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transfer window edition


i have way too much time on my hands so i'll post what EPL top 6 teams have been up to

>Kieran Tierney has signed a new long-term contract
>Guendouzi joins Marseille
>Arsenal agree £50m deal to sign Brighton center back Ben White
>Smith Rowe renews contract despite interest from Aston Villa
>Arsenal are lining up a £30m bid for Sheffield United's goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale

>AC Milan signs Tomori for £25m
>PSG to beat Chelsea in Hakimi race
>Norwich sign Chelsea's Gilmour on loan
>Giroud completes AC Milan move from Chelsea
>Palace sign Guehi from Chelsea for around 20 million pounds
>bunch of young players leave after realizing that Chelsea is back to pre-Lampard days
they're also in for every striker there is like Haaland, Lukaku, Ings, Lewandowski and etc.

>Wijnaldum joins PSG on free transfer from Liverpool
>Liverpool have signed centre-back Ibrahima Konate from RB Leipzig after agreeing to pay his £36m release clause.
>Significant uncertainty over Jordan Henderson’s Liverpool future. Talks to renew contract (2023) began weeks ago & no real progress. Neither side want a Wijnaldum repeat so it may open the door to 31yo leaving.

>Fernandinho has signed a one-year deal to remain at Manchester City until the end of the 2021/22 season.
they're also interested in Kane and Grealish but i think there's nothing serious there so far

>Manchester United have confirmed an agreement in principle to sign Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund in a deal worth £73m
>Manchester United are close to agreeing personal terms with the representatives of Real Madrid defender Raphael Varane
>Jesse Lingard is part of Manchester United's plans going into the new season, says Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.
>Manchester United are progressing in direct contacts to sign Eduardo Camavinga. Rennes would be open to negotiate on potential €30m fee - as they’d lose Camavinga for free next summer.
also there's some drama about Pogba again

>Tottenham have confirmed that Villarreal have exercised their option to sign Juan Foyth on a permanent basis
>After failing the negotiations with every manager in existence, Spurs appoint Nuno Espírito Santo
>Heung-Min Son has signed a new four-year contract with Tottenham
>Bryan Gil-Erik Lamela swap deal between Tottenham and Sevilla is done. Lamela and €25m to Sevilla, Bryan Gil to Spurs.
>Spurs has no intentions of selling Kane this summer


File: 1627047306056-0.png ( 10.49 KB , 100x154 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1627047306056-1.png ( 91.1 KB , 320x437 , ClipboardImage.png )

hijacking this to say, are teams like Red Star Belgrade, CSKA Moscow and similar former Eastern Block clubs based or not?
I know they had a military background which currently can drag some reactionary elements like ultra-nationalism etc but their aesthetics really draw me in

by the way Red Star has won more UCLs than City, Arsenal, PSG and Atletico together ever have kek


>implying that this thread will get any replies
i don't know, haven't heard about any left wing clubs in that region myself since most of them are nationalists nowadays


there are eastern block style clubs through out the world
>Red Star Belgrade
The normie club of serbia ,its pretty much like asking the politics of lakers fans.
There ultras are the braindead nationalists you expect from serbian ultras
No idea about them although they hate the ultranazis zenith


one thing about football funs is that outside small ones there is no clear political ideology


is St. Pauli based or shitlib


Are you from Serbia? what about Partizan?


File: 1627056558910-1.jpg ( 254.78 KB , 700x430 , PGm_livorno.jpg )

File: 1627056558910-2.png ( 267.11 KB , 598x474 , joga bonito.png )

Livorno is the only based team at this point


>they're in Serie D


Not Serbian I am from a country near it in an area we're most people support Olympiakos (a sister club)
Partizan is also relatively right wing but less cringe since the Partizan name is shared by the based Minsk team
All in all Serbs have very dumb football funs


