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File: 1608528066546.png (240.49 KB, 662x540, 1475417084125.png)


Drop those PDF's or else


File: 1608528066680.png (28.44 KB, 682x270, learn_download_books.png)



File: 1608528067205.pdf (1.34 MB, MArxs Contribution to Huma….pdf)



File: 1608528067841.pdf (6.85 MB, Evgeny Pashukanis - The Ge….pdf)



File: 1608528068057.pdf (7.85 MB, Isaak Illich Rubin (author….pdf)



Or else what OP?


Check this out &lt-

Didn't think so.


File: 1608528068511.pdf (2.66 MB, Unruhe Economics Of Fallou….pdf)



let's summon Ismail


File: 1608528071078.pdf (1.06 MB, shieldbook.pdf)



Books about the Russian Revolution/Soviet Union:
You can find a PDF of almost everything in that list on Libgen.


Also, try the links before using Libgen. It's often not necessary to use the latter.


File: 1608528142757.epub (1.76 MB, Too Much and Never Enough….epub)

I'd share boltons book too, but my copy is >20MB


File: 1608528143323.pdf (2.49 MB, CatalanGrammar.pdf)



File: 1608528143394.pdf (533.42 KB, Grazio Falzon - Basic malt….pdf)



File: 1608528143463-0.pdf (143.29 KB, paul-z-simons-illegalism-w….pdf)

File: 1608528143463-1.pdf (122.33 KB, renzo-novatore-toward-the-….pdf)



File: 1608528143535.pdf (2.93 MB, A-Basic-Modern-Russian-Gra….pdf)



File: 1608528143836-0.pdf (180.36 KB, Moore on the Ukrainian Fam….pdf)

File: 1608528143836-1.pdf (11.46 MB, Natural Disaster and Human….pdf)

File: 1608528143836-2.pdf (4.95 MB, Years of Hunger Wheatcroft.pdf)

Holodomeme pdfs


File: 1608528144091-0.pdf (164.18 KB, Food Shortages, Hunger, an….pdf)

File: 1608528144091-1.pdf (4.04 MB, Fraud Famine and Fascism T….pdf)

File: 1608528144091-2.pdf (556.17 KB, Marples on the Ukrainian F….pdf)



File: 1608528144227.pdf (67.92 KB, COVID-19’s Effect on Labor….pdf)



File: 1608528186815-0.pdf (4.05 MB, Korean for Dummies.pdf)

File: 1608528186815-1.pdf (7.35 MB, Portuguese for Dummies.pdf)

File: 1608528186815-2.pdf (1.52 MB, Spanish Essentials For Dum….pdf)

I don't have much but I will offer what I have.


File: 1608528195630-0.png (43.59 KB, 220x299, 220px-Abdullah_Öcalan.png)

File: 1608528195630-1.jpg (135.06 KB, 667x1000, 71G8e8MFJUL.jpg)

Requestion a PDF of Sociology of Freedom by /ourboy/, Abdullah Öcalan.


nobody is going to just read this shut you copy pasted with zero context btw


Wasn't expecting it that soon. Based, thanks!


The last part is a lie


File: 1608528236424-0.pdf (601.99 KB, 2296631-joy-of-gardening.pdf)

File: 1608528236424-1.pdf (2.09 MB, 2390089-culinary-herbs-the….pdf)

File: 1608528236424-2.pdf (2 MB, 2548574-growing-potatoes.pdf)



File: 1608528236550-0.pdf (1.05 MB, 8375638-a-handbook-on-shor….pdf)

File: 1608528236550-1.pdf (13.84 KB, 8608892-crystal-radio-proj….pdf)

File: 1608528236550-2.pdf (79.49 KB, building-a-battery-bank.pdf)



File: 1608528237516.pdf (491.47 KB, Reform or Revolution - Ros….pdf)



File: 1608528244016-0.pdf (15.63 MB, [Collected Papers of Herbe….pdf)

File: 1608528244016-1.jpg (6.86 KB, 226x223, marcuse.jpg)

Dropping some Marcuse


File: 1608528244204-0.pdf (1.48 MB, V2 [Collected Papers of He….pdf)

File: 1608528244204-1.pdf (3.33 MB, V3 [Herbert Marcuse_ Colle….pdf)

File: 1608528244204-2.pdf (3.17 MB, V4 [Herbert Marcuse_ Colle….pdf)



File: 1608528244313.pdf (3.31 MB, V6 [Herbert Marcuse_ Colle….pdf)

Missing volume 5.

