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File: 1623148968989.png ( 142.97 KB , 1080x1400 , 3f20aff3f0a1492a8e23854cd7….png )


Ok so the **cring*E3 is gonna start in some days, so let's make a /leftypol/ bingo for it, I'll start with 3 of them.
>Amogus on Smash.
<The new character in smash is the sussy impostor from amogus.

>Cringe Moment number 41.

<Someone does something kinda cringy.

>Anime AAA game no one cares about.

<What it says, some "World premier" of an anime game that inmediately is shit cause it's anime.


File: 1623149933055.jpg ( 87.85 KB , 795x915 , dumsoviet.jpg )

>E3 2021
wait that's a thing ? i thought they died last year… oh well

>celebrity show up, bonus point if its an e-celeb

>breath of the wild DLC news
>use of a recent meme or an "internet culture" slang (like based, cringe, sus or some shit…)


>>breath of the wild DLC news
By that you mean Breath of the Wild 2?


File: 1623150359333.png ( 173.72 KB , 1080x1400 , 3f20aff3f0a1492a8e23854cd7….png )



File: 1623150958234.png ( 84.62 KB , 300x533 , 9.png )

If no Elden Ring I'm going to lose my fucking mind


File: 1623152836695.png ( 191.39 KB , 1080x1400 , 3f20aff3f0a1492a8e23854cd7….png )



File: 1623152906019.png ( 188.97 KB , 1080x1400 , 3f20aff3f0a1492a8e23854cd7….png )

Fixed typo


That's right, I'm calling it:
>anti-China war game


File: 1623153302164.png ( 210.07 KB , 1080x1400 , 3f20aff3f0a1492a8e23854cd7….png )

I'm calling it that they're gonna make a wolfestein but instead of nazis it's the japanese and thus Japanese=Asian=China


Oh, right, that thing happens in the middle of the year.

>some BLM/"activist" liberal shit

>popular e-celeb/streamer that somehow nobody knows about
>new Chinese game that ironically everybody will play
>2hu in Smash
>Crash in Smash
>vague reference to Israel/Palestine

You forgot the free space btw


File: 1623161632548.jpg ( 182.9 KB , 800x800 , 15517790093070.jpg )

>Zenimax announces a new expansion for ESO
>Still don't reveal anything about TES VI, even though it's been 10 years since Skyrim's release
>No news about Starfield either

I swear it's like Valve all over again.


File: 1623163566887.png ( 345.15 KB , 1080x1400 , 3f20aff3f0a1492a8e23854cd7….png )

Haven't put the "2hu in Smash" or the "crash in Smash" as there's already a "X character in Smash" and having two of them when only one can happen means that there can be no bingo.

Also, the free space is the "Someone does cringe" because we know it's gonna happen, it's E3, of course there's gonna be someone trying to be hip and cool and then embarrass themselves saying some stupid bullshit.

Added but pls don't put negatives.

I've also added: "More than 3 BOTW ripoffs"


OK, to be honest I'm not really sure how bingo cards work, please forgive me. does that mean I can replace "cringe moment" with whatever I want?


As long as it is cringe, yes.


But I wanna put my own prediction without sharing it here :/ How do I do that


File: 1623167714663.jpg ( 24.46 KB , 700x444 , 146849896.jpg )

Just use paint bruh.


Oh ok


SFV ultimate turbo super arcade edition


Valve announce Citadel or the index 2 (more assfucking edition) at the pc gamers show sounds good to me.


I haven't been paying attention to the industry lately but there is always that juicy remake of A) a burned out franchise no one cares about or B) of a very old game and never comes out

Also some sort of ad/reference to the pandemic in a "we're all together in this, so stay at home and play my games" type way


E3 has been shit going on 10+ years now, I don't understand how people can still waste their time on this spectacle.


Nintendo rereleases another previous gen game on switch with new DLC.

Also the free space should be technical difficulties, especially e3 in the age of covid and multipolarity.


I never really saw any presentations of the gaming industry.
Do they showcase all those indie open-world/sandbox games with zombies at E3, or is it more of a circlejerk of established publishers?




The only thing I’m hype for is the crowbcat cringe compilation. The rest is trash.


File: 1623176826889.png ( 402.79 KB , 1080x1400 , 3f20aff3f0a1492a8e23854cd7….png )

Done so

Don't know what you mean by this.


I expect a lot of alien/scifi theming this year


File: 1623192179831.png ( 418.14 KB , 1080x1400 , 3f20aff3f0a1492a8e23854cd7….png )



Dragon Age 4 revealed to be an open world co-op butchery with micro transactions and minimal story depth.


Metroid Prime 4 delayed again.


So E3 happens in 2 days


File: 1623380029259.jpg ( 24.63 KB , 385x258 , Tek_x_sf.jpg )

After 11 years, harada will string is along, and at the last minute, play a trailer for this game, and disappear in a puff of smoke


idpol outrage over fucking nothing


A new cyberpunk type of game.


Don't add this but Crash Twinsanity finally completed.


Are you gonna host the E3 on Cytube?


File: 1623404151357.png ( 461.43 KB , 1080x1400 , 3f20aff3f0a1492a8e23854cd7….png )

Ok, so we only need two more to complete the bingo


File: 1623404362512.png ( 485.29 KB , 1080x1400 , 3f20aff3f0a1492a8e23854cd7….png )

Also, yesterday it was the summer fest, the beginning shot of "E3".


