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So apparently Palemoon became the first browser to officially implemented JPEG XL a week ago. At the same time, Google just dropped it from Chromium despite supporting it behind a flag for months. What the hell is going on here? Is Google that desperate to push their video-codecs-as-image-formats that they're willing to sabotage a massive step forward for the web? JPEG XL is capable of replacing both original JPEG, PNG, and animated GIF/PNG all at once with a single file type that produces superior file sizes for all three categories of use cases. Neither WebP, HEIC, nor AVIF were ever able to make such a broad, sweeping improvement because they are geared more towards features important to video encoding than still images or lossless animation.

It seems like every few weeks these days I find something new to get mad about in the world of web development.


I tried to find out the reason, and it is not clear why this happened, some people think it's a patent thing, although that has been disputed. It's unlikely that it is a technical reason. It seems more likely to be political. The googs has more control over the development of webp than jpegxl, so they push that.

But if you want a systemic analysis the googs can only do that because they dominate the browserspace.
If Firefox gained more popularity while supporting jpegxl, the googs would have to follow suit and support it too.

I don't know if that this is necessarily the death of the format. If the Mozilla foundation is clever they can accumulate support for those useful features that the googs is not implementing. While nobody will switch browsers or change their web-development pattern for this one format, it is likely that a big enough number of feature differentiations can make people change browsers again.


Holy shit I didn't know this was a thing hell yeah. Fuck google. I use FF anyways.


>muh firefoox


Everyone knows firefox is spyware but it's the best choice out of all the choices you have because it allows you to de-spyware it.


you can de-spyware chrome too
the only thing good about the foox is that tor uses it

there are just no good browsers period

it's all either straight up spyware or outdated shit that gets updated once a decade
the best variant I found is falkon that uses qtwebengine (ie chromium blink engine)


Palemoon gets updated pretty regularly actually. The problem isn't that it's outdated, the problem is that Google aggressively pushes constantly changing web "standards" that developers without tens of millions of dollars worth of resources can't keep up with.


There's new buzz around JpegXL apparently apple is now putting support into their safari browser and other programs, so maybe there's a chance it'll become a web-standard after-all.


>what is private property
>what is market share
>how owning the infrastructure leads to ownership of other things it connects to

You're using the internet, retard. It is spyware by design.

FUCKING FINALLY, coming from someone who waited for FLIF to become a(n) (A)PNG succeeding standard for 6 fucking years.

Also, Pale Meme is the memeiest shitty spyware shyce with retarded shitty devs as its parents. Read Bordigdeeper:
http://5essxguxi5enurgtuquvrjuvikss4gc5lbhmtz57cq4cedqx5tqvaxqd.onion/articles/browsers.xhtml#palemoon (https://digdeeper.neocities.org/articles/browsers#palemoon)
A frighteningly autistic List of browsers with quick notes (there's one on email operators too)
http://abrx6wcpzkfpwxb5eb2wsra2wnkrv2macdtkpnrepswodz5jxd4schyd.onion/browsers.xhtml#PaleMoon (https://m.13f0.net/shadow_wiki/browsers.xhtml#PaleMoon)


>Read digdeeper:
Have you, contrarian edgelord? They still openly admit that Palemoon is the best of a bad situation.


>However, it recently went off the deep end so much that I cannot in good conscience call it an "alternative" to anything anymore.
>Now, the stage is clearly advanced, the cancer has metastasized and cannot be removed anymore.
<Can't even install your own addons to block pozz
Curl back into your arsehole, retarded bitch.


File: 1695975036125.png ( 24.27 KB , 791x680 , botnetmaps.png )

>Palemoon is the best of a bad situation.
[citation needed]

On the contrary, they recommend Webbrowser aka WereFox.
And the Palemoon website blocks Tor users so fuck them.

FYI you can use Tor Browser without tor:
network.proxy.type 0
network.proxy.socks_remote_dns false
extensions.torlauncher.start_tor false

You're welcome.

For some reason those settings change back to default when I restart the browser, it's seriously about fucking time that someone who isn't evil or an idiot creates a web browser.
Or to ditch the concept entirely and create usable P2P software for content and thought sharing.

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