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So apparently big publishers want to kill the internet archive again.

They accuse I.A. of having done a copywrong by lending out books. I won't bore you with the legal technicalities because i think it's just a pretext for publishers trying to kill a library because it's a cartel that wants a monopoly.

I think the lessons here are if you pay these people money, they're going to use it to attack nice things like the Internet Archive, and "copy-right" is nothing but a heinous weapon.

People who build archives to preserve the memory of the past are like really rare flowers, it's an incomprehensible act of barbarism to try to burn down their archives.



If nothing else this lawsuit has convinced me to never buy a book published by the fuckers involved in it again.


Capitalism is basically anti-thetical to human existence and even knowledge.


>Capitalism is basically anti-thetical to human existence
Copy"rights" got in the way of human existence during the Pandemic.
Scientists wanted to open-source the vaccines to make sure they were easily available in the entire world.
But the copy"right" mafia would rather let countless people die instead.

<The underlying premise was that the world would unite against the virus. The global research community would maintain broad and open channels of communication, since collaboration and information-sharing minimize duplication and accelerate discovery.

<One issue not mentioned in the paper: intellectual property. That pharmaceutical companies and their allied governments would allow intellectual property concerns to slow things down—from research and development to manufacturing scale-up—does not seem to have occurred to them.

<Advocates for pooling and open science, who seemed ascendant and even unstoppable that winter, confronted the possibility they’d been outmatched and outmaneuvered by the most powerful man in global public health.

<In April, Bill Gates launched a bold bid to manage the world’s scientific response to the pandemic. Gates’s Covid-19 ACT-Accelerator enshrined Gates’s long-standing commitment to exclusive intellectual property claims



The bourgeoisie has regressed to pre-WW1 levels of political degeneration and corruption.
God help us if a much deadlier pandemic ever happens because I don't know how many people these ghouls will kill next.


>Patents for drugs
>Not the means of production
>Omg the bourgeoisie iz so bad
Why are leftoids so dim witted and stuck in the past (not to mention, so easily psyoped)?


File: 1681491802449.jpg ( 33.69 KB , 569x389 , gnu meds.jpg )

>God help us if a much deadlier pandemic ever happens because I don't know how many people these ghouls will kill next.
Do we need an open source movement for pharmaceutics ?
So that there's an open source alternative/backup to the proprietary medicine.

Are there people like Richard Stallman, Linus Torvald, Eric Raymond, etc in the medical field ?


Even if voting was rigged in the lat election and the vaccine didn't actually kill people if it helps retards from being paranoid thinking lazard people are trying to inject gay frog juice into their buttholes then I am all about this.


You have brought up an interesting point that open-sourcing vaccines could make them more trustworthy and reduce anti-vax sentiments.


Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the whole principle of scientific inquiry was supposed to be based upon something like the open source ethic, otherwise the fundamental criteria of Peer Review would not be possible… right? Mind you I am talking about science before the advent of The Science™


>Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the whole principle of scientific inquiry was supposed to be based upon something like the open source ethic, otherwise the fundamental criteria of Peer Review would not be possible… right?

Some parts of research are open, although many scientific papers are blocked off behind paywalls. Other parts of research are fully closed, like military secrets or commercial unpublished research. Science isn't merely research, it's also education. Scientific education is also only partially open, like you get some scientific education in public schools and some of it's also freely available online, but a sizeable chunk is pay-walled.

I think that there are conspiracies to disperse false information too. Like for example a few years ago the quantum computer industry all of a sudden started pushing bits of quantum-theory that had been refuted in the late 1980s.
<Science minutia start
There was an attempt to rule out all hidden variables theories using Bell's theorem. But as it turns out that Bell's theorem only rules out local hidden variables, while it does not rule out non-local hidden variables theories, like for example the de broglie-bohm interpretation of quantum theory.
The refutation came from: Carl H. Brans in February 1988
The paper is called "Bell's theorem does not eliminate fully causal hidden variables"
<Science minutia end
This erroneous bit of information has made it into scifi Television shows, various youtube edutainment and potentially even into some of the online science education services. I'm relatively sure that it's quantum computer companies doing this because the people who proliferate this, often say that they have consulted with people working in the quantum computer industry.

