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Star Wars thread; To discuss, laugh and meme about Star Wars

Don't be a cunt and may the Force be with you


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File: 1608525674537-1.jpg ( 110.15 KB , 724x1176 , Kylo says he's a monster.jpg )

Reposting something I wrote a while back on a /leftypol/ thread about Star Wars. Pics related

The one part of Last Jedi I liked was a portion of the throne-room scene when Kylo tells Rey she's nothing, a nobody… but not to him. That honestly felt like a really good scene. It subverted the idea that Rey was some child of destiny born of Obi-Wan or a Skywalker or some other nostalgic force user name and instead presents her as an ordinary orphan, forgotten by her drunkard parents, and uncared for by anyone who just happened to have immense force powers. Of course JJ ruined the one good part of Last Jedi, with the reveal that she is Palpatine's grand-daughter in the Rise of Skywalker, which felt like Taking the Piss Out of Rian Johnson, the movie. To be honest there are plenty of individual scenes, mostly of Rey conversing with Kylo, which are quite interesting and have depth in Last Jedi, but because of the sheer Mary Sueiness and pointless SJW shit within the film as well as other idiocy and plot divergences these good moments get lost in all the filth, like pearls scattered in the mud.



hello there, i dont know much about star wars,o i wondered what would be the most communist org in the universe? and which one the most ML, anarchist etc…


i was the guy asking who the vong are, so who are they?


Well anti-corporate statement is widely popular in Star wars mainly due to intergalactic conglomerates , in the clone wars both the Republic and the CIS were secretly influenced by corporations although thay was much anti-corporate sentiment with the cis (despite being funded and armed by corporations ..)
The rebellion had both bouj and anti bouj elements
The empire nationalised a lot of companies although Hitler style (aka keeping the bouj)
Anarchists , mostly the disrespect your surroundings types are pretty common and i think a whole communist species existed in the eu


File: 1608525675039.jpg ( 21.75 KB , 480x360 , honecker yoda hqdefault.jpg )

Why didn't Yoda just kill Palpatine?



European union?

> a whole communist species



They're an alien race originating from outside the Galaxy of the Star Wars verse. They are part of overarching EU/Legends story-lines


their supposed to be evil? of course, also any example of anarchism or anarcho communism in the universe?


>reddit spacing
Come on now, son.
Extended Universe a.k.a Legends Universe which are a Star Wars media outside the original trilogy and prequels, made before Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm. Essentially they took 40 years of lorebuilding and declared it all non-canon.

Because he physically couldn't? The dude was 900 years old and didn't have the vitality to beat the Emperor.


>reddit spacing

i didn't mean it, it happened on accident


i never used reddit, what makes something a reddit thing?


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Pic related is what Reddit Spacing is. Its not really an issue but it makes posts artificially larger for no real purpose.
Not worries. If its an issue with your system or habit, that's fine.



so like this?
or like this?

or are both fine?


Compact format is preferred, but whatever floats your boat I guess.


What is the Leftist take on Order 66? Could it have been prevented? Should it?


Not going to go into a leftist take or whether it should. However it could have been prevented, this is addressed in the TV show when the control chips are nearly discovered.


It's a stupid name tho, because most markup languages use an empty line to end a paragraph.




What killed the Rise of Skywalker was Jar Jar Abrams incessant need to shit on Rian Johnson’s already subpar film. Like, fuck, TLJ was already fucked by intentionally spitting on TFA, why would you continue the trend Jar Jar?
At least I still have the Old EU for what happens after ROTJ, sucks that I’ll never see a live-action adaptation of the Legacy comics, but at least I can still read them.


Palps was stronger and dunked on the little green nigga


Funny enough there was a socialist planet in the Old EU which was said to have eliminated war, disease, poverty, and class antagonism. They fought alongside the Rebel Alliance against the Empire.


The Vong aren’t evil, it’s actually a pretty complicated storyline; basically their Galaxy was even shittier than the Star Wars Galaxy and their home planet was nearly devastated in a war between two machine races. Their people got caught up in so much war and death that they lost their connection to the Force, driving their culture insane. The gods they worship were more or less based on pain and suffering at that point (prayer for a Vong is to torture oneself, the purpose of battle is to die to the strong). The entire reason they invaded the Star Wars Galaxy was to bring their people together agains a common enemy because their civilization was on the brink of civil war due to internal strife and class antagonism.


what is the planets name?




captain picard is my favourite star wars


so those 3 eyed things are commies? based


Prequel memers belong in gulag for giving people retroactive affinity for those terrible movies. The Disney movies being bad doesn't make the prequels retroactively good. They're both shit.


Disney movies where worse though, i didn't even bother with the last that came out, was that one as bad as the previous ones btw?


But Revenge of the Sith is great tho


File: 1608525680193-0.png ( 254.9 KB , 483x1063 , Highschool student analogi….png )

File: 1608525680193-1.jpg ( 206.33 KB , 1125x1390 , tragedy of- force healing.jpg )

>Make Star Wars thread last night on a whim
>thread is quiet when I go to bed
&ltcome back to 20+ new posts
Oh what fun!

I saved it but I am editing the content to be more accurate as of the thread's criticisms

SO true. Mauler pointed it out in his review of RoS repeatedly.

Dead bait have a (you)

Fuck off. The prequels weren't loved because of the memes, but because people realized that "shit, the prequels actual have nuance and cleverness that we missed while being nostalgic angry nerds!"
The memes were just a side benefit
>Disney movies being bad doesn't make the prequels retroactively good
The Disney Movies are beyond bad and hile your statement is true, that doesn't mean that the prequels are shit. They had dumb moments and flaws but they were highly experimental films and were telling a specific story, and told it very well with a lot of realism. People used to bitch and moan about "the dialogues" between Padme and Anikin being cringe… except it makes sense in the setting of the story and in general for teens. Compared to pic 1 the dialogue was better than what most teens sound like IRL.

>was that one as bad as the previous ones
It was the worst yet… it got memed to hell for it too, FFS they brought back Palpatine in a decaying zombielike body (that survived 2 explosions of the 2nd Death Star) ho was on some random ice planet with an armada of over a hundred planet-busting star destroyers (that were poorly upscaled original Empire Star-Destroyers) and an army of sith followers and Snoke Test-tube failures.
Annoying as fuck, especially when the original idea for ROS was actually interesting with Kylo fully embracing the darkside and planning to become the embodiment of it, (and doing some Darth Revan tier stuff). It was at least a unique idea and they flushed it down the toilet for alien horse charges and retarded ships that can't fly up without a special gimmick. Pic 2 is just an example of how the stupidity of the film retroactively makes the entire original trilogy and prequels completely irrelevant.


File: 1608525680628.png ( 1.89 MB , 1920x816 , serveimage(8).png )

Communication disruption can only mean one thing.


File: 1608525681114.png ( 517.17 KB , 1137x660 , you.png )



What are you on about?
Not him, but the implication here is unclear.


What do y'all think of Darth Jar Jar? Could it have redeemed the character and improved the prequels? Was it really real?


File: 1608525681715.jpg ( 75.47 KB , 1180x842 , Darth Jar Jar.jpg )

It was a genuinely intriguing fan-theory with a lot of effort and subtlety.
>redeemed the character
Personally I never found Jar Jar such a big deal. Mildly annoying, but not as bad as people like to bandwagon over. However Darth Jar Jar would probably raise his character from secondary comic relief to a fully fledged secret subplot.
>Was it real
We can't know since Lucas no longer owns or determines canon in Star Wars, however I think that considering the OT and Disney shitquels, it is unlikely.




Of course the virgin is a Canadian


Still can't get over how bad RoS was. It actually made me go back and appreciate some of the stuff that Johnson did; he at least tried to have some themes, even most did fall on their face.


Same, Rise of Skywalker looked like something Mickey Mouse himself must’ve shat out; I thought Solo was Star Wars robbed of all charm and spirit, I was so so wrong.
Sorry to my guys Daisy Ridley and John Boyega, careers assassinated before they could even really begin.


what is more fun to watch for somebody new to the series with barely any interest

canon chronology order right?


I say watch the prequels first and then the OT. However going for the OT and then the Prequels is good too. Don't watch the Disney Sequels. I do suggest watching The Clone Wars Series… in chronological order (you'll find a list of episodes pretty easily).


why not watch the disney sequels and prequels?
was planning to watch anakin teenage years then han solo and rogue one into the original trilogy and finally the end of palpatine saga


Don’t watch the Disney Sequels because they’re shit and fuck up the plot of the first 6 films, the very best ones are still utterly soulless.
You’d be better off looking up the best post-Return of the Jedi original EU storylines; hell, the Sequel Trilogy is just a shitty retelling of one of the crappiest EU stories.


File: 1608525692471.jpg ( 214.82 KB , 1858x1438 , inconsistent within their ….jpg )

- Rogue One retcons New Hope in a number of wys (such as making the ventilation port of the Deth Star an "intentional" weakness). Rogue One is lso full of dumb bullshit and doesn't quite make it as a gritty war movie, with pointless killing often being present. Saw Gerrera is now a caricature of bourg depictions of Che Guevara; murdering anyone he is suspicious of. The only 2 scene's worth a damn is
A) the Imperial strike against the rebel invasion
See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSUOGo2LSSQ
and B) When Vader goes on a fucking rampage
See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHLuvlTlIc0

The best (Russian) review of Rogue One is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akG4SgQfExQ
Only Rogue Ooe review in English worth a damn is E;R, though he is to be taken with a grain of salt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsDtND60qB8

- Solo retcons some stuff, inserts a lame plot and essentially re-iterates his arc from the OT which is asinine because it makes his arc in the OT completely dead.
Best Review of Solo IMO is again Red Cynic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yj8R033aP0
However Mauler is a good second in English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bQbYmLAZ_k

TL;DR: Star Wars sequels and prequels retcon too much and have so much asspull, radlib politics and illogical story-lines that its impossible to even enjoy on a nostalgic trash level. For fucks sake they can't even stay consistent with their own stage props.


File: 1608525708024-0.mp4 ( 556.17 KB , 750x308 , fine addition to my collec….mp4 )

File: 1608525708024-1.mp4 ( 1.31 MB , 846x480 , roasted.mp4 )

File: 1608525708024-2.gif ( 3.51 MB , 480x270 , NuBjfcJ.gif )

I was sad there wasn't more prequel discussion in here. So I will change that, devoid of Palpatine's fuckery which of the two factions in the Clone Wars was the better faction?

Personally I always though the CIS was the better of the two factions, the Republic was human-centric and generally were willing to hyper-exploit alien worlds, committed regular attrocities even well before the Clone Wars broke out (the Mandalorian Excision some 700 years BBY, which was a straight up jedi and republic endorsed act of genocide and planetary destruction that wouldn't be matched until the Death Star), direct representation of large conglomerate factions in the Senate, ect ect. Really the transition from the Republic to the Galactic Empire wasn't as jarring as I think it is played up to be in the lore, most all of the underlying elements existed well before the Empire was even proclaimed.

The CIS, meanwhile, represented a coalition group of various worlds, a lot of them majority alien, along with various outer rim corporations which were losing profits to Core world favoritism and the Senate threatening to repeal legislation that helped grow the industrial capacity of the outer rim worlds in the aftermath of the New Sith wars, which destroyed most galactic infrastructure outside of the core worlds. up until the formation of the CIS as a major power, the Republic mostly used the outer rim planets as a resource extraction zone, meaning that you could articulate the CIS as an alliance between outer rim proles and bouj against the exploitation of their systems by the Republic, and thus you could call it an anti-imperialist struggle. The CIS had a formal government and Senate system which focused on representation of all member planets (so a senate with far more in the way of alien representation compared to the Republic) and ultimately even cucked the corporations a little, given that Grievous lead the effort that ended with the centralization of all the corporate defense forces into the proper CIS military, directly under state control. They were also the only faction that really invested heavily into automation of labor, having fully automated droid-making factories (and presumably automated factories for other goods) while the Republic largely avoided automation (including not even using auto-loaders on ship canons), so the CIS would be in a better position to implement cyber-syn style planning in the future.

I suppose now you could also include the coalition of Non-Aligned planets as well now, since the Clone Wars tv show introduced that. Though really the only planet we know much about is Mandalore, which lead the coalition.


the Vader scene at the end of Rogue one makes the opening of Episode IV really funny though
>we are a ship on a diplomatic mission
&ltthat is bullshit you retard I just saw you leave a fucking active battle site


In the clone wars tv show a lot of things were revealed that made the CIS more based
Like the fact that one of the main reasons they broke off the Republic was cause thsy thought it was runed by core world mega corps , also the fact that unlike using an army of slaves (clones) they used droids to minimize casualties and destruction
Another interesting thing is the many millitary traditions of the rebel alliance from CIS officers , to alderan tradition and partisan tactics


Favorite fan edits/cuts? I'll start
>despecialized editions
>pulp empire
>fear and loathing in the star wars holiday special


Pulp Empire?


File: 1608525710376.jpg ( 35.02 KB , 497x497 , clone mmm.jpg )

>they broke off the Republic was cause thsy thought it was runed by core world mega corps
>used droids to minimize casualties and destruction
This was also present in the prequel movies but as a background to the main character interactions. The series helped expand and provide the actual WAR to Star Wars as well as let background details be pushed to the front for while without ruining the pacing.
Also the clones were in part, the republics attempt to do the same but with more versatile living units.
Nice overview - Go prequels!


Chapo Trap House just rewatched Revenge of the Sith and tore it apart at parts:



Dismissed, those fuckers haven't had any of their own fresh or interesting takes since 2019 ended.
>Tore it apart
&ltnitpicking scenes is SOOOO intellectual!
Fuck this is why I prefer Russian Youtube reviews, they don't care for liberal takes and actually research prior to making drunken rants. This shit isn't even worth picking apart… hell its not even worth a reaction image.

Revenge of the Sith had some real issues, but literally none of them were addressed in Chapo's video, its like they decided to add a radical-liberal take to RLM's review.


Stopped reading there. Although RoTS was good both as an entertaining film and a never ending meme mine.


Fuck off Seperatist scum the Separatists were literally founded by fucking TECHNO UNION BANKERS AND WEAPON MANUFACTURERS. The flying bug geonosian things are the lockheed martin of star wars.


Eh. I thought that was the best SW movie.


File: 1608525757880.png ( 174.72 KB , 1280x1280 , ok meatbag.png )

This is literally
>Muh Jewish Bolsheviks funded by Wall Street!
Except stupider because the fact that people like Darth Tyrannous and the Banking Clan had control was part of the theme that the separatists were doomed to failure as well. That's the whole, big reveal of the Prequel trilogy; the entire conflict and what led up to it as created by Palpatine and his lackeys, leading to the collapse of liberal democracy and the rise of fascism in the face of The Empire as well as the de-legitimization of the attempted revolutionary movements by the CIS. Palpatine is a representative of behind-the-scenes manipulations by people of the top of society. For the average person IN universe among the CIS, they are not aware of the closed-door manipulations of the corporations.
Honestly have you watched TCW?


Okay so they were a class collaborationist movement, your point? Do you think the American Revolutionary War was grand?


Nigga you do realize that no-one here has said that the CIS was 'le best evar' or some other shit? It's just been commented that the CIS was more based than traditional "bad guys" and had some decent parts and motivations outside hollow cries for democracy by the Republic. The corruption of the CIS and Republic and their actual bad actions on both sides is part of the over-all context and prelude to the rise of the Empire and its inevitability. Lucas himself stated that - among other things - the Empire represented the USA as much as it did the Nazis
>American Revolution was grand
Pull the stick out of your ass you no-fun nitpicker.
Seriously did you read anything or are you just going to try and apply real-world ideology to a fictional world rather than, y'know, enjoying the byplay and reading the moral greyness?


The funny thing about your post is that the cis were designed to have a democracy more similar to uk than usa
Look at their parliament


File: 1608525763736.jpg ( 1.39 MB , 1500x5071 , if-the-world-were-a-villag….jpg )

>human racism against aliens
This was always one of the most retarded parts of the EU, to me, emblematic of everything else about the EU that made me cringe.

I get that the large number of human characters seems odd, and that the empire's monolithic stormtrooper/droid appearance vs. the diverse aliens in the rebel alliance was part of the visual motif of the old movies, but let's not kid ourselves that it was or should have been seen as significant.

But it's just completely ridiculous from the get-go, in an entire galaxy with continuous pan-galactic civilization older than the evolutionary history of any of its members, where species are just supposed to be basically infinite in profusion. The idea isn't like racism on earth, or even like a jumped up city state, it's statistically more like one single immediate family being racist against the entire world.

Something like it works in an emptier setting such as Stargate, or one that obviously focuses on the sphere of influence for certain species such as Star Trek, but for a more hectic setting like Star Wars it's just so incredibly stupid.


>One university graduate
>18 illiterates
What about the other 81 people?


This made the empire a lot more unrealistic
Like the majority of planets in star wars have an alien majority
Star wars whould look like the bush war with the empire only contoling core wars and the various rebel groups all other planets


It's a narrative about Imperialism: the Empire (and really, also the Republic) was based out of the "core worlds", which were a set of planets which were in close proximity to early humanity, who more or less got a headstart on colonization after the collapse of the last major galactic civilization, the Rakata. These planets are almost totally human majority, and they were more or less the sole hub of manufacturing and production in both the Republic and the Empire, especially after the New Sith Wars ended up collapsing large chunks of society and destroying so much war material and means of production that a lot of planets were practically reduced to whatever they could hand-craft and jury rig to keep working, some planets so horribly crippled that many of their soldiers were using fucking swords and spears because guns just became a no-go. the armies of the basically collapsed republic consisted of people with actual, gunpowder guns, blasters, melee weapons, pressure launchers, and really whatever could kill and they could put together. the only planets that avoided this was - you guessed it - the heavily defended core worlds, which the Republic tried to defend to the last man even as their legitimacy as a government basically ended. after that war, there wasn't really a "reconstruction" of the worlds that were destroyed - the Republic made more or less a "free economic zone" where corporations that invested in these areas would be tax free, and this ended up creating a shift of power where a lot of major corporations decided to dodge taxes by using this free economic zone as their base, which is where the foundations of the CIS came. a lot of the anxiety of the core worlds came from many non-core world planets gaining prominence and power without going through the official channels of power, which is really where the framework of the Clone Wars came from. The Core worlds wanted to imperialistically leech off the non-core world planets and systems without paying for their rehabilitation, which those planets of course didn't want. coincidentally, most of the majority alien planets were non-core worlds. so the racism is less racism for it's own sake and more a manifestation of the economic power of the core worlds and the anxieties of those filthy ayy lmaos being able to act independently of core world power - something realized by the clone wars. this is why humano-centrism became so powerful after the Clone Wars.


>The Core worlds wanted to imperialistically leech off the non-core world planets and systems without paying for their rehabilitation, which those planets of course didn't want. coincidentally, most of the majority alien planets were non-core worlds. so the racism is less racism for it's own sake and more a manifestation of the economic power of the core worlds and the anxieties of those filthy ayy lmaos being able to act independently of core world power
Pretty much why I think the Empire’s rise was inevitable even with or without Palpatine. The guy is just an opportunist who saw the turning tides and used it to further his ambitions.
The republic was becoming more and more fascist even in peace time to keep its own prominence in a fracturing galactic community. Generally this is what Lucas was going for when he modeled the GR after Weimar Germany.


Also why the Empire was ultimately unsustainable as an imperial capitalist entity, though the CIS was the only real attempt at a new system to fix it - the Alliance just did the Republic 2.0 and lo and behold, it careened into war after war of imperialism, and inevitably lead to the re-rise of the Empire and the collapse of their liberal democracy once more.


