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This is the thread for good news.

People have a tendency to focus on what is going wrong and miss out on what is going well.
I'm also suspecting that there is a doomer astroturf going on.

To counteract this a little i want to ask you to post uplifting news.


File: 1623126599790.jpg ( 63.71 KB , 1124x940 , 1619257910759.jpg )

My work place is over 75% Union in a right to work state.


Wow that's a good stat, thanks for sharing it






File: 1623131648428.jpg ( 332.36 KB , 1182x1600 , 1a77f46756e71a7baded2dcf06….jpg )

Do you ever look at the state of the world and think that everything the left stands for, won't be accomplished? Do you see the state of the left and the conditions of the once-great western unions and feel it won't work out?

Do you ever read the news and feels so disillusioned and let down? Well don't.

Marx knew that the majority of workers won't even radicalize until the /crisis/ will make the system collapse and force the working class to realize it's collective interests to seize capital. Until capitalism falls apart under its own weight, billions of workers will lay docile and content. Only the /crisis/ can awake them all from their slumber and to the sound of the internationale.

But rest assured, crisis is around the corner. In the past 2 decades, america has seen more financial instability since the 1930s. There are depressions seemingly every 10 years, and the recessions keep getting worse. The rate of profit (s/(c+v)) keeps falling lower (as Marx predicted). As it falls lower, capitalists attempt to offset the inevitable by speculating in new markets. We saw this with tech in the 1990s and 2000s. Now there is nowhere left to grow. Financial speculation is too unstable to make enough profit to cover ever-growing investments that porky sinks into his capital.

And when the rate of profit finally falls low enough (in the next 30 years probably), capitalism will fall and engage in /crisis/ mode.

As we grow closer, more and more people grow more and more disillusioned. Of course, the majority of disillusioned become SocDems or DemSocs, but Bernie sucking Biden's ideological cock at the DNC and similiar events in the west with so-called "left" parties, is pushing them ever more to the left.

Recent statistical evidence advances have created field of science called "Cliodynamics" which categorizes and analyzes history through equations and functions to predict socioeconomic instability and turmoil. While non-marxist, it does work very well alongside a critique of political economy and dialectical materialism.

In fact, Peter Turchin, a popular cliodynamicist, predicted that 2020 will be the convergence of two cycles of political tensions and economic recession, based on his equations used to measure a society's relative wellbeing and strifle. And he predicted that 2020 would be a year full of tension, way back in 2012! Don't believe it, here is an article he wrote for vice

Here is a paper he wrote even earlier in 2010, which shows off his research.

Comrades, the future is red, whether it looks like it or not. Today we write on imageboards. Tomorrow we seize our destiny. Organize, read and spread the word. Godspeed.

(Not news or facts, but just a motivational effortpost some Anon made a while back on the bunker and nobody seemed to have saved it)


File: 1623132144554.png ( 486.37 KB , 1280x720 , 1623104225052.png )

Thank you, comrade.
That was very uplifting.


File: 1623132414345.png ( 45.66 KB , 500x389 , 4c23f3836e12eeff9dc8045c8f….png )



(Different anon)
Let me just drop some of the graphs. and an explanation.

I have examined the data and demographics and trends in posts before but I would like to put it together before saying what I have to say.This is partially intended as a morale booster for those who think that everything is lost, precisely at a time when all the auspicious stars are coming into conjunction for the left.

To recap
>The USA is heading toward a period of turbulence that will last for an unknown amount of time.
>This is due to
<The extreme impoverishment of the general population
<An Increase in the overabundance of elites
< Increased factionalism and competition among elites
<Increased exposure to heterodox ideologies thanks to the internet.
<Environmental degradation.
<Proletarianization of the petit bourgeoisie.

As a result we are seeing rising support for Socialism

>Membership of the DSA has skyrocketed from 5000 in 2016 to 92,000 by the end of 2020.

>Membership of the CPUSA has tripled from 5000 to near 15,000 in the same time.

The 2020 survey by YouGov and the anti-Communist victims of Communism foundation found that
Support for Socialism was at

Support for Marxism, which probably shows how many people are knowledgeable about communistic theory is at.

<Keep in mind that Zoomer's and millennials the two most leftist generations form half of the nations population and growing.

This was taken in Oct 2020 the Covid pandemic caused Zoomers to decisively shift left it created
>A +10% increase in support for socialism
>A whopping sixfold increase in support for Marxism (5% →30%)

Support for socialism will increase further as the more and more crisis's of capitalism occur, obviously the amount of increase will depend on how effective we are at propagandizing but there is only one direction as far as we are concerned.

On building racial unity and a multiracial coalition

I have shown in previous threads that humans are not inherently hostile to people of different races and that the difference in trust and social cohesion between a multiracial and monoracial place is negligible. But I bring more good news, organizing socialistically reduces racism.

>Union membership reduces racism


So Socialists have a multiracial broad based coalition of supporters who are only poised to increased as capitalism becomes more predatory. Their chances of seizing power though miniscule grow bigger everyday as the USA tumbles further into instability. So what are they waiting for? oh yeah good organizations. But with so much of momentum on one's side socialists should just be doing things whether it be propagandizing,organizing or agitating in this day the political soil is extremely fertile towards the seed of socialism. If socialists do not present an alternative, then the far-right will.

