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because fuck it is an OS for cunts, retards, and cunty retards.


What's your alternative?


Just install something easy like Ubuntu or Mint maybe. I'm on Manjaro but I can't recommended it because of how retarded it's getting.


>cunts, retards, and cunty retards
Yeah okay, you can make the claim that all nerds are cunts and retards, but at the end of the day it's the closest thing to users making their own body of software that's free from corporate bullshit.

Believe me you would not want a closed source web. We got close to that with internet explorer.

Free software is also necessary in a historical material sense: the fact that it's so prevalent that even large corporations embrace it (Micro$oft and Azure for example) means that this more or less socialist style of doing work (programming) is the dominant mode of production for that industry.


File: 1698193453601-0.mp4 ( 9.77 MB , 640x360 , Why Linux Sucks.mp4 )

>Just install something easy like Ubuntu or Mint maybe.
mint has been lagging like a bitch and is non responsive asf.
>any user input takes about 30 sec to process
>this was on an newer computer which had windows 10 on it
>doesnt recognize wifi even though it has hardware and had no issues before
>bluetooth doesnt work even though it has hardware and had no issues before
>the "lightweight" os has trouble even opening up terminal and file manager taking 20min to open. guess what no issues before lmao
>get spammed with updates(bloatware lmao)
>randomly get black screen lel
glad i never took this srs and had a windows computer to fallback on


This feels like it could be trolling.
Do you want troubleshooting help with Linux ?


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linux is a troll system. the only troubleshooting worth doing is reinstalling windows


File: 1698202260825.webm ( 216.39 KB , 1920x1080 , suckers.webm )



File: 1698202316851.jpg ( 16.52 KB , 478x362 , stallmann chad.jpg )

Got it you just want to shill for windows.
If you change your mind and want help to become a linux chad, let us know.


File: 1698204857985-0.png ( 550.15 KB , 1270x699 , 0.png )

File: 1698204857985-1.jpg ( 602.89 KB , 2560x1440 , adni18_Windows_Red-Logo.jpg )

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File: 1698204857985-3.jpg ( 78.82 KB , 740x555 , soviet-pc-4.jpg )

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linux cucks worship a pedo lol. if windows ever leaks its source code that shit is dead in piss


Windows has had multiple source code leaks.


File: 1698206321422-0.jpg ( 161.67 KB , 1680x1050 , dd5.jpg )

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File: 1698206321422-3.jpg ( 46.18 KB , 220x278 , Windows_8.1_Pro_DSP_ja_box.jpg )

>Windows has had multiple source code leaks
borrowed time borrowed time


File: 1698249239223.png ( 43.83 KB , 2136x324 , stallman changed his mind.png )

>linux cucks worship a pedo
Nope Stallmann changed his mind, after people presented him with evidence. That level of Intellectual honesty is a rare commodity.

Stop slandering the guy.


File: 1698253071845.png ( 5.54 KB , 1000x1167 , keep calm learn linux.png )

>Windows has had multiple source code leaks.
The ReactOS people, that are building a windows software compatible open source OS, considered those source code leaks as bait for legal action against them. They were adamant that nobody dare even look at the code. Could have been paranoia on their side, but it's something worth considering.

I don't know about Microsoft's licensing constraints on Windows source-code but if they could go open source, they would probably benefit. There is quite a sizeable techie-community around windows that would make community distributions of windows that were tailored for specific use-cases. That probably would give them a chance of genuinely branching out and not just remain limited to the desktop and corporate office environment type thing. Of course people would rip out all the potential surveillance stuff and do all kinds of things that doesn't fit Microsoft's "vision(TM)". However loosening the grip of that type of control would be an investment that pays off big time. Chances of that happening are probably zero tho, because mega corps usually aren't capable of that kind of change, and their code base might be too messy and undocumented for making source-code public.

Another thing, i wonder if the Linux-phobe is a glowy or a corporate shill, that are trying to wage a new jihad against free open source software. Tho it could just be a disgruntled windowser.

