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What games do leftypol play? I played through Stalker recently, I also like Deus Ex, Mount and Blade Warband, Dark Souls. I play supreme commander daily and generally enjoy strategy games.


I don't play games because I'm not a fascist.


File: 1608527615838-0.jpg ( 745.76 KB , 1280x960 , supcom1.jpg )

File: 1608527615838-1.jpg ( 195.76 KB , 1024x768 , supcom2.jpg )

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Since I'm op, shilling for my game, it's also conveniently only 2.59usd right now on steam : https://store.steampowered.com/app/9420/Supreme_Commander_Forged_Alliance/It's a strategy game with unparalleled scale and mechanics. The game features an economy with flowing resources much like total annihilation and the unit diversity is important. The multiplayer scene is holding on to this very day with tons of lobbies hosted at any given time.


Atm playing Mao's Legacy, Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic, and Shogun 2.


File: 1608527616157.png ( 434.64 KB , 776x581 , drunk_vampire.png )

>>27775Been playing vtmb and rimworld as of late. Currently doing a Nosferatu independent run in CQM, probably gonna do an anarch malk follow-up. Also been making bloodcults with the vampire mod in rw. I don't know why, I've been having a craving for vampire gaymen for the past few months.


>>27778>only 2.59usd right now on steamget the fuck out>>27777based get


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is this where we can discuss setting up the leftypol minecraft server theorized in /crisis/?


Currently building a world comprised of bunkers in the Sims. I'm a normie with an Albanian twist.


>>27790>get the fuck outIt's true though


>>27806we can make a free server in https://aternos.org/ to see how many people are interested.


File: 1608527616990.jpg ( 349.54 KB , 1920x1080 , iu.jpg )

>>27819fuck it I've done it, to start the server go to https://aternos.org/and to log in: email: [email protected]user: BunkerchanPassword: BunkerWhen it's on (remember somebody needs to be playing for it to be active):server ip: Bunkerchan.aternos.meVersion: 1.14.4 VanillaIt's cracked so everyone can use it


does chess count as a game?cause i only play chess really.


>>27825i'd play on it but i can't read japanese m80


File: 1608527617467.png ( 36.93 KB , 2526x1176 , language.PNG )

>>27840Click here to change language


>>27825It's on boys, you don't need to start the server now (exept when nobody is in it, then it will close and you will have to turn it on again)


>>27775I play strategy games like WC3, SC2, CIV4, CK2, EU4, DF etc. Some roguelikes like C:DDAMount and Blade both single and multiplayer. A few crpgs like divinity.


File: 1608527618056.jpg ( 378.56 KB , 1439x789 , Screenshot_20190814-125008….jpg )

>>27775new leftypol Minecraft servergo to https://aternos.org/ and to log in: email: [email protected] user: Bunkerchan Password: Bunker When it's on (remember somebody needs to be playing for it to be active): server ip: Bunkerchan.aternos.me Version: 1.14.4 Vanilla It's cracked so everyone can use itthread: >>27850


File: 1608527618251-0.jpg ( 24.79 KB , 770x470 , Sunless_Skies.jpg )

File: 1608527618251-1.png ( 522.2 KB , 800x500 , Sunless_Skies_2.png )

>>27775Been playing Sunless Skies lately, really recommend it to all. Probably the most Anglo-pilled game I have ever seen. The Lovecraftian and weird-fiction stuff is nice too. Also there is literally nothing more /comfy/ than piloting your locomotive while listening to old union songs or Wolfe Tones in the background.


File: 1608527618423.jpg ( 116.69 KB , 1600x1357 , f406658a06b8b12c7cf144e096….jpg )

I have a boring taste in games tbh, & sometimes I don't play a lot. What I play most of the time is; Rimworld, SimCity 4, Sims 2, CK2, Victoria II, HOI4 (Mostly for Kaiserreich), Darkest Hour, EU4,Stellaris, & Touhou stuff.I used play two MMOs quite a while back, but I have since left. That was Star Trek Online & Star Wars The Old Republic.Games that I play not so very often are, Sins of a Solar Empire, & any of the STALKER games (Have all of them). There's probably some others that I missed, but this is most of it.


I've been playing Starsector's new update and enjoying the new faction mechanics by conquering the other factions and establishing open-source space communism. Once CDDA's latest experimental builds unfuck themselves I'll probably get back into it though.


>>27832What's your rating


>>27939We should play something then : https://steamcommunity.com/id/georgsamsa/


File: 1608527619003.jpg ( 15.48 KB , 328x154 , 43059083_10212717416509950….jpg )

I only play chivalry.


File: 1608527619106.png ( 391.73 KB , 534x768 , juche.png )



File: 1608527619340.jpg ( 58.53 KB , 640x640 , 60720646_2354868438121644_….jpg )



I mostly atick to rpgs tbh.


I haven't played a video game in more than a year, but a couple of days ago I picked up Freeciv and DC:SS again on a lark, and have lost so much time on them.


>>27997slightly better than a beginner (1200s on chess.com and 1400s on lichess)


>>27778God i loved this game aesthetically but i was so bad/autistic i would only play bots :(


File: 1608527620058.png ( 2.39 MB , 1508x944 , ChecksOut.png )



>>27778>>28571>>27790oh fuck really me toohttps://www.faforever.com/


File: 1608527620332.png ( 1.29 MB , 1631x950 , Untitled.png )



File: 1608527620613-0.jpg ( 376.43 KB , 2048x1536 , 1564750504.jpg )

File: 1608527620613-1.jpg ( 353.94 KB , 2048x1536 , 1564750529.jpg )

File: 1608527620613-2.jpg ( 347.05 KB , 2048x1536 , 1564750544.jpg )

Playing Lobotomy Corporation recently.It's basically a SCP/Cabin in the Woods facility simulator with actuallly pretty deep lore.


File: 1608527620840.gif ( 103.05 KB , 88x128 , smug dance.gif )

>>28119la batalla ya ha empezadoen un mundo muy cuadrado


Unhealthily obsessed with XCOM Enemy Within at the moment.>XCOM squaddies work their way up the ranks by frying aliens and defending humanity>EXALT look like a bunch of alt-right tryhards in business casual with scarves to hide their faggot faces, probably funded by mad transhumanist porkies with their super sekrit skyscraper penthouse base.


Dicey Dungeons


File: 1608527621226.jpg ( 50.02 KB , 1036x512 , FalloutThemes.jpg )

It may sound pathetic but i have been replaying new Vegas


>>28615play longwar


>>28589Ayyy my nigga. I am trying to ensure nobody dies every day coz I am too sentimental to them.But tbh this game is pretty capitalist realist though


>>28587Depends on the time of day, evening eurotime or american time has easily 30+ simultaneous lobby. If you wanna play with me my ingame name is Laticlave


>>28626why would that sound pathetic?


>>28626what's pathetic about that, fallout new vegas is fucking amazing


>>28708I'm almost done with a mostly honestman normal EW playthrough, and I haven't had a KIA since base defense. How bad will Long War Normal (or vanilla classic) fuck my shit up? >>28626New Vegas is great. Finished it in vanilla and now I want to do a modded playthrough


>>27775I'm playing through the Monster World series. What's that make me


File: 1608527622225.jpg ( 230.48 KB , 850x1202 , Mr. Driller.jpg )

I play a lot of arcade games. Currently trying to one-life clear Mr. Driller.


File: 1608527622391.jpg ( 35.38 KB , 706x583 , strong man.JPG )



>>28626>>28723>>28732The message of the game is to move on and i cant move on from it




>>28915>The message of the game is to move on how?


