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How many drugs have you used recreational/medicinally?

After listing them out, the numbers make lose all hope in society
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holy shit you might be on to something
I'll pick some up tomorrow


File: 1608526600626.jpg ( 7.96 KB , 233x216 , 420weedman.jpg )

why would your weed dealer get killed? what kind of shit is he up to? also, sucks to be burger lol
I am going to the store right now to pick up before it closes at 2am


Has anybody here tried nootropics? What are they like?


>Medicinally for spiritual purposes


5-HTP is good if you want to get some rest and it just stabilizes mood after a long afternoon.


God i wish they made better versions of stimulants than ones that can fuck up your brain and mind. Use to be on SSRI's and it took a few years to get back to normal. I am glad you are honest about the effects of the drugs though. Hopefully nobody does meth as well. That shit is just terrible.


> I jokingly say that taking MDMA should be a requirement to graduate high school because it would make America a much nicer place to live.
I can agree. Psychedelic therapy would help everyone be less of a jerk and trying to harm others. Took shrooms and would recommend others be on it as well as MDMA.


File: 1608526611112.jpg ( 188.21 KB , 1024x830 , 1024px-John_Henry_Fuseli_-….jpg )


For one semester I had a super cool stoner roomate with a pen. We got high together 4 or 5 days a week. And that was strong shit. I developed sleep paralysis and started seeing shadow people. Took me about 6 months to snap out of it. In fact, one time before I completely woke up, I saw a miniature version of my dog in my sheets. And that was about 2 months AFTER I stopped using. That's kinda how sleep paralysis works.

Still worth it, weed's the only drug worth giving a damn about. What I did was really extreme and I wouldn't recommend it. Plus that was some pretty strong shit from Colorado. But I know now. I wouldn't go that far. Weed needs to be enjoyed in a nice environment. It makes music and food taste so much better. Especially in a snow storm. I remember when there was a snow storm and we were out or he was gone. I was so sad.



It's that time of year again. How many of my fellow lefties go shroom picking? They fill me with such beauty that I end up crying with happiness.


And it's weird that I have to watch my back in case some random Tory farmer calls the police one me to get that experience. Do you guys ever wonder just wtf is reality …


You should've looked into lucid dreaming. It sounds like quackery but it's actually legit. And it's super easy to transition into from sleep paralysis.


how do you do this? my shroom guy has been awol since march



Haven’t been shroom picking since high school. Usually didn’t come up with much, I think some of the other local stoners would get to the fields earlier than us.



If you take therapeutic doses I don’t think Vyvanse or Adderall is that dangerous. Neurotoxicity seems to appear at higher doses, and generally also seems repairable. I remember reading studies that after quitting for a year or two the subject would get back all their dopamine receptors or whatever. I’m not a fucking brain scientist, but what I gathered was that you could recover. I’d just avoid creeping dosage.

Although I do remember there being some danger of increased Parkinson’s risk later in life, but I don’t know how much you need to be taking for that or how your long term risk responds to quitting. From what I understand, your biggest risk is how it effects your heart long term. If you get any signs of high blood pressure or heart rate while taking amphetamines, you are probably taking a slow toll on your heart.

But again, I’m not doctor or scientist. I just looked into it some time ago when I got an Adderall script to make sure I wasn’t putting holes in my brain, and it sounded like the consensus is they’re relatively safe as long as you aren’t abusing them. There are risks, but you aren’t in big danger of psychosis or something if you are doing like 20mg-30mg of Adderall IR a day or something. Pretty low level recreational dose is considered like, 90mg of IR a day.


File: 1608526615806-0.png ( 279.14 KB , 752x2528 , synthesizingdmt.png )

File: 1608526615806-1.jpg ( 514.56 KB , 900x1842 , creatinglsd.jpg )



>there being some danger of increased Parkinson’s risk later in life, but I don’t know how much you need to be taking for that or how your long term risk responds to quitting. From what I understand, your biggest risk is how it effects your heart long term. If you get any signs of high blood pressure or heart rate while taking amphetamines, you are probably taking a slow toll on your heart.
That's what i am afraid of the most. Is the long term effects of things. I mean look at our political establishments, and leaders. Still smart and very wise but you can tell they have a few screws loose and some dementia issues later on.
> I just looked into it some time ago when I got an Adderall script to make sure I wasn’t putting holes in my brain, and it sounded like the consensus is they’re relatively safe as long as you aren’t abusing them. There are risks, but you aren’t in big danger of psychosis or something if you are doing like 20mg-30mg of Adderall IR a day or something. Pretty low level recreational dose is considered like, 90mg of IR a day.
Correct i think this is why i would encourage more research and more safer drugs that have the ability to be a stimulant similar to addaral or making another plant based that is safer as well.




