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Incel News Thread
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I think this is primarily the result of feminism which is a female supremacist movement.


Most likely. Men aren't going to vote for political parties that consistently act against their interests.


I call bullshit on this


*spits out coffe*



File: 1706831817615.jpg ( Spoiler Image, 113.96 KB , 840x1234 , 20240118_180627.jpg )

"Femcels" are the feminine version of incels, minus the violence. They are the extreme face of a growing celibacy movement gripped by Gen-Z


The booj won't let a femcel movement last too long. They need these picky roasties to have kids and start incentivizing them. Wouldn't be surprised if they legalized polygamy.


>minus the violence

Incel violence isnt even that prominent.
Most incels are just bitter shut-ins.

>Gen Z

This started with Gen Y tbh.


File: 1706836918244.jpg ( 25.05 KB , 654x480 , incel-uprising-at-the-maid….jpg )

This shit Glows brighter than a thousand suns.

Corporate fucks like the soulless automatons they are know only one thing - trying to coopt everything they don't understand.

Too bad for them, we, incels, are a different BREED from the previous normoid soyboys they are accustomed to dealing with. We are the NEXT STEP in evolution.

Incel movement IS. HERE. TO. STAY.

You better GET YO ASS READY you fucking BITCH.


Its the worst for male youths.

Parents and teachers tak about boys in a comical patronizing manner that they never do for girls.

Boys are treated as comical relief.

Boys wishing to be serious or looked at in a profound way is seen as "homosexual."


>boys recieving any parental affection is ruining them

How many times have we heard this?

Yet, nobody questions the doting girls get.


Stupid fucking normoid pavlov dogs..


File: 1706974163491.jpg ( 189.22 KB , 1080x1920 , 20240202_054414.jpg )

Are Men Who Pay For Sex More Sexist?

>A common refrain in many anti-prostitution arguments is that sex work is inherently exploitative and that it perpetuates gender inequality. Built into these arguments is an assumption that men who buy sex from women are more sexist to begin with and/or that participating in sex markets increases sexist beliefs.

>But is there any truth to this idea? Are men who buy sex necessarily more sexist?

>A new study published in the journal Men and Masculinities challenges this assumption. In this study, 519 men were surveyed online. On average, participants were 48 years old, most were White, and a majority were unmarried. All men had paid for sex before either online or in person.



Isn't it illegal to be a John? How'd they do a survey and do it well?


They probably half-assed the study. Or they got token males to "buddy up" with other guys and talk about sex.

Older men treat everything like a pissing contest.


File: 1707012512374.png ( 317.66 KB , 496x365 , 1706125343605744.png )

They probably kept the names of the participants anonymous. And prostitution is only a misdemeanor. The police would need more than a survey to prove you broke the law. Cops are only going to arrest Johns if they catch them in the act either during a sting or raid.


Birthrates, which have been falling for decades, declined even more during the Covid pandemic. And they have continued to fall since



Tfw no gf cause she wasn't born


birth rates arent falling fast enough


File: 1707930667813.jpeg ( 14.02 KB , 1024x614 , Orggasm-Gap_1400x840-jpg.jpeg )

The Equal Rights Issue Facing Straight Couples (in Bed)
>Research shows the orgasm gap is real, and is largely unique to heterosexual, cisgender relationships.


File: 1708365157247.jpg ( 143.49 KB , 640x940 , 1708355910033281.jpg )



its a spook


tbh I dont blame them

I wish there was the male counterpart exoerience.

Why waste your sexual energy on meatspace entities


File: 1708494919774.jpg ( 165 KB , 1107x1339 , 20240220_225352.jpg )

Friendly reminder that even a used up roastie would rather blow their brains out than touch one you.


File: 1708497607553.jpeg ( Spoiler Image, 83.25 KB , 426x640 , image.jpeg )

The 'orgasm gap' (the finding that heterosexual men orgasm more often than women) is persistent across racial groups, but is largest among White and Asian adults and smallest among Hispanic and Black adults.
Whitey BTFO'd


Wow they usually kill themselves with drug overdose


File: 1708638463586-0.jpg ( 290.65 KB , 1233x940 , 20240222_144539.jpg )

File: 1708638463586-1.pdf ( 848.64 KB , 212x300 , _140224SISNETIncelReport.pdf )

New study shows incels are left wing


We need to shill this board more.


