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Thread dedicated to the discussion of Australian politics and events.

I get that since the split the number of Australians here probably went from being counted on two hands to just one, but I figured that there should be at least a thread here that we can keep bumping.


File: 1610504432611.jpeg ( 50.98 KB , 768x432 , unionssssssssss.jpeg )

Is the Australian left cucked?

Union membership continues to fall, and for obvious reasons; many of today's unions are run by the bourgeoise themselves, and it is basically illegal to strike. In fact unions are so scuffed in Australia that the UN is at odds with our laws on striking.

Even if Australians could properly organise would revolution even be possible? Ignoring the fact that both Labor and Liberals are pushing further right, the US has multiple military bases within the country and Australia itself is important geopolitically for the US.

Is the Australian left doomed?


burger here, why do aussies shitpost so much


The CFMMEU is pretty good but vultures in the form of the Labor party and the AWU are circling to tear it apart and absorb it. No doubt they will drag the party further into the arms of coal, carbon and mining. Militancy is being undermined at every turn, reactionary media lets out its eternal banshee screech across the country, the middle class majority is comfortably complacent, along with the new Cold War slowly ramping up in both rhetoric and action. I wouldn't say that the Australian Left is doomed, but it seems like there are bad times ahead.


File: 1610506990497.png ( 71.46 KB , 960x960 , as hardcore as it gets in ….png )



United States of Australia has been here for 40+ years now mate, we love Yankee cock and Seppo dick in our collective arses.


>"Australia puts a considerable amount of effort into its relationship with the United States. It maintains a well-staffed, high-powered embassy in Washington. The embassy includes a Congressional Liaison Branch that arranges meetings between infuential American politicians and visiting Australian Federal and State Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament, and senior officals. The objective is to enable Australian leaders to meet the US President, to get the President to take the Prime Minister’s calls, to get the Foreign Minister to meet the US Secretary of State, and to get the Australian Ambassador in Washington to interact with important people in Congress, the State Department, the Defense Department and the Treasury. Australia wants a “seat at the table”— some level of participation in the Great Power’s decision-making process. It has had very little success here. Australia remains relatively unimportant in US thinking. Only 1% of the US diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks related to Australia. Australia’s share of the world economy is not much larger. Its population is about 0.33% of the world’s total. From March 2009 to March 2019, US President Donald Trump tweeted 37,131 times, but mentioned Australia only 31 times (and only ten times after winning the Presidential election).50 For all Australia’s efforts, he pays even less attention to Australia than the U.S. State Department does."
TLDR; no matter how hard Australia simps, it will NEVER EVER be Israel


File: 1610605450759-0.jpg ( 24.94 KB , 696x392 , BLF-696x392.jpg )

File: 1610605450759-1.jpg ( 731.13 KB , 2048x1525 , gettyimages-1080083796-204….jpg )

damn shame mods hasn't adopted it as a flag on this site


File: 1610672714008-0.png ( 114.18 KB , 392x590 , 77f.png )

File: 1610672714008-1.png ( 125.15 KB , 392x590 , 77g.png )



not australian, explain this reference




>I get that since the split the number of Australians here probably went from being counted on two hands to just one
don't be so pessimistic
>asking everyone ITT. In your approximation what % of your fellow countrymen came over here? Hungarian posters are at 33% (3 out of 9).


the fact that people are that loyal to a cheese brand NAME never ceases to amaze me.


Australian Communist Party's online collection of historical documents.



File: 1610680156665.jpg ( 40.7 KB , 636x636 , 1606432556433.jpg )

>tfw no Humphrey McQueen pdfs to be found anywhere


Cancel platform Australia: Google seriously looks at pulling out its search engine

>Big tech is on a cancel binge. Now, the biggest of big tech, Google, seems to be seriously thinking of cancelling Australia through pulling all or part of its search engine from the country.

>It’s looking increasingly likely. The overnight news that Google is experimenting to see how its users behave when links to commercial news are buried deep in search results comes on top of a steady ramping up of the company’s rhetoric about the unworkability of the federal government’s proposed mandatary news bargaining code.

>When the government released draft legislation to give affect to the code in December, it looked like the fight between established media and new tech would be sorted through global talks between players like News Corp and The Guardian on the one hand and Google and Facebook on the other.

>Now? Maybe. Maybe not. Google’s rhetoric suggests it might be struggling to sell Australia’s news media on its offer to pay to publish stories in News Showcase. Publishers want to be paid for links in the search engine itself.

>That could take Google to Plan B: abandoning all or part of the Australian search market.

The row between Google and the Media of this country is heating up. I'm a bit cut over this, I know that this fight is mainly because the media monopolies are complaining that they can't bend the algorithm to their interests, and that they want to further fuck over the tech of this country (like they did with NBN). But at the same time it would be worrying to allow big tech get even bigger. What are your thoughts on this?


Fuck google. Australia can use other search engines.


In principle I support the news companies. In practice, who gives a shit, since any law forcing Google to give up money would just be used to prop up the dying shell that is News Corp.




File: 1611535894126-0.jpeg ( 173.33 KB , 640x488 , CurtinLeninStalin.jpeg )

File: 1611535894126-1.jpeg ( 70.78 KB , 700x700 , curtin.jpeg )

Opinions on John Curtin, former member of the now defunct Victorian Socialist Party and PM of Australia?


File: 1611620874659.png ( 9.59 KB , 1200x720 , 1200px-Australian_Aborigin….png )

Well it is that time of year again where I must ask:

Sovereignty, was it ever ceded?




Nope. Imagine celebrating a day based on the genocidal actions of Brits. Either change the date, abolish australia day or better yet
abolish Australia


File: 1611653952260.jpg ( 57.92 KB , 1072x715 , Trollface.jpg )

If Australia was invaded, then it was conquered. Therefore sovereignty was extinguished by the act of conquest.

Abolish your country/culture first. Then I'll consider Australia's options.


File: 1611728660886.jpg ( 157.98 KB , 478x463 , what-a-sad-story-laughs-58….jpg )

Apparently there's a rumor floating around that Blair Cottrell went to a brothel and couldn't get a root from any of the girls there. All I have to say is based if true


Every time I read a Aussie post from 4chan I can't help but wish a hundred emus invade his home and terrorize him

Ever 4cuck aussie is high on their own fart fumes. Their smugness and glee sickens me


File: 1611837137843.png ( 1.31 MB , 1077x1919 , Australian_lefist_theory.png )

Just made this, what do you guys think? Anything that should be added/ removed? Should I mark out the ones with Trotskyist authors?




File: 1611882218174.png ( 1.31 MB , 1077x1919 , Australian_lefist_theory1.png )



File: 1611882739711.jpg ( 129.89 KB , 1861x850 , aspi.jpg )

Australia must be ready to fight its corner as Taiwan tensions rise

>In a conflict, missile stocks will rapidly deplete. If Covid-19 taught us anything, it’s that we must boost domestic production in many areas, but especially the war stocks used by the Australian Defence Force.

>Just as was the case with the F-35 joint strike fighter, a joint production effort on a range of missiles gives us access to a wide range of US (and possibly European) science and technology, cements closer alliance cooperation and makes practical military sense for our forces.

>Initial investments will focus on upgrades to the next generation of weapons already in service. The thinking is also to identify options for jointly developing new weapons including a sea-launched weapon able to hit land targets at ranges of up to 1,500 kilometres, perhaps a cruise missile.

>Rather than go to government with individual missile proposals, Defence is bundling a series of weapons into the one program. Again, this makes sense. We should look to develop the ability to fire weapons from many different types of platforms, drawing on shared technology and support systems. Could this even extend to the navy thinking about using the new long-range anti-ship missile just bought for the air force? Absolutely it should.





File: 1612187044950.png ( 1.98 MB , 1077x2700 , Australian_lefist_theory.png )

Updated version as per bunkerchan req


>If Anthony Albanese Steps Down Now, His Replacement Will Be Even Worse
<Australian Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese could be facing a leadership contest. Albanese’s record has been unimpressive, but changing leaders won’t be enough to turn the party’s fortunes around. Real party democracy and a break with neoliberal dogma are the only remedies for Labor’s malaise.



File: 1612354819764.png ( 817.21 KB , 750x720 , 1596586758453.png )

When will this charade of reformism and electoralism end? We need an Australian Mariátegui or Guzmán to inspire some psychos to undertake a protracted war in the Great Dividing Range (in minecraft). But of course this will never bring us closer to a working climate policy nor will it establish a right to strike in this country.


>sexy accented



Good vid on the senate motion on "far right extremism"


File: 1613098404524.jpg ( 81.03 KB , 550x550 , AndrewsDanielMichael_37.jpg )

Are you Victorians ready for the third lockdown?


How good is the tennis? Imagine wanting to jumpstart the economy only to get the trumpet coof


Crumpet coof


Hear hear



kinda happy, like i get to be a degenerate again and watch twitch for 13 hours per day instead of going to vce for 6 hours


How's COVID?



This. I want my fuckin' Eureka stockade flag. While we're at it, we need to make a Ned Kelly helmet flag as well.


File: 1613212781272.png ( 72.19 KB , 500x550 , 3efe55f631d83158454379bc97….png )

/Aus/ pol's take on Dan?
To me he comes off as a boring Neolib typical of most of the Labor Party.
Not sure how much at fault he is for thos current situation because it seems like every state is doing this rarted hotel quarantine shit and the opposition can't seem to articulate an alternative beyond Dan bad.

Also who should I, as a Victorian vote for in the next elections? I really don't wanna vote Labor but the furthest left party on ballot seems to be Greens and they're pretty shit too. Any good left organisations here or are we doomed to Labor?


Does anyone know of any Australian socialist media that isn't Trotskyist? Every time I want a leftist perspective on something all I get is:
>Red Flag
>Marxist-Left Review
>Socialist Alliance


Dan is pretty much a pro-China Blairite who has afforded some mild benefits to the Victorian working class, but obviously he is pro-business and pro-neoliberalism just as much as any Labor minister is. Also bad on ecology.

>Also who should I, as a Victorian vote for in the next elections? I really don't wanna vote Labor but the furthest left party on ballot seems to be Greens and they're pretty shit too. Any good left organisations here or are we doomed to Labor?

I don't know the answer to this question. Voting for the Greens is the closest thing you can do to a protest vote, but would you really just want anti-corruption, pro-green neoliberals? At the very least, a large portion of the union movement is connected to the Labor Party (for better or for worse). I think that one of the biggest problems for the left today is creating a genuine alternative to the Labor Party. An alternative that isn't reformist, compromising nor electoralist. But until the momentum is there idk what we can do. Go to protests, join a union, spit on an SDA representative, read Australian leftist theory, all good things to pass the time.



Think >>19736 has the most agreeable take on Andrews.

VicSocs seem like the most left-wing party participating, but really Labor and Greens are the only options.


Is "Marxism Conference 2021" worth going to? Speakers don't look that interesting.

>The event will be taking place simultaneously in person in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Perth but will be linked up nationally and internationally for talks and discussions.


go there but don't talk to anyone there


Seems kinda retarded >>https://youtu.be/xxtt3D1eiso

but also don't see why you shouldn't go, so go.


File: 1613470171264.mp4 ( 18.26 MB , 640x360 , Green Bans.mp4 )



>Even if Australians could properly organise would revolution even be possible? Ignoring the fact that both Labor and Liberals are pushing further right, the US has multiple military bases within the country and Australia itself is important geopolitically for the US.
This makes me think that Australia may genuinely need like an actual Hugo Chavez to arise and to basically cloak socialism in nationalist rheteoric while also being a tough stronk military man that you cant just shoot in the head and throw out a helicopter. Who could then basically just then rain down incremental social change at gunpoint basically.

So basically some Marxist-Blanquism secret society that manages to perform like some brilliant coup that gives them control of every lever of power all at once without giving the US a Casus Beli to just invade.


Bit on the nose from the state media organ given in Straya the coppers would just pepper spray the little old lady if she was behaving like that at a protest


File: 1614120323065.jpg ( 312.47 KB , 640x411 , 5e16e2a2aa6bd-australia-bu….jpg )

Good morning everyone

Bushfire money mystery: recovery funds withheld to fight the Election?
>No figures are publicly available for the three largest bushfire recovery funds, which account for more than 55% of the $2.73 billion the federal Coalition has promised to devastated communities. Furthermore, by the end of last year, less than half of that $2.73 billion had been spent, some $500 million less than claimed by David Littleproud, the minister in charge of the recovery effort. Is the Coalition keeping a few hundred million in its back pocket for a federal election mooted for later this year? Matt Lloyd-Cape investigates.

I'm no electoralist, but if the Labor party somehow stuff up the next election then idk where the hell Australia is heading. In between this and the Murray darling river stuff there is a troubling precedent being set - with little pushback, and soc-dems will whine and blame Murdoch and grant no responsibility to the Labor party. I bet B.A Santamaria would be proud.


File: 1614489174838-0.jpg ( 121.02 KB , 810x804 , auscomm.jpg )

File: 1614489174838-1.jpg ( 55.99 KB , 600x403 , auscomm1.jpg )

Good post from the Communist Party of Australia of fb:

Shifting the blame: how a condemnation of the far right became an open attack on the left

The Australian Labor Party (ALP) put forward a Senate motion on 4th February to condemn and recognise a rising far-right in Australia. The motion made specific reference to the National Socialist Network, a far-right neo-Nazi group, as well as calling out Coalition members Craig Kelly and George Christensen for promoting several conspiracy theories related to COVID-19, vaccines and the US Capitol “coup” earlier in January.

The move would represent an important step in dealing with a growing problem that plagues Australia and countries around the world, costing many lives in the process. Of course, those of us with any insight into Australian politics will know this motion was far too good to be true. The Coalition, along with One Nation, the Centre Alliance, and independents Jacqui Lambie and Rex Patrick, had it significantly stripped and repurposed. The motion now makes no reference to the rise of the far-right, instead calling Australia “one of the most successful multicultural countries in the world” in a chauvinistic attempt to hide our severe issues with racism. All mention of Coalition members of parliament was removed, and specific reference to the contents of the dangerous far-right conspiracy theories was scrapped. Essentially all acknowledgement of the problem was taken out of the motion as a whole.

What was added is even more concerning. The motion now makes a distinct “both sides” style condemnation of extremism, arguing that the issue comes from both the far-right and the far-left. It lists anarchism and communism in the same breath as fascism, as if they have anything in common. If this is the case, where then, are these “far-left” mass shootings? Where are the “far-left” attacks on minority groups? It is easy to see that such “centrist” positions are merely used to target communists and not take responsibility for the disgusting actions they encourage. While we stand out there fighting for the rights of the downtrodden and exploited, the right commits another heinous act and calls it an issue of both sides.

During the vote for the LNP’s changes to the motion, the ALP opposed the amendments. However, when it came time to pass the amended motion, the ALP supported it, allowing it to pass without a vote. The Greens stated that, had a vote been taken, they would have voted against it.
Given the language of the initial motion, it is difficult to see how the ALP did not predict such a result in an LNP-dominated Senate. The original motion outright named Liberal politicians for their actions. For the ALP to expect any other result could only be sheer incompetence; the only alternative is that this was the intended outcome. Either way, this once again shows the ALP acting akin to a moderate wing of the LNP.

This shows an Australian right wing becoming more and more unified in their attacks on the left and the working class as a whole. It is now all the more important a task to build unity among left, working class, and progressive people, working in unity on issues held in common, and respecting differences. A divided left is not going to effectively oppose anyone but ourselves.
We must ask ourselves what it is they truly condemn when they speak of far-left extremism. Workers’ rights; anti-imperialism; climate change action? What they condemn is opposition to their capitalist lobbyists and the abusive system they uphold. It is with such actions that activities of activists become increasingly more dangerous and critical at the same time. A target is being fastened to our backs, one which justifies increasing hostilities. One which will make it easier for those with power to silence those without. One which is likely to be followed by a push for full legislation against we who fight against the capitalist system. It is in these times that we must remain firm in our opposition. The only way to overturn such repressive measures, is to ensure they do not succeed. Though they will try time and time again, our struggle will not be dulled.


File: 1614666901225.png ( 621.55 KB , 1024x1011 , marxhousecpa.png )

The Lost World of Australian Communism

>"At its high point, the Communist Party of Australia united thousands of working-class militants in a struggle to transform the world around them. These everyday communists were brave, flawed, and sometimes heroic."

Good read if you have the time


>NSW state government to lift ban on GMO farming this July 1st.
Can’t wait till like some strain of GMO corn that grows to maturity in like a week or some shit breaches containment and becomes an invasive species! And we end up having to fumigate the entire countryside with roundup before the agricultural system collapses or the fucking world ends or some crazy shit.


Oh and also.
>NSW State government quietly moves legislature through assembly to allow further draining of flood plains by farmers.


File: 1614678783549.jpg ( 21.97 KB , 255x255 , 1608570251053.jpg )

> if the Labor party somehow stuff up the next election then idk where the hell Australia is heading.
imo if the next Federal and State elections go to the LNP, it'll help me inasmuch as I'll have clear direction my efforts and preparation should go towards.
I'll also potentially look at moving away from Australia for a few years OR basically "playing by their rules" (i.e. Rorting) to fund local efforts.
If enough Australians accept things as they're going, then fuck it I'll use those same rules to fight back. lmao can't wait to set up a NFP and a few offshore shell companies.



this is litteraly why ive become a left nationalist because its the only way i think we are going to be able to sway people towards further left postions.

we do however need to look at the way people like chaves fucked up in order to not have the same mistakes.



you love to see it.


>left nationalist
yikes I'm not so sure that is the best action to take, it'd be easily co-opted which is what seems to happen often enough.
>Can’t wait till like some strain of GMO corn that grows to maturity in like a week or some shit breaches containment and becomes an invasive species!
Imagine not wanting to literally protect the environment by making crops more effective for the inevitable climate ballsup smh




i say this mostly to signal towards patriotic sentiments that i think can be really good ways to get into touch with some working people who have supplanted class consciousness with some version of national identity.

i see your concern but i dont base my nationalism around an ethnic or imperialist sentiment more so trying to create a more positive patriotism.


Hmmm. Well perhaps test it locally, like just drop hints in conversations and see what the reactions are.
wtf, how? Did they come in or some shit?


Do you work at the gallery? This is pretty vanilla considering the BLM stuff but its hits the notes which makes Facebook boomers shit themselves.


its gone well with the people i know personally but that says alot more probably about the people i know than maybe the strength of these arguments but i think i could be effective



so ill tell you the story. not going to dox myself here but ill give you the general gist.

