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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature"
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As if the noise-to-signal ratio of internet content wasn't bad enough.


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Could this be used to our advantage?
Socialists would rather spend their time arguing with 20 other socialists(as seen here on leftypol) than venture to someplace like facebook full of hundreds of thousands of typical liberals who would be a much greater return on investment in agitation.

So we could train one of these bots on marxist literature and leftypol and then send it out into the wider web to spread the message faster than any person could.


I fucking hate the future.


Currently it's skills are vastly overblown but it's just a matter of time before the chances you're talking to a bot pretending to be a human go near 100%. Maybe then we'll retvrn to tradition and the internet will be solely populated by schizophrenics and GPT8 bots.


this is already what the internet is, they just havent made it known yet


Doesn't most online content in general already come from bots? Once they start imitating human speech internet communities are going to become even more insulated.


they already have been able to immitate human speech for a while…. only a few people reallyuse the internet, and they're dupes
literally >60% of all reddit activity is bots
>40% of twitter is bots
your fucking aunt could be a bot and how would you even tell


>literally >60% of all reddit activity is bots
And the other 40% is redditors acting like bots.


interesting idea!


An AI trained with this website as a dataset would be an abomination.


Someone should do it


It's not available to the public because they don't want anyone but glowies to have it iirc
/leftybot/ when?


what do you think google has been doing for the past 30 years, just that reading everything and learning


420chan used to have netjester. We should totally do something like that.

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