>>29057>old world blues>dead money's entire theme of letting go>Lonesome Road being a man holding on to the past to the point he is willing to nuke the future (in the future of Vegas)>Ellijah's entire story >Caesar's entire philosophical structure for the Legion is creating a new basis of society that will prevent the NCR from just baselessly repeating the errors of the US>an entire song dedicated to the idea of letting gogee anon, I dunno.


>>29061didn't meant to sound hostile, i played it once a while ago, no dlcs, and didn't get that message


>>29073Fair enough then, the message in the base game was mostly the Legion plus some implications you can see across the whole NCR, with most of that being in Freeside content people hardly noticed existing or in the BoS which a lot of people don't do much with.


>>28770Not him, but I've tried some long war and it is tough. But if you finish on normal then stick to normal on LW.


File: 1608527623510.jpg ( 1.19 MB , 1600x1200 , 1456014872200.jpg )



File: 1608527623663.jpg ( 31.73 KB , 450x254 , 8de4ec1a4035d613a51bf80a24….jpg )

This sort of thread should really be on /e/, but I've been enjoying Fallout 1 and am looking into playing Wizards 6 or Baldur's Gate. I'm also going to download Minecraft so I can play on the /leftypol/ server.


File: 1608527623776.jpg ( 27.08 KB , 502x377 , securitrons.jpg )

>>29061>>29073>>29091Mr House also has a line with the implied meaning of "move on", "If you want to see the fate of democracies, look out the windows."The base game definitely has this message spread all around, learning from mistakes of the past, and characters giving their own interpretations of how to move on.


GTA Onlineforgive me I swear it's only to hunt oppressors with my molotok


My favourites:-Almost all Deus Ex games-System Shock 2-Kenshi-Prey-Tony HawkAnd Maken Shao


File: 1608527624314.png ( 37.45 KB , 676x960 , 2260717-600full_hitman_con….png )

What does /leftypol/ think of Hitman? I played Blood Money years ago, loved it, and once I upgraded from my shitty prebuilt PC, I immediately went for the newer Hitman games.They really try push the assassination agency as being "politically neutral", but I don't know any other video game series that lets me kill as much CIA agents, Mossad spies and corrupt billionaires as this one, always with the underlying subtext that the elites in a capitalist society are up to fucked up conspiracies.


>>29599I also play it for catharsis however its really hard in (hitman 2?) to kill that revolutionary group, i never replay that mission. anyways yeah i make it a point to kill every billionaire (even if the mission doesn't require it) i can and leave the workers alone, even the police. I feel though i fall into liberal clap culture playing it to satisfy my revolutionary urges


File: 1608527624594.jpg ( 998.46 KB , 900x1271 , 1556651281625.jpg )

>>28714>I am trying to ensure nobody dies every day coz I am too sentimental to them.Don't get too attached, not only is some shit designed to massacre your employees, but a endgame Sephirah explains you why you shouldn't feel that bad about the deaths>But tbh this game is pretty capitalist realist thoughIt only gets worse.Do the "At Dusk" mission and look how shit gets real.


>>29609I think the revolutionary group you mean is the Colorado mission in Hitman 2016. Funnily enough I think that mission has a few of the only explicit leftist assassination targets in the series (a Tamil Tiger and a Marxist turned An-Prim, alongside some Mossad agents).Yeah the level design in that one one sucks, and a lot of people hate it because it feels like Splinter Cell or something.


File: 1608527624821.jpg ( 188.43 KB , 1049x550 , havingtokillfellowleftist.jpg )

>>29652oh i meant hard as in i did not like to do because i agreed with them


File: 1608527624984.png ( 50.4 KB , 1440x900 , 9D0qzd.png )

I played some free games recently that I recommend everyone, I pressume that anyone can run these games so here they goAll of our friends are dead:https://amon26.itch.io/aoofadIn the kingdomA very horror take of the doom style gameplayhttps://amon26.itch.io/in-the-kingdomGyossaitA personal favoritehttps://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/582867


>>29702>no stick war


File: 1608527625313.jpg ( 102.27 KB , 600x538 , cover_large.jpg )

Playing this game right now and loving it.


>>29831whyy is the ds emulator so shit and uses so much cpu


File: 1608527625525.png ( 397.77 KB , 678x610 , 234f0190ee09a624fb4564b68c….png )

This thread belongs in /e/


Lately I've been playing paradox's Imperator. It's come a long way since launch but it's probably going to be another year or two before it's at where it should be.It's astonishing really how paradox keeps making the same mistakes and having to reinvent the fucking wheel with every game that comes out. Their other grand strat games have "hunt pirates" options for their fleets, but Imperator doesn't. What the total fuck.


>>29835Play the PC port you dumdum.


>>31843 (me)>>29831Btw,I love this series,along with Danganronpa,VN without gameplay knock me out so fast compared to thoses.


File: 1608527625985.jpg ( 157.21 KB , 900x972 , 669e5b3f4c296f53a6367cf41e….jpg )



>>31666Truthful trips of the beast




Someone should make a new /leftygsg/ threadThe posters on 4chan are insufferableWe should also work on making our own mods


>>33070>/leftygsg/ /e/ is calling, my friend.


vidya, just like anime, is for autists


>>33376who make up /leftypol/'s base.


Been playing ni no kuni 2.What grabbed my attention was the U.S. gets nuked in the opening cut scene https://youtu.be/NwK4AC0MgX0


1 in 5 Russians Are Gamers, Poll Sayshttps://www.themoscowtimes.com/2019/08/19/1-in-5-russians-are-gamers-poll-says-a66928Вставайте Геймеры!


>>33387I totally forgot this came out. Is it much better than the first one?


>>28626I really wish that Caesar's legion was cut and replaced with a socialist society instead


>>33070>We should also work on making our own modsThis


>What games do leftypol play?None.Video games are just a huge time consuming waste of time.There are better entertainment stuff out there for you to waste your free time with.


File: 1608527627363.jpg ( 44.86 KB , 480x480 , 1533152751508.jpg )

>>35161>posts on imageboards>bro stop wasting your time


File: 1608527627556.png ( 123.38 KB , 289x345 , INSIDE_Xbox_One_cover_art.png )

Anyone play this? I found it really interesting.


>>29617You mean like Hokma? He sounds like a bitch rambling about stuff.Everything I seen so far is possible to be done without casualties though.


>>3510599% of that is DOTA, Counter Strike and WoT.


>>33366>>35151Might start a thread for it in /e/ then


>>36436Definitely not.


>>36481I'm one of the two people (that's supposed to be) working on that HOI4 Kaiserreich Soviet Union mod and I'd be interested in making a collaborative mod.


Just got Wolfenstein: Youngbloodit kinda blows compared to the rest of the series but I'm chugging through to the end


File: 1608527628400.jpg ( 43.25 KB , 563x556 , 1557777770577.jpg )

>Resetera radlibs are trying to drag Ion Maiden/Ion Fury through the mud with some year old discord screencaps that aren't even that bad.This is why we can't have good things.


>>35665Day 46 onward will ramp up the difficulty a fuckton, with special ordeals and worse.Have you done any boss fight already? you need to do them all to get to the last day.


>>27775you should play Zero-K




File: 1608527628929.png ( 11.7 KB , 1200x603 , njdfgnmkogrewiopkjgferpjio….png )

Just me?


>>37167i still play sometimes, total shitter though. used to be ok, long time ago now. come home from school, ignore everything, and just play source nonstop until it was time for school again. wasted a good couple years doing that


>>37167Babby Quake/UTjk it's fun


Any games set in the Soviet Union?


>>37167Used to play but it just makes me angry now. R6 Siege is more fun anyway.


