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What are /leftypol/-approved DNS providers?


I just use google


What’s the difference between using a VPN and a DNS?


If you want to go for mainstream ones wouldn't Cloudflare be safer?








Kind of like asking what's the difference between using a map vs using a car.
Do some basic reading (even Wikipedia). Basically when you type leftypol.org, your computer needs to ask a DNS for the IP address where you can access that site. It's like a phone book for websites. An issue is that using the Google DNS or your ISPs default DNS let's them know which domains you visited and when.
A VPN is a protective layer/tunnel, businesses often use then to secure remote connections (so a worker using cafe WiFi can't easily be tapped by a random WiFi user), home users often use them to hide info from their ISP, have an IP in a different place or country to their own (e.g. geoblocks on Netflix) or otherwise helping stop online stalking.


I use OpenNIC resolvers.


I just use opendns. Is this bad? Should I not use open DNS?


Cisco bought them out in 2016, which is definitely a dealbreaker for me. But I feel like I stopped using it earlier than that for other reasons related to censorship that I can no longer remember.


Fuck, I had no idea.


so using a DNS will prevent your ISP from viewing what websites you've visited?


Using a DNS server that does not harvest one's requests will be quite probably more private than default ISP DNS servers that might surreptitiously collect information on the domain names being resolved.
Use a hosts file to get to sites if absolutely paranoid.
On a separate topic, usage of a DNS SEC capable resolver is probably also a good thing.

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