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What about a mod of minecraft in which you relive eastern european history. So you begin like normally, then you find a village, if you make a certain advancement, or create certain tool to grow crops more efficiently, then you get to take villagers as slaves, but you can only do it by subjugating other villages, so that when you eventually run out of villages nearby then you can simply take them as serfs. then you implement a trading system like the one there is now, but make it so that after becoming masters some villagers become teachers of their craft and teach it to other villagers, and then make it so that at a certain point it becomes more profitable for the player to trade with these, and he becomes compeled to drive away serf villagers, and create capitalism.
Think about it, it could be made really naturally too, you would need to add a system so that you could fight a villager to subjugate him, and make him grow crops, and if he happens to be from your village you can only make him give you a quota of grain, but if he is from another village, then you are allowed to make him give you everything. so that the first one will be more profitable at the beggining, but as you get better tools, then they become more equalised, and you are incentivised to take serfs instead, and then when they are serfs you have to physically fight them to take them out of their land


can't you just masturbate to pictures of trains like a normal autistic person


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>left communism flag
checks out


>mod the autismblox to teach the crotch goblins about capitalism
This seems like going far out of your way for what you're trying to do. There are already simulationist games that deal with economics. Something along those lines is much better suited to simulating early stage or emergent capitalism than something like minecraft. Just because the base game is popular doesn't mean that your mod would be.


I feel like a Minecraft mod with slaves would get Cheka’d off all the mainstream mod platforms real fast


That was a depression post my god, to clarify (because that post is really spastic), the idea is this. You have one gameplay mechanic, which leads you, according to your material conditions, to behave in different ways, these different ways are close simulations of modes of production. So the mechanic is that if you defeat someone in a battle you get to be their "boss" and thus make them work, and take a part of their product, but that amount of product is different depending on productivity and tools that you give. So at the beggining you can make them give you everything, and only take what they need in food, making them slaves, and then through gameplay conditions you are force to go through the motions, and get serfs and then workers, but not through contextual menus, but through organic gameplay
actually i don't really want to teach anyone anything, i just think it would be a nice game lmao, certainly just because i though of it as a mod, doesn't mean it has to be.

we could always name them something else, these are not slaves clearly, these are life servants or some shit


life servant is not any more politically correct my g


I get what you're saying and your idea makes more sense now but your OP was pretty fuckin weird NGL

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