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A general thread for all South Asian related discussion.


Why is china imperialist? Is it to do with the african loans stuff


Look at this stuff and tell me how is this "imperialist" lmao

>In Latin America, China produces many resource infrastructure facilities. In Argentina’s Santa Cruz state, Zhejiang Corporation is building two new hydroelectric projects with loans of $4.7 billion from China. The Chinese company Sinohydro will build a plant in Ecuador with the help of a $2.2 billion loan. China is investing in Chilean copper, iron ore in Brazil, and soy crops in Argentina as part of the acquisition of raw materials and natural resources. 87% of China’s OFDI (Overseas Foreign Direct Investment) is exposed by Chinese public sector companies. Chinese private corporations are now also exporting capital.

By the way, a lot of data without quotes, sources, nor verifiable precedence, and I am seeing is a lot of personal opinions mixed with facts.
Also, India is exactly the same thing about western exploitation. Fuck, they even are worst because their government seriously don't give a shit about their population (remember India has castes). Nothing like Bhopal has happened in China, and you can know that's because the Chinese don't do what India does with their workers.
Since when a communist party now has any authority to talk about the material conditions in another country where they have the same and worst material conditions? They better start the revolution before having some authority to talk about China :v


If China calls China your imperialism and can prove it with an article from the Indian Communist Party (Maoists), you will immediately encounter some masters. Let yourself be drawn to "Muh $ Imperialist", "Muh Sinophobe" and "Muh CIA Shine", LOL. And if you're thinking of treating a Uighur if something's wrong, "people (I think there are many boots) are literally threatening to kill you with, LMAO.


Read this article https://www.revaim.org/uploads/booklets/China%20-%20A%20Modern%20Social-Imperialist%20Power.pdf .

The Communist Party of India (Maoist) is currently waging a Protracted People’s War against the Fascist Indian state, while the “Communist” Party of China oversees a Capitalist, Imperialist, and Fascist state that has Sweatshops, Stock exchanges, Billionaires, “Reeducation” camps for ethnic minorities (ie. the Uyghurs), and engages in Imperialist FDI/Resource extraction projects in the Third world (ie. the “Belt and Road”). As a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, I know which party I trust, and the fact that you choose the latter over the former, shows that your a Fascist, not a Communist, LOL.


>imperialism is when a superpower builds you, not one, but two power dams.
Imperialism is not what used to be, you know when they bombed the shit out of you, when they imposed you loans with compound interests, when they gave -D international credit ranking because you decided to re-patriate all your gold in external banks despite you pay all your debts punctually, when they caused famines in your country like the UK in India… 😩😩😩
You gonna miss that imperialism 😩😩😩


This quote from the article you Dengists refuse to read is a great rebuttal to your Social Imperialist propaganda “We do not take this question lightly. On the one hand, China is a nation whose working class is oppressed and parasitized by western imperialism, and the western powers would give anything to reverse its development and neutralize the threat it poses to their current and former spheres of influence. However, we cannot ignore the principled criticism of long-established and inspirational parties like the CPP-NPA-NDF, or the CPI(Maoist) when they decry Chinese social-imperialism. We do not ignore revolts by Papuan villagers who storm Chinese-owned nickel-mines, or when Zambian workers rise up and murder their Chinese bosses, or when said bosses shoot and kill their striking Zambian workers. Nor can one easily ignore targeted killings in Balochistan by insurgents who purport to fight “the colonization of Balochistan” by Chinese corporations. No one could have missed the stunning turnaround experienced by the Sri Lankan government, from near-defeat to victory, in the war to suppress the Tamil national liberation movement. This turnaround was largely due to China’s military and financial aid. For the sake of its oil supply and future access to the Indian Ocean, the PRC joins the reactionary and expansionist Modi government in India in its support for former western puppet Aung San Suu Kyi and the Myanmar military’s ethnic cleansing of Rohingya”.


File: 1619760699519.jpg ( 69.27 KB , 768x512 , beatlejuice.jpg )

>China is a nation whose working class is oppressed and parasitized by western imperialism
>yet, the CPC has lifted out of poverty a billion people.
>and the western powers would give anything to reverse its development and neutralize the threat it poses to their current and former spheres of influence
>good, let's see how far that goes without destroying their own economies first - or taking like 2 or 3 generations, giving chance to the CPC to move accordingly.

>However, we cannot ignore the principled criticism of long-established and inspirational parties like the CPP-NPA-NDF, or the CPI(Maoist) when they decry Chinese social-imperialism

>China imperialism …x1
>China imperialism ….x2
>China imperialsm ….x3
<mfw when
>We do not ignore revolts by Papuan villagers who storm Chinese-owned nickel-mines, or when Zambian workers rise up and murder their Chinese bosses, or when said bosses shoot and kill their striking Zambian workers
https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-23058550? Is that "the working class revolutionary forces uprising the exploitative ebil embire?
See? What a waste of time going point by point debunking stuff of a shit paper to justify call it imperialist.
Again, when that party arises as India's revolutionary party, and when they can outcompete China, good, let have a debate of ideas. By now that's meh.


at this point all maoist rhetoric can be generated by markov chain


>revolts by Papuan villagers who storm Chinese-owned nickel-mines, or when Zambian workers rise up and murder their Chinese bosses, or when said bosses shoot and kill their striking Zambian workers. Nor can one easily ignore targeted killings in Balochistan by insurgents who purport to fight “the colonization of Balochistan” by Chinese corporations.
I would like to hear more about this


>should be Kerala General tbh
I want to know what's going on India regarding the COVID crisis and about Kerala in general.


>I want to know what's going on India regarding the COVID crisis
dead n*ggas
dying n*ggas
n*ggas that are soon to be dead

you are all caught up, congrats


The PNG is probably this:
I am not going one by one because shit sux hard to going guessing shit that is pure excuses.
Did you know this?
This is what imperialism does when your local outsourced company decides to strike
or this:
Or this:
Imagine what would happen if in any of these cases a local dared to kill an employee of the country of origin of any of those companies.
Even PNG is a signatory of the belt-road initiative, which costs way much less than the U.S. F-35 program.

No one has said that China has problems with their companies abroad, as any company would, but saying China imperialist is a delusional illness.


To mimic that other anon, COVID denial should warrant quick forceful temporary bans so as to promote the productivity of the discussion when the virus brought up.


Do the rich and powerful still send armies to break worker strikes?
Here in india how do workers fight back, Did anybody die after those iphone factories were destroyed


>Indian police have arrested more than 100 workers who went on a rampage over claims of unpaid wages at a Taiwanese-run iPhone factory near Bangalore.
>K'taka iPhone factory violence: SFI leader detained after BJP blames left-wing student organisation for unrest


My dear billionaire's defendants, you know we have a china thread already right ?


What are your thoughts on the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh
Who did it and Why


completely expected, just like dabholkar or pansare, who were also associated with the old cpi and other labour/progressive movements
now you know who did it and why.
hint: it's not suicide
>In June 2018, the SIT stated that Parashuram Waghmore had confessed to Lankesh's murder: he claimed that he was told to kill someone to save his religion, and that he did not know who the victim was.


this is now an election prediction thread
roll for number of seats the left wins in kerala
last two digits is the number of seats the left wins there
rolling for my part



is this the craziest covid story from india?
no the cow urine one is tame because they propose it for everything so it has lost its edge


Why the fuck didn't they gain seats considering everything that happened in the last four years including the pandemic out of which Kerala emerged the best?

Sometimes it really makes you desperate when communists can put on their best fucking performance and people still flock to incompetent corrupt rightoids (BJP +3%).


Hey anyone know of any decent Indian blogs, I'm looking to reach out to a writer there to write a piece for New Multitude. Obviously I know people like Vijay Prashad, but they are probably a bit out of our orbit at the moment.


Riddle me this people

If CPI-M is socdem as some say then like other socdem countries on whose 3rd world imperialist exploitation are they providing benefits with?


File: 1619973530141.jpg ( 46.28 KB , 601x467 , Screenshot_1.jpg )

Thank you Mr.Stalin very cool (no he's not a gommie)


Incumbency effect I suppose.


>name kid stalin
>he turns out to be center-left

does people over there mistake

gibsme = communism


In west bengal the communists brought land reform and electricity. When anti-sikh riots erupted in 1984, it was armed cadres patrolling the streets of West Bengal that kept Sikh neighborhoods safe.


go to sleep


holy based
where can i read more about this

i heard communists were the most suppressed during the emergency


aren't communists wiped out in the current elections there ?


Kinda sad to hear that seeing BJP sweeping West Bengal. The gains and losses seems heavily based in regions.




2011 was west bengal’s 1991, bros.


Is naxalite red corridor strong? Are they winning? Will Modi get rekt?


Hindutva and Modi are the disease, COVID is the cure


>Is naxalite red corridor strong?
>Are they winning?
>Will Modi get rekt?


who do i believe


File: 1620051942240.mp4 ( 1 MB , 640x352 , fBT.mp4 )

good night lads


File: 1620052633471-0.png ( 292.01 KB , 800x904 , Naxalites 2007.png )

File: 1620052633471-1.png ( 246.19 KB , 800x881 , Naxalites 2013.png )

The BJP held onto power in Assam and went from being irrelevant in West Bengal to being the main opposition party overnight (while the communists lost all their seats). Yes they lost again in Kerala and Tamil Nadu but those were already dominated by non-BJP parties (communists in Kerala and Dravidianists in TN). The fact is that the BJP will continue to be a dominant political force in India for the foreseeable future.

As for the Naxalites, they've steadily lost territory over the past twenty years, and they show no sign of making a comeback. Outside Kerala, the future of communist parties in India does not look bright.


File: 1620054244603.png ( 939.08 KB , 864x541 , ClipboardImage.png )

Could only find Times of India for anything close to updated


>The BJP held onto power in Assam and went from being irrelevant in West Bengal to being the main opposition party overnight
how tho


what political party is that


How the fuck is anybody going to organize and form socialist parties under those conditions
Is it not better to think of socialism when it is still possible to do it legally?


UDF lost seats. But CPI-M specifically gained seats. So it's not bad.


File: 1620079040455.mp4 ( 17.75 MB , 640x480 , prashad.mp4 )

This is from an interview with Prashad awhile ago that I thought was pretty interesting and goes into a few things and why you shouldn't be too concerned about bourgeois electoral results .


File: 1620150491923.png ( 661.58 KB , 720x732 , ISfZrwe.png )

Big news


Man it's very comforting to hear a indian communist talk. Thanks anon


<The CPI (Marxist)-led left democratic front returns to power in Kerala.
Goddamn, son.


What do you think are the achievements and failures of the current administration since 2014-2021?


How are you comrades holding up over there?


That Stalin is from Tamil Nadu and he is socdem


Noice , on a similar note does anyone have any good articles/books about the self sustaining structures(swaraj) of the indian villages , I'm interested in both a historical sense and a more modern activist one


>what happened to those farmer strikes, did they achieve any concessions?
bump for this, wtf happened ?


File: 1620501197449.png ( 934.85 KB , 1024x683 , ClipboardImage.png )

Here is there website, Maybe they might know what history to read about this themselves, in the article she said that her mother and father was also a communist.
This man is very pretty. I want to visit them.


BUMP for this.




Me too I'm in Maldives, India. Xi please send more


How illegal is communism in India?
Like can you be booked if you own communist books? Especially from M*o


File: 1620551983218.jpg ( 70.77 KB , 720x536 , 20210122_182836.jpg )



File: 1620553062272.jpg ( 69.21 KB , 726x550 , mv wojak 2015.jpg )

>I'm in Maldives
ތީ ދިވެއްސެއްތަ


File: 1620553420606.jpg ( 21.38 KB , 459x270 , 160197245 456680059114551 ….jpg )

I request the moderators to edit the OP title into /sad/ South Asia and Desi General and make this a general for South Asia instead of just India


File: 1620553536608.png ( 129.51 KB , 798x752 , South_Asia.png )

This can be OP image


>ތީ ދިވެއްސެއްތަ
what the fuck is this language script? surfer?