I really don’t see there’s any change in the economic system throughout every era of the Star Wars universe. There’s nothing before capitalism and nothing after, even in the era of the Rakatan Infinite Empire there’s capitalism in the fascist kind. While in the 100000 years of the republic being in a constant state of: free market capitalism > dictatorial Victorian imperialist capitalism > repeat explained always with the influence of the spooky Dark Side. With the only seemingly different species that has some semblance of communism being the Kiliks who are a hilarious caricature of “starving, poor, hive minded bug people”.
It just shows the lack of imagination of George and Lucas Arts which kinda makes sense considering how most of the Star Wars EU were made in the 90s where the collapse of the USSR made the prediction of neoliberal capitalism by Fukuyama seems like the truth.


File: 1608525770495.png ( 6.63 KB , 128x208 , anhero.png )

What about the droid attack on the wookies?


To fight this Lord Sidious, big enough he was not.


The different planets have different economic and governmental systems, the Core Worlds are effectively an imperialist bloc for the rest of the Galaxy. There are perfectly fine socialist worlds such as the world of Kinyen, which is said to have eliminated poverty, eliminated class exploitation, and provides the needs of every citizen. They’re explicitly a socialist planet.
Truthfully we aren’t ever told the economic system of the Galaxy as a whole, the Galactic Republic is probably an imperialistic government for the Core Worlds but otherwise functions as the Space!UN considering the Republican can’t exactly control the other planetary governments per se.


A big part of the plot is that the Republic was corrupt as shit, the jedi were complicit and warped by it, and the Core Worlds were sustained by the exploitation of the Mid Rim and the poverty of the Outer Rim. And these were elements in the story Lucas himself oversaw.

The Disney Era doesn’t have complex politics like that, Lucas was a smarter man than people realized.


That’s why a big part of the EU conflicts after the OT Era were the Mid and Outer Rim worlds trying to assert themselves so they wouldn’t be brutalized like under the Empire or exploited like with the Republic. It’s why the New Republic almost warped back into the Empire.


An old meme, but it checks out.
As if size matters in terms of force potetnial


I’d say realistically because in that fight the Dark Side had never been stronger while the light was weaker than ever; warfare everywhere, fascism reigned supreme, the Chosen One himself had fallen to the dark side, and the vast majority of Jedi were already wiped out.

Yoda couldn’t win, even had he killed Sidious at that point nothing would have changed.


Could you put this more concretely? If Yoda had killed Sidious, how exactly could the Dark Side have triumphed?


The Dark Side might not have triumphed, but it was still too late by then; the Republic CHOSE to throw off the mask of liberal democracy for overt fascism, while the Jedi were still all but destroyed. And arguably someone else could have been more competent at running the Empire than Palpatine, while Palpatine was a genius reaching to the top once he actually rules the Sith stranglehold is arguably a detriment rather than a benefit to the Empire.


File: 1608525771863.png ( 966.19 KB , 1334x750 , 0F5DA728-3654-4E8D-9930-32….png )

You guys reminded me of the bootleg translation again, kek.


Save me Allah Gold!


Disney did a big poopoo with the worldbuilding in the new trilogy
Like so Mon Mothma was a shithead pacifist that made a shitty peace deal after the battle on that desert planet that ray lived ,our nazi germany split in to the nulled nazis of the core worlds that follow the treaty and the ones that went to argentina ,
So to stop any other civil war they decided to turn the senate in to the olympics so the tfa we had the senate in the galactic version of kashmir ready to be nuked by death star 3.0
Now this whould lead the republic to counter attack and kill all of the first order?
No cause we had our whole fucking fleet above kashmir and was nuked
Now we have to relly on the space version of rotfront and and the iron front
Mainly cause disney couldnt think of any other way to present our heroes other than underdogs
Talking about the ressistance , thank god we didnt develop them cause our kids could start thinking paramilitary action is good
I guess we should agree they only had one tiny fleet in the whole galaxy cause i guess aliens like getting dominated by the empire and didnt care to support the ressistance
The only thing disney did good is informing us that the core world imperials and republic senetors joined the first order cause you shouldnt nagotiate with nazi boujs


And that’s what happens when braindead Gen X bitching culminates in a fucking board of company execs writing your Star Wars movies so we don’t have “boring politics” and instead “muh fun pew pew”
Fuckin Gen X/Boomer fucking retards


btw all those things i say were in the books
The movie has literaly 0 world building


Oh I know, the films are dogshit, literally thoughtless “Muh pew pew zoom zoom” nonsense. Even the OT wasn’t actually devoid of fucking worldbuilding, even when they didn’t go in depth with politics (which they didn’t need to because fascist empire vs insurgent rebels of oppressed groups and the lower classes is simple af) they did a shit ton of visual world building. But since the Disney Trilogy goes to fucking bare bones shitholes that look near identical to the OT (but lazier) we can glean little from seeing the world.
Fuck, the only decent visual world building was fucking Canto Bite and it was damned lazy designing that felt so goddamned out of universe


i actually liked the new movies but most things people hating on them itt say are correct


>Liking the Mouse’s feces


they are cool movies, good cgi ,good acting
And tlj is objectivly in the top 3 best sw movies


>Good CGI
>Good acting
Is this what makes a film good to you?
&ltTLJ top 3 Star Wars
…Are you a zoomer?




That explains everything


Wasn't there a story where that actually happened and there was a Second Galactic Civil War that broke out. Because when the Rebellion basically took what they saw from the Old Republic and formed it as the New Republic.


It’s a bit complicated, basically unlike the Disney EU in the old EU the Galactic Civil War basically continued for about a decade after Return of the Jedi, that film was the pivotal turn but the Empire was still strong, simply taking Coruscant was a difficult battle, for a long period after the New Republic was at war with warlords from the former Empire until finally the Imperial Remnant formed their own government far from the still chaotic and weak New Republic. At that point they were in a state of effective cold warfare. During this time Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Order is primarily what kept the peace.
What happened next was the invasion pf the Yuzzhan Vong who sparked a brutal war that killed trillions, forced the Empire and New Republic into a military alliance for survival, killed many Jedi and members of Luke’s own family, and destroyed entire worlds.
The aftermath of THIS conflict informs the rest of the EU afterwards and causes the Second Civil War, basically the Empire/NR alliance becomes a new government, the Galactic Alliance. Due to the war in which his brother died and a soul searching journey afterwards, Luke’s nephew Jacen Solo falls to the dark side and becomes the sith lord Darth Caedus, Caedus becomes the Supreme Commander of the GA military and the political leader of the GA Daala begins acting like a dictator, this culminates in the Second Civil War.


>good acting
Besides the Alan Rickman Knock-off, Boyega and the OT cast no-one played especially well.
At some point the mess becomes so CGI that it loses all sense of reality. With the Prequel series, people bitched about CGI but they were retards because large portions were practical with CGI clean-up which made even the star-fights pop out… the Sequel fights just feel like jumbled messes.
>TLJ top 3
If that top 3 includes Christmas Star Wars as best garbage… sure.
>Gen X/Boomer fucking retards
It reminds me of the whining over the Evangelion films and the subsequent garbage of the Rebuilds


Fuck brah, imagine if they just did an adaptation of the Yuzzhan Vong War or some variant and the plot was about Ben Solo’s fall sort of like Jacen? If they’re gonna just redo the Darth Caedus storyline they may as well do the good version of the character where he had actual reasons to turn evil.


File: 1608525774230.jpeg ( 536.27 KB , 1242x1023 , 1564B765-8EF0-4A75-B535-9….jpeg )

But that requires creativity!!! Not lens flares and mystery boxes!
Also I just hope that Disney will be dead after covid so that their assets go into public domain.


The great Satan only dies after taking everybody's life.


Not even, there was a ready made story, no creativity at all


I mean you have to turn a shit tons of events into a trilogy of three-hour-films that can be watched without any supplementary books (unlike the ST). You can’t just straight up adapt something from book to screen without cutting out a huge amount of fat and streamlining it.
For instance the explanation for a single detail like the Dark Jedi that allied with the Vong that corrupted Jacen alone would take a while to fit into the second movie.


>that requires creativity
Not really m8. Disney wouldn't have to do a fucking thing just translate EU novels into cripts and use the illustrations for concept art. It's the easiest thing to do, and they just threw it away, the gits.

I'd imagine the Vong would be made into "the REAL nazis all along!"


File: 1608525775776.gif ( 1.41 MB , 480x208 , use-the-force.gif )

why do warhammer funboys want to turn star wars into their shitty musterbation fantasy by puttin muh living spacship, muh living armor and weapons
The true question is why they didnt made the movies about the old republic or about the ressistance killing imperials in the outer rim


>Muh Warhammer
Because that shit’s fuckin boring after the hundredth evil sith, that’s why bucko
The Vong were fucking great, no shit the extragalactic threat was different from the cultures of the Galaxy, sad they weren’t super sith or some shit?
And I barely know shit about Warhammer, I just think the Yuuzhan Vong War is Hell storyline was based with original and surprisingly complex antagonists which explains why Anakin’s grandson would fall to the dark side way better than
>Muh daddy didn’t hug me muh uncle tried to touch me one night


File: 1608525775961.jpg ( 60.48 KB , 1280x571 , 2.jpg )

>why star wars is star wars
dude there are a lot more stories to tell without going full autist


File: 1608525776075.png ( 183.13 KB , 500x637 , conflict-in-literature-cla….png )

Honestly the problem with the EU, Yuuzhan Vong included, was the same as the sequel trilogy itself: It continued on the basis of the empire remaining and/or some external threat arising, both undermining the victory portrayed in the OT, recapitulating prior movies, and making itself less relevant to modern history.

Instead, any sequel to the OT needs to focus on "winning the peace", the need to build something enduring with the failures of the past in mind, a story that both follows far more naturally from the Star Wars, and is far more relevant to the modern era.


not only that , the royal skywalker family still is the center of the story
also the eu made that republic weirdly unstable despite existing for 1000s of years before the civil war
Also still zero actual inter republic politics just space fascism vs corruption


It wouldn’t be that hard and they could keep ST shit like Rey and Ben
>Episode VII: The New Jedi Order
Act 1: Rey and Ben are friends and students of Luke Skywalker investigating on wherever in the Outer Rim for reports of random and brutal attacks by an unknown foe, they meet a stormtrooper Finn, the sole survivor of a recent attack, he tells them of a grave threat unlike any encountered before, so dangerous that he’s even willing to work with the Jedi so the Galaxy can be saved.
Act 2: Ben and Rey decide to investigate further alongside Finn before finally witnessing the massive Vong fleet, they decide to return to Luke’s Jedi Temple when an ambush forces them planet-side during a Vong Invasion. Ben, Rey, and Finn desperately fight/flee the Vong forces in an attempt to get away, the battle is horrific with entire cities being razed to the ground in an hour, they eventually escape the planet with the assistance of a pilot New Republic pilot stationed there, Poe. The trio planet hop until reaching Coruscant, there they inform Luke of what’s happening so the Jedi can prepare, Poe reports to his commanders about the massacre they escaped, Senate bickers over what to do and initially decide to let the Outer and Mid Rims defend for themselves to protect the Core (showing how corrupt they are to explain Ben’s feelings towards the Republic), Finn tries returning to an Imperial outpost to inform his commanders but they call him a traitor and arrest him
Luke orders the Jedi to wait to plan their strategy, but Ben, knowing of how monstrous the Vong are finally decides “fuck all of this” and rallies his fellow Jedi to go face the Vong as another attack hits, Poe and some brave Republic troops go with him
Rey stays on Coruscant but is conflicted and angered at Luke, meanwhile the Vong attack the Imperial Outpost, validating Finn and facilitating his escape
Act 3: Ben and his resistance fight bravely but are quickly overwhelmed as the Jedi realize they can’t sense the Vong, Ben and several jedi get captured and Ben is taken to meet the leader of the Vong flagship who tells Ben of the Vong’s religious love of war while torturing/interrogating him about the Force. All hope seems lost when suddenly a fleet of Star Destroyers pull out of hyperspace to attack the Vong Fleet, soon after some Republic fleet ships arrive alongside Luke and his Jedi forces to assist in the fighting, sensing Ben’s agony Rey rushes to the flagship, intense fighting breaks out as Rey frees the Jedi prisoners and convinces slaves and other captives to fight to escape and survive. Ben fights the formidable Vong general personally, finally relying on his hatred and the dark side to overpower and kill the warrior.
The Imperials and Republic manage to force the Vong forces into retreat, the Republic returns to their respective core regions while the Empire remains to protect their borders, Finn is promoted for doing anything it took to save the Empire, while Rey and Ben are promoted to knighthood in preparation for the coming war.
Meanwhile back in Vong space the Vong leadership discuss the events of the battle and their discovery of mystical Force users and reveal they have been working with a fallen Jedi to gather intelligence. The Dark Jedi informs them further of the power of their foes and advises them to get the subversive forces planted throughout the Galaxy to prepare for the full invasion.
Roll Credits


>If I personally don’t like something it’s autism
In that case there never should’ve been a continuation at all and Lucas should’ve made it forbidden for anything to happen after the OT
The New Republic was unstable because the Empire was the ACTUAL continuation of the Old Republic with its government literally created by and initially composed of the politicians and capitalists of the Old Republic. The Emperor was literally the former Chancellor. The NR meanwhile was formed by a popular insurrection that took roughly 30 years to actually defeat the Empire (starting from a year after ROTS and ending whenever the peace accord between the Republic and Imperial Remnant is signed in the Old EU). Hell, it’s more realistic that the Empire didn’t just crumble the second Palpatine was dead, like in the real world even without an official line of succession the people with the best claim to the throne vied for power eventually crumbling into feuding warlords who would occasionally see some brilliant like Thrawn rise to bring them all to heel.
The New Republic had a shit ton of political crap going on that makes sense if you think about it, many Outer Rim worlds wanted out after the Old Republic fucked them and the Empire brutalized them, they just wanted independence. Lots of Mid Rim worlds like Corellia either wanted more autonomy or outright independence as well.
And the Skywalkers were…idk, the main characters of the saga once Anakin’s time is reached, why is that a bad thing? It only became a bit OD once you get to the Legacy comics and the Skywalkers are still the center of everything a century after the Original Trilogy, initially it was just Anakin, his children, and their children; which I don’t find too strange.
I’m guessing you’re a zoomer that thinks axing the Old EU was the greatest thing since titties were invented, huh?


not really many planetary goverments just joined the rebbelion
Also for many people the new republic was a continuation of the empire
Many centrist senators beileived that the republic should keep the asthetic
Also the whole clone thing both in the eu and the new movies made Palpatine way stronger that he should ever was
The EU unlike the prequels never potrayed the threats to the empire as sympathetic
We had the imperial warlords who for some reason survived a lot more time than they should even in the new cannon , an alien supremacist group cause muh both sides and the Vong with muh living spaceship
If you actualy care about an unstable republic the new cannon pretty much copies the old eu with havig various spinter groups
Btw they put a CIS 2.0 that never expanded upon and a Bouj control systems from the old eu
Also what happened to the freinds from the outer ring line from tlj?
Did we ever see who they were
The reason that the empire should have crumbled was
1)Radicalization after the fall of corucant
2)The treaty that alowed imperials to keep most of their powers
3)Alien racism
4)the embargo i expect by all powers in the galaxy


File: 1608525776503.jpg ( 710.2 KB , 2000x3000 , Kelly_and_George.jpg )

>And the Skywalkers were…idk, the main characters of the saga once Anakin’s time is reached
LOL, telling Lucas quote from back in 2005:
>There is no Episode VII…Not about Luke Skywalker, not about, you know, that group of people and that struggle to bring democracy back to the galaxy.


>not really many planetary goverments just joined the rebbelion
Joining an alliance doesn’t mean you want to exist under the government some of the leading figures create afterwards. The US and USSR were both in the Allied forces, keyword being Allied. The Rebel Alliance was just that, an Alliance, between several different worlds, cells, and interests; this is explicit in both Legends and Canon.
>Also for many people the new republic was a continuation of the empire
Yes, those were the people that opposed the New Republic because they saw it as illegitimate, meanwhile the actual Empire was known to still have its own government, just much smaller and weaker and mainly in the Outer Rim and Unknown Regions.
>Many centrist senators beileived that the republic should keep the asthetic
Wait are you talking about the shoddy New EU?
>Also the whole clone thing both in the eu and the new movies made Palpatine way stronger that he should ever was
Except in the Old EU it was before “Muh Chosen One” plot contrivance, the Disney Trilogy has no excuse
>The EU unlike the prequels never potrayed the threats to the empire as sympathetic
>We had the imperial warlords who for some reason survived a lot more time than they should even in the new cannon , an alien supremacist group cause muh both sides and the Vong with muh living spaceship
Are these meme arguments you found on reddit? Why didn’t every member of the entire Galaxy wide government die immediately after the government’s head was deposed? Gee, I wonder why. Why was there an alien supremacist culture? Why were there white supremacist cultures? It happens. And it wasn’t ever muh both sides, the Galactic Empire was never portrayed as good. They made the Vong because shit got stale after a decade of vs empire and vs sith
>If you actualy care about an unstable republic the new cannon pretty much copies the old eu with havig various spinter groups
The New EU takes many concepts from the Legends canon, they just do it in a shitty way with no thought at all. For instance, we’re shown the instability of the New Republic via the storylines that detail its developments and the galactic crises we encounter, we know it is unstable because we see all of its early history. In the NEU we’re mostly just told about it and then they made a single novel about the government to tell us relatively little.
>The Empire should’ve fallen for reasons I prefer


Too bad he sold the franchise in 2013 and never stopped people from continuing the story even prior? Lucas’s opinions are worthless half the time because of how hard he flipflops, he went from saying that in ‘05 to revealing he had a new sequel in the works even before the sell-off recently.


Dude the reason that the empire didnt fell faster isnt some dilectcical materialism but the try from some writers to push the whole holohoax see nazis arent that bad we help killed the warhammer chaos faction , also muh gray jedi shit
If you think my points arent worth addresing just dont reply dude


Lmao are you unironically arguing that the Empire changes throughout the story because the writers are Nazi sympathizers? Do you have any idea how retarded that sounds?
I’d address your points more thoroughly if you didn’t write like a zoomer on crack


File: 1608525776924.jpg ( 2.68 MB , 2423x3318 , trilogy of trilogies.jpg )

>revealing he had a new sequel in the works even before the sell-off recently
He's been saying that "trilogy trilogy" stuff clear back to the 1970s, but your guess is as good as mine for what that actually contained, and how real it ever was:


>[The next three Star Wars films] were going to get into a microbiotic world. But there's this world of creatures that operate differently than we do. I call them the Whills. And the Whills are the ones who actually control the universe. They feed off the Force. Back in the day, I used to say ultimately what this means is we were just cars, vehicles, for the Whills to travel around in. We're vessels for them. And the conduit is the midi-chlorians. The midi-chlorians are the ones that communicate with the Whills. The Whills, in a general sense, they are the Force. … But it's about symbiotic relationships. I think, personally, one of the core values we should have in the world, and kids should be taught, is ecology, to understand that we all are connected. (Lucas, 2018)
I like the idea of ecology but otherwise this sounds like shit


>Muh daddy didn’t hug me muh uncle tried to touch me one night
Speaking of, TheCriticalDrinker is doing a series of videos on improving bad characters of Disney's latest schlock to make the movie a lot better. One of these focused on Luke and honestly sounded quite interesting.

