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Is anon going to join the GNU Assembly?


>Code of Conduct
>Ludovic Courtès
Is this some sort of deliberate community split by the anti-Stallman shitheads?


So, is this basically a labor union but without appeal to non-idpol because FOSS is typically volunteer work?
Or did GNU actually lack common communication channels?

>inb4 they try to call a strike to remove RMS

>Code of Conduct
not an argument
>Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct


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What's the point when we already have the GNU Project…
>large portion on board signed the Stallman hate letter
>others are in Guix which drafted official anti-Stallman statement
Oh, I get it.


Why are GCC and Guix so disproportionately filled with wreckers? What the fuck is their deal? I am guessing GCC is because of its corporate backing, but the Guix devs and their incessant need to hurl themselves into every FLOSS controversy is bizarre.
>Attempted coup against Stallman in GNU
>Censored their mailing list when people called them out
>Did not sign the anti-Stallman letter as an organization but most of the members did
>Now this
Note that signing their social contract is MANDATORY if you want to play along with them or their projects. The document looks harmless, but look at the bottom:
>The GNU Project commits to providing a harassment-free experience for all contributors. It wants to give everyone the opportunity of contributing to its efforts on any of the many tasks that require work. It welcomes all contributors, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, level of experience, or any other personal characteristics.
This is a statement that most people would agree with, but the wording here makes it obvious they're trying to build power in order to oust Stallman by invoking the letter's claim that he's a harmful bigot.
Another thing worth mentioning is that Andy Wingo, who is the founder, was openly considering a schism with GNU over Stallman:
I think the endgame of this thing is to pressure GNU maintainers into joining. Then, once enough people have joined, the social contract will be invoked to demand Stallman's removal from GNU and the ousting of the entire FSF board. If they do not give in, they will declare themselves to be the REAL GNU and become schismatic.


Stallman has sent out an email to all GNU maintainers calling this out:

You may have recently received an email asking you to review a
document titled "GNU Social Contract" and then to endorse it or reject
it. It does not entirely accord with the GNU Project's views. It was
created by some GNU participants who are trying to push changes
on the GNU Project.

The message also proposed to "define" what it means to be a "member of
GNU", and cited a web page presented as a "wiki for GNU maintainers",
It may have given the impression that they were doing all those things
on behalf of the GNU Project. That is not the case. The document,
the wiki, and the proposed idea of "members" have no standing in the GNU
Project, which is not considering such steps. The use of a domain not
affiliated with GNU reflects this fact.

GNU package maintainers have committed to do work to maintain and add
to the GNU system, but not anything beyond that. We have never
pressed contributors to endorse the GNU Project philosophy, or any
other philosophical views, because people are welcome to contribute to
GNU regardless of their views.

To change that – to impose such requirements – would be radical,
gratuitous, and divisive, so the GNU Project is not entertaining the
idea. Likewise, we will not ask package maintainers to be "members"
instead of volunteers. If you contribute to GNU, you are already a
member of the GNU community.

The wiki that they set up "for GNU maintainers" represents them, not
the GNU Project. People are always free to publish what they think
the GNU Project should do, but should not presume it will be accepted
or followed by the GNU Project.


Think of how Google has a "union" that only exists because they see the organization as being insufficiently idpol focused.




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Why isn't this in the Stallman thread? This is clearly a continuation of the wrecker tantrum over him.


Lunatic Courtes


File: 1618647551140-0.png ( 106.66 KB , 2013x1187 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1618647551140-1.png ( 13.89 KB , 1962x89 , ClipboardImage.png )

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At least one of of the " *Code-of-conduct complaint review committee* " is a confirmed signatory of the anti-RMS letter, he also holds a position in every other committee and is the sole admin of the wiki.

<Carlos O'Donell

The following "supporters" of the new GNU verification checkmark have signed the anti-RMS letter:

<Andrej Shadura (Collabora, Debian Developer)

<Ian Jackson (GNU adns, GNU userv)
<Carlos O'Donell (GNU libc)
<David Malcolm (GCC)






https://lists.gnu.tools/hyperkitty/list/[email protected]/thread/SMFKD7M34VUTUW45MSO4UOWL4C7V5FQT/
> by creating this assembly, we affirmed that GNU Project leadership is in our hands
Blanquists win again, Stallmanites are on suicide watch.

It's old news: https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/gnu-misc-discuss/2020-02/msg00014.html


Guix is a great distro but their constant shit is so fucking tiresome

All this vigilante twitter bullshit is driving me insane fuck


hope they crash and burn, and everyone forget them and they fall into irrelevance
despicable cunts


File: 1618686318909.jpg ( 17.38 KB , 298x359 , stalin_purge_by_comradepep….jpg )

Stallman needs to icepick some mfers. Suffer not the traitor.


They will probably get money from Red Hat, just watch.


God, what will it take for these people to just give up already?

No one supports their little coup, people all across the world have come in support of Stallman, that should have been the end of it.


lol wtf, this whole project seems like it was designed to make life shitty for developers
>Contributor Code of Conduct enforced on your project if you join (see the nightmare that Debian has become since they did this), all interactions in the organization also must be mediated through the code of conduct
>Mandatory social contract says you cannot tell wreckers to fuck off because it would not be inclusive
Not to mention how it looks like they want to break away from the FSF, which would lose them legal and monetary protection. Is Stallman Derangement Syndrome in tech liberals really so severe that they'd be willing to nuke everything for woke points? Or are some anti-Stallman/FSF groups quietly funding this?


It's IBM/Red Hat


Based rms





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