Ah finally yes we understand what SAD stood for
Mods I also request this

Let these be thread for all sadists


>Elsewhere in India, clashes during the ongoing assembly and local elections continued last week in West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh states. In Uttar Pradesh, at least four people died in rival clashes during the local polls. A voter died after police used force to disperse a crowd near a polling booth in Pilibhit district, Uttar Pradesh. Another voter was killed in a crude bomb explosion in West Bengal, where a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) committee president was also killed in a factional dispute during the seventh phase of the assembly election. The incumbent Trinamool Congress Party (TMC) registered a landslide victory, winning 213 out of 294 state assembly seats, thus defeating the centrally-ruling BJP, who is set to become the major opposition party in the state (CNN, 3 May 2021).

I guess they are really passionate about *checks notes* local elections


File: 1620556987590.png ( 16.3 KB , 596x787 , thaana.png )

The Thaana (ތާނަ) script which is used to write the Dhivehi (ދިވެހި) language of Maldives


how's life in a tourist resort in the middle of the ocean anon ?


File: 1620560364816.png ( 75.68 KB , 1110x488 , AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.png )

Great for the tourists and capitalists, not so great for ordinary citizens.
>every major political party is a different shade of corrupt Islamic conservative/neolib, some are led by the biggest capitalists in the country
>current ruling party are Modi simps
>promotion of any "un-Islamic" idea is constitutionally banned with the support of every single political party, anyone who questions this is labelled as a Satanic atheist infiltrator, even if they are just liberal Muslims
>tourism industry controlled by international and local capitalist oligarchs who get almost all the benefits
>all construction is done by Bangladeshi/Indian expats who are treated like slaves
>development was historically mostly concentrated in the capital region which resulted in mass migration from less developed islands, creating one of the most densely populated cities in the world


Heard one of your ex presidents got injuired in some attack
What happened


>>all construction is done by Bangladeshi/Indian expats who are treated like slaves
so i guess the locals have it a little better ? or you all go the services sector for your slavery treatment ?


File: 1620561094471.jpg ( 15.28 KB , 235x183 , nasheed 01.jpg )

That is the speaker of the parliament who is the main leader of MDP, Mohamed Nasheed. He was targeted with a remote IED but survived and is currently being treated for injuries.
>you all go the services sector for your slavery treatment
Yes. Most of our economy is based on tourism and fisheries.


I know there's much more important stuff to talk about but… do women in Maldives walk around topless in the beaches?


how isolated are you guys ? do you see yourselves as a sort of island indians


File: 1620564326583.jpg ( 107.48 KB , 719x960 , 78490281 125483855567508 5….jpg )

No. Absolutely haraam. Most women wear the hijab since the 2000s.
Not that isolated. Maldives has diplomatic and trade relations with many countries all over the world. There is also a diaspora population mostly in Sri Lanka and to a lesser extent India, Malaysia, and Singapore.
>do you see yourselves as a sort of island indians
We don't see ourselves as Indians at all. Maldives existed as an independent kingdom for centuries before the concept of an Indian nation.
However there is one island to the north with an ethnic Maldivian population (Minicoy/Maliku) which is part of India.


ah yeah i didn't mean it in a modern nationalistic term more like a vague origin given that the first inhabitants where from the subcontinent ,anyway how many communists are there ?


File: 1620576647414.jpg ( 22.7 KB , 724x388 , ibrahim solih and sirisena.jpg )

>more like a vague origin given that the first inhabitants where from the subcontinent
Yeah we acknowledge that, and there is also a small level of Arab/Malay/African ancestry.
>how many communists are there
Basically nonexistent. There are also barely any socdems.


Oh man that sucks so much

Are you planing to save up and move out or improve your conditions right there and then


wow really unique


>Are you planing to save up and move out or improve your conditions right there and then
Right now I have no fucking idea. It is also possible that we will all be climate refugees within this century anyway.


There are communist parties who take part in general elections.


No objections


>Any objections?


fine by me


Translate some marx in whatever the fuck this >>233231 is and your name will stay in the annals of history *first translated to russian by bakunin…..first translated to Dhivehi by some anon in leftypol"


I actually have been thinking about translating the Communist Manifesto.
But it would be a translation of an English translation since I don't speak German.


Please drop some pdfs about asia or indian history bonus points if it's about the history of communism in that region


Do it but be careful of your personal information causing you danger or anything.


File: 1620787193141.png ( 76.18 KB , 500x268 , VWrPDpnn3haOGX28MF2r9AhR6Y….png )

This Israel and Palestine conflict has made me start seeing parallels between the situation in India and Kashmir and I don't like it


better late than never


File: 1620850628677.mp4 ( 8.75 MB , 640x352 , QpxUYCbDqTVqvoSR.mp4 )




Remember those protests? And how they propaganda networks portrayed the young people who cared about the bill as clueless, posers?

Love how being young and progressive makes old conservatives seethe hard


i feel sick, what the fuck man
this is that up river, right? goddamn


i hate the lockdown but i also hate people dying from covid
curse this situation


File: 1621098643757.jpeg ( 64.62 KB , 573x863 , E1Y8HlMVgAEu5qK.jpeg )

It's the fucking sir part that always get's me


literal fucking cuckolds
i hate them

tier 2 rightoid
not too far right in english but full furher in his own language i'm sure


File: 1621101198517.png ( 960.43 KB , 1628x801 , 2021-05-15 (2).png )

I understand that indian muslims and commies probably have different opinions on this but i can't take hinduva seriously or at least at the level of white fash scum , goofy ass motherfuckers


hindutva is pretty dangerous in India, especially to Muslims but yeah they are pretty fucking retarded


File: 1621146628041.jpg ( 207.96 KB , 1080x917 , IMG_20210516_092907.jpg )

>when senpai doesn't notice you : (


File: 1621149496045.jpg ( 45.02 KB , 622x579 , ER63-a1UwAE9zBl.jpg )

>#VaccineForBankers trending in India
someone explain this bros


best not be explained
probably richoids talking about how they deserve the vaccines more than le poors because of muh economy n shit



Looks khokhol levels of comical


Nationalists stop being a pathetic embarrassment challenge 2021


The attempted assassins were found and arrested, they are apparently religious extremists.
Nasheed has been sent to Germany for further treatment.


<Don't you think you unnecessarily antagonised the international community? After all, what was the rationale behind destroying the Bamiyan Buddha?

>I did not want to destroy the Bamiyan Buddha. In fact, some foreigners came to me and said they would like to conduct the repair work of the Bamiyan Buddha that had been slightly damaged due to rains. This shocked me. I thought, these callous people have no regard for thousands of living human beings – the Afghans who are dying of hunger, but they are so concerned about non-living objects like the Buddha. This was extremely deplorable. That is why I ordered its destruction. Had they come for humanitarian work, I would have never ordered the Buddha's destruction.

On a seperate note, I hear comrade Xi requested an audience w/ the Dalai Llama during his visit to india and the Llama agreed but Delhi blocked it


That's nice

I'm assuming delhi blocked it because they want to keep using that old ass as a pawn?


File: 1621333761577.jpg ( 124.86 KB , 795x900 , E1qZN-cXIA0eOfm.jpg )



File: 1621337124945-0.jpg ( 17.36 KB , 340x235 , 08inter.jpg )

File: 1621337124945-1.jpg ( 73.67 KB , 733x499 , YesChadTaliban.jpg )

That was a crazy read.

>We have enough to fight for decades.

And they did.
>We have set up a special suicide squad that consists of 2,000 Taliban. This squad will make life hell for the US and its allies and force them out of Afghanistan. Insha Allah!
Also true. Well seems like it's coming true.
<Where is [Osama]?
<You think I will tell you! All I can says is, he is not in your (Pakistan) tribal areas!
Hah. He was giving them all the hints. Maybe he said too much.
<Do you regret lending support to Osama and hosting him in your country?

>Not at all. Osama is the greatest mujahid of the present times. He is not a terrorist as propagated by the US. He fought for Afghanistan. He saved Afghans. How could we regret hosting him? I asked the world to provide evidence again him. He was innocent. Therefore, nobody – even Saudi Arabia – could prove anything against him.

>We had tremendous pressure to expel him – even from our friends like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Your [former Pakistan] interior minister Moinuddin Haider and even General Pervez Musharraf met me personally to seek Osama's extradition. But I refused. We paid a very heavy price for this decision. But we proved that the Taliban were independent people. They were nobody's product as portrayed by the media.

<The Taliban could have escaped the US wrath had they expelled Osama…

>We don't care for the US wrath! We are only afraid of God's wrath. The US was hell-bent to topple our legitimate government. It would have still done so even had Osama been expelled.


>The Taliban are not demoralised. Despair is a sin. The Taliban are united. We are giving the US and the coalition forces a tough time. We are hunting them down like pigs. We are very happy to learn that the US is dispatching an additional contingent of more than 2,000 soldiers. This will be a huge herd of pigs for us to hunt down. We are waiting anxiously for their arrival!

>the Taliban is the name of a movement based on ideology. Such movements do not depend on individuals, but conviction, belief and God's support. All these elements are very much there.
>our movement does not depend on individual. If I die today, there will be many 'Mullah Omars' to replace me. Similarly, if Osama dies today, there will be many 'Osamas' to replace him.
Little hopped up on Jihad but based.

I think I agreed with it except for the kill em all approach with their own people, yet I made this meme because it was funny how he straight didn't give a fuck.
He was just like
> What part of ALL collaborators get the bullet don't you understand motherfucker!?!




Cuck flags


the fat one should be the gringo


Why are Hindus calling everyone Sir and Chinese "officer"?

Customer support worker here .. .. And they all be like this…


holy fucking shit lmao


Not sure what officer is about, but "sir" is a feudal-like honorific when addressing superiors and elders that sounds awkward in English. Whereas in Britain, "sir" is like a formal title for someone who has been knighted "Sir Patrick Stewart" or as a standalone formality, like "excuse me, sir." In India, you'd refer to your teacher as just "sir" ("ji") or use it as a suffix when being more specific like "teacher sir" (in English).


Interesting to see how the conflict in the Gaza strip be the best litmus test ever.


they were anti-communists dogs of america


File: 1621596010449.jpg ( 41.51 KB , 432x545 , E1qzQ_sXIAgKYwT.jpg )

This says a lot about our society
smh do better


Shut up, they're more based than you'll ever be.


They were never based

You're just a vulgar anti-imperialist with no brain.
The Red Army should've slaughtered more of those talibanoids.


Funny how The Taliban still exist while The Red Army doesn't.


Yes the whores of US are always rewarded well


>Yes the whores of US are always rewarded well



Osama was nothing but a cocksleeve who got cumstered and dumpstered after being used to hurt the chances of socialism worldwide

But sure, keep simping for some reactionary shitstains funded by the US, I'm sure that'll bring socialism


File: 1621661939362.jpg ( 79.67 KB , 1200x630 , bin-laden-image-5-11284979….jpg )

>our movement does not depend on individual. If I die today, there will be many 'Mullah Omars' to replace me. Similarly, if Osama dies today, there will be many 'Osamas' to replace him.


File: 1621662188231-0.jpg ( 19.75 KB , 480x360 , killed in his cuckshed.jpg )

File: 1621662188231-1.jpg ( 49.7 KB , 960x539 , 17rvzk.jpg )

File: 1621662188231-2.jpg ( 31.37 KB , 632x480 , 1621234818293.jpg )

>made fun of by the same people that funded him
>nothing but a meme today



Oh no SNL made a vid!