Still in Use
I have adhd

Used before
>Cough syrup(codeine and dxm)

Two things I realized are that you should never mix benzos with alcohol and drugs are harmful for you. Self-medication fucking sucks


somewhere between 25-30 different substances


Do herbal supplements count for anything? I fore one like Saint John’s Wort and Melatonin’s good for sleep.

But I used to love weed and vodka. It’s not that I decided to quit them but I don’t know if I really have the feeling for doing them anymore.


New /darknetmarket/ thread
for anons looking to get into buying online, but don't know where to start


i still smoke on occasion but i never really feel a strong urge to, usually it's just a time killer or social activity for me. i don't get much out of it apart from a really bad head rush sometimes.


not really worth it, coming from someone who tends to drink fairly often and drink a lot when i do so. i had a few rough patches the last couple months where i would just get pretty drunk by myself. the first few drinks or so would alleviate my anxiety and maybe even make me productive, but then the combination of boredom + general irrational behaviour sometimes compels me to drink beyond the point of feeling comfortable. as more studies come out more and more people are gonna be aware of how bad alcohol is for you, even compared to other substances.


i used to smoke pretty much every day but i've been feeling the urge to get stoned less and less. i think after a while you get bored of being high all the time. plus if you smoke really dirty spliffs like i do then you get put on your ass pretty quickly. also a spliff + too much drink tends to make me violently ill, and if i have to choose one or the other in a party environment it'll have to be the drink, since weed kills my ability to converse.


used to get prescribed concerta (ritalin generic) for ADHD when i was 14-15 but it's not really an instant fix. you are focused but not necessarily on the right task. i would frequently just end up on youtube or a random wiki for several hours or spend my entire evening furiously shitposting. if i took it in school i usually just ended up a sweaty anxious jittering mess for the whole day. i felt on edge constantly, as if i desperately wanted to fall asleep but couldn't because of the stims in my system. i cannot fathom why people would take this recreationally.


pretty similar to ritalin but i can actually understand using it in a party environment. still tends to make my anxiety flare up though. i haven't had an adderall prescription since i was a lot younger but i had a worse reaction to it at the time.


i've taken LSD in some pretty stressful environments so i like to think that i can handle myself on a trip pretty well. the biggest issues with acid though are that A: you can end up having a really bad time if you are with people who can't handle psychs and B: by the time you're at the 9/10 hour mark of a trip you just desperately wanna go to sleep.


superior to LSD in many ways but much, much harder to get. i've only taken shrooms twice but i had a ball both times, the shorter duration is honestly a huge advantage. i'm considering ordering one of those dutch shroom-growing kits but i'm afraid of my shit getting searched. anyone have any experience with ordering them to the UK?


wildly inconsistent. i've had 2C-B pills that made me feel virtually nothing and pills where i was convinced the entire room was vibrating for 10 minutes. when it works i'm a fan but i don't like the visuals as much as other psychs. good for when you don't want a high-commitment trip.


ended up doing this a lot in university because it's better than sniffing mandy every weekend. i'm a pretty big fan but i'd say it's the only substance i've ever had where i legitimately felt scared. there is a weird existential dread that i've experienced a few times while ketty where i feel very isolated and unhappy, but i've only encountered this when i'm by myself or with one other person.

