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$10 GPUs for everyone!


US anti-China policies have ironically been unironically good for the whole world.


they're not releasing any of this out of china apparently


wtf i hate nationalism now


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Even if i can't have it, I'm still curious about what a $10 GPU can do, anybody got links ?


Big deal

I just saw Nvidia released the new B00B Ti for 19.99


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Muahaha now storeshitters and japs have to suffer as I did back in the day
y do I habe to suffer w/ them doe?


good job united states for forcing diversity in the chip market. if china figures out how to produce, for example, the equivalent to a gtx 1050ti for cheaper and cheaper and releases it on the global market, it will fuck up nvidia dominance and force them to lower prices thanks to laws of supply and demand. I really look forward to it, honestly.


Nvidia, Ati/Amd started out making cards for gaming and then later transitioned into server/supercomputer compute-cards.

China's GPU makers had the reverse development of western GPU makers. They started out with compute-cards and they are now trying to also do gaming cards.

While you are correct that they will relatively quickly become price competitive with western offerings on a bench-mark performance basis because the compute-market is hyper competitive, game compatibility and driver quality will take a very long time. It requires cultivating a detailed understanding of all the game engines.

Go look at old forum posts of people trouble shooting game compatibility and driver-bugs to get an idea what it's gonna be like. I think that chinese Gpus will become an option for people willing to put up with that stuff.


it will still affect the economy. China is a huge gaming market, and Alibaba has their own hosting that is bigger than amazon. im not saying it wont be buggy, but its going to change things in the next 10 years

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