A windowser is somebody who has a lot of arcane technical know how about windows, and they are accustomed to having expert level grasp of their system. When those try to switch to Linux they experience a return to noob-status, because many things work differently on linux. That can be emotionally distressing because of broken expectations. They also tend to attack linux because they realize that alot of their expert computer knowledge isn't universal it's windows specific knowledge.

When dealing with a potential windowser, one has to suggest that they play around with Linux in a VM so that they don't experience the know-how-plunge to noob-status, and can gain sufficient Linux expert knowledge before they make the switch.


>Another thing, i wonder if the Linux-phobe is a glowy or a corporate shill, that are trying to wage a new jihad against free open source software. Tho it could just be a disgruntled windowser.

This has been happening on /g/ so maybe? I've seen a lot of shill threads trying to attack linux and other foss users for being transhumanists. But who the fuck cares about astroturfing leftychan dot net?


>This has been happening on /g/ so maybe?
>I've seen a lot of shill threads trying to attack linux and other foss users
Does it look like a sustained campaign ?

>But who the fuck cares about astroturfing leftychan

who knows, maybe shills get payed per site.
Or it's just a bleed-over effect.


In the event of a full open sourcing of Windows, I don't predict Windows becoming more popular. In fact I expect the Wine project to integrate the insights and obviate the need for dual booting more effectively than ever and thereby increase the popularity of Linux, which has a great number of practical benefits over Windows.


>full open sourcing of Windows, I don't predict Windows becoming more popular
>increase the popularity of Linux, which has a great number of practical benefits over Windows.
I understand the context about software compatibility, but if you zoom out a bit, you kinda are claiming that Windows is popular because it's closed source. But we know that Linux is popular because it's open source. Why wouldn't windows benefit from the same dynamic ? Linux's practical benefits over windows are the result of the way it is being developed, if windows shifted to open source development it would slowly gain those beneficial attributes as well.

My crystal ball prediction about wine in particular:
Valve's influence might drive the development of wine and related projects like proton to become or spawn some kind of universal game compatibility layer that will be installed on every OS. That way game devs just have to target that and their games will work everywhere. At least all the games released on steam. Something else to consider, wine probably has better backwards compatibility with old software than current windows. So for the sake of keeping the entire steam game library operational with a realistic effort it probably also makes sense to have a compatibility layer on windows. For Valve Linux compatibility probably equals survival. Microsoft would likely try to make windows a closed garden like xbox, otherwise.


Indeed, the proprietary nature of Windows and Windows products is the main tool that Microsoft has used for decades to protect their monopoly from competition. They create walled gardens where users are subjected to social coercion stemming ultimately from commercial licensing agreements and intentional curtailing of interoperability between their proprietary software and libre software. Were the source code to be freed, these commercial licensing agreements would no longer have any power, and quickly users would fix the decades of neglected interoperability failures. Once this is done, real competition between other software would begin on a level playing field, and Microsoft's software would lose popularity simply because it is comparative garbage on various technical and practical levels.


>Something else to consider, wine probably has better backwards compatibility with old software than current windows.
This is indeed true and has been for some time now. I can run Windows 3.0 games on Wine that have been non-functional in Windows versions since Vista.


this is the Ukrop Jew spammer judging by the avatarfagging


File: 1698280615872.jpeg ( 32.71 KB , 474x355 , holy you are fat.jpeg )

Linuxoids talk about muh freedom and shit even tho faggots have corporate cock up their fucking gills lol.

Absolute retards. Especially that distrotube brainlet.

<Its about muh pheylosophy duuuude

yeah fuck off fat hippie academia fuck, philosophy is for upper class deluded retards


File: 1698289284453.webm ( 9.08 MB , 640x356 , gnuquest.webm )

You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.


Linux is kinda redundant when open source hardware doesn't exist but things would be MUCH worse if it didn't exist at all


this is true you only need look as far as mobile phone operating systems. hopefully there will be more FOSS mobile OS soon


>Linux is kinda redundant
Linux runs 99% of all servers on the internet, all supercomputers in all labs and universities, and every fucking android phone relies on open source software.

But yes, let's just call it redundant. I am very smart.


