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i need a cheap, portable, low storage laptop but the cheapest ones at my local walmart are fucking chrome books? Are chromebooks ok if you put linux on them or are they just garbage all together? What can I do?


Step 1. Go to a place like Illinois, Colorado, or California

Step 2. Walk into a Starbucks

Step 3. Identify the weakest looking person with a laptop sitting close to an exit

Step 4. ?

Step 5. New laptop


I think you have to reflash the bios to but linux on a chrome book which can get tricky.
What is you r budget, I'd just save up and get the cheapest system 76 laptop or get one at Costco.


Based digits


bought a refurbished thinkpad twice, worked out fine for me both times. battery life kinda sucked though.


I have a think pad but they are too bulky and obnoxious. I'm trying to not seem like a massive dick head in public with a giant laptop


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Linux Chromebooks are great! I have a Toshiba Chromebook 2 that runs gallium OS and it's been a nice little machine for several years now. It's getting a bit old so I'm considering replacing it at the end of the year. Here are a few things you should know before getting started.
1. Make sure you get a machine with a compatible processor. I believe only x86 intel CPUs will work.
2. You will likely need to flash in firmware and possibly remove a write-protection screw. Have a screwdriver that can manipulate little laptop screws.
3. Upgrading the SSD is STRONGLY recommended. Most Chromebooks come with 16GB ssds, grossly insufficient for a proper PC. You can get a 256GB ssd for as little as $40. Make sure it is the correct size for your machine. Suffice to say, be sure to get a machine with a removable ssd.
4. Do NOT install Gallium OS. Although my currant machine runs Gallium OS and most old websites will point you to it, it is an abandoned project (no updates in nearly 3 years). I'll probably install Debian with XFCE, but the anything distro with a lightweight desktop environment should be fine.

Here's a site that will walk you through the changing the firmware, it also has a list of comparable devices.

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