Unless Someone is able to fix
>Enviromental degradation
>Capitalist overproduction
>Broken Healtcare
>Capitalist alienation
>The disentigration of America
>The falling rate of orofit
>The house market
>The Proletarianization of small businesses
>The military entanglements
>Declining food production due to enviromental factors


>House Republicans' 2022 strategy to beat Democrats: Target "socialist agenda" and "job killing policies"



File: 1623132800289-0.png ( 88.65 KB , 1200x731 , PSI INDEX USA.png )

File: 1623132800289-1.png ( 176.61 KB , 3706x2641 , It's just getting started.png )

File: 1623132800289-2.png ( 31.53 KB , 800x600 , instab.png )

File: 1623132800289-3.png ( 132.76 KB , 679x380 , SUICIDE.PNG )



So world war 2 coupled with an active and organized base of labor saved us the first time around but now there is no world war tp bolster the economy.


BASED effort posting




What will it win?


File: 1623562648017.jpg ( 65.99 KB , 1024x768 , victory.jpg )

>What will it win?
Socialism will win !


here's how Bernie can still win


We need a thread to deal with the emotional and psychological attacks on leftists, we recently had a thread that told people to kill them self and act self destructively. That's a bit too hardcore and can't just be fixed with a good news thread.


No one wants to live in a country full of American non-whites


This is retarded. 2020 would be a literallywho year if it weren't for Covid, and I doubt he had that in mind.

The truth is, there will never be a big bad crisis that will bring capitalism down. There will, however, be a technological singularity that will render work obsolete and propel us to communism. For example, the nuclear energy revolution is right around the corner and that combined with other technology should make it a successful transition to sustainable energy. The future is bright. There will never be a violent revolution that will bring about communism.


mm no


The point is that even that
>victimsofcommunism.org admits that Socialism, Marxism and Communism is popular.


File: 1623743078930.jpg ( 52.96 KB , 680x559 , IMG_20201210_201852_579.jpg )

Based thread, it actually brought me tears of hope. Keep going, comrades!

>For example, the nuclear energy revolution is right around the corner
Unless you mean nuclear fusion (which is still decades way), I don't see it. So do you have evidence?


>This is retarded. 2020 would be a literallywho year if it weren't for Covid, and I doubt he had that in mind
Cute. Most Economies have been crippled by debt for years and 2020 was speculated to birth another crisis. Bear in mind that the post was made at the start of covid, so the op of that post couldn't have predicted that economies are artificially kept allive via deficit spendin in the trillions, although labor participation has been rendered as low as WW2. Insane bull market etc.
>There will, however, be a technological singularity that will render work obsolete and propel us to communism
What's that? Fully automated gay luxury space communism? The Bourgeois removes the only thing that can create value(human labour power) and this will lead to communism?
>For example, the nuclear energy revolution is right around the corner and that combined with other technology should make it a successful transition to sustainable energy
Damn, what a good thing that this is in the hands of the bourgeoisie. Also nuclear fusion is anticipated to be made a stable realitiy around 2050. How is that "around the corner"?
>There will never be a violent revolution that will bring about communism
Big if true, but you sound a tad bit too naive imho. I'm not sayin the post you're replying to is correct in its assessment, but this is a positive news thread after all


"If there were no Lenin, it would be necessary to create him." - porky collective consciousness


What are you getting at?


File: 1623759836757.jpg ( 219.75 KB , 719x673 , 1623759791775.jpg )

Dunno if related but from the other optimism thread.


This guy sends communists to jail and sabotages all leftist parties btw.


Yes. Still a good thing.


>TFW when vaush was right that tankies care more about defending dead people than communism


>Damn, what a good thing that this is in the hands of the bourgeoisie.
Oppose technological progress unless a dictatorship of the proletariat is in place to be in charge of it. Technological progress can never help the proletariat realize a revolution. - Karl Marx, The Luddite Manifesto (1848)


you care more about shitting on Stalin than defending the soviet union against slander


Kys faggot


Are you stupid?


Banning comparing Stalin to Hitler is literally a good thing you fucking inbred uyghur retard.


File: 1623793138583.png ( 45.56 KB , 400x486 , 1300575737001.png )

Don't derail the thread, you motherfuckers!! I want the bloom back!


There will be another war, but America wont come out of this one unscathed.


um based..? i always knew he was a secret communist.


wow, i cant imagine any other reason why a right wing anticommunist propaganda grift might exaggerate the popularity of communism among youth!

some of you are unbelievably retarded


>Wanting literally any kind of positivity
The only reason any of us are here is because we're all too jaded and burnt out to live anymore.


Been saying this for awhile now and nobody believes me.


Americans are disgusting. White, Brown, Black, and everything in between.

The very water and soil of america is cursed and causes massive retard brain


this is a new level of racism
advanced giga racism


Socialism lost. Capitalism won, it has destroyed the world and is taking everyone down with it


>The only reason any of us are here is because we're all too jaded and burnt out to live anymore.
Nah. There's plenty of people high on hopium


Something big will happen by 2050
According to recent reports, the climate crisis will reach devastating levels by 2050 if nothing is done:
These economic papers predict the world rate of profit will hit 0% around 2050:
And as we all know, Xi Jinping has announced China will have become socialist by 2050:
Nothing is certain obviously, but you gotta admit the coincidences are pretty interesting. It will happen by the time most of us are in our 40s and 50s, like it happened to the bolsheviks.


File: 1623838693069.jpeg ( 64.95 KB , 1001x823 , feelgoodwojak.jpeg )

>Is Peru election good news?
Yes it's good news the neoliberal candidate lost against the solid social democratic candidate who is anti imperialist.

