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Hello, Im a graffiti writer, Im interested in using my skills to make some anti-Zionist art here in the heart of the imperialist machine. Is there a way to make a completely anonymous IG acct and Website so that I can post photos of my work without getting caught? Obviously graffiti is illegal but anti-Israeli graffiti is going to attract much more attention. How do I cover my digital tracks?


I guess the correct way to handle something like this was to let other people discover your art and let word of mouth do the work. At least assuming you got artistic talent and skill, that'll happen naturally. I may be wrong but the culture of graffiti artisans has always been about avoiding personal fame and not tell anybody. Graffiti-culture developed before the internet and it was a sort of a local artistic exchange.

If your main goal is to put stuff on the internet you can just use plywood as a canvas. You can remove that after you're done taking pictures.

If you really want to irk Zionists, you should jump through all the necessary bureaucratic hoops to get the official stamp of approval for displaying your artworks. That'll make it really hard for them to have your stuff removed. And they might even fail all-together and your stuff will stay up.


That's a good question.
You could have a friend register a website for you in their name. That would work, and it would be more anonymous than registering it yourself. I think there are ways to technically register websites anonymously, too, but that seems to be pretty rare, and I'm not sure how.

With instagram… you could use a friend's phone or perhaps get a burner phone without your name on it. It's been a bit since I've bought a phone, I'm not sure how you'd do that. It does really suck that many big social media sites, like instagram, require that sort of info, now. I remember when none of them did. It's kinda classist, frankly.


In the meantime you can post some of your work here over Tor or I2P, those are both technologies that hide your IP address from the website. If you are careful and remove Exif data from your pictures that's the most anonymous you can be with current technology.

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