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>was a disaster for Google
Yes, YES.

>Supreme Court justices seem poised to allow copyrights on APIs.



API's? Why should I care about this?


Slippery slope of monopolization of libraries and interfaces. Instead of you choosing between competing libraries, you are forced to choose one. Also forces library writers to alter their library to be substantially different to competing products, which might lead to subpar APIs. So, another big win for proprietary software.


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>everyone copies non-free shit like Java for years
>"Oh nooo how could we see this coming!?"


>why should I care about copyright law gaining even more power?
Really nigga?


Does that mean I can GPL an API and force every implementation to be GPL?


Would put WINE, DXVK, video game emulators, NTFS implementations on Linux, ReactOS, and many other "reverse engineered" projects in a legal grey area, making it easier companies to sue and then force web hosts and domain registrants to shut down distribution of this software if a judge rules in their favor.


I really, really hate Americans, especially their government and Silicon Valley.

Thanks for nothing.


GNU/Linux and *BSD would become illegal.


yeah, probably


Unlikely unless Micro Focus gets acquired by a company like Oracle.


Does the G lawyer's performance in the OP link indicate that this is also the outcome G is looking for?


Well fuck, is there any way to make this ruling not applicable or to challenge it? I really hope that crap like this will be fought against by the states.


Rust OS here we come


How's HRT going?


well then whats your fucking solution?


US Supreme Court rules in favor of Google in largest-ever programming copyright case


SCOTUS has ruled that tech giant Google did not violate copyright law by reusing some 11,330 lines of code and other elements of fellow Big Tech player Oracle’s Java platform to build its wildly popular Android OS.

The $8 billion copyright case against Google landed heavily in the tech giant’s favor on Monday, with six judges finding in favor of the company and just two dissenting in support of Oracle.

Google had argued its reuse of the code in question was in line with “long-settled, common practice[s] in the industry,” insisting there is no copyright protection governing “purely functional, noncreative computer code” of the sort it lifted from Oracle to build Android in 2007.


so are APIs copyrightable now or not?

Sounds like google won?


>>Supreme Court justices seem poised to allow copyrights on APIs.
afaik its just how they operate, as their judgements are the highest authority, they try to narrow it down as much as possible. But that means any use/duplication of API will be recognized as "fair use", even if it did end up being copyrighted (which they didnt take a stance on)


Seems like we're safe for now, Lucifer.


>so are APIs copyrightable now or not?
>In 2014, a federal appeals court ruled that the APIs could be subject to copyright in a controversial decision overturning a ruling by Judge William Alsup. (The Supreme Court declined to hear Google’s appeal the following year, letting the appellate ruling stand.) But that decision left open the question of whether Google’s implementation had violated the Java copyright, and Google launched a second phase of the case arguing that the Android APIs constituted fair use. In 2018, the same appellate court ruled that Google’s implementation was not fair use, putting the company at risk of up to $8.8 billion in damages. Today’s decision overturns that ruling, allowing Google to continue its use of the Android code without threat of a copyright claim.

>Notably, then-President Trump’s solicitor general had formally petitioned the Supreme Court to leave the appellate ruling in place, effectively siding with Oracle in the fight.

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