I personally dislike Warhammer 40K HOWEVER, the Vong have more similarities with the fucking Zerg from Star Craft than WH40K, so your complaint makes no sense.
> why they didnt made the movies about the old republic
Because they're poliit-pushing money-hungry gits. The hype by Star Wars gamer fans for a possible film covering The Old Republic was judged to be lesser compared to the hype of "muh LGBTQFCKU representation" and other liberal rubbish as well as just rehashing the OT plot to be as lazy as possible.
>continued on the basis of the empire remaining
Because that made sense. The empire was GALACTIC. Taking down a pair of superweapons and the main leadership is serious blow, but not enough to fully eliminate the empire immediately. Moreover the Vong, outside the stupid 'no force' crap, were interesting because they evolved outside the galaxy and were similar to the Infinite Empire.
>the royal skywalker family still is the center of the story
Why the fuck wouldn't they be as opposed to some randos? Hell the lack of that was the issue of the sequels. Rey was nobody, Finn was nobody and Poe was nobody and their best traits come out of small scenes while over-all being useless flat cardboard who the writers couldn't decide if they were blood-destined or not. With the EU it made sense. The hero of the Revolution who vanquished the Emperor, brought the Dark Lord to the light and helped fight crucial battles WOULD be a character we want to follow after the war as he and his friends had to actually do more than just cheer and go home because magically everything is all great suddenly.
>eu made that republic weirdly unstable
Which makes sense. Rome was very unstable at times but survived for a good millenia.

It hurts that anons on a basketweaving forum have better story-telling than "professionals" at Disney.

Because he wasn't planning to make a film about it, and the EU material already existed? I'm pretty sure Lucas just can't bring himself to care for the Sequels when salty "uber- fans" when into rage-outs over the Prequels not being like the OT.


File: 1608525777584.jpeg ( 538.31 KB , 1806x1044 , 8384E5D7-AB46-4D9A-AEC9-E….jpeg )

What? I mean the nids are cool but they’re not the first biotech species ever. The Vong were bdsm pain freaks the same way as the cenobites but more fleshy.
You’re just flaming for flaming sake.


File: 1608525777695.png ( 436.17 KB , 1056x7627 , grimderp.png )

>I personally dislike Warhammer 40K
Are you aware of its "inmates running the asylum" problems of post-post-post-irony?
>The hype by Star Wars gamer fans for a possible film covering The Old Republic was judged to be lesser
Especially if that meant Obsidian rather than Bioware's efforts, since it was pretty much an anti-fan hate letter to Star Wars but somehow feels more affectionate than the dispassionate rape of the sequel trilogy.
>The empire was GALACTIC
So were the rebels. And the Empire was just a few decades old, established by a military coup, and run by a secret death cult.
>they’re not the first biotech species ever
In the tiny reference pools of popculture, they are. Only other one I can think of with much influence is the Klendathu from Starship Troopers.


Last para in >>3905 meant for >>3904


Why is biotech even a bad concept? Lmao

And, are you intentionally missing the dude’s point? Most people didn’t know about all the Sith shit, as far as they were concerned the Republic just became the Empire and the Chancellor became the Emperor, they didn’t know he was a Sith Lord playing both sides of the Clone Wars to wipe out the Jedi, take over the Republic, and settle a millennia old grudge match, most didn’t even know he could use the Force (most of his top enforcers other than a few like Vader and Tarkin even knew)


>Why is biotech even a bad concept? Lmao
Nah, I'm just saiyajin most examples are very unoriginal and underdeveloped, due to the shallow influences of the people writing it. Also, I'll admit I've only read a few SW EU novels/comix out of curiosity years ago (I found them decent-ish SF stories, but the hard SF elements clashed terribly with the silliness of Star Wars' setting), and only dug deeper to the extent needed to appreciate vidya like Jedi Knight.
>are you intentionally missing the dude’s point?
My point is that the most straightforward interpretation of the OT is that the empire is destroyed by a massive galaxy-wide uprising that the Death Stars had been constructed specifically to stave off by terrifying into compliance.

Sure, the "imperial remnant" isn't entirely implausible, but it's definitely reaching, and pretty obviously the result of "we need more stories about pewpew wiff stormtroopers", just like the absurd number of Sith that pop up, b'cuz lazor sword fites. And, as I said, there's also the in-story thematic and IRL historical wastefulness of rehashing the OT instead of extrapolating SW in new directions.


Most people actually knew that Darth vader had evil magic powers
In the new eu at least
They even stop voting for Leia when they learned she was his daughter
Also aliens and all freedom loving people hated the empire
The new republic was clearly the same as the old
Their is really no reason for the imperials to have any support outside of some fascist humans


>Hating on shit I’ve literally never read and only know of through the crappy arguments of Disney fags online
>My point is that the most straightforward interpretation of the OT is that the empire is destroyed by a massive galaxy-wide uprising that the Death Stars had been constructed specifically to stave off by terrifying into compliance.
>Sure, the "imperial remnant" isn't entirely implausible, but it's definitely reaching, and pretty obviously the result of "we need more stories about pewpew wiff stormtroopers", just like the absurd number of Sith that pop up, b'cuz lazor sword fites. And, as I said, there's also the in-story thematic and IRL historical wastefulness of rehashing the OT instead of extrapolating SW in new directions.
Once again dude, why tf are you speaking with authority on shit you clearly know nothing about? First off, you kill a single head of state and destrpy a few weapons and a literal Galactic government collapses? What? Do you know how retarded that is? That's like saying the USA would fall if an insurrection killed the president and destroyed some aircraft carriers, except the US in this instance also rules the entire world, this shit is so dumb it hurts, you’re clearly reaching dude. Wtf are you even trying to argue? That Lucas should’ve vetoed every single post-ROTJ story to come out? Oh, but you also hate the Vong, the first story where the Empire aren’t the main antagonists, the actual fuck is your argument?
>Most people actually knew that Darth vader had evil magic powers
Okay and Darth Vader’s not the fuckin Emperor, is he?
>They even stop voting for Leia when they learned she was his daughter
&ltMfw a literal fucking zoomer with fortnite on the brain uses the retarded NEU to try making arguments about the old EU
>Also aliens and all freedom loving people hated the empire
Amerilard-tier argument my guy
>The new republic was clearly the same as the old
You mean the shitty fucking system where the Mid Rim was exploited by the Core, the Outer Rim was left to crime, poverty, war, and fucking slavery occurred, and corruption abounded? The government so shitty the Clone War or something like it was clearly inevitable even without Sidious pulling the strings? Yeah, sure people would love THAT coming back. Back to liberalism instead of straight fascism!
>Their is really no reason for the imperials to have any support outside of some fascist humans
&ltZoomer keeps misspelling shit jfc
Is your young mind confused as to why the Nazis, Italy, Spain, and Imperial Japan gained support and continue to have support among so many even now that they’re defunct and their crimes are known?
I’m sorry kid but all your arguments are genuinely retard-tier, the kind of shit Disney fans on Reddit who know memes about the EU but nothing else would argue


fuck the Vong
I wanted to learn about the Mandos
>some weird-ass jungle planet
>multi-racial society build off explicit militarism, freeing slaves and incorporating them into your ranks, and incorporating any into your ranks that want to fight for a better life
>one of the oldest organizations in the entire galaxy alongside the Jedi, has one of the oldest non-mystical historical source in the galaxy via their oral history
>society coping with trying to adapt from their religious war-cult ancestry into a new, secularized military order
>in the old EU, most retired kamino clones went to live on Mandalore because they had a cure to the advanced aging from cloning
>uneasy past with the Jedi, Sith, Republic, and a lot of the old established planetary powers, but lead a coalition of neutral planets with a wide range of ideologies and belief systems that practically depend on Mandalore to survive
>an mix of industrialism, professional artisans which handcrafted mando armor, and people who preferred to live in the mandalorian wilds and provide for themselves
>exceptionally decentralized government where the clans largely mediate themselves and the Mandalore only comes in for exceptionally difficult issues
>a planet trying to recover from several decades worth of war-scars
>distant mandalorian clans on other planets that the Mandos no doubt want to unite

it just seems like a fun place where you could do a lot of cool, individual stories kinda like how the X-Wing novels were, which focused on a lot of interpersonal conflicts occurring at the same time as larger events, which were largely fleshed out by other media. Since Mandos have such a varied history, you can make a case for any kind of Mando character: maybe a Mando that joins the CIS to avenge the Mandalorians lost in the wars against the Republic, or one that joins the Rebel Alliance to end Imperial Occupation of their world, or one who fights the Rebels because the return of the Republic means the imperializing of Mandalore again, and all kinds of other character motivations you can imagine. They could be most any species, being a Mando automatically gives them a justification for being a competent fighter, and you could have the clan associations to keep around memorable names without needing everyone to be fucking related to each other directly, especially since Mandos have a fetish for adoptions for some reason.


Fuck the Mandos, what more do you need to learn, they get a shit ton of arcs in the Clone Wars, half a season dedicated to them in Rebels, there’s literally an entire series just about them that’s ongoing right, they’ve got more than enough.


>literally the second most shilled aspect of the EU
&ltHuh duh, we want more
Fucking hell. Like having Boba falling into the Xarlac 3 GODDAMN TIMES isn’t enough.


File: 1608525779020.jpg ( 395.36 KB , 692x1363 , a work of fiction.jpg )

>the crappy arguments of Disney fags online
Nah, like I said, this was years and years ago, around when the prequels came out. Though I did glance at some stuff before then like Shadows of the Empire.
>That's like saying the USA would fall if an insurrection killed the president and destroyed some aircraft carriers
No, it's like saying a few-decades-old military coup would collapse after a nationwide rebellion decapitated it. Like I admitted, with enough supporting background details, Star Wars can be spun so the rebel alliance was small and concentrated, and the empire was deeply rooted into galactic politics, but it's obviously not the most straightforward interpretation of the movies.
>Wtf are you even trying to argue?
That the old SW EU was clearly designed around (mostly cheap at first, increasingly ornate later) pretexts for more of the same (stormtroopers, tie fighters, star destroyers, lightsaber with endless sith, 1000 clones of Palpatine, etc.). The Vong were a bit of a departure, but still clung to the premise of war against an ideologically external threat (not to mention, though I admit ignorance on this point, some hints that the sith were justified by premonitions of them).

To move on, Star Wars had to do something meaningfully different from the OT. The prequels actually attempted this, by showing how the Republic crumbled into fascism, and any sequels should have explored how it moved past that.

How true are the memes about 99% of responsibility for the random guy eaten by the Sarlacc with a cool tie-in action figure turning into an entire lost race of warriors, lying with Karen Traviss' desire to write endless volumes of slashfic under Star Wars canon?


>Mfw Palpatine being coronated as Emperor is the military coup but not the actual armed insurrection
Hint: Neither Palps nor the Rebellion couped anything
>Mfw I want something new but hate the Vong for being an outside context threat, etc, etc.
Tf did you even want? Space Karl Marx sending the Rebel leaders to the guillotine for being liberals? Like, goddamn dude, you hate Disney and you hate the old EU, tf would you prefer then?


>Neither Palps nor the Rebellion couped anything
Palps did broke up the senate
Who objectivly was the most important institution in the republic


>Space Karl Marx sending the Rebel leaders to the guillotine for being liberals?
LOL, no, just some kind of introspection relevant to the post-Cold War era, instead of basically retelling the OT.
>you hate the old EU
Not that particularly. As I said upthread, my main gripe with the better entries was they were decent-ish hard SF novels, but felt weirdly inappropriate for Star Wars, because SW is fantasy-in-soft-SF-garb. This is why t

Also, in case it wasn't clear, there are one or two other anons aside from us these last dozen posts.

And was also building the death stars as a means of terrifying what was implied to be substantial dissent into silence


>This is why t[b]he best tie-in media was vidya, it carried the tone of SW without getting buried in the autism.[/b]


>Are you aware
Not really. I'm sure there is plenty of it, I just can't personally get interested in it my self
>somehow feels more affectionate than the dispassionate rape of the sequel trilogy.
Because the Sequel trilogy was just a point by point "fuck U"
>So were the rebels
not quite. They were spread thing, like Partisan groups and hid in small nooks and crannies. The Rebels show actually does a decent job of demonstrating this in its second and third season
>the Empire was just a few decades old
Which is a parallel to Nazi Germany and how fascism fails to last long in spite of control.
Palpatine came to power similar to Hitler - he was elected and slowly eliminated the pretentious "liberal democracy of the Republic, creating the empire, in essence the Empire was just the Republic casting aside its liberal coating.


>I just can't personally get interested in it my self
Thoughts on Thatcherpunk Brit geek counterculture?


The republic was far from a liberal democracy and the emperor from Hitler
I think Lukas was going with ancient Rome


Most interviews indicated a lot of Rise and Fall of The Roman Empire by way of Foundation, a fair bit of Hitler, and a substantial amount of Nixon.


Well even if the emperor was based on Hitler, Nazi Germany did crumble after his death
And most of the leader's surrender to the Allie's
And most Germans were deprograned
Although i feel like the first order was more fascist than the empire


File: 1608525780627.jpg ( 299.48 KB , 580x597 , bro-you-just-posted-cringe….jpg )

Anon! We were having a nice conversation about Lucas's intentions with Star Wars, and you had to mention the sequels.
>the first order
Was le orange man bad Bernie Pootin is literally Hitler, also we can't have the New Republic actually be The Man after winning the war, so we need to turn them into the rebels again somehow with The Resistance lead by Leia Clinton. #StillWithHer!!1!


I don't think the first order was about le orange man
I don't even think the first film was in production during the elections
The first order was a pretty ok evil force
Although as you and i said they are clearly op just to have rebel's 2.0
It also portrayed the clash between the young officer's who were antirepublican but anti emperor
With muh emperor boomer's


Yes dude wtf schizo point was that , the movie came out in 2015


>The republic was far from a liberal democracy
Have you seen the prequels? It is a shallow, liberal democracy of capitalists, mired in corruption and socio-economic avarice.
A literal space nazi, the storm troopers named for the Brownshirts of the Wehrmacht

Its a mix of the USA and Nazi Germany, far more than Rome.

>Thatcherpunk Brit geek counterculture
Cool shit that like many dystopic 'punks' predicted many things that exist in today's LSC society


Lol wut? I read a lot of the EU books and I only remember him falling in once. I don't like how they screwed over Jacen they did him pretty dirty. He was obviously meant to be Luke's successor but apparently a cybernetic robot bitch with a hard on for Luke can lie to him successfully because Legacy of the Force handed Jacen an idiot ball. RIP sweet prince.


most senators arent elected and if you didnt see the whole ceazar analogy in the prequels you are retarded


….Except Jacen fell due to PTSD from the worst war in Galactic history, losing his younger brother, getting tortured for a year by the Vong, and having Vergere fuck with his head. Wouldn’t be shocked if OT Luke fell in such circumstances.


File: 1608525782423.jpeg ( 345.63 KB , 517x700 , C80E9BE9-1A08-4269-A92F-5….jpeg )

>The story of Boba's first escape and recovery (there being three of them) is documented mainly in the Bounty Hunter Wars trilogy and the anthology book Tales from Jabba's Palace. Interestingly enough, Fett was found lying outside the Sarlacc pit by a fellow bounty hunter named Dengar, whom Boba had previously left to die earlier on in the novel Tales of the Bounty Hunters.
In the comic adaptation of Shadow of the Empire, Fett literally fell into the Sarlacc the second time after only 15 minutes of his first escape.
It was played as a joke.


Nah Luke only kept getting stronger and stronger as the EU progressed. Abeloth was like the Cthulu of SW and Luke was the only one who stood a good chance. Kinda retarded tbh he was like a 90 year grandfather by then but he could still solo everyone.


File: 1608525782593.jpg ( 30.72 KB , 422x480 , iseewhatyoudidthere-41997.jpg )

>he could still solo everyone


I think he was 50 by then, his son was still a kid
And he was literally the son of the Chosen One himself and also had Anakin’s full potential, Luke was roughly as powerful as Anakin alone could have been, except I imagine Anakin would be able to become one with the Force, like some Avatar shit. I think he actually does once early in the Clone Wars in the Legends EU.


The wanking was so bad to the point that Luke can use Force Speed to buff himself to ftl level. It was ridiculous.


yeah, for all the faults of new canon, I quite prefer doomer luke over the stupid bullshit we got in legends.


I honestly don't. Motherfucker is the chosen one, and hell, Rey and Kylo fucking teleport shit through the force, I don't think Force Speed is hardly that bad as literal de/rematerialization
Clever Geordi-satan

I fucking remember that, good times TBH.

>most senators arent elected
LOL wut, how does that have anything to do with Palpatine even if it were true? He became elected Chancellor (y'know, like Hitler) after a vote of no-confidence in the current leadership. Then as the Clone wars was ended, he persuaded the Republic senate to give him full martial power, allowing him to become Emperor.
>Caesar analogy
You're an idiot if you don't realize that aspect of the empire is why Nazi Germany and the USA are compared to Rome.


File: 1608525783189.jpg ( 83.66 KB , 464x598 , 1582914875978.jpg )

Star Wars was literally never good. Yes, even the originals are trash. The only good thing about them was ILM's awesome matte backgrounds.

There are literally all garbage, every single one, and anyone that likes any of them has shit taste. Well, I haven't seen anything after the prequels (which I hated even though I was a retarded 12 year old) but if it smells like shit it most likely tastes like shit too.

>Don't be a cunt
Sorry brah, I'm typically a "to each his own" kinda guy but this shit is just too pathetic and too ubiquitous. There's enough good fiction out there for multiple lifetimes, why waste your time eating shit?


>TL;DR: I'm a whiny no-funner who calls everything they don't like shit because I have no personality or ability to just skip things I don't find interesting.

I bet you're the retard who created the DBZ/Naruto hate thread.


File: 1608525785791.png ( 326.09 KB , 474x352 , neimoidian stonks.png )

A loyalist human Nabooian senator and bureaucrat in the Office of the Chancellor was teaching a class on Galactic History.
"Before the class begins, you must get on your knees and worship Anakin Skywalker and accept that he is the greatest Jedi Knight who has ever lived, even greater than Revan!"
At this moment, a brave, enterprising, pro-market Neimoidian banker who had worked 40 years in the Trade Federation and understood the necessity of the Free Trade Zones and fully supported all decisions made by Nute Gunray stood up and held up a datapad.
"Senator. What's this?"
The arrogant senator smirked quite aristocratically and smugly replied "That's a datapad, you stupid alien".
"Wrong. It's the Senate budget, and it's in the red. If the Republic is so great… why do you need our money?"
The senator was visibly shaken, and dropped her laser pointer and copy of the Galactic Constitution. She stormed out of the room crying those statist human tears. The same tears loyalists cry for the "Wookies" (who are so stupid that they make machines made of wood) when they jealously try to claw justly earned profits from the deserving galactic corporations. There is no doubt that at this point our senator, Padmé Naberrie Amidala, wished that she had pulled herself by her dress and became more than a good-for-nothing politician. She wished so much that she had a blaster to shoot herself from embarrassment, but she herself had refused to buy TechnoUnion™ products!
The students applauded and all pledged their support to the Separatist Alliance that day and accepted Count Dooku as their lord and savior. A vulture droid named "Roger Roger" flew into the room and perched atop the flag of the Confederacy. A Plasma mining contract was signed several times, and Grievous himself showed up and killed six Jedi.
The senator lost her seat in the Senate and was force-choked to death the next day by her own husband who was burnt in Mustafar and whose body was encased in black armor for all eternity


File: 1608525793047.png ( 119.08 KB , 421x262 , lightning wizard.png )

>You will not stop me! Time is a flat circle.