The demoralizers trying to derail this thread are pathetic don't give them any (You)s


File: 1623838809447.gif ( 1.48 MB , 540x378 , thumbs up.gif )



Internal contradictions will bring us the new radicals.


I know most of this is probably extreme hopium but god I wish this becomes reality.


We were born at the worst possible time fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk. we're the last generation that will die. everyone born after 2020 is going to live forever.


This guy should Wolff's hair lol


ok but the word is schema. not schematic.


i have a bridge to sell you
>we're the last generation that will die
>everyone born after 2020 is going to live forever.
Mental manipulation: the party will go on without you, you will miss the train
Are you too dumb to figure out that somebody is playing on your fears
Which is more likely ?
somebody is able to predict super advanced technology
somebody is fucking with you


China will either revise the deadline to something way after 2050, revise the definition of socialism to something it isn't and proclaim socialism achieved, or announce socialism is impossible until every other country on the planet is arbitrarily well-developed.
2050 is just Y2K for desperate leftists.


I feel like at the rate things are going right now I could see something big happening even by 2030. Covid being the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back forced left porkies grasping at straws for solutions, and with no real plan to counter China, climate change or anything really, I could see them getting very desperate. Combine that with the current pink wave in LatAm, the confrontation between NATO and Russia, and the general collapse of the US led world order. times are looking interesting indeed.


>everyone born after 2020 is going to live forever

What is the opposite of a doomer again lol


I could see this happening, but at the same time they've hit all their main milestones and deadlines so far, some even extremely early. Socialism by 2050 is a meme but I genuinely wouldn't rule it out so soon. I think their next milestones are eradicating relative poverty by 2025, then setting the foundation for socialism by 2028 or some shit right? I'm reserving my judgement until I see how those things go.


>setting the foundation for socialism

What did he mean by this


File: 1623877688473.jpeg ( 2.08 MB , 2268x3685 , 596091ed-4f58-421f-88ff-2….jpeg )

Honestly, fuck if I know lmao I'm just paraphrasing some shit I think I saw
Googling it now it seems that 2028 is the year they expect to surpass the US, and picrel are their actual plans for the immediate future. Take it how you will


We are born at the right time to rekindle the socialist torch to fight against a neverending darkness. We have a sacred task, to ensure the words of Marx and Bukhanin are not forgotten when all goes to hell.


Educate the youth. They are the future.


What would you expect the elites within a capitalist economy with a government whose domestic and international power is significantly based on capital to be intending for the future?


File: 1623879232752.jpg ( 108.97 KB , 1728x1080 , 6e459f8500329dab72bf13b7af….jpg )

>targets for 2021-2025
>reunification with Taiwan


Honestly, I assume the capitalists of the world will try to expand into space technology as a new market somehow, such as increased profit by getting minerals cheap from asteroids, but I don't think they can develop the technology fast enough that capitalism doesn't start coming apart first.


It has been temporarily defeated, and it's coming back for round 2. Whether we win, or we lose, maybe if we're lucky we can "live for the people, struggle for the people, die for the people, […] in the international proletarian revolutionary struggle."

The contradictions of capitalism are tightening again. They've exported capital to the whole world, there are just a few export markets left to develop. This thing is going to unravel, and we're gonna exploit every weakness we can!


Pink tide is good. It's not socialist revolution obviously, I think even the PC chile might be eurocommunist type of stuff (i dont recall) but it is good, an improvement, a victory for the working class to get some reforms.


Holium or bloomer


When you buy into this "Commies are all soyboys who need to lift" ideology you forget that rightoids are the exact same but fatter/more hedonistic


Okay, actual good news:
Most of you are going to witness the death of neoliberalism, one way or another.


pretending very inconspicuously to be a weak little bitch as well as a lefty on an anonymous online imageboard is peak avryan sigma strength


Lmao. There'll be no round two. Porky made sure of that by destroying the environment and making civilizational collapse inevitable


If you genuinely believed that you wouldn't be here.
Either you're a retarded /pol/yp posting in bad faith, or a retard with zero to back that claim up.


if you repeat
>commies weak
enough times, will it eventually come true?


i am in fact denying communists are weak. but you are not proving it, so i don't see what's your point


Based, hell yeah. Take note optimism is associated with greater intelligence https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5466381/


They can't destroy the world well enough to stop us. Even with the water crises, climate refugee crises and natural disasters, the working masses are still gonna be here, and as shit gets worse, and the struggle becomes suffocating, people will radicalize & organize.


all paths lead to communism as the superior system and the only system capable of weathering the trials of the 21st century


Definitely. I've GOT to live to see the US Empire fall. In the meantime I will, and I urge others to, agitate, propagandize, study, get armed, get fit, and do mutual aid, with explicitly politicized Red Aid when possible!


Fuck yeah! Keep fighting and keep winning comrade


Well, Castillo won the peruvian elections, by what I read on his economy advisor, Pedro Francke seems to be a keynesian socdem, which is not perfect but is better than the neoliberal ghouls that have been dictating our economic policies for the last 30 years.


Not when industrial civilization becomes untenable and we go back to feudalism.


What does me "genuinely believing it" have anything to do with coming here?

>muh evidences

Why don't you go suck that leftcom's cock, huh?


Then start with atheism, the first tenet of Marxism, and stop using religious words.


>keynesian socdem
wtf is this shit


Honestly I can't bring myself to care about socialism anymore. If human extinction can be assured which means the end of exploitation can be assured, I'll even settle for that before dying.