The FBI report in volume 6 on his Essay on Liberation is really funny lol.


Give me your favorite books especially if it's about history


He sounds interesting


File: 1620671187450.pdf (777.16 KB, 67x118, northwoods.pdf)



File: 1620727734416-0.pdf (435.59 KB, 213x300, 1936 USSR constitution.pdf)

File: 1620727734416-1.pdf (9.94 MB, 232x300, anarchist cookbook.pdf)

File: 1620727734416-2.pdf (278.68 KB, 212x300, gaddafi-green-book.pdf)

File: 1620727734416-3.pdf (16.44 MB, 67x118, Grover Furr-Khrushchev Lie….pdf)



File: 1620729859750.png (143 KB, 660x509, 812391bac42186722c7a8d7c6d….png)

>anarchist cookbook.pdf


sorry, didn't think of it, just resharing what I got from here


File: 1621578040758.pdf (675.86 KB, 212x300, luxemburg_1925_political_e….pdf)



File: 1621598961671.pdf (16.76 MB, 67x118, Making of the English Work….pdf)



File: 1621963025587.pdf (18.77 MB, 67x118, Geo Stone - Suicide and At….pdf)



File: 1621963302559.pdf (244.67 KB, 67x118, spassky-fischer-11th-match….pdf)



File: 1622035900107-0.pdf (9.56 MB, 369x300, thomson-1.pdf)

File: 1622035900107-1.pdf (22.53 MB, 230x300, Marx One shot.pdf)

File: 1622035900107-2.pdf (225.97 KB, 232x300, Xis the One by Sandra Coup….pdf)



File: 1622425227884-0.pdf (364.89 KB, 245x300, Defund.pdf)

File: 1622425227884-1.pdf (896.27 KB, 232x300, new_socialism.pdf)

File: 1622425227884-2.pdf (3.78 MB, 206x300, 2018 Critiquing Capitalism….pdf)



Anybody have Political Economy of Human Rights in their clipboards? hahaha unless…




File: 1622740550670-0.pdf (1.17 MB, 232x300, Domenico Losurdo, Gregory ….pdf)

File: 1622740550670-1.pdf (17.39 MB, 67x118, Domenico Losurdo - Liberal….pdf)

File: 1622740550670-2.pdf (16.27 MB, 197x300, Losurdo, Domenico - War an….pdf)

File: 1622740550670-3.pdf (2.73 MB, 206x300, (Marx, Engels, and Marxism….pdf)

File: 1622740550670-4.pdf (2.93 MB, 67x118, Stalin The History and Cri….pdf)

Here's some Losurdo.


File: 1622790658474.pdf (3.1 MB, 232x300, Axen, Jennifer_ Phillips, ….pdf)



File: 1623136833741.pdf (864.06 KB, 203x300, graham1966.pdf)



any of you got Washington bullets capitalist realism hinterlands and any books related


File: 1623700805457.pdf (6.33 MB, 202x300, Dialectic of enlightenment….pdf)

Adorno Red Pill


File: 1623858147625.pdf (501.93 KB, 232x300, A Practical Guide to Suici….pdf)



Can someone try this and confirm it works real quick


>tfw can't read all these fast enough

fuck I hate being a brainlet :(


File: 1625218283499-0.pdf (1.23 MB, 212x300, cleaver-reading_capital_po….pdf)

File: 1625218283499-1.epub (667.59 KB, Roberts, William Clare - ….epub)

File: 1625218283499-2.pdf (1.26 MB, 187x300, William Clare Roberts - Ma….pdf)

Reading Capital Politically (Simply a great companion to Capital without the baggage of VFT)
Marx's Inferno (OK it has a bit of a strange premise, but it contextualizes Capital extremely well even if you don't buy it, please read it)


File: 1625247269840-0.pdf (942.69 KB, 67x118, Arguments for Socialism.pdf)

File: 1625247269840-1.pdf (3.98 MB, 187x300, Classical Econophysics.pdf)

File: 1625247269840-2.pdf (3.51 MB, 230x300, Computation and its Limits.pdf)

File: 1625247269840-3.pdf (286.22 KB, 67x118, Computers and Economic Dem….pdf)

File: 1625247269840-4.pdf (7.68 MB, 212x300, How the World Works.pdf)

Cockshott dump incoming


File: 1625247332323-0.pdf (82.53 KB, 67x118, Socialist Planning.pdf)