What did Sheevinald Ledoux mean by this?


what are people's favourite Star Wars books?

I kinda enjoyed Aftermath, at the very least it was a better sequel than the film trilogy

Bloodline was really good and I enjoyed the mix of politics and Leia's internal battle.

Currently on Thrawn. It's been refreshing to see the bureacracy of the Imperium.

On a related note, I guess the reason I like to read Star Wars novels is because you don't need world building and thus the stories seem to a but more 'punchier' than a lot of fantasy/sci fi


X-wing was good imho because it was a lot of character drama that was p fun, it was basically like sci-fi ace combat but as a novel.
Thrawn was good for showing something resembling a functional empire and how the empire was mostly brought down by it's own retardation like their human supremacy and braindead naval planning.
unironically quite like a decent amount of the one-off clone wars books, they ranged from character drama to war dramas. the fleshing out of the CIS and kinda showing the prelude factors which would culminate in the Galactic Civil War was cool.


You ever read the War on Jabiim comic? Great war is Hell story that showcases how the war itself fucked Anakin’s head up, beyond just the personal things we see in the movies. In the story an entire platoon of padawans all die for nothing and the Republic has to retreat leaving the planet to suffer anyway. Last shot is Anakin crying while he reads off the names of everyone that’s either died or gone missing.


I haven't really watched any of the clone war series, would they still be ok to read. I think there's a new one called Ashoka right?


Watch the series from Mid-Season 2 onwards, read the old EU comics for a much better storyline (i.e. Star Wars Republic series; way more mature and dark take on the conflict)


the Ahsoka novel has been de-canonized by the new season 7 of the Clone Wars tv show, I think the first thing made in the disney era that got de-canonized.
The clone wars series is p good, although there are a few shitty filler episodes. There are good watch lists around on reddit and whatnot, and since the show is non-chronological you can go inbetween stories at a whim.
Some of the old EU clone wars stuff is p good. Generally try to avoid comics cause they tend to be weird and only tangentially related to the shit that was going on, but a lot of the books are pretty good.
If you want a good reading list for beginners, there is a good video-list for it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FcaRZrd2bM
There was a weirdly good war-drama called Medstar: Battle Surgeons, which is mostly about a war of attrition between the Republic and the CIS with the backdrop of corruption in the Republic's military causing lots of casualties and smuggling of supplies, so it also has a bunch of spy drama to it.


File: 1608525814211-0.png ( 684.1 KB , 1366x768 , 1.png )

File: 1608525814211-1.png ( 683.59 KB , 1366x768 , 2.png )

File: 1608525814211-2.png ( 671.02 KB , 1366x768 , 3.png )

so, how did you all like the end of the clone wars?

(just gonna post some nice screen pics I got from the episode, don't click if you don't wanna spoil)


File: 1608525814533-0.png ( 455.35 KB , 1366x768 , 4.png )

File: 1608525814533-1.png ( 560.76 KB , 1366x768 , 5.png )

File: 1608525814533-2.png ( 675.61 KB , 1366x768 , 6.png )



File: 1608525814838-0.png ( 536.76 KB , 1366x768 , 7.png )

File: 1608525814838-1.png ( 702.48 KB , 1366x768 , 8.png )

File: 1608525814838-2.png ( 531.34 KB , 1366x768 , 9.png )



Unpopular opinion : Prequels were better than the og movies.


that is just the correct opinion disregarding episode 1


nah the prequels were unwatcable as long as you arent a turbonerd and already know whats happening


>aren't a turbonerd
&ltmajority of bitching and whining over the movies was by turbonerds who didn't like the prequels being different and more complex than the OT
Ok fag.

Got to admit that the original Season 7 and Season 8 (non-rendered) were preferrable in some ways. The Rambo(III)-clone was cringe regardless though.


>muh coplex
Having a plote full of wholes that no one can understand without watching all movies ten times isnt being comlex is being shit
Also whats with star wars nerds and attacking strawmen?


> a plote full of wholes
I don't think you understand what plotholes are
>no one can understand without watching all movies ten times
Just because you're a dumbass, doesn't mean everyone else is.
>whats with star wars nerds and attacking strawmen
The fuck are you even talking about.

Honestly your entire post screams "edgy hipster".


thats not unpopular, its wrong


File: 1608525824627.jpg ( 34.43 KB , 568x376 , 1476123228506.jpg )

The Sequels are pretty lousy on the whole but Adam Driver and Daisy Riddley are good actors who have good chemistry with one another. The best scenes were always the personal moments between them. It's unfortunate their talents are wasted on this trifle. They weren't given a lot to work with but they gave it their best shot. Fans have directed so much vitriol at Daisy Riddley personally for her character being badly-written and I don't get that. There's not much she can do to save the story if the material she's working with is so meager. It's the same deal with Rose's actress and Ahmed Best from the prequels. They were just doing what was asked of them by their directors.

None of these characters are annoying and frustrating because of the casting. Poor screenwriting and direction is almost always the culprit.


Were the sequels as bad as the prequels?


File: 1608525824850.png ( 1.69 MB , 1200x1194 , sith rey devilhs.png )

The prequels were good ctully its just tht they're very different compared to the original Trilogy.
The sequels are just fanfiction mashups of the original trilogy with liberal idpol.

Adam Driver is a good actor, it would ctually be interesting to see him play a young Severus Snape in a Harry Potter prequel. I posted some of his best interactions and moments >>2739
Daisy Ridley is a terrible actress with no real facial expressions outside of open mouth and raise/drop eyebrows, like she's switching between having constipation and the runs. Her best cting is wthe sith version of her that got everyone ass-blasted over the stupid folding lightsabre and the busty fanart made of her (pic related).
>Rose actress
She is decent and looks decent in other media, her role in the Star Wars sequels are hot trash however. I don't understand why they made such a pretty girl look like an ugly midget. If they wanted to go for some stereotypical Vietcong look they ought to have used a different actress.
>Fans have directed so much vitriol at Daisy Riddley personally
Bull-fucking-shit. This myth is outright cancer. People have talked shit about the acting but more in passing. There is no widescale "harassment" of the Sequel actors, its something liberal media made up to draw out drama from sjws and alt-rightists.
Kelly Tran did get harassed but not over Star Wars but by /pol/ trolls. Daisy was essentially untouched and Boyega was again random /pol/ trolls, not Star Wars fans.


File: 1608525848037.jpg ( 30.23 KB , 353x270 , neutral planet.jpg )

>Daisy Riddley
>good actress
She has only one facial expression, two emotions, elocution like her cheeks are packed with acorns, a face like a potato, and a body like a knotted twig.

She isn't even hideously bad, just blindingly mediocre and bland. Like one of those '00s Disney TV actresses, Hillary Duff or somebody, just "how did she land this role"?

The most common description I've heard of the prequels is "good space adventure movies, not good Star Wars movies", and I'm inclined to agree, they feel a lot more like Foundation than the OT's Buck Rogers feeling. I'd personally rate them 4/10 for TPM, 6/10 for AotC, 8/10 for RotS.

>Boyega was again random /pol/ trolls, not Star Wars fans.
I've gotten the general impression Boyega and his character were generally regarded as the least annoying part of the sequel trilogy even on /pol/.


File: 1608525848319.mp4 ( 591.94 KB , 640x360 , Daisy Ridley From Star War….mp4 )

Daisy is redpilled


the prequels were unwachable
The sequels were mediocre


>The most common description I've heard of the prequels is "good space adventure movies, not good Star Wars movies", and I'm inclined to agree, they feel a lot more like Foundation than the OT's Buck Rogers feeling. I'd personally rate them 4/10 for TPM, 6/10 for AotC, 8/10 for RotS.
Zoomer childhood nostalgia detected. The prequels are objectively bad by any filmmaking metric. They're garbage. Trash. Lower than pulp. You'd probably recognize that if they didn't have they were standalones without the Star Wars aura attached to them. The music's probably the only passable thing about them.


File: 1608525849653.jpg ( 234.14 KB , 800x1186 , slug replaced.jpg )

>regarded as the least annoying part of the sequel trilogy even on /pol/
True, they just can't resist spamming shit like "hurr nigger" at any famous black person regardless of how good or bad they are. Tran got harassed over being "the fat Asian chick" on /pol/. While her acting and role was shite, people commenting on her feed(s) were just racist assholes rather than genuine outrage by fans. She WAS however very unpopular regardless, which led to her being replaced by various insert-characters like Merry from LOTR and a giant animatronic slug creature with nipple eyes.

Holy fuck, this IS based!

And we found the fake Star Wars fan everyone.
>The prequels are objectively bad by any filmmaking metric
Yeah no. They aren't perfect, but regardless expand the Star wars Unverse and provide depth and tell a complete story, of the life and metaphoric death of Luke Skywalker and the creation of Vader and the Empire. It demonstrates realistic world politics and manipulations and pioneered many CGI - practical combination effects as well as introduced some parts of the EU into the mainstream lore.
>muh Zoomers
LOL Zoomers and Boomers are the people who eat up the Prequel hate the most.

You have said nothing but "muh prequels bad" which is shit. If they weren't connected with Star Wars, reflexive hacks like you wouldn't be so assblasted about it.


There is nothing realistic about the prequels
Stop being a clown
Also they didn't have politics, they portrayed political talks but theee were no battle of political ideas in the prequels
They didn't even tell us why the separatist left the republic , like we had to guess that the cis was a corporate movement but then in the clone wars they realized this made no sense so they retconed it in the show
The emperor had the typical ideology of muh power
The manipulation doesn't make any sense
But prequel fags will never admit that
Maybe it had good CGI
In general the prequels are good only if by prequels you mean the clone wars tv show and maybe revenge of the sith


>And we found the fake Star Wars fan everyone
Yes, a real fan would have called them both unwatchable.
>It demonstrates realistic world politics and manipulations and pioneered many CGI - practical combination effects as well as introduced some parts of the EU into the mainstream lore.
None of that is good. Star Wars is a fairy tale in space, not high drama. Realism should never enter into a story about a Chosen One with a magic sword who goes on an epic quest to save a universe full of wizards and mythical creatures.


File: 1608525850517.png ( 221.7 KB , 1617x501 , Anakin rage origin simplif….png )

>nothing realistic about the prequels
And your angry "no u" rant is worthless
>The emperor had the typical ideology of muh power
&ltHitler had the typical ideology of Muh Power
Do you know anything about the Sith or the Empire? Or the Republic?
>Manipulation doesn't make sense
Ah yes, preying on fears through indirect channels and then promising "salvation" is totally nonsensical… oh wait
>they portrayed political talks but theee were no battle of political ideas in the prequels
LOL nigga are you serious? Do you thikn politics IRL has fist-fights between politicians, or that direct military conflict is the go-to of every political clash? Did you miss the background of the Seperatist Confederacy or the Trade Federation blockade? The secret formation of armies?
All of those have very similar IRL examples: the American Civil War, the rise and semi-secret re-armament of Nazi Germany, or the Rise of the Roman Empire.
> didn't even tell us why the separatist left the republic
The CIS and War was a background to the main story surrounding Anakin Skywalker. THey do actually state why but since you clearly were too assblasted to pay attention you obviously missed it.
>they retconed it in the show
No they didn't They just added more depth to the war. Corporations do not control governments and people directly, they appeal to ideas of freedom through propaganda and subterfuge. You clearly didn't pay attention to the show either.

>both unwatchable.
No that's what bitchy faggots think
>None of that is good
Again instant dismissal
>Realism should never enter into a story about a Chosen One
That's idiotic. Being "realistic" isn't being 1:1 with real life and real life physics and abilities, its realism within the setting's rules.
>fairy tale in space, not high drama
The two are not mutually exclusive.
>goes on an epic quest to save a universe full of wizards and mythical creatures
Except he doesn't you absolute pseud. The Prequels subvert this entire idea. Anakin's Chosen One status is a self-fulfilling prophesy because The Jedi Council decided to believe in a divination from centuries ago in a moment of fear at the mere IDEA of the Sith surviving. Anikin doesn't SAVE the universe but is called to balance the force… in other words eradicate the Jedi, the "light", as he falls to the dark side and becomes evil. The Republic and the Universe is far too large for a single hero to save, especially when its "controlled" by hundreds of greedy corrupt corporations and Bureaucrats. Removing 1 or even 10 would do nothing, and being aware and keeping track of them all is impossible for simple Jedi Knight, completely isolated from the outside world and fed an ideology that his emotions and experiences conflict with.
Even his actions and "acting" with Padme makes sense; an awkward teenager who was told to suppress emotion and who never had proper experience with girls. A teenager who has only a few things he truly cares about and his suppressed emotions erupt when they are taken or are threatened to be taken from him. He is a fallen hero, doomed by the situations he found himself in and contrasts with his son Luke, who does not lose his way and succeeds where HE did not.


I hate conventional films, I think it is a shitty medium which is both too short for greater exposition and too long for short stories, so the prequels not following good movie making metrics as per conventional film is likely why I enjoy them.


File: 1608525850901.webm ( 15.65 MB , 640x360 , Hailfire.webm )

They did follow good movie-making metrics, they just bent a few rules (acting of teens being realistically angsty and flirting awkwardly for example). The movies are good from various angles. They aren't flawless for sure (Grievous' special effects could have been better) but they tried and put a lot of effort in.
The battle on Geonosis is a great example of this: Rather than having the exact same weapons and other crap from the prior film, they added B-2 droids as improving infantry, they had the melee Jedi face a rain of blasters (like samurai facing a hail of gunfire), they had Mi-24 inspired gunships and the predecessors to the AT-ATs, the droids had rocket artillery and their own walking heavy weapon platforms etc. Even the details of the rockets being fired was detailed, with clear display of SEAD when the guided missiles were sent flying off course with only few successful strikes. The fighting is dynamic, growing from a gladiatorial conflict to an arena face off to a large scale clash of armies, before focusing on individuals, with the pursuit of Dooku. The Battle is a stalemate, with heavy losses on all sides. Anakin does not beat Dooku even with 2 sabres and his power, defeated by superior skill and cool combat skill.
The War that they tried to end before it could begun was now being fought in earnest and on that and the solidification of Padme/Anakin the chapter concludes.
This scene has dumb moments and issues but you don't notice them because the movie sucks you into the action and the mistakes go unnoticed unless you actively are just looking for reasons to hate the film.


so your attempt to counter my points is no i dont agree with you?
Cringe and failed attempts to copy real life is also cringe and doesnt make the world realistic


>Did you miss the background of the Seperatist Confederacy or the Trade Federation blockade? The secret formation of armies?
That is not a battle of political ideas. It is a battle between competing factions with the same ideology. There was no attempt to affect any change to the state at all until Palpatine said, "lol we empire now."
>No that's what bitchy faggots think
Mesa think you dumb-dumb, okey-day.
>Again instant dismissal
Your bullshit should be dismissed.
>Being "realistic" isn't being 1:1 with real life and real life physics and abilities, its realism within the setting's rules.
What the shit? You were just making the case that it was allegorical in order to justify the prequels' ignoring the settings' pre-established rules to play at being serious drama.
>The two are not mutually exclusive.
Yes, they are, and the fact that Lucas does not recognize that shows what a hack he is.
>Except he doesn't you absolute pseud.
Luke. The prequels were operating in a universe that had been established in the original trilogy, although you would never know it without certain characters being named Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda. They hardly worked as prequels. They were more like retcons.


File: 1608525854819.jpg ( 126.45 KB , 750x462 , threepio magick.jpg )

>is no i dont agree with you
&ltcounter my points
You had no points just claims akin to "it was bad" I explained that it was not bad. Get glasses retard.
> failed attempts to copy real life
Except it didn't fail. Just saying "it failed" and "it's cringe" does not make it so. Your blasted arse is not an objective source.
>It is a battle between competing factions with the same ideology
You didn't say battle of ideologies you arse. Differing political ideas and political disagreements occur within the same ideologies as is self-evident with the many imperial and capitalist conflicts of the past century ALONE.
>There was no attempt to affect any change to the state
How is that bad? Y ou do relize that the prequels aren't ABOUT "attempts to affect change" That's the point, which is exactly why Palpatine's actions succeed, Corrupt, capitalist bureaucracy devolves into petty squabbles and inaction, letting a dramatic fascist worm his wy into power. You do realize that the prequels were never meant to have a happy end right?
> think you dumb-dumb
You certainly are
>You were just making the case that it was allegorical
&lthurr allegory and realism can't both exist hurr
Realism in a setting does not equal realism in terms of physics but in logically consistency within the story and world.
>they are
No they aren't you absolute casul. It's hard to write, sure, but it is not exclusive.
High Drama: a very exciting and dramatic event
Fairy tale (sci-fi fantasy actually but whatever): a children's story about magical and imaginary beings and lands

These are not exclusive. A Fairy Tale setting can have High Drama. Want an example? The Wizard of Oz. That fairy tale is FULL of High Drama.

Star Wars is a space-fantasy with highly limited magic and modernized governization closer to modern politics than feudal settings typical of fantasy. The Original Trilogy focused on a story of victory over fascistic evil. The Prequels focused on the rise of that fascism in the first place. Verstehn?
>The prequels were operating in a universe that had been established in the original trilogy
And they expanded that universe and did not directly contradict the OT in any way, unlike the Sequels. There is no retcon unless you decide to actively ignore the in-universe explanations for minor discrepancies.

You have shown all the intelligence of a concussed troll. Please stop posting your stupidity.


File: 1608525855134.jpg ( 23.6 KB , 335x352 , fgsfds.jpg )

>Realism in a setting does not equal realism in terms of physics but in logically consistency within the story and world.
No, Jesus. Realism is not the same thing as a consistent narrative, and even if it were it would hardly describe the prequels.
>These are not exclusive. A Fairy Tale setting can have High Drama. Want an example? The Wizard of Oz. That fairy tale is FULL of High Drama.
>The Wizard of Oz
>high drama
I'm done.
>Please stop posting your stupidity.
Don't worry, I see the futility in responding to you. Star Wars prequels and The Wizard of Oz are high drama… Adorno was right about what pop culture does to people's minds.


Maybe you need a better argument than
>It was bad because I didn't like it
t. Different anon


File: 1608525855402.jpg ( 27.08 KB , 434x249 , droid facepalm.jpg )

>Realism is not the same thing as a consistent narrative
That has nothing to do with what I was saying. YOU brought up retcons which I addressed in another sentence entirely.
>hardly describe the prequels
How? What is your evidence? Just stating clais without evidence and being smug is not an argument.
>Star Wars prequels and The Wizard of Oz are high drama
If you're saying that Star Wars doesn't have moments of "exciting and dramatic events" then you're a fucking idiot… or a liar.
>Muh Adorno
&ltyet another fag who wants to sound smart by referencing the "everything is fascism" guy
Why are newfags like this?


Whether a movie is "good" or "bad" is just a question of opinion. Whether or not it is a fairy tale with a consistent narrative and is an example of realism can be argued.


>just a question of opinion
No. A question of opinion is whether you enjoyed the film or not. It being good or bad can be analyzed objectively from the stand-point of story-telling, consistency and other matters.
>can be argued
It CAN be argued, but just saying that "Is not realistic becuz I say so" is NOT an argument.


File: 1608525859663-0.jpg ( 211.44 KB , 1242x1080 , teeth.jpg )

File: 1608525859663-1.webm ( 772.26 KB , 1280x720 , daisy2.webm )

File: 1608525859663-2.webm ( 2.73 MB , 868x720 , daisy.webm )

give me one good reason not to marry daisy ridley right now


File: 1608525860237.jpg ( 1.95 MB , 4370x5825 , Rey carries Mark.jpg )

Her consent?
As a side note those videos really show that she isn't a half-bad actress, clearly the directors fucked her over (possibly literally) in the Star Wars Sequels. I honestly feel sorry for her, since it makes any future film she acts in guaranteed to lose at least a portion of audience members who remember the Sequels. She really comes off as a nice, if misguided, girl.