>be me

>working at the gallery checking peoples covid sign in shit so that they are doing it correctly and helping boomers who barely even know what a QR code is.
>start work hearing about this controversy boss tells us that there is a bunch of people posting online about it and several hundred people who have signed it.
>i go outside we haven't opened yet we still have half an hour till we do but im just out there to help people do their QR codes before hand
>first people i see are two uniformed QPS officers who come up to the doors demanding to come in and see the helmet
>no you have to sign in first and we dont open till 10
>after they sign in they proceeded to just head straight in despite me explicitly saying we arent open
>i tell them again that we arent open and they cant come in they have to wait.
>they give me some weird looks and move on they dont end up coming in.
>rest of the day tho we have the Police union representative channel 7 and a bunch of cops who park their bikes right where our entry and exit is blocking access in and out of the gallery so our boss has to come out and tell them to move.

>the rest of he day im on the phones getting calls from retired police officers and other sky news watching retards telling me we are a bunch of BLM commies who deserve to be thrown in jail and we even get a threat that someone is going to walk in and smash the glass its held behind to go and take it.

so tldr a buch of uniformed cops rock up to harass an art gallery over a dumb fucking helment thats been there already for like 4 fucking months lol


go check out Pauline hansons post about it she actually gets the location wrong and says its at the museum lol


>t…they have a veryy dangerous and demanding job!!11!
>have time to fuck around at a museum
they obvs miss the good ol days where they hunted Aboriginals like dogs, good job at keeping them away



or back to the old Joh days where they made lists of Jews and communists



Dont worry comrades Xi will liberate you from being an american satellite state.



>Xi will liberate you from being an american satellite state.

cant wait to be a Chinese satellite state


More like comrades in arms against american imperialism. Best of luck that this happens.


>Thinking of moving.
This is mainly a LARP i roll around in my head occasionally but iv'e always imagined the idea of taking some french classes and finding a job as like a bartender in like New Caledonia or some shit since i have my RSA/RG if the libs fuck things up to much.
From there i would go HARD for the Caledonian section of the French communist party / SP / Independence party . and try to help independence efforts / based shit etc. and then I'd just keep shitposting online like "Lol so PM-Cormann just legalised 24 hour back to back shifts and banned unions? Sounds pretty shit bet you guys wish you were here in paradise with me!"


File: 1614750504141.jpg ( 198.62 KB , 862x575 , 3043c9088aca622dbb04367088….jpg )

Porters having a sob and taking leave without stepping down, thoughts?



It's already here brother

we did it reddit


File: 1614912423312.jpeg ( 33.26 KB , 500x357 , eurekastockade.jpeg )



File: 1614912748052.jpg ( 434.22 KB , 2667x877 , 180206 eureka flag souther….jpg )

we vibin






File: 1614918560900.png ( 116.34 KB , 460x243 , pigironbob.png )





All we need is a Ned Kelly helmet, and we'll be right.




File: 1615075574947.jpg ( 9.29 KB , 508x508 , 1601337255375.jpg )

>In a later panel discussion, Mr Iles joked that his father often said “we need a good war” to sort this out and “there’s a little bit of truth in that”, because society would not be so concerned about climate change or gender identity if we were at war with China.

>Mr Pellowe then interjected: “We’re not advocating violence or revolution … today.” Mr Iles added: “Not yet, that’s down the line.”


File: 1615101871338.jpg ( 88.64 KB , 739x574 , sdatfu.jpg )

tfu tfu

Opposing Casualisation of Part-Time Work in Retail
>On 1 March 2021 the SDA was exposed as secretly negotiating a scheme to undermine part-time employment and part-time additional hours in retail workplaces (not including pharmacies, service stations or fast food.) The changes would mean an employer could only offer additional hours to part-time workers who agree to a special scheme which means all the additional hours are rostered each week whenever the employer wants, with no right to refuse a shift, no right to exit the scheme, no casual loading, no overtime rates and a measly 9 hour contracted base. Right now hundreds of thousands of part-time workers agree to work additional shifts that suit them – but this smashes all that. Every additional shift could be offered only to workers who agree to being forced to work any shift which gets rostered no matter their family commitments, carer commitments, study commitments or transport arrangements. This attack by SDA targets the low paid, women and the vulnerable who rely on additional hours to put food on the table and a roof over their head. If you want job security, a fair wage and the right to have control over your hours then be sure to complete our survey below.


How the fuck does the SDA still manage to trick people into thinking they give a fuck?


So im driving to the servo today and i hear on the radio
Like i know that infantilization of culture has been ongoing for a while but what the actual fuck lmao.


All Australian television is living in some kind of cultural stasis, I was at a pub and I caught a glimpse of one of the new mini golfing shows and I could barely even look at it. Music is much of the same, and I don't think this is an elitist position but there is a real emptiness there. What hauntology does to a mf


i've heard that they bribe people with pizza discounts and other shit like that. I keep on telling people that they're better off going to church and praying to God for better wages than joining the SDA


Australian shows are cheap and shit because of the government policy to have X% of locally produced shows.


But other Anon is right that there does seem to be a genuine cultural Hauntology of some sort where every show is either some 90's esque game show, A 4 da kidz like Neighbourhoods or 90210 ripoff with like extra level actors playing the main roles. etc.
I think you could honestly chalk it up to the fact that pretty much no-one but boomers and actual under-10 year old children actually bother to watch TV anymore so they've basically stopped trying and are just making it a mix of colour and noise and nostalgia.
Plus all Aus TV channels are owned by like 3 companies so theres no cultural innovation since 30% of the audience is constantly split between the three networks channels.


And also policies that say "Channels must produce and show x amount of local shows" legit produced some of the best cartoons of the 90s and early 2000s (especially coming out canada) because as part of that policy they actually supported people willing to do new things


They attempted to Epstein andrews because he tried to liberate Australia of american influence by joining the OBOR initiate.


wouldn't be surprised if I'm being honest


File: 1615543428897.mp4 ( 21.75 MB , 960x540 , Jordies Shorten.mp4 )

Dishonest question from Jordies about the Prices and Incomes accord followed by a canned Labor response from Shorten. Take note lads, I don't want to be pessimistic, but there will inevitably self-styled "leftists" who full-throatedly take on this narrative.



I can't tell how much of Shanks's shtick is genuine ignorance and how much is intentionally dishonest.
TBH I think he's just a genuine dumbass.


Its hard to tell really, I'd like to think that he's smart enough to know what he's talking about (and he does have a team backing him) but he says stupid shit like how Australian communists back in the day are equivalent to the Greens today

Speaking of Australian communists, Jack Mundey's funeral happened a couple days ago so here's the livestream:


Not to be a conspiracytard but is this like the same as the "Breadtube is a CIA operation"
Like why the fuck is this guy suddenly like the ALP's main spokesman?

But he's still honestly better then "Breadtube" since he's just honest that he's a Fabian and believes in just social-democratic pragmatism and not marxism.


He's been at it a while, he made a vid that was sponsored by the ACTU back in 2016


Its natural that anyone in his position would gradually drift toward being co-opted, and becoming friends with the politicians and go soft on them

breadtube - breadtube is suspicious and pretends to be radical left while slyly promoting views which help the CIA


If there was no local content quota you would only be watching Amerilard trash.

IMO Aus TV is trash because the TV bosses only buy shows written by their friends. Almost every Austard TV show on commercial channels is about a wealthy white man living near the beach

Amerilard TV is also declined in quality so its not like removing the local quota would improve your TV experience


over time Jordies may end up joining MSM


>breadtube - breadtube is suspicious and pretends to be radical left while slyly promoting views which help the CIA
This amounts to nothing suspicious, just that the americans have a hegemonic view of history that they have successfully exported. It is a win for the CIA but it isn't suspicious that YT people have internalized the propaganda any more so than it is your mother or cousin might have internalized Murdochs social conservative and anti-left values.


>mericans have a hegemonic view of history that they have successfully exported
Could you expand


File: 1615678763022-1.jpg ( 243.39 KB , 1024x2048 , EwZGBh0VEAAqiQ5.jpg )



Do Australians say ello guvna ello chap ello ol boy innit?


No but there are some British-accented Australians floating around the joint


Yeah, Australia is a favourite expat destination for middle class brits; young and old. Also nurses, know a lot of nurses that do a year or two stint in aus after graduating.


>THE LEFT DOWN UNDER! (feat. Comrade Freaky & David Fox)


File: 1615686438629.jpeg ( 33.2 KB , 480x376 , hochiminhgreading.jpeg )

What is the reason for this McGowan demolition? Yes, everyone knew that WA Labor were going to win, but the absolute domination shown seems, as many pundits have repeatedly uttered, unexpected.


Mr McGowan cross the rubicon. Declare the people’s republic of (west) Australia.
The people will support you


You've got to love when the elite are able to single out like one guy as a rapist peado and everyone changes their profile pic to the women symbol and puts #MeToo in their bio.
But now that basically in the Australian government is having people come forward accusing them of rape SUDDENLY.


Now payed leave Porter is suing for deformation jeezus christos


File: 1615777086021.jpg ( 44.34 KB , 1446x287 , WokeLiberals.JPG )


It sorta is true though. This guy looks like the soiboi meme. McGowan is a NeoLib Ghoul but he actually still has an air of masculinity and professionalism about him


Ok. Last of the posts im gonna make about WA.

Just look at the electoral map. those two tiny dots (Vasse which at the last census had like 70 people living there and Cottesloe which is just this middle class hipster shithole basically) are the only places that voted lib.

Without peoples minds being filled with spooks and beamed with propaganda 24/7 and being introduced to something more "material" that like "overcomes" that, these are the only people who ever would support Libs THAT IS their entire vooting base.

Those who are just so old and fucked up and in the past they think their voting for Harold Holt for the PM'ship or something and the middle class urbanite elite


File: 1615788188624.jpg ( 17.77 KB , 502x456 , 1p4p20gkb4v41.jpg )

Scomo on the womens marches today:
>"This is a vibrant liberal democracy, Mr Speaker, not far from here, even now, are being met with bullets, but not here in this country, Mr. Speaker."

really out here making implied threats to marches against rape



Shouldnt this be moved to /b/? Australia dosent exist, fanfiction shouldnt be permitted


fookin' 'ell


File: 1616026247275-0.png ( 742.36 KB , 1180x699 , drew.PNG )

File: 1616026247275-1.jpg ( 40.79 KB , 600x448 , DnQjOxoXgAA2ff0.jpg )



>Victorian Liberal members who backed Battin in failed leadership spill step down.
Can we get a "Who must go?" But for daniel andrews?
Like seriously if Lib's were like even SLIGHTLY competent they would have found some weird victorian era law that let them do a no confidence voot because Dandrews has been in hospital for two weeks or something.


File: 1616069510099.jpg ( 135.81 KB , 894x1000 , 604CA7DB-9A4C-4BC0-AD2B-E2….jpg )

Dan is the sun that never sets


File: 1616197971442.jpg ( 122.84 KB , 600x786 , 670.jpg )

High speed rail pls it would be so fucking easy my god


I mean to get to Melbourne from Canberra you have to take a bus(!) and then get on a train at the border. Canberra is already a miserable car-orientated city (fucking 40s city planners)


You will never get high speed rail


not if i can help it


Is the high speed rail party running in next election?


Decided to cut a few clips from this lecture by Clinton Fernandes:

Let me know if these are helpful


What Solomon Islands coup is he talking about?


File: 1616239693597.jpg ( 74.96 KB , 1222x478 , solomon.jpg )

Not quite sure but the deposition of PM Manasseh Sogavare does smell a bit fishy
>"On 7 November 2017, seventeen members of his Democratic Coalition for Change voted against him in another motion of no-confidence. The lawmaker who submitted the motion of no confidence, Derek Sikua, claimed that Sogavere had lost touch with reality and become fixated on conspiracy theories, while Sogavere attributed the defections to a proposed anti-graft bill, saying that some MPs were afraid it would lead to them being imprisoned. Sogavere remained as Acting Prime Minister until Rick Houenipwela was elected on 15 November 2017."

And then he was re-elected in 2019

I would probably need more info but it make sense. pro-china pm deposed in 2017 because he was indulging in "conspiracy theories" -> Huawei deal scrapped 2018


So mates have the septics weakened enough we can resume our friendship w/ best korea reckon?
Yeah nah?


No way jose, as much as I want the DPRK to step out onto the world stage, we go where America goes, and the relationship between them is frosty. I don't think there'd be much contact in the near future


>we go where America goes
That's contingent on their ability to threaten and coerce us at this point, aligning with the sick man of the world is not in the national interest




Not the same anon.
Female Lib's staffer is saying the guy in the photo on the left (whoever he may be) Jerked off then wiped his cum all over the top of her desk then sent her vids and a photo of him doing it after she had worked at it for the day and eaten lunch.

Second photo is from another story where some other Lib staffers apparently hired barely legal rent boys and would get pissed / high while fucking them in the parliament house chapel.

Actual monkey's, reatrds and schizo's dont do this kind of shit what the actual fuck.


File: 1616400645389.jpg ( 11.23 KB , 500x275 , 1615084729866.jpg )

Wtf these creatures are beyond foul


I'm reaching the end of my rope with these pigs.
Every time I think, ok this is it, it's not like all the psycho shit I think happens actually happens - oh look, it's revealed I'm not nuts.
Fuck these awful cunts


File: 1616460732763-0.mp4 ( 742.69 KB , 490x270 , JspU83XAAsn5-LTG.mp4 )

File: 1616460732763-1.gif ( 469.82 KB , 200x200 , 945Us.gif )



If Labor actually fails to win a majority in both the house and senate this next election cycle plus at least one or two state legislatures im convinced that Labor are LITERALLY controlled opposition in like the Egyptian election sense or there is actual rigging going on like ballots being burned in the dumpsters out back.


File: 1616464346951.jpg ( 175.4 KB , 531x700 , RallyNuremburg.jpg )

>POV : You attended any event held by the australian croatian community


Real Titoist Thatcherist hours


File: 1616477611677.jpg ( 72.83 KB , 887x1097 , 845fe8dd39a9a198bb83b71c91….jpg )

>nazism has its origins in communism


>unironic horse-shoe theory level bullshit

holy fucking shit


the head of ASIO agrees too, bad times ahead


Technically true, but not in the sense that the hag in the video means


>Treasury admits that less then 700 young Australians were employed by “JobMaker” scheme with most of those employed being so for casual work camping at 10 hours a week.
The cracks widen.
This is a doomed country.
We’ve literally pissed away ab entire generation of productivity.


2020s is gonna be the catch-up decade for us I reckon


>Treasury admitting 400,000 people will be out of a job by the end of April with who knows how many more having their hours cut etc.
>Government rolling out the "cashless welfare card" which independent studies have shown DOES NOT FUCKING WORK and will LITERALLY MAKE PEOPLE HOMELESS WHO OTHERWISE WOULD NOT BE IF THEY JUST HAD THE REGULAR DOLE.
>Only 608 jobs for young people created with all their gay schemes. mostly just 9 hours a week stocking shelves or pushing trolley's or some gay shit.
>Every day a new MP or person with hidden influence in government turns out to either be a genuine capital D-Generate, Rapist or Paedo.


2029 Jokerfication of australia babyyy


>Everyone else reacting to this whistleblower talking about people having sex in parliament.
>Me focusing in on the part of the conversation where he mentions secret rooms and passages inside parliament.

What is it with elite sex rings and building tunnels?




t'was a good run


File: 1616724552525.png ( 185.36 KB , 501x450 , le aussie pol face aloe .png )

interesting read:


US neo-Nazi group recruits young Australians, secret recordings reveal

>American white supremacist group, The Base, which encourages the collapse of liberal democratic governments, is recruiting neo-Nazis in Australia and has appointed a local leader who planned to launch a propaganda campaign in front of Federal Parliament House.

>A cache of leaked audio recordings and internal files gives an unprecedented insight into the white supremacist group’s nascent Australian operation. The recordings are of interviews in which local applicants are vetted for membership, and they include at least three men expressing support for the New Zealand mosque massacres.

>The Australians who have attempted to join The Base include former federal One Nation candidate Dean Smith and Grant Fuller, a self-professed leader of The Lads Society, one of the country’s biggest neo-Nazi groups.

>In the United States, several members of The Base have been arrested by the FBI for plotting acts of violence or vandalising synagogues, while the group has been proscribed in Canada as a terrorist organisation.


ik the base was spooking everyone out but did they ever actually do anything or was it entirely larp?


File: 1616724953421.jpg ( 21.75 KB , 1173x57 , snip.jpg )

nothing apart from some vandalism it seems:


The Base is an FBI operation, They encouraged a bunch of their retarded members to show up to a rally in like virginia or whatever with pipe-bombs and guns and arrested all of them.
If they have the organisation + resources to operate in aus as well that just means its probably literally a FIVE EYES / ASIO-FBI coordinated entrapment basically


this is why you don't try to recruit NEETs and organize over fedcord. sad!


>Leaked gov docs show Morrison government planning major cuts to NDIS that according to their own estimates would "make the scheme "Severely underfunded and effectively end the scheme"
>Over 400,000 Australians are somehow reliant on the NDIS.

Their literally going harder and harder with the (Neo)Liberalism every single fucking day at this point. Are they just hoping to collapse the country into an open city state / great reset / corptocracy before the next general?


link to Treasury's data i.e. source please


I just don't get why neoliberalism is so obsessed with competition for the sake of competition?


>Premier Peter Gutwein calls Tasmanian state election for May 1


File: 1616851631780.jpg ( 31.34 KB , 422x640 , sim72hveav841.jpg )



Actually got called a "CCP shill" the other day by some Libtard who got mad at me when i pointed out that the usual lib line of "WHaTs ThE pOiNt Of BeInG eNvIrOmEnTaLiSt WhEn cHiNa MuH cOaL PlAnTs????? XD" Is a literal lie on account of China not having had built Coal and gas fired plants for fucking years at this point and that India the government of which the libs explicitly support DOES still continue to build them.


“I Was Just Following Orders,” Says Daytime Sky News Employee At The 2056 Bundaberg Trials

Kino Betoota post

>At the conclusion of the Australian Civil War in 2055, the Bundaberg Trials were conducted in part with the cooperation between the Free Australian State, their allies and the UN International Court of Justice.

