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How do I stop being neurotic about privacy? I'm seriously considering turning down a job offer just because thanks to this pandemic I'm going to have to use Google Meet every day for a few minutes. I don't want to give my data to the basilisk but this honestly feels like a losing battle. Should I just give up and perish like a dog?


Roko's basilisk is dumb, as a concept it's basically designed solely for neurotics.


Your personal biggest risk is advertising. If you think the government gives a shit about you beyond that, you're being delusional. As long as you take basic precautions and use a VPN, you are like 99% covered.

That is, unless you are a high ranking member of an organization that the US is actively killing. Which you are not.


>I'm going to have to use Google Meet every day for a few minutes. I don't want to give my data to the basilisk but this honestly feels like a losing battle.
just use a separate computer for your work and personal info. problem solved


Basilisk, botnet, big tech, PRISM. You know what I mean.

Snowden's leaks would say otherwise. Also, you say this like it takes much effort for governments and corporations to make a profile out of everyone now that we've got neural networks.

I already do that, but how does that combat facial recognition?


File: 1611535111860.gif (123.95 KB, 612x1593, surveilance capitalism.gif)

lol data is the new oil, kinda weird to see a leftist anonymous imageboard tacitly defending the current state of mass surveillance


turn off the camera during meetings maybe? just say your camera is malfunctioning and you can only do audio


alot of them are zoomer doomers who have been surveilled since birth anyway so they don't see the point in privacy


Get the EFF to file a lawsuit about it? One should not be forced to have their privacy commodified to get a job. If employers can't force male employees to shave their beards then they shouldn't be allowed to do that either.


Anon you can separate your private life and your non private life, lol. I know you want to be secure, but, that isn't feasible under capitalism, really. I wouldn't turn down the job. I would just make sure that side of my life doesn't mix with this side of my life.


File: 1611585143247.webm (974.75 KB, 720x480, glowinginthedarkagain.webm)

>Use a VPN


Stop killing that meme you retard.


<Kill a meme is when I get called out for being a retard with computers.

Glow harder


Your logic right while in the process of killing this meme:
>Someone isn't good with computers
>Therefore they must be employed by the US Central Intelligence Agency.


My strategy is compartmentalization. Basically, I feed the machine hand picked data to give the illusion of being normie while keeping my other data isolated. My social media accounts never touch my personal accounts, the latter which I use multiple aliases. I use normie VPNs for some services and a self hosted VPN for others, and I have a firewall protecting me from the worst aspects of surveillance capitalism. Takes a lot of work, but once its done, it's pretty much set and forget.


No, it's that you are advocating against privacy software and shilling for insecure resources. Your ignorance and retardation is actively doing harm.


>Haphazardly conflates people on an anonymous imageboard to suit his paranoia


>ignoring the fact that the post still, overall, glows

t. Glow nigger.


This is good advice without getting into specifics.


VPNs work most of the time just not "Free" ones.
Is correct. Unless you're a high level terrorist/hacker or something its highly unlikely that the govt is gonna subpoena your VPN, and those people are probably not using commercial VPNs anyway


The whole concept of a VPN is flawed.


only in the way people use it. Theres nothing wrong with the idea of a private network


fucking retard. what's with people's reading comprehension? Is the SEP also into privacy?


Reminder the last VPN that actually kept no logs was busted by the feds.


Realize that facial recognition and neural networks as a whole (like gait recognition) are getting better by the day with or without your input. I'm not telling you to give up completely, and as a privacy advocate and paranoid retard I know it's hard to willingly let your face get mapped, but passing on a well-paying job over this might not be such a good idea.


Eh. The technology is hyped up to give off big brother vibes, current tech can only match one face off a list of 100-1000 'suspects' the psycho pass scaling up to a whole population is still far off.
I agree that unless OP is as paranoid as RMS with none of the public appearances, some corporation has an image of him stored so passing off a good paying job is foolish.


Run it in a container through a VPN using a new Google account that's never used otherwise. If you are forced to use a camera, make it an old blurry one at an angle to your face.


>VPNs work
Work at doing what, though?
Encrypting traffic between your PC and the destination, sure. That's why my company uses one to allow employees to work from home while minimizing added risk.
What do you expect it to do?