I've considered that it might be something motivated by ideology, like for example the physicist David Joseph Bohm was exiled for "unamerican activities" from the US by McCarthyism in 1951. I somehow doubt that quantum computer companies in the 21st century are still worried about something as moronic as "communist physics". Realist/physicalist/materialist philosophic underpinnings in science is hardly unique to communism. It would also be strange for them to quote John Stewart Bell's theories, because he was a outspoken supporter of de broglie-bohm theory. Bell wouldn't have supported a theory if his own theorem contradicted it.

The other more likely explanation is that they found out something about quantum-theory that's important for overcoming an important technical hurdle and they are spreading FUD in order to make it harder for competing quantum computer firms to overcome that hurdle. So it could be that non-local hidden variable theories might make it easier to describe quantum physics effects that are uniquely useful for quantum computing.

This long detour into physics was to illustrate a third part of science that happens inside of industries during the exploratory engineering phases, which is usually almost entirely closed, with information only slowly leaking over time.

In conclusion there is some open source practice in science, but it's being undermined pretty heavily, which causes massive amounts of "scientific drag" that massively slows down the rate of scientific progress.

If we are talking about open source medicine, you kinda need more than just open source science, you need to opensource the means to make medicines as well. Like open source software code also needs open source software compilers.


This keeps happening.


<some of the world’s largest record labels, including Sony and Universal Music Group, filed a lawsuit against the Internet Archive and others for the Great 78 Project, a community effort for the preservation, research and discovery of 78 rpm records that are 70 to 120 years old.

<Of note, the Great 78 Project has been in operation since 2006 to bring free public access to a largely forgotten but culturally important medium. Through the efforts of dedicated librarians, archivists and sound engineers, we have preserved hundreds of thousands of recordings that are stored on shellac resin, an obsolete and brittle medium. The resulting preserved recordings retain the scratch and pop sounds that are present in the analog artifacts; noise that modern remastering techniques remove.

So it's ancient music where all the authors are dead, and it also crappy quality.
Clearly bad faith actors abusing the legal system to attack the internet archive.


Looks like everyone is trying to extract their pound of flesh from them now. These fucking idiots need to spin off the original Internet Archive from their other media activity right now, I do not want to see the most important preserver of web history destroyed over this shit.


File: 1692382624947.jpg ( 143.4 KB , 1536x888 , rocket horse.jpg )

You are probably right it would be legally prudent to do this.

However that's probably not going to be enough. These record labels might once have served a function for music distribution, today they are just predators and have to be killed off, otherwise this shit won't stop.
Check out this
There was an attempt to ban youtube-dl. Which is a piece of open source software. It's not even possible to pretend that software logic contains music. Their interpretation of copy-"right" is expanding into the absurd. They're basically on a trip of defining everything they don't like as violating "their IP". Or in legal terms they want their rights to extinguish yours.

I think the best business model today is musicians uploading their music online for free and when they get enough fans they become professionals that sell concert tickets and merchandise. This has made concert tickets very expensive but I've been and it's usually worth paying 50-150 bucks for the experience. For this you only need trademark law, no copy-ban crap. Capital accumulation is shifted away from music distributors to the musicians them self's and the companies that do the technical support and crowd-wrangling services for concerts as well as merch producers.

That said there still is demand for physical copies. There are loads of audiophiles that want lossless digital audio with all the features and all the fidelity, and they want it stored on indestructible memory crystals that will still work a thousand years from now. They like the take media from the collection and insert media in the machine ritual, as well as glowing electronic components. There are hundreds of research papers where scientists used lasers to store data in crystals, satisfying the durability and light-show aspect. That won't need either copy-ban or drm shit because those people want functional items for their collections. This could have been a chance for the old music distributors to survive but they decided to invest in legal copy-trolling instead of data-storage engineering. If the music crystals ever happen it'll be because a merch company repurposes data-cristals that were commercialized for long term data-center back-ups. And to make that happen they'll likely have to fend off the same type of legal predators as the internet archive does now.

This shitt-show is basically just undead legacy monopoly cartels terrorizing society for no reason. It feels like we invented teleportation and a legal vestige derived from horse-carriage-makers was suing people for setting up teleporter-pads, because people (dis)appearing out of thin air could spook the horses.

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