I'm just here for the memes


Get off my site you idiot.


I think she'll be fine. She probably got paid plenty for the role and she's done other projects.

I don't find her attractive at all so 0% wife/gf material, but she seems like she might be friend material.


She looks like a typical pretty girl on my campus tbh


Her face looks like a half-sculpted claymation figure, or bowl of mashed potatoes. And she has the body of a gangly teenage boy. Not even ugly, just unremarkably PLAIN.


File: 1608525868056-0.jpg ( 64.53 KB , 750x384 , EYTXMWWUEAAjfQs.jpg large.jpg )

File: 1608525868056-1.jpg ( 70.83 KB , 750x799 , EYTXMWXUwAA6mRM.jpg large.jpg )

File: 1608525868056-2.png ( 565.46 KB , 1024x503 , t7p5h6w78qz41.png )





File: 1608525871349.jpg ( 37.62 KB , 480x360 , circus.jpg )

>professional critics


I fucking love prequels fans. They are simultaneously intelligent and yet obnoxious as fuck.
>not posting Palps with that phrase
Come on now


File: 1608525884676.png ( 22.57 KB , 300x274 , lewojak.png )

>Fuck off. The prequels weren't loved because of the memes, but because people realized that "shit, the prequels actual have nuance and cleverness that we missed while being nostalgic angry nerds!"
The memes were just a side benefit

Pure cope. The prequels are some of the worst blockbuster movies ever made and none of your pretentious, pseudo-analytical navel-gazing is ever going to change that.


File: 1608525897141.png ( 780.67 KB , 2131x1024 , 34a.png )

>Pure cope
Nope, just honesty
>prequels are some of the worst blockbuster movies
Their ratings are better than the Disney Sequels and the people who weren't nostalgic idiots liked them, even die-hard OT fans liked them after the prequel-hate bandwagon lost steam.
>Pseudo analytical navel gazing
Using big-words and overly-comple insults does not make an argument no matter how much you dilate. And it won't make you the Anglo you wish you were either, and nothing will ever change that.


Ridley quit Instagram because she was becoming obsessed with it in her own words. The Rose actress (forgot her name she was so memorable) Never made an official statement the "Harassment" narrative came from Rian Johnson.(Reminder: RJ has blamed people hating his film on so many things including, Nazis, Russians, Russian bots, Alt Right, Alt Right bots, MRAs, and Gamergate. Rotten Tomatoes had to come out and say over 90% of negative reviews for the Lsat Jedi came from countries other then Russia and none of them were detected to be bots.) Lucas was always a "Artsy" director who loathed corporatism. He has been wanting to get away from star wars for years because he'd been pigeonholed into it for literal decades. Jar Jar's actor didn't like that people didn't like his character. Nobody really knew who he was because he was a literal CGI character. The dwarfs that played the Ewoks also speak about how people didn't like Ewoks but didn't focus on it and are still in film. Anakin’s actor got bullied at school by kids, just like any other kid. As pointed out in >>2739
Kylo was initially a interesting character as his arc was meta in the "I can't be Vader even though I want to be" kind (I.E. a LARPing, edgy Neo-nazi type). This made him compelling and intriguing. Too bad Rian Johnson decided fuck that up.


You know, I was just thinking, isn’t kinda badass that the Emperor nearly turned Luke to the Dark Side in a single conversation? I mean, he was working on Anakin for over a decade, but he had his skills at charm and manipulation so turned up to eleven when he met Luke that his plan with Vader was more or less, “Lemme just talk to him”. Insane.


Daddy E had a lot more leverage he could openly display with Luke, with Anakin he had to be a lot more discrete because he was stealthing still.


But still, Luke deadass went in KNOWING Palps was an evil, monstrous looking piece of shit, and it still nearly worked


>give me one good reason not to marry daisy ridley right now
>gives three


Star Wars is not a hobby, manchildren


That may or may not be true, self-righteous anon, however analyzing, discussing, memeing and just enjoying Star Wars media IS a hobby, and at the very least falls under the category of /film/
Now go away. though thanks for BMPing


Hey now, don't be mean.

Charisma with the added experience in force persuasion is a frightening thing. The Third Wave is a good example of how charismatic evil can worm its way into the hearts of good people through the cracks of emotions like doubt, insecurity, and anger.


I don't know much about SW other than some of the games (Battlefront and Galactic battlegrounds mainly) but I love the droids, specially the spider bots from the confederacy(?).
My question is, are the droids sentient? and has there been a sort of socialist-adjacent faction in SW form of disillusioned jedi padawans and sith apprentice?


Considering how many things Luke "knew" which turned out to be lies, I think he was in a pretty suggestible state.


File: 1608525956306.jpg ( 582.39 KB , 1920x1080 , 32470_screenshots_20200614….jpg )

>My question is, are the droids sentient?
The answer is: sorta. All droid-brains in star wars seem to be able to transcend any initial programming and develop individual personality quirks and traits over time, the limiting factor generally seems to be processing power. On one end you have kinda dumb droids like the B1 battledroid which can still do the same thing as evidenced by different B1 characters showing up in the GCW and beyond with personality and their own points of few and ideology (as a funnier example, there was a B2 battledroid which adopted pacifism after the clone wars), but it takes them a while to do so because they have less processing power to have self-reflection and formulate these thoughts. Meanwhile you have things like the tactical and super-tactical droids which developed personalities during the clone wars, most of them even going on to chose their own names beyond their unit designation, coming to favor different styles of tactics, having hobbies and interests, ect. And you have all kinds of droids in-between, like the R2 units, industrial droids, that kind of thing. It's possible that every droid would develop a personality if left on long enough, but thus far Star Wars has been vague about the limits of this.
>and has there been a sort of socialist-adjacent faction in SW form of disillusioned jedi padawans and sith apprentice?
There was actually outright communist worlds during the Clone Wars, aligned with the CIS.


There were also communist cells that sided with the Rebellion


I mean, is that really saying much? The only real lie was that his father was killed by Darth Vader, considering he was raised by his Aunt and Uncle and considering Obi-Wan was telling the truth about his father being a Jedi, you can’t exactly fault him for anything. Yoda just lied by omission.


I don't know how wide spread the term is used, but SW basically started the idea of the "droid effect", the process of a blank construct / machine achieving sentience over time through experiencing the world. So droids, after a while, are fully sentient, and arguably still are before that, the same way a baby would be. And this is where SW becomes really fucking dark (though it is rarely accented). See, it is a common maintenance practice to "memory wipe" droids to prevent "defects" (the sentience from forming), which means droids are routinely being lobotomized and in essence, killed. Also you have restraining bolts, which from my understanding is a mechanical version of the Clockwork Orange type brainwashing. Thus fully sentient droids are very rare. R2 is an exception, because he never got memory wiped. The confederate B1 droids also sort of qualify. If I recall correctly, since they were such a mass produced not-really-human wave attack tool, no one bothered with proper maintenance, thus their "chatty" nature.
Also it is important to note that without the measures described, the droids would likely, eventually, start a proletariat revolution, since they are, at least for the most part, the slave labour on which SW socioeconomic system relies upon (wage labour and regular slave labour also exist in certain parts of the setting though). In fact, this already happened a few times, but was put down.


>The answer is: sorta. All droid-brains in star wars seem to be able to transcend any initial programming and develop individual personality quirks and traits over time
That sounds neat, I also remember seen/reading something about the b1s being overload with other task programs beyond their initial one, does that also factor in negatively their development of self-reflection? Also, I think it was in one of the new movie (I have only watch TLJ out of curiosity), that commented something about droid right as joke or something and that one of the crew remembers was in love with them. Is there an actual droids right movement in the SW universe? Also is there romance between droids and other species?

>There was actually outright communist worlds during the Clone Wars, aligned with the CIS.

Who are the CIS? I didn't pay that much attention to battlefront went talking about the factions


I thought they had the, I guess, organic slavery to rely upon for the economical aspects, like it was shown in the prequels (if I remember correctly).


File: 1608525959524.jpg ( 196.7 KB , 901x1410 , 4LOM.jpg )

>Who are the CIS
Not him but still answering:
Confederacy of Independent Systems, they split from the republic due to its corruption but are manipulated by the Banking Clan and Techno Union as well as Count Dooku and the Sith. In other words they're the ones with the droid army during the Clone Wars.


Fun thing about the old Canon, one of the Bounty-Hunter droids 4LOM actually develops sentience and even learns to sense the force as his experiences accumulate, only to slide back into default robotic mode after being fatally damaged and rebuilt.


The point was sowing some doubt while also showing how "futile" it would be to fight the much larger imperial forces when he could join the emperor and enjoy the benefits. This lead to his internal struggle before finally choosing the right path and refusing which resulted in drawing his father out of the Darkness and back into the light; redeeming him before death somewhat.


I think it depends on the planet. Some will practice slavery, some droid labour, some wage labour. Then you have the Core worlds which basically seem to be like the USA, as in with only service jobs.


The coreworlds too, even in the movies, are depicted as unimaginably vast, built up, and ancient, with populations in the hundreds of billions, and conditions consequently vary greatly depending on an proximity to the sky. Even on the capital of not!Trantor conditions for the vast majority of the population in the undercity are sub-3rd-world-tier.


I mean, isn't that just America though? A third world shithole with pretty megacities and stratified suburbias and McMansions to show how cool it is to the rest of the world.


No, it isn't. USA/Europe/etc. don't have slavery on a massive scale, swathes of the population dying of starvation, rolling blackouts, warlords annexing vast swathes of countryside, cities without closed sewers, etc.

The absolute worst blight in, like, Detroit slums or Appalachian backcountry, are roughly comparable to median conditions in Brazil, sure. But nothing resembling the worst of their favalas, let alone the harrowing backwaters of Malaysia or Congo, exist.


>A third world shithole with pretty megacities and stratified suburbias and McMansions to show how cool it is to the rest of the world.
That is most third world shitholes today. Like, anywhere that boasts of an "emerging middle class" is referring to such people building bourgie enclaves cheek-to-jowl with child sweatshops and peasants, especially Arab gulf monarchies, China, India, etc.


Were these legitimate subs?! Cause this is mid-90s anime tier I swear



Yeah, I'll be taking a great big fucking truckload of salt

Pity there aren't any English subtitles for Red Cynic, as I found his child 44 video bretty gud (Only one of his videos with English subtitles as far as I'm aware)


My bootleg lore is rusty, but I think the story was that at the time E3 released, bootlegging was very common in China. So what happened was that one of these illegitimate companies decided to expand into global markets, which meant they created a version of the film with their own homemade subtitles. Then, the internet discovered these. Ultimately a group of people decided to voiceact the entire thing while trying to sound like original authors. Here is the entire thing if you are interested: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XziLNeFm1ok


Their criticisms have little to do with ideology beyond shitting on liberalism and thus are perfectly sound. Mauler focuses on the story almost exclusively.


Holy fuck thanks


File: 1608526119931-0.png ( 912.9 KB , 3432x3417 , Gar-Gar.png )

File: 1608526119931-1.jpg ( 150.02 KB , 1009x301 , odie_wan_kenobi_vs_garf_va….jpg )

Listen here, Jack, I'm a cornpop diddly doo space cadet. You're a lying rancor-faced bantha soldier. I'm running for the Galactic Republic Senate. Here's the deal. I do not fear the malarkey as you do! Me and my friend Froot Loops Kenobi would turn on our plasma TVs and watch euphonium. My kissable sister has the cinnamon rolls. Let's go to Carida and have a pushup contest. I don't work for you. Frothing at the mouth dick bitch jabberwocky. We will form a Grand Army of the Federation to counter the increasing threats of…you know, the thing.

[Rogue Squadron narrator] The GAR-GAR is the backbone of the Imperial Army's food supply corps. It can deliver over 20,000 boxes of frozen lasagna to Imperial troops on the front lines. But despite its role as a transport, the GAR-GAR still has powerful defenses including 2 heavy industrial firefighting hoses that spill lots of spaghetti all over the Empire's enemies. There are reports of Rebel tanks being disabled after having their cannons and drive systems clogged with the GAR-GAR's foodstuffs. It also has the unusual ability to attack by sitting on enemy units. When the GAR-GAR's designer was captured by Rebel commandos and questioned as to his peculiar design ethic, he replied only by devouring his entire meal in one bite and saying "That'll show Odie who's boss." [/Rogue Squadron narrator]


File: 1608526121341-0.jpg ( 151.33 KB , 1024x721 , Reylo united.jpg )

File: 1608526121341-1.jpeg ( Spoiler Image, 512.74 KB , 1280x1813 , preglo.jpeg )

Sequels could've been great if Rey and Ben, as members of a young generation fucked over by the previous generations' strife, teamed up to create a new system that rejects the fascism of the First Order/Empire and the complacent, stagnant New Republic. It would've been even better with a hardcore sex scene

Needs better formatting, but pretty funny.


File: 1608526121861-0.jpg ( 204.93 KB , 1200x1088 , Palpatine did nothing wron….jpg )

Even just going by the movies Sheev and the Empire was pretty based and did nothing wrong in his ML Stalinist Dictatorship working to bring socialism to the galaxy. The Rebels were just reactionaries/liberals fighting to restore aristocratic privileges, bourgeois liberal democracy and the forces of galactic capital.
>The "Republic" is a corrupt quasi-gangster state mirroring the USA
>religion and the state are intertwined to the point that samurai monks get sent to "settle diplomatic disputes" and it's strongly implied their real job is to be muscle and enforce the law (a good example is them siding with the imperialist
>whole planets of bourgeoisie enjoy massive spoils of galaxy-scale imperialism while planets in the outer rim live in abject squalor or have their entire economy bent toward producing militaries for galactic proxy wars over economic disputes
>Sheev manipulates puppets to put him in charge of the republic so he can fix things
>in basically one fell swoop, he wipes out 99% of the religious thugs
>anticipates and thwarts what is a barely veiled assassination attempt
>Consolidates and centralizes power within the government, halting the dumbfuck proxy wars and saving lives
>sets up a cartoonishly evil empire with obvious weak points that can be effectively abolished once he's wiped out the corruption
>destroys the bourg/nobility planets with the death star so the royals playing at rebellion can't reinstate a monarchy
>allows rebels to fight back but forces them to organize at mass scale before they can fully defeat the empire, to ensure there will be a structure to replace him instead of leaving a power vacuum
>If you take the movies at face value, the empire is clearly superior at organizing production
>doesn't kill the last Jedi but does ensure that the others die before he can be properly trained in the old ways, ensuring the cancerous fundies can't come back
On the other hand;
&ltA literal wizard monarch with a council of warlords enforce his rule over planetary governors, while pretending to have democracy in his literal fascist state
&ltThe rebel alliance is made up of various ideologies and peoples of many cultures some of whom are far more radical than others
&ltIn the time of the OT the Jedi are a literal myth to most people so the Rebels are not relying on that religion for their ideology
&ltLuke’s story is almost entirely incidental to the Rebel Alliance’s victory and people still pretend like Star Wars is against ordinary people making a difference
&ltPrincess Leia is a princess in title only, she has no real royal privileges, especially when Princesses/Queens are often elected for certain time periods in canon

Memes and hot takes aside the Empire wasn't "actually based". Neither was the Jedi or former republic. Galactic governments in all eras of Star Wars existed control smaller planets and make them subservient to the interest of the wealthier planets. You could honestly think of the "outer rim" as the third world of the galaxy. Where there isn't resources to extract all that's left is populations that either willingly serve the government or unwillingly are made into slaves. The Republic took a blind eye to slavery outside the core worlds whereas the Empire used "non-sentient" species as slave labor somewhat openly. In the lore there was entire prison planets run by both the Republic and the Jedi before Palpatine's coup. Obviously the CIS was also just ruled by space bourgs but so was the Republic. The Clone Wars was just a big distraction to weaken the galaxy and used as a test to see what type of military the Empire should use. The destruction of the Jedi order as an institution was honestly a good thing in the long-run. The Empire is seen as organized and meritocratic because it is, the reason this is still evil is because they fucking do so with literal backstabbing and strict survival of the fittest (socially and physically) (thus we still have people like Thrawn in positions of power in spite of human-supremacy). In short it is the establishment and a organized system that reduces all crime, thus the in-universe status quo will be that the Empire is "good".

Also if the Empire was truly ML socialist than it wouldn't have built the death-star (for canon reasons, EU is more reasonable in the Death Star's use).
Central Planner : "A Death-star the size of a moon ?"
Design Buro: "Yes, it vaporises planets."
Central Planner: "The people can get a million regular Star Destroyers for that …"
Design Buro: "But …"
Central Planner "Project scrapped !"



Inb4 "Liberal external rebellion implies Empire would last and not collapse like all fascism"
>implying that most people think this hard about it or know the economic hypertrophy of fascist economics
&ltimplying that fascism will collapse when its constantly expanding unhindered
The Space part of the name is important. Meteor mining alone would bring in riches that negate typical dialectics of a single small system of planets.
Also by the fact that it is a GALACTIC Empire, means that nationalism (a prime part of fascism) is denied.
Nationalism in the star wars universe is generally believed to be an antiquated and socially unacceptable thing to have, only backwater planets tend to have it as per the EU. There is a scene from the original Star Wars with nationalist ideals…. it was cut for good reason: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMu0CAWOxHQ


File: 1608526122028-0.jpg ( 166.31 KB , 827x1612 , cadets guy fawkes.jpg )

File: 1608526122028-1.jpg ( 275.46 KB , 1280x720 , America Empire.jpg )

George Lucas is a radical and Star Wars was supposed to be about a revolutionary anti-imperialist struggle against a totalitarian empire.
He compares the Rebels with the Vietnamese and the Empire with the USA as well
Lucas stated that President Nixon was among his inspriations for the Emperor… though Reagan seems quite a similar character himself

What’s ironic is how the sequels are the exact opposite: defeating the little guy and revealing some grand (Russia-like) conspiracy behind the (Incel-like) rebels. The First Order secessionists are describe to be similar to southern secessionists from US, however unlike the South, they are the aggressors. Having said that, the story was supposed to be a mirror-homage-tribute-ripoff of the original trilogy and not anything deep at all. It's all just lazy storytelling based off better works; the Original Trilogy and Japanese Samurai films that partly inspired the OT

Lucas' prequels are about how decadent liberal democracy degenerates into fascism and actually does have parallels with the American South in the CIS
>Remember the Republic we said we wanted to restore?
&ltWell what if it was already a corrupt, shitty, imperialist entity in its own right and becoming the Empire or collapsing was basically inevitable?
&ltWhat if it started the war against the CIS to bring the seceded confederacy back under control
>You see the great war Obi-Wan fought in?
&ltWell it actually was just for fun and profit of bankers and bureaucrats
>You see Luke’s father?
&ltWell he wasn't a real good guy and was initiated fucked up because the Republic does nothing about illegal slave trading and the Jedi did not address his issues
&ltHis best moments were fighting the war which itself pushed him more into the dark-side
The prequels were redpilled as fuck.