>>36762>Ion Fury (Formerly Ion Maiden until Iron Maiden almost sued them) comes out>Basically Duke 3D 2 without Duke.>Resetera whips out some old discord screencaps where a dev shittalks SJWs>Radlibs go insane>The devs donate 10k to some transgender charity and change some textures (a shampoo bottle that said OGAY and a debug room that had fagbag wroten on it)>Now /v/ is mad at them, the radlibs are still mad, too.>Everyone is angry now.There is no winning with identity politics.


File: 1608527629541.png ( 120.58 KB , 500x324 , Identitypolics.png )



>>37200Atom is a fallout (1&2) style rpg set in the Soviet Union after a nuclear war. It's not great, but it's not terrible either. Solid B.


File: 1608527629890-0.png ( 699.91 KB , 667x492 , -0945i690-6i04-5titfghj.png )

File: 1608527629890-1.jpg ( 474.89 KB , 892x558 , 3409tjerfgnerdoigj9034tjgd….jpg )

File: 1608527629890-2.jpg ( 351.41 KB , 1440x900 , 3409turegneojhgffgm.jpg )



>>37289>The devs donate 10k to some transgender charity and change some texturesweew, “Shelly was actually a tranny all along” when?also v was mad at devs even before release, because Shelly actually wears body armor, and not some stripper outfit


>>37289Why would you browse /v/ in 2019


File: 1608527630531.webm ( 1.96 MB , 852x480 , janny.webm )

>>38201Some games tend to have comfy threads, but janitors seem to delete them all the time because "generals belong on /vg/"BTW this whole Ion Fury shitstorm might have been started by a butthurt /vpol/yphttps://twitter.com/SophNar0747/status/1164306204102995969


File: 1608527630746.jpg ( 614.43 KB , 1920x1080 , GkpsMkD.jpg )



>>38536Reading all of this tells me how much the SJW trend is an anti worker movement, because they'd rather punish the devs working on the game and not the publisher itself.


>>38543sjw politics is just puritanism by another name. It only functions to shame workers for not being indoctrinated into the liberal niceties one gets in ivy league schools and private universities


I’m playing as the ancient communists, the Yellow Turbans, in TW3K. Pretty fun, peasant rebels liberating city after city from warlord filth and imperials alike. The Yellow Turbans seem pretty proto-communist to me, you can enact communal farming reforms and shit. I wish I knew more about ancient Chinese history so I could understand what the hell is going on in the game.


File: 1608527631260.webm ( 1.83 MB , 640x356 , cao cao laugh.webm )

>>38954>I wish I knew more about ancient Chinese history so I could understand what the hell is going on in the game.Check this out.https://nyaa.si/view/914676It's great and goes from Dong Zhuo all the way to Wuzhang Plains.Also, unironically Dynasty Warriors, pick up 7 or 8.


>>38996Awesome! I'll check it out, thanks anon.


File: 1608527631608.jpg ( 267.27 KB , 1310x1320 , 20190406172435.jpg )

The Ace Attorney series is fucking great at teaching dialectics without being outright leftist propaganda. The games pretty much textually say that Phoenix and Edgeworth debating and finding the contradictions of each other arguments ultimately leads them to finding the perfect truth behind a case.


you guys should play streets of rogueand then we play it together!https://store.steamcommunity.com/app/512900/


>>38541Cursed picture.


>>29835what >>31843 said>>31845I've yet to play Dangan Ronpa 2 & 3, but I played the first one on the PSP when the fan translation patch came out and I loved it.


Why are Japanese games so awful? Everything I have tried so far, is mostly a talking simulator.


>>39579Have you tried not playing VN's?


>>39583JRPG's are even more of a waste of time than normal games though.


Anyone have any idea how I could get older Paradox games (CK, EU2, Victoria) to run on a Windows 10 machine?


>>39579What sort of nip games have you been playing?


>>39755If you torrent or buy the GOG versions, they should work ok.


>>39933last games I've tried are Metal gear rising: venegeance, megadimension neptunia and sword art online fatal bullet


File: 1608527633132.jpg ( 380.17 KB , 1440x900 , 20190826230745_1.jpg )



>>27775videogames are burgeois, mods delete this shit and ban OP


>>45721t. Anita Sarkeesian


>>45683I'm gonna be sad if this is multiplayer only


File: 1608527633513.jpg ( 3.84 MB , 2560x1440 , Screenshot3.jpg )

Path of Exile is pretty much the only game I've played in the last year.


>>45742I have bad news anon


File: 1608527633811.jpg ( 411.88 KB , 1799x1199 , chicago bulls.jpg )

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-junD46e9IwGambling for kids!"Hey kid… don't you know the house always wins?"




>>45753lmao enjoy getting milked by necessary %60 microtransactions in your "free" game


That mission, (Colorado) is probably the worse designed mission in the whole game. I too never play it again after the first time.


>>37916>Fallout styleSounds like a pile of shit.


File: 1608527634373.jpg ( 751.08 KB , 1920x1080 , Broken-Reality.jpg )

For me it's Broken Reality.It's like being on the internet circa 2007, when the internet was already going to shit, but compared to now it's positively nostalgic.


>>56066Fallout [b]1&2[/b]'''' style, not Bethesda's hiking sim.


>>56066>fallout 1 and 2>shitdownload some taste lmao


File: 1608527634858.png ( 171.2 KB , 600x486 , Exile III - Ruined World.png )

>>56170Yup, shit. Shallow trash with broken mechanics and bad controls.>>56646You first. Here, I'll help:http://www.spiderwebsoftware.com/exile3/winexile3.html




Are there any games like Victoria 2 but try to actually model socialist economics?If you're familiar with Vicky 2, when a country turns socialist or communist in the game, capitalists no longer invest in industry and taxes are set to 50% minimum for all wealth groups including capitalist and aristocrats who shouldn't even exist as an economic class.Also I like the Tropico series as a state capitalist simulator (that gave up on private property after poorly implementing a little in Tropico 4), but it would be nice if there was a capitalist simulator where you couldn't control the economy directly and where you can turn the economy into a state capitalist one and eventually move away from the for profit capitalist commodity form.


>>56169They dropped the ball by not making it multiplayer and forgetting to put anime characters in a vaporwave-style game.


>>36713Yea I had to restart coz I couldn't do Binah in time. Oh well…


>>56737>Are there any games like Victoria 2 but try to actually model socialist economics? I wish, but not from what I've seen. I think there are supposed to be some mods for Vicky or its sequel that try to fix its shitty economics sim though.


File: 1608527635600.png ( 70.01 KB , 1237x611 , Nicalis.png )

>Nicalis finally gets what it deserves.>/v/ defends them because they are edgy contrarians that never heard of Cave Story or the many other devs they screwed over.Go play Kero Blaster, its about a prole frog and might be based on how Nicalis fucked over Pixel.


File: 1608527635766-0.jpg ( 421.19 KB , 1920x1080 , 20190913235053_1.jpg )

File: 1608527635766-1.jpg ( 437.37 KB , 1920x1080 , 20190913235103_1.jpg )

File: 1608527635766-2.jpg ( 415 KB , 1920x1080 , 20190913235107_1.jpg )

Rate my GDR anons>No fully automatized luxury socialist Germany with Honecker's words backed by NUCLEAR WEAPONS is this timelinewhy live




>>61875Ostalgie: The Berlin Wall. It's a grand strategy game where you play as the government of a Eastern European country from 1989 and 1992 and have to survive Perestroika.


>>56739>and forgetting to put anime characters in a vaporwave-style game.Yes obviously that is a must have feature


>>56671That looks like actual garbage (especially for 2000)


Why are recent Paradox titles so disappointing lads?


>>68481I haven't played any new paradox game, how are they? I play mostly CK2 and V2


>>68481is it capitalism's fault?


>>68481What's bad about them other than the constant DLC whoring? HOI4 is pretty good esp with KR.