File: 1708728159371.jpg ( 1.11 MB , 4800x2700 , jennifer-lawrence-attends-….jpg )

Holy shit jennifer lawrence hit the wall


File: 1708795761423.jpg ( 132.12 KB , 1280x460 , me lookin @ all these lite….jpg )

>jpeg'ing text
kys faggot

>"the government is almost always wasteful and inefficient"

>right-wing take
Horseshit theory chads stay winnin still i see

>[they are] feeling that "Ethnic minorities who can't get ahead in this country are mostly responsible for their own condition"

Why are you genhobos so self-hating on this matter? Never understood this cuck racist shit (im wyte)

That take about government-issued nationalized pouwsie was a joke btw but go on i guess

They made Femmest Gump the real thing


File: 1708798440359.gif ( 6.83 MB , 640x640 , 1708798427080.gif )

holy shit all this says is that incels like troons nothing new. If that's what you mean by "left wing" maybe you should keep considering suicide


File: 1710123534103.jpg ( 55.48 KB , 640x642 , 20240214_120625.jpg )

Decent Men Should Care About the Republican War on Women


>Men of faith, morality, and conscience should be among the fierce flood of opposition to the twisted theology that declares embryos to be full human beings meriting a voice—but women not to be.

Excuse me ugly men that I openly despise and would never sleep with. Jesus says you have to rescue me from Republicans that millions of women voted for. uwu


File: 1710183334335.jpg ( 664.42 KB , 513x640 , 20240311_111741.jpg )





File: 1710309134675.jpg ( 118.45 KB , 669x658 , 20240222_143828.jpg )

HR 4678 Goes into effect today
This law ends administrative fees on child support which could be as much as 25 to 30%. This will lower child support payments for fathers and make courts award custody to more fathers and order child support from more mothers instead of from the person that makes the most money which is usually the father.
In predict you will see a huge wave of mothers abandon their children as they not only lose child support but are order to start paying it to men.


*I predict you will see a huge wave of mothers abandon their children as they not only lose child support but are ordered to start paying it to men.


Almost correct.
Youre forgetting the condition that the women in question are young and light skinned and slender and docile.

Also, some of the attributes are redundant:
>Only Fans

>Full custody

>child support
<Favorable court rulings

>Womens shelters

>No draft
<Full community support


She has a nice forehead

This is the fault of chivalry.
Men keep assigning childrearing on women.
Also, men feel entitled to wives and offspring as vanity projects.


She has a nice forehead


File: 1710540268352.jpg ( 187.62 KB , 1179x1445 , 20240315_145906.jpg )

Hello based department?!


What if you want to divorce because it's not your kid?


File: 1710600804393.jpg ( 174.95 KB , 1188x477 , jew collab.jpg )

not news but


This is why marriage and parenthood should be licensed.


Semi-related but I watched the movie "The Zone of Interest" today and that reminds me of something I noticed.

The film (accurately) portrays Rudolf Hoess's wife as being a psycho fanatical bitch, who shows no sympathy towards to the inmates of Auschwitz at any point. This surprised me because usually in this type of movie, the wife/female family members are portrayed as feeling some level of remorse and regret about what is going on. Writers always do this thing too where they try to depict the woman as being just another "victim" of their patriarchal, monstrous husbands. But no, she's portrayed as being equally as unhinged as her husband and knowing full well what's happening in the camp, even boasting about it at certain points. It was a very well-made movie overall.




Man sues 50 women over posts made about him on “Are We Dating The Same Guy?” Facebook groups

>Several women, including Olivia Berger and Vanessa Valdez, are being sued by Stuart Lucas Murray for defamation, libel, sex-based discrimination, and other allegations, arising from their posts in the Facebook group "Are We Dating The Same Guy?"