File: 1624021737403.jpg ( 122.83 KB , 1000x667 , all futures are socialist.jpg )

>all paths lead to communism as the superior system and the only system capable of weathering the trials of the 21st century
That's always reassuring to hear, thank you


Really makes you think about the "leftists" who seethe when Putin stands against NATO imperialism, calling him bourgeois dictator.


Lmao Putin has more than once attacked Lenin and the Bolsheviks you twat


Unless of course we just die instead of overthrowing anyone or anything.


File: 1624252280448-0.png ( 444.15 KB , 1783x1384 , Doubt.png )

File: 1624252280448-1.png ( 69.8 KB , 602x376 , reality.png )

Doubt TBH in the same way hippies where born out of the most conservative adn bigoted generation who hated homosexuals to death, killed afroamerican without any remorse, the next genereation after the socialist dark-age will be highly reactionary despite any effort of re-education, socialism will be rather a dark age for humanity thanks to the lack of private inversion and lost of total property rights, this will lead to a dark era and in the same way burgoise appeared in order to challenge massive states, nobility and landlords a new burgoise will rise to crush the old socialist state and to emancipate the working class from the party is the course of history and you cant stop it
<under what notions i belive this
the USSR had a massive black market in order to dodge state-regulations, this is comon for socialist states like cuba, allendeist
chile etc
socialism is uncapable from stopping porky once the cracks in a hypotetical comunist regime start to happen the collapse will be like the transition betweem feudalim and capitalism, but capitalis from the future will take in consideration socialists and comunits in their future Dialectis, the next generations will be for sure reactionaries
>impliying that they are not becoming reactionaries right now


File: 1624254839104.png ( 269.33 KB , 1238x1181 , man with a flag.png )

Reminder that socialism will win and that all the doomers posting in the good news thread are full of shit.


Yeah, doomers posting in a bloom thread should be instantly banned.


File: 1624273584993.jpg ( 109.41 KB , 500x629 , identifying-based.jpg )



Socialism won't even be remembered when electronic storage fails and physical books are all burned in the upcoming return to slave-antiquity after ecological collapse.


Pure Idealism


Die, cappy.


No fuel sources for industry combined with food scarcity and the following mass starvation are going to push history backwards instead of forwards.


File: 1624310006367.jpg ( 83.15 KB , 720x1017 , okqRvx4.jpg )

Even certain religions can be shown to be socialist.

(once you strip away the parasitic power structures that have attached themselves to it)

Socialism is inevitable.


There is no backwards in history. There is only the steady march of time.


Teleological bullshit. The future can resemble the past more than either resemble the present.


but you base this on climate doomerism, which is basically just an excuse for porky to stamp down any descent and engage in euthanasia. I Mean that's basically what Eugune says and he's a crank but I do think that's what they want to do here.


>muh climate catastrophe will destroy industrial society
>I need to shit up the "good news" thread becausr I am too lazy to start a different thread
Did you get bullied in school? Did you dad touch you at night? Or is there a different reason why you want attention?


>vision for 2035
>opening up even more
>nothing about scaling back markets
dengoids seething rn


>The future can resemble the past more than either resemble the present.
Is circular time the philosophical basis for dooming ?
Clock faces just have numbers that go in circles because that was the easiest way to make mechanical clocks for a time. It's not meant to be taken too literally.


Pure idealism


No. The philosophical basis is that, with climate collapse, a industrial society will become untenable, and instead of the poorer in the world getting better standards of living, the ones with the better standard of living will have it severely damaged.


actually more optimistic people are more intelligent on average:


>after all the bad faith argument bloomers did incessantly in this board, he actually thinks I'm gonna fall for muh proofs
Your last neuron must be really scared in the dark and cold place that is the inside of your head


I don't think industrial society will go away, climate change will make the climate less stable, and the high productive capacity of industrial society has at least some buffer to weather the storm. People will hold on to the industrial system tighter than before because it no longer just offers more consumer goods, but also better survival chances.


>Bloomers hurt my feefees so now I am acting like a little bitch
Down bad?


>complain that my safe space was violated
<u mad bro
Seeth harder


>and the high productive capacity of industrial society has at least some buffer to weather the storm
What the fuck are you even talking about, retard?! It took one measly drought in Taiwan to kill a third of the world production of semiconductors, and a fire to destroy another third, located in China. You have no fucking clue what you're talking about.


>claims leftypol is a safespace
You can't even take a shit here without being criticized so seethe harder polack
>u mad bro
that's not what "down bad" means but I think we all know the answer


I never claimed leftypol was a safe space, you walking afterbirth.


>walking afterbirth
Ok that was a good one. Idk why you feel the need to shit up the "good news" thread with reactionary socialist rhetoric, but yeah I don't think I am interested in having a pissing contest with you right now.
Cope, dillate, etc. you know the drill


The tenants movement is growing and imbuing the left with new organising skills


In what way am reactionary, you faggot?


>Idk why you feel the need to shit up the "good news" thread
Because self-deluded people piss me off


File: 1624767502502.png ( 54.85 KB , 1050x600 , tux.png )

good news indeed, thanks for posting


>Because self-deluded people piss me off
Then you must really hate yourself


>The free software movement is known for lolberts
You're thinking of the "open source" movement, which many free software advocates see as a betrayal.


Leftcoms really are irredeemable retards


Leftcoms really are irredeemable retards


What's the difference between open source and free software


File: 1624844104065.jpeg ( 153.62 KB , 960x684 , 19407.jpeg )



>proprietary software
will definitely fuck you over
>open source
may or may not be malicious
>free software
is probably going to be fine

if you want more details, look up Richard Stallman, he invented it



Indeed. I know quite a few former lolberts turned comrades and they tend to be much better comrades than "converted" /pol/yps.