>>68483My main issue is with HOI4, which feels just very dumbed-down and oversimplified from the previous games, I mean they only have 4 total political ideologies for Christ's sakeImperator apparently was very disappointing as well>>68484Pretty much


>>68481I swear they wont make vic3 because it touches to much on communism


File: 1608527637214.jpg ( 196.3 KB , 648x470 , Realmz-combat.jpg )

>>56671>getting lonely without a party under manual controlPut this in your pipe & smoke it (+1 point if you remember either game's original graphics)>>68468It's from 1996. Get some culture, kiddo.


File: 1608527637397.jpg ( 30.07 KB , 220x368 , the iron dream.jpg )

>>68501>juvenile sword and sworcery shitkindly despook yourself


File: 1608527637596.jpg ( 56.42 KB , 800x800 , alwan.jpg )

>>68510>implying exile/avernum isn't about rebellious inmates of a giant death camp destroying multiple authoritarian, militant, racist, colonial empires to bring about an age of harmony>implying spiderweb's games in general aren't harshly introspective and ultimately condemnatory toward the totalitarian mindset>implying the innermost themes of influential high fantasy authors typically criticized by wokescold pomo pseuds, such as tolkien and howard, aren't the virtue of freedom and the folly of tyrants in the face of historical ephemerality>implying post-apocalyptic fiction in general, and the fallout franchise in particular, hasn't been thematically turned on its head by capitalism, from a grim warning of war and pollution, to fun propaganda for the popular masses about how great totes cool the destruction of civilization will be, and doom porn for the dangerous niche audience of ultra-reactionary "survivalist" "preppers"


>>68501Realmz had different graphics originally? I still have the old Mac version of Exile with Jeff's first attempts at cheesy graphics.


File: 1608527637868.png ( 90.53 KB , 640x479 , realmz.png )

>>69309Yeah, they were I think largely scanned from paper RPGs & snarfed from Mac icon collections floating around online. They were replaced around version 5.0 by artists drawn from the playerbase, and were also the basis of the later Exile graphics introduced in Exile III before being patched into updated versions of the first two.>Jeff's first attempts at cheesy graphicsThose were mostly drawn by his first wife, funny enough.


>>69302ThisSpiderweb games are based af. Not only do they include these kinds of narratives but they're good games too.


been playing Underrail recently, and it fucking kills methe best fucking turn-based combat system I've ever seen, somebody actually done stealth in a turn-based combat right for once holy fucktaking a cut throat feat and slicing and dicing fuckers out of stealth never felt THAT satisfying, sneaking arming traps taking that one sniper shot never felt THAT satisfyingand still, so much potential wasted, it just kills meI never understood this, you have the hard part nailed, but you fuck up the easy part, what in the actual fuckfirst, fucking energy shield mechanic ruins the game, even on DOMINATING difficulty you can craft a shield that protects you from both high impact and low impact attacksit's plain broken additional armor without much drawbacksecond, fucking sci-fi and post-apoc don't mix wellfucking ayy lmaos, time travel n shit don't mix with post-apoc YOU STUPID FAGGOT HOLY SHITthird, aestheticsit's all over the fucking place, everyone and their grandma is a fucking psi mage, hobos wielding plasma pistols, hi-tech every fucking where, great post-apoc you have there idiotdevs took fallout's broken combat and done it rightbut they took fallout's post-apoc world and done it WRONG


>>69354Been thinking about picking Underrail up, might skip on that after reading this.


>>69358don't skip it, combat alone is worth itplus beginning is somewhat okay, I had a blast trying various builds and roleplaying as a hobo living in caverns hunting some rathoundsthe wildlife variety is one of the best parts about this game, burrowers, crawlers, psi beetles, I fucking love them


File: 1608527638206-0.png ( 1.07 MB , 1024x621 , 40-9586458690-548694586.png )

File: 1608527638206-1.png ( 686.31 KB , 1024x578 , 458590485584359834.png )



>>61875>Game?https://store.steampowered.com/developer/kremlingames/#browseThey should be quite famous on leftypol


>>69320I don't remember Exile II starting with different graphics, didn't the new graphics begin there? That's pretty cool to hear when developers pick up stuff from the fanbase like that.


File: 1608527638615.png ( 186.79 KB , 256x361 , Image Fight flyer.png )

Been playing a lot of Image Fight lately. It's a game that demands complete mastery of all its mechanics down to their little nuances in order to win, and I respect that immensely. I wish more games could make a claim like that but I can't honestly think of any others. Can anyone else?


>>71505>hardest difficulty level in USSR one called "Solzhenitsyn" The devs are pretty based


>>72171Looked up their VK page and they're legit commies, good to know


File: 1608527638921.png ( 629.34 KB , 650x466 , New_Order.png )

Been replaying Frostpunk since the update came out recently, and I have to say, even though it is probably unintentional, this game manages to present historical materialism extremely well, especially on harder difficulties. You might not want your city to become an Orwell meets Solzhenitsyn type shit, but the material conditions of the setting are constantly forcing you towards such an outcome, and the only way around that is to be an incredibly efficient city planner with extensive experiance of maintaining a Frostpunk city with pre-cognisance of future events, meaning that it isn't materially possible for you to avoid crossing the "line" in a realistic scenario.


Obligatory mention of Papers, Please.Deus Ex is my all-time favorite.


>>72216I enjoyed the game when I played it but I was kind of annoyed at another "the only try choices are liberal democracy or fascist totalitarianism" political take.


>>27813It's not, but who cares?


File: 1608527639434.png ( 141.82 KB , 435x439 , miriam godwinson why didnt….png )

>>72226I think that's a lesson we can all learn though. We have to constantly check ourselves lest our radicalism leads us to slide into despotism.


anyone /hearthstone/ here? I got into it recently and thought is is quite nice


>>72476Can't tell if trolling, labour aristocrat, liberal, or 5D glow in the dark trying to get commies to get addicted to a game that requires thousands of dollars worth of packs to have fun.


>>72476Yeah, as far as I'm aware, Hearthstone is a tiny veiled "pay and pay and pay and pay to win" game


>>72476Not even the best TCG around. Play Netrunner instead


>>68491What sort of Galaxy brain do you have to find HOI4 simple? I always end up getting reked or stalemating by 1942, yesterday I managed to conquer the Soviet Union as Germany by 1940 and then lost 350k men trying to take the Benelux, and I still can't figure out how to deal with the Royal Navy The closest I've ever came to winning a game is tarpitting Japan to death as China and the n immediately attacking India and Indochina once I'd yeeted Tokyo into oblivion but the Allies fucked me in the ass by 1947 How do you actually play this game well?


>>72152Nope, Exile I & II both got a v2.0 (v1.1 on Windoze?) update about a month before Exile III shipped, adding its Realmz 5.0-ized graphics.>>72479All CCGs/TCGs are pure cancer. The survivors of future post-civilization will one day be forced to send a time assassin back to the early '90s to murder Richard Garfield and burn down WoTC to save civilization from the Worst Korean freemium DLC advergame overlords spawned by his retarded booster packs. Play something that doesn't have a predatory business model, like >>72489 suggested.


Starcraft is free right now from Blizzard's website.


File: 1608527640258.png ( 309.83 KB , 655x977 , 1528925817027.png )

>>38541>Finland>Not The Soviet Finngolian Khanate


I’m just playing a whole lot of war thunder


File: 1608527640453.png ( 80.08 KB , 670x164 , Starcraft system requireme….png )

>>73058It's not "free", it requires Windows 7, after they fucking nuked support for older Windows versions and Wine along with it. Hope they burn in fucking hell for ruining Brood War for me.


>>73058>right now&ltslowpoke.pictBlizz made SC1 free back in 2017>>73103>it requires Windows 7&lt[b]Windows XP[/b] or Windows VistaThey did remove support for 95/98/ME/NT>and Wine along with itUpdate your WINE to the latest staging version, or use an up to date preconfigured variation like Lutris/Proton/etc.