The point is how much of a joke he is that FUCKING SNL the most blandest american show is making parody music video about him because he and his mission is nothing today but I understand why a smoothbrain person like you fails to understand that.

Meanwhile Soviet russia still is terror in the heart of amerimutt even decades after collapsing at the hand of revisionists and opportunisits.
The USSR did everything better than the taliban in hurting the americans.

No matter how much copium you want to inhale.
The taliban was nothing but a lapdog of the USA that got put down after barking too much.

Anti-imperialism becomes brainrot when that is your only political stance.


>The point is how much of a joke he is that FUCKING SNL the most blandest american show is making parody music video about him because he and his mission is nothing today but I understand why a smoothbrain person like you fails to understand that.
I don't think that means what you think that means.
>Meanwhile Soviet russia still is terror in the heart of amerimutt even decades after collapsing at the hand of revisionists and opportunisits.
>The USSR did everything better than the taliban in hurting the americans.
That's not the point. The point is commitment to a mission.


Never heard of this movie.
They still pump out propaganda against the USSR to this day after getting crumbled


What is this retard speak?

>That's not the point.

Eat shit, That is the only point unless you're just doing political aestheticism,
Le ebin taliban because FFF U amerikkka!!!

>The point is commitment to a mission

Yes the mission to kill a couple of american porkies which helped make billions of money to porkies, make war, increase american military spending, take away the privacy of billions of people

9/11 did nothing but help strengthen american hegemony, They used it as a get out of jail free card and increase opression and most of all ruined the lives of muslims everywhere. Islamophobia is rampant today because of 9/11.

Hail osama, the guy who made abu ghraib possible!!


File: 1621664162792.jpg ( 40.67 KB , 600x406 , Osama_Bin_Laden-Laughing_a….jpg )

>Unironically peddling Osama did 9/11

<Do you regret lending support to Osama and hosting him in your country?

>Not at all. Osama is the greatest mujahid of the present times. He is not a terrorist as propagated by the US. He fought for Afghanistan. He saved Afghans. How could we regret hosting him? I asked the world to provide evidence again him. He was innocent. Therefore, nobody – even Saudi Arabia – could prove anything against him.

>We had tremendous pressure to expel him – even from our friends like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Your [former Pakistan] interior minister Moinuddin Haider and even General Pervez Musharraf met me personally to seek Osama's extradition. But I refused. We paid a very heavy price for this decision. But we proved that the Taliban were independent people. They were nobody's product as portrayed by the media.


>>Unironically peddling Osama did 9/11
Nice deflection

I'm talking about Osama and 9/11 being used for all the oppression and war but you know that there's no way to deny how he was used and thrown by the US to not only help harm socialism but also to invade even more countries and oppress muslims worldwide.

All you can reply with is some bitch ass tangent to change topic.

Since you ignored all of my later points, I'm also going to ignore your gay quote simping for some shitstain rightoid terrorist who once again was cumstered and dumpstered by ameriKKKa.


>I'm talking about Osama and 9/11 being used for all the oppression and war but you know that there's no way to deny how he was used and thrown by the US to not only help harm socialism but also to invade even more countries and oppress muslims worldwide.

What does that have to do with Osama himself?

>All you can reply with is some bitch ass tangent to change topic.

We were talking about The Taliban originally and then you started talking about SNL lol.

>Since you ignored all of my later points, I'm also going to ignore your gay quote simping for some shitstain rightoid terrorist who once again was cumstered and dumpstered by ameriKKKa.

Why are you so obsessed with cum and dumpsters?

Chill out dude.


Fuck off cunt

It's clear you want to simp for the garbage terrorists as an infantile way to rebel and cope against american imperialism.

It's not worth talking to you anymore

May you, taliban and capitalist america all be destroyed one day.


I remember a few years ago seeing Indians in comments on Israeli websites asking to convert to judaism so they could move to Israel >>262617


Stay salty anglo.


You're in the indian general retard
We hate the british


Anybody want to talk about indian laws or the indian judical system?

Is it any use to learn our "rights" or are the cops too thuggish here that they're okay with breaking their own code of conducts?

American lawyers always talk about shutting the fuck up if a cop ever asks you questions to be safe
Is that the same in india?
What is the best way to deal with juidicial system in india other than being rich and having rich friends?


Of the three, I don't know why Indians are so revolting 1) That they are Indians, 2) That they are generally reactionaries 3) Or that they are living proof capitalism works exactly as intended for the bourgeoisie against the proles yet seem to reject that knowledge(Idpol Bait 3 hours)


So called ""reformed" poltard brain at display


t. Cheena


>a bugman saying this
like pottery
bugmen satisfy the last two just as good as any pajeet


File: 1621839710900.jpg ( 450.19 KB , 1000x900 , 1621784144911.jpg )

Why do you post bait?


File: 1621850012472.png ( 232.88 KB , 1876x736 , translation.png )




Be careful about your personal safety when you start sharing it.

Do it anonymously to be safe.




Good job




hoping this thread goes on a history book decades later as the first shot of the maldivian worker's movement
put me in the screenshot


also make sure to have marxists.org level annotations/explanations, and keep the context grounded in maldivian society as well, that is something many indian language translations fail to do


Holy Fucking Based Batman


File: 1621911291846.jpg ( 42.75 KB , 660x440 , A barber wearing protectiv….jpg )

>Capitalism breeds innovation


Anybody hear anything about Lakshadweep


what the fuck is saag paneer
what is saag


File: 1621925869914.jpeg ( 761.99 KB , 1834x2214 , E2I3tGOXsAEe3Gh.jpeg )

When the fuck are they going to allow free movement between Maliku (Minicoy) island of Lakshadweep and Maldives like there was before 1960s and make Dhivehi an actual official language there? That would be a nice compromise if Maliku does not want to rejoin Maldives after hundreds of years of rule by Indian overlords.


I didn't know know there was free movement in the 1960s between the two places


File: 1621926379133.png ( 56.41 KB , 277x729 , retards.png )

Yes I will do it anonymously over the internet.
I was already planning to translate those as well.

I keep having to invent new loanwords to avoid using overly awkward phrasing. In which case I usually borrow Arabic words like we did in the old days and explain the meaning in a note.
Fuck the modern lazy bullshit trend of just transliterating English words into our alphabet and leaving it at that. Like look at the retards in pic related. This party doesn't even have a Dhivehi name, they just have an English name which they transliterate.


saag on my dick lmao
apparently, they changed it with the Laccadive, Minicoy and Aminidivi Islands (Laws) Regulations, 1967 of the Government of India
yeah translating arab words for the tougher ones is probably the best you can do ig
is there a dhivehi word for socialism or do you use ishtirakiyah?


We don't have a set word for socialism. Sometimes the English word, sometimes "ishtirakiyyah". Meanwhile communism is already set as "komiunizam".
I will use the Arabic word since it sounds more natural when pronounced in our alphabet.


another suggestion from my point would be to use a calque/loan translation in order to drive the point further. for ex:
socialism = (sinhala.) samajavadaya(samaja "society" + vadaya "ideology")
or communism = (tamil.) podhuvudamai (ownership in common)
that might be better than directly taking terms from arabic or english, but might be tougher on you


Apparently modi is banning twitter and facebook. They've already banned multiple sites for the last two years.


First they came for PUBG, and I did not speak out—
Because I had better games to play.

Then they came for xvideos, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a coomer, and already had a porn stash.

Then they came for tiktok, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a degenerate.

Then they came for twitter — and thank fuck for that.


It's not just India. Sri Lanka and Maldives are also having absolutely massive spikes in cases and implementing curfews now.


Academic twitter is nice. It's a good way to keep with latest debates and spicy controversies in academic world.


kys twat
site wars is cringe 14 year old crap

we're getting all the censorship of china but none of the good industrialization and improvement in material conditons


lrn2take a joke uyghur




File: 1622110258115.mp4 ( 583.15 KB , 760x360 , absolute state.mp4 )

Our Modi simp MDP government is cucking out even further and has approved the opening of a new Indian consulate (definitely a listening post) in the south and is possibly making moves to allow Indian military presence here.


Not just censorship. The new IT laws basically point middle finger to privacy.


make me


File: 1622114255324.gif ( 1.01 MB , 172x162 , 1488261792978.gif )

>defense minister, maldvies
oh no no no no no


>Didi is the first female lawyer of the Maldives.
>On 7 February 2012, the then President Mohamed Nasheed of Maldives resigned suddenly in what his supporters called a “Coup d'état”. On the day of the President's resignation and on the day after, Didi was very badly beaten by some rogue members of the security forces, who had allegedly joined hands with the then Vice President, who succeeded the President under dubious circumstances.
Jesus Christ.

Bruh. When that chryon came up on the screen I was dying as well.


I mean to be fair she has a point, India's population is like 1.5 billion compared to the Maldives' population of 500k. For tiny states like that, their security depends on the goodwill of their surrounding powers. Compare Monaco or Andorra.


File: 1622116149587.jpg ( 66.06 KB , 1280x720 , former president abdulla-y….jpg )

The previous PPM government worked on gaining the goodwill of China rather than India. But even then their ministers didn't say shit like this out loud on TV.


Maybe so. But I still don't really see the big deal in just being honest. I doubt that Lichtenstein is out here doing extensive planning about how they're going to wipe out the Austrian invader and defend their sovereign clay.


I think the Maldives is slightly different then Andorra or Monaco because the Maldives is an "actual country" to put it simply with multiple towns and population of half a million people.

Andorra Monaco and San Marino are just tiny vestigal elements of european feudalism that are in the modern era just used as places for porkies to store profits and personal income so it isn't taxed properly.


remember that cheesy dogshit modi biopic that released right before the elections?

with "mera gujarat blah blah" dialogue?

there's meme potential of that with the current stuff


I'm on the other side of the world but I've gotten into these hype videos because this is good stuff. I didn't know M.K. Stalin was tight with the CPI(Marxist) guys in Kerala.


File: 1622217116251.jpg ( 49.13 KB , 528x297 , 1620923328_screenshot-2021….jpg )



His party apparently supports the separation of South India into a Dravidian state


Didn't know that. Not very familiar with the political terrain. I knew one Tamil guy who was here studying (U.S.) who was fiercely left-wing and protective of the Tamil language and culture.

Listening to Vijay Prashad talk about the opposition parties, the way he described it, Congress is basically a shell at this point but they still have all this national-level infrastructure. Then there are these tough regional parties (and they look tough). Then there are the communists and their mass organizations.


Imagine if Congress got infiltrated by the communists to use all that infrastructure


Indian communists are hard motherfuckers. They put local fascists like the RSS in the ground sometimes.


So I was reading this post about Savarkar who is a big symbol for these hinduvata goons


And apparently he was a british monarchy simp
I want to learn more about Indian history so as to destroy the rightoid figureheads

Any recommendations by indian communist writers?


Yeah, watching some of this stuff, I'll see people carrying clubs and so on during demonstrations. Me: what's that about? Oh… I see. This stuff has so much fighting spirit from where I'm sitting on my western comfy couch. They have that spirit, and these campaign songs for the official parties that stand for elections! The spirit about being in the fight and being in the struggle.

Not even talking about the Maoists in Jharkhand, which is a different thing. Reading about the (~two-dozen) cops who were killed by the Maoists a few weeks ago, the Maoists stripped the weapons off them. I saw a comment elsewhere online wondering how the Maoists pulled that off. Most likely they just ran up on them and all of those anti-communist state tiger force guys were killed within a few seconds, or they were surrounded and ran out of ammunition. I don't think prisoners get taken very often in people's wars, on either side.