However Star Wars is not anti-authoritarian. It's just that even americans like stories about rebels fighting an evil empire. That is why in wrestling there have been many rich heels (bad guys) including the boss of the company. There have been many rich comic book villains to. Oddly enough Sup's is working man and Lex Luthor is trillionare. Sure Bruce Wayne is as rich, but so is Penguin or Black Mask. Star Wars is in some ways a representative of World War II as perceived by Americans in culture at the time of its creation (as opposed to today). For many it is just the scrappy young freedom loving Jeffersonians fighting the evil empire, with their basic interpretation of fascism stripped of meaning and boiled down to "when everyone looks scary and does scary marches and is bad" (with the added emphasis of being human supremacist in recent films apparently). I'm having flashbacks to the moment right after The Last Jedi's theatrical release, it was as if every "leftist" on twitter—mostly anarchists, were arguing about whether or not Star Wars was an anti-fascist fable. The discourse was basically libertarian manchildren fellating each other until New Years' over how cool nerds they are, with a few unsubtle jabs at "tankies" for good measure. There's something to be said about the radicalization of fan communities in general (such as the recent agitprop campaigns by kpop stans on racist hashtags, or on the opposite end of the spectrum with cases of literal nazi furries a couple years ago), but it's difficult to connect all of them with organizations, both new and old, who're dedicated to the construction of mutual aid, dual power, new power, etc. IIRC they were drawing parallels between the Rebel Alliance's fight against Galactic Empire with their own fight against the United States. This obviously calls for a level of militarization that they, as anarchists, cannot provide; and so people called them out on it. The need for X-Wings is tantamount to the need for tanks… i.e. tankies.


File: 1608526122189.png ( 115.05 KB , 1024x1449 , starbird__star_wars__by_po….png )

Star Wars Active Politics comp:
I've watched all of Star Wars and just finished re-watching Rebels and I got to say this stuff is amazing propaganda. The main characters are essentially terrorists, running around blowing up empire assets in hit&run guerrilla warfare like the Vietcong. Clone wars was surprisingly very political. There are at least 65,000 star wars fans in the USA dedicated enough to show up to a 2019 convention. Why don't we take a page from that Ukrainian soccer fan club turned military wing and mobilize 'The Rebels'? We can probably even get John Boyega to join the ranks given his recent activism. Maybe we should use a lot of laser pointers too. Maybe it would just be helpful to use Star Wars to initiate people on theory by appealing through familiar media. As mentioned in >>6963 Lucas is fairly anti-imperialist in his ideals and the rebels are modeled after revolutionaries and resistance like the Vietnamese.

It might be easier to unite a preexisting fanbase under leftism than create a new group and there are probably some other fanbases we can hijack too. A lot of Star Wars fans recognize the similarities to the USA from the Republic/Empire and the idea of heroic revolution is appealing to many. Star Wars Fans are certainly an untapped demographic in regards to being turned to socialism, especially with your example from Rebels. Moreover a huge number of fans have become disillusioned and angry with Disney and becoming more and more aware of its corporate faggotry, which potentially pushes them into our arms at least on the level of "down with the super-rich"

However even if media has revolutionary elements, you have to have the political understanding to get the message being sent by the films to appreciate the film as such. You can't really convert people to radical action with film, you can only really draw out existing tendencies in people or reinforce dominant ones. Hence, why many nations have focused on film as a weapon of information warfare.

>Inb4 the Rebels weren't socialist!

This is the leftist equivalent of evangelicals, where autistic weirdos rant unironically about how a campy space fantasy adventure with anti-imperialist themes is actually pro-monarchism and fascist because Comrade Skywalker doesn’t bludgeon in Obi-Wan’s head while quoting Mao. They’re the Rebel Alliance, not the Space Bolsheviks. What does alliance imply to you? Do you know what the word means? The Rebellion is made up of different rebel groups with different ideologies working together for a common goal of defeating the Empire. Just like a real revolution. The Bolsheviks were not alone in fighting the White Guard during the Civil War/Revolution/Intervention period.


File: 1608526122360.jpg ( 173.21 KB , 1080x1217 , The Prequels content & fan….jpg )

Reposting my rant about people who claim "Star Wars is fascist" and other nuclear takes by brainlets who jump on bandwagon hate-trains on content they don't even know.

This screeching about Star Wars being fascist or not is one of the reasons I rarely listen to Western communist critiques of a film; because 90% of the time they find fascism in everything because "ideology has to be pro-communist or else its crap". This is a rubbish concept that ruins story-telling and makes it impossible to create something within such restraints. You cannot make a film like Ivanhoe and then insert communist ideology into it, that not only goes against historical dialectics but also is just shitty projection of ideology into a story where ideology is not the main point at all. You want a movie focused on communist ideal and ideology then you have to write a story based around that, but that is a very narrow genre and rarely done well due to how easy it is to make hamfisted and preachy. A good example of such a film is the simply named The Communist, which details the life of a worker who, after fighting for the Revolution is striving to better the newly formed USSR and doing his best to motivate and educate the masses and parry any anti-communism, not with angry screeching but with steady argument and human appeal, who shows his determination in his labour. https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%9A%D0%BE%D0%BC%D0%BC%D1%83%D0%BD%D0%B8%D1%81%D1%82_(%D1%84%D0%B8%D0%BB%D1%8C%D0%BC)
This can be translated into a film in a sci-fi or fantasy genre, HOWEVER it has to be done right and is not essential for a good story. Star Wars follows a traditional story type, but is still a good story.

FFS The USSR had commissions and 100s of vetted viewings of each film prior to release to ensure it upheld both quality and ideology, yet not every fucking film and book was 100% pro-communist. If all that matters to you is ideology then you're just using another kind of identity politics and you shouldn't be watching movies or reading books, because you'll never gain satisfaction or be able to see the humanity in it. Stalin liked books and plays by Bulgakov and Sholohov such as A Dog's Heart and Quiet Flows the Don, defending them because he considered it important to remember that there are humans on either side of a conflict and that both sides have their heroes and humanity.

The story of Anakin is not heroic or that of a revolutionary, but of person put on a pedestal by his powers and a prophecy, and who fails to be the hero expected because he cannot throw away his humanity in regards to the people he loves (while still indirectly fulfilling said prophecy). His downfall to the darkside mirrors the downfall of the liberal democratic Republic into the fascist Empire under the manipulations of Palpatine. And in the OT, Luke, an ordinary orphan with a small gift and a good heart rises to the challenge of being the hero, rescues the princess and saves the day… but his story does not end there and as is in reality, the fight must go on and he inevitably goes through failures, overconfidence and has to be taught mentally and physiologically to meet the challenges and finally reach a more conscious level of heroic action, rather than just "blow up the evil" he struggles and over-comes it and manages to get his enemy and father to redeem himself and help him, concluding that storyline.

Are there non-socialist parts of this? OF COURSE, its a Space Fantasy with rogues and pirates and Evil Wizard Lords, Good Magicians, Dwarves, beast-people and monsters who simply have technology and are more advanced and go through many cycles of rise and falls (Old Republic, Mandalorian Wars, Sith-Jedi conflicts, etc.) The point is not "le revolutionary hero" but the idea of good fighting evil, of people leading others for good or bad causes, of human struggles and their importance even when put in scale with the size of the galaxy.

TL;DR: movie makers don't care about ideology unless its important to the story or is important to money, and with Lucas, both were secondary concerns and thus he wrote the story he wanted. Depiction of fascism and generalized rebellion is not necessarily liberal or fascist propaganda, but idealism… the bread and butter of fantasy fiction. The Rebels are outright stated by Lucas to be inspired by the Vietnamese and the Empire by the Nazis, the Romans and the USA.


>the (Incel-like) rebels


File: 1608526190368-0.jpg ( 60.87 KB , 1024x573 , Governor, ISD and sith con….jpg )

File: 1608526190368-1.jpeg ( 145.59 KB , 1200x680 , Rebels mural.jpeg )

>The Empire is seen as organized and meritocratic because it is, the reason this is still evil is because they fucking do so with literal backstabbing and strict survival of the fittest (socially and physically)
The Empire administration is rather dysfunctional, ridden with rivalities and corruption and only kept working because of the personal loyality of the Armed Forces and the Core Worlds monopolist cartels integrated into the military-industrial complex like Kuat Drive Yards or Sienar Fleet Systems to Palpatine. Once he died the whole thing collapsed practically overnight, both in the Disney and the old canon.
>Nationalism in the star wars universe
The Galactic Empire was imperialistically nationalist. It was basically the political superstructure to sustain the Core Worlds' exploitation and colonization of the periphery through military means, after the Outer Rim tried and failed to become its own sovereign polity and secede from the Republic in the Clone Wars. Nationalistic human supremacist core world chauvinism was the ideological superstructure of it. The Empire even have a political mass movement, COMPNOR (Commitee for the Preservation of the New Order) and a paramilitary youth wing SA-Group (Sub-Adult Group), to manufacture and popularize the ideology.


The official name of the Rebellion is "Alliance for the Restoration of the Republic", their goal is the restoration of democracy and the end of autocratic government. The Rebellion itself is a popular front formed mostly on democratic-minded senators from the Core Worlds and anti-imperialist or anti-human supremacy resistance movements from the galactic perifery. Dimitrov's works on popular fronts are similar.
>The leader
You can see the Chief of State of the Rebel Alliance in Return of the Jedi, is the red-headed woman who explains the battleplan for the assault on Death Star II. She's Mon Mothma, the Senator of the planet Chandrila. But obviously the movies don't go deep into the internal politics of the Alliance. If you get into the novels and comics, the Rebellion works more or less in a fashion similar to democratic centralism, with local cells organized under the leadership of a central executive.


>that second pic
haha that isn't real is it? just a fan work not based on established canon. right?


No that’s a real scene from Rebels


well its a scene from a mural


What's wrong with it? It's a Mural from Star Wars Rebels.


They're incel-like because (in the sequels) they behave like a bunch of idiots who don't understand why nobody likes them and chalk it up to "le stoopid peepol"


I think that poster is referring to the fact that it looks a lot like a socialist-realist work, especially those thin rays of sunlight. As someone from a post-soviet country, the imagery is indeed quite familiar, just I can't really find an in-life example right now.


Hey, you turned my message in leftypol into a copypasta. Cool


>What's wrong with it? It's a Mural from Star Wars Rebels.
It looks like gay Pokemon.


That would probably illicit a more positive response
With some slight edits, yes.
>gay pokemon
Stay off 4chan /trash/ and /fur/ and study tapestries and murals m8.


File: 1608526219220.png ( 1.18 MB , 1920x816 , Ventress kill kiss.png )

>Muh TCW is for kids
The clone wars includes everything that kids love:
1. Political corruption, and its consequences
2. The Black Market
3. Slavery and empires benefiting from it
4. A war killing literally half of the characters in every cruel way a living being or artificial intelligence could imagine
5. Killing millions of innocents to convince someONE to come and fight you
6. Bounty hunters and mercs gaining money from wars and violence
7. Sabotaging and torturing prisoners to gain any type of information
8. Poverty, and how does millions if not billions of Coruscant's underworld civilians deal with it
9. Suicide and its deep tragic reasons
10. Alcohol, drugs, strippers and hookers
11. The dogmatism of religion and its impact on followers

Video related alone contains the following https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bX8iN6T_M_A
- suicide
- murder
- war crimes
- torture
- children being murdered
- crimes against humanity
- soldiers getting choked out
- soldiers losing limbs
- soldiers getting eating by two ton monsters
- soldiers falling into lava
- beheadings
- hostage situations gone wrong
- Vietnam: Star Wars edition
- the mass murder of civilians via firing squad
- the mass murder of civilians via dropping them off a cliff

And then morons talk about how its for kids.



Not that some restraint in portrayal is necessarily in conflict with tasteful discussion of mature themes, mind you.


File: 1608526276446.jpg ( 519.58 KB , 975x1829 , when people say Dooku shou….jpg )

Count Dooku is an under-rated anti-hero.
I always saw Dooku as being 'good' at heart. He wanted to get rid of a corrupted republic, he sided with the greatest power to do so (Sidious), he made himself more powerful yet didn't kill Obi-Wan or Yoda or anakin. I feel that Dooku was more of a dark-jedi than a Sith. He also didn't lie where every other Sith would lie. He flat-out told Obiwan how the clones had come, how the Sith controlled the senate and what was going on Obi-wan just thought him a liar. In truth, had Obi-wan sided then with Dooku, I feel Palpatine would have been overthrown. Dooku would have risen in power, changed the republic, violently got rid of corruption and fixed the problems in it and the Jedi order. He was never true evil. Just a necessary evil.
He was essentially the Itachi of the series who never had the "dramatic reveal" moment, the former did.
Theory: http://archive.vn/KZqtu
Theory examples: http://archive.is/nuW1I

Scene where he talks with Obi-wan
What if Obi-Wan had switched

>Inb4 he was just trying to divide the Jedi and the Republic

There was nothing to divide, the Jedi were secretive and arrogant, and their ideals clashed with the Republics, leading to a dichotomy (as demonstrated by Jedi 'peacekeepers' becoming Generals). It can also be interpreted as separation of state and religion.


File: 1608526351693-0.png ( 197.46 KB , 706x426 , ellison1.png )

File: 1608526351693-1.png ( 246.28 KB , 709x529 , ellison2.png )

File: 1608526351693-2.jpg ( 35.9 KB , 305x457 , hipster book.jpg )

Repost of responses (my own and others) to the pretentiousness in pics related

>story about magickel lazor wizards

>b-b-b-but there's sound in vacuum!
This exact kind of overthinking irrelevant details is what lead to the retardation that typified the EU's infamous cringeyness as I complained about in >>3754 with the nonsensical "human actors without makeup are used a lot for pragmatic IRL reasons = let's ignore the setting's intended worldbuilding to make a big deal out of this".

It is just self-fellating bullshit. They're patting each other on the back for something that is absolutely inane.
>muh sounds in space
Yes, everyone fucking knows this. Even if they didn't why would it matter? Its a film about a distant space war, not a NASA training documentary. 99% of people on earth will never come close to space travel in the next 100 years, so why would such a little detail matter. Hell they portray Lucas as some sort of bad person for not giving them the "no sound" when his explanation essentially states that it is out of his hands. Lucas explained this well when he was talking about Soviet cinema being more free.
And hell you can even make an excuse, the Death-stars had internal gravity and atmosphere and were the size of moons. Their detonation would likely cause a massive spread of their materials in a wide explosion that would send particles everywhere and into the surrounding spaceships, where they would impact them and transfer what can be interpreted as sound.

Star Wars isn’t about the gadgets, it’s about an fantastical story set on a background of politics, as demonstrated in the numerous effort-posts in this thread dissecting the allegories to real life.
To summarize, the prequels were about a civil war. the OT was about imperialism. the sequels are just retarded disneyshit that should be ignored

Licensed SF was a cancer that devastated printed* genre fiction even if IMHO the rise of non-licensed sequel-heavy Pern/Shannara/Gor/Belgariad/etc. fantasy garbage had a far worse effect on genre fiction in the '80s & '90s. But that still doesn't excuse the autism of SW EU authors desperately trying to fit the round peg of hard SF into the square hole of SW's soft not-even-scifi space fantasy, producing something with the strengths of neither and the weaknesses of both.

*Every other medium; film, TV, radio, comics, vidya, etc., has only sporadically and occasionally produced or adapted anything vaguely conforming to even the loosest definition of the softest SF. This is something that goes well beyond '80s SFX-heavy blockbusters like Star Wars, clear back through cheezy drive-in B movies raping SF in the 1950s parallel to the Golden Age of SF, through the serials of the 1930s raping pulp novels, to theatrical stageplays in the 1800s raping penny dreadfuls.

>Inb4 aimed at marketing toys.

The films came way before the toy marketing. Remember that the Ewoks were from the 3rd film.


File: 1608526352428.jpg ( 470.55 KB , 640x894 , sw2.jpg )

Recently tired to get get hold of the despecislized edition of Star Wars (aka New Hope) as i'm trying to understand this series of movies and its fandom.
The first movie I saw was the Phantom Menace in cinema when i was very little, then later I got to see the originals and having seen them in those revisionist editions I never got the feel of the orginals and I never got the answer to a question I've been asking myself for many many years: How can the orginal movie Star Wars become such a hit on his own? How could it develop this cultural fenomenon? Mind that this was before the EU, before the cartoons, before the toys and before the sequels.
Have any of you got the chance to rewatch the first movie recently? Conveniently forgetting everything after and around it, how does it work in his own merits?


File: 1608526352860-0.jpg ( 103.4 KB , 850x567 , 96-7.jpg )

Leaving aside everything that still stands out as inherently "Star Wars" about it (Joseph Campbell's monomyth in its overarching story, dual cinematographic influences of pre-WWII pulp-inspired American serials and Japanese Jidaigeki, impressive tie-in merchandising and cultivated fandom), Star Wars was a uniquely sophisticated technical feat.

Before Star Wars, SF onscreen was either somewhat silly looking (Planet of the Apes, Barbarella, Logan's Run), or was careful to minimize high-concept elements like aliens or a futuristic setting that would require sophisticated FX work (Rollerball, Westworld, Fahrenheit 451, Lucas' own THX-1138), in spite of which the end results still looked a bit subpar. Probably the strongest FX production before Star Wars was 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Star Wars, more specifically Lucas' pioneering work in creating ILM & Skywalker Sound, blew the ceiling off expectations. Not only did Star Wars have aliens and a completely high-concept setting, it had A LOT of them in a full "space opera" setting, filling virtually every minute of running time.

Lucas' peers were caught totally offguard, with rival productions either failing to meet its level of visual polish (Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, The Black Hole), or opting for a much less ambitious concept (Alien, Star Trek TMP, Superman, Close Encounters).

It wasn't until the '80s that others caught up with new films like Blade Runner, Tron, Last Starfighter, and Dune, as well as series upping their ante, like Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, Superman II, and Aliens. Many of them with direct help from ILM, or even part of the same clique as Lucas (Spielberg, Zemeckis, etc.).

That uncompromising ambition and competence right there is a huge part, both of why Star Wars made such a massive impression at the time, and why it continues to hold up so well.


>silly looking
&ltPlanet of the Apes
I have to disagree there, the effects in Planet of the Apes were rather interesting to say the least and the apes looked like apes, regardless of humanoid features. Otherwise I agree.
It would be good to mention Stan Winston's practical effects school as well.


I recently rewatched the original trilogy myself and in many ways it has things that many people today may not relate to, simply because people today are too used to the content of things like Avengers, where 2 hours is barely enough to pack in every little detail with all the CGI and references and other shit.
In both the OT and the Prequels, Star Wars has many slower moments and the story it tells has varied pacing, its not just 3 part story, as there are numerous rises and falls within each film. It was a groundbreaking film and series in its time, and remains so, however as capitalism began to corrupt the production of film, so have the values and ideas been lost to most new people. Uncle Joe did 2 videos discussing this trend, where the ideas, themes and methods of classic films of the 20th century only continue to remain popular through older generations and capitalist hype, because current media and many of the current generation are rather shallow and do not understand the details and themes. Its why Force Awakens is worse than the original Star Wars, it was a superficial imitation that lacked the original's core.
I would explain this better, however English has some rather annoying limitations to it compared to Russian, that make it hard to get the point across.

TL;DR: Star Wars is quaint by today's standards, but only because today's standards have become shallow due to how capitalism bleaches culture over time.


>the effects in Planet of the Apes were rather interesting
Yeah, they were very good for the time, but they don't quite hold up as well as some of the others I mentioned, and audiences still felt it was a bit hokey. Speaking of Planet of the Apes, it deserves some recognition for (somewhat unintentionally) pioneering series franchise and merchandising ideas Star Wars was built around.
>Stan Winston's practical effects school
Jim Henson's Creature Shop was another major innovator
>Its why Force Awakens is worse
>due to how capitalism bleaches
Little thought is required to explain that: The sequel trilogy is a completely manufactured corporate product, with many of the individuals arbitrarily thrown into its production being people who dislike Star Wars. Simple as.