File: 1711772486152.jpg ( 165.24 KB , 999x1136 , 20240318_100537.jpg )



Sex havers btfo


File: 1711900749956.jpg ( 40.92 KB , 1000x441 , this is how a feminist loo….jpg )

>muh saint cunt-carriers (with any semblance of power & entitlement characteristics)
Bullshit gender-ideological propaganda trope made up by jvro-athlantic anti-fascists of the future. Anyone with any kind of interest in history & power dynamics knows how fucking unhingedly violent cuntborn degenerates become whenever they are given protection from their actions. Priveleged cunts were always the backbone of fascist atrocities & fascists always listened to their (economic) race sissies' opinion on different matters.
Look how empowered kweens cucked nutsoys & mistah goybells himself when they tried to purge the last civilian jews from the Germany @ the Rosenstrasse protests. Faggots instantly backed off when their sisters voiced their "umm no sweetie" to this operation. So fucking much for le blood purity until der aryan maiden gets a taste for the dirty disgusting degenerate unrelenting corrupting kike cock.
Look what they did @ pogroms in Romania, look how they instantly collaborated with the nazis in the occupied territories of USSR (sometimes not even waiting for the troops to retreat! with understandable consequences of course), look @ that empowered✨ literal slay kween 👄💅✨ nada luburic proudly fighting 👑💪 the srbian patriarchy 🇧🇦🇧🇬🇲🇪🇷🇸🇸🇮🇷🇴🇲🇰🇦🇱👎 one 🔪🧔 dirty 🔪👶 commie 🔪👩 @ a time 📈✨, marvelously✨ showing her fascinating✨ girl power💫 to her pathetic cide-mayul colleagues in building the free & democratic Croatia.
& notice how every single fascist inhuman degenerate managed & still manages to spawn a ton of offspring of his with multiple inherently unaccountable whores.

Of course feminazis, being the preciest tool of the wall street rule, will NEVER EVER touch upon these blasphemous subjects which portray priveleged wyteboo middle class cuntoids as an inalienable part of the ruling system since sufrawhores of WSPU who gained their priveleges by ardently serving the cause of prolonging the 1st cringe meatgrinder (aka "The Great War").
>The party proclaimed the need for more stringent measures in support of Britain in World War I. Indeed, it gave out white feathers to all conscientious objectors. It changed the name of its paper from The Suffragette to Britannia.
>The Party campaigned for Naturalisation Laws to be changed to prevent Germans and their allies gaining British nationality and exploiting it after the war.
>The Party was firmly Unionist and supported strengthening the British Empire by bringing its natural resources and transport systems under British control.
>The Women's Party was launched at a time of growing domestic support for the Labour Party and the international rise of Bolshevism in Russia. With this in mind, its anti-Bolshevik stance attracted the approval of the British Government along with industrialists, such as Lord Leverhulme.
>In contrast to Sylvia Pankhurst, sister of Christabel and Emmeline, the Women's Party was anti-communist and supported reforms to further the cause of feminism.
<quicksauce: wikishittia

What feminazis would do though is to claim that marxists who happened to be women & seen the discrimination of people based on this racist shit that is called "gender", are ackshually feminazis themselves also, despite the fact that all these "marxist feminists" always bashed these cunt-supremacists as another kind of racist movement that divides any opposition to the rule of the elites.
& it doesn't help @ all that the vast majority of leftards with pussy characteristics completely buy into this shit, trembling with nazoid exaltation simply by thinking about their precious, aryan &, of course, constantly oppressed reproductive race which, just like any shitty race or nation or another kind of identity, doesn't know the class division in itself.
even the fact that "marxist feminism" sounds as deranged as "marxist nationalism (= building capitalist society)" doesn't trigger any retard-bells in the heads of faggots soaking wet with identity ideology of their inherent specialness. bourgs have completely wiped the floor with leftards in this one


File: 1712814100010.jpg ( 224.29 KB , 1080x1080 , 20240410_224001.jpg )

Arizona Supreme Court Ruling Leads to Abortion Ban Throughout the state

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