Recommend a search for these urls and "Savarkar" and scan through the articles that turn up:





reminder that savarkar was initially a socialist who first came to prominence in europe when the french worker's movement tried to stop his extradition to england at marseilles, and was supported by the entirety of the second internationale
you can see some vestiges of the nazbolishness in his only non-retarded book indian war of independence, but later he fully understood his class position, and became the reactionnaire par excellence


> savarkar was initially a socialist who first came to prominence in europe when the french worker's movement tried to stop his extradition to england at marseilles, and was supported by the entirety of the second internationale
major mussolini vibes
man so much of fascist india reiterates the same themes of italy

may I ask how you know this stuff? what book(s) did you read?

thanks anon.


Will there be depression era people suiciding because of the fall of small business because of the lockdowns?

I mean surely the bourgeois will absorb all the carcasses of the destroyed small business but will we see nationwide people setting their stores on fires or killing themselves to collect insurances

Like what happened and still happens with the farmers in india?


CPI(Maoist) aka the naxals mayday declaration

Also their latest update on the PPW(from march)


Why is there a large wooden cow outside my house after clicking on this link?


the mad lads actually cancelled the board exams. looks like atleast 20 million more new voters for the bjp
1000 year bjp reich started?


File: 1622613031395.jpg ( 6.09 KB , 217x232 , images.jpg )

>1000 year bjp reich started?


It's the anniversary of the Bangladesh genocide, anyone feel like talking about it?


Reminder to edit OP


What was the genocidie


Pakistani army basically sent most of Bangladesh's Hindus into India and killed most Bengali intellectuals


Is it true that Bengalis also massacred Biharis or is that Pakistani propaganda?


Is this the war america was ready to attack india but soviets protected us?


>sent most of Bangladesh's Hindus into India and killed most Bengali intellectuals
Also why did they do this?

Ideological shit?


File: 1622630783460.jpg ( 85.04 KB , 1180x786 , _methode_times_prodmigrati….jpg )

Am i having a stroke or isn't bangladesh pretty far away from pakistan ?


Bangladesh was originally part of Pakistan (known as East Pakistan) after the partition of India


Yeah it was basically a colonial situation with Biharis in Bengal being administrators
Essentially yes, Kissinger and Nixon were behind Pakistan 100%
Racism against Bengalis for being "bad" muslims who converted from low Hindu castes along with a lot of unironic colorism inherited from British colonial times


huh TIL


Man that's just sad
Our regions are so disgustingly spooked by this shit

A non idpol Communist is the best hope to unspookify the masses


>blames caste
>blames anglos who had left 20 years prior
nice sidestepping the main issue, imran




>feeling called out by someone blaming imperialists

nice damage control, John


Christcoms exists
Islamic communism exists

Do Hind-coms exist?


no, and for the simple reason that hinduism is the one of the more unjust religions that still exist today (probably with judaism, yet another bronze age remnant); property and racial regimes made theological dogma. if apartheid in SA could be broken down by the illegalization of the laws and the state that supported it, caste and private property in the subcontinent will be done away only with the reduction of the laws that support it.
also christcoms and islambols can exist only under liberal capitalism, insofar that they can continue to LARP w/o any connection to real politics; outside of that stifling paradigm, they would have no choice either enter politics - either with their class, or with their coreligionists. that is why the bund no longer exists - they had to go full zionist likudnik/labourite, or secular democrats/lefties



They say it's one of the worst spills

What will the acid do to the ocean?


oh yeah i forgot about the literal class system that exists in hinduism today

was that whole thing existing since the start?

anyways i think i'm going to guilt trip religious people and use their own theology against them to push communism a little bit

might be dangerous to create such beings but with theory it will be possible to wean them off religion and make them materialists


Words cannot express the haterd I feel for the capitalist religious class

The sadhgurus of the world are the most toxic kind of salesmen

I feel more perverse by him than looking at bezos


really, it's still an unsolved problem in sanskrit studies. the later vedas (Y,S,A) and later the smritis (the really famous books like the sutras, mahabharata, and ramayana inter alia) all mention and codify the four varnas (but not jati, the endogamous and closer knit "occupation-based" groups)
however, in the earliest shruti/veda, the rg veda - there is no mention of the varnas at all throughout the rig veda, except in chapter 10.90 (the famous purusa sukta), where there is a whole canto on the origin of caste
however, the language of the chapter is noticeably different from the other parts of the rg veda - many sanskritists and political thinkers claim that this was a post-hoc introduction to justify a later phenomenon in the OG book, like a group of GOPtards including a prosperity gospel with the gospels of Mark, Luke et al.; others say X.90 in the rig veda is like comparing Gawain and the Green Knight with Chaucer's Canterbury Tales: both are 14th cent English poems, but one is more relatable, and understandable to us than the other. Personally I think this is a cope - X.90's author was presumably of the same milieu as the rest of the later Rgvedic poets, while Gawain was a northern poet, Chaucer was a kentish/london courtly poet - so the analogy doesn't hold
>anyways i think i'm going to guilt trip religious people and use their own theology against them to push communism a little bit
all the best, keep us updated , but their "theology" is nowhere related to communism - you ought to go all out against the religion, or keep it out of conversation, but the religion does the worker's movement no possible theoretical favours, unlike say, lib theology

retard, one is not any more worse than the other. you sound like one of those congressi losers


File: 1622796046531.jpg ( 107.75 KB , 720x902 , 20210604_113900.jpg )



and they still say leftist memes have too many words


Low IQ indians coping



Don't you have a couple corpses to be burning because india can't into science


Rightoids are seething so hard about how everything works better in Kerala that they are trying paint this as a bad thing.


>>>Literacy bad
Chuds are truly the same everywhere, U.S. or not.


The rest of India are actually based redpilled warriors, not international laughing stocks known for shitting in the streets and simping for Israelis that openly regard them as wild animals.



My ex was a hindutva chick studying in America, was great tying her into rhetorical knots on how India is apparently awesome and cool yet a backward fascist nightmare she fled from to go study in a country where she wont get groped every day


I like India, I don't like some of your Indians.


Rightoids are worthless fucking idealists
My gods



You know a lot of useful information anon. Did you grow up in a religious family or did you do a major in religious studies?

Thanks for the effort post
You're right. Religion is a mess to try and mix with communism.


>i love Bhagat Singh he is a hero of this nation
>wait what do you mean he was communis-


you know what, my shift is over so i guess i have time to ratfuck someone on the net
>i am an arya who has mastered the senses
fine, call yourself what you want
>my kingdom controls the international spices trade
of course, the kerala region has always had important ports and trading entrepots such as muziris and calicut, and gained immense wealth from it, but they weren't pivotal to the trade - there were always other ports in gujarat, in the gulf, and in indochina. it would be like claiming singapore controls international capital - it doesn't
>no foreign invader has been able to conquer it
actually true, but when you have to cuck out to every foreign power from the cholas, the pandyans, arabs, the portuguese, the deccan sultanates, and finally the british, is such an independence really worth it?
>master in the vedas, shaastras and shastra
serious bone to pick here. these holy texts could be learnt only by the "twice-born" castes, who form a miniscule part of the population; in fact the ruling warrior class were never considered to be "twice-born" by the priests (and thus could not be masters of the above texts) and had to be give a yearly "bribe" of gold and land to the priests in order to be recognised as legitimate kings according to the hindu rules - in other words this small priestly caste was the arbiter of social order, and all they had to offer was not hard labour or intellectual progress, but mere repetition of religious dogma. it seems like the OP is conflating different sections of the keralite society - either out of malice or naivete
>enemies to crush
cf point 2, when you pay off potential rivals and cuck out to their political stratagems, you don't have enemies to crush. exceptions: the dutch (who were beaten by the keralite kingdom of travancore, so props) and the mysorean kingdom under hyder ali, who did capture vast swathes of northern kerala, which then passed into british control

overall? 2/5 correct with respect to the facts, which is more than you can expect from these types


(me, i'm not done yet fuckers)
but regardless of this guys historical illiteracy and motives, this guy is rather ..interesting to say the least. from his wiki:
>Arun Pudur (born 10 October 1977) is an Indian billionaire businessman He is the founder and group president of Celframe Corporation, a company that develops Celframe Office. The company is privately held and majority-owned by Pudur.
A billionaire - so we know which side of his bread is buttered. But I've tried searching on Forbes and Bloomberg - but his name hasn't been there for the past five years, and there are only two pages on crunchbase about his company, and that is himself and his wife - which isn't really weird for a privately owned corp, but the mind wonders…
Some others have asked the same question: https://www.forbes.com/sites/gracechung/2016/07/06/wannabe-billionaire/?sh=2da9b1c77f89

>Pudur founded Celframe in 2001.[4] Based in Malaysia, the privately held technology company reported revenue of $3.6 billion in 2010.[6] Billionaire.com in August 2015 reported that Celframe earned revenues of $6.8 billion the previous year.[4] The article says Celframe's original uptick in software sales was thanks to a change from a distributor to a partner model in 2005.[2][4] Celframe's software package is the world's second most popular after Microsoft Office

Hmm, how come I've never heard of it? Maybe I'm a retard, but this guy's a fraud handling some politico's money angling to be India's Trump+Musk, but his personality leaves a lot to be desired. I'm including some of his interviews for the lolz and second-hand cringe


also, you lot are the worst fuckers, sitting in the west laughing at the slow death of India on top of the plunder and loot of the past three centuries, because some retarded faggot plays up a glorious past on the net. bravo uyghurs

i'd like to say i majored in religious studies, but i cucked out to become a STEMtard, with a minor in, of all things, aesthetics.
All my learning has come from a childhood of arguing on obscure imageboards and forums instead of playing gully cricket and going to the cinema like any other well-adjusted kid



You know what? You're right man, I apoligize that was messed up of me to say


Eh you didn't much, It's okay
If it makes you feel any better, I'm sure the next generation of kids will also never experience gully cricket if these vaccinations rates keep up

Can't believe we have to struggle so much just for the ability to pay while US citizens are being begged to take the vaccine. Third world democracy.

Character growth


What are your thoughts and where did you find that article




I just found that they say corinader in hindi in kenya
WTF? how and why

google isn't giving me any results
is there an indian population in kenya or some sort of language fusion that happened?


File: 1623042956710.png ( 387.2 KB , 1870x923 , progress.png )

The translation continues. At first it was a bit slow since I had other work to do but now it can accelerate.
I think I can finish this by sometime next month or so if everything goes well.


good to hear


do hindus have a problem with alcohol too ?


like every trad idiot group
they are contradictory hypocrites


Hope you are planing to translate the original works of Chairman Caleb Maupin next.


Idk shit cause I'm a burger but I've noticed for a while a number of weird similarities between East African stuff and Indian stuff. The first thing I noticed was how the Ethiopian food called sambusa is basically the same thing as Indian samosas. The Uganda accent (like the one in Black Panther) sounds similar to Indian accents. But yeah it does seem strange. Perhaps because in antiquity, there were highly developed cities near the Horn of Africa that traded a lot with India?


yeah I remember that sambusa thing too
there's something hidden here


File: 1623136540627.jpg ( 196.88 KB , 1080x1325 , le_muria.jpg )



man this is some black people met aliens and invented the pyramids type shit



Thoughts on this opinion on the farmers protest by a MLM




reported to BJP IT cell for bullying indians


yes, and?






File: 1623403605557-0.jpg ( 336.84 KB , 1398x913 , Periplous map.jpg )

File: 1623403605557-1.jpg ( 72.63 KB , 500x500 , Habshi 2.jpg )

File: 1623403605557-2.png ( 379.96 KB , 375x408 , Habshi1.png )

>Similar snacks and variants of samosas are found in many other countries. They are derived either from the South Asian somasa or are derived from the medieval precursor that originated in the Middle East.

But there are some older and deeper connections between India and Horn of Africa.