>>72548What part of the game are you having trouble with, the military movement/deployment or something else?Also, you would probably find it easier if you weren't playing as countries that lost the war in real life lol.


>>73179And XP. Basically they patched Brood War to only be compatible with the Windows network stack found in 7 and up.


File: 1608527640973.png ( 229.21 KB , 500x281 , sprotch.png )



>>73414Its primarily the Naval aspect of the game and bringing it all together, so to speak I can make a really good army and air force and shit on one or two major powers but by the mid game I start to bleed to death and end up red or yellow bubbling when attacking for ages My naval game is a constant disaster, even playing as someone like Britain I end up with a massive navy that I don't understand how to use and usually either end up stalemated with the Germans in Northern France and slowly being chipped down or lose all of my actually good men trying to launch Naval invasions through the med into Italy or onto the German CoastBasically I always start out doing well but fuck up the execution


>imperator Rome Cicero updatesploosh


>>72548>What sort of Galaxy brain do you have to find HOI4 simple?When you cut your teeth on hoi/2 and/or Victoria hoi4 and it's fuhrermana is babbymode


>>72465Maybe. My main objection is just that it's usually in the libshit anti-French revolution vein, like Bioshock Amerimutt, where the only two options ever are pluralistic but corrupt and inefficient "democracy" or efficient (but so necessary!) totalitarianism. It's just the lazy perpetuation of sterile bourgeois ideology. With Frostpunk you basically have the destruction of capitalism and the expansion of a universal proletariat due to every individual's labor being necessary for everyone's survival. I find it really hard to believe that new political organizations and ideologies wouldn't arise in the face of a global Frigocaust, or that they'd be utterly dystopian in nature.


>>73561Did we play different games? I seem to remember frost punk giving you the choice between an militarised state a la war communism or a weird theocracy Can you survive the end game without choosing either? How do you manage the little panic/cuck out meter?


>>73645I'm probably misremembering, because I think you're right about it being either a militarized authoritarian state or a theocracy. I honestly haven't played it in a while due to a massive hdd failure.I'm just complaining about the general tendency for there to be no possibility of successful, pro-social political alternatives in bourgeois fiction. The options usually tend to be some sort of authoritarianism, be it military or theocratic or whatever, libshit democracy (which is almost always shown to be terrible "but better than the alternative"), and anything different if portrayed as idealistic utopianism doomed to fail because whatever its ideals, it always devolves into authoritarianism anyway (a la the revolutionaries in Bioshock).It isn't like the tone of the game doesn't warrant that kind of pessimism, I just think it's a tired bourgeois take.


File: 1608527641786.jpg ( 2.08 MB , 3087x2489 , Spain tree overview[1].jpg )



File: 1608527641999.png ( 1.28 MB , 1364x768 , joshua 2019-09-27 00-01-16….png )

Superpower 2 is so god damn broken. Sometimes it's broken in your favour and other times it just fucks you over for no reason at all. So I was playing the SU mod and I easily managed to take over most nearby areas that wouldn't send me to war with the US/UK but my diplomatic relations almost tanked so it's just a waiting game now with the rare pause to invest in some sector.I should had "packed" in my laptop Victoria 2 with CWE. I don't have enough credits on my mobile net to download it and HoI3&BlackIce just doesn't cut it for me. Combat can be fun but it's quite boring during peacetime. But at least I can recruit Velouchiotis as a minister of war which is all I need.


>>73700Also, those damn sneaky Chinks nuked me to smithereens. So much for left unity.


>>73690Is this a mod?


>>27775I just finished up cobbling together a GBA with an IPS screen from some broken units I got from a junk shop and a parts kit from ebay Fun little electronics project and Castlevania on the bus to and from work and in bed is v.comfy


>>73700Superpooper 2 explicitly embraces Milton Friedman's pseudoscientific bullshit, and you have to watch inflation, never have the government be in charge of industry, because it's slower and less responsive (just a flat 30% tax is fine).At least Realpolitik are just retarded liberal memers.>muh totalitarianism>>73707Nope. It's from a dev diary. Republicans next week.


>>73710It's been a while since I've played HOI4 but Jesus Christ that seems like a ton of focuses


>>73713The fully embraced 35 days ones, don't worry.


>>73710>Superpooper 2 explicitly embraces Milton Friedman's pseudoscientific bullshit, and you have to watch inflation, never have the government be in charge of industry, because it's slower and less responsive (just a flat 30% tax is fine).I figured as much. Nationalizing anything is just for roleplay purposes. I still liked SP2 more than Realpolitik though, 15minutes in I was already bored to death with it and it seemed to be even more janky. Especially with the pointless or even broken treaties/unions.


File: 1608527642894.png ( 103.94 KB , 752x727 , 33f75a9cdc288114e69bc54a20….png )

Reminder that Paradox nerds are now reading all the info on Republicans they can get their hands on to create their side of the focus tree.




File: 1608527643237.png ( 352.07 KB , 595x649 , e3e2dfeaf8a0e2421136152492….png )



So apparently there will be DLC of Afghanistan, DPRK, and Cuba for Ostalgie.http://imtw.ru/topic/57173-dlc-ostalgie-afganistan-kuba-kndr/


does anyone want to play anything sometimes? maybe we could get a group game of something like CIV going. Or worms armageddon i dunno.


File: 1608527643548.png ( 1.22 MB , 1280x1000 , freeciv.png )

>>74880Freeciv game when?


>>74938whats it play like? civ3?


File: 1608527643886.png ( 141.82 KB , 435x439 , miriam godwinson why didnt….png )

>>74880>Civ>Not the superior gameThough I predict a squabble over who gets to play Domai (I'm aight, I like Lal anyways)


>>73690I always like the asethtics of the focus tree despite not liking these game. I remember seeing a /leftypol/ variant on setting up bunkerchan but it seemed imcomplete. We should totally expand on it


>>74949Depends on the ruleset you're using. You could do civ1 rules and isometric tiles, civ2civ3 rules with hexagons, etc.


File: 1608527644252.png ( 1.53 MB , 1280x658 , minescape creeper.png )

>>27953Latest Minescape Version: It combines Runescape + Minecraft as a resource pack.http://www.mediafire.com/file/smj45iysr2sftf5/Minescape.zip/file


Let's play Soldat


>>75037You want to play vidya, anon?


i play a lot of hearts of iron 4/heart of darkness, vicky 2, and tf2


>>47994What do you mean? I've played for years and the only thing I've bought is a couple stash tabs. The cosmetic microtransactions are ridiculously expensive and often terribly ugly, but they're not in any way necessary to purchase.


File: 1608527644962.jpg ( 5.2 MB , 5240x4650 , PoE-SkillTree-33.jpg )

don't forget to try path of exile if you're somewhat autistic and like ARPG's :)


I really hate this image


File: 1608527645194.jpg ( 517.16 KB , 692x2885 , brogamers.jpg )

>>75404it's ironic, brah


>>75404Damn thought I was the only one


I'm playing Borderlands 3 right now, it's pretty good but I'm disappointed how casual it is. On true vault hunter mode it becomes even easier somehow


>>75417>borderlands>casualquelle surprise


File: 1608527645756.jpg ( 642.24 KB , 2417x1912 , rep_spain[1].jpg )

It's here.


>>78988I know what that is, but where's it from?


>>78988>>78993Looks pretty decent ngl, although I kinda like the implied fish hook theory that centrists are the same as Stalinists. Is kinda funny.


>>78999Democratic forces in Spain seeking help from Soviet Union is the historic path, you dummy. Stalinists doing the same is just a no-brainer.


