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What do you think about BMIs and relatively recent advancements by companies such as Neuralink? For those of you who don't know what BMIs are, it's a technology that implants electrodes from a chip inside your brain to read neurological activity and possibly send electric signals to your brain in an attempt to interface with computers.

Here is Neuralink's white paper in case you are curious

And a popsci video of it, if that's more your thing


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I wish uncle ted was still free cause the people researching this shit need some care packages right about now
In other words, it scares me


Researchers are passionate scientists, learning more about the function of the human brain is invaluable. Keep your anger on the companies that abuse the science instead.


I know you're right tbh, but its not just the companies, its the consumers too that will normalize new technology. Just is sad that as long as researchers keep researching down certain lines, companies will use this research for products, and consumers will end up buying those products, and then this new shit becomes normalized and almost mandatory in order to live a normal life


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this is basically going to flop like gougle glass
basically the proposition of drilling holes in the head for wires is much more extreme than wearing a webcam-screen-combo on your face, and corporations have since squandered all the tech-enthusiasm with their abuse. So this time around even the tech-enthusiasts that embraced G-glass wont even volunteer for this.

As for the argument that there is a bandwidth problem between computers and brains…
That's sort of a moot point this is attaching to the wrong part of the brain,
it's attached to your subconscious, this isn't giving you a faster interface, it's not giving you an interface at all.
You have conscious awareness of your finger manipulated inputs on a computer, you will not have conscious awareness of this.

The claim that you can go to a foreign city and download the environment-knowledge from the locals is outrageous. Brains have insanely high level of integration, neatly separating and extracting skills or knowledge from the rest of the brain activity so that it can be transferred to somebody else's brain, will not work. If you learn new stuff you create associations with stuff you already know, somebody else that does not have the same stuff in their brain will not have to prerequisite set of associations and will not be able to use it.

This is tech-gadgetry which means upgrades, so brain surgery and drilling holes in the skulls of people not once but multiple times over the lifespan of a person, it is astonishing how anybody would consider this realistic at all.

We can revisit this if we can have non-invasive method for brain interfaces.
It's still decent tech at least for the disability compensation aspect.


Google glass, in the form it was sold years ago, just wasn't a useful device. Even if it mildly increased your efficiency the social stigma of the nerdiest, pervert looking glasses wouldn't be worth it.

I think we can all agree no one will be drilling holes in their heads. However the brain works on a series of electrical impulses, I don't see how theoretically we can't handle it non invasively. In regards to 'downloading' a map or something, I don't know enough to say whether it would be possible, there may be work arounds to the issues you discussed. Neurologists let me know

Indirectly I think implants will become common place, they have managed to get every one to take a tracking device with them everywhere they go, there's no reason why people wouldn't put a little contactless debit card in their wrist.


>Brain to machine interface
We already have that. It's the mouse snd keyboard in front of you.


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I think that brain interfaces for computers will be possible with a solid state miniatured and simplified and directional MRI machine that will look inside your brain and read out the patterns of certain neurons in your prefrontal cortex to make an input proposal that you can then acknowledge with a single finger input. There's been recent advances in the miniaturisation of fmri machines from the size of a small room to the this(pic) creepy head-sized apparatus, if they can have another magnitude of size reduction it could probably fit inside a head-band you could wear as a input-device.

I don't think you will get people to accept many implants unless they have medical benefits.
There simply isn't enough benefit in implanting a credit card chip into your hand compared to having it as a plastic rectangle.
I don't think there will ever be a normalisation of inserting stuff into your body, we have been using needles for medical stuff for centuries and people still try to avoid it as much as possible, I don't think you can get past evolutionary ingrained revulsion of having your skin pierced or having a foreign object stuck in your body. With some exceptions like the body-modification crowd.

As far as inserting chips in the brain go, if you take the neural-ink interface and instead of using it for a Bluetooth device you do something simpler like having a scientific calculator chip that is so low in energy consumption that it can run of harvested body-heat, you'll get people that have several orders of magnitude better maths-skils, but more importantly it will make maths effortless and fun, you have no idea how transformative this would be, and unlike most other application it will never get outmoded. It's a much smaller step than turning people into a hive-mind but consider that maths is the closest thing to a universal language we have and by enabling people to express ideas that way you'll get closer to the ideal of unified communication without having any risk of unleashing the borg


Have you not seen the tech-startup Elon Musk fanboy types? They would get an implant just for the minimalism™. 20 years ago people would have said "I don't think there will be normalisation of constantly being tracked" or "being extremely open with all your personal details online" etc. Tattoos and piercings are less than exceptions, the majority of the population has piercings in a lot of cultures.'uncomfortable' is just a spook. I do however think it will take a long time until we have normalised injecting stuff into our brain. Having our car keys in our palm under the skin wouldn't be too crazy though.

I'm not really sure, as a mathematician being able too do calculator-stuff in my brain just wouldn't be that useful. Anyone with any reason to have an implant, would already be too advanced to be using basic calculations in that way. The only place I can see it being useful is with kids, so that they don't get put off math at a young age, but I'm not sure since learning maths is about the 'way' in which you think as opposed to being fast.


I doubt that even among fanboys, you'll get many people that'll go through with it. Tattoos and piercings are fringe in every modern society.
You are framing injecting implants as futuristic and people avoiding this as anachronistic. That is sort of a dishonest way of distorting my argument, I'm not saying that there is a cultural momentum preventing this, I'm saying that people will not adopt this because it hasn't got enough advantages to outweigh the downsides. Opening a car or paying with your hand is just a novelty, it's not substantially different from having that functionality in a separate item. Do you understand it's not a new ability it's just a different package.

I clearly stated that the calculator-chip had to have the feature set of a scientific calculator, not just a basic one, you would benefit from this too, I sincerely doubt you can do very advanced maths entirely in your head. The main point is about reducing the mental effort as well as improving accuracy, it's not really about speed. I'm not sure how to convey this: consider that you could in principle look for mathematical patterns in every object you look at, but usually you don't because that would be very exhausting, and that's the bottleneck this would solve. Just consider that people could have accurate intuition for stuff that involves large numbers because they could calculate probabilities in their heads, with such low effort that it would feel like "intuitive knowing". You can't really dismiss ho much benefit this would bring.


Sounds boring, we'd start acting more and more similarly.


It's a meme. The technology isn't there. Just another adolescent science fiction fantasy of Musk

this anon has some good points too

implants wont happen because the immune system will reject them unless you have people on cancer drugs or w/e to prevent that and even so there will be problems with infections and shit. The most I believe will happen is one time implants of brain surgery to solve severe seizures or neurological disorders, maybe in 30+ years at best but as we all know Musk will probably run out of steam by then

We don't have anything even remotely close to understand the human brain on its own, let alone interface it with a computer.

All of these "meme projects" like immortality, neural interfaces, floating ancapistan on a oil rig, etc. should really be looked more like shit for an eccentric billionaire to waste money on than anything that will meaningfully advance humanity, just the modern version of a Qin dynasty Chinese emperor trying to find immortality


It's called a keyboard and mouse.


>We don't have anything even remotely close to understand the human brain on its own, let alone interface it with a computer.
Yep, we've been literally probing brains for quite a while and we still have no fucking idea what to do with that data.

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