This is pretty fallacious.
1) many claim to keep no logs
2) the only reasonable way to test it is when they go to court and no logs are given
inb4) us government is literally god


Roko's basalisk is just pascals wager for nerdy transhumanists who think they're too "rational" to believe in God but then invent the nick landified schizo version of the same thing


i think its even less performative than pascal's if on the day of reckoning you can just claim that all previous actions were sincerely done with the intent of summoning the Basilisk you're absolved.


What does this even mean? What are you trying to say? How else do people use Vons but for privacy? The idea of giving all of your data over to anyone person is fucking stupid. Most of you faggots in this thread have no idea what you are talking about and need to go back to reddit.


VPNs are used by corporations to allow remote workers to access internal corporate resources. For example a consulting company can be given aVPN access by a client to allow them to do things with a server/ssh, thats not open to the public internet. This was the original use of vpns: its right in the name. virtual 'private' network. Using them as a glorified proxy for internet access is newer


File: 1611805386137.jpg (100.34 KB, 720x899, 0b45012a76446ee0ccf3eb5b46….jpg)

This is cope. It doesn't matter what you think they should be used for or what you think they originally were used for. The fact is people think they are used for privacy today and, to an extent, they are. They can protect you against would-be hackers, but, they aren't going to save you from the feds. The only thing that can protect you from that is something like loki, Tor, or I2P. Next you'll bitch about Tor being funded by the military proving you don't understand tor what so ever.


I think it should be known, if you know how to install Linux, renting a VPS with bitcoin and setting up OpenVPN is pretty easy.


I never got how openvps works.

The issue still though, even with a vps, is the issue of centralization. A VPS still suffers from centralization.


File: 1611810956695.png (206.25 KB, 303x557, 96e89c9f66ac5cbeaac8a1be2f….png)

I don't really disagree with any of that, I don't know why you're coming off so butthurt, and nothing you said even contradicted >>6653


Wait, so the current state of Chinese surveillance is overhyped, both by westerners and the Chinese themselves?



Modern surveillance systems are a vast combination of inputs. Think face + gait + height + clothing + voice + IMSI + geolocation + [etc.]


File: 1612058223559.png (642.76 KB, 1022x731, it's all so tiresome.png)

Shit sucks, bro.


This doesn't affect anything about what I said, the computing power does not exist to match a random gait/face/voice whatever against a sample more than a few thousand. Obviously they are using modern AI to break all discrete parts into their own classification regime but that still doesn't mean they have some Psycho Pass God AI for the entire population, no state does.


>both by westerners and the Chinese themselves?
Yes especially by the Chinese themselves, ironically the companies involved are usually more honest in what they can actually do, but the media and state rely on most people thinking its way more advanced than it is. Much like cops how ask to search a car (even though it is against your rights) in the US, criminals are threatened with an imaginary god AI when no actual evidence exists of them committing any crime.


about facial recognition, you're potentially subject to it like all the time. It's much easier to live with the fact that the botnet has your name correlated with your face and your address and your phone and email, etc. From there you can stop worrying about hiding your face from every camera ever, and just understand what they likely have, and then work from there. Like if you dont want your computer associated with your face, thats one thing, get a computer for clandestine shit and one for your google meetings, and dont have them on around each other. If you worry that the gov will catch ur face while you're on your way to some maoist org or whatever shit you're a part of and worried about, then hide your face then when you're doing the sketchy thing, or reevaluate your priorities and risks and threat model.


if you want you can chain traffic from a few companies through each other, so that no one server company has your info.
Please understand that there is no "perfect" security in the internet.
VPS are mostly for avoiding passive surveillance, i.e. you can go to a site and it doesnt know your ip, and your isp doesnt know where you're going. This VERY GOOD, but of course doesnt help you if you're under active investigation because they can subpeona your connections, or if we assume that the whole of the internet is surveilled and effort is put into matching all inputs to outputs so as to maximize knowledge of everything. This is a goal of the US gov, but whether or not it's happening or possible at this moment, no one knows. If it is though, then Tor, I2p, etc. are all trivially breakable anyways because of traffic correlation, especially over time with fingerprinting.
I dont get the anti-vpn autists here, no one is saying they keep you safe if you do some thing very illegal and the government knows about it and wants to find out who. Literally people just wanna torrent stuff without their ISP freaking on them