If you are a consooomer then I don't expect you to care. You are in the category of toddlers that use ipads to watch goyslop.

Those of us who actually like computing, or have work to do that involves computers, knows that freedom isn't just ideological. It really is a freedom and it feels less restrictive.


>Those of us who actually like computing, or have work to do that involves computers, knows that freedom isn't just ideological. It really is a freedom and it feels less restrictive.
I agree with this.

You have identified 2 types of Linux enjoyer:
<computing as a passion
<computing as a tool
There are others
<computing done my way
the kind of people that want to customize every aspect of the computer all go linux when they realize how limited mac and windows are in that regard.
<A computer as personal property
At the moment FOSS is almost the only type of software that fully respects people's personal property rights.


It's just a kernel, it gets the job done so you can get back to gaming or productivity without having to watch a youtube on why windows or mac changed shit. People get excited about this an advocate for it, but at the end of the day you're getting mad at a kernel.


File: 1698365039694.jpg ( 28.7 KB , 400x400 , rms-happy.jpg )

>It's just a kernel
gnu slash linux gang
gnu plus linux gang


File: 1698789649168-0.jpeg ( 49.8 KB , 512x768 , 0167237931.jpeg )

File: 1698789649168-1.png ( 372.07 KB , 354x534 , 0167237932.png )

Stallman has been a crazy person for years, anything new is just more garbage thrown into a burning fire, and it’s no surprise that he would endorse pedophilia or say something insane.

You have to break his ideas down into simple premises, his biggest idea of “Free Software” is, If I don’t have access to your source code, then you have malicious intent or, the world is going to freeze over. (There’s a video on YouTube where he says *We’re headed for total disaster because of what Microsoft and Ubuntu does for computing)

First off, no one is obligated to let you see shit. If someone wants to let their code be freely available that’s on them. But no one should be forced to.

Second, He shouldn’t be discredited for his ideas in the computing world. It did help push a movement for software that would dominate computing for years to come, as crazy as they were.

Third, Honestly he shouldn’t have stepped down. Only because I rather he own his bullshit than bow down to the fear mongering it would be more respectable IMO if he did.

At the end of it, it’s unfortunate he’s taken down for this and not his ideas, but that’s what happens when you are a giant nutcase who ingests toe-cheese.


>But no one should be forced to.
Is anyone advocating for legally obligatory open source? Seems like something written in pure assembly would break any such law, and even the most die-hard stalmanists I've met still know to frame it as "it is a bad idea from both practical and security standpoints to use closed source software when open source options are available." Believing gubbermint would make open sourcednees and not closed sourcenees mandatory is incredibly naive.


File: 1698792970612-0.png ( 43.83 KB , 2136x324 , stallman changed his mind.png )

File: 1698792970612-1.jpg ( 34.64 KB , 480x451 , proprietary.jpg )

>he would endorse pedophilia
stop spreading FUD, pic related.

>If I don’t have access to your source code, then you have malicious intent

<Big straw-man energy
If you can't audit the code you have to assume that it's got malicious "features".
Proprietary trust me bro security/ethics is not applicable in current conditions, there is no trust unless the code can be checked.

>Youtube drama, Stallman said mean things about companies

Stallman sticking by his principles is a good thing, it means that the overtone window of what counts as free-software can't be incrementally shifted. Stallman doesn't force you to be a 100% libre software chad like him. If you make compromises, just admit it. The fact that you are trying to slander and smear him marks you as a hostile ideologue that wants to slowly erode freedom by destroying the example of a guy whose computing is free. Software freedom is basically an extension of freedom of thought in a technological world.

>First off, no one is obligated to let you see shit. If someone wants to let their code be freely available that’s on them. But no one should be forced to.

This is again a massive strawman. GPL licensed code only requires you to open the source code if you redistribute it, you can download source code from github, modified as much as you like, and as long you only run it on your own computer, you don't have to do shit.

The ethical argument as to why you should publish the source code is so that you don't expropriate people from owning their computer by taking away control over what it does. And in a computerized world taking away control over the personal computing devices that people have means taking away their agency.