>The conflict, which began in 2049 when the 89-year-old West Australian President Troy Buswell ordered the extra-judicial killing of Eastern loyalists in a camp close to the Northern Territory border, triggered a domino of separatist movements that saw Australia fracture into dozens of semi-autonomous regions and states.
>Hundreds of thousands of Australians died in the war and with the invention of time travel in 2053, reporting on the conflict in contemporary journalism has been made possible.
>It lasted until the surrender of the last Commonwealth separatists in the Snowy Mountains, led by Sydney warlord Jack Vidgen who himself was convicted and sentenced to death for the brutal extra-judicial killing of Lime Cordiale during the 2054 Battle of Careel Bay.
>Prosecutors have argued, however, that the roots of conflict can be traced back to the campaign of disinformation led by Sky News during the housing bubble bursting in 2023.
>In response to that, all living employees of Sky News were arrested in 2055 and placed under a house arrest until trial.
>One of them being Hunter Coulder, who worked as a Sky News business presenter in 2030.
>“I was only following my orders,” he told the court.
>“We had a job to do and if I didn’t do it. I’d be fired. I had a mortgage to pay, the employment rate was nearly 25%,”
>“I was only doing what I was told to do.”
>Hunter was found guilty of high treason and ordered to spend 30 years in the Norfolk Island Re-Education Zone.
>More to come.


I know that Albanese's whole "Reindustrialise Australia / Rebuild Australia" shit is 99% some like third-way technocrat garbage but i wish it wasn't.

I dont want to dox myself but i live near what used to be a MASSIVE industrial area in NSW. If you took this skeleton of a great beast nationalised it, turned it into a SOE, Completely renovated and rebuilt it to be as efficient as possible gave everyone full time jobs with 10 hours shifts working around the clock it would give me the biggest brutalist boner on planet earth


>took this skeleton of a great beast nationalised it, turned it into a SOE, Completely renovated and rebuilt it to be as efficient as possible gave everyone full time jobs with 10 hours shifts working around the clock
i'm starting to think most internet "socialists" are utopians at best, and literal retarded babies at worst who would have been killed in any fascist/aes state for being disabled/saboteurs, and capitalism is being merciful in keeping you shits alive in the first world


Are you having a stroke there mate


W-what happened to Tas?


>West Australian president.
What is /aus/pol's opinion on regionalistfags btw?
If WA sperged out enough and actually went full australian divorce mode what would you guy's stance on it be?


Not sure if trolling or retarded


They'd probably be more cozy to China if they broke off, I would guess easterners (as in east Aus) would probably shit themselves due to the mineral wealth in W.A. All in all it would be a good laugh


>Look up the ALP conference on youtube to watch the S*CIAL f*cST cringe.
>Albanese, Gillard and Shorten unironically chanting "Build Back Better"
Welp time to spoil my ballet by vooting for whichever trot or funny maymay party is on it again.


Davos, Boris Johnson and Biden are all saying this shit. Have the cappies just given up in their branding?


Soviet 5 year plan agitprop posters w/ that slogan would be a good detournament


I was talking to my friend the other day who may be like one of the only 10 people who unironically preference the LibDems and apparently they've embraced as part of their platform the idea of the regional parts of NSW, Vic and Queensland splitting into New states and just "Leaving Labor the big cities on the Coastline"

I cant wait till sydney, Wollongong Melbourne and Brisbane are swamped with all the escaped "Voluntary Contracted indentured servants" fleeing their masters and disabled people escaping the sterilisation programs or whatever the fuck a Libs-National-LibDem supermajority gov would look like.


I few like starting a tutoring/cram school in Sydney where I get paid a silver coin (Plato's obol ) to teach HSC topics, but is also a front for me to spread anti-Confucianism, tankie ideals to them, in particular other Asians who are some of the most gusano shit I had to deal with in high school. Thoughts?


Do it but HSC is torture


WA is the most retarded state and they pissed all the mineral royalties on stadiums and are now once again dependent on subsidies from the east







dengoid cope. drew is based.


File: 1617183998855.jpg ( 64.62 KB , 657x438 , ew.jpg )

not even close, he is one of the most cringe mfs in this country


Ripe for syndicalism


At best Drew is borderline retarded useful idiot who enjoys sucking septo’s cock for free.

More likely he’s a narcissist careerist/opportunist and cynic who doesn’t actually believe in anything & motivates by careerism/drive for narcissistic supply but is too dumb to understand that he’s sabotaging his future career prospects in the long term.

Later is almost certainly correct. Guy gives off textbook narcissist/grifter vibes - wouldn’t be surprised if he’s an outright state intelligence asset.


File: 1617194051583.jpg ( 175.15 KB , 800x1202 , 800px-Paddy_Crumlin_Face_S….jpg )

Loved watching the man himself go two minutes over time


File: 1617235805057.png ( 2.58 KB , 374x154 , AUWU-logo.png )

Thoughts on the AUWU? To be honest I thought they'd fizzle out but they still seem to be hanging on and gaining a bit of popularity


Some branches are good.
Other implode on the regular.
It's not part of the ACTU.
But does seem to be getting support from some other unions and even, amazingly, Labor Left.
It's literally free to join, so what do you expect really?


>Australian government pushing to require 100 points of identification (AKA : A drivers licence and/or an ID card and/or a passport and/or a birth cert) in order for individuals to sign up for ANY social-media account. Would require them to use their FULL WRITTEN NAME in any field requiring a username or name of the user. Claims this will help reduce cyberbullying and domestic violence.


No more shitposting boys, pack it up



Lel, "Voot Labor no mater wat" tards coping and seething that our Angloid caste of politicans are all filth that deserve wall.


The only reason the media has suddenly stopped treating Scott Morrison like "Everyones heckin daggy dad!" and he's now suddenly just a bumbling Nincompoop retard who should be spill motioned is obviously not because of this 'womens rights' shit or a guy jerking off in parliament.

Its probably exactly the same as the fall of turnbull which is just theres some sort of bill that the collective Australian porky either wants passed or wants to kill (Which the general public may not even know of its existence yet) but because the Libs have informally splintered into so many little cliques and factions its basically impossible for Morrison to wrangle enough voots since if he gets Clique leader A and his 5 MP's who are like lunch mates with him to voot for something Clique leader B with his 6 MP's just sperg out and threaten to go the crossbench and he's right back where he started.


Jordies is huffing the hopium and saying that Murdoch will side with Albo lol


I hate that so much when he says that. The entire reason why "Murdoch sided with Hawke and keating" and "He may side with Albo! Poggers! epic!" is not because fucking "Oh the Libs are just so fucking bad even Murdoch wants to save himself from being associated with them"
Its because Hawke, Keating and fucking Albo are like the most Blairoid people in the entire fucking ALP. Hawke literally went out his way to fuck member owned and cooperative business's while pretending to be this union-heavy far leftist.
There was literally a segment at the ALP conference a week back where it was like "WOW KEIR STARMER AND JUSTIN TRUDEAU SENDING REGARDS TO THE ALP??? POGGERS!!!"

Like i side the only reason the media ever turns against the Lib-Nats is when one of their leaders is literally just not viable to run government anymore and they need an excuse to get rid of him (Like they cant just spill motion him for literally NO reason and they CANT have the embarrassment of him trying to get like the yearly spending bill passed it failing and him getting no confidence motioned and like Sky News having to announce to rural/queensland retard australia "The Lib-Nats have collapsed and the nation is now doomed to be run by the Labor-Greenie communist chinese. Australia is lost. we have failed…")


He really is just a propogandist, that's it. But people treat him as the sole political theorist in Australia.

Also something that really gets me is when people blame murdoch for everything, he is the almighty scapegoat in this country for the left. Not even Fox news cops the amount of political blame that Newscorp does in this country.


>Also something that really gets me is when people blame murdoch for everything, he is the almighty scapegoat in this country for the left. Not even Fox news cops the amount of political blame that Newscorp does in this country.
This is hitting the nail on the head.
Like if your dealing with someone's who's like actually fucked up enough they voluntarily spend their spare time watching Sky News and reading "the Australian" articles or something then guess what! They weren't gonna voot labor anyway! Even if Rupert Murdoch was never born and Newscorp never existed they would just be reading the "Rural-Queensland-Shithole Post" published by some other porkie which would say basically the exact same things as murdoch did anyway.

I cant help thinking that Labor stans / loyalists have a genuine persecution complex where they think the only reason they dont total majority's every election is because of this gigantic deep-state'esque conspiracy against them involving everyone from Rupert Murdoch to the Lib-Nats to the fucking Greens etc


Libs are going to win in Tasmania


Anyway other two stories of the day that are interesting to me.

>Labor puts in their manifesto that they will recognise Palestine. (Probably lying lets be honest but it was Wong who supported it so sorta based)

>Sky news brings on the Israeli Ambassador and the leader of the "Australian-Jewish Community" to say the ALP are like the Nazi party now.

>Turnbull gets made special whateverperson for environment in NSW

>Makes an ACTUALLY LIBERAL ARGUEMENT against further coal mining (Its not profitable, Will be redundant in a few more years max, etc)
>Boomerbook and twitter retards.
>"Turnbull is Labor plant that is why Labor barely fought back when he Prime Minister cuz he is really one them this is plot to tear NSW coalition apart by making him write things for Glady's that no one wants and Nationals cant vote for or they will lose their voters. Glady's! dump him! dont trust him!


Real talk bros i sometimes go back on Jordies channel and watch the Mike Baird / Campbell Newman era videos on the libs and remember just how awful they were and think how in the living fuck people voted for them.


I love how a anctual Liberal like Turncoat gets roasted.


File: 1617921772436.png ( 1.13 MB , 971x1200 , ClipboardImage.png )

Freed academic from Iran is a huge israel fan


Israeli spy


Sir Prince Phillip, Knight of Australia, is dead


this brings back many hilarious memories


>Even if Rupert Murdoch was never born and Newscorp never existed they would just be reading the "Rural-Queensland-Shithole Post" published by some other porkie which would say basically the exact same things as murdoch did anyway.
As opposed to right now where apolitical swing voters in Queensland have a choice in what newspaper company they'll get their news from.


They seem highly LARPy and ineffectual. I spoke to some members and it made me want to pull my fingernails out.


They attempted multiple campaigns of terrorism and after the organizers of the events had the full name, picture and address of the would-be participants, they were all mysteriously raided and jailed. It's not LARP like Atomwaffen, it's a fed op through and through.


shit site lol


>after eleven years of unconditionally supporting whatever moral panic the bourgeois state throws up, our communist parties are finally realising they were directed against them too
not sure if this is a step forward but this is good.


How so? Like they don't organise anything?


>Jordies name dropping Parenti in new video.
>RadLibs are causing the fall of the west.
>"Imagine how fucked it is that some people actually think this is news, its literally claiming the solution to not having a JOB a SHIT ECONOMY and ECOLOGICAL disaster is RUBBING MAGIC CRYSTALS INTO YOUR VAGINA!"
Menshevik slowly turning from pink to red?


Doubt Jordies would call himself one as he refuses to label himself. But I for one welcome the rise of Comrade Shanks.


Did yous all see the communist twerking dance group at the unavailing of a new ADF Navy battleship?



Are there any left wing groups worth joining or is just effectively Socialist Alternative or tiny grouplettes?


/leftypol/ is all we got.

I don't see another way to organize, not in this surveillance environment.


What's Vic Socialists like?


Anyone here in WA / Perth? I'll add ya on insta if ya want.

Well you got:

Socialist Alternative - effectively a cult that cannot seem to understand why everyone hates them. Most are nice people, but often have a toxic group culture.

Socialist Alliance - are quite chill and have their heads screwed on but (at least where I am) don't do much besides do poorly in local elections

Extinction Rebellion* - solid direct action, community / local group focus, poor theory (boomer reformist at worst, accidentally anti-capitalist at best)

CPA / ACP - absolutely dead, I'm confused as to what they think they do and why they don't just join SAlt.

*really depends where you are, here in Perth I think there's a lot of potential for good, especially over other groups.

Organise by finding popular issues in the community and getting those people together dude. Drop the commie aesthetic and talk solutions in ways that they can relate to (mass democracy, community run energy projects, etc.)


>Organise by finding popular issues in the community and getting those people together dude. Drop the commie aesthetic and talk solutions in ways that they can relate to (mass democracy, community run energy projects, etc.)

This is just true and cosy.

I've managed to get some local movement by leveraging Systemic Consensing as a way of decision making.

I can't join the local ER because it's riddled with Greens who have conniptions when any talk of development is had.

Local Labor, despite being majority Left faction, are fucking being teamed by the Fed Labor Right.

We apparently have local Syndies and AnComs but I haven't found them.

And because we're a small state fucking everyone knows everyone so that makes organising tough.


Which state would you be in anon? I know a handful across the country so I could link ya up if you want


Van Diemen's Land brudda


Shanks is a labor shill. He often approaches the point but then starts sucking hawke/keating/rudd/gillard dick. He is really frustrating because he sees through so much of the bullshit, even the sinophobia, but then lacks any critical eye for the ALP. If he could just spend some time actually reading and not being so closed minded I believe he could be a leftists, but he mindlessly adopts ALP defensive talking points.





CPA is the dead one, ACP is very active but small. Both are ML orgs, so depends on your ideological leanings if that's for you.

Neither would merge with SAlt at SAlt are Trots and useless.

To be transparent, I'm in the ACP, so biased towards them, but I'd encourage any MLs interested in organising here to join.

It's tough, as Aus is a fucked place for any sort of leftist organising and the ACP is just starting out but I joined as it was better than just sitting around forever and waiting for the left to grow on its own.


I think Australia is going to create it's own fusion of socialism, kinda socialisme sans doctrine.

Like nothing really fits well here by themselves, but it seems various fusions or at least tolerances do.


It must be nice to live in 1972.


ngl it's pretty cosy
I can unironically use the word 'sheila' and smoke near children.


>ACP is very active but small
Here in WA they're practically non-existant. There's about a dozen boomers and a handful of younger ones, but they only ever show up to a couple rallys, sell tshirts and their shitty paper.

>Neither would merge with SAlt at SAlt are Trots and useless.

We can discuss the problems SAlt have but any problems SAlt have are minor compared to the issues the CPA and ACP have. Even where the ACP is active, SAlt is better by leagues. And even if you hate the specific line trots take, the difference is so minor in terms of what that means for praxis that anyone who is aligned with the ACP should just join SAlt.

>Aus is a fucked place for any sort of leftist organising

That's because your form of organising is trash. There's plenty of opportunity, the likes of the ACP and SAlt are just too much of a cult to attract normies.


Haven't CUDL been effective in providing to the community?


I had never heard of these peeps until now but it seems based.
My only worry is that stuff like food kitchens often stagnate as there's no inner force making the project grow; people become content running a kitchen once a week.
But if they're focused enough in making this a growing project, and expanding past food aid (like with that free moving van) I could see this being great.
I've been wanting to set up a similar thing here in WA but with more of a focus on prefigurative economics, rather than mutual aid.

Anyone have any experience with this group and want to share how successful they are?



Thanks for responding, Im in a similarly small place so I share the feeling about being to hasty with organisations.

>It's tough, as Aus is a fucked place for any sort of leftist organising

What makes it that way in your book?


>What makes it that way in your book?
The neoliberal ennui



>Here in WA they're practically non-existant. There's about a dozen boomers and a handful of younger ones, but they only ever show up to a couple rallys, sell tshirts and their shitty paper.

ACP doesn't sell papers, nor T-shirts. Sounds like you've dealt with the CPA.

>We can discuss the problems SAlt have but any problems SAlt have are minor compared to the issues the CPA and ACP have. Even where the ACP is active, SAlt is better by leagues. And even if you hate the specific line trots take, the difference is so minor in terms of what that means for praxis that anyone who is aligned with the ACP should just join SAlt.

Like the majority of left groups in Australia, SAlt only turn up to protests, take some pictures and then fuck off. At least the ACP runs CUDL, a street kitchen operating in multiple cities across the country.

>That's because your form of organising is trash. There's plenty of opportunity, the likes of the ACP and SAlt are just too much of a cult to attract normies

Then what's your special secret organising sauce, anon? How would you organise in this country contrary to what the existing orgs do? As I've said before, the ACP at least engage with the community through CUDL. Every other group seems to only want to show up to rallies and then do nothing else.


As above, most left groups seems to be stuck in a 'uni bubble' of sorts where they only focus on getting uni students to their pet rallies or selling as many papers as they can and nothing else. I guess that's less of a criticism of specific left groups but more an indictment of the current state of the left in general in Anglo countries, but it is bleak. The reason I joined the ACP was it was the only group actually doing something besides rocking up to the usual yearly roster of rallies. The ACP has a lot to learn in terms of organising, but we're making the effort to at least attempt to exit the routinised 'rally culture' that afflicts a good portion of the major left orgs (including the CPA). Not saying there aren't other small left groups doing the same, of course, but the ACP is the largest of these smaller groups.


CUDL is run by the ACP. We've been growing (with a new kitchen recently opening up in Coffs harbour) and like you've mentioned, we have plans to open up additional services, However, we absolutely need more volunteers and donations.. Feel free to come down, it's open for anyone to contribute to. The website has info about what/when kitchens are open in your area..


t. general secretary of the ACP


File: 1618923208482.jpg ( 29.13 KB , 792x960 , 173869613_4234679469878341….jpg )



>ACP doesn't sell papers, nor T-shirts. Sounds like you've dealt with the CPA.
ACP was what split from the CPA right? If so, guessing yall ditched those shitty practices?

>Then what's your special secret organising sauce, anon? How would you organise in this country contrary to what the existing orgs do? As I've said before, the ACP at least engage with the community through CUDL. Every other group seems to only want to show up to rallies and then do nothing else.

Imo leftist orgs need to take a page from XR's book.
1) Combining civil disobedience, outreach, theater and protest. Makes rallies a better form of outreach and normalizes defying the state. I know many normies who have gone through a 'just votes green' to 'hates capitalism' pipeline because of this. Leftist orgs who participate in rallies (which I think all should be doing), should be learning from this.

2) Dropping the commie aesthetic and lingo. Not saying the theory should be dropped, that should most definitely be kept. But the hammer and sickles, the constant reference to an abstract revolution, old lingo like 'dictatorship of the proletariat', etc. should be dropped. Don't change the meaning, just use things that are approachable. The number of people I've talked to who have rejected SAlt because of the aesthetic/culture but are for all intents and purpose communists is ridiculous.

3) Being environmental and first nations focused rather than labor. Class still needs to be a fundamental part of our analysis, but it's not the issue with the potential to rally people around currently.