File: 1627078430359.jpg ( 11.39 KB , 251x242 , 1517356366458.jpg )

just realized that i put "football general" in the name, not in the subject


maybe janny can fix it



>Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has signed a new contract at Manchester United that will see him at the club until at least 2024, with an option for a further year

bit weird to extend contract to a manager who's supposed to prove himself this season imo


There you go


File: 1627172201416.png ( 264.47 KB , 1740x1080 , c41[1].png )

thanks jannieanon


File: 1628190810844.png ( 269.72 KB , 839x679 , 4jvz6o[1].png )

>city signs grealish for 100 million pounds
>messi officially leaves barcelona




File: 1628332052878.jpg ( 72.54 KB , 1024x859 , 1627304954601.jpg )



File: 1628720891190.png ( 592.25 KB , 877x561 , kepa-cc2e[1].png )



does Financial Fair Play not apply to PSG or what? is this the power of petrodollars?


File: 1668718804989.jpg ( 80.2 KB , 1280x640 , 2d496521af69f5d5f77517c18e….jpg )

It's happening lads


File: 1668923724899.png ( 3.41 MB , 1365x1706 , ClipboardImage.png )



File: 1668985409810.mp4 ( 2.87 MB , 720x1280 , we want beer.mp4 )

Qatar just flopped terribly against Ecuador, 0-2 but could have been way more they played like U-15. Fans were leaving the stadium at half time
Weird because they didn't use to be this bad they won the Asian Cup and looked like they could at least stand their ground but this was genuinely trash, there they go billions of dollars and thousands of dead workers I guess


Btw Anglos are playing tomorrow, England vs Iran and USA vs Wales


The US has a fucking soccer team?


Yeah, it's the best in North America after Mexico and the MLS has been upping its game recently you should keep an eye on it. If you guys cared about it you could be world class but you're a bunch of fatasses who can barely run a few meters so you play faggot sports like baseball instead and are only good at basketball because of black people
USA is no. 1 at women's football after all

Anyway I hope Iran blasts your asses


Where can I even watch that shit?


Wait which footbacl are we talking.
I am burger but I have no idea where to start with soccer; Football.


non-burger football judging by the OP


File: 1684350347167.png ( 280.16 KB , 474x266 , ClipboardImage.png )

Match of the year just started bros. place your bets


File: 1684509810734.mp4 ( 1.51 MB , 640x360 , Karim the dream.mp4 )

Got retired. Tho not surprised after what they did the last season. That was such an insane CL run that a slump was bound to happen.

Grandpa Benz sold his soul for that one last special season. The only CL run where I truly wanted Real to win.


File: 1684530074570.jpeg ( 36.18 KB , 1124x674 , pep-guardiola-reaction-to….jpeg )

Karim? More like Chadreem, amiright?
I don't care what anyone says - that was the best individual season for a football player ever. The dude literally bent reality itself.

Also cherry on top is that Real clutched against all of big three Angloid clubs lol. Best League my ass. They should rename it "Pep's League" now lol. Fucking cunts.


File: 1684531944478.jpeg ( 27.47 KB , 474x266 , th-1816394054.jpeg )

Hope Inter snatches the win away from angloids. C'mon Italians, do your finals magic!
Tho, if Pep does the treble his colonization of Anglostan would be officially complete. Angloids can cry all they want about muh Fergie - he would officially become Pep's Bitch. BTFOd twice in the UCL final by Pep, out-trebled, league hat-trick'd, humiliated and completely destroyed!
Just close the fucking league angloids lol. IT'S FUCKING DONE!


you're going to make me support city here with this level of prem hate


the hate is warranted
for the past n years angloids just couldn't shut up about how their league is the best, even tho they are the biggest bottle jobs around
their media are insufferable and their fans are insufferable

just look at all the damage control that is happening now that Pep is locked on a treble
"C-Can't touch muh Fergie!! Cheating!! Oil MOnEy!! It's Sir!! Pep couldn't possibly manage Aberdeen!!" yada-yada

Well, your "Sir" couldn't pull out a prem hat-trick together with a treble. Also got schooled by Pep in a football match twice. IT'S FUCKING DONE.