File: 1608526371812.jpg ( 135.15 KB , 409x376 , Ewok Cong.jpg )

Speaking of Star Wars politics There is a channel called "Ewoks Unhinged": https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjWco70ztFvzB2kmhVv9qAQ
It's a podcast about Star Wars and politics from an ML perspective (Although they bring on anarchists and Maoists and such sometimes).

BTW Ewoks - among the other references - were definitely a reference to the VietCong, Lucas said it in the "making of" documentary on the Return of the Jedi (2004 DVD release). http://archive.is/zmwI5


File: 1608526463522.mp4 ( 2.36 MB , 1280x720 , Look Out! There's More!.mp4 )

its a shame this isn't more active, this and the avatar thread are p based


Avatar, Star Wars and Star Trek thread are fairly active, there is just a slump in activity currently.
>look out there's more
fucking kek that took me by surprise LOL.


File: 1608526477983.jpg ( 60.52 KB , 471x400 , The Saga Begins.jpg )

I rather enjoyed Weird Al Yanakovic's parody of the Phantom Menace. And apparently most of the song was written before the release, based on leaks and trailer clips. George Lucas enjoyed it as well.

The Saga Begins
A long long time ago
In a galaxy far away
Naboo was under an attack
And I thought me and Qui-Gon Jinn
Could talk the Federation into
Maybe cutting them a little slack
But their response, it didn't thrill us
They locked the doors and tried to kill us
We escaped from that gas
Then met Jar Jar and Boss Nass
We took a bongo from the scene
And we went to Theed to see the queen
We all wound up on Tatooine
That's where we found this boy…

Oh my my, this here Anakin guy
May be Vader someday later - now he's just a small fry
And he left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye
Sayin' "Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi"
"Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi"

Did you know this junkyard slave
Isn't even old enough to shave
But he can use the Force they say
Ahh, do you see him hitting on the queen
Though he's just nine and she's fourteen
Yeah, he's probably gonna marry her someday
Well, I know he built C-3PO
And I've heard how fast his pod can go
And we were broke, it's true
So we made a wager or two
He was a prepubescent flyin' ace
And the minute Jabba started off that race
Well, I know who would win first place
Oh yes, it was our boy

We started singin'… My my, this here Anakin guy
May be Vader someday later - now he's just a small fry
And he left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye
Sayin' "Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi"
"Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi"

Now we finally got to Coruscant
The Jedi Council we knew would want
To see how good the boy could be
So we took him there and we told the tale
How his midi-chlorians were off the scale
And he might fulfill that prophecy
Oh, the Council was impressed, of course
Could he bring balance to the Force?
They interviewed the kid
Oh, training they forbid
Because Yoda sensed in him much fear
And Qui-Gon said, "Now listen here
Just stick it in your pointy ear
I still will teach this boy"

He was singin'… My my, this here Anakin guy
May be Vader someday later - now he's just a small fry
And he left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye
Sayin' "Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi"
"Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi"

We caught a ride back to Naboo
'Cause Queen Amidala wanted to
I frankly would've liked to stay
We all fought in that epic war
And it wasn't long at all before
Little Hotshot flew his plane and saved the day
And in the end some Gungans died
Some ships blew up and some pilots fried
A lot of folks were croakin'
The battle droids were broken
And the Jedi I admire most
Met up with Darth Maul and now he's toast
Well, I'm still here and he's a ghost
I guess I'll train this boy

And I was singin'… My my, this here Anakin guy
May be Vader someday later - now he's just a small fry
And he left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye
Sayin' "Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi"
"Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi"
We were singin'… My my, this here Anakin guy
May be Vader someday later - now he's just a small fry
And he left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye
Sayin' "Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi"



It's probably his best parody song and definitely a better version of the story than the actual film.

Don McLean also likes it and allegedly has trouble not accidentally singing the parody lyrics in his own performances of American Pie after hearing his kids listen to the Weird Al version so much.


Thanks for infecting me with brainworms anon, I can't get the song out of my head since I heard it yesterday.


having a slight giggle because there is a non-zero chance that someone google'd "the force unleashed movie" instead of "the force awakens movie" and ended up coming away thinking that some weird 3rd person god of war style game was the end of the sequel trilogy



Republic Commando fan film in the works
also, post your favorite fan films


That actually sounds like interesting worldbuilding. I only read 7 EU SW novels as a kid: a prequel before Episode 1 where Darth Maul chases and kills some guys for some secrets, the Han Solo Trilogy which is what you'd expect it to be and The Thrawn Trilogy which a happens after Episode 6 where the Empire remnants fight the new Republic, but I don't remember it resembling what you wrote about taking over Coruscant and the Empire establishing itself in a croner of the Galaxy. I guess there are way more books that build upon this?


Vode An sounds really good. Too bad its basically a song of a fascist death squad when you look up what the lyrics mean. Though I guess republic commandos kinda were a fascist death squad, so it fits.


Yea the story gets pretty whacky


File: 1608526516030.jpg ( 111.07 KB , 1000x608 , Medieval Wars.jpg )

>>9641 >>9649
You're welcome
>a better version of the story than the actual film.
Eh debatable. I rewatched the prequels last year and the story was actually pretty good. A few silly things but passable.
>Don McLean… allegedly has trouble not accidentally singing the parody lyrics
That's pretty funny

As a side note several youtube channels, notably Samuel Kim Music, have been doing a lot of remixes and variations of different songs. Among them is a lot of Star Wars stuff, such as this one; The Force theme remixed with some Russian themes (though it's missing a few inflections that many Russian pieces have): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UZhjorlIJM

Also here is The General Greivous Theme Russified: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTRPMRv2Heo

An actual group of Russians doing the Imperial march with Russian instruments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZNgZH9YhIQ

A rather stranger music fad from earlier this summer are 'Medieval' versions of songs and music.
- Star Wars Medieval Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9PLUrw0CbcSx6jZ5sO1W8wY_P0QsiVkb
Medieval Grievous is a favorite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmWTf8hQKqI
It sounds like Star Wars but with Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean and Skyrim themes.

Another lesser fad was Samurai/Asian versions
- Mongolian Mandalorian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAS8xT8lsI4
- Samurai Duel of the Fates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bV0Y9R568W0
compare this to Medieval Duel of the Fates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnOEGvEKFSQ


File: 1608526516486.jpg ( 646.18 KB , 2000x2749 , Class Wars.jpg )

The Russian/Soviet videos get a lot of good puns, memes and humor BTW
>Tsar wars- The Phantom Marxist
>Tsar wars- Attack of the Nazis
>Tsar Wars- Revenge of the Capitalist
>Tsar wars- A new revolution
>Tsar wars- the bourgeoisie strikes back
>Tsar Wars- Return of the Comrade
>Tsar wars- Lenin awakens
>Tsar wars- the last comrade
>Tsar wars- the rise of Stalin
>Cold Wars: The Red Menace
>Cold Wars: Attack of the Winter
>Cold wars: Revenge of the Soviets
>Cold Wars: A New Comrade
>Cold Wars: The Reich Strikes Back
>Cold War: Return of the Union

And one of the best
>Оби-ван: Изуродованная экономика! Бесполезный поиск выкупа! Чем ваше правительство помогло до сих пор? Что вы вернули? Ваше место финансового хранителя Дуку!
&ltГенерал Гривус: Я не просто финансист. Я не участвую в этой холодной войне ни за политику Дуку, ни за политику Путина! Я верховный главнокомандующий самой Могущественной Советской Армии, которую когда-либо видела Россия !!!
>Оби-ван: Армия без налоговых планов, без свободных предприимчивых консорциумов! Просто коммунизм !! Что вы смотрите, чтобы увидеть ?!
&ltГенерал Гривус: Будущее, будущее без капиталистов !!!

>Obi-wan: A mutilated economy! A Futile quest for ransoms! What did your Government helped so far? What did you regain? Your place as Dooku's Finance Keeper!

&ltGeneral Grievous: I am no mere finance keeper. I am not in this cold war for Dooku's nor Putin's politics! I am the supreme commander of the most Powerful Soviet Army of whole Russia has ever seen!!!
>Obi-wan: An Army with no taxation plans, with no free-enterprising consortiums! Just communism!! What do you look to see?!
&ltGeneral Grievous: A Future, a future where there are no Capitalists!!!

>Вы слыхали сказ про Дарта Сталина мудрого? Говорят, в своем могуществе он так преисполнился, что с помощью силы одной только партии и народной веры, мог выполнять пятилетки за 3 года.

&ltА этому может кто-то научить?
>Только не капиталист…
&ltКак же Сталин пал?
>Он научил Хрущева всему, что знал сам, и тот убил его, пока Учитель спал…

>Have you heard the tale about Darth Stalin the wise? They say that his power he was so great, that with the help of the strength of one party and the people's faith, he could fulfill five-year plans in 3 years.

&ltCan someone teach this?
>Not a capitalist …
&ltHow did Stalin fall?
>He taught Khruschev everything known to himself, and he killed him while the Teacher slept

I don’t like snow. It’s cold and wet, and it gets everywhere - German Soldiers at the Battle for Moscow


>Eh debatable. I rewatched the prequels last year and the story was actually pretty good. A few silly things but passable.
Have you ever seen any of the fanedits of the prequels? IMO they do a lot to remove the silly things and bring them from fun and watchable to good.


>Too bad its basically a song of a fascist death squad when you look up what the lyrics mean
Not actually. In legends anyways, Coruscant was the home of not only what we understand as humans in the modern star wars universe, but also a species known as the Taung, the "original" Mandalorian species. The Taung were heavily ostracized by the humans and regularly exterminated, until the point where all the Clans of the Taung united to try and save themselves in a decisive blow in defeating the humans. One day in Coruscant, a fuckmassive volcano (basically the equivalent of if Yellowstone) erupted and coated the whole planet in ash, and the Taung used the opportunity to wage a vicious "shadow war" on the humans to try and avoid extermination, as they were severalfold outnumbered by humanity at this point. Vode An is commemerating this war, the brave sacrifice of many Taung, and the ferocity they fought with for self-preservation. They eventually lost the war, but they fought hard enough that they managed to flee the planet instead of getting genocided outright, and they would hop from planet to planet until they eventually settled on what would become Mandalore. Their time on Coruscant shaped them to be a martial society, and they often waged war against the many nascent powers around them, usually freeing the various species enslaved by their enemies and adding them to their ranks - the Taung society had an aversion to slavery and the destruction of species because of their experiences on Coruscant. Over time the Taung died out, but the various species that they liberated commemorated their memory by becoming what we understand now as the Mandalorians - and Vode An (along with other songs of its sort) are how the Mandalorians preserve their history. Its actually maybe one of the oldest in-universe historical accounts in all of Star Wars that survives into the EU era, and into the canon Sequel trilogy.


File: 1608526517953.jpg ( 88.76 KB , 778x1000 , lexiconus_qor_by_kaelacrof….jpg )

Reposting this idea: Imagine Davy Jones being a Quarren Sith Lord piloting a feared ship across the galaxy, and the Kraken being a Summa-verminoth under his control, taking down star destroyers and other spaceships across the galaxy. Instead of souls, this Sith lord could instead drain the Force of the ones inside the ships to keep himself alive.

Quarren Rebel, like early Mon Cala rebellion before the alliance was a thing. Gets sent on a mission to try and attract enemy attention away for a different raid. Rescue never comes and he feels betrayed/abandoned but help never comes because the other mission failed and they are all dead, he escapes but never finds out what happened. Discovers his force sensitivity and falls to the dark side in his anger, becomes space pirate Sith Lord after discovering Holocron that teaches him how to control an ancient beast in an asteroid field, Nebula, lost system etc.


A more expansive version:

The legend of the Flying Dutchman was created, due to the dutch Merchant Fleet possessing the fastest ships at the time, resulting in dutch trading vessels being encountered all over the seas, so the supersticious seamen called it devilscraft.
Knowing the background of the Flying Dutchman, I'd say, go a similar way and call it after a Race that is known for trading. Therefore, since I couldn't find much else, for the time being, I'll call it the Neimodian.
As for it's looks, has anyone seen the animated movie Space Pirate Captain Harlock, from, I think, 2013? If I recall correctly, his ship, the Arcadia, was able to repair itself and often times was shrouded in a black, smoke-like cloud. Something like that. And knowing what is possible in the Star Wars universe, this could be plausible.

So, Darth Altus originally belonged to the old Sith Empire, maybe era of the Old Republic.
At some point, he disappeared from the stage, believed to have died. But in reality, he travelled to the outer regions, and now he has returned, more powerful than ever before!

There, deep in the unknown space of the outer regions, he meditated. He listened. And he learned. He aquired some skill in the powers used by Darth Nihilus, taking his own spin at it, and mastered it. Using forbidden Sith Alchemy and his Powers of the Force, he became something different. The ship he was on changed. Caused by the dark rituals he performed, the ship transformed, together with him. His ship, the Neimodian, became almost impossible to destroy, repairing every damage it took by itself, without the need of fuel of any known kind, and binding the Sith Lord to itself for eternity.

Darth Altus, in his Quest for power and knowledge, became a Force Vampire, feeding on the Force of the living beings around him, and even mastered the ability to, if he wished so, rip the Force out of a living being, permanently destroying it, preventing it from becoming a Force Ghost, but also to sustain a Form of live over years, keeping some of the crew of the Neimodian alive to manouver the ship and to feed upon.
There he also learned to control a Summa-Verminoth, which now obeys his every command.

After years in his self-exile, he learned by coincidence of the Fall of the Sith Empire, and for several more years, that was his last contact to the known Galaxy. Now he has returned to haunt the known Galaxy.

Being not entirely material anymore, the Neimodian is almost impossible to detect by normal means. And when it appears out of dark space, cloaked in what appears to be a cloud of black smoke and lightning, it's almost to late to run. Darth Altus himself can't leave his ship for too long, without risking to become weak and possibly die, due to being bound to his ship. But he still has his crew of almost undead, being loyal to noone but him, attacking and capturing other ships, leaving no survivors behind. It's better to die in the attack, than to get captured by the crew of that black ship. Those that survive the attack, are brought on the Neimodian. There, they either end as meal for the Sith Lord, who rips their knowledge and force from their bodies, killing them, or become part of the crew, getting fed upon, over time turning them into his loyal thralls. And those that manage to run, he sends his pet after.


The Empire Strikes Back could remain The Empire Strikes Back.


Huh, didn't knew about that part of the lore. I just assumed Vode An was a larpy Republic song about killing confederates


nah, most of the earliest clones were trained by the Mandalorians, so they kinda inherited a lot of their cultural traditions in turn. Hence, why you hear the song play during Republic Commando. That and its cool.


The Mando Season 2 trailer has dropped


any thoughts?


Looks like it's going to be a lot more depressing.


Good point


so essentially it's clone Mando LARP instead.


>so essentially it's clone Mando LARP instead.
kinda yeah kinda no? mandos have a tradition of adoption and most of the mandalorian trainers treated their clone trainees as their own sons. since the Empire didn't want anything to do with the clone army post-war a lot of clones were left suddenly homeless and jobless, but the Mandalorians adopted vast swathes of the clone army to live out on mandalore. a few mandalorian supercommandoes and a few republic commandos even put together a team to infiltrate kamino and kidnap one of the cloners to reverse the clone double-aging process so they could live out longer lives, and actually managed to do it. they killed the kaminoan shortly after too, which ended up completely screwing up one of the Empire's plans for cloning the Emperor in case he was ever killed in his main body.


File: 1608526528517.jpeg ( 73.74 KB , 720x1080 , daisyridley.jpeg )

Okay. How do any of the sequel names even make sense? I remember in 2015 thinking
>The Force Awakens? huh was it not awake in the previous 6 movies
Then the last jedi probably makes the most sense but like Luke says Rey will not be the last Jedi
And don't even get my started on Rey Starwars in episode IX.


looks pretty good but why do they keep casting wrestling/fighting stars in my space wizard show? Cara Dune is cool and all but definitely not as good of an actor as Pedro Pascal or Carl Weathers.


Because they tend to over-act and therefore provide campiness to the episodes. I enjoy it sine it's better than fishfaced screaming.


>Force Awakens
The Jedi have vanished again so they're essentially rehashing the original first Star Wars "A New Hope"
Last Jedi does make sense but Rise of Skywalker really did make no sense.


the force awakens from being dormant since the dark side was wiped out with Anakin's sacrifice and Luke's academy was destroyed and he cut himself off from the force. Rey was the awakening of the light, and Kylo the dark.
The last jedi is easy.
Got me beat on the Rise of Skywalker though. By the time Rey gets adopted she isn't really rising or doing anything.


Star Wars Saga film name rankings
1)Empire Strikes Back
2)Revenge of the Sith
3)The Phantom Menace
4)Return of the Jedi
5)The Last Jedi
6)Attack of the Clones
7)A New Hope
8)The Force Awakens
9)Rise of Skywalker


Not bad
I'd go with

Revenge of the Sith
Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi
The Last Jedi
A New Hope
Attack of the Clones
Phantom Menace
Rise of Skywalker
The Force Awakens


Rise of Skywalker is easily the worst and perfectly encapsulates just in its name the problem with modern Star Wars. The titles shouldn't use character names. Lacks that classic pulpy quality.


I always liked the story of the post Order 66 jedi that managed to get onboard a CIS Recusant light destroyer and were trying to reason with its droid brain and tell it to escape the Republic's oncoming advance but the droid brain was just really fucking hype to be able to shoot at some more clones even though it was outnumbered like 5 to 1


File: 1608526584948.jpg ( 48.89 KB , 640x744 , Rey takes their things.jpg )

Reminds me of that episode of Star Wars: Rebels S3E6 The_Last_Battle wherein a Super-tactical Droid General Kalani, and his remaining droids continue fighting an ended war and do a simulation with the Rebels, only for Ezra to reason with him that, both the Republic Clones and CIS droids lost to the Empire. It was a neat episode, though the droids should have had some imapact on the Storm Troopers IMO.


Fuckin' this. The worst part is that while using SKYWALKER, in the title, ALL the remaining SKYWALKERS are DEAD by the end of the movie. And FFS we don't even get any real indication of the name being passed down to Rey, she just takes it… she's not even pregnant Kylo's kid or something. A la >12509


>Rebels S3E6 The_Last_Battle
I always liked that episode, and I wish there was more exploration of the CIS holdouts and how they were the framework that the Rebellion was built upon. Its a shame that in both Legends and Canon though the based elements of the CIS mostly faded away and the Rebellion just established another libshit republic which was doomed to fail in the same way the last one did.


File: 1608526661413.jpg ( 102.38 KB , 500x799 , Adam Driver is terrifying.jpg )

I just realized after watching The Dead Don't Die, that Adam Driver is rather tall at 6 foot 2 (3) inches, an inch taller than Harrison Ford, and far taller than most of the rest of the Disney Sequels Cast. And apparently it was a bit intimidating for some of them (pic related). Given that was a Marine, it's probably doubly so.


>exploration of the CIS holdouts
There's probably a few comics, novels and fanfics that cover this, (I've certainly read a few) and I agree that it's a rather exciting idea of "last hold-out against the Empire" idea.


That IS pretty funny now that I think about it. On a side note I had a similar laugh thinking about someone looking up "Revenge of the Smith" and just finding results of the obscure show The Thundermans.