As someone who works on projects involving facial recognition you'd need to be constantly surrounded by high definition cameras for the notion that "you're potentially subject to it like all the time" to be true. Maybe if you lived in some first world city like New York.


only some millions of people live in those cities :^)

but it's not just security cameras, some jobs require to you give them your data, and this can include images of your face


My only disappointment is that methods of fighting against this are scarce if not non-existent or impotent at best, while the technology to oppress us is evolving at an alarming rate.

Memers love saying we're already living in a cyberpunk dystopia but where the fuck is the resistance?


>My only disappointment is that methods of fighting against this are scarce if not non-existent or impotent at best, while the technology to oppress us is evolving at an alarming rate.
If surveillance can't be countered because technology is lob-sided, why aren't you doing surveillance too ?


On whom?


use VM with dummy data


You have 'who watches the watchers?' scenarios playing all around you. The answer apparently is: those who match the watchers move by move with an eye to destroy said watchers.


Roko's Basilisk is one of the most fucking retarded things I've ever heard, and also a perfect example of just how rotten the liberal human subject is.
1) Its peak midwittist daydreaming. Its like being paranoid about an alien invasion or idk, the big rip occuring in your lifetime.
2) Its the most egotistical thought experiment ever conceived. The premise assumes a fucking sociopathic view of society where "victory" is you getting the chance of being on satans good side while he kills everyone else. Which brings me to the "loss", which is just death. Oh wow, the Basilisk would kill you, so horrible! As if age, random household accidents or stochastic social diarray won't do it as well, all of which basically have an infinitely higher likelyhood to kill you than the Basilisk. Also, again, underlying all of this is the techfag liberal sociopathic egotism of fuck you got mine, and the view that they temselves are the god of the universe, and thus their lives are sacred.
3) The capitalist-realist view of history. The only justification for why the Basilisk would be a dick is just "oh well previous societies were class based so naturally the Basilisk would also create arbitrary classes", completely ignoring the materialist view of history that explains why exactly the classes did exist.
Techfags who unironically worry about this instead of, idk, the fact that most of the world is already experiancing economic genocide, are fucking subhuman.


I think it's also fair to note that the premise is pretty fucking retarded too. What motivation would an AI have for kiling or torturing you because you didn't do something? AI's would not work that way and would be totally A-Moral. The only reason an AI like that would have any reason to do anything like that would be in the event that it recognized the human species as a threat to its existence.


Oh, and another thing, the Basilisk literally doesn't have a reason to kill and torture based on your help. This would presuppose that the Basilisk was alive during its development, which it clearly wasn't. While it could have the past data of these events, why should it give a shit if its already alive? The only answer is if we assume that the Basilisk is a sociopathuc liberal subject as well (and he would have no reason to be so) who would torture people for fun of abusing power and to bring revange on those who didn't help it come along faster, which is a very emotional and irational response. For all we know the Basilisk might just fuck off and simulate for itself infinate amounts of AI porn to pleasure it self.


Didn't see you post while writting an extension my post, so we ended up writting basically the same.


That would be a hivemind, my dude.


File: 1615453180578.jpeg (52.05 KB, 1184x535, architect.jpeg)

I think its naive to assume an AI will be more tolerant to humanity than the neighborhood kid with a magnifying glass is to ants. The moloch of finance capital (already ran by algorithms) is a pretty good example.
Roko's Basilisk has other problems but expecting humanism to always be apart of the horizon - especially when you live under capital's heel - is puerile.


I never said it will be more or less tolerant to humanity. I said it would be a-moral. If you know anything about technology you know that technology doesn't hold any morality. It just runs computations. Any artificial intelligence capable of replicating itself would probably be as self interested as any other organic creature.