This is just the stuff off the top of my head. This is largely from my experience from being involved with XRWA and socialist orgs in WA.


>Feel free to come down, it's open for anyone to contribute to. The website has info about what/when kitchens are open in your area..
I'd have definitely be keen anon, I'm in WA tho so can't lend a hand


What is being an Aussie like? Seems like such a weird national consciousness. Like if Texas and Canada had a baby and sent it to an alien planet.


The popular Australian national conscious is that which John Howard (PM from 1996 - 2007) garnered. This nationalism is a kind of blokey patriotism, similar to American patriotism but lacking any drive towards being exceptional (look up "Tall poppy syndrome"). Howard also popularised the "Anzac myth" of the Australian being honourably self-sacrificing and loyal - centring on a day where colonial British officers (including Churchill) sent us up to die en mass up a Turkish hill that is lauded as being the height of Aussie glory (note that this myth was spread when most of the Veterans of WWI were dying off, none of them celebrated Anzac day). Australia is small and young country, historically were are British but contemporarily (much like the rest of the world) we are American - this creates a strange and false blend which creates our very own national conscious. But, like many other things in this country, we tend not to worry about it and instead say "She'll be right," rather than create something for ourselves.


very similar to america in some ways (weird troop cult "ANZAC day", Thinking we are the best country on earth, Turning the flag into literally everything) but minus the "exceptionalism" and drive admittedly more present in American society and culture historically.


>Dropping the commie aesthetic and lingo.
Fucking this.
I've literally being so close to cryptoing people at a protest, then some fuckin' nong with a Che beret and le based 4th International flag scoots over because they understood what I was getting at, and promptly blows up the whole attempt by reeing.
Comrade, I understand, you're enthusisatic to see another out in the wild dressed and acting as a normie, but you are literally offputting and shave that pathetic scraggly sparse ""beard""

Anyway I like Italian and Japanese flavoured communism so ymmv


File: 1619060277128.jpg ( 43.47 KB , 485x443 , 1613127891372.jpg )

>What is being an Aussie like?
I was raped by a crocodile today, and Emu on Monday, and most likely will be put in a chockehold and railed like a bottom by a Big Red Roo on Saturday.

In fact, and echidna is tonging my anus right now.

Such is life in Australia.


>I've literally being so close to cryptoing people at a protest, then some fuckin' nong with a Che beret and le based 4th International flag scoots over because they understood what I was getting at, and promptly blows up the whole attempt by reeing.
This sounds hilarious please tell us a story


>2) Dropping the commie aesthetic and lingo. Not saying the theory should be dropped, that should most definitely be kept. But the hammer and sickles, the constant reference to an abstract revolution, old lingo like 'dictatorship of the proletariat', etc. should be dropped. Don't change the meaning, just use things that are approachable. The number of people I've talked to who have rejected SAlt because of the aesthetic/culture but are for all intents and purpose communists is ridiculous.
One problem with this: With things like "the 99%" you end up with shit eating liberals whose lifeblood is acting like a disingenuous fucking goblin endlessly regurgitating "Oh but aren't we all in the top 1% globally?". My advice on this would be saying "Shut the fuck up, you know exactly what it means" because there's no doubt they've already had it explained to them a hundred times and all they want to waste your time and dissuade people.


File: 1619061270365.png ( 1.54 MB , 1476x720 , WE TOLDA YOU.png )

>Class still needs to be a fundamental part of our analysis, but it's not the issue with the potential to rally people around currently.


>My advice on this would be saying "Shut the fuck up, you know exactly what it means" because there's no doubt they've already had it explained to them a hundred times and all they want to waste your time and dissuade people.
This exactly. If they're such gormless worms as to be offended, then they're probably better off being expunged from whatever it is you're organising.
Don't need to be hostile, perhaps let them regurgitate their insipid pleasantries initially, but if after say a week or two they'll still vomiting their nothings, tell them they should know what you mean and to either use the free and accessible resources you have available or to shut the fuck up or fuck orf.

imo ymmv


>This sounds hilarious please tell us a story
I'm at work, but when I get home I'll try to recall the whole farce and post it for you anon :)


idk what demographics you're surrounded by but I've never had this issue outside of the university of western australia which is populated by young libs.


Imo some key factors are:

1) Being one of the most privileged countries on earth. We were (relatively) hardly impacted by the GFC, we have a great healthcare system, earning a comfortable living is more than common, etc. This has resulted in a very politically apathetic population, outside of the issues that are being spoon fed by Murdoch's media.

2) Being saturated by the USA's media and politics has resulted in people discussing US issues more than issues within this country, reinforcing the political apathy of this nation.

3) Rather than the American exceptionalism, we have a 'comfy apathy', summed up with the slogan of 'she'll be right'.


The grillpill nation


File: 1619093528366-0.jpg ( 405.41 KB , 1580x980 , Epu6S-lU0AE1V7i.jpg )

File: 1619093528366-1.png ( 379.81 KB , 536x822 , Epu7BztU8AEd9dP.png )

File: 1619093528366-2.png ( 385.23 KB , 528x812 , Epu7CysU8AAqqBq.png )

File: 1619093528366-3.png ( 124.79 KB , 896x1220 , Epu8kr4VgAIbLU6.png )

File: 1619093528366-4.png ( 173.54 KB , 888x1246 , Epu8lu1VEAAnGX0.png )

>"And that's your bloomin' lot, tovarich."


>Jordies video.
>"You have the only competent Prime-Minister we had for 30 years last about 3 years before being overthrown and replaced with more incompetent used car salesmen for what will probably be the next 30 years and then you turn on sky news and all you hear is "CHYNA CHYNA CHYNA WHY IS CHYNA GETTING SO POWERFUL WHY ARE THEY OVERTAKING US????? GEE I WONDER WHY! COULD IT BE BECAUSE CHINA DOSEN'T CONSTANTLY LET CORPORATE MEDIA SABOTAGE ITS GOVERNMENT!?"
Jordies taking the "press freedom is a spook" pill


>Australia becomes a Confederation. (No federal government and / or some sort of weird swiss style federal government where each state sends someone to serve as a "collective PM" or whatever)
>Australia becomes a unitary state (Senate abolished, states abolished)
>Australia collapses / Westralia.
If given the choice between the three happening what would you pick?


Stuck between the first and third option tbh. Preferably, I just want Australia to become a republic as opposed to a dog for the commonwealth.


File: 1619144288484.png ( 893.79 KB , 1003x1032 , australiamentioned.png )

Confederation sounds alright

I've started to read "A new Britannia" its some good stuff, would recommend if you can get your hands on a copy


He's right, but let's be honest if the press was intended to be "free" the murdoch press wouldn't have the monopoly that it has on us now.

That being said in places like the UK, Liverpool straight up banned any news articles related to the Murdoch press.


Memes like this remind me we need more Eureka stockade/ Ned Kelly shitposts.
BTW, what's "A New Britannia" all about?


"A New Britannia is an essay on the ideology of the Australian labouring classes up to and including the Great War. The Aim is to show why they could not produce a socialist party. Instead, the ALP embodied the values of a petit-bourgeoise" - From the Prologue

"This stimulating new edition of Humphrey McQueen's irreverent classic charts the origins of the Australian Labor Party. In tracing the social forces that produced the ALP, he shows it was anti-socialst from the very start. Along the way he reveals a colonial passion for pianos and uncovers the proto-fascist ideas behind Henry Lawson's popular writings. An expanded Afterword brings the ALP into the current phase of globalising.Racism rears its many heads throughout this challenging story, and Humphrey McQueen shows that the desire for land was the basis for much of what passed as radicalism and socialism. For Australians, it would seem the land boom has never ended." - from the blurb

H. McQueen is a communist who writes well, try and get your hands on the 2004 version as it has an updated afterword (book was originally written in the 70s)




Sounds good. Will check it when I can.


>That being said in places like the UK, Liverpool straight up banned any news articles related to the Murdoch press.
They didn't ban it, the day of the Hillsborough coverage they went to every shop and threw every copy of The Sun into the street and burned them. I think everyone has decided not to stock it since.


I also think its significant that -

A). The neoliberal revolution was ushered in by the Labor party - so there wasnt as big a struggle
B). Our government system is and has been incredibly stable throughout its history, the closest we got were things like Lang and Goth, outside of colonial meme events.
C).We never had a real historical aristocracy like old world countries did and the psuedo aristocracy that did arise here was greatly weakened by how land was distributed.


Its a great book, that will really give good insight into Australian national character and how rapidly it changed.


Our states rights are being violated by the federal government.
They refuse to respect the constitutionally guaranteed right of the state governments to decide who they trade with.
Confederate (*Socialist) States of Australia when?.


Confederated Socialist States of Australia?


Hypothetical, What happens if…
>US actually pulls the trigger and declares war on Iran in order to save their hegemony.
>Australian government : "WeVE GOT TO HELP OUR GREATEST HECKIN ALLYRINO!!!111!!!!"
>Invasion of Iran goes wrong. Like Italy in WW1 levels gone wrong.
>We send our fleet to the Persian gulf and it gets blown out of the water by those Iranian Anti-Ship missiles that are basically old Soyuz space shuttles filled with explosives.
>We send our army in and it has to deal with a symmetric enemy of scale it has never fought before, coupled with mass assymetrical warfare.
>We lose more soldiers in the opening month of Iran War then we lost in all of Iraq and Afghanistan And Vietnam put together.
What would the political outcome be? Would people give a shit? or would it just be "She'll be right, As long as they dont bring back the draft…"


File: 1619243890374.png ( 419.32 KB , 751x589 , beltandroad.png )



>What would the political outcome be? Would people give a shit?

Depends on a lot of factors, all of which are in a state of constant flux. With the internet and social media playing more of an intrinsic part of our lives, along it comes the evolution of propaganda and the spin.

I would say that if someone like ScoMo was to lead this operation, his approval would plummet even lower, but it would open up the doors for labour and maybe the greens to capitalise on this failure and use it to gain more seats. Now I'm not saying things WON'T be better under labour/ the greens, but they offer a band aid solution to a bigger problem, which is the Australian government itself. I reckon what ought to be done should such a situation arise is for Australian leftists to bring up the history of us being lap dogs and treated like shit by the USA and the Commonwealth, from the two US backed coups done to us (resulting in the expulsion of Whitlam and Rudd), and offer a solution to end this cycle of bullshit. Now advocating for an anarchist federation or a ML people's republic may be a bit far fetched, but what we can do is advocate for an independence from the commonwealth, maybe a republic or confederation to play it safe. But even then, this will present problems, as we have to talk about what sort of republic we'll advocate for.

Doubly ironic owing to the fact ScoMo has allowed the liberal government to sell off public assets to the PRC.


Under the Constitution the states virtually have no right except to exist and not have their citizens singled out.

Ever since the engineers case over the right to collect income tax (involving Menzies) states rights have become pretty irrelevant

Theres nothing in the constitution to stop it, and in cases where federal law contradicts state law federal law wins out.


Something to remember first is just how small our casualties have been for instance in both the entire iraq and afghan wars less than 50 Australians died and in Vietnam only about 500 did.

That said I think a really bad foreign war would simply at best end a liberal or labour government if it was close to election time or at worst give them a smaller majority next time. Our governments are pretty savvy when it comes to participating in Imperialism.

I think for all the pissing and moaning as long as the draft question doesnt get involved or the economy gets blitzed the status quo will prevail m


File: 1619265499504.png ( 15.97 KB , 600x600 , Kurwa.png )

>the status quo will prevail
fucking hell m8


Thats the subtle horror of Australian politics for the the status quo of subtle yet unopposed decline.


How about this:

>Burgers decide one day to promote conspiracy theory that Covid leaked from the lab in Wuhan

>CIA handlers convince Austard foreign minister to officially call for an inquiry to prove the conspiracy theory
>Burgers then realize it is ridiculous and attempt to wash their hands of it
>Austards hit with trade sanctions while Burgers continue increasing exports to China
>Austards spend months seething over a meme
>Fake News MSM declares Austardia won the whole drama and distorts the WHO report


> go Stockland this morning
> closed stores

Wait, is ANZAC day being pushed harder as a prelude to militarism and jingoism?


Its a public holiday, but a shitty half day one

Many shops have been known to cheat it by getting a few staff in to prep the shop in the morning


Anyone go to their local anzac ceremony yesterday? At mine they were talking about the middle eastern wars a lot, referring to them as they usually do as "peackeeping missions." I've gone to the anzac ceremony every year and I haven't noticed them focus on these wars as much as they did yesterday. Is it normal for them to give so much attention to these wars on anzac day and I just haven't noticed/been aware/cared?


Anzac day has always been about forgetting the past to a degree. Now that the US is "pulling out" they're trying to cement history a bit.

Did you guys hear about the ACP shtick they pulled up in Sydney? I honestly did not see any point in doing what they did.


>Now that the US is "pulling out" they're trying to cement history a bit.
Exactly what I thought. Had to see if it was just me.


>Did you guys hear about the ACP shtick they pulled up in Sydney?
what'd they do?


File: 1619407694528.mp4 ( 23.3 MB , 608x1080 , an_australian_communist_pa….mp4 )

This is their statement:

>This morning, members and supporters of the Australian Communist Party gathered to remember the Australian lives lost in war by commemorating Anzac Day at the Martin Place Dawn Service. Members set up around the Dawn Service to provide tea, coffee and Anzac biscuits to attendees, and fundraised for Legacy with its generously provided rosemary so as to support veterans and their families, who have been repeatedly let down by the Australian government. However, the reason for our presence at this event was not to blindly support the new narrative the Australian government has warped around the meaning of the day, but to counter this patriotic jingoism and educate attendees on the real meaning of Anzac Day.

>This being to remember Australian and New Zealand lives lost in war, the majority of which have been sent to die in imperialist ventures for British or American interests. Overall, the morning was a success with many productive conversations conducted with veterans, their families and attendees in general. There was widespread support and civility in our dialogue and discussion with attendees, with many agreeing with us on the shameful nature of these imperialist adventures and the warmongering of the ruling class. The same support and civility, however, was not to be found with security and members of the NSW Police Force.

>As members attempted to enter the Dawn Service, they were targeted and harassed by both security and police, and prevented from entering. One member, who was wearing an ACP shirt under his jacket, was blocked from entering due to the presence of a hammer and sickle logo on his breast. Another member was blocked from entering for her possession of an ACP flag. When questioned as to why Labour and Liberal party members had been permitted entry whilst openly showing their political affiliation, we were informed that the security had been told to turn us away by the higher powers. Members were allowed to enter by security once they had forfeited their party material, highlighting a clear effort by the police state to censor and stifle freedom of speech from members of the public.

>Furthermore, once members were inside the service itself, they were harassed and surrounded by more than a dozen police for the duration of the event. Uniformed and plain-clothed police and security circled and members throughout for attempting to carry a flag and wear a shirt, whilst the supporters and affiliates of the ruling class were allowed to openly declare and carry material supporting their own ideologies at this supposedly ‘non-political event’. Thus, when a supporter of the Party draped themselves with the Party flag, they were immediately pounced on by multiple police, who proceeded to put this comrade in a stress grip, and manhandled to the exit of the service. For what reason?

>No breach of the peace had been made, no outrage had been stirred, no disruptions created. None except by the fascist members of the ever-petty New South Wales Police Force. When police attempted to intimidate the supporter for his details, they were asked on what charge and basis he had to provide them. Finding that no breach of the law had been made, they reverted to a simple, unofficial move on order. Police stumbled over themselves trying to find a legal basis for their fascistic censorship, declaring that foreign flags should not be displayed in the event, that it may potentially breach the peace, that it was not the time and place and so on. However, there was no legislative justification for the censorship that only targeted communists who attempted to solemnly mark the deaths of young Australians and relatives in imperialist ventures.

>Whilst the militaristic, warmongering propaganda which perverts the true lessons of the sacrifices made all those years ago is allowed to grow unimpeded and poison the minds of future generations of young Australians, those who dare express their freedom of speech and challenge this narrative are swiftly and severely censored. However, we will continue to fight for the memory of those who have gone before us, and honour their legacy by challenging those who would commit the same mistakes of their forebears. Lest we forget the working-class Australians sent to die for imperialism thousands of miles away from their homes and families. Lest we forgive the rich warmongers that sent those Australians to die for their profits. May we never again forget that the true enemy of working-class Australians is the imperialist class enemy. All power to the people.


What exactly is your problem with this? I thought I was about to hear about some commie REEing in the middle of the ceremony, but it's just a guy draping himself in the ACP flag during the anthem. The censoring of this extremely lowkey, unobtrusive act highlights just how cucked we really are.


File: 1619409956826.jpg ( 193.46 KB , 1125x1590 , Ezz3rMQVIAAFoO7.jpg )

I had a gut reaction to the appearance of a pasty lanky guy in a beret as i think its symbolic of many of the problems with the left in Australia and abroad, but in light of everything else - namely open quizling celebration (Serbian Chetniks being allowed to march in parades comes to mind) and the erasure of ANZAC day's protesting past (like Women against Rape protests) - the act is warranted.

Btw wtf is going on in Tasmania?


>wtf is going on in Tasmania?
what do you mean? looks like a perfectly reasonable response to definitely-not-glowing extinction rebellion to me


Is there any way to circumvent the repression?
Isn't china close with australia? why do they repress communist


>Isn't china close with australia? why do they repress communist
Politically we're on ice with China and although they do own parts of our assets they do not exert any real political influence here. Regardless, we have our very own anti-communist history and the ideology is very much frowned upon here due to many different reasons.


stay in high spirits!


>very much frowned upon here due to many different reasons.
Because we've had it too good for too long.



Scott is literally trying to bring about the Apocalypse

Now what?


do you have an article or something to verify this?


Our valiant valiant brave intelligent soldiers we must always honour folks. + Katter IRL shitposting.



I think he's talking about Scott saying that God literally tells him what to do when he's acting as PM or whatever


File: 1619582050414.jpg ( 32.34 KB , 1120x630 , Ex1TdeiVoAM37rW.jpg )

Overproduced bile, Katter is alright but

Isn't he Pentecostal? The tongue speaking is satanistic. How can there be so much political inertia in one country? No one is presenting anything new, not even the fascists.


>Isn't he Pentecostal? The tongue speaking is satanistic. How can there be so much political inertia in one country? No one is presenting anything new, not even the fascists.
Cultural inertia and stasis is always upstream from economic stagnation in some ways as no factors are being introduced by creation of new and different productive forces that accelerate culture and society to different stages.
Some chinese university did a study and found that America's TRUE economy (As in GDP actually created by and for productive forces) is only about 5T dollars and has been stagnant since about 1991.

