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Hello, I have a seedbox set up and would like to be able to join a private tracker. I am more than willing to seed at least 3x the original file size. It just needs to have everything as a general private tracker. I do plan on using a vpn but i can route a web browser through it as well so it's the same IP. anyone have any solutions?


You wanna redistribute all the cyberporks' stuff?


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I have some invites to IPTorrents, but, you have to some how give me a little more than your word that you wont burn me anon cause that shit will come back on my account which I value highly.


if you're interested in music worth taking the interview. It's easy and you can easily cheat on the test.


anyone have an updated archive of Paul's YouTube videos?






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Shit uyghur now I feel dumb



idk depends on how much I like it. And it might take a couple months before I reach a point to where I can legitimately do this for extended periods of time. I live with family and they're yelling at me constantly for using all the data. will probably get 5g internet soon and pipe everything through a couple vpns to get things working well. I am specifically looking for truly unlimited data at the expense of slower speeds. Will probably just get my family to do that with our broadband.


cool beans. I promise to seed as I am able, but I am very much likely to seed to 3x the size of the original download. Sometimes I get up to 10x


Is it lossless? I don't touch nasty mp3s. I will literally buy on Bandcamp or even buy a used CD before I torrent an MP3.

Be honest. Is studying and doing this shit legit easier than an entry level comptia cert?


Holy shit are you that old pirate flag guy from old leftypol?


send me an email @ [email protected] I'll hook you up.



IDK am I?


If so friend, welcome.


It's not just MP3s dude it's lossless. I've never done CompTIA so I can't comment.



thanks bb. i appreciate it


>buy on Bandcamp
For those who can't afford to buy all their music:
yt-dlp worked fine last time I tried it on bandcamp.
You might have to play around with stuff like –sleep-interval, –playlist-random and –limit-rate to avoid temporary b&.


Stop bumping dead threads so much, uyghur.


>Stop bumping dead threads so much, uyghur.
Why, did bandcamp disappear or something?

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