Africans even ruled Bengal for a time.


How Habshis came to rule Bengal

>There is much speculation as to how the second Ilyas Shah dynasty concluded and how its particular ending coincides with the beginnings of the Habshi episode. The frequent view propagated by many authors of Bengali history texts is that the Abyssinian palace guards in 1487 A.D. assassinated the last ruler of the Ilyas Shah dynasty and subsequently seized power.

>Recent evidence has cast doubt upon the simplicity of such an occurrence. Over 8000 Abyssinians were well-known members of the Ilyas Shah administration and carried out vital civic duties such as supervising and building Islamic schools, acting as court magistrates, collecting tolls and taxes, law enforcement, and the official overseers of the trade and commerce sector.

>Consequently, this elicited much antagonism frorn the upper caste Hindu community since it violated the orthodox Brahmin standards of Manu by giving power to African people, or non-Aryans, which is considered a serious crime in the Hindu edicts. Many prominent Ashraf families harbored similar sentiments about the increasing power of the Habshis, ultimately causing many to conspire towards their demise.

>Many Habshis responded to this denigration by banding together along with the chief eunuch of the main palace, Barbak Shahzada to assassinate the brother of Barbak Shah, Jalal al-Din Fath Shah, who detested the Habshis and was seeking actions towards their removal. The strike was completed and Barbak Shahzada took the throne under the narne of Ghyath al­-Din Barbak Shah. Hence these events set into motion the reign of the Habshi Sultans of Bengal.



africans used to have an empire and travel the world consensually?


File: 1623405895026.png ( 11.76 KB , 419x545 , namste.png )

How many different alphabets can Indianons here read ?



some of these languages sound and have the same letters for the word

i'm confused

same with hindi and urdu
i thought some urdu words were hindi words

shit's confusing

we need some streamlining


Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, English, japanese
My reading skills related to Indian languages are pretty pathetic, but I'm a fast reader when it comes to English and Japanese.


Their descendants are called the Siddis, they are found on the west coat of India especially, in school I had a Siddi friend,


Preamble: Done
Chapter 4: Done
Chapter 1: Half done
Chapter 2: -
Chapter 3: -


File: 1623448021811.gif ( 1.3 MB , 498x304 , tenor.gif )



Based. You will personally bring the revolution to the Maldives


File: 1623485759275-0.jpg ( 146.15 KB , 1080x1361 , E3X1XroXEAUyCLF.jpg )

File: 1623485759275-1.jpg ( 84.93 KB , 1076x605 , E3X1YgyXIAAmbSA.jpg )

File: 1623485759275-2.jpg ( 153.52 KB , 1080x1305 , E3X1ZRUXMAUcj7E.jpg )

which one of you is this?


File: 1623485916965.png ( 28.25 KB , 300x171 , 1612383959206.png )



Witnessing history here


What software is this?


File: 1623498000288.gif ( 414.68 KB , 500x333 , 42369283.gif )

two .txt files opened side by side


File: 1623499756335.jpg ( 18.93 KB , 300x300 , oh yeah I forgot.jpg )



He’s not wrong about ukrainians, though.


File: 1623561057886.gif ( 909.47 KB , 268x184 , 3d9e62727fe6681116e1e3a243….gif )



Jokes aside have the desi workers ever made any attempts to unionize in the gulf ?


t. Ukrop


i have never even seen a european in my life


that is one of the most fucked up places
straight up slaves

take away your passports if the workers do anything

i don't know how or what they could leverage unless they all unite


blessed post


what language the second guy around 2:00 speaks ?


very interesting twitter acc I found on "trad" (blech, they steal our wealth and we steal 4chan-style meme politics from them) twitter
you may not like it, and his ilk and thought won't become more prominent than "masjid todenge mandir banenge" in our polity; but it is of an intellectual level higher than most (yes, even left) politics in india, like a pre-cuck richard spencer or rc majumdar


>pre-cuck richard spencer


wtf does this post mean


real schizo hours


File: 1623761623175.png ( 160.31 KB , 420x420 , 1489346083769.png )

you are the 400th poster on /sad/!


Chapter 1 will be probably done within the week


>Papua New Guinea (840)
>Population: 8.76 million

Unbelievably based


>Papua New Guinea (840)
they need to get help

a socialist world should have one main language


PNG already has a lingua franca called Tok Pisin. It's an English-based creole and it's growing rapidly, displacing other PNG languages.


Radio War Nerd just did a couple episodes on it and it was really informative, definitely check it out if you want a good understanding of the Bangladeshi genocide and its background



> lingua franca
today i learned


uncultured swine!!


latest publication of the CPI(Maoist)'s "People's March" magazine


will i get van& if i click this link in india


File: 1623995391859-1.jpg ( 146.08 KB , 1271x1645 , IndiaBanningBT.jpg )

File: 1623995391859-2.jpg ( 299.47 KB , 1354x899 , Bannedthought_website_69A_….jpg )



I'm gonna read this all in minecraft

>Cleanliness is next to godliness

They really stick by their motto
Clean all evidence of their wrong doings and gh*ndi being a molestor

I hate the i*dian government so much


File: 1624076454043.png ( 387.14 KB , 1889x919 , first chapter.png )

Preamble: Done
Chapter 4: Done
Chapter 1: Done
Chapter 2: Started
Chapter 3: -


File: 1624101000296.jpg ( 11.66 KB , 240x212 , 76913ea72b8fd3bb338df07f57….jpg )



which text are you translating?


File: 1624101914375.png ( 634.33 KB , 1920x1080 , ލޭން ރިއެކުޓު.png )

The Communist Manifesto
after that the next one will be Principles of Communism


not to be a party pooper but i imagine 19th century texts will be a bit boring and detached to someone with no other knowledge of socialism as a first stimulus also Socialism scientific and Utopian is a better intro imo


i messed the bold letters with the spoiler again kek


why are you people like this, someone puts in the effort and your instinct is to tell them that they are wasting their time and that you know something better instead, but you just don't do it yourself
here is how you could have said the same thing without being an ass about it:
"thank you for your efforts, i have a suggestion for what other text you can translate"
it's not hard


File: 1624103733102.gif ( 698.24 KB , 1012x1132 , ލޭން ޕިކްސެލް.gif )

>Socialism Utopian and Scientific
Yeah that is in my list of texts to translate as well.
It will not stop at the Manifesto. My illegal activities will continue.


you will just upload them on the internet and hope someone finds them ? there must be some online communities of sort


File: 1624105423263.png ( 519 KB , 1525x1080 , ލޭން ފޯނު.png )

I'll put everything up on a Neocities site.
There are some leftist Maldivian accounts on Twitter, mostly demsocs. I can inform them of these translations. This seems to be the best option for spreading the info since I haven't seen leftists from here anywhere else online.


File: 1624106180144.jpg ( 69.33 KB , 1280x720 , ލޯ މަރާލާފަ.jpg )

I am content to remain anonymous even if I was not required to.


>There are some leftist Maldivian accounts on Twitter,
yeah that's probably your best bet ,maybe my eurocentricism is leaking but i have a hard time thinking of a society where all class struggle manifestations have regressed away from the public sphere ,i mean you have never heard a coworker/friend say something like "idk man there must be more in life than working for the profits of the boss" ?


File: 1624108585220-0.png ( 16.86 KB , 592x152 , state religion.png )

File: 1624108585220-1.png ( 57.17 KB , 644x356 , penal code 617.png )

Promotion of socdem type policies are generally allowed as long as you don't question the idea that the Maldives should be a legally enforced "100% pure Muslim state".


File: 1624110081463.jpg ( 132.17 KB , 442x400 , 1476524393603.jpg )

>My illegal activities
fuck anti-communist bastards

anti-communism will be made illegal one day across the world


Put it up on reddit on some commie boards. Make sure to put in your story about how you personally translated it and such. The personal story goes a long way on reddit.


Not sure if they would be interested in a translation none of them can read. Except maybe in the case of the tiny near dead subreddit for Maldives which has more tourists than actual Maldivians.
In any case, whether I like it or not Twitter is the best option.


bezos is paid 80 grand a year

now how much is that 80k equivalent to earning in rupees in a year

converting dollars to rupees would give an inflated price. how would you back convert without accounting for currency exchange
i don't know how


even if that is leaving all non-monetary compensations, that is just a H1B level salary


ethan klein


i dont get how a country survives without having to compromise by doing those things tho? if your goal is explicity communist and you don't have the productive capacity to defend yourself, won't you be crushed?


Halfway through chapter 2
Proceeding faster than expected


good job anon
i also wanted to asked if latin script is popularly used in the maldives for dhivehi?
if so is there a class bias between the script you're using and latin?




File: 1624597412385.jpg ( 62.89 KB , 526x701 , minimum 4 pigeon distance.jpg )

Latin is widely used for Dhivehi in road signs and the informal digital context such as messaging apps and social media. Outside these cases Thaana script is used by all classes.


File: 1624597714597.jpg ( 16.15 KB , 510x567 , birdstack.jpg )

Anon…how did pigeons become a system of measurement in your country.

Normal country:
Everyone has them and they're on the ground already!
Pigeons bro.


File: 1624598496717.jpg ( 273.18 KB , 848x537 , ކާޅު.jpg )

My other illegal activities include not being a Muslim in what is probably the only state where every citizen is required to be, and not being straight.
They aren't really a system of measurement though, it's just one sign by the city council of the capital.


i see. so i suppose there would be no political advantage in advocating for latin over thaana, like say mao's use of simplified over traditional chinese?

Also, it seems mr. 56-inch chest has decided to call the leaders of the pro-Kashmiri-autonomy (independence?) Gupkar alliance for a meeting about the state of Kashmir before next year's territory elections, which is a u-turn from Gupkarites being the worst enemies of the state and Mother India herself.
Keep an eye on the spokesman of the alliance and the only CPM MLA north of Darjeeling, Yousuf Tarigami, as he reveals details of the discussion with Modi, Shah and Doval,

As of today,
>there was a three-and-a-half-hour long meeting with 14 leaders from Jammu and Kashmir, the Prime Minister patiently heard out suggestions and inputs from all participants. Talks were inconclusive.

which is very uncharacteristic of Modi. One hopes for the best for the peoples of Kashmir, Jammu and India

-weirdsexwebsite.org, delhi, 25 june 2021


File: 1624602023448-0.gif ( 27.79 KB , 600x351 , dhives_akuru.gif )

File: 1624602023448-1.jpeg ( 104.83 KB , 734x1044 , thaana and dhives akuru.jpeg )

Yes, there is no real political advantage to that.
Also Thaana is already a simplified constructed alphabet specifically designed for Dhivehi. Just compare it to our previous script from before the 19th century, "Dhives Akuru"




File: 1624602448801.jpg ( 67.66 KB , 631x539 , 9f3c8deab00572f34fb0221d8a….jpg )

But it is the ideology which keeps shit out of the street


File: 1624602594380.jpg ( 67.09 KB , 750x667 , 6bea36a68c5cf8abebec2819d0….jpg )



wow, the old script looks like the medieval Grantha script, whose descendants one can see from Lahore to Jakarta. Interesting to see a descendant survived up to the 19th century.
ofc some of the characters (alif, nun, the ligature for the islamic god) are already in the arab-persian charset.

maa chuda aayega to samaajvad hi


I imagine those alphabets that connect the letters with a straight line are related so it's not like learning a new alphabet from scratch. Like learning the greek alphabet while knowing the Latin one ?