>Third, Honestly he shouldn’t have stepped down.

Are you talking about that cancel campaign against him a while back ? He was re-instated.

So in conclusion, you are doing a vicious character assassination of Richard Stallman and you are misrepresenting what free software is. F U


File: 1698795626111-0.png ( 219.52 KB , 325x368 , 0167235671.png )

File: 1698795626111-1.png ( 239.14 KB , 357x368 , 0167235672.png )

File: 1698795626111-2.png ( 241.43 KB , 346x368 , 0167235673.png )

File: 1698795626111-3.png ( 273.73 KB , 376x376 , 0167235674.png )

Richard Stallman comments regarding pedophilia:

"Dubya has nominated another caveman for a federal appeals court. Refreshingly, the Democratic Party is organizing opposition.
[Reference updated on 2018-05-10 because the old link was broken.]

The nominee is quoted as saying that if the choice of a sexual partner were protected by the Constitution, "prostitution, adultery, necrophilia, bestiality, possession of child pornography, and even incest and pedophilia" also would be. He is probably mistaken, legally–but that is unfortunate. All of these acts should be legal as long as no one is coerced. They are illegal only because of prejudice and narrowmindedness.

Some rules might be called for when these acts directly affect other people's interests. For incest, contraception could be mandatory to avoid risk of inbreeding. For prostitution, a license should be required to ensure prostitutes get regular medical check-ups, and they should have training and support in insisting on use of condoms. This will be an advance in public health, compared with the situation today.

For necrophilia, it might be necessary to ask the next of kin for permission if the decedent's will did not authorize it. Necrophilia would be my second choice for what should be done with my corpse, the first being scientific or medical use. Once my dead body is no longer of any use to me, it may as well be of some use to someone. Besides, I often enjoy rhinophytonecrophilia (nasal sex with dead plants)." - RMS - https://stallman.org/archives/2003-mar-jun.html

"Dutch pedophiles have formed a political party to campaign for legalization.
[Reference updated on 2018-04-25 because the old link was broken.]

I am skeptical of the claim that voluntarily pedophilia harms children. The arguments that it causes harm seem to be based on cases which aren't voluntary, which are then stretched by parents who are horrified by the idea that their little baby is maturing." - RMS - https://stallman.org/archives/2006-mar-jun.html#05%20June%202006%20(Dutch%20paedophiles%20form%20political%20party

"There is little evidence to justify the widespread assumption that willing participation in pedophilia hurts children.

Granted, children may not dare say no to an older relative, or may not realize they could say no; in that case, even if they do not overtly object, the relationship may still feel imposed to them. That's not willing participation, it's imposed participation, a different issue." - RMS - https://stallman.org/archives/2013-jan-apr.html#04_January_2013_(Pedophilia

And for completeness sake.

"Many years ago I posted that I could not see anything wrong about sex between an adult and a child, if the child accepted it.

Through personal conversations in recent years, I've learned to understand how sex with a child can harm per psychologically. This changed my mind about the matter: I think adults should not do that. I am grateful for the conversations that enabled me to understand why." - RMS - https://stallman.org/archives/2019-jul-oct.html#14_September_2019_(Sex_between_an_adult_and_a_child_is_wrong)


File: 1698796062690-0.jpeg ( 57.53 KB , 512x768 , 9.jpeg )

File: 1698796062690-1.png ( 118.25 KB , 260x244 , 09.png )

File: 1698796062690-2.png ( 198.97 KB , 284x359 , dgg.png )

>u used strawman
go back to reddit, ogre


>Is anyone advocating for legally obligatory open source?
Generally NO.

There is a edge-case for bankruptcies. Some people make a good case that if a company goes bust the source-code running on their devices should go open source. So that for example cars don't get software-bricked by default if a car-maker goes bankrupt. And there is at least a small chance that somebody else keeps the software "rolling".

>Seems like something written in pure assembly would break any such law,

Can you elaborate further on that I'm not sure I understand. Why wouldn't you be able to opensource programs written in assembly. I know that very few people can into machine language, but that's not the point.