>>79008I know, I still find it funny.Also the anarchist line looks fucking kek tbh. Is it bad that I think the best part of all of this though is that a lot of it will get added to Kaiserreich but better?


File: 1608527646517.png ( 512.12 KB , 1056x664 , Dev Diary all must bear th….png )

>>79011Oh no, the anarchist path is the maximum meme.


>>79019They also have a kind of "conquer the world or be conquered" situation with geopolitics. Is topkek.


>>79025Doesn't that basically describe the game in general?


>>79019Anarchists being unaligned is ridiculous and will really showcase the limitations of vanilla hoi4's political mechanics.


>>78988>Against Stalinism and TrotskyismPossible hint at a USSR rework?


>>79051Trotsky as USSR leader has been in HOI4 since launch though (at least technically, of course it was originally broken).


>>79040Doubly ridiculous since the basically unused 'subideology' system already has anarcho-communism, its all just a mess, the paradox devs are naturally trying to be better and more like kaiserreich since its the new standard and no one will buy their dlcs if all they add is uninspiring garbage like the commonwealth focus trees but they're already coming up hard against the limitations vanilla has, they should've reworked ideologies early or at least expanded the subideology system to be meaningful, now its kinda late and we're getting unaligned (franco), unaligned (carlists) and unaligned (anarcho-syndicalist)


>>79051USSR is getting reworked but not in this dlc, probably the next one. The focus is just referring to the fact that the POUM is being presented as being against the Stalinists and the Trotskyists.


>>79036No, anarchists ascendant in Spain will piss off every single other country in the world.


>>78988yeah overall pretty predictable. I'm kinda bored of paradox just going "xddd fascism means you get to have 100 million manpower and also fun, and communism means you have these cool looking focuses that do nothing :DDDDD". Like don't get me wrong this tree looks great, but what can you do? I guess attack portugal? Really? Meanwhile the fascsit tree lets you literally get wargoals against all of south america or claim like half of north and west africa. Like look at practically every single tree they've made so far. The only country where going commnist is both the most practical AND most fun is Mexico. And this shit bleeds over to Kaiserreich like a fucking plague as well, you only get to have any fun in that mod if you natpop or some other reactionary shit.


>>75408this is embarrassing for the entire human race


>>79065>why doesn't communism, which most countries have never even seriously considered, also doesn't go full revanchist, like a reactionary? :(


>ctrl-f factorio>not foundsmh


>>79051no way my dude. That's a whole new best to tackle, they'll probably have to "use" an entire dlc on good ol' Stalin. if I had to take a guess we'll have a greece focus tree in the new DLC. And I think we also might get an ideology rework as well, since Anarchists being non-aligned kinda just seems like a placeholder for me.


>>79071that's not the point. I don't want them to go full revanchist I want to go "yeah this game I'll play communist Spain and not because I wanna larp, but because it's actually fun". idk dude, weekly stabilty -1% just doesn't seem fun.


>>79076Yes, the Soviet Focus tree is a trainwreck that will need a DLC all to itself.Italy and Belgium reworks probably next.


>>79078Anarchists are meant to play at 0 stability and get >>79019 an Economy Law to offset it all to themselves.


File: 1608527648322.png ( 248.48 KB , 416x244 , based_blizz.png )

The soypocalypse is here, I love watching reddit sperg outhttps://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/


>>85537Jim is doing his part>>85559


>>78988Where the /leftypol/ edit of bunkerchan's focus tree? Anyone have it?




File: 1608527648672.png ( 1.33 MB , 1680x1050 , bchan_tree.png )

>>85570Talking about this?


>>85563By being a Kaufmanesque contrarian like always?


>>79065Are you complaining that commie government can't just go to war with everyone around them? I mean, that's kinda what you would expect right?


>>85537>soypocalypsePretty cringe tbh


>>85587Actual Bunkerchan mod when?


>>79079Blegium? Are you sure? They did even less than the Dutch. Not to mention most of the Dutch national focus tree already involves taking over Blegium or allying with them in some form, which straight up makes a unique focus tree for them pointless. Countries like Greece, Bulgaria, Iran and Iraq all had relatively interesting stuff happening in this time period. The reason I'm convinced that we'll see a Greek tree is because of the supression/occupation rework, especially now that armoured cars were reveaed to also be tied to this mechanic. The greek partisan movement, along with the free french and tito were the most important liberation movement in Europe. Also the Metaxas dictatorship is fascinating part of history, at least for me and I'd love it if it was better represented in the game.


File: 1608527649460.jpeg ( 256.45 KB , 1440x810 , war-thunder-rev-3.jpeg )

I just play a shitload of war thunder


CK2 is free to play nowhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/203770/Crusader_Kings_II/what dlcs are worth getting? haven't played ck2 since pirating it when it first came out


>>100291>what dlcs are worth gettingAll of them but to be honest, just pirate it. It's a god-tier game but Parabux has such a fucking awful business model.


File: 1608527649755.png ( 253.51 KB , 960x479 , 2EF010B8-4CE3-4955-84D0-19….png )

>>85895>reactionary>not soyboysWhy cringe? It’s the truth.


>>27806>minecraft reactionary shit


>>27825>>27832>>27840>>27843Fuck off with minecraft


>>100445>minecraft is reactionaryno u>>100447you do know that those posts are 2 months old?


Thinking about getting the new COD propaganda game and writing something about it. Would anyone be interested in reading a lefty perspective on the war crime simulator?


what sides do you side with in the outer worlds?i find it disappointing that the options are always literal ancapistan or abandon the MOP to go starve in the woods


File: 1608527650260-0.jpg ( 306.31 KB , 1366x768 , Start CitK.jpg )

File: 1608527650260-1.jpg ( 270.6 KB , 1366x768 , Start Ostalgie TBW.jpg )

File: 1608527650260-2.jpg ( 248.47 KB , 1366x768 , Start China ML.jpg )

>>27775Hardcore Communist Sims, where every fuck up ends in a game over


>>108887you can make east germany a nuclear armed cybersyn nazbol juche rouge state in ostalgie


>>108887Just like real life!


I've been playing Dawn of War and Carrionhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/953490/CARRION/


File: 1608527650685.jpg ( 456.06 KB , 1600x900 , ak47_bg_optimized.jpg )

>>27775>What games do leftypol play?Welcome to the rice fields motherfuckershttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgaOP7TtWVo




> catalog of 200+ games on steam account> choosing to replay yume nikki for the 50th time instead


>>108774I would but i'm not sure there's enough meat on the bone. I watched the cutscenes on youtube the other day and the most interesting things i caught are *spoilers*>1. ypg fighting against russia with US support(lol)>2. the developers blaming russia for the warcrime they committed, valley of death or whatever. oh there was some stuff about threatening a terrorist with harm to his family but. its so soft and unoffensive. the terrorist was already established as a bad guy previously and all that. like who are they kidding? we know they're doing worse shit morally than this on the daily. The US military or who agrees to help movies and games with their realism as long as they agree to follow certain rules. For example, I remember the CIA threatened to pull all support from the netflix Narcos series if the showrunners continued to talk to pablo escobars son. So everything in the game is approved to show the US in the best possible light. But still, even Zero Dark Thirty was more edgy than this.


>>109836>I remember the CIA threatened to pull all support from the netflix Narcos series if the showrunners continued to talk to pablo escobars sonwhat the fuck


>>109844>>109836There was a thing like this with the Marvel movies. The pentagon was originally going to be involved, but they didn't like the plot including corrupt people in high positions of the MIC (lmao) so they pulled support and instead the movie(s) used fictional organizations.


File: 1608527651335.jpg ( 44.79 KB , 768x558 , Boomer Destroyer.jpg )

>>108934I like boomer destroyer simulators.