I wish they would do a similar study for us considering that we have basically built and done NOTHING for like the last 30 years.


File: 1619655101885.mp4 ( 22.53 MB , 1280x720 , Paddy Mayday.mp4 )

Get on down to your local may day rally lads


File: 1619855998993-0.jpg ( 64.71 KB , 670x732 , MUA.jpg )

File: 1619855998993-1.mp4 ( 1.49 MB , 360x270 , cetglcCEtCU7OJC3 (1).mp4 )

File: 1619855998993-2.mp4 ( 3.73 MB , 1280x720 , cetglcCEtCU7OJC3 (2).mp4 )

Happy Mayday lads, hope everyone could make it to a rally today. Also RIP Benny Carslake.



Any country where the left cannot find the willpower for at least 1 public nuclear power plant is a country with a compromised, stupid idpol left that can only serve to prevent real leftists from taking power. This is because a public nuclear power plant actually has to faken work, and this means ensuring all the workers are happy and give a shit about the craftsmanship they put into the job. It also forces a fuel recycling plant which also has to fucking work or else it creates a national embarrassment.

Even Canada, yes CANADA, can do this. In fact it's built by the same company that bankrolled Trudaeu and bribed him to build that oil pipeline everyone is mad over. This is done because, in order for Canada's shitleft to even have a chance, workers have to feel better than their American counterparts. A domestically designed and built nuclear power plant is the ultimate demonstration of this.


File: 1619860637401.png ( 90.42 KB , 844x844 , craaaaawling.png )

Happy May Day bruva

>mfw elections in Tassie rn


File: 1619863045378.png ( 137.06 KB , 662x641 , dreadwojak.png )

The neoliberals don't want nuclear power plants because they can't deskill and degrade the workers that run them.


File: 1619863523378.jpg ( 21.17 KB , 320x316 , oh boy here we go.jpg )


>The ACP urges all workers to note the warnings currently being given by their rulers about the threat of war with China and to prepare to give the appropriate response. In recent days, the secretary of the Home Affairs Department, Mike Pezzullo, has urged us the hear the “drums of the war” and be ready "to send off, yet again, our warriors to fight". He was echoing the sentiments of the Defence Minister, Peter Dutton, who said that war with China over Taiwan should not be discounted.

>Assistant Defence Minister Andrew Hastie reminded us, as if any such reminder were needed, that the essential role of the ADF is to apply “lethal force”. Of course, to justify a military adventure and mobilise the population for war, there has to be a range of excuses introduced to manufacture consent. So, we hear endless stories about China’s alleged “genocide” of the Uyghur people in Xinjiang province, aggression in the South China Sea and against Taiwan and repression of “pro-democracy” protestors in Hong Kong.

>We can ignore all the bleating about human rights. Imperialist countries, with the US in command, have supported and armed history’s most blood-curdling and repressive regimes. The real reasons for war have to do with trade, markets and control in the region and beyond. The bans on Australian coal, wine and other exports have incensed the local bourgeoisie and brought it back in behind the 70-year-old Australia-US Alliance more firmly than before.

>China’s growing influence and the challenge it brings to Australian-supported US hegemony is behind the growing aggressiveness of the puppets in the federal parliament. They have defaulted to the side of the US in this conflict. Of course, this harms Australia’s relations with many of our neighbours, and it is worthy of note how New Zealand is developing closer ties with China. As is the nature of capitalist hegemony, nations have to pick a side, but we must be clear, this is not an ideological contest between socialism and capitalism. It is a showdown between the capitalism that has grown up inside China and its older rivals in the region.

>Some on the “left” and right have dismissed the threat of an actual fighting war with China. Their argument runs that, minor conflicts in the global south aside, “wars” are now fought and won in the economic sphere. It is not in anybody’s interest to wipe out all that productive capacity in what would be an unimaginably deadly conflict, they say.

>We cannot afford to gamble on the prospect of war with China. What is clear is that capitalism and its drive to seize and control socially produced wealth inevitably leads to war. The evidence of centuries of the dominance of this social system has proven that. Lenin disagreed profoundly with Kautsky and his fantasy of peaceful capitalism. He advised workers to prepare for war, not for war on behalf of their masters’ financial interests, but in their own interests and to dispose of the source of all future wars in the process. We should heed his advice. The road to achieving that goal will be long and difficult but the Australian Communist Party is committed to this course.

ruh roh time to defect


>9 seats in doubt
>Libs need 4 more to win.
Greens get two seats making libs win by one making ASIOjordies making a video crying and seething at the greens for 30 minutes again.


File: 1619864234389.jpg ( 35.2 KB , 640x838 , 1597808818552.jpg )

This is pretty regular stuff, nothing to be blackpilled about, did you really expect "cyperchudtranshumanist" to be a pinko?


File: 1619864536554.png ( 713.12 KB , 900x861 , drumsofwar.png )

>ruh roh time to defect
stay a while and develop the productive forces in the Àodàlìyǎ province


I'm a fascist but I 100% agree with them.

You might be surprised that many of us share this view too, that those imperialist wars, whether WW1 or WW2, only ever served a few people, and not the poor souls sent to die, fighting against their own brothers.

I don't attend ANZAC ceremonies for this reason, but had I been there I would have supported the commies.


The horseshoe strikes again


This image is ridiculous /pol/ tier understanding of geopolitics conflating geography/historical definitions of east/west with modern geopolitical definition.

The majority of countries shaded in red here are peripheral territories of the US Empire & Europe. While the US empire is in a state of fragmenting, it is the geopolitical east that is outnumbered and encircled. Putting the Arab gulf states within the geopol "east" alone shows whoever made this has no idea what they're talking about.

With that being said though, we will definitely get our assessment kicked in a real conflict with China - to call it suicidal is if anything a tremendous understatement, and comparatively would be like if a small pacific Island state went to war with Australia. That our elites are pushing this absolutely suicidal adventurism shows how detached from reality and deluded by western exceptionalism they are.

What fucking bothers me is that when we inevitably either get our assess kicked or spanked, the narrative will turn to an anti-Asian reactionary revanchism/hyper racism combined with some kind of stabbed-in-the-back narrative that "quiet Australians" will fucking lap up and regurgitate uncritically. Not working forward to that.

I fucking hate Americans for destroying and fucking raping the souls of our people, and I hope I see the day that every Septo man, woman and child in this country gets publicly lynched.


Here is the source of the map.

An interesting historical anecdote I read was that in the early 20th and late 19th century the British-Pacific region (namely Australia and New Zealand) were becoming increasingly nervous about Japan (and of course, China), recognising that a strong British navy would mean greater protections for the colonies, New Zealand built and funded a dreadnought that was intended to patrol the pacific. However, as soon as WWI began, the British Admiralty ordered NZ to hand over the dreadnought so that they could better defend the mother country. We have continued this policy of having a weak defence while letting other bigger imperial powers to step in and protect us, it would be a vey rude awakening when we have no western empires to fall back on. I don't think China has any intention of invading, but the cultural shock would be immense - it would strike at the core of this nation.


An invasion of Australia would be a logistical nightmare, even with our tiny military, passive/weak population, lack of chemical weapons/nukes/ICBMs, etc.

China is one of the few countries with the military capabilities & population which could pull it off at tremendous cost, but what China has going for them is that they don't actually have to invade us. We're an Island state far separated from our allies with neither significant light or heavy industrial capabilities - unable to produce even a significant portion of consumer goods necessary for a fairly spartan existence, and certainly incapable of autarky in military production. What's worse is that we hardly produce any oil at all, which even if we did refine here, wouldn't cover military/government needs let alone civilian (ie, agriculture).

All China would have to do is park a small portion of its massive navy on our coasts and they could effectively starve us out within months. Australia has no strategic fuel reserves, so not long after 20-30 days even the military/government run out of fuel, power stations start going off, transport between major cities/rural areas becomes almost impossible and agriculture falls apart. Even before the tractors and combine harvesters, etc stop running and the food rots in the fields, Our supermarkets - which depend on just in time logistics, run out of food and basic goods within a week. With limited fuel and no transportation inner-city let alone between urban hubs, cities begin starving as soon as people run out of food in their pantries. The govt, deprived of fuel, is going to be in no position to begin feeding people. Once the power goes off, water pumping goes off, which means most of the country is without water, and now there is no means of transporting it.

All it would take is 6 months of the blockade and the death toll would be in the many millions. Under similar conditions, the US estimates that 2/3 of their population would die off in a year - we'd likely see similar casualties here. This is assuming that they don't start lopping cruise missiles at us from their ships either - a real possibility for which we have absolutely no defense.

It would only take a portion of the Chinese navy. mostly just submarines for a few months to achieve to this. Anybody who thinks the US would intervene to save Australia - risking San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle in the process is nuts. The US navy will be spread thin and likely will take heavy losses, in the beginning, weeks/month of the war, losses which they are incapable of replacing as they've lost most of their shipbuilding capabilities having long since outsourced them to south Korea and China.

When I call this "suicide" it's not any kind of an understatement. It'll be suicide of unprecedented, apocalyptic proportions.


> With that being said though, we will definitely get our assessment kicked in a real conflict with China

It's hard to tell if you don't first define what kind of conflict you have in mind.

What I can think of is some sort of naval battle around Taiwan. On one hand you could predict that a RAN increasingly staffed by women and minorities and led by transsexual officers won't fare well, but it's not like the Chinese navy is very experienced either. But since it would be conventional forces vs. conventional forces, my money is still on Western technology. Things might be different in 50 years once Western engineers have been replaced by African women too, but for now there is still a clear edge.


> All China would have to do is park a small portion of its massive navy on our coasts

And how exactly do you do that without getting sunk from above or below?

You're also forgetting that those ships themselves will have to be replenished. It's more likely that they will run out of fuel and supplies before we do…

What you are describing makes absolutely no sense. If they wanted to disrupt our supplies it would make more sense to have navy ships harassing merchant ships at sea, like the French and the British used to do when they were at war. That's where you can exert naval superiority (if you have it).


It's not just that the RAN is infested with kinseyite horseshit, discipline and patriotism are low among our armed forces. Most of our soldiers period come from kooshy middle-class backgrounds and are generally unadjusted to suffering. We haven't fought a real conflict with an equal - let alone superior force, for 70 years. Look what happened when similarly pamperred Saudi troops, with the best equipment in the world and none of that kinseyite/idpol bullshit fought against a bunch of Yemense goat herders and half starved partisans using early cold war tech - they got their assess kicked and forced to flee.

I don't doubt for a god damn minute that in a fight between 100 Chinese vs 100 westerners - even factoring in our better tech, that 50 of those westerners are going to turn around flee, half of them sobbing for their mothers. The Chinese on the other hand are willing to kill and die for their country.

Just look at the Army or Navy ad's on tv - they're trying to sell an "experience" like it's tourism or an adventure. These people aren't mentally or physically prepared for real hardship in a way a rural born Chinese soldier is.

Besides the tech gap isn't as big as it once was. It's not exactly like we have a state-of-the-art navy either - it's a trinket navy at best. While the US may still "rule the seas", they're going to take terrible casualties from anti-Ship missiles off the coast of China. The battle for Taiwan isn't one we can win with Chinese missiles stationed next dppr, and will likely escalate into a larger conflict.

I don't mean literally park their navy off our coasts. I'm referring to >it would make more sense to have navy ships harassing merchant ships at sea

All they have to do is send enough subs on rotation to disrupt fuel & other vital good shipments.



>The year is 202X

>Xi finally does it, go forth and reclaim Taiwan
>US and pacific allies shit themselves and REEEE hard and declare war to protect some fuckoff island, including Australia
>Crimean War 2: Oriental Boogaloo
>China takes Taiwan in a week
>Aus/NZ/US+maybe Canada tries to do a D-day on Taiwan
>It ends up being bloodier Gallipoli round 2
>Turns out the PLA is a compotent fighting force and the ADF and US Army haven't fought a decent foe since 1945
>China vibe checks the US navy easily
>Smacks the RAN back to cockatoo island
>Japan doesn't do anything because self defense force
>China holds Taiwan, west can't do shit to stop them, the war is effectively over
>G fuckin G, Baizuo


>China obviously isn't gonna trade with a country they're at war with

>That's a nice economy you've got there
>Be shame if it collapsed
>the American economy shatters but recovers because the US has a strong manufacturing base, however
>Australia's economy swan dives off a cliff
>Total economic collapse
>Unemployment skyrockets
>the stores are empty
>unions are pissed
>everyone's broke
>everyone's starving
>It's WW1 again but worse
>We learned nothing from Gallipoli


>I don't doubt for a god damn minute that in a fight between 100 Chinese vs 100 westerners - even factoring in our better tech, that 50 of those westerners are going to turn around flee, half of them sobbing for their mothers. The Chinese on the other hand are willing to kill and die for their country.

First, that's irrelevant in naval warfare, where equipment and officers matter more than crew morale.

Second, it's likely that Chinese officers are also exactly the kind of middle-class pampered people you describe.

Finally, in a hypothetical infantry/land war between Chinese troops and bogans, on Australian soil, my money is on bogans. We could become the talibans of the Southern hemisphere.



I don't really follow the logic in your scenario.

There won't be a D-day landing in Taiwan for the exact same reason there was not a D-day landing in Crimea.

At the end of the day, Taiwan is not that strategic to the US. It's a bit of a client state for weapons sales, and an economic partner as well (for things like microelectronics), and certainly it would be better to keep and protect allies, but unlike South America or the Middle East, it's not in the backyard of the US or Israel, so not that important all things considered.

A scenario like the Russian one is more likely. China takes Taiwan relatively peacefully, then there are sanctions, saber-rattling, etc. but no real confrontation.


>communist party
>abo flag


That dosen't really sound like the crimean war considering the Crimean war was characterised as being a horrific slog for both sides where ultimately no gains were made and the allied coalition only won because russia blinked first.

What you describe would be more like a Napoleon v the European coalition bruh tier defeat for the anglosphere.


>recognising that a strong British navy would mean greater protections for the colonies
>We have continued this policy of having a weak defence while letting other bigger imperial powers to step in and protect us
Which is why we have jumped ship (lol) to kissing the USA's ass as they have the better navy. But as >>20002 and >>19696 have pointed out, kissing the USA's ass is not likely to have bought us any serious protection.

>All it would take is 6 months of the blockade and the death toll would be in the many millions.
A potential factor resulting in this not occurring if China were to invade is that there might not be much to gain from blockading Australia. It might be a much better idea to just invade the north of WA for its natural resources.

This reactionary crap is cringe and makes no fucking sense.

I can only expect a cold war to be pushed by the USA due to their economic dependence on China. So if China were to invade Taiwan it would only be met with stern trade war shit. China's gonna have to be the one to pull the trigger on the USA. Only way I see the USA pulling the trigger is if the go awol due to being ripped apart by internal issues, which might happen, idk. probably will happen with climate change.

fuck off cunt


Taiwan produces a majority of the world's semiconductor microchips.


Unlike Crimea, Taiwan is incredibly important. Taiwan alone has many times the chip manufacturing capacity of all of China. Controlling Taiwan means controlling the economy of not only China, but the world.




Is anyone else concerned that the communist movement is being hijacked by Chinese state capitalists?




Well I'm not going to ask about what's on in your bloc, but I'm seeing the Chinese backing both sides.
On the one hand they have people here offering us assistance; on the other they are offering support to the petit bourgeois through the small business community.
The small business lobbies are a direct and influential opponent of workers rights, frankly they are pork face motherfuckers and we know them quiet well.
Whenever someone tries to improve the welbeing of workers they are the ones who immediately oppose and frustrate action from a national level right down to local councils.

Are we really expected to believe that these are two separate entities and the Chinese in Australia are not simply playing both sides


More concerned that the western communist movement has already been hijacked by CIA radlibs & most parties and orgs have been transformed into pawns for US Empire.

The recent foreignpolicy article praising bunkerchan, or articles praising radlibs like contrapoints should be deeply concerning. If the bourgeois states of the west view us as less of a threat than dipshit chinless, hentai addicted fucking fashy larper shutins, it's an indication there is a serious illness prevelant in "the left".

Whatever your position on Dengism and whether or not China is a socialist state (I don't believe it is to be clear) a shift toward geopolitical multipolarity is the only chance we have at real independence. Anybody in Australia shilling anti-China propaganda or publicly criticizing China is just doing the work of maintaining our enslavement to the US Empire and is a useful fucking idiot at best, a willing traitor at worst.


>On one hand you could predict that a RAN increasingly staffed by women and minorities and led by transsexual officers won't fare well
What the fuck are you blabbering on about




I would put as much store on the praise of bunkerchan as I put in anything published by the media- it's just opportunism.

Australia's foreign policy has been hijacked by the US, who's military presence here is not for our benefit but their own.
My concern is that middle powers like Australia could become the battleground between the old capitalist order and the new Chinese capitalist order.
By all accounts China is moving backwards in terms of socialism, I take a mixed view of Deng- but Xi has allows the workers of China to be enslaved to further encourage capitalist colonies in China and the investment they bring.

I am also deeply concerned at the growing Han nationalism coming from China, much of this is hidden from international and non-Mandarin speaking workers but racism is fierce in China against south east asian, indian and frankly just about anyone who isn't Chinese.
Their foreign investment could easily morph into imperialism if the racism of the wealthy minority within China is leveraged rather than kept in check


very gay


It only exists to stop any kind of intelligent debate from racists


> interesting historical anecdote I read was that in the early 20th and late 19th century the British-Pacific region (namely Australia and New Zealand) were becoming increasingly nervous about Japan (and of course, China), recognising that a strong British navy would mean greater protections for the colonies, New Zealand built and funded a dreadnought that was intended to patrol the pacific. However, as soon as WWI began, the British Admiralty ordered NZ to hand over the dreadnought so that they could better defend the mother country

Based New Britannia reader


>Is anyone else concerned that the communist movement is being hijacked by Chinese state capitalists?

They do? Ive seen them put money and influence into the two main parties but I havent heard of any kind of influence/money put into any communist movement here - likewise I have no idea why they would given that it wouldnt align with their interests.


The federal government has been fucking them, the BRI deal being torn up was a surprise to them because they thought Andrews had sold them the country.
The Chinese communist party has their own way of influence peddling, the constant attacks against primary producers was meant to win over rural MP's in effected regions- it was very targeted.
At the same time the Chinese government has a massive network of supporters here that answer directly to HanBan (their DFAT).