Mou already humiliated angloids once. It's time to remind them.


MLS sucks ass because no relegation. I fucking hate burgerstan.


Also, can we just admit that football is the best team sport ever in the world?

Being a football enthusiast I literally can't watch anything else. It's either some premature ejaculator 10 goals in 10 minutes shit, or some limpdick points wanking spreadshit.

no wonder football is THE wold sport


File: 1684553980223.jpg ( 55.17 KB , 610x471 , Lionel--Messi--Laughing--P….jpg )

400 mil a year for Messi
name me another sport where this is possible

also lol'd at those sweet sweet Simon Jordan tears when he started crying how capitalists take risks to create muh jobs and here is some fucking footballer mogging them to oblivion and beyond lmao


If anyone got retired that was Ancelotti. Mf's only tactics are just vibes and wait til some individual player saves his ass which can happen once but its not a guarantee. We just saw what happens
Also don't forget Courtois. Could have been 7-0 without him
I mean the prem is the best league, its a fact, its where the money is at. But thats precisely because it barely has anglos in it, more than half of the managers are foreigners and the big 6 barely have 2 angloids in their starting eleven
Anyway i hate so called elite football, it's all too perfect it feels fake like from a videogame, it kind of devalues the game. Bosman rule killed football


File: 1684603053167-0.png ( 586.74 KB , 1200x700 , 2453bee11ed0897625eacd791d….png )

File: 1684603053167-1.pdf ( 9.4 MB , 232x300 , Soccer in Sun and Shadow.pdf )

File: 1684603053167-2.pdf ( 1.46 MB , 212x300 , bromberger1995.pdf )



File: 1684603220197.png ( 830.05 KB , 1024x747 , ClipboardImage.png )



Bayern just trashed the league lol


God, I want to believe.

If Inter pulls this off, then angloids would officially become the biggest clowns around.
Liverpool bottled three UCL finals, and City would bottle another two. The only angloid wins when the prem was supposedly "the best league" are Liverpool against fucking Tottenham, and Chelsea against City, who are now in shambles.

This is Juve levels of bottling lol, and nobody claims that Serie A is the best league.


Aaaaaaaaaand Arsenal bottled it.

Lmao. Best league everyone.
A league of bottlers. Arsenal bottled it. Liverpool bottled it. Tottenham bottled it. Chelsea the only non-bottlers are mid table club now. City? Fingers crossed Italians send them back to their "best league" empty handed.


Top league in the world no matter how hard you cope about it lad. The only reason city keep winning is because they broke literally every fair play rule in the book - which they should have been disqualified for I'll give you that.


File: 1684615847460.png ( 291.38 KB , 474x266 , ClipboardImage.png )

>Fingers crossed Italians send them back
Wouldn't be the first time kek

Jokes aside, i get the sentiment but it's undeniable the premier is on a level above the rest by sheer name alone. You have Paqueta a Brazil NT starter in a relegation zone club and secondary clubs like Newcastle or Brighton would absolutely destroy 90% of other leagues. That's what the Superleague is about to stop the prem from becoming the NBA of football
But yeah anglos are infamous for not caring about Europe and you could say they're underperforming internationally


>>Manchester United have confirmed an agreement in principle to sign Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund in a deal worth £73m


File: 1684877362642.png ( 3.14 MB , 1000x1250 , ClipboardImage.png )

What do anons think about the vinicius incident. I have mixed feelings


What is there to think about? What do you think football is retardoid? Why do you think football matches frequently become launching ground for mass riots?

Raycism is the least of football's problems. The mob doesn't care if you're black or not, it only cares about its desire to tear someone apart.


>Top league in the world no matter how hard you cope about it lad.
says a coping angloid lol

>The only reason city keep winning is because they broke literally every fair play rule in the book - which they should have been disqualified for I'll give you that.

more pathetic copes
city fucking adopted your league because your league is shit, it's that simple

three in a row bitch
bundesliga tier lol


The major reason why there are football hooligan brawls is because there is no martial-arts team-sport for safe(er) group combat.
There's no other release for this impulse.