>and even the most die-hard stalmanists I've met still know to frame it as "it is a bad idea from both practical and security standpoints to use closed source software when open source options are available."

Proprietariens don't have good arguments, so they misrepresent what free software seeks to do.

>Believing gubbermint would make open sourcednees and not closed sourcenees mandatory is incredibly naive.

We should strive for co-existence with closed source, because ultimately people choosing to use free and open source software out of their own accord that is the gold-standard. Foisting stuff on people they don't want is a bad strategy in the long term. Gnu/Linux on the desktop for example is estimated to have a "market-cap" of about 10%. It's much lower because you can't go into a regular store and buy a pre-installed linux computer.

Obviously the other side needs to practice reciprocity on co-existence too. If they criminalize free open-source it's probably reasonable to retaliate in kind.


File: 1698797475941.jpg ( 127.21 KB , 981x1272 , stallman gun.jpg )

>And for completeness sake.
<"Many years ago I posted that I could not see anything wrong about sex between an adult and a child, if the child accepted it.
<Through personal conversations in recent years, I've learned to understand how sex with a child can harm per psychologically. This changed my mind about the matter: I think adults should not do that. I am grateful for the conversations that enabled me to understand why."
That's the only relevant part.

He was wrong.
He was presented new evidence.
He changed his mind.

He ended up having the correct position and demonstrated intellectual honesty of the highest order. People that are able to change their mind in light of new evidence are extremely rare. This demonstrates Stallman's integrity.

I'm assuming you AI generated this maybe indicate that


File: 1698801607785-0.png ( 113.77 KB , 447x336 , linfaggot.png )

File: 1698801607785-1.png ( 83.95 KB , 223x239 , h.png )

even the gods has cursed this faggot with cancer.thank god thank allah thank shiva


wow that's low,
also stupid, diseases aren't caused by cursed gods, 'cause those don't exist.


File: 1698808862427-0.png ( 301.51 KB , 879x627 , l1.png )

File: 1698808862427-1.png ( 465.16 KB , 804x530 , l2.png )

File: 1698808862427-2.png ( 705.97 KB , 1266x540 , l3.png )

File: 1698808862427-3.png ( 563.88 KB , 642x658 , l4.png )

File: 1698808862427-4.png ( 608.14 KB , 727x653 , l5.png )

where your fedora, lintard?


<Shows the majority using Linux
Not sure what you trying to say with that.
Linux lets you try another distro. On windows or macos you're stuck with the one, and if that doesn't work for you, well tough luck.
Linux's command-line terminal interface was such a sought after feature that Microsoft copied it by developing the power-shell.
If you think your computer is your girlfriend, that can't be helped by installing a different OS


Stallman was a vaxxie


File: 1698815815758-0.png ( 180.7 KB , 795x419 , _1.png )

File: 1698815815758-1.png ( 724.3 KB , 682x658 , _2.png )

File: 1698815815758-2.png ( 666.05 KB , 1173x630 , _3.png )

File: 1698815815758-3.png ( 585.8 KB , 684x628 , _4.png )

File: 1698815815758-4.png ( 570.77 KB , 624x631 , _5.png )

but but but anon the vaccine waS open source anon……
coping and dropping the soap


>Muh Games
Big gamer alert.


>webservers use linux
>installing drivers on linux
What ?
The "drivers" just are in the kernel
>windows easy to use
No, just try to change system stuff
>Windows amazing at running games
Not really, Linux is less bloated, hence more system resources are available for programs
>Linux a pain to use
No it's just different, once you get used to the linux way, Windows will feel clunky and slow
>wine is needed
How is being able to run Windows software on linux a bad thing ?
Why are you complaining about a feature ?
>Linux has an elitist community
On the one hand that is unfortunately true, but on the other hand you should read the manual, because it's technology.
>Linux protects against kidnapping
Not sure about that one, but if you say so.
>80% of my games are not ported to Linux
How is that linux's fault ? It feels like you should direct your complaints to the game makers.
Also give valve some credit a tonne of games now do run on linux


any game that matters runs fine on Linux these days. Like if a game is so poorly written it somehow breaks in current versions of proton or wine, it's gonna run like shit on native windows too. Unless it's it's some rootkit cawduty clone.
Also I feel like this is a good example of why treating Ubuntu as the beginner distro is a terrible idea, drivers are a horrendous process on Ubuntu distros.
Personally I think NixOS is unironically more beginner friendly, just look up the package, add it's name to configuration.nix, and rebuild. Less steps than windows even.