File: 1624606915377.jpg ( 98.4 KB , 482x413 , obsteperous laugh.jpg )



File: 1624607424383.png ( 8.67 KB , 587x378 , arabi thaana.png )

That text is an example of how we used to write Arabic loanwords in Arabic script before the introduction of some additional letters with markings to represent the ones not found in ordinary Thaana. This is with the exception of "Allah" which continues to be written in Arabic script.
Not an Indianon but I can sort of read the Arabic/Persian based ones since we learn Arabic alphabet for the purpose of reading the Quran.
By the way assalam alaykum is in the wrong order.


kek just noticed that now


File: 1624614811631.gif ( 422.9 KB , 440x330 , 1506218983022.gif )

Man you're hardcore


Seethe more rightoid
Who the fuck linked leftypol on 4shit again

Seeing a lot of these idiots on /b/ again


How can I tell you’re not indian?


File: 1624620158968.jpg ( 157.32 KB , 570x700 , il_570xN.1692805262_qtlg.jpg )

Maldives Most Wanted


File: 1624625493066.jpg ( 143.8 KB , 341x512 , 59a[1].jpg )

sorry, i had to.
no weebery in the desi general
idhar weeber sakht mana hai


chapter 2 done
only chapter 3 remains


M*di is going all muh bidegoames cause violence and we will ban them and replace with made in india sanskari games

This would be a good way to radicalize the dumbass reactionary indian kids against the right wing menance


File: 1624676255665.webm ( 352.34 KB , 808x686 , 1568910607794.webm )

>implying anime reaction image = weeb
>implying i like japan or want to go to japan

they are just as if not more right wing and sexually repressed like us with their pathetic reverence to tradition and culture
i have never been a weeb or ever will be a weeb


File: 1624677499037-0.jpg ( 173.07 KB , 1000x1437 , Indiabros .JPG )

File: 1624677499037-1.jpg ( 409.18 KB , 1181x1800 , The true brotherhood.JPG )

Soviet artwork of the indian struggle.


>the indian struggle.
these are pre 1947?


the first picture must be ca. 1963 (liberation of goa, daman and diu)


wait what
what was happening in goa, daman and diu back then


Kicking out the Portuguese colonialists


Great work anon, we believe in you.
Include me in the screenshot if there ever is one, I want to be part of Maldivian history.


File: 1624744593460.jpg ( 158.31 KB , 1080x1082 , E41kvNAUcAM55Do.jpg )

Chad dravidians once again




one of the few unambiguously based moves nehru made


takeaways from pm modi's meeting with kashmiri leaders
>Centre conciliatory towards Kashmiri leaders
>Centre ready to restore statehood to a J&K without Ladakh
>Centre ready for J&K assembly election
>Gupkar (Kashmir leaders) drops reimplementation Article 370 as pre-condition for further talks
>Ladakh remains a UT

For a ruler of Hindu hearts, Modi has been v conciliatory in this meeting. Whether or not this is eyewash, this is a huge step, calling heavily detested politicians (atleast out of Kashmir) until recently under house arrest, into the hallways of power for a discussion

I personally am hoping for a 'Nixon goes to China' moment - only Modi has the support to afford some justice to the Kashmiris, while remaining "strong" on India's rivals in the region. The only other ways out are a Pak-backed religious counterstrike (getting less and lesser likely), or socialist revolution in the subcontinent (ha ha funni).


what the fuck was nehrus politics


>'Nixon goes to China' moment
I am unfamiliar with this concept

Why is modi taking the risk


But India loves Israel…


File: 1624864696569.png ( 261.7 KB , 1289x1358 , 1615634808489-1.png )

Not your country, cunt



And the bangalis?


bhosadike ye kya tha isse acche naare primary school me lagate the
>As a political metaphor, the phrase refers to the ability of a politician with an unassailable reputation among their supporters for representing and defending their values to take actions that would draw their criticism and even opposition if they had been taken by someone without those credentials. Nixon's visit to China was of particular significance because it marked the beginning of a process of thawing in Chinese-American relations. Both countries had been estranged for many years since the U.S. was anti-communist and refused to recognize its government but maintained relations with the anticommunist Republic of China in Taiwan. Also, China had viewed the United States as its top enemy. Nixon, having had an undisputed reputation of being a staunch anticommunist, was largely immune to any criticism of being "soft on communism" by figures on the right wing in US politics.
I think you get the gist now. In fact many overly online sanghis are pissing their pants because "muh antinationals are now in delhi", and calling for "maulana modi" to resign, which is *chef's kiss"

>Why is modi taking the risk

I dunno, I still think that he still wants to have a legacy as a statesman, finally overthrowing Indira and Nehru as the most impactful PM India has had; freezing the Kashmir problem in amber will certainly contribute to that impression

Basically a brown Attlee




to tu ise behetra narre banna ke dikha na

simplicity is good
india will be red and he will shit his pants is a very direct and to the point slogan

>online sanghis are pissing their pants because "muh antinationals are now in delhi"

fingers crossed that they come across as clownish and cringy in real life as the "alt-right" of the west


File: 1624978369979.jpg ( 62.57 KB , 512x393 , lenin_bihar_ka_lalla.jpg )

kabhi aa jaa lakhnau me tujhe asli naarebaazi dikhata hu; sunke gaand phat jaayegi

>fingers crossed that they come across as clownish and cringy in real life

The difference between the alt-right and online sanghis are the alt-right are a slowly lumpenising and predominantly young section of the white petty bourgeoisie and labour aristocracy: thirty years ago they would have had a decent, if mediocre job, either white or blue collar, but capitalist competition has dictated that they are no longer useful - thus they sink into NEETism, or half-hearted part-time jobs, which is an attack on their psyche, which leads them into reactionism - however they will never ever be politically relevant - "middle-class" whiteness is no longer ideologically dominant enough to push these alt-right into financial stability, the ruling ideology in the USA is a diverse and woke neoliberalism which has dumped them on the dustheap of history.
But the online sanghis, mostly UCs still maintain their caste privilege in large, and casteism (through Sanatanism) is still the dominant ideology, arising from the material basis of the relations between castes - the sanghis are the mainstream. Even if they are "cringy", that cringe will soon come to be mainstream. For example, think about where your family used to stand on political issues, and where they stand now, and you will see a sea change in many important issues - because reactionism has become the mainstream ideology in most of India's upper strata.


File: 1624985068910.jpg ( 97.54 KB , 400x387 , 1565985528641.jpg )

Give it to me straight bruhs is colourism really a British leftover or you were racist all along ?




the real racism was the castes we made along the way


oh my god UP
i bet the communists there make tough slogans, the PM is giga righty and I feel it is pretty
culturally right-wing

What is the status of left there? Have to hide your powerlevel and meet underground or small, niche group that isn't a threat for now?

And yeah I remember now that the sanghi messaging and propaganda is pretty easy to find when you look at average indian social channels.
I don't really know what is to be done about this issue other arguing against the narrative whenever someone brings it up in family.


i don't know enough about indian history to know that


What is to be done about cast? It seems like a huge problem that still pertains very much to indian society
How would you solve it if you had the administrative power?

Do you think the reservations are impactful in helping those of lower castes change their class status?

What is your analysis on the classes and castes, do they go hand in hand?


to tell you the truth, there is no more substantial worker's movement in UP (ironic given a section of the CPI started in Kanpur), but much of the the left has morphed into a caste-first (possibly more right than rigid class-first analysis, owes a debt to Ambedkar) political formation, so you will find them working amongst oppressed caste landless peasants/ agricultural workers against high caste feudal landleeches. This is more prevalent in eastern UP, and much more famous in Bihar - check out the caste wars in Bihar, which were mainly led by commies. But the after the JP movement in 1970s, a significant proletarian party really does not exist here. They certainly are not "culturally right-wing", no worker-peasant movement needs to bear that ignominy.
But I remember going to Unnao to visit family a few years back and seeing a buttload of red flags and CPI(!) posters everywhere - I think it must have been after May 1. So yes, you still have the remnants of the parliamentary left - who don't seem to do much except provide moral support to the mainstream oppressed caste political parties, and conduct May 1 events.
>oh my god UP
saala south se/NRI ho kya? UP Bihar ke bina iss desh me koi inquilab nahi hone waala


very interesting survey conducted by Pew Research about faith in India

>80% of Indian Hindus believe in God with certainty

>18% of Indian Hindus believe in God with less certainty
>2% do not believe in God
>India is overall a very religious country. (97% believe in God).

interestingly, the following possibly puts the lie to the two-nation theory?
>When it comes to their religious beliefs, Indian Muslims in some ways resemble Indian Hindus more than they resemble Muslims in neighboring countries.

Puts a lie to ay radlib narrative in India that women are likely to be more liberal than muh ebil mens. Emphasis on college-educated; class distinctions are also normalized for, unlike in the case of Muslims (who mostly form a economically backward section in India)
>More Muslims (70%) than Hindus (63%) oppose Inter-Caste Marriage.
>Only 48% of College-educated men oppose inter-caste marriage.
>50% of College-educated women oppose inter-caste marriage

>48% Indians support a one-man dictatorship with no elections.

>46% Indians support a democracy.
What if that one man was brother no. 1, Pol Pot? What then, mitron?

But overall, interesting survey overall.


i completely forgot about the landlords and peasant struggles of UP
there's so many cheesy 80 movies about it

the maoists/naxal movements originate from there too, yes?

wtf why do muslims give a shit about the hindu caste system
if they cared in supporting inter caste marriage i could understand but purposefully being against something that you don't even believe is true is so weird

>>Only 48% of College-educated men oppose inter-caste marriage

>>50% of College-educated women oppose inter-caste marriage

being college educated honestly means fuck all in this country, the system only encourages parroting
i doubt most learn anything to broaden themselves to not be so close minded

Schools are NPC generating factories that create these beings that only know how to recite bookish STEM knowledge back and register nothing else in their lives.


West bengal. They came from west bengal.


File: 1625070108163.png ( 347.08 KB , 340x480 , ClipboardImage.png )

>Asad Rashid in the Balochistan mountains. He was one of the many young Pakistanis who were radicalised in the late 1960s and decided to solidify their leftist radicalism by joining the Baloch in the mountains as guerrilla fighters. Some middle-class Pakistani youth had also joined the Maoist insurgency in rural KPK in the early 1970s.


File: 1625071424445-0.png ( 410.91 KB , 1887x957 , ނިމުނީ.png )

File: 1625071424445-1.gif ( 79.89 KB , 221x310 , H1FFlfB.gif )

All chapters of the Communist Manifesto have been translated to Dhivehi.
Now to format and release it.


Nice job anon.


You rule, anon. A+


Absolutely massive


>UP Bihar ke bina iss desh me koi inquilab nahi hone waala
Sad but true lekin dil pe mat le bhaisaab. You know that UP reaction is a problem and acknowledging the mindset of masses in UP and Bihar must be considered. Would be curious if you know of any sites of optimism there? AFAIK things are better in Bihar wrt class struggle but UP seems bleak right now. This Yogi Adityanath seems like he's Idi Amin with a legitimate base/mandate
t. NRI 5 years


Unironically stunning and brave. Lal salaam and stay safe Maldivanon


މިއީ ދިވެއްސެއް ބުރޯ


ވަރަށް ސަޅި


File: 1625116305514.png ( 457.01 KB , 874x594 , lain alone.png )

Thank you all for the kind words. This is just the beginning. More translations are yet to come.
wtf I'm not alone?!
އެނޮން މި ސައިޓަށް ފުރަތަމަ އައީ ކޮން އިރަކު


RTL question marks don't work apparently


Oh shit they are communicating


މިސައިޓަށް އަންނަން 8 ޗަން ގަ ހުރި އިރުއްސުރެ




File: 1625328248519.jpg ( 48.63 KB , 592x464 , DY1u3OkWkAAhrj9[1].jpg )

Remember this fucking ace dialogue from Coolie (1984) by Bachchan saab:
>Us workers are like an iron wall, this iron is our weapon, this can feed us and when necessary take the life of people like you
pic rel, the movie itself was pretty bad
>why do muslims give a shit about the hindu caste system
why do oppressing sections of the muslims not want another way to distinguish and discriminate - it's another tool in the arsenal. if the syed-pasmanda division isn't enough, they have the back of their hindu bhratas to discriminate against the oppressed using the caste system

saala bhaag gaye kya bharat chodke? ye bhi mat bata ki STEMchodi kr rhe ho videsh mai.
Also 2022 will be a hung assembly in UP, Samajwadi Party are actually making a move on the castes who left them for the BJP (sirf jaati ka siyasat chalta hai abhi), I can assure you the best BJP can expect is a thin minority. Also I think Modi is positioning some Gujarat cadre IAS chutiya to replace Yogi, so expect some intra-BJP muhchodi

very nice, all the best dhivehi-bro!