>That downward spike in the late 2019s.
Did covid buck break the working man?


we'll see when new numbers come out


File: 1624897152882.jpg ( 24.93 KB , 500x500 , HappyCryingEmoji.jpg )



File: 1624899931081.png ( 312.96 KB , 750x555 , fb4917759179841f7f0e21ad7a….png )





File: 1624921068176-0.jpg ( 12.27 KB , 299x168 , kjb.jpg )

File: 1624921068176-1.jpg ( 865.37 KB , 1280x720 , AP_21007351984925.jpg )

the time is coming boys, we are gonna recover our means of production from (((they))) just side with the RIGHT side of history


but trumpfags and republicans have the highest approval rating for Israel?


All that I will say is seeing libs get panic attacks from 1/6 was fucking hilarious, sad that it resulted in the FBI's funding getting ramped up.


No, I just hate willful ignorance.




>Look at those jewish porkies! No no no , dont look at white porkies though!


File: 1625089316277.jpg ( 40.56 KB , 650x459 , 1624951849245.jpg )

>(((triple parentheses)))
Very problematic of you, goy


File: 1625120308713.png ( 256.15 KB , 543x812 , hammerman.png )

Just posting this here to say that socialism will win, the people that are trying to demoralize (you) don't know shit, don't listen to them, they are just trying to get under your skin.


File: 1625178880823.png ( 1.33 MB , 1184x643 , ClipboardImage.png )

Just posting here to remind everyone that socialism will never win, because it depends on the existence of a industrial society which will become untenable with climate collapse


Ok bookchinite


We get a reversion to feudalism at best, and if so it lasts until human extinction either soon after or in a few million years.


Socialism will win, we just have to take special care to make sure human civilization is as close to equilibrium with nature as possible. We have the technology to become a truly green society, but capitalism is the ultimate barrier. Things like producing billions of tons of useless plastic shit, or tools that break after a week because of planned obsolescence. Tools that should be able to last centuries at best if engineered properly and not created out of a soulless drive for profit.


>we just have to take special care to make sure human civilization is as close to equilibrium with nature as possible.
Any such society will be destroyed by more parasitic neighbors.


File: 1625192984799.jpg ( 102.58 KB , 894x894 , doomjak.jpg )



File: 1625210916195.jpg ( 224.12 KB , 1384x1418 , socilalism-takes-the-win.jpg )

here is the correct version of this image


>implying there will be any formal system
it's chaos murder death kill all the way to the end of the line, baby


File: 1625213168796.jpg ( 182.4 KB , 1200x737 , futurism with lots of vegt….jpg )

You mean something like this, yes that is indeed very likely, what's going to happen.


very based


kys faggot


File: 1625257686800.jpg ( 80.19 KB , 692x414 , 1385175277503.jpg )

<calling people bookchinites


cope harder retard


That presupposes humanity can get past capitalism without completely destroying the planet for humans. That's a ridiculous presumption to stand on.




There's no to cry anon. Just shoot yourself, and it'll all be over soon


Your ideology is outdated if it doesn't assume and depend on capitalism exhausting all non-renewable fuels and doing nothing to mitigate ecological collapse.


if you're 40 in 2050 then you are waaayyy too young to be on this site. log off and play outside.


Feel free to post uplifting communist music here.


File: 1625296167083.png ( 35.27 KB , 854x427 , Based_quote.png )



What is this Sablin gang meme I keep seeing when listening to this particular song


Well 40s includes people who are currently 18-20 years old as well.


retarded Paradox kids


File: 1625302101881.jpg ( 107.9 KB , 1200x750 , atomic utopia.jpg )

don't worry capitalism is too dumb to use nuclear power in a significant way, the bourgeoisie is committed to starve out their bases of power with energy austerity, and or holding on to outmoded fossil fuels. They won't be physically able to prevent nuclear powered socialists from materially re-configuring and regenerating the world to be a suitable place for advanced human societies that maintains a life affirming planetary biome.

i loved it, this is such powerful music.


>Lenin was a 3rd rate motivational speaker
Tankies retardation now makes a lot of sense


You're completely delusional. Stop sniffing hopium


File: 1625313364264.jpg ( 64.64 KB , 719x601 , materialism is superior to….jpg )

>You're completely idealist. Stop sniffing doomium


Who the fuck said anything about nuclear weapons, you fucking retard?


>The Almighty Materialism will save me! It will reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere, bring back extinct species, create arable land out of thin air and maybe give my pitiful dick a few more inches! Praise The Almighty Materialism


>Who the fuck said anything about nuclear weapons
What ? nobody said anything about nuclear weapons until you came along.

>It will reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere
yes, if you have enough power that's rather easy.
>bring back extinct species
de-extinction is plausible , if you aren't too nit picky and accept that it's going to be very similar but not exactly the same species.
>create arable land out of thin air
you can regenerate infertile soil, clean up toxic soil, and reverse desertification. That's all being done already, with enough energy it could be scaled up


You are just too small minded


File: 1625314850763.png ( 170.05 KB , 500x500 , 702a4ce309ccb2e159a560ee23….png )

Doomers on suicide watch!


