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It's potentially possible to use modified low-yield fusion bombs for power generation.

It's definitely not the first choice for generating fusion energy, but since the technology has already been developed, and the production-facilities are build, one might as well repurpose military tech for civilian use. Weaponized bombs and energy-generating-bombs are similar but not the same, so the currently existing low yield bombs aren't directly usable for this but they could be modified or recycled for raw materials. Existing weapons-stock can be burned up in power generation.

The technical principle is that you put a low-yield thermonuclear device into the center of a giant hollow vacuum "filled" metal-sphere that is lined with led, and by detonating the fusion bomb, the big metal ball gets really hot, and you can use that as a high-grade heat-source for power-generation.

It might be useful to do this as a power-satellite in earth orbit, because space already has a gratis vacuum and you can use a mirror array to send infrared heat-energy to many different power-receiver stations which reduces the load on electrical grids. It can also be used to power container ships and huge water desalination plants.

This would use mostly off-the-shelf parts which would greatly reduce the engineering requirements, and could be build very quickly. As a parallel development high priority project, this could go online in a few years.

The economics on this are pretty good, even capitalism might be able to pull this off, because this is not a long term project and upfront capital costs aren't that high. The political aspect might be harder however, because mass-producing tiny h-bombs might ruffle some feathers.


okay, suppose I want to build one of your engines in my backyard, how thick should the metal-sphere be? can I use recycled steel cans?


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>okay, suppose I want to build one of your engines in my backyard, how thick should the metal-sphere be?
It just has to be strong enough to hold a vacuum inside, while being really hot.
>can I use recycled steel cans?
In principle yes, just consider that most cans are made from aluminum these days.

I'm not sure if you meant this request in earnest, but in principle this can be miniaturized, and build like a steampunk fusion reactor. Except for the small fusion bombs that essentially are the fuel, those get more complicated to make the smaller the reactor gets.
The fusion reaction is set off by a fission reaction that needs a critical mass of fissionable materials. You would need exotic materials to make that happen in a small size. For example Californium-252 reaches critical mass at 1.8 grams, and that would allow you to make a really tiny fusion bomblet for a small reactor. You have to store it in cold conditions below -15°C / 5°F to keep stable. So a really reliable freezer is a must-have to store your fuel igniter-caps.

You would place the ball into a tank filled with salt. Purge the tank with nitrogen gas before adding salt to avoid corrosion problems. You run radiator pipes through the salt and if you put water into one end of the pipe it will come out as steam on the other end. The salt is a cheap way of storing lots of heat energy in a smallish space, it's not critical and you can also use something else like quarts-sand or graphite-powder.

Even if you could manage to get Californium, i don't recommend building this as the most ambitious diy project in history, because if your vacuum seal fails it will vaporize your yard and a bunch more.


nukes aren't real


This is why I come to leftypol.

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