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I try to tell myself the "normalfag"/internet loser divide is a false dichotomy made up by people trying to cope with being outliers and then this shit happens. Literal cattle, holy shit.


lol this is murica not that authoritarian shithole south korea


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Of course it's fucking England.




why do English people love mass surveillance so much


>you need a license for social media in the UK


>SJWs don't exist and are a /pol/ bogeyman


much like the porn ban the UK gov is way too incompetent to actually impliment this. kek.


Yes, /pol/, everything you don't like is le SJW.


Attack of the blue check


middle class urban english are the teachers pets of the world. Tell them theyre smarter than america and typical urban elitist nonsense and you can get people to do anything if its for safety and rationality


this has far more to do with boomers than with SJWs.


And the government actually told them to fuck off, lol.


how about critically back this request to do the sonic acceleration shit


If you need to show ID to drink alcohol why not for using social media? Social media is just as addicting and harmful.


>Furthermore, users without ID, or users who are reliant on ID from family members, would experience a serious restriction of their online experience, freedom of expression and rights. Research from the Electoral Commission suggests that there are 3.5 million people in the UK who do not currently have access to a valid photo ID.
this is a pretty fucking hilarious justification for not doing it considering that the government wants to bring in photo ID for voting.


At least getting ID'd to buy alcohol doesn't get logged permanently in a database.


Think about the children, please! (actually I'm just mad someone said mean things to me online)


Would this also affect smaller websites or only the big sites ?
If the smaller websites are spared from the ID requirements it could bring about a renaissance of sites with the scale of forums and boards that had user counts in the hundreds or thousands. And that could bring back quality online discourse.


Holy shit I hate anglos.


File: 1626424249185.png ( Spoiler Image, 149.25 KB , 420x348 , anglo.png )

>why yes, I do want everyone to use their real ID


I'm be ok with this if it was referring to the correct narrow definition of "social media".
Obvious it isn't, it's the normalfag definition of "everything on the internet".


Wouldn't this be bad for the social media? Imagine the drop in users. It will become even more of a walled garden, at that point it's bound to get too boring for some remaining users and even more of them will leave…

During the big "crisis" of social media (Trump, Brexit, Cambridge Analytica, Russian trolls, etc.) there was an idea that these giants should switch from an ad-based to a subscription-based business model. This was discussed internally as well. My guess is they decided against it because that wouldn't pay off for them, and I doubt this would as well.

And don't forget it's not only in Silicon Valley's interest for US Internet to colonize the whole world, the US state also wants everybody on Facebook and Twitter for propaganda / regime change reasons.

So if you ask me, I fully support more such limitations, let them shoot themselves in the foot. I don't have an account on any of these anyway.


With the advent of GPT-3 this is going to become inevitable.


Why? Is anonymity worth giving up just because you fear that you may be talking to an AI instead of a person?


Mandatory ID is not going to prevent bots, fake IDs are a thing, and governments bots could become a thing too.
If you want to defend against bots you have to create chains of trust, where people validate cryptographic keys in meat space.
It would be nice if we could train a theory bot, as long as it's not pretending to be a human.


imagine what the internet will look like in 2030


IPv6 adoption will reach like 50%

Unique IPs: 12

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