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VIchan was forked from tinyboard, the earliest commits I can find from it are from 2011 or 2012. Laravel's first release was in 2011, Codeigniter was in 2006, Symfony came out in '05, Zend came out in '06, CakePHP in '05.

Literally any of these frameworks (even CI), and plenty not named, would have been better than the structureless, hand coded ball of spaghetti code that tinyboard/Vichan/lainchan ended up becoming, with its handcoded crappy ORM and barebones html templating, not to mention lack of a router.

Imposing some basic, even minimal MVC type architecture on tinyboard at the beginning would have made things a HELL of a lot better for all future maintainers even 10+ years later.

At this point coding a new imageboard from scratch is a huge task and few have attempted it successfully (lynx being one).


everyone think IBs are too simple and straightforward to be RFC or standardization worthy right until they actually start developing one. it's getting irrelevant form of communication anyway so I doubt of any improvement


most if not all of those frameworks dont even use RFC afaik most php frameworks don't.


tinyboard/vichan develoeprs were evidently self taught.
php has been the "self-taught" language for a lot of years, so it's no surprise that it was done on PHP. also using frameworks wasn't really popular until after ~2008 afaik.



yeah but that was still 3-4 years before they made tinyboard, even as self taught guys i wish they had done a bit of research :(

Anyway the enterprise world had frameworks (albeit terrible, bloated ones) like JSF and Spring MVC for years, since like the early 2000s.


Frameworks suck ass.


Maybe in Goloang or something, but PHP devs should probably use a framework which forces them to use something closer to best practices.


Because STI was a fucking retard.

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