>hopium sniffer doesn't know anything about science
Like pottery


Point to where I said anything about nuclear weapons, shit for brain. My entire point has always been that capitalists unwillingness to change to a more sustainable energy generation method will keep destroying the ecosphere until it collapse and industrial society becomes untenable. What any of that has to do with nuclear weapons?


>yes, if you have enough power that's rather easy.
Which you will generate more CO2, defeating the whole purpose, retard

>de-extinction is plausible

How? We can't even clone living beings, let alone dead specimens with degraded DNA samples, and we can't even edit a multicellular specimen DNA without giving it cancer, nor can we breed it back into the wild, because wild species are not fucking dogs

>you can regenerate infertile soil, clean up toxic soil, and reverse desertification

Refer to the first point and to the fact that when ecological collapse starts accelerating, you won't be dealing with 1 problem. You will be dealing with a multi-systemic breakdown of the processes that makes modern society and civilization possible.

Seriously, is being willfully blind about science a requirement to being a marxist?


I wasn't making an argument faggot, I was mocking you, but with the vacuum chamber that is your cranial cavity, I can understand how you must've missed it.


>Point to where I said anything about nuclear weapons,
this post >>353453 and that one >>353486 contain the words "nuclear weapons"
Until you brought it up nobody was talking it.
>capitalists will use up the world
and industrial socialism can repair it.

>Which you will generate more CO2, defeating the whole purpose, retard
Damn that's some serious scientific illiteracy if you think that all power sources generate CO2. Nuclear power for instance can make loads of power without generating CO2. It has the potential to make very cheap energy even if you run the system with negative CO2 emissions. (a fraction of the power is used to draw out CO2 out of the atmosphere, or ocean)


You can make statistical guesses about DNA based on the environment, like i said it will only give you approximations of extinct species not the exact same ones. At the moment we can't do it for the web of natural life forms in complex environments, but it works for synthetic life with controlled laboratory parameters. It will take a long time until we can bring back the Dinosaurs, but who cares how long it takes it's reversing extinction, it's not like dead species will get bored waiting or something.

>when ecological collapse starts accelerating, you won't be dealing with 1 problem. You will be dealing with a multi-systemic breakdown of the processes that makes modern society and civilization possible.

But heavily industrialized societies are much better equipped to deal with these break downs. We have to worry much more about how low tech societies with fewer technical means will adapt.


>Nuclear power
Nobody is building nuclear power plants and the ones that are still online have fallen into severe disrepair and are barely used.

>If this specific set of conditions can't be met, which can only be met in the lab, then it's impossible to make

I'm glad you agree with me.

>But heavily industrialized societies are much better equipped to deal with these break downs

No, it can't. With an atypical drought (hint: what do you think caused that atypical drought?) in Taiwan, a third of the semiconductor global production power was knocked out, then a fire in a factory in China knocked out another sixth of the global production. Industrialized society is very ill equipped to adapt to any major change or disaster. All it takes is a couple of extreme weather events (which are getting more and more common) or accidents, and it all comes tumbling down


File: 1625319073969.jpg ( 11.77 KB , 328x117 , power.jpg )

Lol you think "nuclear power" equals " nuclear weapons" that's amusing but also kinda sad.
In my mind power equals work over time. Not Firepower. Your default word associations are warped out of shape.


>Nobody is building nuclear power plants and the ones that are still online have fallen into severe disrepair and are barely used.
Russia, India and especially China have ambitious nuclear programs, and it's not like we couldn't start additional ones
>I'm glad you agree with me.
No you are wrong de-extinction is going to be a thing, all i said was that the technology was very early in developmental.
>and it all comes tumbling down
This is just your collapse fetish talking. All indications are that highly industrialized societies are much less affected by environmental crisis than societies with lower technological use. Which is obvious because technology is used to a great deal for "habitat conditioning"
>but what about the outages
Yeah i'll admit that capitalists build a very fragile trade network, but that's just capitalists being ridiculously idealist about not wanting to do sane industrial planning. You can't attribute that to industrial society in general




Carbon capture is a scam used by the US and oil companies, and if you support, you're a useful retard.




REvil hackers disrupting capitalism by demanding 70M burger dollars from them. Keep the faith and unite in socialism and communism!!!!


Of course capitalism can turn everything into a scam, but that doesn't mean that it can't done at all. You have to be able to look past the limitations of capitalism. Don't just take capitalism as the arbiter of what can and can't be done.

I don't know about those hackers, they aren't disrupting anything that bothers the big bourgeoisie in a way that helps the workers, i don't think we can celebrate this as a win, well maybe we can point fingers at capitalist IT standards.


Did you read the article


I just skimmed it, i think i could enjoy this if they took out a hedge-fund rather than a grocery store chain. You know: break things that doesn't affect the lives of normal people.
Tell me if I got the wrong impression.


>I just skimmed it,
Then read it


>Russia, India and especially China have ambitious nuclear programs
Is that why 64% or Russia's, 80% of India's and 65% of China's electricity is generated with fossil, while the nuclear sector produces 17%, 2% and 5% of the energy, respectively? That's hardly what I would call "ambitious"

>No you are wrong de-extinction is going to be a thing, all i said was that the technology was very early in developmental.

<this miraculous technological advancement is just around the corner, mate! trust me!
No, I don't think I will.

>All indications are that highly industrialized societies are much less affected by environmental crisis than societies with lower technological use

Yeah, because, just like in feudalism, a huge percentage of the population can and knows how to grow their own food, process their meat and, in general, is much less dependent on the infrastructure, right?

>You can't attribute that to industrial society in general

Yes I can.


