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transfer window edition
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they should just close the bundesliga

how many times in a row it is? 12? 13? fucking embarrassing
Italy and Spain are the last bastions of football


just imagine if Juve was still dominating Serie A lol

Big props to Napoli and Inter, Serie A wasn't meant to be a farmer's league. Not with clubs like Roma, Napoli, both Milans, Juve, Fiorentina, Lazio, etc.


File: 1685494628129.mp4 ( 10.63 MB , 640x360 , InterTreble.mp4 )

>The best was for Milito when Inter won the treble.
To be fair tho Benz got robbed of the goal in the final, he wasn't offside.


Mourinho vs Sevilla just now boys


File: 1685570876766.jpeg ( 102 KB , 1280x1270 , what.jpeg )





File: 1685572101225.jpeg ( 18.36 KB , 474x266 , th-592048539.jpeg )

Imagine going all the way to the final by playing satanic kind of football, imagine then going all the way to the pens by playing diabolic kind of football in the most insufferable final in the history, and imagine then losing pens 4 to 1.

Guess it's no PSG job for you after all!


Cope, Mou is still based he's lead Roma to the international stage and he overachieves in most clubs he's been in. It's a matter of personal taste
>"It's not important how we play. If you have a Ferrari and I have a small car, to beat you in a race I have to break your wheel or put sugar in your tank."

Still this match wasn't the brightest


>Also reminder that Real was propped up by Franco.
Nah, I'm no Madrid sympathiser but that's a cope https://www.futbolgate.com/investigación/franco-y-el-real-madrid-cronología-de-una-mentira


Bros is it time to decolonize football


gey guis burger here.
Football is actually bretty cool.


It's too monotonous, there's only 2 maps, a stadium grass map and a sports-hall polyurethane map. Those 2 maps have basically the same layout, so it's more like 1.5 maps. They could add variation by changing the position of the netted score-rectangles, or by adding a few obstacles that forced the players to take different routs.


What do you mean? The game?
I mean it is what it is. Are you implying burger football is betteR?


>Are you implying burger football is betteR?
it's the same deal, only one map


boys… today is the day




football just died


How so ?


File: 1686432438209.png ( 162.36 KB , 659x692 , 38129 - SoyBooru.png )

>the league has fallen




i don't get it ?


File: 1686495099758.jpeg ( 19.63 KB , 474x382 , eww.jpeg )

fucking bumtaro and lakaka

the weakest treble-winning team in history, fucking bums

enjoy your Pep petrol league angloids
I'm done with this shit sport


Couldn't watch the final i was rawdogging my gf, how did it go?


>I'm done with this shit sport
See you in a week.

You have a girlfriend?


File: 1686564428602.png ( 6.09 MB , 1638x2048 , ClipboardImage.png )





File: 1691914590378-0.png ( 577.55 KB , 587x588 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1691914590378-1.jpg ( 87.93 KB , 1080x1058 , Fkm7K41WAAAjq8z.jpg )

File: 1691914590378-2.jpg ( 34.93 KB , 793x487 , 1627786380475.jpg )

File: 1691914590378-3.png ( 1.54 MB , 1280x960 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1691914590378-4.png ( 568.52 KB , 700x547 , ClipboardImage.png )

Who do you anons think is gonna win the ballon d'or?


Won the world cup but club-wise it's been a flop
Scoring machine but disappeared in the key matches
Aight season
It's vini
Won everything but isn't a muh forward


Haaland or Mbappe but it would be funny as fuck if Messi got it.


On world-cup year most winners have also won the ballon d'or. Unless the french wanna screw him


File: 1697827063827.png ( 27.71 KB , 599x159 , ClipboardImage.png )

Can this uygha just not be based?


File: 1699220158539.png ( 1.16 MB , 1200x800 , ClipboardImage.png )

Kek the Libertadores final just had it all, insane atmosphere, talent, ridiculous fouls, extra time, one guy getting sent off for slapping an opponent and another one for jumping into the fans lol… gimme this over euroshit any time





Соверши ты сейчас самоубийство.


La tuya por si acaso




File: 1702004975175.jpg ( 36.64 KB , 360x240 , 796891-000-347b7x4.jpg )

Any Predictions?


File: 1707595652868.jpg ( 62.97 KB , 720x960 , sanchez gordillo ansu fati.jpg )

Venezuela and USA underdogs, Brazil flop, Argentina/Uruguay champions and Memexico being memexico

Luis Diaz gonna carry Colombia but he can only do so much and throw in some random results like Honduras qualifying or smth.
Overall I can only see Uruguay snatching the trophy away from Argenfifa and I sure hope so cause otherwise they would do a Continental Cup/World Cup treble only Spain did in 2008-2012 (the most dominant team ever in international football)


File: 1707595876955.png ( 3.03 MB , 2048x1152 , ClipboardImage.png )

Either way here'ś the real shit and itś coming casa


File: 1707596475298.jpg ( 76.74 KB , 720x780 , javi.jpg )

It's over for him bros


File: 1711900029572.png ( 545.42 KB , 700x400 , ClipboardImage.png )

The prem is getting decided today faggots


So what does that mean for non sports spectacle enthusiasts ?
Is this the last competition in a elimination tournament ?


File: 1716412230828.png ( 15.6 KB , 436x117 , ClipboardImage.png )

all fart no shit


Nah arsenal just fumbled the league. Sad to see the prem become a farmers league but at this point mounting a title challenge is an achievement in itself. This bald motherfucker is so good i hate him


File: 1717285408106.png ( 139.37 KB , 416x416 , ClipboardImage.png )

these cunts are the luckiest cunts in the history of mankind


Where do I watch your bullshit?


sportsbay dot dk
sporttuna dot com


the reason the irish lost is to show their dedication to anti-angloism and their anti-colonial cause


you mean the scottish? doesnt matter anglos will always be incapable of doing shit in the euros


no i was referring to when ireland lost vs portugal


thoughts on the eurocup?

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