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a thread for discussion and recommendation of science fiction works
talking about themes and ideas or just talking about how awesome they are


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What do /hobby/ thinks of Heilein? Was he libertarian that keeps self-inserting himself and his wife into his works like some of his books portray?
On the subject of sci-fi, I would say that my Favorite would be the Iron Heel. Where it portrays a failed socialist movement in the 20th century getting crushed by the world oligarchy with commentary by a socialist future historian. And the amazing thing is that somehow it managed to predict the world today better than any other dystopian novel could in 1908 before ww1 and the first socialist state in the world.


The Iron Heel is pretty good. Back in the days it was one of the books that Italian communist party cadres had to read, mostly because they were supposed to sway the middle class. Still good though.


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Really like the Japanese novel From the New World which has a free translation in here http://shinsekai.cadet-nine.org
Also would recommend the anime which came from the book.


What’s the deal with Japan’s fear of superpowers in general?


I made a thread about utopias in particular >>2419


Blindsight was pretty good and one of the first book that made me question the meaning of sentience. Was it just our still idealism that separates true self awareness with Chinese room AIs. Especially love how it makes the post human alien to the point of lossing our sympathy for them.
The Lensmen series is also peak sci-fi opera and that was written by a food engineer (also that DC ripped it off).


1) China-Mongol attempt at invasion
2) Japan's small size
3) Japan's own strive for imperialism
4) WW-IIs staggering defeat.


Stop necrobumping, this thread is dfunt and all it's posts are either in the Utopian or Dystopian sci-fi threads, including Star Ship troopers


Stranger in a strange land is the most interesting thing I've read. From I can gather Heilein believes cannibalism is good and natural. He also believes in free love, except in homosexual relationships, which are wrong and unnatural.


The Dispossessed: An Ambiguous Utopia is a rather sober look at an anarchist society. Ursula Le Guin was an anarchist or some kind of leftist at least


We need a shorter catalog size to encourage people to make refreshing "new" discussions instead of resurrecting old ones.


There are plenty of fresh popular threads that were up. This was a literal bottom of the catalog thread that was left undeleted because mods are morons. Use the actual threads and stop bumping dead ones with meaningless posts.
>smaller catalog
Tell that to the mods who refuse to move or delete half of the threads that are bumplocked and have 0 content to speak of.


Dystopian Sci-fi >>1782 includes the posts with Gibson and Heinlein

Utopian scifi (includes posts from this thread such as about Le Guin) >>2419

Post-Apocalypse thread >>4483

Star Trek >>1857

Star Wars >>2737

Dune >>9852

Warhammer (40K included) >>3333

Snowpiercer >>4441

Lovecraft >>6750

Move your posts to any of these non-necrobumped threads and discuss. Don't bump threads that were literally at the bottom of catalog for no fucking reason.

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