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Indeed, OP. I am excited. I figure some one is going to pick this up and restore the windows xp project. We could see the rebirth of, frankly, a very nice and stable operating system. I think it will be a cool thing to witness.


The only people happy about this are nostalgic retards too dumb for Linux like >>4470 and hackers hoping to find exploits that haven't been patched yet (unlikely).

I for one hope this helps the Wine project, but they probably won't touch this in fear of lawsuits. Thank you copyright law!


Silence, freetard.


This is gonna be based as fuck
You're just angry that you never got to use a windows xp computer, underagefag. Now go to bed it's past your bed time


File: 1614487566253.jpg ( 29.95 KB , 288x415 , 1590369670102.jpg )

>thinks soyjak posting is an argument
0/10 lacks originality and humor. Wipe them tears off that keyboard, boy


Holy shit, ReactOS is gonna do a great leap forward.


>Looking at stolen code is no reversing, it's called stealing!
>And as last fact. Stealing != Science. Stealing is a crime and I am very happy that it is. If you wanna steal, then do so, but. Not. HERE!

Jesus, what a cuck.
I get they want to keep the project untainted of any possible copyright issues, but damn he sounds like that kid who bragged bought all of their textbooks new in school.


Of course it's a G*rman


> cant reverse
> can barely code
> forum moderator
Yup its an IT midwit


> he doesnt understand that free software project is basically communist in intent


>My reply was not militant. It was a FACT.

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