File: 1623404422533.png ( 492.09 KB , 1080x1400 , 3f20aff3f0a1492a8e23854cd7….png )

Shit, I forgot they actually showed a movie trailer in that.




nvm I found it.
>Presented by the Army National Guard


If you aren't watching Infinite Review/Mechagamezilla's e3 commentary then you're not a real Leftist.



Random game that make /pol/ lose it mind.


I wouldn't know about them because I don't really pay much attention to these events.


It'd be nice if we linked the clips/trailers of each marked slot
I second this


It looks like it isn't out yet, but he does an e3 special every year.


File: 1623428549626.png ( 210.47 KB , 820x892 , 790-7907832_7190485-pink-w….png )

The netflix """"geeked"""" show is such a nostalgia wankfest


File: 1623429559004.png ( 513.08 KB , 1080x1400 , 3f20aff3f0a1492a8e23854cd7….png )

Ok, so I've put it in and already marked it cause in the netflix "geeked" week they announce the live-action series of Resident Evil, Albert Wesker is a black guy.


Add "sequel announced as mobile game"


File: 1623429745191.png ( 524.87 KB , 1080x1400 , 3f20aff3f0a1492a8e23854cd7….png )

Done so.
Now the bingo is complete, we can only watch what is gonna happen.


File: 1623437237697.png ( 537.19 KB , 1080x1400 , 3f20aff3f0a1492a8e23854cd7….png )

Welp the Technical difficulties on stream just happened.


File: 1623442742271.jpg ( 81.63 KB , 955x521 , EfaF2ufXoAA7MZ_.jpg )

>IGN summer games 2021.
<Also fucking presented by the Army National Guard.


Ok, "World of Warcrimes" is hilarous, but damn, that's brutal.


File: 1623464823890.png ( 104.42 KB , 216x216 , 0494BB6E-4533-4D23-BE95-66….png )



File: 1623479582634.jpg ( 9.07 KB , 200x176 , kaiokek.jpg )

>World of Warcrimes


>Elden Ring comes to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC Digital January 21, 2022.


>Same shitty wanna be realistic art-style of BB-DS3-Sekishit that ends up looking worse than DS2
>Same atrocious fur / hair textures that look bad for a PS3 game
>Monster bosses that will undoubtedly end up being shitty "memorize muh superfast moveset perfectly" crap because this is what we consider fun now-a-days
Well, at least it will probably have armors and weapons which will put it a step above Sekishit, but I can bet my ass it will be another nu-soulslike that instead of being a tough but fair action adventure game will be an overdesigned music-rhythm matching / memorization game.
The people responsible for "muh prepare to die" meme need to be shot. DS1/2 weren't even fucking hard. You probably die way more times in a casual platformer like Ori than in those games. What made them special was that dying was punishing and you had a challenge of endurance most of the time. Nu-soulslikes are all about you mashing your head against a stupidly overtuned boss that is 3 seconds away from a bonfire (or worse, a enemyless corridor down from you that takes 30 seconds to traverse and is there only as a big fuck you), while the actual level exploration is quite minimal. No longer do you have the adventure of DS1/2, but are basically stuck in a loop of going through hellish bosses (or the stupid minibosses of Sekishit), and then rolling through a filler area (that over time is more and more linear in the nu-soulslikes) just to meet your next pain-in-the-ass boss.


Peak /v/.


E3 is today, right? Have I missed it?

>>Monster bosses that will undoubtedly end up being shitty "memorize muh superfast moveset perfectly" crap because this is what we consider fun now-a-days
Were games really that different back then?


They deserve it, even if they are a bunch of greenhorns. They are doing recruitment work by being the military's esports team. Fuck them.


I ain't watching hours of that shit, how many did we get right?


Sorry for using /v/ermin terminology of "nu" and being a bit aggressive in the post, but do tell where am I wrong? I really do think the entire soulslike genre, including especially the main games, have fucked up by deciding that their defining aspect is "prepare to die" difficulty with bullshit bosses, and not other aspects, mainly the exploration and level traversal. It honestly feels like its a genre lead by gamers with egos too big to allow for an actually enjoyable experiance and instead focused on keeping up their reputation as "le leet gamerz who beat da hardezt gaym".


File: 1623617640357.jpg ( 46.09 KB , 976x549 , 1623617095173.jpg )

I'm here to kill Chaos.


File: 1623630075968.png ( 91.94 KB , 324x242 , squeenix.png )



Has anything worthwhile been announced? I thought it was starting today but apparently there was shit saturday and sunday.


Well tomorrow's Nintendo's presentation, is it not?


Of course not, all the good stuff is unveiled at Tokyo Games Show.


There was a new trailer for Atomic Heart that made me cream my pants:
I just hope it won't be another Cyberpunk situation.




New trailer for shin megami tensei V is out!


>everyone bitching about protag being heccing valid maybe
i just don't like the soulhackers look, i want to punch god in the face, not hack god's only fans


Cautiously excited.


Looks great - I am quite enthusiastic. I heard the SMT III remake was shit, so this gives me hope. Has anyone cracked the Denuvo protection on that yet?

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