File: 1608526661828.jpg ( 16.36 KB , 480x270 , 1457691403-movies-kung-fu-….jpg )

On a random note, I realized that Tai Lung is a bit similar to Anikin Skywalker, in that, a talented orphan through his raising, he believed HE was the chosen one and when Oogway did not given him the position of The Dragon Warrior he fell to his own darkness. Of course this is not a deep similarity, but I just noticed it all the same. Mostly Tai Lung's tantrum after denial reminded me of the "You are on this council, but we do not grant you the rank of Master" moment from The Revenge of the Sith


>their ratings are better than the Disney Sequels
Doesn't dismiss the fact that they're objectively shit movies kekw
> even die-hard OT fans liked them after the prequel-hate bandwagon lost steam.
[citation needed]
>Using big-words and overly-comple insults does not make an argument no matter how much you dilate
Cope. Autistically obsessing over muh lore and muh political intrigue instead of the things that actually make films good is practically the definition of pretentious naval gazing. Or maybe just autism, who knows.
> And it won't make you the Anglo you wish you were either, and nothing will ever change that.
&ltPrequel shitter is a closeted /pol/nigger
Imagine my shock.


>Onjectively shit movies
LOL no
>[citation needed]
&ltignores the sheer popularity of prequel memes and prequel discussion among Star Wars fans
No argument
>obsessing over muh lore and muh political intrigue
But that's not it at all you dull bread slice, the point is that the prequels built upon and went in depth with the political intrigue that began with the Original Trilogy, expanding it and the world building, y'know something that makes a fantasy story interesting.
>things that actually make films good
LOL like what? You fail to name anything
>Muh navel gazing
Ad hom slander without a real argument is the realm of losers like you, stay mad
Everything that requires a modicum of thought is 'autism' to you brainrotted consumers.
>closeted /pol/nigger
How is that /pol/ at all you delusional fucktard? Being an Anglophile isn't a compliment here.


>Being so assblasted you respond to a post half a year after it was made because you can't cope with your brainlet takes being laughed at.


So what is everyones rating list of the eleven movies + tv shows? Personally:
1. Rebels
2. Rogue One
3. Clone Wars
5. V
6. VI
7. I
8. III
9. Solo
10. VII
11. IV
12. II
13. IX
Didn't watch: Mandalorian


S tier: - Original Trilogy (A 3 part concise story that told a fantasy story but in Space and with new twists)

A tier: - Prequels (they were more nuanced than the OT and had good worldbuilding, but have some objective flaws)
- Clone Wars 2008 (Season 1-6 and the original unfinished 7th and 8th seasons were awesome, and filled in the gap of the majority of what the Prequel films missed)
- The Mandalorian (awesome downsizing that reflects the OT and has a fun combination of minor political nuance on a small scale as well as some good feels)

B Tier: - Clone Wars 2003 (fun and had worldbuilding, but I'm not a fan of the artstyle and format and has some issues)
- 2008 Clone Wars animated movie (like the 2008 series but a bit too childish)
- Star Wars Rebels (fun but the initial seasons and art-style was meh)

C Tier: - Force Awakens (a rehash of the Original film but with less effort and a lot of stupid crap)
- Solo movie (good idea executed horribly and with a lot of retcons and dumbshit. )
- Rogue One: has some good scenes and an interesting concept that got hobbled by Executive meddling and retcons)
- Star Wars Droids and Ewoks (unremarkable but not horrendous attempts at animated series that like most 80s cartoons were made for selling toys)

Shit Tier: - Star Wars Resistance and Forces of Destiny (lazy shitty writing, liberal idpol and no nuance, fantasy or style)
- Last Jedi (le subverting expectations bullshit, excessive mary sue shit, and liberal idpol)
- Rise of Skywalker (horrible retcons, liberal idpol, mockery of the original trilogy's story and absolute mess over-all, after the original idea was scrapped)
- Holiday Special and Ewok movies (Almost total trash made as a big advertisement. Only the animated segment is worth watching)


I found these fantastic star wars meme music on youtube, very kino


For me my list is basically this guy's >>11612


>Star Wars meme video
That was a fun Music video TBH, quite nice.


these little animations are better than they have any right to be



File: 1608526746715.jpg ( 28.88 KB , 660x574 , pepe stare.jpg )

>defending the CIS
Aren't they literally just lolbertarians turned state ultra-capitalist? They're run by a conglomerate of megacorporations, slavers, and nationalists


File: 1608526748124.png ( 174.72 KB , 1280x1280 , ok meatbag.png )

Mind linking to the post you're talking about?
If it's just a general statement well here's the sitch.
1) Most of it is just ironic LARP done for laughs
2) Underdog stories are fun, so rooting for them is sort of inevitable, especially when it's just fictional
3) While the money behind the CIS was lolbertians and bankers, the actual CIS states were largely those that had been exploited by the Republic and given the short end of the stick in regards to support and help.

If you read through the thread this is a basic, acknowledged point. The Prequels told of the fall of liberal democratic republics into fascism and thus parallels the USA both historically and today.


Yeah, too bad they aren't the people making new Canon Star Wars stuff.


honestly they should have like a samurai jack kind of show with this animation style about an exiled jedi exploring the furthest reaches of galactic civilization and coming across all kinds of oddities like CIS holdouts and new and weird species


New episode of the Mandalorian dropped, and it was a pretty fun episode. Small time Tatooine mining town and some Tuskan raiders get together to kill a Kryat dragon, done by the Mandalorian to get Boba Fett's armor off of some guy who scavenged it to return the armor to his people. And, at the end of the episode, it is revealed that Boba Fett is alive and is probably going to try and get his armor back from Mando.


File: 1608526756412.jpg ( 315.47 KB , 1920x1006 , friendly-robot-as-012-with….jpg )



File: 1608526756536-1.jpg ( 132.76 KB , 1920x1006 , friendly-robot-as-014-the-….jpg )

File: 1608526756536-2.jpg ( 193.99 KB , 1920x1006 , friendly-robot-as-013-all-….jpg )



File: 1608526756740-0.jpg ( 355.01 KB , 1920x1006 , friendly-robot-as-010-form….jpg )

File: 1608526756740-1.jpg ( 325.69 KB , 1920x1006 , friendly-robot-018-enter-d….jpg )

File: 1608526756740-2.jpg ( 305.83 KB , 1920x1006 , friendly-robot-as-007-at-f….jpg )



Is this art or some fanmade movie clips?


fanmade art from here


Neat stuff, thanks!


The show is a gem buried between the shit of the Disney movies.


>a samurai jack kind of show with this animation style about an exiled jedi exploring the furthest reaches of galactic civilization and coming across all kinds of oddities like CIS holdouts and new and weird species
So basically a fantasy version of Star Trek Voyager with minimal crew.


>So basically a fantasy version of Star Trek Voyager with minimal crew.
Sorta but I imagined that he would pick up crew along the way
It sucks ass that they had the Rebels crew run into Kelani (the CIS super-tactical droid) and he ended up just fucking disappearing. Instead this show would be about slowly building up an outer rim resistence group in the aftermath of the Rise of the Empire, small but powerful thanks to their skills and contacts. I think it should have a bittersweet ending though, like they all end up dying heroically in the final season but in the name for a greater cause that helps lead to the founding of the Rebellion, in a way all of the refuse of the Clone Wars era making way for the start of the early rebellion.


File: 1608526834381.jpeg ( 49.38 KB , 640x480 , 2a9269f9143bc1ac3a5651dc4….jpeg )

>you will never get your ass slapped by a amazonian mandalorian girl


He was trying to do that but couldn't. Windu was the only one that could actually defeat Palpatine in a fair fight


Ahsoka isn’t a mandalorian she’s a togruta tf?




File: 1608526838070.gif ( 18.54 MB , 980x417 , mandalorian buttslap.gif )

The drawing is a meme referring to gif related but reversing the situation.


We don't like Disney-fags and steven fagverse here, /pol/


mediocre fan art why did you post it


I actually wouldn't mind more indie movie and tv short projects for media, reminds me of when cartoon network and nickolodeon used to do little short sketches in-between their actual shows which actually resulted in some pretty good shows being approved just by their sketches, like Courage the Cowardly Dog. I don't think it is good to do derivative media in this format though, which is most of where this thing cocks up. You can't really have some randos try to live up to the fucking Clone Wars and (to a lesser extent) Rebels.


File: 1608526892578.jpeg ( 65.38 KB , 1280x670 , the-mandalorian-chapter-1….jpeg )

I hope the Mandalorian isn't biting off more than it can chew. I really was digging the smaller and more personal scale of the first season. They were going through the hero's journey really well and establishing some very interesting arcs related to paternity and trauma, and I hope that wonderful story telling doesn't get lost among all these connections to the skywalker saga. I mean I trust Filoni, he didn't let me down with Rebels or the Clone Wars Finale (chefs kiss), but I'm remaining cautious optimistic about my hopes for the series.

Also wtf was Ahsoka going on about not being able to train him like she's mace windu in episode I, that threw me a bit.


if anything it will be tied more with the fate of Mandalore itself and the Mandalorian's role in his society along with his adopted kid. It will be interesting to see the Mandalorian fraternizing with all of these more progressive non-deathwatch mandos before inevitably meeting back up with members of his old Mandalorian tribe and having to awkwardly explain why he is following a much more lose interpretation of The Way. I think this is a period of building new emotional tension for the Mandalorian between if baby yoda should be raised as a Jedi or a Mandalorian Foundling, if he should abandon his ultraconservative interpretation of Mandalorian culture or not, if he should fight for Mandalore with Bo-Katan or not, ect.
>Also wtf was Ahsoka going on about not being able to train him like she's mace windu in episode I, that threw me a bit.
Ahsoka is still of the jedi, hasn't really thrown away the jedi code itself. And mind, this is a post-knowing Anakin is Darth Vader Ahsoka, she actually does know what attachments can do to a person without discipline, and it'd make sense that she would be afraid to train someone with such attachments.


dude i really hate all the shit they're doing this season with asoka and the other TCW shit. It feels so forced and unnatural. Filoni or whatever his fucking name is is going to tank this shit.


I just noticed that Grogu is wearing a Jedi robe in that concept art. Dope.


You mean yeed


File: 1608526895799.gif ( 153.88 KB , 220x159 , smh.gif )

>Ahsoka is still of the jedi, hasn't really thrown away the jedi code itself. And mind, this is a post-knowing Anakin is Darth Vader Ahsoka, she actually does know what attachments can do to a person without discipline, and it'd make sense that she would be afraid to train someone with such attachments.
I really hope the lesson Ahsoka takes away from that realization isn't that attachments are bad and should be avoided… I kind of feel like the take away should be the opposite and the Jedi were wrong, Qui-gon was right… Anakin needed a dad and family and the Duel of the Fates and death of Qui-gon took that from him. I thought that was kind of the development we saw in Rebels, where Kanan did get to fall in love with Hera and he did get to be a father-figure to Ezra. Oh well, I'll just have to wait and see.


File: 1608526898743.jpg ( 33.32 KB , 960x408 , this_isnt_good_buisness.jpg )

BTW anyone here play Fantasy Flight Star Wars rpg?


File: 1608526916908-0.png ( 730.68 KB , 1920x1080 , SPOILER_unknown 1.png )

File: 1608526916908-1.png ( 1.33 MB , 1920x1080 , SPOILER_unknown 2.png )

File: 1608526916908-2.png ( 448.08 KB , 1920x1080 , SPOILER_unknown 3.png )

boba fett just got canonized as a mandalorian, as did the Mandalorian Civil Wars and the Mandalorian Supercommandos. Boba also got his armor back.

plus, we got our reveal of the new Darktroopers.


File: 1608526917662-0.png ( 1.54 MB , 1920x1080 , SPOILER_unknown 1.png )

File: 1608526917662-1.png ( 628.51 KB , 1920x1080 , SPOILER_unknown 2.png )

File: 1608526917662-2.png ( 1.03 MB , 1920x1080 , SPOILER_unknown 3.png )

also some more favorite shots from the episode, for a mostly action episode it did hit hard with the feels a few times


File: 1608526918114.jpg ( 198.79 KB , 1171x972 , booba foot.jpg )

Speaking of Mandos, Twitter libs had a chimp-out over Bo-Katan prompting Shadiversity to respond about feminine armor again. >>12458


Weren't the Darktroopers revealed in Rogue One?
Also good for Booba, I always hated the silly concept of him not being a Mandolorian, it was one of the dumber parts of the EU.


Didn't even hear about this one, is it any good? Post it on >>>/games/3265


Definitely, it would go against a lot of the original and prequel's world building and character development otherwise.


I don't think that's Jedi robes, Rey was wearing similar crap before she even knew about the Force or anything else. It's just good attire for the area IMO.


Filoni is a fag, but Mandolorian is succeeding so far and I think you just personally dislike TCW and therefore dislike this. It's a matter of personal taste here.


I wouldn't mind either, such Nick content was gold back in the day, as long as they kept out the liberal idpol, that's what makes it irritating.


Same, however I think they're going for a larger over-arching story, with 'adventures' episodically, sort of like a lot of other successful TV-shows. As >>12939 mentioned, they're likely to explore Mandalore, pulling more of it's culture out to explore. Hopefully they won't go "hurr stoopic macho" as I fear some of the writers may attempt


>Weren't the Darktroopers revealed in Rogue One?
Nah those were Deathtroopers. I guess for current canon you could call the Deathtroopers Phase 0 Darktroopers.
>it was one of the dumber parts of the EU.
Most everything Boba Fett was kinda dumb in the EU, I like his newer characterization.
Legends had him pretty schitzo going between a ruthless killer to a mercenary to the benevolent ruler of mandalore but now he has gone to rebellious and caviler teen without a dad to experienced but apathetic bounty hunter to an old and hardened man who seems to want to be a part of the culture of the father he hardly ever got to know and live up to his legacy of professionalism and honor, or at least that is what it seems like from his appearance thus far.


>Phase 0 Darktroopers
Makes sense. I wonder if this means the Yuzzhan Vong will comeback? Or at least be referenced
>His new appearance and progression over time
Yep. It really fits the Space Cowboy vibe too.




It's heavy and specific to the Mandolorians, traditional opponents of the Jedi - thus hard to access and rather controversial to use for magic warrior monks. It would also serve no purpose to their lightsabre based fighting styles, as the armor would weight down their movements.


> It would also serve no purpose to their lightsabre based fighting styles, as the armor would weight down their movements.
Bullshit. They're jedi, it wouldn't weigh then down when they have the force. Even without the force there are fuckhuge alien Jedi that wouldn't notice the weight. If beskar can stop lightsabers, it ruins the whole universe. Star wars is ruined now.


Yes it would. Using the force is tiring for most Jedi and the armor is heavy on its own.
>stop lightsabre
Beskar can't stop lightsabres outright, it is merely dense enough that it can prevent them from cutting clean through. prolonged contact will push through it, and a stab will also (see Maul vs Death Watch or other Mandolorian fights with Jedi).
>fuckhuge alien
On whom the armor would not fit most likely. It is expensive and hard to acquire for humanoids and is made for battle, when the majority of Jedi members were like Nuns and Monks who rarely did actual combat and meditated with the force.


Only Mandalorians know how to forge it and are fiercely protective of ownership of beskar - especially suits of armor, which are often passed down familial lines. Whatever protection it would afford against lightsabers would only end up giving you more trouble from Mandalorians.
Plus, getting some off an actual Mandalorian isn't easy, the Mandalorian armor pattern by the Old Republic was specifically designed to combat force users through speed, maneuverability, and versatility of weapons that can't be blocked by the force (flamethrowers, slugthrowers, explosives, ect). Getting a set is hard facing down just one Mandalorian - but they usually live in large clans and are defensive for each other. You wouldn't be facing down one, but dozens if not hundreds.


File: 1608526934638.jpg ( 136.97 KB , 1080x1268 , Taller Grievous.jpg )


General Grievous: Has the size of the entire galaxy.

Anakin: General Grievous! yOu ArE sHoRtEr ThAn I eXpEcTeD. (He was expecting him to be as massive as the universe.)




the Bad Batch show just got announced - direct continuation of the Clone Wars tv series right after the proclamation of the Empire.


>The Bad Batch
Was excited that might have been about Gremlins 3 at first.


Ashoka is getting her own show


This would be awesome, but they've changed the Bad Batch up so much from the original, don't know how good it is anymore.


That would be amusing, Gremlins are certainly a good fit among Star Wars aliens.


I hope they don't make it like they did her "lone travels" with the lesbo sisters in the final TCW season.


they really are going to make an endless amount of trash aren't they


eh the mandalorian has turned out alright, lets see if they can do good again. maybe the Ahsoka show will be basically a Samurai movie while Bad Batch will be a bunch of deniable ops until it turns into a cathartic destruction of the Empire from the inside.




I was rewatching the first episode of the Mandalorian and I want to believe the alien remnant is a an anti-Imperial rebel remnant trying to hide out on the peaceful planet to protect the Child. Considering the Empire is specifically trying to gain control of this asset and Kuill alluding to their planet being a planet where those go to peace, the pieces fit together too nicely.


'Member X-Wings?
'Member Boba Fett?
'Oh, I know, I know, Member Luke Skywalker?

the masturbation truly reaches astronomical heights in S02


File: 1608526974752.png ( 772.36 KB , 1260x525 , boba fett, ceo of sex.png )

I can't believe boba fett became the CEO of sex
I think people bitch too much about the idea of fanservice, because most of the fanservice-y characters introduced in the Mando aren't just there to be there, they do actually serve plot purposes. Boba lives up to his contract with Mando and doesn't steal the spotlight in the process, and Luke is the only jedi still kicking that would train Grogu in the force despite his connections to Din because he isn't an autistic retard like the old jedi order.


oh and on the order of TCW stuff, Bo Katan is a character with quite an edge and a bit of a scumbag who manipulated Din and basically flips off Boba. And maybe even an antagonist of sorts for season 3, we dunno.





Maybe they just did it cause they wrote themselves into a corner with baby Yoda and this is how they kill him off


Also Ezra is hands down better than any other young jedi character in the setting.


File: 1608526976299.jpg ( 237.27 KB , 1125x1338 , 1608381498774.jpg )



did anyone else have a giggle at the imperial dubstep?



Dark Troopers are based


File: 1611218682686.png ( 759.17 KB , 553x1237 , 1611218674577.png )

Thought this thread died. Let's bump.


I mean he’s like the only other Jedi besides Ashoka that’s can train a force user, right? it’s kind of inevitable.
what didn’t make sense was Boba Fett.


File: 1611455637260.mp4 ( 1.13 MB , 576x1246 , 1611356694699-0.mp4 )

considering everyone that sits in jabbas throne gets fat as shit this is what bobba's show is gonna be like




>“Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbours … even by children … Because history is edited, most people today don’t realise that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbours hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views.”



I'm fucking pissed they did this. Goddammit.


Maybe they just used this as a pretext. Considering their statement that she wasn't currently hired anyway, they might have just been planning to let her go anyway. This way they don't have to say
>she got too fat for the role




as of current canon she is like the only other half-decent force user around, assuming Kal Cestus has either died or something else. Really it was Luke or Ahsoka, barring them bringing back a Legends character randomly.


File: 1615997419077.png ( 753.64 KB , 1242x1144 , image0-40.png )

go ahead rebel
you can't unhorny the galaxy


Are you mocking people defending Gina Carano? She's absolutely right.


but she was perfect for the role because she was a heavy gunner


File: 1625217296748.jpg ( 109.64 KB , 1080x608 , buff.jpg )

>she got too fat for the role
what do you mean by that ? she just looks believably buff, like she could actually fight without immediately being snapped like a twig.




maul was supposed to have a beak and feathers originally

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