File: 1685143729233.jpeg ( 12.43 KB , 474x314 , th-3398604524.jpeg )

>Jokes aside, i get the sentiment but it's undeniable the premier is on a level above the rest by sheer name alone.
what jokes? it's """undeniable""" only to retarded angloids

la liga had the biggest "name" until recently, retarded angloid
el classico anyone?

>You have Paqueta a Brazil NT starter in a relegation zone club and secondary clubs like Newcastle or Brighton would absolutely destroy 90% of other leagues.

Lmao. Deluded angloid says as fucking Sevilla adopted European Cup just like Real adopted UCL.


>anglos are infamous for not caring about Europe

kek, yea right, I'm sure city doesn't care about UCL
and especially Pep doesn't care as you could almost see his soul leave his body in that match against Real lol
and Livarpool didn't care about bottling it in the final too lmao
you absolute retard


nah, it's all about mob psychology and the specifics of the game (prolonged moments of tension with a brief explosions of relief)

football and mob psychology mix like alcohol and w*men
different ethnic phenotype is just a low handing fruit for an already agitated mob that just needs a reason to explode


You are not wrong but you are just talking about immediate causes. If there was a martial-arts team-sport that would channel and release these energies, they wouldn't erupt during football entertainment events.


File: 1685353804569.jpeg ( 32.45 KB , 720x697 , No.jpeg )

>that was the best individual season for a football player ever.
The best was for Milito when Inter won the treble.

Also reminder that Real was propped up by Franco. Also reminder that Real has a literal crown on their emblem.
Barca pushing everyone's shit in was the best thing that happened to la liga. Thank you Cruyff.


I wouldn't touch a book about football that has "soccer" in its title lol.


File: 1685390336559.png ( 21.17 KB , 436x144 , ClipboardImage.png )



they should just close the bundesliga

how many times in a row it is? 12? 13? fucking embarrassing
Italy and Spain are the last bastions of football


just imagine if Juve was still dominating Serie A lol

Big props to Napoli and Inter, Serie A wasn't meant to be a farmer's league. Not with clubs like Roma, Napoli, both Milans, Juve, Fiorentina, Lazio, etc.


File: 1685494628129.mp4 ( 10.63 MB , 640x360 , InterTreble.mp4 )

>The best was for Milito when Inter won the treble.
To be fair tho Benz got robbed of the goal in the final, he wasn't offside.


Mourinho vs Sevilla just now boys


File: 1685570876766.jpeg ( 102 KB , 1280x1270 , what.jpeg )





File: 1685572101225.jpeg ( 18.36 KB , 474x266 , th-592048539.jpeg )

Imagine going all the way to the final by playing satanic kind of football, imagine then going all the way to the pens by playing diabolic kind of football in the most insufferable final in the history, and imagine then losing pens 4 to 1.

Guess it's no PSG job for you after all!


Cope, Mou is still based he's lead Roma to the international stage and he overachieves in most clubs he's been in. It's a matter of personal taste
>"It's not important how we play. If you have a Ferrari and I have a small car, to beat you in a race I have to break your wheel or put sugar in your tank."

Still this match wasn't the brightest


>Also reminder that Real was propped up by Franco.
Nah, I'm no Madrid sympathiser but that's a cope https://www.futbolgate.com/investigación/franco-y-el-real-madrid-cronología-de-una-mentira


Bros is it time to decolonize football


gey guis burger here.
Football is actually bretty cool.


It's too monotonous, there's only 2 maps, a stadium grass map and a sports-hall polyurethane map. Those 2 maps have basically the same layout, so it's more like 1.5 maps. They could add variation by changing the position of the netted score-rectangles, or by adding a few obstacles that forced the players to take different routs.


What do you mean? The game?
I mean it is what it is. Are you implying burger football is betteR?