NixOS is 🔥, leftychan runs on it.

You can check out our configs, if you care:


>NixOS configuration.nix
>NixOS is 🔥

NixOS's system of everything in one config file model will allows us to have our cake and eat it too. We can have a less fractured linux ecosystem and at the same time have a bazillion little distros. Because all those small distros that just change the look of the desktop can be a configuration file.


File: 1698961312113-0.png ( 86.22 KB , 250x264 , 0.png )

File: 1698961312113-1.png ( 364.76 KB , 552x709 , 7.png )

Proof(stallbitch archives it himself):

RMS on June 28th, 2003: https://stallman.org/archives/2003-mar-jun.html

RMS on June 5th, 2006: https://stallman.org/archives/2006-mar-jun.html#05%20June%202006%20(Dutch%20paedophiles%20form%20political%20party

RMS on Jan 4th, 2013: https://stallman.org/archives/2013-jan-apr.html#04_January_2013_(Pedophilia

And more recently: https://thenextweb.com/dd/2019/09/13/free-software-icon-richard-stallman-has-some-moronic-thoughts-about-pedophilia/

anyone "skeptical" about pedophilia harming children can consult the mountain of social science showing the catastrophic results in the lives of the victims.
And people on lincucks Forums take his comeback as the second coming of jesus, lol. Maybe because hes their pedoking among all pedophiles? :)

GNU/paedoLinux, now you finally know why lincucks are so obsessed with privacy


File: 1698970031369.jpg ( 54.54 KB , 698x400 , saint-ignucious.jpg )

>consult the mountain of social science
RMS is a tech-nerd who build C compilers and wrote legal stuff about licenses, this is an unreasonable expectation. He eventually connected with people who could explain social science to him and that prompted him to self correct his erroneous opinion. That is something you seem unable to do.

>harming children

RMS didn't harm anybody, he is an authority on computer stuff and software freedom/ethics, not social topics.
The only thing you can accuse him is temporarily holding an incorrect opinion.

>anyone "skeptical" about pedophilia

You're not genuinely concerned about the well-being of children, you're just trying to concern troll, to smear the reputation of RMS. That actually is harmfull to Children because people like you cause such skepticism because you are trying to appropriate legitimate concerns for your illegitimate agenda.

You're agenda is attacking Free-software and the reputation of RMS as one of the founders of free Software. That is an illegitimate agenda. You're attempts at attaching said illegitimate agenda to child-safety is indirectly empowering child-abuse. Because people like you have cried wolf, when there was none, so many times that now everybody associates "child-safety" with a false pre-text to trick them into accepting something harmful.

You are like an agenda-parasite that infects a legitimate issue with rotten agenda eggs.

Now quit this shit, because this works both ways.
I'm sorry sweety those proprietary binaries could contain pedo-crap open the code so we can make sure
I'm sorry sweety but 100% of corporations and government agencies need to be 100% transparent lest they hide a pedo-monster
We're not idiots unable to hijack your methods and turn them against you. We're just ethically motivated people who would prefer not to endanger child-safety by turning it into a political ping-pong.

>And people on linux Forums take his comeback as the second coming of jesus

The attempts at crucifying him, by people like you, are what's elevated him to sainthood, you imbecile.

>why are people so obsessed with privacy

No obsession, privacy is just the default for human species being. Privacy violations are crimes against human rights. Privacy is also a cornerstone of democratic society, if powerful people can spy on everybody they could try to use that information-power to undermine democracy.

The real question is why you are so obsessed with spying on people, maybe you are the pedo-creeper, looking to collect data on children. After-all privacy actually protects children, and prevent at least some pedo-predators from finding their pray.