You have an incredibly unscientific and pessimistic perspective of what's happening in the world. The world collapsing into feudalism would require near simultaneous destruction of preexisting infrastructure and somehow losing knowledge of modern science and engineering, neither of which are going to happen unless something more cataclysmic than ecological collapse happens. Climate collapse, rising oceans, and extreme weather is a problem, especially for poorer people and nations, and it could all lead to a very dystopian future, but it can't end modern civilization. Peak oil is a meme that keeps whose predictions are constantly disproven and then moved to the future, furthermore, nuclear power is not even remotely fully utilized, and research into effective fusion is barely funded, because it would lead to a world of effectively free energy. There is nothing impossible about universally mitigating or reversing climate-change, it's just not profitable to do so. You're giving incredibly vague predictions of how we'll revert to feudalism without any concrete evidence of how the current infrastructure and level of technology will suddenly disappear and humans will forget how to reproduce it, or why powerful states will just throw up their hands and not do anything to maintain at least pockets of advanced and wealthy civilization. A capitalist future is dark, but it's not extinction, and there's no known scientific limits to a socialist civilization being able to revert climate change and transition to sustainable, effectively free energy.


A pessimist is what retards, who are too dumb to properly grasp the severity of the situation, call realists.
>The world collapsing into feudalism
Acquire some reading comprehension, retard. I never said the society would revert to feudalism.

>thinks peak oil is a meme

<says others are unscientific
So, does the Almighty God of Materialism answers your prayers by jizzing crude oil on your face?


>A pessimist is what retards, who are too dumb to properly grasp the severity of the situation, call realists.
Go ahead, tell us what the severity of the situation is, because so far you've just been vaguely referencing ecological collapse and failing to explain how that will destroy civilization as we know it with no going back.
>Acquire some reading comprehension, retard. I never said the society would revert to feudalism.
If it wasn't you it was someone else; regardless you seem to be either saying humanity will revert to a pre-industrial system or go extinct, which are both severely unlikely.
>A pessimist is what retards, who are too dumb to properly grasp the severity of the situation, call realists.
The original peak oil prediction was around 2005, and nothing like that had come about, and since then the scientific community has not been seriously talking about it. There is no evidence that current sources are about to run out, or that new ones won't be discovered. FFS, the price of oil was negative a year ago.


>Go ahead, tell us what the severity of the situation is
I already did, multiple times. Read the thread, retard. Why are you that opposed to acquiring knowledge, retard?

>If it wasn't you it was someone else

So, you were arguing with a strawman all along. Why are you that opposed to acquiring knowledge, retard?

>the price of oil was negative a year ago

For reasons completely unrelated to reserves. ARAMCO has a huge, dormant extraction capacity, that they can bring online at a moment's notice. KSA and Russia went into a spat and MBS ordered a huge spike in production to fuck with Putin. Also, the only reason why the global production of oil went up post-2005 was because of of tight oil extraction, which is absurdly costly to produce and lead to very nasty ecological damage, similar to fracking. Why are you that opposed to acquiring knowledge, retard?


File: 1625552301963.jpg ( 71.43 KB , 1200x645 , kardachev scale.jpg )

This poster has a terminal case of capitalist realism pessimism, poor sob can't even tell the difference between the limitations of tehnology and capitalism. Of course industrial society has the means to pull through this crisis in style and comfort, it's just the capitalists fettering the means of production that is the problem.
This is much more realistic take on the situation, but we really should move away from fossil fuel, it's not an energy source that we can scale up by a factor of ten or twenty over the span of this century. I don't want us to get stuck on Kardachev <1 level


A good activist blends in.


Anti-USSR slander is the biggest obstacle to communism.


Y2K was a legitimate concern, the only reason it didn't happen was the millions spent to prevent it.


And without industrialization, you'd have none.


>as of August


Morel Ike you have such a serious case of hopium addiction that you dismiss everything anyone says that goes against what you believe in without so much as an attempt to argue. It's all dismissals and deflections


So? What's your point, retard?


see >>353441


See >>359310


File: 1625579230124.jpg ( 196.45 KB , 1200x1138 , Advance the means of produ….jpg )

Great now you what you have done, you created a looping posts.

You are just trying to make it seem impossible to have any other world than this one. You are trying to kill the motivation of other people by making progress seem impossibly hard. In reality it's not that hard to transform the world for the better using technology. It's just that capitalism stands in the way, with it's antiquated social relations. The hard part is overcoming capitalism, once that is done implementing all the technology will just require a lot of effort.

Science and technology used to be solutions for problems in capitalism way back when, but it can't do it anymore. Socialist economic relations will re-enable society to wield technology for progress again.


>You are just trying to make it seem impossible to have any other world than this one
No, what I've been saying this whole time and you guys have been ignoring and strawmanning is that the damage capitalism has done to the planet is irreversible in any span of time meaningful to humanity, that it will make any sort of industrialized society untenable, which will make socialism impossible because it presupposes a industrialized society. Everything else that I've supposedly "said", according you are nothing but strawmans that were built up because none of you have any meaningful argument that doesn't rely on magical technology magically showing up, which makes you sound just like STEMlords gushing about the singularity.


File: 1625582474723.png ( 28.58 KB , 90x157 , get a load of that guy.png )

>You are trying to kill the motivation of other people by making progress seem impossibly hard
Nobody in this site is organizing, mate, what the fuck are you talking about? This site only has larpers


File: 1625582489506.jpg ( 182.65 KB , 1017x768 , proles in space.jpg )

>Socialism is impossible
You want people to believe this shit because you want to make people believe there is no alternative to capitalism.