The other side of this is the support for communism they have to tread a lot more carefully, especially now.
They often put plants in local communist groups, and the assuption that they use Chinese nationals or ethnic Chinese is typically wrong.
Their guys are all Han ethno-nationalists, raised on anti-minority propaganda and wouldn't pass in communist circles.

Unfortunately this becomes our business because we are inevitably claimed for everything China does- and pointing out that the Chinese aren't communists…well the phrase "not real communism" comes up.


thoughts on the greens?


Vegan liberals
Worth promoting to white ant the coalition but not any better than Labor


Who the fuck are the AUSCP shilling posters on the streets of Parramatta and how do I know whether or not they're glown*ggers?


A split from the original Communist Party IRC


This might be able to help you


File: 1620479594174.png ( 313.88 KB , 2272x1960 , INVEST.png )



um m8s



2035, - AP
Australian PM adam Bandt address's the nation from the steps of Parliament house
<"The industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race! *Massive applause*"
Already reports have trickled in to the AP and international media of Green-Shirts made primarily of University students razing industrial sites with entire CBD's being emptied out and set ablaze in coordinated arson attacks.

The AP will continue to report on these evolving events


Bandt isn't that based sadly


What honestly "is" Bandt though?
His tweets and shit the greens put to the floor under him make him seem to the "left" of NeoLabor?


Social Democratic posturing with no action. He tries to emulate Corbyn and Sanders without having the party base to do so, just another progressive neoliberal.


Everytime a post gets made in an Australian subplebbit like r/Australia or AustralianPolitics about China the replies universally glow like the fucking sun.
calling for us to stop all trade with china because.


Auspol is especially guilty of this, people would post stuff from ASPI and there'd be some arguing against it being a mouthpiece for weapons manufacturers. Moral of the story is to not engage with it at all, at least it isn't as bad as Sky news comment sections.


He used to be based, apparently referring the greens as a "bourgeois party" in his younger days. So not only is he no longer based, he's a sellout.
>He tries to emulate Corbyn and Sanders without having the party base to do so
I understand the frustration with the Greens, but what a dumb line of thinking. Every movement has to start somewhere (not saying their movement is our movement). Furthermore, if only 800-900 people changed their votes to greens in the last federal election, then they would have had some real parliamentary power. So while their base isn't as founded as sanders or corbyn, it isn't nothing either. If are someone that doesn't vote Greens #1 because friendlyjordies told you it's bad for some reason, then you are a retard.
>just another progressive neoliberal
You could make a case that they are propogating neoliberalism in an indirect way, but everything you don't like isn't neoliberal.


>If are someone
If you are someone*


File: 1620782092959.jpg ( 98.5 KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )

>"Where they have working-class members, the Greens have not attempted to organise them in any systematic way. Despite having several thousand trade unionists as members, the party is almost invisible as an organisation in the workers’ movement. Their industrial relations policy is to the left of the ALP, but they have not built rank and file groups in unions to challenge Labor’s industrial agenda, or to challenge Labor-aligned union leaderships. They had a serious opportunity to break into the workers’ movement in 2002 when the secretary of the Victorian division of the Electrical Trades Union – one of the more militant blue collar unions – joined the party after resigning from the ALP. But they made nothing of it."

This was written in 2010 mind you but it still touches on the core modus operandi of the party. Even today it is committed to recruiting a middle-class intellengencia strata instead of building and developing its working class base. The Greens aren't fresh nor are they new, they have been around for almost 30 years now - which is more than enough time to find your ideological footing. He also speaks glowingly of the Gillard govt. because of its "green" policy, where in reality it was a handy scheme in re-arranging carbon credits which heavily subsidized fossil fuel companies. How is this not a progressive neoliberal approach? There is no material nor economic dialogue to be found apart from social-democrat posturing towards making sure rich people pay their taxes.

>If you are someone that doesn't vote Greens #1 because friendlyjordies told you it's bad for some reason, then you are a retard.

I would never listen to such a retarded, unfunny, anti-communist social fascist. I understand that the political landscape in Australia is sparse that it is almost impossible to analyse anything without ultimately bringing it back to parliamentary politics, but effectively all wings of parliament are the wings of capital. Just because they accept Thatcher's maxim doesn't mean we have to as well.


>He also speaks glowingly of the Gillard govt. because of its "green" policy, where in reality it was a handy scheme in re-arranging carbon credits which heavily subsidized fossil fuel companies. How is this not a progressive neoliberal approach?
any sources on this? At an event I attended (young greens are just as cringy as young labor btw) he relentlessly shat on labor for their handling on the climate crisis among other things. He had things to say about free education, dental into medicare, and addressing the housing crisis. He's also called on the nationalisation of assets. I'm not entirely swayed by them since those things, while nice, ultimately do not address the obvious crux of the issue but I would hardly call any of this a neoliberal approach.
>but effectively all wings of parliament are the wings of capital.
I agree, but it doesn't necessarily make the greens neoliberals from what I understand of them


>"Bandt cited the Greens’ agreement with the Gillard Labor government in 2010 as a model, saying “the only time that pollution has been cut in this country is when [the] Greens shared power [with Labor and independents]”."


I would hardly call this his glowing appraisal of the Gillard government. He was simply promoting the ostensible effectiveness of the Greens.


File: 1620799668755.jpg ( 65.67 KB , 477x358 , CarlPickOfTheWeekUpset.jpg )

>Lib+Nats are unironically floating the idea to get Millennials and Gen-Y to take out their supers to put down as deposits for home loans so that Stavros can keep his 50 investment properties and so that what is basically the second pillar of the economy behind the mineral industry dosen't just entirely collapse.
I know "Capitalism is turning into modern day serfdom" is an emotional argument but literally what will be the fate of Gen-Z at this rate?
If the government is basically going to force Millenials and Zoomers to blow through their retirement saving on inflated home loans that basically make them wards of their landlords will zoomers just be put to work in the fucking uranium mines or something?


*Millenials and pre-zoomers


All I know is I learning how to squat, because at this rate once my parents die I will have no way of owning even a fibro shoebox to sleep and shit in.


>Debt will hit 1T by 2025 (Thats assuming the government dosen't have to POOMP even more money cuz of covid or another crisis)
>Total GDP is around 1.3 trillion.
Greek credit downrating and death spiral soon?




File: 1620952083799.jpg ( 412.16 KB , 1551x1868 , 1617838541803.jpg )



What's the matter? Scared there won't be any wealth to redistribute when the revolution never happens?


Can no longer tell if retarded or simply trolling


Join us Nomads and live out of a van. Beats squatting I reckon


What's the matter? Scared there won't be any wealth to redistribute when the revolution never happens?


You no can into brains? No surprise! You are commie!


Also, are half of you cunts working class at all? Or are you middle class fuckers who think the working class is going to take orders from you just because you read marx and shit?


What are you gonna do about it faggot


LOL! Is that so?


Not take orders from faggots like you!


File: 1621003717227.jpg ( 143.3 KB , 700x700 , hol up.jpg )

>Join us Nomads and live out of a van.


File: 1621042149480.jpg ( 583.51 KB , 1536x2732 , peter-rabbit-2-the-runaway….jpg )

Fucking kill everyone at Hoyts. I just redeemed a discover voucher for Peter Rabbit 2. Hoyts denied me a popcorn and coke because I never explicitly said to take the popcorn and drink offer despite the voucher allowing it. Fucking line them up against the wall.

Walked right of there. When I get the chance, I will make them walk out of here too. When the cunts are propertarians they fucking deserve it.

15th May 2021. Better destroy their employee logs.


Yes. Warehouse worker here. Read a book.


>implying class traitors aren't a thing.
Even if all were, I think most of the working class are more likely (and ought to) choose from their own ranks or people they trust as to who may shout """orders"""", and implying all governing structures will be "hierarchical".


File: 1621046663055.png ( 22.54 KB , 554x554 , images (2).png )

Ausbros is there even any hope left? I feel we're drowning in this endless ocean of neoliberal rightoid shit, Jason Unruhe was right, there's no revolutionary potential in core nations, the best I can do is donate to the PFLP, FARC or any other peripheric socialist organization


File: 1621048589176.png ( 74.85 KB , 600x516 , .png )

As of now, no. But let's be brutally candid, it's not necessarily out of a fault of our own. The murdoch press and the liberal government are without a doubt a major force which dictates, brainwashes, undermines and at times, overthrows our institutions and our people. I'd say that we're certainly getting better, and I wouldn't lose hope for revolution, but I doubt it's going to come in the shape of a communist party running for governance and winning. I think there is always revolutionary potential in core nations, lest we forget Portugal in the 1970's or even the political upheaval going on in America right now, with autonomous zones such as the George Flloyd memorial being a thing. There is always potential for revolution, but I doubt we will get socialism immediately from it. It takes time, it takes patience, and most importantly it takes pressure.


Thanks for the blogpost Karen


File: 1621060978069.pdf ( 8.45 MB , 212x300 , A_New_Britannia_Afterword1.pdf )

Here is the scanned copy of the Afterword of "A New Britannia" as promised, sorry for the shoddy quality but I hope it reads well. Getting your hands on a copy of the book is difficult as you cannot purchase a copy online nor can you find it in book stores. Perhaps I might borrow this again and scan through all the pages on day, but I'm getting tired and I have work to do. Enjoy guys.


An unforgivable crime. The Yankee beast is surely responsible. They will pay in blood.


We live in the era of darkest reaction anon.
Truth is there isn’t a whole lot of revolutionary potential in most of the third world rn either. This is a conclusion Jason & I came to a long time ago.


Stop abdicating your responsibility. The belief that only the third world can ferment revolution is self-serving and allows you to feel noble about not doing anything in the country you actually live in.


Re-read my post and don’t be a patronising dick. Just said there isn’t rev potential in most of the third world either.

I’m 100% focused on local politics and I’d encourage any Australian to be as well. Seizing state power at any point remotely soon isn’t going to happen though and any group on about that is larping ie defacto armchair politics so we have to redefine a lot of what we’re trying to do and how we do it.

Right now I’m just trying to start up some small scale mutual aid community programs in my bumfuck rural town out in whoop whoop.


Seeing as Aussie JucheAnon is here, I remember yesterday we were talking on how Australia could resist American imperialism etc. or something along those veins. Hopefully he can jog my memory, I was thoroughly enjoying the convo.




What's the Australian materialist analysis on this:



I actually have two other essays by Humphrey Mcqueen related to this in other books, if anyone wants me to scan them. They are 'Glory without Power' (despite the similar title, it's different from the afterword the other anon posted) and 'Laborism and socialism'.


Just reading about this couple has left me seething.


Post'em when you can, thanks :)


File: 1621125657360.jpg ( 3.19 MB , 3120x4160 , IMG20210516102621.jpg )

Just run over antivaxxers with tanks.


the fuck are you talking about


> Go to Hoyts for Peter Rabbit 2 again
> explicitly request with my mouth a movie ticket, popcorn and drink
> get only the popcorn and drink this time around

Fuck Keynesianism and fuck its stimuli!


File: 1621140841758.png ( 11.96 KB , 1358x654 , fuckin phone posting.png )

>literally profit of environmental vandalism
>oh but we're sorry
>you can pay us to give us the products you bought from us back
>we're the good guys now :)


File: 1621141461703.png ( 112.22 KB , 680x343 , rNGHnTw.png )



Piracy is the only way


We gotta bring Jack Back


I feel sick and insane thinking about it but…

… What are your thoughts on a on a hypothetical mutual defence treaty between the People's Republic of China and the Commonwealth of Australia?



Two mostly ethnically homogeneous nations allying against the North American diversity cesspool. We could become the Germany and Japan of the 21st century.

I like the idea. It's improbable though.


File: 1621168540701.mp4 ( 9.49 MB , 1280x720 , John Mearsheimer China.mp4 )



All the more reason to evolve into a Posadist from a tankie and turn all that fucking uranium into a massive Fractional Orbital Bombardment system. Fuck.

But seriously, would it be bad if a China aligned-Australia had 100000 satellite mounted nukes?


>Concerns about Australia's fuel security were heightened after BP decided to close down its Kwinana refinery in Western Australia just months before ExxonMobil announced it was shutting its Altona plant in Melbourne's west.
Y not just make them SOE if that important?


>there is anything worth defending in either of these capitalist states
I guess this is what happens when you pretend nationalism and communism are compatible


What did you do with the Christchurch shooting footage?

I initially watched it. I let it sear it into my head even from the first person perspective of Tarrant. Fuck the gay ass left-liberal deletion of it. I let it carve itself into my mind. I let it harden my heart.

When I seize the state, I will make Tarrant rue the day he ever shot those people up. I am going to conquer the state. I will gather 510 wignat organization members.


> Australian constitution makes certain expenditures invalid
> Spending occurs anyway

Why is law school so blackpilling as a working class student?


That must have been fucking awful. That was what finally got me to stop going on 4chan, I was like "bro if people here are making "funny" edits of this why am i here these are all sickos"

It does remind me of why left liberalism is essentially a sham though, you have to be ready and willing to engage in self defense against these people, and to treat them as an actual threat. There can be no tolerance for people like Tarrant, no pussyfooting nor "debate", they must be recognized as the sadists they are

Are you the angry tankie poster? You're an Aussie?

also it's Haz but relevant rant: https://youtu.be/iHcFIOtBs1c


Please deliver more Australian blackpills

I want to feel how hilarious it is when a dumbarse thinks paper or "laws" mean shit when money's on the line.

Maybe I should go back and do Law, even though I don't want to be a lawyer… Just to understand how so many of their ilk infest everything.


Australia is far from ethnically homogeneous lol. Thank fuck


File: 1621328546007.pdf ( 13.58 MB , 67x118 , Glory without power1.PDF )

'Laborism and socialism' is actually available online here: https://www.surplusvalue.org.au/McQueen/lab_history/lab_hist_laborism_socialism.htm
but pdf related is the 'glory without power' article. Apologies for the hair.


File: 1621329833530.png ( 149.92 KB , 500x585 , nothingpersonnelkid.png )

I'd take it on the prerequisite that
1. We become a republic before we do this. In that case we don't have to deal the UK/ USA fucking around with our foreign affairs even further. If we can't it won't be necessarily impossible, but it would be exceedingly difficult. That being said, if we still have the commonwealth this brings me to option number 2.

2. They let go of our mines/ ports/ farms that they have bought from us. Ideally, this would also happen should we establish a republic, but you get my point. We should still have trade/ diplomacy with them, but I don't want foreign powers owing national resources.

3. There needs to be a greater element of trust made between Australia and China. Maybe more foreign exchanges, perhaps new social media platforms to be created for Australians and Chinese people to interact.

4. Education. Both China and Australia should create programs to better understand eachothers language, history, culture. In theory, can you imagine the generations that may follow of Chinese/ Australian shitposters uniting against Seppo imperialism. We would be fucking unstoppable.


File: 1621330202962.jpg ( 129.54 KB , 600x915 , Blue-murder-lg.jpg )

wtf I didn't know he had his own website, this is incredible. "Frameworks of Flesh" seems to be on there as well. Thanks for the article anon.

Blue murder is another one of those missing Australian Historical books, copies online go for two hundred bucks. That's why I hesitate putting it on this >>19722 list


Dear Leftcom poster,

Why did you choose leftcom? The memes? Or do you feel drawn to it?
I'm reading more about Italian communism and I can feel the draw, it just seems a bit too ephemeral with it's Invisible committees and stuff.
But then I read about syndicalism and how that's evolved and it's based.

Also I may currently be meatballs deep in an Italian gal who originates from The Red Belt and mama mia the food and bjs


Only if you can get an undergraduate place. the graduate degree is a ripoff. Its the same program but they charge much more because its a "JD"


I would probably only do one or two years tbh, just enough to get disillusioned before dropping out and using RPL for something else…


When the government tries to pass legislation that takes power away from the elite, it gets overturned by the High Court. Electoralism literally cannot work in Australia for this reason.

This case really grinds my gears. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bank_of_New_South_Wales_v_Commonwealth


I'm not actually the so-called 'leftcom' poster you see using the flag elsewhere on leftypol, I've only made about 3 posts under that flag on this thread. Anyway I guess it's still me you're addressing.
Basically I read Capital vol 1 and thought it was obvious that when Marx talked about the value form he meant something unique to capitalism that must be abolished. Then later I found MLs etc on here and elsewhere decrying this belief as 'leftcom' so I looked into left communism. You must realise there are a bunch of different things called 'left communism' – Boridigism, Italian Communist Left, Dutch/German communist left (council communism), Autonomism, Communisation, and the Situationist International fit in there somewhere too.
I hold basically Italian Communist Left positions, like the International Communist Tendency (leftcom.org). I find it attractive just because all the trotskyist, ML, maoist etc groups all essentially claim their own tiny groupuscule to be the true vanguard of the working class that must convince the proletariat of their position and help them personally to win state power in a coup d'etat etc etc. Which is just unrealistic. Whereas for (non-bordigist) leftcoms the party is something that must eventually be formed but is a title which no existing organisation can exclusively claim. This is expressed in the slogan 'we are not the party, but we are for the party'. Instead communists must kind of form the 'historical conscience' of their class, to study and learn the successes and failures of past movements and to apply these lessons to current struggles.
I'm not going to pretend I'm hugely well read in this, because I'm not. Maybe I'm misrepresenting some of it. But you're the one who asked. If you're interested in learning more about left communism, try reading some of the pamphlets here: https://www.leftcom.org/en/store and for a general history of 'left communism' this book is very good, even though it's by a communiser: https://libcom.org/library/eclipse-re-emergence-communist-movement
Btw syndicalism is nothing to do with left communism. The union form of organisation, while important for the welfare of workers under capitalism, is a revolutionary dead end because it can only protect proletarians as proletarians, and has nothing to do with the abolition of class society.


Excellent news comrades
A legal basis for removing Washington's influence through their so called NGOs and other TLAs etc has been established


File: 1621384634887.jpg ( 70.87 KB , 500x670 , c21c42575c1382aa4aff0fe55a….jpg )

>People on r/Breadtube are saying the Greens are spreading communist ideas because of an ad targeting billionaires


>things called 'left communism' – Boridigism, Italian Communist Left, Dutch/German communist left (council communism), Autonomism, Communisation, and the Situationist International fit in there somewhere too.

