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I know, you're asking yourself already, how the fuck are crypto's compatible with a leftwing communist image-board? Well, first of all, fuck you, we live under capitalism and as such must exchange and purchase under the current mode of production we find ourselves under.
Second, I would like some one to help me understand, exactly, how to set up a bitcoin, monero, what have you; wallet. I tried to set this up on my laptop but syncing with the bitcoin network is a huge MASSIVE bitch and took me months and I never got fully synced. Also, it takes a shitload of resources to work properly on my computer. I can barley do anything else.
So, my question is: What is the best way to get into bitcoin and use bitcoin and other cysto's like a boss? Am I doing something wrong? What are the best specs for btc and the like? As always, any help would be appreciated. Thank you /tech/!


· Faircoin (seems to be an anarcho-mutualist cryptocurrency)


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First of all. Anyone in a first world nation is capitalist so stop LARPing with your stupid lefty beliefs that you've never fully committed to. Everyone here is a closet capitalist as well. They love engaging in consumerism just like anyone else. Secondly, You need the hardware(motherboards, GPUs, mining software) necessary to mine it and you need a warehouse full of the shit to get even one bitcoin. Third. Mine something that is fairly cheap (i.e not those shitty cheap gimmicky chink ICO scams) and trade it in for bitcoin. Fourth, hold it until the price goes up and sell. Welcome to the Capitalist side, anon. I'm glad you came to your senses. Let's get you those crypto gains.


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No, not everyone is a capitalist. That doesn't make any-sense you stupid polack; I don't have capital and sell my labor for a wage, therefore I am not a capitalist. Furthermore, no one is looking to mine anything, man. All I want is to simply invest a few hundred dollars into the currency during a low point and, sure, everyone enjoys consuming things. Consumption is the very nature of our existence. The point is to consume responsibly and not frivolously like a fucking dipship. Hence why transferring electrical signals over satellite and landline is more efficient than shipping millions of lazoser disks around the globe; Entertainment is a necessity for a persons existence, believe it or not.


Well to answer the first question is are you trying to buy bitcoin and other cryptos. Because there are many places you can, but not a lot that allows you to convert the fiat to btc. You aren't doing anything wrong, syncing a hardware wallet is a pain, most crypto folks will tell you get a cold storage wallet the one that I have is a Ledger Nano S. Now if you are thinking about mining crypto for profits, even the ASIC miners don't even make up for their electric costs, and mining farms are insane. I am still pretty newbie myself but I can give you help where I can.




The best way to get rich off cryptoshit is to either buy in early and then shill it, or to make one yourself and mine early, and them shill it.

Crypto is pure pyramid speculation, unlike stocks crypto does not generate dividends.


the edge


Really curious to see if the halving is actually going to lead to another peak like we've seen in the last years.

Just set up a wallet over a trusted third party service, like Coinbase. Store your money on a hardware wallet and use said services for transactions only, not for the storage itself.


Might I mention Venezuelan petro coin


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the reaction on /biz/ is hilarious


OP here. Some times it pays off to be poor.


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bump, I'm interested in this topic


So what are your expectations? Do you think Bitcoin is going to reach 100k by the end of 2021?


Venezuelans use DASH, PETRO is a state-supported pump&dump. Maybe until we could actually use it.

Look into alts instead, BTC transactioncosts are just too high


Just buy and hold chainlink.. seriously.


There's a lot of Leftists in the Ethereum world actually. Look into DAOs for collective organisation & direct democracy - lotta experiments happening. Bitcoin itself does tend to be more lolberg of course.


whats the advantage of ethereum over bitcoin


>Does not generate dividends
Go look at Aave or Compound, or one of many other already working Defi projects, then come back and tell me that.


Smart contracts, mining is getting removed, many other better features. It's not perfect, but Bitcoin is merely a store of value, while Ethereum is a effectively a whole platform running most of the other successful crypto projects.


>capitalism is when you buy things
i am in awe at this braindead comment


This thread is from the start of tech on bunker


Anybody use monero in here?

It seems cool.


bitcoins are not a viable currency and basically just a meme. You literally can't 'use' bitcoin for anything it was designed to do - the transaction costs are like $15 right now, it's slow, and it is completely public.

There are ok cryptos out there but not bitcoin.

did u try the official monero wallet gui?

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