File: 1698970967780-0.png ( 190.38 KB , 269x380 , 935675681.png )

File: 1698970967780-1.png ( 59.07 KB , 161x162 , 935675682.png )

File: 1698970967780-2.png ( 98.28 KB , 356x232 , 935675683.png )

File: 1698970967780-3.png ( 118.04 KB , 355x264 , 935675684.png )

File: 1698970967780-4.png ( 140.09 KB , 512x396 , 935675685.png )

The answer to Life is not so simple as "Linux." Don't get me wrong – Linux is my choice for web & database backend servers. But, don't confuse a backend for a frontend – unless the only thing you care about are backends.

The funny thing is, as soon as you tell me (and quite proudly, I might add) that you primarily run Linux, I already know a ton about you. I know that you have no artistic ability – that you're not into full-stack or front-end dev (no photoshop), you're not a photographer (no lightroom), and you're not into video editing (no premiere). I know you're not a software entrepreneur, as you would have needed full-stack development for that. I know you're not into remote collaboration with Google Drive (and Dropbox support is being ended soon). I know you're not an iOS developer (no XCode), or mobile developer at all (which generally requires Photoshop). I know you haven't honed your UX/product sense. Even if you dual-boot, I know you're in pain and will probably lose a bunch of data one day and have no idea what happened. You see that? In your search for "freedom," you have boxed yourself in like a caged rat.

if you carry apple products it's more likely you don't have to compromise on groceries you want to buy or clothes you want to wear and your apartment isn't 'fixed up' using scraps found somewhere near landfill and filled with second hand hoarded junk and packaging materials. and it's also more likely that you have time and resources to pursue higher education and attain property and 'go out' instead of 'cleverly' saving pennies. it signals baseline wealth and, to extent, intellect.


File: 1698981183067.jpg ( 94.4 KB , 800x484 , gnuguy.jpg )

>The answer to Life is not so simple as "Linux."
When nobody ever said that.

>Linux is not good for the "front end"

You mean as an OS for end user devices ? no it's excellent for that.

>You can't do everything on Linux

You are overstating your case, while not every application runs Linux you can do most computer tasks on linux.

>Buying a computer from a specific Brand makes you a better person.

I hope you are just a little psycho trying to do emotional manipulation via social-status-nagging, and you don't actually believe in status symbols. Please don't go into debt just to social-signal wealth, it's just a marketing gimmick, it doesn't actually work. You can't fool people that way.

I get the impression that you might become a gnu-chad linux-enjoyer, but you are held back by a perception that there is a stigma against Linux users ? Most people don't care. I think it's sad if you confine your computing to a corporate walled garden, but i don't think less of you as a person.


File: 1698985691673.png ( 70.72 KB , 407x340 , troll.png )

>Buy a Mac and
install Asahi Linux on it


File: 1699606584069-0.png ( 413.47 KB , 614x618 , 9876293128731.png )

File: 1699606584069-1.png ( 273.68 KB , 637x629 , 9876293128732.png )

File: 1699606584069-2.png ( 398.22 KB , 643x663 , 9876293128733.png )

File: 1699606584069-3.png ( 342.41 KB , 598x659 , 9876293128734.png )

File: 1699606584069-4.png ( 182.01 KB , 614x606 , 9876293128735.png )

