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Considering that Volume 8 just dropped what was your opinion on the first episode?

Who is your waifu?
Mine is Nora


Haven't watched it that far so can't comment.


i don't understand your fandom
was this not some halo show about two dudes talking with machinima?

how did that tumble into becoming a cartoon with cute girls?


They are two different shows


Deathbattle became part of RoosterTeeth after RWBY was several seasons in production. Machinima was a separate channel.


I have a love-hate relationship with this show. I really enjoyed V7 and the first episode of V8… but the way they do the white fang is such a lib take. A completely discarded subplot :L


File: 1608526797783.jpg ( 19.79 KB , 389x549 , weiss_schnee_rwby_drawn_by….jpg )

>>12215 (me)
also my waifu is Weiss ofc


Porn is literally the only reason I know about this series.


White Fang is done poorly but not inaccurately. It's supposed to be a rebellion but it just acts like shit a lot of the time. What they really don't explore is WHY there is anti-faunus sentiment. They're not that fucking different and if the cultures evolved at similar times and close proximity there ought to be no racist concepts in it. There's a reason why Orcs and elves are portrayed as very different in physical aspects to humans.


yeah :\ miles and kerry said themselves that they couldn't accurately write discrimination because they were white males and didn't know how to properly represent the oppression of minorities.


I mean the fight scenes and music is good but inbetween is insufferable at times


>because they were white males and didn't know how to properly represent the oppression of minorities.
That's retarded. Being a "White Male" has nothing to do with it. Irish were an oppressed minority in the British Empire, and I've sure as hell read some good depictions of minority oppression written well by whites (To Kill a Mockingbird anyone?)


Dude that’s exactly what I said… it’s just laziness on their part


>>12229 (me)
*that’s what I said too


Haven't watched it but it looks gay as fuck so I'm not going to.


It's so bad:the fights, the lore, how the characters are treated, all the libshittery…
Yet I keep watching it as a guilty pleasure, am I retarded?


Nice dubs, checked.

No you're not retarded. You can enjoy something without agreeing with ideology or if it's trash.




Not bad. Pretty good analysis, though I would clarify that nazbols aren't into race superiority, but rather that nations and ethnicities deserve to self-determine their independence as a culture


thanks man :D and yeah, I don’t know much about nazbols but adam seems to be one lol


Adam was definitely nazbol. THe White Fang's violence over-all isn't the issue, but Adam's portrayal seemed to make him a borderline sadist (because "muh villain!!!"


Imma checkout some more stuff of yours.


ty ty, that’s the first political video I’ve done but I might do more


Good to know.
I'd be ok with him being a sadist, what I can't stand is that he went from extremist leader of a terrorist group to stalking, abusive ex-boyfriend.


>I'd be ok with him being a sadist
Really nigga? You should perhaps read the works of Dzerzhinksy or other revolutionaries.


He's the villain of a badly written cartoon show. They made him a sadist because it's the only way for the writers to show he's the villain since everyone who watched the show came to realize White Fangs are in the right (did they seriously expect people to sympathize with a corporation that uses slave labor just because the heir of said corporation is one of the main characters?)
But then Edgy Sadist Adam only made him cooler, so the writers to decide to make him even more obsessed with Blake.
I'd have preferred a more level-headed villain, but heh, it's still a lib show that makes a horrible job in portraying minorities. I'm more surprised there aren't any money obsessed not-jews in Remnant.


I love pyrrha


I think its pretty obvious from the opening that the final boss fight of the season is going to be Robot Gurl being hacked by Ernest Khalimov and turning against the cast and absolutely fucking wrecking them with god powers.
I assume that either Ren or Nora is getting murked and / or turning on everyone else.
The opening also leads me to assume this is probably the penultimate chapter of the story / the "all is lost" section of the hero's journey. with the next season probably being the final.

An actual subversion of expectations would just be killing the entire main cast and then centring on a group of heroes like 50 years in the future whose names also start with R W B and Y. would be funny


Yeah making Adam a sadist is a bit of a libtard thing if you know a lot about the liberal mindset.
Liberals dont think that people who hold beliefs outside "Muh window" are acting rationally or in good faith and are just acting out their personal problems on society as a whole. Obviously this actually does apply to some people (/pol/yp's) but not pro-civil rights revolutionaries.

Also making Adams ideology that he wants to murder all humans indiscriminately makes him more like Idi Amin then say mandela, Malcolm or king


My opinion >>5139

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