File: 1625247332323-1.pdf (914.25 KB, 232x300, Towards a New Socialism.pdf)

File: 1625247332323-2.pdf (135.46 KB, 186x300, Transition to 21st Century….pdf)

File: 1625247332323-3.zip (4.18 MB, kantorovich.zip)

File: 1625247332323-4.zip (686.34 KB, plancode.zip)

With some related code


File: 1625247558265.pdf (12.84 MB, 67x118, Laws of Chaos.pdf)



File: 1625407670615.pdf (185.18 KB, 67x118, colander2000.pdf)



File: 1625869917571-0.pdf (16.35 MB, 195x300, David Scott Palmer (eds.) ….pdf)

File: 1625869917571-1.pdf (3.53 MB, 232x300, Gustavo Gorriti - The Shin….pdf)

File: 1625869917571-2.pdf (3.89 MB, 200x300, José Carlos Agüero, Michae….pdf)

File: 1625869917571-3.pdf (32.09 MB, 232x300, La Serna, Miguel_Starn, Or….pdf)

File: 1625869917571-4.pdf (1.94 MB, 200x300, (Critical Human Rights) Ca….pdf)



File: 1626010852367.pdf (11.66 MB, 192x300, churchreligionussr1982.pdf)

redpill on religion in USSR (aka actually existing socialism).




File: 1626267232588-0.pdf (3 MB, 232x300, Michael Hudson-J Is for Ju….pdf)

File: 1626267232588-1.pdf (15.26 MB, 185x300, Mike Davis-Prisoners of th….pdf)

File: 1626267232588-2.pdf (5.31 MB, 200x300, Robert Antelme-On the Huma….pdf)



File: 1626267351896-0.pdf (3.36 MB, 191x300, David Harvey-A Companion t….pdf)

File: 1626267351896-1.pdf (5.35 MB, 200x300, Ellen Meiksins Wood-Democr….pdf)

File: 1626267351896-2.pdf (31.56 MB, 388x300, Henri_Lefebvre_The_Urban_R….pdf)

File: 1626267351896-3.pdf (32.63 MB, 223x300, Henri_Lefebvre_Writings_on….pdf)

File: 1626267351896-4.pdf (1.64 MB, 198x300, Historical Materialism Boo….pdf)



File: 1626267519990-0.pdf (38.07 MB, 187x300, Michael Hudson - Trade, De….pdf)

File: 1626267519990-1.pdf (16.94 MB, 212x300, Michael Hudson-Super Imper….pdf)



If anyone has any Artaud, Bataille, or Deleuze please giv


File: 1626786844939-0.pdf (8.28 MB, 212x300, Soviet Academy of Sciences….pdf)

File: 1626786844939-1.pdf (3.31 MB, 67x118, Академия наук СССР - Полит….pdf)

Here's an official Soviet textbook about political economy, in English and the original Russian.


File: 1627043540712.pdf (5.89 MB, 300x300, Kwame Nkrumah - Conscienci….pdf)



File: 1627756302978.pdf (2.48 MB, 200x300, Heinz D Kurz - Economic Th….pdf)



File: 1627921191596.png (243.67 KB, 720x390, 2cf0258f980ab32e7a0b2de375….png)





File: 1628016829219.png (14.11 KB, 534x419, ClipboardImage.png)

Speaking of pdfs Sci-Hub just got blocked and DMCA'd so yeah 85 million free scientific articles - are harder to acquire now.


You can still download papers through libgen: https://libgen.is/scimag/

It won't fetch new ones though.


I literally have 5000 pdfs downloaded on probably every subject in existance
How the fuck am I gonna read all that


File: 1690740053562-0.pdf (48.62 MB, 67x118, communisminbible0000mira.pdf)

File: 1690740053562-1.pdf (545.23 KB, 266x300, Roman A. Montero, Edgar G.….pdf)

Communism in the Bible by José Porfirio Miranda
All Things in Common: The Economic Practices of the Early Christians by Roman Montero


File: 1690843649398-0.pdf (3.64 MB, 203x300, Capitalist Realism - Mark ….pdf)

File: 1690843649398-1.pdf (2.43 MB, 232x300, MineCraft - Astolfo Hegel.pdf)

If you haven't been shot already by Hasbro™ Death Squads, here.

Also a Minecraft guide, for testing your patience by the most mind-compressing writing ever done.

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