Linux is an operating system "for fun," to help a college student figure out how an intel 80386 works and what all it is capable of doing.
Developers glommed onto it for various reasons in the decades that followed achievement of that purpose. Almost all of those various developer reasons are today no longer valid. For example Apple now supplies professional quality Unix operating systems far below the price of the NeXT boxes that Carmack & co needed to build Doom. All operating systems now have adequate, native modern compilers for C style languages without the butchery of Microsoft Turbo-C. DirectX is no longer distinctly inferior to OpenGL, and even if it were OpenGL works more or less natively in a platform agnostic way after Microsoft buried the hatchet. The extent to which Linux is a good or even adequate solution for development environment is also increasingly questionable. Linux does not offer support for industry standard solutions such as Microsoft Visual Studio Pro, and this means that Linux will not in the future offer support for AI-accelerated development utilizing the CoPilot features that OpenAI and its partner Microsoft will soon integrate into the interfacial orifices of every Windows environment.
And by share of adoption Linux isn't for developers either, it's for user-ignored peripherals and backend systems. In both of those systems its vulnerabilities are increasingly showing and therefore it is on those fronts that development from large corporate interests would rationally focus. Linux having purpose as a networking and infrastructure OS is also increasingly questionable. Chrome and Android have in the past been steered by Google in the direction of adopting a proprietary minix- or bsd-based kernel, though I'm not sure anything came of those motions. What I am sure of is that Microsoft Azure and Windows solutions have found rapid and rapidly-expanding adoption into network roles throughout the business world due in no small part to Microsoft's ability to both offer direct support and to certify and vouch for the credentials of independent network technicians and professionals at a level unparalleled in the Linux ecosystem, even when accounting for Red Hat. With M$ there is always someone to turn to, someone to point at, and most importantly for any executive, someone to blame. Improvements made to Linux in the near future will focus on meeting these needs rather than on building up developer experience, provided improvements are made by large interests to meet large needs.
Developers are just barely above level with gamers and media pirates in terms of their significance to Linux adoption. All three are significantly below the critical importance of minimal, unprivileged browser and internet media player endusers given the monumental importance of integrating ChromeOS into education for the hopes and dreams of Alphabet Inc.


Developer here, linux is the only viable option. OSX is for babies who can't into programming.


Okay but have you even *used* Windows in the last 5 years? As in attempted to decipher the interfaces of the native apps themselves and not just do everything in the browser?

Like whatever problems you ran into with linux was most certainly you trying to do something so advanced you wouldn't have even concieved as possible on windows. Linux will trivially do every work task you're reasonably going to be expected to do, and any indie game is going to run without issues. Even drivers are a non-issue now.


>Windows has ai features
I'll admit for a giant mega-corp Microsoft was actually pretty quick in adopting the AI tech, so cudos for maneuvering that giant ship. However there were Chat-gpt plug-ins for most popular Linux desktop environment a few days after ChatGPT went into public beta. Ocean liners can't outrun speedboats.

However Integrating AI with the desktop will get more interesting once computers have AI accelerators on board so that your Operating system doesn't loose features if you're offline or the AI servers back-end is unavailable. Also running stuff locally is probably better for privacy.


Have they fixed their legal issues yet, that thing where it just copy pasted code from github, and caused all major software dev factories to ban copilot because of legal risks?

You are not wrong that prompt-engineering will replace stack-overflow copy-paste-engineering. But at the moment it's still slower, it takes 5 seconds for Ai to generate code and than it takes at least a hour until the prompt-engineer has polished it enough to go into production. I would say this makes it less demanding in terms of effort, but for time, it's not faster. The final form of AI-assisted programming will be in form of a sudo-programming language. Because you need a high degree of specificity to describe what you want it to code and spoken language doesn't have that.

MS has a particular vision for how all of this is supposed to work and as soon as you try to do something that strays from the beaten path, it's going to be fucking impossible to do that with windows. Linux will not have that problem. Power User will increasingly go Linux

>Microsoft will take the blame for your fuck-ups if you pay the certification racket

Lol, i very much doubt that, they have thousands of lawyers busy deflecting blame away from MS
Also framing IT-security as a blame-game gives off middle manager vibes. Ultimately it's a admission of defeat, since you're no longer trying to move to a robust information infrastructure.

Professionally supported linux usually has better quality support because they're specialized on OS stuff and not a mega corp that tries to do a little bit of everything. Specialized tools are usually better than multi-tools at their specific purpose.

I don't know why you are trying to hype Apple, they do have nice arm processors, but the Apple walled garden is too limiting.

>Please play with direct-x, MS buried the hatchet, and it's platform agnostic.

Is direct X open source ?
You know as a insurance in case Ms exhumes the hatchet.

Your petty attempts at dissing Linux as not for professional work, outs you as a shill trying to explain why the sky is magenta with green stripes

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