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how much it would cost to build something to shoot that down, or maybe EMP the drones


zeppelins are prone to exploding, so it souldnt be too hard to do


They don't explode so much anymore since they stopped using hydrogen and replaced it with helium.


Indeed, and even in WWI it was actually difficult to shoot airships using bullets. You need explosive shells to make large enough holes to rapidly reduce buoyancy.


I am 100% convinced /tech/ is the board that's going to get this site taken down

You nerds are fucking suicidial


It's just about thinking through hypothetical scenarios. If that military airship can be killed with cheap gear, it means they got scammed by military hardware vendors and we get to feel superior for figuring it out. It's like people thinking about chess strategy.


Oh. Carry on then.


He fell for it! Now, let's keep discussing on how to destroy AWS data centers.


Couldn't you try attaching a cheap bomb to one of the drones, so it can be exploded when it docks?


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this isn't Final Fantasy the military doesn't use airships


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You will ride the blimp and you will be happy.


Yes and no, airships for recon still have uses if there is no risk of them attacked and DARPA is devloping drone airships that job would be just sit on a boarder and listen in to radio signals with a nation they are technically not at war with.


Hover your drone in front of it. Then when it crashes into it, you sue Amazon for $100000000000000000000000000000.


Is making money off suing companies really as comically easy as they show in TV?

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