>>109883Make sure to add a ☭ unicode to your name when you're destroying boomers in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.I mean the Nazis do it with names like [14/88]Romper_Stomper. Always good to see the kill count on the upper right of the screen read: ☭Joey_Granitedick☭ | ︻デ═一-→ | [14/88]Pepe_Heydrich


>>109850This kind of thing has certainly worked a lot in the public perception of the US Government internationally as some really special govt where things work the way the should


File: 1608527651625.jpg ( 9.64 KB , 200x200 , 1532682803838.jpg )

>>109889Thanks for making me laugh. Interestingly among those I play CSGO with one is literally sporting a Communist insignia as an avatar. In casual mode people make friendly conversation with him. I'll check the unicode too, thanks comrade.


>>108891Kek, what?


Outer Worlds is frustrating the fucking shit out of me. I don’t think anybody involved in the game even bothered to open a wikipedia page on anarchism or socialism. On one hand you have a fascist hypercapitalist nightmare, but the only other options are what? Some hippie liberals who live in the woods, or a literal religious cult. Where the fuck is the actual leftist thought? It has been completely absent. Most of the time the game doesn’t even give me an option that isn’t corporate bootlicking.


>>108887>>108887Could someone inform me what kind of interesting things you can actually do in those 3 games? For the most part when I do a playthrough I end up as just plain old boring ML with Cybersyn / OGAS (saw the Strasserist Germany option once and also know Posadist USSR is possible in CitK though).I imagine the first 2 have a lot of hidden stuff, but does the China one has it too? There the only paths I ever see are hard line Maoist / Stalin-esque / moderate / Dengist / full lib, which seem pretty sensible paths, so where is the weird shit at?


Why the hell isn't this thread in >>>/hobby/


Here are a bunch of short games with outright pro-socialist or anti-capitalist themeshttps://colestia.itch.io/


>>110447this is how i felt on the majority of praised RPGsI think it stems from the (supposedly)necessarily individualistic world an rpg has to operate on. great man theory of history and all that. few exceptions where if you read them backwards(the bad guy was actually good shit) you can find something like actual revolutionary ideas.




>>893>>893is it even still populated after Mordhau came out? I loved Chivalry and I think Mordhau's better


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgC-KCGkMPM>road trips>life experiences>video games>class consciousness here and thereDon't think he's full-blown commie but he seems like a genuinely wonderful person. Actually, I might've seen a couple of videos way back then but I completely forgot. Just a shout-out before that happens again.


>>1163I follow him on twitter, he's basically a rad-lib / socdem. He's ""alright"" I guess, but sometimes he will spout off idpol & whatnot on his twitter.His road trip videos through the west coast of the US are very good though.


Opinion: Gaming as an industry sucks. You should never purchase games. You should always play offline games. You should always game on linux. Not Windows or Google/Android.


I mostly play rpgs because I'm almost a grognard but not autistic enough to get into HOI and similar shit. Currently playing DOS2 and having fun, despite being theoretically worse compared to PoE2 Deadfire in many respects I'm finding it to be a lot more fun, especially with Divine War and Odinblade mods. No idea what I'm going to play next, looking like Disco Elysium. Any suggestions from anons here?>>1156>I don’t think anybody involved in the game even bothered to open a wikipedia page on anarchism or socialism.Sometimes I feel like that when browsing /leftypol/ tbh. It'd be nice to see vidya of Eclipse Phase, otherwise I think the only games in lefty town are going to be from that anarcho-syndicalist co-op and maybe the fellas who did disco elysium.


party games count right?


>>1167Sure why not


>>929Hitman is a based series with shitons of charm and make your own fun philosphy, the fact that 47 only kills sleazebags, mostly insanely rich sleazebags only helps. It pains me that i have not played any of the newer ones yet.


File: 1608527653921.png ( 5.85 MB , 5687x3096 , Crisis In The Kremlin Port….png )

Get in here fags, we're doing some collective gameplay of Crisis in the Kremlin!https://bunkerchan.xyz/GET/res/30142.html


File: 1608527654497.png ( 2.19 MB , 1920x1080 , east vs west dprk.png )

>>1151>tfw you will never play the full version of East vs West


>>1171Why was it cancelled?


>>1172Because despite the time given to the devs, they failed to make a playable game.




Anybody play Stellaris recently? I pirated it around release and was unimpressed but got it for 15 bucks last week after a bunch of updates changed a lot of things in a way that seemed interesting and I've been having a lot of fun. Biggest complaint is that neoclassical economics is not only assumed as human nature but literally the cosmic requirement for any community which is frustrating but not surprising.


>>1171>>1173Is there a half made version available somewhere? Is it a bitch to install?


STALKER, Doom, Quake, Total War series, Anything Paradox


>>872Waaaaa I HATE FUN Waaaaaa


>>874Oh Mao's Legacy, Ostalgie and Crisis In The Kremlin are good. Kremlingames puts out good shit


>>907Nothing wrong with that


>>952Could never work that way




>>1179Truuuue I love that shit


Reminder, avoid proprietary software, fight imperialism.>https://jacobinmag.com/2019/11/microsoft-defense-department-jedi-contract-china


File: 1608527655907.jpeg ( 12.23 KB , 480x360 , tzrsrg.jpeg )

>>1184>With China and the United States neck in neck in various cutting-edge technology…OH MY GOD they are inventing sharper knives


>>871Do you guys think the laziness Game Freak is gonna give us this friday can be turned around into hatred and a boycott of all the dumbass poketubers who defended this game? I feel like that could be fun and anti capitalist


Man Lobotomy Corporation is a chore after a while…>>1186Pokemon is trash anyway so I hope so


Any self-respecting leftist should play Dwarf Fortress. It's literally 'from each according to their ability, to each according to their need'.


>>1188How do you play though


>>1185I think you mean:eh shapeh knaõif.


>>1188Mate, most strategy games/simulation games are "from each according to their ability, to each according to their need".But yeah, DF is fucking great.


>>1189By keeping the wiki open at all times.


File: 1608527657003.jpg ( 71.77 KB , 540x450 , 5465tgz.jpg )

here is an interesting games concept for making a socialist clone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vIIx3JLSTA




I like Brigador, but I mainly play Zwift. Elite Dangerous gets an occasional look in. Tried Total War: Warhammer as undead and rapidly kerb-stomped the AI.


File: 1608527657419.jpg ( 25.78 KB , 441x248 , your frenzy bar is increas….jpg )

Been playing Bloodbourne recently, fuck do I hate these things.




>>1197Pathetic, they don't even go past the knees. How am I suppose to crossdress while gaming with those things?


File: 1608527657782.png ( 306 KB , 1024x500 , AdVenture-Communist_TN.png )

Has anyone played Adventure Communist? Is it any good?


There are torrents of the half finished version. Obviously a lot of game mechanics don't work properly.


It's an idle clicker game , if you have played one then you have played them all.

Just try to avoid the Skinner box style microtransactions.


Been playing Halo CE on Mac :^)
I'm also a fan of Airline Tycoon.


>It's an idle clicker game , if you have played one then you have played them all.

Imho there is one game of this genre worth playing: Universal Paperclips


What do ya'll think of Not for Broadcast?
In early access at the moment though


And here's some gameplay of it:

Does look interesting, although ngl, I have no idea what kind of politics they're trying to put forward as the ruling party in this game seems to be some kind of nazbol party


Played through this yesterday, thanks for the link, it was fun when new mechanics were being added but at certain bits it gets a bit grindy (especially at the end of stage 1 if you don't have enough memory). Ah well.


weren't there like some missions in ussr where you kill some sovjet politicians or something? I love the charm of the game (at least the old ones) but it seems like the new games are more about "the evil secret elites" then actually killing bourgies.