File: 1625399136466.png ( 462.19 KB , 800x721 , 800px-Majority_first_langu….png )

The Problem with India and Pakistan is they aren't real countries, they are both colonial Frankenstein's that shouldn't exist
I am from both Pakistan and the biggest Internal problems are ethno-religious, some is a Shia or Sunni, Brevli, or Deobandi and then you add in language and ethnicity and race and you have an unstable nation

Our country is held together by Islam, specially Sunni sect, which causes discrimination towards non-Muslims and Shia-Muslims, but the moment religion cracks, then we start ethnic cleansings
we had para-military miltias killing each other in the 90's and 2000's


That's not a bad thing actually ,except if you are some differentialist racist that wants every cultural/linguistic group in it's clearly defined and eternal enclave because people can't live together and shit


Are all those really different languages or is it like the florentine dialect being chosen by the Italian government and end up becoming the Italian ?


They are all drastically different languages, Punjabi and Seraiki are the most related though not intelligible, Punjabi also has the most variations are drastically different dialects cause of the various settlers that came to the Punjab
Pashto is as different from Punjabi, as German is from English
also fun fact that 2 National languages aren't even from Pakistan, Urdu(from the central Indian subcontinent and English)


Yes maybe i phrased it a bit weirdly ,but it still there was a period of standardization and an effort to replace the local spoken vernaculars of the common people after the creation of the nation state right ?
hmm do you have any statistics of the urdu spread in this decade ?


It's hard to explain, see about the 8% of the country belongs to "group" called the Muhajirs, Muhajir means immigrant in Arabic, Muhajir and Urdu speaker are used interchangeably

Muhajir is an odd complex identity, I'm not sure if any other like it exists in the world,
In the chaos and mass casualties in the violence of the partition between India and Pakistan, Millions of people moved to what they hoped would be safer territory, with Muslims heading towards Pakistan, and Hindus and Sikhs in the direction of India. As many as 14-16m people may have been displaced

Today in Pakistan the decedent's of the vast majority those who left India are not considered muhajirs, you see those who identity as muhajirs are not the decedent's of Punjabi and Sindhi Muslims who immigrated to Pakistan, they are the decedent's of basically everyone else

From utter padesh to Bihar to Tamil Nadu to Gujrat and so on, all the non Punjabi and sindhis who didn't speak the local languages or understand the local cultures were first classified as Urdu speaking muhajirs but during the 70's started being referred to as just muhajirs, an identity not what the muhajirs are but rather what they aren't and for many they are not 'sons of the soil" a term with various translations through out Pakistan
They are in odd position in that they are minority but are over represented in Pakistans most educated and have a higher literacy rate then the majority of the country


File: 1625402740476-0.mp4 ( 1.88 MB , 640x640 , 1619738125213-2.mp4 )

File: 1625402740476-2.jpg ( 86.67 KB , 334x443 , 1489242690157.jpg )



Damn that's fucking nuts
Amitab making the communist symbol

Need to find this movie


love to see a happy ending
you were never alone anon

comrades surround you on every place on this planet and outer space


File: 1625403181411.mp4 ( 131.42 KB , 424x212 , wtfamireding.mp4 )

thanks for the longpost i'm still lost tbh kek


>Urdu(from the central Indian subcontinent
The Hindustani language itself emerged from the Delhi Sultanate, and was developed from the North-Indian vernacular languages spoken at the time. So no, it isn't "from central India".

100% agree. The conditions of revolution in both India and Pakistan are so close together that one case of revolutionary activity in India can and will reach Pakistan, and vice versa.

Karl Marx even said it well before the partition ever occurred:
>if we knew nothing of the past history of Hindustan, would there not be the one great and incontestable fact, that even at this moment India is held in English thraldom by an Indian army maintained at the cost of India? England has to fulfil a double mission in India: one destructive, the other regenerating the annihilation of the old Asiatic society, and laying the material foundations of Western society in Asia. Arabs, Turks, Tartars, Moguls, who had successively overrun India, soon became Hinduised, the barbarian conquerors from primitive cultures, by an eternal law of history, were conquered themselves by the superior civilisation of their subjects. The British were the first conquerors superior in culture, and therefore, inaccessible to Hindu civilisation. They destroyed it by breaking up the native communities, by uprooting the native industry, and levelling all that was great and elevated in the native society. The historical pages of the British rule in India report hardly anything beyond that destruction. The work of the regeneration hardly transpires through a heap of ruins. Nevertheless it has begun. The political unity of India, more consolidated then it ever was under the great Mughals, was the first condition of regeneration. That unity imposed by the British sword will now be strengthened and perpetuated by the electric telegraph. The day is not far distant when, by combination of railway and steam vessels, the distance between England and India measured by time will be shortened. The ruling classes of Great Britain have had till now but an accidental transitory and exceptional interest in the progress of India. The aristocracy wanted to conquer it, the moneyocracy wanted to plunder it, and the milliocracy to undersell it …. Nowhere more than in India, do we meet with such social destitution in the midst of natural plenty, for want of the means of exchange …. The profound hypocrisy and inherent barbarism of bourgeois civilisation lies unveiled before our eyes, turning from its home, where it assumes respectable forms, to the colonies where it goes naked …. Did they not in India, to borrow an experience of that great robber, Lord Clive himself, resort to atrocious extortion, and simple corruption could not keep pace with their rapacity?"


Imagine if Europe was a single country and after getting divided over schism in Christianity Catholic Finns had to settle in Sicily while Portuguese Protestant were forced to move to Oslo within weeks. Now add all the language problems on the top of it.


It is both.
It is mind boggling that skin whitening ads ran in India where having dark skin was depicted as having hurdle in life for about 2 decades.


Basically there were tons of Muslim immigrants from India that settled in Pakistan, anyone who wasn't a Punjabi, Rajput, Sindhi that immigrated was considered a Muhajir
Are you one of those morons that think is a mixture of Persian, Arabic and Turks
it's a central Indian Indo-Aryan language, it's always been a central Indian Indo-Aryan language


>Are you one of those morons that think is a mixture of Persian, Arabic and Turks
It's a North-Indian Indo-Aryan language. I do not believe it's a mixture of Persian/Arabic/Turkish. Neither Turkish nor Arabic have any influence on the language, with any and all Arabic loan words coming directly from Persian and Chughtai being the only Turkic language with even a hint of influence on it.


okay you are somewhat sane, but as I said it's central north Indian, not western north
I don't know why Hindi/Urdu fags have to give Urdu some type of grand origin, when it was just the language of those in the center


File: 1625406188663.jpg ( 272.79 KB , 962x1069 , london.jpg )

>Arabs, Turks, Tartars, Moguls, who had successively overrun India, soon became Hinduised, the barbarian conquerors from primitive cultures, by an eternal law of history, were conquered themselves by the superior civilisation of their subjects. The British were the first conquerors superior in culture, and therefore, inaccessible to Hindu civilisation.
<The British were superior in culture,
Britain itself is falling to superior Indian culture.


That is a moronic view of History, The Arabs were driven out fairly early along, The Mughals were already a Persianized culture and inherited a great deal from the previous Persian court culture of the Delhi Sultanate

I guess the only significant native Indian influence of the Mughals was from the Rajputs, who fought for them and were the mothers of various Mughal Emperors


File: 1625406644538.jpg ( 70.23 KB , 474x756 , Saint Marx.jpg )

>That is a moronic view of History
That is Saint Marx you're talking about you filthy Hindutva. You can't argue against HISTORICAL MATERIALISM. You're simply wrong.
T. Leftypol


That's a suspiciously high number of french


I'm not a Hindutva retard, I'm a Jatt sodalist


File: 1625408268191.gif ( 250.55 KB , 360x360 , powerful.gif )

>mfw just realizing the mods made /sad/ cyclical


> I'm a Jatt sodalist
a what now


>I'm not a Hindutva retard, I'm a Jatt sodalist
I'm sorry, you're brown sweetie, so you are Hindutva.


Question to our SAD friends:

Why do you have so many people? I mean sure a lot of impoverished countries have overpopulation relative to infrastructure, but why is it to such absurd levels in your region?


I am a Khokar Jatt socialist
By your logic Russians, Germans and Poles should all be in one country, that will work out just fine


Russians and poles, not germans.


even the USSR was smart enough to create separate Republics


what is that


well I'm a socialist and I am racially Jatt belonging to Khokar Tribe



No I mean what relevance is the ethnicity and racial stuff matter to you being a socialist

Are you goals different to that of a regular socialist?


regular socialists are Urdu speaking Punjabi's or Muhajirs, that look down on my people
there Ideal state will have the linguistic and cultural genocide of my people


what the fuck are you talking about

regular socialists are only socialists, they are nothing more or nothing less interested in building an international communist world based on the dictatorship of the proletariat and transition away from states and classes slowly.

>cultural genocide

you're one of those trad ""socialists"" then i assume


File: 1625473352487-0.jpg ( 79.79 KB , 700x400 , 1625472498443-0.jpg )

File: 1625473352487-1.jpg ( 165.73 KB , 1280x720 , 1619541167439.jpg )

File: 1625473352487-2.jpg ( 101.82 KB , 768x1024 , EMdgmuRXkAA_Axb.jpg )

So I already posted this on /b/ but it fits better here

Honestly the whole dynamic between the Pakistani state and Pashtuns and other ethnic minorities is worth discussing
see Pakistani's like other South Asians are colorists, we idolize features like lighter skin, broad shoulders and height and the one's in the whole of South Asia are Pashtuns and smaller ethnic minorities, If you see a Pakistani online you'll see him posting pics of beautiful Pakistani's which are mostly Pashtuns, Gujjars, Kalash, Seraiki's, Baloch, Hindko and at the same time he will hold an incredibly racist view of these people
All the groups are hated in Pakistani society for various reasons, for not conforming, for not speaking Urdu, for being "unpatriotic" and for not following Islam right, however all these people are still fetishized in Pakistani society due to their features

Majority of the middle class and the one's you will most likely interact online are Muhajirs and Urdu speaking Punjabi's, they kinda despise the fact the people who look most like them are Hindus and SIkhs and so they play up the association with Pakistan's ethnic minorities while at the same hating them and wishing for their cultural genocide


What is the origin of the light skin idolization


File: 1625474392646.jpg ( 64.62 KB , 860x487 , queen-elizabeth-i-860x487.jpg )

I mean sociologically wise it's pretty easy to explain why light skin was prized in various societies, the peasant who was working in the Hot sun was going to be a shade or two darker then the nobles, the Nobleman was also likely going be a little taller then the peasant as he had access to proper and full nutrition, this existed even in Europe, why do you think there are so many depictions of 16th and 17th Nobel's powdering their skin snow white
however in Western Europe a change happened, during the Industrial revolution workers started flooding in the cities, they were working in factories all day and weren't getting enough sun, they started developing ghostly pale skin, while the upper class escaped to their manors in the country side, where they got plenty of sun and leisure time
so the pale skin that was prized a couple generations ago started associated with factory workers while a slight tan skin with large land owners who owned country estates
so it's class


>Stalin directs officials to ensure proper implementation of schemes for people with disabilities



how do we have higher home ownership rates than america?

i thought we have a culture of people living in the same houses so the rates would be lower

is the definition of house loosely applied here or is there some other explanation for this


File: 1625745805712.jpg ( 55.41 KB , 720x341 , neujnbzwsy971.jpg )

One of the few good men that my country had, he tried his entire life to selfless and he did all that a man could do in this shit system



very based, and one of the few rays of light on this retarded subcontinent.
But I've always wanted to know how he started - was he from a rich/business family? also,
> He has been criticised by right-wing Islamic clerics for helping non-Muslims; once asked why he transports Hindu and Christian dead bodies, his response was “Because my ambulance is more Muslim than you”
very based


He was from a memon community, they are famous for being shroud businessmen in Pakistan, he did grow up poor and his own small time corner shop




wat the fuck
unbelievable - this is truly efficient philanthropy, not donating 10% of you income to a trust which your son heads which promises to bring modernity to the third world as a tax break


Even then as great as Edhi foundation and the hundreds of thousands of people they helped, it didn't change the bigger picture
to me it showed that good men who work in this current system can only do so much




bruh indian men really have it hardhow is this page real lmfao


Eh women want us liquidated, but what can you do?