>MXE/rhino ket

i'm convinced this has been sold to me as normal ket a couple times and i have never enjoyed it. avoid


i have some amazing memories from pinging. UK and ireland have a lot of issues with MD abuse. so many people i know see nothing wrong with sniffing up lines of course, off-colour, barely-crushed gear and it kinda makes me wince. the high itself is the best feeling in the world but it's so toxic and people don't respect it nearly as much as they should.


possibly the most overrated drug in the world. i'll still always take it when it's being offered to me. it's good but is it '80 pounds for a baggy that's probably not even 50% pure' good? not to mention your typical coke user tends to be really irritating even when they're not wiped.


there's a shop just down the street from my place that sells all kinds of poppers for 6 quid each. they're alright, but it's really just a buzz. a girl from my high school who was a notorious bitch tried to drink one in a club but someone stopped her. shame really


terrible. i find the numbness you get from this + poppers to be more unpleasant than anything else, plus i've heard a lot of stories of people getting nerve damage from even moderate abuse. boggles my mind that this is so popular when it lasts about 30 seconds and creates so much waste. nothing i hate more than going for a walk in the park and seeing 100 little metal canisters dumped in some bush.

>Xanax, benzos

never touched them and after seeing how other people act after a couple bars i don't think i ever will. watching your friends turn into screaming, rampaging troglodytes for a few hours only to wake up with absolutely no memory of the night before is deeply disturbing. i've always seen xans and valium as drugs for people who have lost all hope.


File: 1626626857812.jpeg ( 8.71 KB , 184x184 , phil-cigarettes.jpeg )

Hash: SHA512


>adderal and vyvanse
>some bunk soma that just made me feel like shit and gave me awful fever dreams
>robitussin/dxm used to steal this shit all the time in high school
>benadryl (very very bad time)
>some various nootropics
probably forgetting a lot. the gaba analogs I mentioned at the end are probably my favorite drugs. I've also been microdosing LSD and shrooms for the past 10 months and have had some good results. I was considering starting a blog about psychedelics cause I enjoy them and would like to write about them, but also as a source of income from ad revenue. I abandoned that and started pursuing other things to make money online.I really want to try ketamine (for both recreational and antidepressant purposes), but I never had the opportunity before and now I would be afraid of making it a destructive habit. I keep my addictive tendencies in check with kratom now cause it is harmless.

>couple fun mental breakdowns
I had like 1.5 out of the 2 times I used it. I have never had a bad time on regular mushrooms though. Something about it maybe.

The shit keeps me from drinking every night, but my tolerance is so high it does next to nothing for me anymore. I've been on an 8 month binge, but again, better than drinking every night. I have thrown up a couple times, and I only buy the capsules. Swallowing hundreds of gel caps every week probably isn't great for my digestive system though

damn, mad respect

I straight edged with your mum last night for about 4 hours.

>done once, best drug experience of my life, staid up for two days after doing it, not out and about or still high I just felt extremely energised and creative. Laughed solidly for about 12 hours.
2cb is tons of fun and probably one of the most underrated drugs out there (aside from gabapentinoids). I actually had my first psychedelic breakthrough on 2cb and weed and it really pulled me out of depression for a while. Will always have a place in my heart

I fail to understand why anyone would do DPH more than once. I did it because I was a teenager and wanted to get fucked up, but it was one of the worst chemical experiences I ever had.

The first time I ever did 4-aco-dmt it was a low dose and mixed with gabapentin. It was so euphoric, like climbing into a warm and pleasant memory. The last time I did it I had an emotional breakdown, but ultimately it was productive and helped me work on some shit, and my girlfriend was there to help me through it.

I have had what one might call "spiritual experiences" on psychs, but I don't believe that it put me in touch with any sort of higher power or energy or anything like that. People have different definitions of spirituality though.

There are a lot of RCs and "designer drugs" i want to try. What is the most euphoric drug aside from opiates and mdma? I want something that is totally euphoric but also sedating and relaxing. Maybe some dissociative, but the only one I have done was DXM.




also do acid and read stirner


has anyone here done Halcion (triazolam)?


amphetamine is meh, prescribed for muh adhd
weed is okay sometimes, makes me more creative but a lot less sociable. also for some reason i eat less when im high.
alcohol is okay with friends, makes me more sociable. i never lose good judgement when im drunk but i can become obnoxious
shrooms can be helpful as a safely controlled annual activity where i explore and reinterpret my worldview and self-perception. absolutely terrible as party drugs.
tobacco is gross but nicotine gets a bad rap, i still smoke once or twice a month or have cigars with friends. tried vaping but i hate dealing with ejuice and its far easier to abuse
want to try LSD, cocaine, DMT, kratom


Smoked DMT is really something. I should extract some soon….