Looks good from what I've seen of it a while back. I think it's just a satire of British TV.


File: 1608527659040.jpg ( 437.86 KB , 700x4352 , C0b4YLJ.jpg )

The /v/ & /vg/ archives are fucked and my home pc is in another state. Anyone saved the Dark Souls 2 version of pic related? The one with the royal swordsman gank squad in Lost Bastille?




Deus Ex? More like… DEU SEX
you just got fucking rekt


I've been thinking about firing up Stardew Valley again recently. Could use some aimless feelgood escapism. Is Graveyard Keeper any good? I've seen people compare the two.


Which prey? Both are good but is it the human head one or arkane one?


File: 1608527659569.png ( 1.7 MB , 1920x1080 , I KEEP SCREAMING AT THE SK….png )

I found this game on kotaku. It is a fps in the style of super mario 3d games made as a challenge by some sean noon.
I personally have always loved to have an fps that is just this in this colourful style. I love DOOM but all the metal blood and gore is traumatizing. Wish there was a more vivid alternative.



ID actually intended to make a Commander Keen shooter with a in-depth storyline while keeping the cartoony art styles instead of Doom. Until the two Johns barked at the idea.


i've never play commander kneen but yeah a fps in that style would have been awesome.


File: 1608527660058.jpeg ( 295.25 KB , 1280x800 , AF0D210B-262E-4386-B5D3-D….jpeg )

>the mobile game
Fuck Bethesda for ruining an already forgotten franchise.


There's plenty of Doom wads that have colourful aesthetics, tbf. Off the top of my head, Adventures of Square, Reelism, Action Doom 2 and Doom: The Golden Souls 2 are p okay. Also you might like Lovely Planet even if it's really barebones as a FPS


I'll try that stuff. I tried to play wolfenstein and almost vomited.
why the fuck am i so weak. WHY DOES MY BODY REJECT THE VIOLENCE


>I love DOOM but all the metal blood and gore is traumatizing.
that makes no sense, you love it but hate one of it's most popular features? anyways, incase you want to get rid of the gore tho, https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=59415 this is for you. works only for gzdoom I think.


anyone wants to play apex legends?
it's free so you dirty commies can afford it


cant afford a computer that doesn't crash or has like 3 fps when playing


teeeftwo is also free and has custom configs that while will make the game look like it has n64 graphics will run smoothly on old laptops too


okay the better thing to say would be "I love the fast running of DOOM"
I love tf2 because of it. Quake champions is also fast.


Should I buy Metro Redux or RDR2? Both cost the same


reminder that stanley parable and watch dogs is free on epic games store currently


Watchdog is dogshit. While SP is anothingburger game.


thanks for the review that nobody asked for
can you ruin rage 2 for me now?


Finished Doom Eternal, it was pretty good.
The game starts off really slow in my opinion, but after the first two levels or so, it starts getting really good.
All in all, the game is fantastic.
Spoiler-wise, The Doom Slayer is confirmed to be the original Doomguy. He's also pretty much immortal, and Samuel Hayden may or may not be a Maykr. I got that impression, at least.


did you play on pc? what were you specs if so


File: 1608527661451.jpg ( 39.85 KB , 506x285 , LVWRROR.jpg )

Do you know any good non neoliberal ideology infused Animal Crossing like? Harvest Moon seems super boring.


Stardew Valley has you fighting the local corporation wanting to buy your town (unless you're a fag and you join them)


Nice! And how is crafting and relationships with NPCs?


File: 1608527661841.png ( 323.42 KB , 708x816 , Colossal_Cranium.png )

Playin quite a bit of TF2 myself. It's just such a fun game to play after a joint, listenin to some Amiga music or trance remixes or some shit.

btw I use Solus Gnome


File: 1608527661996.png ( 230.7 KB , 491x438 , 754634246354.png )

>Be me
>Subscribed to Jim Sterling
>New vid on Doom DRM
>Well whatever let's check it out, I need someone to ramble in my ear at this point in time
>"Then Bathesda broke it, making it easier to pirate Doom: Eternal than ever"
>oh shit
>Instantly hop over to a site that will not be disclosed
>Grab the torrent link
>pic related first post under the torrent link thread


Yeah. Those dumbasses included a drm-free .exe version inside their files.


I did.
My specs are:
i7 @3.60GHz
16 gigs of ddr4
1060 w/ 3gigs vram
It played it pretty flawless on medium.


File: 1608527662474.webm ( 183.37 KB , 1122x532 , 1522320316792.webm )

Based. Hope more people rediscover how great this game still is.



TF2 is still great but at the moment it's going through a difficult period. Cheaters (bots) are in almost every single game.

Almost every second server now, as soon as I hear NICE SHOT or some shit, I usually nope the fuck out of there. Although, as many of these bots have "RACIST" in their name, the players can often fight off waves of them with votebans which can actually be quite fun sometimes when the server acts together.


yep. sadly because of the new vr tech demo they are releasing tf2 is put on hold indefinitely.

community servers don't seem like will get revived
but I hear it's getting updates and new stuff from the modding side of TF2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0idcICVtVjo




Cheeki breeki


/v/ is now the roulette board, please go there for your video game related discussions.


>soviet soldiers being forced into battle like terrified unwilling POWs
>anyone who runs away is shot
>muh evil red army bandits
Are there any FPS games about WW2 that aren't propaganda?




It's pretty much exactly like Harvest Moon so if you don't like that I doubt you'll enjoy it.

Really bro, Animal Crossing is not that bad, Tom Nook has even softened up now.


What's the best fps with controller support I can play that will allow me to kill nazis from the perspective of the red army

tried one of the old CoD games but controller didn't work


Battlefield 1942


I installed this and realized controller didn't work


>FPS with controller
why the fuck would you do this to yourself


It's comfy if you were raised as a console kiddie. I mean like imagine playing Halo with keyboard.


Are you implying that for a typical 3D game with strong emphasis on aiming precision and timing, a keyboard where directional input is typically formed by four binary inputs on two axes (total 8 directions), is more appropriate than a controller where the same directional input is formed by non-binary joysticks?
t. haven't played with a controller for around 8 years


One of PC's inputs may indeed be digital, but mouse control is in general so much more precise and accurate for camera control that it overcomes all the advantages of two analog sticks.


File: 1624668731200-0.png ( 113.7 KB , 1172x716 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1624668731200-1.png ( 133.7 KB , 898x776 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1624668731200-2.png ( 2.23 MB , 1606x1279 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1624668731200-3.png ( 3.33 MB , 1920x1080 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1624668731200-4.png ( 3.99 MB , 1920x1080 , ClipboardImage.png )

Came here to post SupCom. Its on sale again for $2 starting today until July 9th.


playing on https://www.faforever.com/

>Forged Alliance Forever (found at faforever.com) is a community driven lobby system that offers several features including playing multiplayer in Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. It is described as similar to GPG.net, the original multiplayer client to Forged Alliance. Since the shutdown of GPG.net and the discontinuation of support for the original game, Forged Alliance Forever seeks to ensure that the game will "live on… forever."

>As of 2021, Forged Alliance Forever continues to be supported by fan volunteers who actively maintain the community, add unofficial patches, maps, and mods, and release regular content.


File: 1624670366286-0.png ( 3.71 MB , 1922x1018 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1624670366286-1.png ( 4.01 MB , 1920x1080 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1624670366286-2.png ( 4.2 MB , 1920x1080 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1624670366286-3.png ( 2.76 MB , 1920x1080 , ClipboardImage.png )

if you wan't to see what gameplay is like this guy casts tournaments and uploads often

some nuke footage to get a sense of the scale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tWp4ynONnQ&t=3119s


How to Nuke - Weirdly Specific Tutorials for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPi5RjVQiNw

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