>Are you implying burger football is betteR?
it's the same deal, only one map


boys… today is the day




football just died


How so ?


File: 1686432438209.png ( 162.36 KB , 659x692 , 38129 - SoyBooru.png )

>the league has fallen




i don't get it ?


File: 1686495099758.jpeg ( 19.63 KB , 474x382 , eww.jpeg )

fucking bumtaro and lakaka

the weakest treble-winning team in history, fucking bums

enjoy your Pep petrol league angloids
I'm done with this shit sport


Couldn't watch the final i was rawdogging my gf, how did it go?


>I'm done with this shit sport
See you in a week.

You have a girlfriend?


File: 1686564428602.png ( 6.09 MB , 1638x2048 , ClipboardImage.png )





File: 1691914590378-0.png ( 577.55 KB , 587x588 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1691914590378-1.jpg ( 87.93 KB , 1080x1058 , Fkm7K41WAAAjq8z.jpg )

File: 1691914590378-2.jpg ( 34.93 KB , 793x487 , 1627786380475.jpg )

File: 1691914590378-3.png ( 1.54 MB , 1280x960 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1691914590378-4.png ( 568.52 KB , 700x547 , ClipboardImage.png )

Who do you anons think is gonna win the ballon d'or?


Won the world cup but club-wise it's been a flop
Scoring machine but disappeared in the key matches
Aight season
It's vini
Won everything but isn't a muh forward


Haaland or Mbappe but it would be funny as fuck if Messi got it.


On world-cup year most winners have also won the ballon d'or. Unless the french wanna screw him


File: 1697827063827.png ( 27.71 KB , 599x159 , ClipboardImage.png )

Can this uygha just not be based?


File: 1699220158539.png ( 1.16 MB , 1200x800 , ClipboardImage.png )

Kek the Libertadores final just had it all, insane atmosphere, talent, ridiculous fouls, extra time, one guy getting sent off for slapping an opponent and another one for jumping into the fans lol… gimme this over euroshit any time





Соверши ты сейчас самоубийство.


La tuya por si acaso




File: 1702004975175.jpg ( 36.64 KB , 360x240 , 796891-000-347b7x4.jpg )

Any Predictions?


File: 1707595652868.jpg ( 62.97 KB , 720x960 , sanchez gordillo ansu fati.jpg )

Venezuela and USA underdogs, Brazil flop, Argentina/Uruguay champions and Memexico being memexico

Luis Diaz gonna carry Colombia but he can only do so much and throw in some random results like Honduras qualifying or smth.
Overall I can only see Uruguay snatching the trophy away from Argenfifa and I sure hope so cause otherwise they would do a Continental Cup/World Cup treble only Spain did in 2008-2012 (the most dominant team ever in international football)


File: 1707595876955.png ( 3.03 MB , 2048x1152 , ClipboardImage.png )

Either way here'ś the real shit and itś coming casa


File: 1707596475298.jpg ( 76.74 KB , 720x780 , javi.jpg )

It's over for him bros


File: 1711900029572.png ( 545.42 KB , 700x400 , ClipboardImage.png )

The prem is getting decided today faggots


So what does that mean for non sports spectacle enthusiasts ?
Is this the last competition in a elimination tournament ?


File: 1716412230828.png ( 15.6 KB , 436x117 , ClipboardImage.png )

all fart no shit


Nah arsenal just fumbled the league. Sad to see the prem become a farmers league but at this point mounting a title challenge is an achievement in itself. This bald motherfucker is so good i hate him


File: 1717285408106.png ( 139.37 KB , 416x416 , ClipboardImage.png )

these cunts are the luckiest cunts in the history of mankind


Where do I watch your bullshit?


sportsbay dot dk
sporttuna dot com


the reason the irish lost is to show their dedication to anti-angloism and their anti-colonial cause


you mean the scottish? doesnt matter anglos will always be incapable of doing shit in the euros


no i was referring to when ireland lost vs portugal

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