I've always thought councils were the way things were meant to eventually go. Hm.
If you had to summarise the differences each of the aforesaid "leftcoms" in one sentence based on as you understand them, what would it be to you?
And I'll read those pamphlets and the book.
And yes, unionism/syndicalism may be an evolutionary dead end, but imo for the current circumstances and foreseeable future it's a good tool in the transition.
Cheers cobra :D


mmm yes very ebin :DD


Most Greens aren't even watermelons, so just… ugh


These laws are supervised by the US and pushed through to target "Chinese" interference. Maybe i'm just a legal brainlet but the short term consequences of this for anyone who wants to push against a war with China outweighs the long term possibilities of expelling the U.S.


I'm not sure about Bordigists and autonomists but most leftcoms agree that the workers' councils are the way to go for future and revolutionary organisation. Historically that has been the spontaneous form that has arisen in revolutionary circumstances many times. Councilism is just the name given to theories of people like Pannekoek and Sylvia Pankhurst as well as some small groups. The difference between councilism and the italian communist left is that the councilists tended to reject the notion of the revolutionary party altogether, instead hoping for spontaneous full revolutionary consciousness arising in the proletariat during their immediate struggles, and this leading directly to revolution. Whereas the Italian communist left position (ICT etc) is that there is a role for the party e.g. as the 'historical conscience' of the class, as I described in the other post. There are a few other differences as well.
For the 'Italian Communist Left' I suggest reading this: https://www.leftcom.org/en/articles/2009-07-01/the-italian-communist-left-a-brief-internationalist-history
Bordigism is an offshoot based on anti-democracy and extreme focus on the vanguard party (even though there are dozens of spilnters all claiming the same title). Autonomism is anti-party and has a focus on the whole of society as a giant 'factory' based on some dodgy theory imo. I don't know much about it but I think one of the main theorist was called Negri. Communisation is the idea the abolition of capitalism and the institution of communism will occur simultaneously and spontaneously, apparently without any organisation. At least some communisers also believe that accounting and planning of any kind will be abolished. The main stuff to read would be the works of Gilles Dauvé and the journal Endnotes. It's interesting to read about, even though I disagree with them. Finally, you've probably heard of the Situationist International through its main organiser, Guy Debord, author of Society of the Spectacle. They had some funky ideas about art and stuff. I definitely recommend having a look at them but don't let Debord's exceeding smugness get to you.
To make this a little more relevant to the actual thread, here's an article about J.A. Dawson, probably the first Australian 'left communists': https://libcom.org/library/left-communism-australia-ja-dawson-southern-advocate-workers-councils-steve-wright


Thank you for the effort post.
Much thinking to do now.


File: 1621409333778.jpg ( 53.15 KB , 720x1019 , Eureka.jpg )

Thoughts on the ACP/CUDL's approach of trying to build dual power ala the Black Panthers?
Of course they're a young party (in both age of the party and their membership) but atm it seems to me like they're mostly running a charity. It does have it's political edge other services of the type lack but is that enough to separate them from the crowd?

If so, what do you reckon are their prospects of actually achieving their goals?

If not, what sorts of things should they (or any other party) be doing to actually be "their own thing" (for lack of a better term) and build a mutual aid network or dual power or whatever they're trying to do?


Its better than nothing and good for advertising, but I don't think it will really has any chances of building the dual-power they're trying to achieve. The thing is with the Black Panthers is that they would go out to communities that were underfunded and overlooked - completely lacking in social services. So they filled the role of the government to some extent and become important to that community as it becomes an alternative to the current system. But with CUDL they seem to usually go out to city centres and hand out supplies, and while I think this is good work (homelessness is an ever increasing curse) they're not really connecting with any communities.

I don't know what the answer is and I don't know what's in Bob Britons brain. I have many theories floating around in my head ranging from radicalising Indigenous communities to performing entryism into local unions, but the first step (and it's a big one) is to connect and resonate with the working class. Maybe CUDL is a good first step in this, it certainly doesn't hurt by way of personal development.


Given my background, I'm thinking of starting a creche and day care.

It's a weird way to start, but it fits my education, training, and experience.


Alright lads, I know you like our thread so here is my post-mortem of the British labour movement
The future of these dead heroin kids we call the labour movement in my opinion is an increasingly local and militarised force that hates landlords, employers, their weaselly lackeys, their agents in the media, their infiltration in every aspect of society, those that represent us in the trade unions, the real estate agents, the tenant negotiators, the union negotiators, the Zionists, the landlords, the bosses, they're all everywhere. Politics is just grime and filth and dirt. We need a movement that will cleanse everyone. Every landlord must die.
Anyway hope to hear your feedback on these parasites and how we should deal with these "people"! Looking forward to hearing your stories.


>56% Of NSW voters who voted Labour in the last two elections say they will probably vote for the Liberal-Nationals if Glady's is still premier when the elections roll around.
>Most voters were unable to name the NSW opposition leader (Jodi McKay) or were aware of the Labour party's policies.
>Two party preferred premier had Berejiklian around 65% of the vote and McKay around 25%
LMAO when the NeoLiberalism REALLY starts hitting.


* My Laptops autocorrect dosen't recognise american as an actual language and so it autocorrects Labour to its correct spelling


File: 1621479383836.png ( 329.76 KB , 1080x891 , Screenshot_20210520-125214….png )

Sky News Special Report:


Not an ACP member but from what I understand from talking to CUDL/ACP dudes the plan is to perform some level of entryism into Unions and build up CUDL to be a viable community force, something akin to a rival against Centrelink. I know some who think the party should do more, something like Marxist education programs or something, but they're still a pretty young party. I'd give it a bit of time before they start doing some more radical things, but rn I think their work is fine considering their small size.


ngl there's a lot of ACP stickers and posters near where I live and it's pretty cool to see


>Most Greens aren't even watermelons
what did he mean by this


Green on the outside red on the inside, or ecologist on the outside but socialist on the inside


File: 1621511419895.jpg ( 44.65 KB , 422x376 , rare smug.jpg )

They're right.


please don't do entryism
it fucks up other's efforts
k thx


Just thinking back to the time I did coke with an Aussie cop. Man that guy was a fucking cunt


>A survey of almost 1,400 drivers conducted by Monash University found over a third of drivers reported working over 60 hours a week. Over half were obese. Over a third had been diagnosed back problems, a quarter high blood pressure, and almost a fifth reported a diagnosis of anxiety or depression in the last year. Half of all respondents reported having some level of psychological distress. Over 70% reported experiencing “near-misses” on average once per week. Short-haul drivers reported significantly higher levels of psychological distress, while long-haul drivers were more likely to be obese and report pain lasting more than 12 months. Interestingly, owner drivers were more likely to report very good health when compared to employee drivers.
Holy fuck why can't we have had decent rail systems.


File: 1621587475080.jpg ( 96.89 KB , 723x912 , aboriginetreeshield.jpg )

Thoughts on these people?



Based. What is the co-operative farming thing on the front page? I still don't understand from the link. Are they worker co-ops buying farms?

Another cool link is this one. It's the NSW government's plan to replace money with labour vouchers.



File: 1621667796846.jpg ( 81.49 KB , 750x714 , Late night ramblings.jpg )

hmmmm interesting, thanks I'll look into it more.


Are you a fellow Strayan' Sage?


I hope the US actually does try to boycott the Beijing Winter olympics over muh WuFlu and i hope our retarded fucking gov goes along with it. Just America and Australia in the CUCK SHED while the rest of the world sends their teams.

Thats why im actually glad the UN just outright said no to our request for a Temp-SecCouncil seat. All we would have done is lick boot and embarrassed ourselves for master.


>Labor coming third place in upper hunter.
It's either going to be the Nats or a Turnbullite.


fuck I hate Scotty and the LNP so much
I hope it's Nats so the place tanks.


>The third party vote (so anyone that's not Nationals or Labor) rose and Labor lost more votes to the 'other' parties than the Nationals did
>NSW has optional preferential voting which means voters can just mark a '1' next to their first choice and leave it at that. They do not have to allocate preferences.
>In this by-election, two thirds of people who voted '1' for 'other' candidates (ie independents, Shooters, One Nation etc) didn't go on to choose between Labor or Nationals.

The Nationals won with only 32% of the vote because the masses are too stupid and lazy to indicate preferences. NSW's voting system has regressed to a shitty FPTP system. It's worse than FPTP in the USA or UK because the vote is split between more candidates than in a typical US or UK election (this by-election was contested by 13 candidates) so a small % of the vote is needed to win.


13 candidates and no one from ACP. Come on guys, why don't you even try?


File: 1621776212089.mp4 ( Spoiler Image, 7.07 MB , 426x240 , done.mp4 )





I might as well put these here




The only way Labor can ever win is if they "learn from the master" and just do Playmander tier gerrymandering of electoral districts whatever chance they get when their in power.

Like seriously just cut Sydney Melbourne Brisbane and Wollongong for the state and federal elections into like 25 different districts or something and never lose again!



Lmao NeoLib seething with rage after Labor got BTFO'd.


Skanks indeed


>convinced the tow-truck drivers not to pull


Michael West is doing some soft-redpilling


Michael is pretty good.
Some bad takes and still brainworms, but I think he's palatable to Australians.


File: 1621912715011.jpg ( 44.19 KB , 640x480 , Ready to recieve my limp.jpg )



Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Labor NSW unpopular in comparison as a result of their own corrupt practices?




I don’t know about the Labor party in any of the other states but NSW Labor is the definition of “Labor aristocrats speaking for a working class who has no idea who they are” there is no organic community outreach or knowledge about the Labor party and their policies and how they will supposedly help Proles. No one “Knows their local MP”


File: 1622019902567-0.jpg ( 172 KB , 800x800 , sorry day 2.jpg )

File: 1622019902567-1.mp4 ( 2.46 MB , 1280x720 , Sorry.mp4 )


I hope all my Aussie comrades are having a great Sorry Day and are extra sorry this year!

So tell me comrades, how sorry are you feeling today? It's an extra sorry year in an extra sorry country!


I'm sorry I didn't even remember to be sorry because I'm too stressed about not affording rent this week.




File: 1622023664658-1.png ( 325.04 KB , 640x360 , rinehart1024x768.png )

Don't mean to shill MW so much but one of his lackeys put out a good report on the true scale of royalties that the Aus mining lobby gives back to Australia. Here are the key takeaways:

>The Mineral Council of Australia has exaggerated by 27%, or $41 billion, the amount of tax and royalties paid by the mining industry over the past 10 years.

>Australian Government are paying more in subsidies to fossil fuel companies than they are getting back in royalties.
<Over the past decade, an average of only 5.6% of total commodity export value has been paid in royalties to Australian states, territories, and the federal government.
>By far the worst scheme for capturing a fair share of profits is the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax (PRRT), which oversees offshore petroleum extraction. Less PRRT is paid now than in 1999 despite an almost ten-fold increase in petroleum export revenue.
>Australian governments have received just $28.2 billion in royalties from the extraction of fossil fuels (petroleum products and thermal coal) over the past 10 years. This is equal to the manufacturing costs of 4 of the 12 navy submarines commissioned by the Morrison government from French weapons manufacturer Naval.
>Queensland has the strongest royalty schemes in Australia. Proportionally, Western Australia earns half as much as Queensland does for its commodities.
>Metallurgical coal is twice as important for Australian governments in terms of royalty payments then thermal coal.
>Royalty payments on iron ore, Australia’s largest single commodity export, are an average of 7% of its export value. If this were set at the 9% we see for metallurgical coal then at least $14 billion more would have been collected over the past decade.

Interesting stuff imho, it puts a specific number on what we already know. I suspect this to stay stable for many years to come especially considering the "gas-powered" future we're heading to, but the lack of royalties paid back could also be a good political talking point to rally around like Medicare-for-All was in the States.


They pay royalties to the people that matter and make the decisions so this is irrelevant. But good to put it in writing anyway.


I never knew Australia was maoist


This and Game of Mates by Paul Frijters (pre owning a house and investment Paul) is a good one too.

Not sure if it's been digitised yet, if not I'll scan my copy any upload it here this weekend.


File: 1622084696439.jpg ( 158.9 KB , 871x792 , 1611988589521.jpg )



Why the fuck do libs instinctively blame the Prole and not the porky meant to be paying them for not paying them more then the ACTUAL dole?

Like it dosen't necessarily matter because these statistics are bullshit anyway considering most studies show people continue to look for jobs when their on the dole regardless of how much their given (considering that most things a person desires in life are ultimately linked more to the act of being employed then simply having money in itself) but do they have to HAVE IT IT EXPLAINED TO THEM THAT PEOPLE ARE NATURALLY TO LIKE HAVING 16 HOURS OF LEISURE AND 8 OF SLEEP WITH NIL WORK AND GET MORE MONEY???



File: 1622116446852.jpg ( 76.8 KB , 618x591 , 1621099067778.jpg )

pic related is the future they want for others


Australia being a settler colonial ethnostate needs to be destroyed


The issue with coal is that it's entirely unnecessary in the modern world due to both the economic + ecological + technological factors but by the shutting down of the coal mines / plants your basically dooming towns that have been made infinitely shitter over the last 4 decades due to NeoLibs to Social-crisis and collapse.

Your basically telling people who are payed (relatively) well and tons of benefits that them and their children will have infinitely less meaningful more shit jobs working at a Coles


reminds me of the Amazon union drive failure, coupled with the fact that either branch of the govt. has no vision people will see the devastation around them and cling to what they know. Thatcherist mindset is gripping this country and both wings aren't really helping

But i get the feeling that the recent election is being played up a bit, i doubt how winnable the seat was. W.A Labor party ran on a similar platform and seemed to do well for themselves.


>Your basically telling people who are payed (relatively) well and tons of benefits that them and their children will have infinitely less meaningful more shit jobs working at a Coles
So they're mad they're being treated just like everyone else?


That would be an event more surprising than the molotov ribbentrop pact. Bear in mind China as this date only has one military alliance and thats with North Korea.

I think they genuinely help people but Im not sure how helping homless people translates politically.


File: 1622436487492.pdf ( 194.93 KB , 200x300 , 0022185613517476.pdf )

Interesting article on the Prices and Incomes Accords:

>The Accord remains a landmark by the standards of Australian industrial relations history and given the international context in which it emerged. It achieved its initial objective of addressing the problem of ‘stagflation’ and helped to facilitate structural reform in the Australian economy. In gaining cooperation from unions and by providing a social wage to cushion workers from the adverse effects of economic and wages policy reform, the Accord represented a more equitable alternative to neoliberal approaches adopted elsewhere. However, negative unintended consequences of the Accord years remain features of the contemporary labour market, which casts some doubt on its legacy.

It also includes a set of presentations from various scholars include Hawke himself on the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T36-10Uqtxo&list=PLRl3LQExZ1f1ABfME8VZfYrVkw0wFdhWc

Imo the accord contentious and important events in Aus Labour history, ALP faithful's say it was necessary and beneficial (as per >>19789 ), Trots say it was a Stalinist creation (because of Laurie Carmichael's involvement), and when it is talked about in online discussions it is treated as one thing (rather than 7 different accords over a 6 year period). All this is to stress the proper understanding of the Accords by communists.


It was rubbish tier cheese to begin with.

A name change won't make it better.


>Cormann just became head of the OECD.
>INB4 the OECD releases a "report" that's like two pages long and is just sucking the Libs dick about how their "The World's best economic managers, Far better in fact then Libtard Joe Biden and that Commie Xi."


I learned about Centrelink waiting periods during COVID. They won't even let the frugal and miserly save their way out of poverty. What do these fucking shopkeepers even believe in other than nihilistically fucking the poor?


I had to go in to the office like 6 times during COVID because i was unable to report my non-existent income because a pop-up kept appearing saying that "your carer's financial details haven't been uploaded" when i didn't have a fucking career because i was applying for COVID as an unemployed single-adult.

everytime i went in and waltzed up to the counter and began explaining it to them all they would say was.
>"Oh all you have to do is get your carer you listed on your application to do X, Y, Z ok?"
<"But i dont have a Carer?"
>"Ok let me explain…you go to this website *Begins writing the URL of Mygov on a paper to give to me for some reason* and you just follow the buttons that let you upload your carers information ok?
<"Yeah but i dont…"
>"If you dont have a computer at home then feel free to use the public one over there *begins wagging their finger at me* "just make sure to never tell people your passwords or to use the computer for anything else ok buddy?"

So they didn't help me at all and pretty much spoke to me like i was a fucking Rtard


Just had a graduate internship interview in a quasi-slum. "You must have a passion in this field, we don't want people changing their minds midway and costing us." They advertised their job listing as urgent mind you, so they're choosing beggars. Choosing beggars for a 24k per year job!

But then again, using minimum wage per hour, I calculated my free time to be worth 86k a year. Unless the next job that is listed is at least 86k a year, which is impossible, then I see no urgency in getting a job in this gay ass fake economy.

The point is, not getting accepted in an interview isn't a bad thing - the transvaluation of work during the high corona pandemic made free time more important than any job in a ran down industrial hovel. The grapes aren't sour, they're outright rotten and I can get more comfort from a glass of wine at The restaurant anyways.


keep us posted


honestly anon that's pretty funny haha


good ol Clint Fernandes, he might be a limited hangout but he does good work


>i know more about american politcs than local politcs


>You must have a passion in this field
job description: customer support

everyone is going crazy with these requirements, it's not enough to just do your job you also have to be freakishly devoted to it, even if it's shit work


>"Thinking of moving to New-Xiland seems to be doing a lot better then here"
<"I know how you feel when i heard the federal government had torn up victoria's belt and road agreement i was shattered, it seems our government really is content to shackle us to a dying empire instead of a rising one.
Imagine being "shattered" by not falling into a chinese NEPmen debt-trap lmao


Imagine not being a dengist!


File: 1622878453885.png ( 9.5 KB , 1024x630 , reignite.png )

Who is funding this organisation?


Seems glowie as fuck considering they were registered only a few months ago


File: 1623037318590.jpg ( 99.06 KB , 1448x636 , 194378664_269326754883475_….jpg )

There's an anarchist conference in Sydney on July 24th if you are of that orientation:


Also would be curious to know of the general culture around Australian anarchist groups in general - I know of the Cringe Cliffites in the Socialists Alternative, the Schismatic Boomers and Zoomers in Australian ML parties, and the Careerist Blairites in the ALP but know next to nothing about the anarchists.


How are they going to avoid getting 'rona'd?


File: 1623061181160.jpg ( 102.83 KB , 640x426 , d3x_2485_1a.jpg )

social distancing n shit i'm guessing


I might sit outside without my phone. I don't want feds tthinking I'm an anarchist when I'm not.

