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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature"
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Do you use any proprietary garbage against your own will because your peers refuse to switch to better alternatives?

Pic related, though only the web client. I don't use anything else that's proprietary, not even youtube.


I'm forced to use Zoom for teaching but I make sure to let the university, my peers, and my students know that they have a shit record for privacy every chance I get.




I couldn’t last without most social media. except Facebook and Instagram, I rarely use those.


Same, I don't want to feed the basilisk but I also don't want to stop talking to my e-friends who almost all use Discord. Hell is other people.


Only at work, does that count?


Most people don't even use computers anymore.
I have a phone that doesn't have active service that I use JMP for on wifi for phone calls/text. My phone is basically my normie device. Everything else is running encrypted disks with linux distros and harded versions of firefox.


Is there truly no way of using whatsapp without a phone?
My phone got ruined and everyone I know uses this trash. Don't really care if it's associated to my phone number as long as I can use it exclusively on desktop.


check ebay for used unlocked android phones


where do i even begin? my uni has a massive hard on for everything microsoft so using any of its services (which i need to use now more than ever since i do all my work remotely) involves messing around with non free shit constantly, or finding libre interfaces to said non free shit. all the way down to being forced to install ms office because of forced docx based document exchange that gets broken because of microsoft's refusal to follow its own standards.
my supervisor told me they were thinking about moving the university hpc to a microsoft based system for fucks sake, no idea how that shit would even work, some kind of azure shard? fuck all of it, the monopoly is real




yes, constantly.


I'd give up on having friends and get rid of my phone but turns out I need a job to get money and they force me to have a phone. Shit sucks.


quads confirm it


Family and friends are a security risk.


God I wish during the Charlottesville stuff Discord started deleting left-wing "servers" too so everyone would be more accepting of libre decentralized alternatives.


No. Getting peer pressured into using technology that spies on you isn't cool. If you know more than your friends about technology and you can appreciate the risk, you should tell them not to use it either, and show people you mean it by refusing to use it. I actually believe that's the right thing to do, same policy as hard drugs I guess.


It's never worked for me and there's stuff like Whatsapp that's required for having a job. Downright depressing.


If your "friends" use nothing but proprietary corporate spyware and refuse to do otherwise to communicate with you, then they are not your friends. Resisting the corporate botnet is far more important than the social connections of so-called "friends"


Does anybody know a good self hosted alternative to discord that can do VoIP?




I hope we go back to regular classes in college so they don't make use Zoom or Google Meet or some pozzed shit like that next year. I dread the very idea.


And this, comrades, is exactly how to NOT make the revolution happen.


I am currently working on setting up my own encrypted Matrix server. I intend to move my various communities and organizations onto it if I can convince them.


The closest I come to using anything remotely proprietary is I use am rc bridge to a discord room and some times I get board and log onto youtube. Other than that, nope.


Facebook (occasional events, one or two friend chats and a group of co-workers, basically checked weekly)
Two Discord rooms (a massive piracy project I've been with almost since the start, and a band I'm in. Discord is now locked in a VM with VPN and fake phone numbers I got from a free trial)
Work laptop (Win10 and all the fucking junk that comes with it)


You are a winrar!


You have to take yourself by the balls and organize the means of communication yourself. Pool a couple of bucks with your comrades for server hosting each month. Don't forget about threat modelling and police investigations. Let's say being a person under 30 using Discord on their ISP logs against person under 30 who visits same jabber server with 10 other people looks entirely different from investigator's perspective and the latter is much easier to investigate since the metadata is already there, no need to send a warrant or set up wiretaps on foreign networks. It becomes even easier with f2f protocols like Tox, Retroshare or Scuttlebutt since traffic never leaves the country if you chat with a neighbor, and it plays on hand with ISP and police profiling. Popular proprietary chat software hosted within foreign jurisdictions is objectively harder to investigate for third world police, bear in mind they can pull tricks like number revocation and reissue to access your chat history on apps that require phone registration, and you already used your real number there. Take adequate precautions with burner phone numbers not associated with your identity, locations, and set up security confirmation codes if available. Otherwise I strongly recommend on utilizing anonymous darknets like Tor and i2p for hiding both server and chatters locations, obfuscating their destinations from ISPs and local law enforcement to a higher degree than using popular chat software which would more eagerly cooperate and in a faster manner than mailing in abuse to all 7 Tor nodes. Anon darknets are not suitable for low latency large capacity voice chats, but otherwise are adequate for file sharing, and probably you shouldn't do voice chats when planning a coup online.


Is there some onion service that lets you set up chats through tor?


You can run XMPP chats through Tor.


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Discord, and I fucking hate my guts for using it
Pretty much everyone uses discord, it's programmable with all the bots and whatnot
Every single human on earth that i've ever spoken to uses discord as a side effect of using social media
It's proprietary shit outside of the bots that are programmable, it scans every word you say so you can't be a meanie butthead (god forbid) and it does deals with the feds, its a psych ops done by the agents in ((Langley))

Element is bare bones in userbase compared to discord
and there's literally no other alternative for socializing with people who aren't total schizoids most of the time

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