Booze fucking sucks. I quit drinking today. Just weed from now on


File: 1626998910289.jpg ( 92.35 KB , 777x652 , 1612381452162.jpg )

>do acid and read stirner

my fucking man


Is this the D&G thread?


What was your experience like with roids?
Were any of them purely anabolic or androgenic as well?
Anyone else?


>probably one of the most underrated drugs out there (aside from gabapentinoids)
my uygha

>I straight edged with your mum last night for about 4 hours

my uygha


Not good for you.


theres a few based guys like the chemist manufacturing, testing, and reporting on as much psychoactive substance as possible, but all the spirituality whackos are annoying I agree


File: 1627770517018.jpg ( 58.32 KB , 251x257 , shrug.jpg )

Zero unless stuff like cough syrup counts.
You guys really gotta stop drugging yourselves to death.


You guys really gotta stop channing yourself to death
Anon please tell me, do you excercise every day?
How much sugar do you eat?
Do you stimulate your brain regularly?
Do you avoid poverty and adverse life circumstances?
Do you eat the nutrients you need and avoid unhealthy food?
Do you restrict your meals to certain times of the day and use intermittent fasting?
Do you consume pornography?
Do you spend a lot of time online?
Do you socialize regularly?
Do you avoid getting too angry?
Do you deal eith all of your health problems?
Do you take good care of your skin and practice good skincare and shower the right amount of time.
Do you brush your teeth twice a day?
Do you masturbate a healthy amount? Not too little and not too frequently?
If you don't do all these things and you don't do drugs you will be less healthy than someone who does all these things and uses drugs moderately and responsibly




File: 1628068406728.jpg ( 19.53 KB , 300x400 , faggot award.jpg )

>How many drugs have you used recreationally?
Enough to put the weak willed into five sorts of psychosis ten times over, barf themselves into dehydration, stop hearts and bully ones liver into committing suicide. I've lost teeth and my sense of empathy from the meth and molly, developed chronic neurosis from benzos, crawled out of an alcoholic's ballsack into another's womb and done enough acid to exist in a space between dimensions as the god among men that I am.

I FUCKING HATE SOBRIETY. Most overrated shit ever. Straight edgers are hypocrites with their half-assed ascetism under the guise of 'health' while fostering the worst sorts of ideological sickness ever to affect the punk subculture. Look at the hardliners and tell me that isn't more psychotic than a meth, crack and PCP-addled uyghur attacking cops in a state of agitated delirium.

Here's your medal, now get bent posers


File: 1628069928037.jpg ( 68.32 KB , 720x540 , 1509369227093.jpg )

From best to worst
The only things I use now are weed nicotine and sometimes acid.




File: 1628743397693.jpeg ( 10.65 KB , 196x257 , 1619338529176.jpeg )

i have done both coffee and sugar soda


Tranq dope is everywhere. Just legalize dope already what a joke… We should at least be growing poppies here and making our own clean H locally

Not this garbage!!!

And the government can even sell it if they wanted to they’d make a shit ton of money from taxes. What a missed opportunity…


>I've lost teeth and my sense of empathy from the meth and molly

Hey, just word to any passers-by, molly doesn't actually do either of these things. It was all the meth.


Drug users are retards. What if life's not real bro. Fuck off. Zionist cunt


>random irrelevant insults
methhead detected


i use porn


File: 1716229184567.gif ( 3.82 MB , 498x401 , vaush-soy.gif )

>i use porn


why are gangstalking me, are u an ogre mod?




File: 1716390835050.webm ( 4.57 MB , 1280x720 , 1other xplorer.webm )

>omg! yoikes! propagating against getting drunk on your feefees is le wurst sort of ideological sickness ever to affect the pong subculture! pong subcultueur is all about being a shitty slave to substances & their producers, right?????? fuck you mom!!
>screeches about hipocrisy
>tells someone to get bent
Who the fuck is even being bent here in the mind of this coping cuck?

Based faggot.

>Massive over-generalization! There are thousands of synthetic cannabinoids with wide ranging effects, safety profiles, and duration of action. Most aren't a good alternative to weed, but if you're looking for unexplored terrain in the world of drugs, this is the spot!
<vidrel is what they don't say about the limitless unexplorability of that land

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