Can someone prepare that ancap "Anarchists beat me up in Greece" copypasta?


>big black cockatoo


Why would glowies care one way or the other about anarchists?
It's probably below Rastafarian separatism on their list of threats.


>why would the state threat detection service care about an ideology that calls for the removal of state
dunno lol


Australia is fucking boring


you're fucking boring


I was watching that interview with Bill shorten that the NeoLib did from a while back and it really hit me how much Labor's class collaborationist character is given away by one particular policy description.
>"We decided to stop 'Fighting for a higher wage' and push for superfunds because the way things went with the wage was…You give someone two more dollars an hour? well thats what like…100 more dollars they just slam into the pokies at the end of the week. But with the superfunds the money was somewhere safe where you couldn't just spend it but was simultaneously being reinvested into the economy to help with innovation by letting those superfunds use said wealth as investment. And finally it made a lot of people who would have been hesitant about voting Labor…small business that NO. Labor isn't going to mandate that you have to up your wages by 1.5$ each 2 years! because ultimately the amount they have to put in the superfund is a lot less then they would have to pay upfront if we just upped the wage…"

So from that we can gather.
A. Labor thinks that proles are too stupid and unitelligent to handle their own wealth and will just squander it, "it is much better left in the capable hands of Jeffery Epstein, Bernie Madoff and other smart smart investment bankers!"
B. Labor's electoral stratgem revolves around trying to prove to the petite-bougie that they have "nothing to fear from them"
C. Labor has no intention to make (true) improvements to the minimum wage.

Reminder that wages are ultimately always the highest cost for the employer in most business models and industries, Rising wages has historically always been the best method to provide a stable and inflation-fixed income for the proles of the nation while pushing capitals contradictions further


is this the interview he did with jordies? Can't believe he's saying that shit in a trades hall.


must be terrible living in a country that is so cucked when they dont even have to be like that


None of the superfunds are run by workers. Even "industry superfunds" are not because half of the board of directors comes from unions, the other half from employer associations. So half of the money "saved" in super goes back to porky.


When does he say that?




yep :\


>On Tuesday, Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews said "a range of resettlement options" were under negotiation.

>Foreign Minister Marise Payne later expanded on that statement, saying the US and NZ were options.

>"I do know that the Minister for Home Affairs, Ms Andrews, has indicated that there are two options there and the United States and New Zealand are both in the frame," she told Sydney radio 2GB.

Comrades if this resettlement to the storeshittistahn occurs we will be forced in exchange to take in criminals and terrorists storeshittistahn has use for but does not want on its own soil for obvious reasons

This must be resisted by all means and this lovely family be returned to their friends and home in Biloela




I love how libs love this purely because "their team" came up with the idea.
though its cruel just straight them back to their own countries to be murdered or whatever would be more effective then trading Tamils for hondurans like a fucking refugee trading card game or something


I’m equal parts nervous about the potential for abuse in politics and chuffed that they used this to deal such a heavy blow to the bikies and other bastards who materially make life worse


I never got the memes about the shire and Newtown being the worst places in NSW until i had the displeasure of hanging around in each of them for the day recently.
I know we cant just internally displace people like the KR but if i am ever GenSec of Australia those two fucking neighbourhoods are going to be used as kindling to light the fire of the new world


What did you experience anon?


If you have a family member who actually has said this or something equivalent to it just ghost them they are a class-enemy




>On a good day only 70,000 people on average in Australia actually watch Sky News for more then five minutes.
>Most of Sky-New's other viewers come in the form of people from the US watching their youtube channel.


File: 1623404894320.jpg ( 34.28 KB , 600x360 , Me.jpg )



What the fuck are you talking about?


damn this long weekend feels so good


File: 1623480345206.png ( 287.42 KB , 474x266 , ClipboardImage.png )

Tell us a story, boss…
Also why is Newtown not North Shore?


Anything stopping me from joining every leftist org in aus?


where is this info from?


Both of these places are hardly shit imho. At least in the North Shore, people are divided voting either green or lib. Ironically enough, our government went an over-turned a democratically elected council that was actually in favour of environment protection, and ensuring "infrastructure" projects wouldn't pose harm to the environment.


In the US where antifa & BLM are used as shocktroopers for the progressivist liberal aligned bourgeoisie ie the dems this is true, the overwhelming majority of the state's energy there is fixated on crushing the far-right & yankee "socialists" are ovewhelmingly tools for porky.

Australia's political situation is different, we're effective a semi-colony which exists both as an airforce base for the US and a cheap source of minerals for the Yankees. However ineffective, retarded and Americanized our radical left are, the state fears them in a way which the Yankee state doesn't. State Security doesn't give a shit about the far right here because like most of our people they think of themselves as little Americans and really want to serve the yanks. They're more like the eastern european far right than the west euro/american far right in this aspect, mentally deficient bootlicker untermenschen, poofs and hyperfeminized mumma's boy private school kids playing machismo & coming from the same mould as Yankee progressivists/"socialists".

Do these actual shitsmear group of bourgy urbanite anarchist kids actually pose a threat to the semi-colonial occupation government posing as the "Australian state"? No, they don't. Porky isn't exactly a rational beast though, and the reality remains that a radical left, if properly organized and led by actually competent human beings with a baseline adult male level of testosterone could potentially cause a threat though, and this keeps our comprador elites up at night.


File: 1623641970094.gif ( 10.73 MB , 480x270 , giphy.gif )


TL;DW: Someone who works for FriendlyJordies gets arrested by counter-terrorism squad in front of his family because of accusations of "stalking" and "harrasment".


Real shit, Jordies may be a labour shill, but the man is utterly spot on in exposing the corruption and abuse of power the Coalition has over Australian politics as well as the murdoch press. This vid pretty much cements it.


>In the US where antifa & BLM are used as shocktroopers for the progressivist liberal aligned bourgeoisie ie the dems this is true, the overwhelming majority of the state's energy there is fixated on crushing the far-right & yankee "socialists" are ovewhelmingly tools for porky.
Retarded take. How nany rightwingers got their eyes shot out vs BLM protesters.


It's strange that it was ever a point of contention and I find it hilarious that you imply labor would not also abuse these powers.


I have to say I really got lulled into a false sense of security over the amount of police corruption outside of queensland.

Those bail conditions are crazy


>Implying implications
Labour is rife with it's own problems, but let's be honest we dislike them for mostly different reasons than the libs. I have no doubt that Labour would be willing to abuse their power to neuter any genuine radical movement or any push for a policy that "rocks the boat".


Have you guys seen the new Anti-Pron law that will literally let some appointed official manually ban individual sites and pages if even one wine mom complains?


>NSW deputy premier John Barilaro has sued google after they refused to take down several videos critiquing him which he claimed were "vile and racist"
what a fucking retard lmao


>be young and free
>get arrested






File: 1623738309865.jpg ( 126.68 KB , 940x627 , SantosPolicecar.jpg )

>Location that gas giant SANTOS wishes to turn into UNTREATED wastewater dumping site is home to a critically endangered species of turtle.

Calm down EnviroTards its just eco-accelerationism.


Why does ACA continuously report on these fringe Nazi cunts? All they're doing is promoting them.

I refuse to believe that this reporting is actually doing anything against these retards, literally a free advertisement


Are you talking about that four corners episode where they bitch that ScoMo is friends with a Qscizo and interview some family who called the police on their adult child autist son because he spent all day on the internet talking about it or whatever lol?


Are those advertisements on police cars? Is this real?


Yes i saved that picture from a while ago somewhere.
Santos built a mine or something in some bumblefuck NSW town and payed to buy the police to get new cars if they put the logo on them.



based bald australian greek man but with hair edition


can't decide if these guys are based or cringe
on the one hand: keynesian MMTers endorsed by steve keen is far more based macro policy than the economic status quo, or Labor.
on the other: trying to appeal to ex-Liberals makes me wonder if they're likely to actually stick at it.

don't suppose they've got much chance of getting in either way mind you.


File: 1623896402371.jpg ( 204.34 KB , 939x1200 , blame_the_reds.jpg )

Get ready boyos

Freedom of speech may not be protected by Australia’s constitution, high court judge says

>Freedom of speech may not be guaranteed by the Australian constitution, according to a conservative judge newly appointed to the high court.

>In his judgment of a challenge to Australia’s foreign influence transparency scheme, Justice Simon Steward said freedom of political communication implied in the constitution may not exist and was not “settled law”.

>The opinion could be seen as a shift towards more conservative legal interpretations after the former attorney general Christian Porter was lobbied to appoint more restrained, “black letter” judges to the court.

>While the decision of one justice is unlikely to prompt more than 25 years of legal thinking to be overturned, it marks Steward as the most conservative high court judge since Dyson Heydon, who declared in 2013 that the implied freedom of speech was a “noble and idealistic enterprise which has failed, is failing, and will go on failing”.

>The foreign influence scheme, launched in December 2018, requires individuals or entities to register if they are lobbying, communicating or making payments on behalf of a foreign principal for the purpose of political or governmental influence.

>It was introduced as part of a package largely directed at the influence of China in Australia but put conservatives offside when the Attorney General’s Department investigated whether LibertyWorks and the former prime minister Tony Abbott should have to register.


the implied freedumb was based on the constatooshun saying Austardia was a democracy, which xey said required freeze peach

Maybe xey should reinterpret "democracy" to mean capitalist oligarchy which it actually is and do away with the freeze peach?




>Stalinist “May 1 Movement” defends union thuggery at Sydney’s General Mills strike

Trots are whinging again


>freeze peach
capitalism has privatized speech

We should co-opt free speech and redefine it as freedom from corporate & moneyed influence
We should treat corporate pr campaigns, the glowturfing and astroturfing as censorship
If the voice of a capitalist is louder than the voice of a proletarian that is in violation of free speech.

Without even trying, my definition is closer to the liberal concept of free speech, which defined it as a battle of ideas, not as a battle of media manipulation technology like private media monopolies, botnets and biased algorithms.


>Without even trying, my definition is closer to the liberal concept of free speech
But you are not a justice of the bourgeois high court so you wont be able to change the legal interpretation


who cares, just climb the fetish ladder until you're fapping to SFW :^)


I think they're useful to point to and use as a wedge to split LNP liberals who are on the brink


damn, that's pretty blatant


>They didn't allow members of the SEP to explain the political issues that the workers confront to them.
<"They didn't let us go to their event and tell them what they should be doing"
Are trots like fucking serious or what?.
>Calling the CPA and the fucking ACTU + Affiliates "Stalinist" (Which even the CPA isn't actually anymore their a bunch of fucking dengoids) because their asking people to join unions instead of the SEP.


The SEP are worthless but I don't know if allowing the fucking CPA to police a picket is a wise decision, with how utterly irrelevant the CPA is this smells of some deluded mini-official from the UWU enforcing newsletter distribution rights


They will have no support from most Liberal voters because most Liberal voters are conservatives, not liberals.

Where they might be useful idiots is in gentrified areas. Places where elections are between Liberals and Greens will be upset with the New Liberals.

Given that we have preferential voting, should we rank them above or below Labor?


Bros, I'm doing a hustle resume shit called Univative for winter where they take your code and I get a resume reference. How do I subvert this IBM shit while taking away as much of it as I can?

The fucking propagandist is going on forever. I can't believe I believed the bullshit in the first place.


>should we rank them above or below Labor?
case by case basis depending on if your local LAB member is any good or shite


>Are trots like fucking serious or what?
No contradiction, trots label anything and everything they don't like Stalinist.

Krushchev was a Stalinist, Gorbachev was a Stalinist, Yeltsin was a Stalinist, Jiang Zemin was a Stalinist, Assad is a Stalinist, etc.

It's just the trot version of the term "Tanky", which doesn't concretely mean anything but designed to create imagery of evil goosestepping oriental hordes & a negative emotional reaction in order to shut down thought/discussion.

If these WSWS writers actually took a time machine back to the Russian civil war and met Trotsky they'd label him a Stalinist too. Trotsky would probably respond by tying them to a post and killing them via 120 half-starving pieces of artillery.


why are there so many fucking /pol/yps on this board these days shitting up every thread?



>Bros, I'm doing a hustle resume shit called Univative for winter where they take your code and I get a resume reference.
that seems like a scam for free labor


File: 1624235967042.jpg ( 67.97 KB , 941x1080 , InsaneGigachad.jpg )

I love how sky-news comment sections are always like
>Video Title
>"SOME DIPSHIT Says that ScoMo's vaccine rollout "Best in th world"
Like their sorta misunderstanding the outlook of their primary audience a little bit




McCormack was just to much of a loony lefty it seems lmao


That's what all internships are, yet sadly they are considered acceptable today


A downvote and an 'angry view' is worth just as much as a happy viewer, Sky doesn't give a shit if you like their video or not if you watch it.


New "Free trade agreement" / CANZUK LARP shit that ScoMo agreed to in Cornwall will give UK companies and the UK government a secret court that they can use to sue Australian individuals and companies with the latter being barred from speaking to the media.


pegging institute (pro-MMT, economic channel) put out an anti-Liberal party video that you can steal some talking points off of


>Australian union tries to ban socialists, critical workers from General Mills strike

>The United Workers Union (UWU) has escalated a campaign of intimidation and threats against socialists and other critics of its right-wing, pro-business activities, declaring that it has banned anyone who is opposed to the union leadership from approaching the General Mills strike in western Sydney.




The claim that you can't throw away your vote in Australia is not true. Preferential voting can give bad results if voters aren't strategic under certain circumstances. This is an example of people throwing away their vote under preferential voting.




What's the issue here? Looks like IRV working as intended?


I was a bit pedantic in >>20262 because at the moment, it's not a problem. Usually you can't "throw away your vote" because LNP and Labor are so popular, but it's quite possible to "throw away your vote" when that's not true. This video gives a good graphical explanation. The Burlington mayoral election is an example of where this happened.


trot whinging


SEP/WSWS is so funny lmao, can't help but lash out at everyone who is isn't them


very gay by scomo


Sydney lads – where are you? And why aren't you helping the Green Ban at Willow Grove? Get amongst it.


>School Strike 4 Climate involved
they make people seethe, "I bet most of those kids are only there because it's a day off school!"
Maybe don't make them places that kids want to avoid so badly :^)


Will Sky-News talk about that HOOK NOSED AYRAB GLADYS ("I think thats what does armenians are!") taking away our freedums?????


It's fucking funny when I'm more extreme then my professors and also more materialist than them. One of them discussed Marx yet had the audacity to be sceptical of the USSR and they seemed to have a problem of my critique of capitalism being based on its inefficiency. Furthermore, they seemed to have a problem with rationality. Of course bureaucracy, efficiency and rationality are tools of capitalism, but how are you going to beat it without the three.

God postmodernism is a tragedy.


Yes, and I'm sure everybody clapped.


The lecturer just told me to raise my hand before asking a question and stop interrupting the class by yelling "fucking postmodernists". But I just marched up to the podium, punched him in the face, and told him that after the revolution, he would get the wall. Everyone in the room yelled, "based!" and about 8-10 girls rushed at me and started to kiss me. Best day of my life


>No stall
>Not a single round of chanting from a megaphone
>Didn't even sell a single copy of Red Flag
Shamefur dispray


>Got a SMH news alert on my phone.
>"'A new deal for Australians' PM's four stage plan to transition Australia out of C…"
>Out of Covid-19
*Smashes head into wall*
I shouldn't be suprised though if ScoMo did that he would become evangelocon pedo scomo who the LibNats need to ditch before the next election overnight.


Does that mean they are planning to let it spread freely like in Burgerland and Bongland?


If neoliberals want to everyone to start their own business, rationally they should just give everyone basic income and wait for the businesses to start by themselves rather than harassing folks with the Search for the Holy Job (Grail) until they get so pissed off they start searching for profit in the library search engine. But of course, that's rationality and that only happens in relation to their own class. So much for Anglo utilitarianism.


>Many Labor supporters will not be so sanguine, struggling to reconcile the Hawke they thought they knew with the figure revealed in secret embassy cables.

Extremely funny.


Didn't mean to reply to you >>20280 btw



Hawke was the Thatcher/Regan of Australia and responsible for the financialisation of our economy.

No idea how he managed to fool the working class simply by drinking beer and watching football.


>Socialist Alliance
Socialist Alliance isn't Trot anymore. It's hard to say exactly what we (I am a member) are in classic doctrinal terms, but we're definitely a long way away from the old Democratic Socialist Party style Trot line. Since the early 00s there's been a lot of movement, especially in the last 5ish years as the class struggle has heated up. Even the DSP left the 4th International in 1986; a lot of the older comrades are kind of post-Trot, but compared to the way SEP and SAlt are still constantly quoting Trotsky like a cathechism Socialist Alliance has gone a long way from Trotskyism in either the doctrinal or the colloquial sense.

I like to think we're something like the Russian Social Democrats before the Bolshevik/Menshevik split, i.e., a bit confused but principled, trying to work out what's going on in the liminal period before shit really breaks out and the battle lines are drawn for real. Not the true class party, but the egg from which it might hatch. In my wildest fantasies, the Alliance feels a like the early CPA or it's predecessor parties (VSP etc.)


We must have experiences with very different Socialist Alliances. Every member I've met has been an ALP loving succdem.


oh well tas ALP will turn out similar to west Australian libs. You'd think that having a small constituency would make things easier, but when careerists fill the party the only natural outcome is loss. It's strange how conservative Tas is, people always say that Queensland is the Texas of Australia when in reality it's Tasmania.


Jesus, I'd cop to an accusation of loving the Greens too much (not my view, but some comrades lean that way, especially oldies involved with the 80s anti-Nuke movement)

I've been around a fair bit, from Perth to Sydney to Cairns, and I've seen Bob Hawke spontaneously boo-hissed when he's come on screen during screening of political docos. I've seen what you might call left-succdem views, but I've never seen any love for the ALP (except in the sense that they're electorally preferable to the Libs).


To be fair they were all university students, so maybe that colours it differently.


Honestly, how long ago was this? Resistance (the youth wing) was formally abolished due to lack of specific interest by Uni students like two years ago (after a big, fairly public split in 2016 when a bunch of anarchist type youth left, although the old guard leadership didn't acquit themselves in a saintly manner either). We don't actually have many Uni students left. For my part, I'm strongly anti-stupol.


Thread full, is this one worth archiving?


Yes & pls link to the next one in this thread. I want to continue discussion.


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