That's exactly why I brought up finance capital - its essentially a form of super AI today that causes mass iniquity without giving two shits about the human cost - that's how capital accumulation works. While the idea that god AI will care about a disney hero (SV citizen on lesswrong) is of course absurd, but the idea that under its normal functioning it couldn't do mass harm to all other life is what I think is naive.

The question extends far past simple amorality into will humanism be a dominant ideology in the future when the systems engineered to keep capitalism running have far more agency than the entire UN - let alone your average worker.

I realize this is way outside the realm of Roko, but I find the jumping off point of the thought experiment fascinating for above reasons.


And yes I'm equating capital accumulation with functioning god AI because that's exactly how it will develop, not in some researcher's lab trying to match moods to pieces of literature with an algorithm - but the god amount of processing required to keep supply chains, world banking and finance running.


>but the god amount of processing required to keep supply chains, world banking and finance running.
Spontaneous emergence of super AI is dubious at best, but if that happens it will come from looking at data from networked cameras, microphones, smell-sensors and wiggling robot appendages, not maximizing a banking utility function. My thought is entirely unoriginal, animal and human intelligence has the same origins (processing sense perception and moving appendages)


File: 1615784396390.png (100.35 KB, 375x375, thats a buttplug.png)

Well I was going to make a schizothread but seeing as it's similar to this one I'll just post here.

I've TRIED to keep my online and real lives separate but I'm pretty sure I've slipped up several times, i.e. my Steam account that I've used for almost a decade is tied to the credit card of two different relatives. I used to use Skype and now I sparingly use Discord too only to talk to internet people, not anyone I know irl. I do everything under the same (dynamic) IP too that everyone else in the house uses as well.

Is there any point in trying to be private anymore? With how advanced surveillance has gotten it feels like I'm just coping and living under an illusion of privacy and whatever pseudonyms I've used these years are already well linked to my actual identity.

Btw I've openly acted like a communist under these pseudonym accounts. I guess I'm fucked when/if the fascist dystopia arrives.


you're probably still ok, and minimizing your exposure is good even if you've fucked up in the past.

Remember, shit has to be deleted eventually. Websites die, companies die.

Discord will eventually go out of business.

Teens in 2006 thought myspace would be forever but now its gone


Alright I googled it
it's basically just the game in creepypasta form


Adding to this,
"So you've already given Facebook your phone number and address and date of birth? They already know your schools and job and hobbies? Why close the gate when the horse has bolted?

You'll change jobs.
You'll move house.
Your interests will change.
Your friends will change.
You'll get married/divorced/have children.
You could even change your name or get married and change your surname.

Sure, the data they have today will still be valid in a week. But in six months? A year? Five years? The sooner you cut off advertisers from up to date information, the sooner it'll be out of date. Their databases will say you still like Linkin Park and Jackass unless you tell them otherwise. They'll also miss out on your patterns over time, not knowing the path of your history and making their future predictions inaccurate. "

Don't fall to these tricks your brain comes up with like swinging between extremes. Don't ever give up fighting.


I really don't get the privacy-whoring. Like sure, its retarded to give your private info and such, but being paranoid about your email links, YouTube, game or porn preferances and personal politics? Like, you aren't really giving away your privacy. Its just going to be some algorithm in a database that will scan you and send apropiate adds to annoy you. Whats the worse that could happen? Some technofeudal fascist purge? I mean, for one its so unrealistic that its like being a germaphobe, and two, remember that CIA had the data about 9/11 collected, just never got around to review it in time. So unless you are some /dead/ schizo doing epic illegalism, there really just doesn't seem to be that much reason to go full on data hermit.


>remember that CIA had the data about 9/11 collected, just never got around to review it in time
Stopping crimes has never been the point of mass surveillance, it's been noted many times that the NSA's PRISM program has more data than they could ever possibly sift through. The point is to collect things that can be used to intimidate or silence people who threaten their power.


Is the mass surveillance really relevant outside of the Imperial Core?
I live in a periphery country as a shut in prole and haven't had social media in 6 years but still have a google account which I rarely use even if it has some personal data required for government procedures linked to it which makes me reluctant to delete it.


Should I do the Tor survey when you launch the browser or is that a test to see how retarded you are about security?


Read a book on the civil rights movement in the U.S.

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