Keep your chin up king!


It’s just that I got more important problems than girls wishing I didn’t exist.


now THAT'S a hill to fucking die on
also the page doesn't seem like a sanghi page tho, just your circa-2009 liberal congressi


File: 1626075418956.jpg ( 142.66 KB , 749x827 , Based.jpg )

What are your thoughts on the relationship between the Soviet Union and India

Did they ever try to establish a comintern there?


File: 1626099235181.jpg ( 411.03 KB , 1169x1300 , 1626098092142.jpg )

Pakistan kneeled for BLM, why didn't India?


What's Pakistan


your father


What's a father


God it feels good to be a Chadmar


What's that


So is the indian army as predatory as the united states army?

preying on highschool dropouts, people from troubled home and paying for their education?

what does the indian army do, other than oppress kashmiris


not much, there's never been a need for recruitment or military propaganda, India has a fucking huge population and people enlist mostly just cause
the Indian Army just guards the massive borders India has and other then Kashmir no major combat operation for part 20 years now


God desi MRA's are the saddest group of human beings I have seen online
The Feminist's in our countries are neo-liberal western educated and members of the upper class, they offer no solutions just vague mantas and slogans, but feminism is desperately still needed, I have multiple cousins who have had decorates and wanted to careers were forced to becomes housewives' and married off to men that were pre-selected by their parents
but these MRA's are ever worse, they are a new breed of upper middle class reactionary in Pakistan

The Majority of reactionaries in my country were and still are bearded Islamic weirdos who have spent their entire lives in Madrases but these people are something else
>usually from the Mihajir and Urdu speaking Punjabi groups
>upper middle class
>would probably identify as "conservatives"
>LARP as heirs to the Mughal Empire
>make a lot of racist meme's against Hindus and non-Muslims
>oppose the rural Islamist's
>firm supporter of the military and Imran Khan Government


happy to see things are not so different on the other side of the Radcliffe line. Our "based" "trad" MRAs are
>usually from the high-caste and Hindi speaking groups
>upper middle class
>identify as "conservatives"
>LARP as heirs to some empire (Rajput, Maratha, or Mauryan, again depends on caste of the poster)
>make a lot of racist memes against Muslims and non-Hindus (or "bad" lower castes who don't toe the line)
>firm supporter of the military and the Modi government


what's very Ironic regarding the whole Empire LARP is that they very LARP from kingdoms that had no actual link from ancient empires other then religion and sect
as I said from its overwhelmingly Urdu speaking Punjabi's and Muhajir who pull the "we are Mughals shit" many even claim that Urdu is a mix Turkic and Persian Language
and from what I've seen a lot of Maratha, or Mauryan Empire larders are mostly central Hindi




>>oppose the rural Islamist's
why's that?


see they LARP as Islamic warriors and unironically call themselves Ghazis and meme about killing Hindus and such but they usually have no religious convictions, most of these guys watch porn and American shows on netflix


so other than the kashmir the military?

the budget?
how imperialistic is india


A minority of retarded online nationalist's believe in Akhand Bharta(greater India) delusion but even right wing indians mock them, other then Kashmir India really isn't that militaristic at all
The last major military film in India was in the 2000's and it was glorified love story with the conflict as just a plot point, there's no Military culture or military presence here
There is a lot of pro-cop and police content though


File: 1626733078092.png ( 787.24 KB , 2778x616 , samepostonadifferentsite.png )

Why did you repost this on a certain internet gossip site? Not upset, just interested to see the cross posting


Every job that I want to try out has at least 1 person arrested, protested or killed by the government/idiot mobs for muh disrespkt!!1
What stage of capitalism is it when you can shit on live tv and nobody gives a fuck anymore? I want to skip to that point


what site


Wait there are indian right wingers who don't want that? What is their real reason for not wanting it

>The last major military film in India was in the 2000's

No way, They made a movie about the surgical strike in 2019 and it was a big hit

>There is a lot of pro-cop and police content though

This is very true. I don't think a single year goes by without them making at least one of these type films.

It's always the same story of a corrupt politician vs some brave cop who's on the side of le people.
As if they don't both exist only to serve the interests and properties of capital.


oh Yeah I forget about, Surgical Strike but it was structed more like a generic blockbuster action movie, I can barely think of any Indian war movies


>It's always the same story of a corrupt politician vs some brave cop who's on the side of le people.
tbf most of the films often portray the entre police force of being comically corrupt and dirty, with the exception of a single moral renegade cop who often takes the laws in their own hands
most Indian's are aware of the fact that cops are bad here, but those films are about Hope
Hope that one day a man with that authority can do something to change the institution


>most Indian's are aware of the fact that cops are bad here, but those films are about Hope
>Hope that one day a man with that authority can do something to change the institution
That makes me tear up. It's the same reason I fantasize about being superman.

But a better hope story is this movie I watched once about a slum in dharavi and they have a local leader who beefs with some builders and politicians who want to gentrify their neighbourhood and con them out of homes

In the end they lose after they send pigs in at night and smoke the entire slum and the leader dies but the next day the politician comes in to start the ceremonies for construction but the entire community surrounds him and block all the police through sheer numbers of their own and they spray holi colours in the air to make everything hazy and then they beat the politician to death. Hype asf moment and nobody gets arrested because they can't pinpoint who killed him exactly, Nobody snitches on each other.

Even without a great man, The people stayed united and won against the evil rich man, They realized they outnumbered the rich and powerful and finally used strategic violence against them as they did.


that's great and all but most people don't only have themselves to take off, they have families and loved ones, that depend on them or who can be exploited and intimidated


We're counting on you, Indian comrades.


China considers Taiwan to be a part of China. This goes way back to a long standing rivalry. The communist party of China and the KMT fought for power in China, the CPC won and the KMT became an impotent exile government in Taiwan that for a very long time declared to be datruetrue government of a larger China which consisted of the Chinese mainland and Taiwan. The KMT has lost this battle and the government position in Taiwan since then, and officially Taiwan is considered to be something like an autonomous region in China. Unofficially Taiwan is still treated like a mostly sovereign country.

When Japan talks about defending Taiwan, that would be like Mexico saying it intends to defend Texas against the US government, in case Texas wanted to revamp the Confederacy. The comparison is bad but the US would understand such a statement like Mexico threatening to declare war against the US. And that is exactly how China sees the Japanese statements about defending Taiwan.

If you consider the History between Japan an China, where preWW2 imperial Japan was ruthlessly occupying big parts of China for the better part of a century, it's very unsurprising that Chinese officials might have let say "rude reactions" to potential Japanese "involvement".

The other part is that Japan was on the loosing side of WW2 and conditions for it's surrender was that Japan wasn't allowed to engage in warfare. China was part of the winning side and technically China could treat this as Japan violating the conditions of their surrender in WW2.

Regardless where you stand on the Taiwan question, Japanese officials are morons of the highest order for spraying gasoline on the fire, they are not making China rethink it's position on Taiwan, they are making China rethink it's military positions towards Japan. All they did is poison diplomatic relations.




>What is their real reason for not wanting it
There isn't any geopolitical advantage in it, those places are full of people who hated the idea of India so much that they wanted to secede to their own Islamic nation. Anyone wanting this weird "united greater India" or whatever is probably profoundly mentally ill.


Just watched karnan. Now I am all roused up.
What the fuck are you going on about? Tamil/Malayalam movies are all about shitting on police, and they are leftist as fuck like no other movie industry in the world is. Indian cinema isn't just bollywood.


>When Japan talks about defending Taiwan, that would be like Mexico saying it intends to defend Texas against the US government
Or like if Portugal decided to support Goa independence from India


stfu vedik




What are labour protection rights india has? What rights does the employee have in india

If I work as a cook and the manager throws food at me, Can I press charges against him or take him to some court?

Does indian law give any powers to the regular wageslave?
Like there's a consumer court. Is there an labour court?




>The other part is that Japan was on the loosing side of WW2 and conditions for it's surrender was that Japan wasn't allowed to engage in warfare
not true, that's a myth that needs to die, the Japanese government themselves applied the ruling on their constitution to not be allowed to raise an Army, mostly cause they saw it as an effective strategy of not being pushed by US in to joining their proxy wars


is not fighting in us proxy wars really that much better than being able to defend themselves?

what is the japan plan for if they get attacked


I mean they were Terrified of the Soviet Union and they didn't wanna end up like South Korea, which was military puppet state




>say you will not keep army
>keep army but call it self defense force


Basically yes, they had their cake and ate it


IIRC isn't as principle they are not supposed to do more than acting in self-defense. They cannot do preemptive attack or cross the border to open front elsewhere, in principle.

Which is why in 90s JSDF's participation in peace keeping missions was a matter of controversy and debate for its character. Which is why right wing in Japan wants to done away with Article 9 that defines the size and limitation of JSDF.


This is awesome..

Would you be up for an interview on this project for the new multitude magazine?


What is this Dhivehi language? where is that from?


What are the biggest communist social sites regarding your locality that you know of?

I browse frontpage and most indian subs are usual reactionary cringey centrist meme subs but this one seems to be communist https://old.reddit.com/r/librandu/ and also pops up against the current

I don't know see any other


The true "chad" position is to feel no remorse for eating meat while also minimizing consumption and being respectful about it. Seeing advertisements for flesh on television should disgust anyone, at least there's some dignity in the hunt.


>at least there's some dignity in the hunt.
you hunt your food?


File: 1629084262654.png ( 124.35 KB , 400x224 , ClipboardImage.png )

>can't even get a vaccine in private without muh gobermint documents
>banned tiktok and other apps from the market for bitch ass reasons

fucker can't decide to be a libertarian or a government stickler
i hate it here

independence my ass, stalin was right. the bourgeois only changed hands from british to indian



What the fuck is wrong with our region

This literally sounds like an insane strawman you would imagine some radlib making but it's fucking real.

Is it all just because of sexual repression and patriarchy?
Nobody is safe from getting assaulted men, women, children, animals

I don't think our countries will be ever safe unless we go through some kind of cultural revolution.


Thoughts on Narendra Dabholkar?


File: 1633090534340.mp4 ( 39.37 MB , 1080x720 , h5x1llhj7rq71.mp4 )

This one pro-reservation meme made so many redditors seethe

Not to be unexpected since most of them are worthless, reactionary rich kids on a meme sub but still.

Other than the corruption aspect where people fake documents to pretend to be lower class, I don't get the hate regarding reservation.



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