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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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This is exactly the kind of shit that's holding the left back.

>I don't think we can expect <minority> to team up with a bigot…

Actually that's exactly what communists must demand. And we must demand the reverse of this too: bigots must team up with minorities they claim to hate.

Workers aren't responsible for minorities' grievances, the bourgeoisie class is. When no one can put food on the table, the fact that you're offended isn't going to change this.

I don't know who needs to hear this but quit acting like a bunch of snowflakes, hetero-normative whites included. Just shut the fuck up. Organize. And squash the rich. It's really that simple.


I have no idea who this guy is but the octagonal framed glasses and self-righteousness are an immediate red flag for piece of shit wrecker. The only thing that annoys the fuck out of me lately is when liberals talk about the need for a "left-right" alliance. It just sounds to me like an incomprehensible call for a centrist coalition for the status quo. We don't need to bring workers together with the politics of their bosses, we need to bring them together to overthrow their bosses.


It's easy to convince people to look past their differences and work towards common goals. However that is only true as long as there is no narcissist in the room. Those steal the attention from the common goal and then everything revolves around them. It becomes a competition about who can be the center of attention and then all that matters are differences that sets people apart as a differentiator that captures attention.

You need a counter measure to the narcissistic attention grab and a attention booster for the common goal.

The military makes everybody wear the same clothing, makes everybody strike the same poses, talk in the same vernacular, even walk in a specific way, so that nobody stands out and all the attention stays on the mission objectives. But you can't ask normal people to do that, they'll never agree to that. At best you'll get people to wear the same hat and repeat the same slogans.

You need a new trick.


Bob Avakian called, he's got good news. Unironically though, there's something to be said about his party discipline.


Turn into a zombie-like cult or get overrun by unprincipled narcissistic wreckers. Is there no other option?


Narcisissm isnt always self-positive nor individialist.


Terminally online twitter brained burger thread.


That's a lotta words.


File: 1720333849702.jpg ( 36.09 KB , 674x688 , f bomber.jpg )

>liberals talk about the need for a "left-right" alliance lately
>sounds like an incomprehensible call for a centrist coalition for the status quo

I'm taking your skibd fanum tax payment.


>Bob Avakian
Heard Caleb Maupin mention that name once or twice, care to explain what he's about ?

>Is there no other option?
So what about creating think-tanks ?

>Narcisissm isnt always self-positive nor individialist.
I don't know what "self-positive" means. The mathematician in me wants to let you know that you can't reference operator symbols. Only numbers, variables and constants can be referenced.


>So what about creating think-tanks ?
What about actual tanks?


first person is germanic. second person is not. case closed


>What about actual tanks?
Maybe you don't grasp the communist mindset with regards to industrial warfare.
The main unit is a battle factory, what you call a tank is a component.
Designing a tank-component has as priority:
crew survive-ability,
ease of production,
combat cost efficiency,
repair-ability, recyclability and interoperability with other components or modularity

It would look like any other industrial component optimized by statistics, bereft of aesthetics. The only concession to sentiment is making it fun to operate, so that tank crews like training on it.

These days funding tends to go towards expensive stylish-gadget-tanks, as self contained units, and the design priority is making profits for the arms-industry. This is almost diametrically opposed to the above.


File: 1720471232604-0.png ( 37.5 KB , 929x124 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1720471232604-1.png ( 24.63 KB , 789x156 , ClipboardImage.png )

>Go on Hexbear.net
>First picrel is the second post on the front page
>Hexbear goes down for a bit so they make second picrel on Lemmygrad which makes it to the front page too

But how could trans be one of the MOST TALKED ABOUT THINGS? Why is it SO IMPORTANT?

Will transhumanism

<help unify the working class

<help stop the climate crisis
<help stop wars
<help me get a job or lower my rent?

I'm not shitting on trans people, be whatever you wanna be but if leftists want to win a class war they are going to have to justify spending that much time talking about sex, gender and race for that matter.


Yeah the left should be laser focused on class, but try telling that to the idpol brains that make up most of the modern "left".


>Leftists are middle class degens not interested in advancing the interests of working people
Always been and always will be

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