advantage of everybody lying about nation/tribe/etc that are againts the libtard view of the world. they take advantage of people not caring but still having the drive to bully the non-"""normie""" part of society. not a single healthy society from the stone age up to now allow them to speak. THEY SHOULD BE ROPED!!!! when we have a new hammer&sickle revolution they should- no- MUST! THEY MUST BE ROPED!!!!


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don't kill civvies it's bad optics. just take their shit and fuck up their operations with transhumanists like the US gov does with its low level enemies. maybe kill political opponents though if they have connections or you'll get Deng'd like Mao did by that faggot rightist criminal


I hope some day you overcome your urge to eat paste.


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The world was better before SJW.


So just to be clear: "class reductionism" is a word that feds made up, doesn't exist and politics focused on gender and race are called identity politics and are counter-revolutionary, did I get that right? I just want to know that I'm not crazy for believing this.


That's RIGHT!!!!


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File: 1718592336043-3.png ( 488.1 KB , 832x1022 , idpol feminazis.png )

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Das right, uyghur. The core of identarism (= "racism", "sexism", "ageism", "ableism", "classism" ("people of means") & so on) is social division cringed on inherent characteristics of individuals & specific groups & subsequent ruling over the unleashed societal chaos. The more chaos is there @ the bottom, the more order there is @ the top.
If they like to tug the rope so much, let them do that with their actually fucking privileged necks. They do not want to dismantle the system of killing alienation, they only want to better their own positions in it by means of societal discrimination, & therefore they are the most rabid pro-system anticommunists of our times since they are the middle class of the present world.

They are not persons, they are system-serving fascists.


>classifying 'billionaire' as a slur
Good. This is funny and provocative.

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