And you are even going as far as proclaiming that technology can't change the environment, which runs counter to centuries of evidence that it can. The last time people talked like this was in feudalism, where most things had to be done by hand. You can't say that capitalists can use technology to change the world for the worse but then say socialists couldn't use technology to change the world for the better. And nobody is talking about reversing the changes that capitalists have done, we are not proposing to turn the CO2 in the atmosphere back into oil to pump it back into the ground like watching a video in reverse. We are talking about changing the direction of environmental changes into a beneficial direction. We can remove the CO2 and convert it into something useful. We can restore biomes that were destroyed and all that good stuff.

Everybody can see right throught you, your goal is to demoralize. You can suck it socialism is the alternative to capitalism.


>You want people to believe this shit because you want to make people believe there is no alternative to capitalism.
No, you illiterate retard. I want to make people understand that there's no miracle technology that will save us all while simultaneously giving everyone a good standard of living.

Also, there was an alternative to capitalism. It was called the USSR, and it lost, so now, when capitalism collapses, because it will collapse as it cannot address its own contradictions, it will take all of our civilization with it.

Stop strawmanning me, you fucking imbecile, and actually read what I've been writing


File: 1625582860008.jpg ( 93.48 KB , 639x452 , soviet-poster-computers.jpg )

Another one of the demoraliser posts, pretending that socialist discussion was a bad thing.

Why are you fuckers drawn to the good news thread ?

can't you go to /dead/


>Why are you fuckers drawn to the good news thread ?
Because you hippie fucks always shit up the threads when we want to talk about collapse. Turnabout is fair play, faggot.


File: 1625583984365.jpg ( 90.76 KB , 592x695 , socialism lightspeed.jpg )

>Collapse is good news
You fuckers must live in opposite world

>No, you illiterate retard.
Oh you are starting to attack me as a person, is this because you can't drain my good attitude and convert me into your cult of doom.
>I want to make people understand that there's no miracle technology
what a fucking strawman nobody is talking miracle technology, most of the things proposed are existing technology or slightly improved versions.
>Also, there was an alternative to capitalism. It was called the USSR, and it lost, so now doooooom
Lol that's just the fucking neoliberal political line, you just attached the "end of the world" to it.
>so now, when capitalism collapses
The bourgeois will lose it's power and the workers will rise again
You are just a moron that thinks capitalism is the world, so when capitalism dies the world dies.
Capitalism will go away but technological industrial society will go on in socialist form, master the crisis and reach new heights.


>>Collapse is good news
Are you completely incapable of not strawmanning someone?


He is. That's all retards like him have. Blind faith and strawmans


File: 1625585534995.jpg ( 130 KB , 812x1113 , socialist 2rockets.jpg )

>Are you completely incapable of not strawmanning someone?
Don't try to bullshitt your way out of posting collapse shit in the good news thread, that's just attempting to derail the thread. The thread is for good news if you don't post good news here that's opposite world.
So if someone doesn't succumb to doomerism, you are just trying to do personal attacks. The entire thing just revolves around trying to get people down.

I still think Socialism will win, you are not changing my mind, because there isn't a material reason to believe your doomsday predictions. I just don't know yet why leftist spaces always seem to have these people committed to relentlessly enforcing a negative emotional tone. It's weird.


>I'm not strawmanning!
<keeps strawmanning


Socialism is gaining popularity with all age cohorts but especially the youth has growing sentiments that are anti-capitalist or sympathetic to socialism. The ideological struggle in general terms is going well, but we could do better with advancing economic theory.


Good try lel


File: 1625586577161.jpg ( 110.08 KB , 647x1200 , space probe socialism will….jpg )

>That won't happen
Of course it will
>Technology is run by capitalists for capitalists.
the bourgeoisie isn't running technology, they actually are slagging off funding technology
>Its like playing poker with a cheater who also owns the cards and designed them specifically to cheat.
can't cheat material reality
>The only way for us to work is to isolate ourselves from society or leave capitalist's countries altogether.
The correct way is to raise class consciousness and organize the workers

I'm not strawmaning you, I'm ignoring your premise, that you have legitimate cause to shit up the good news thread


>I'm not strawmaning you
<keeps strawmanning


File: 1625603672308.png ( 55.13 KB , 512x512 , 6.png )

Keep up the great work in smashing doomer scum! Thank you, comrade.


>Lenin dressed like a fed


inb4 he was a german agent


I mean, he was, in a sense


File: 1625636131477.png ( 54.55 KB , 512x512 , 37.png )

>Wearing sunglasses makes you a fed

No, he wasn't! This is bourgeois propaganda.


>Wearing sunglasses makes you a fed
And a trenchcoat. Also, is it propaganda that the german empire gave him a ton of money to jump start his revolution?


File: 1625668927101.jpg ( 108 KB , 900x900 , thumbsuplenin.jpg )

that's a nice lenin in shades you posted there
pic related
>give up, wait for 100 years


Oh no! We don't have the zoomer demographic that only posts wojacks and old /pol/ memes on instagram! Truly this means the left has lost bros…


Old crusty geezers a revolution does not make


File: 1625673247413.png ( 159.61 KB , 766x636 , 1614560831187.png )

>Optimism in face of existential crisis is foolish.
I mean I wish we'd win, but at this point I feel like we are facing the opposite.
>The average age of a leftist in America is late 30-s.
>Far-right stole the young people from us, so they'll be around for decades, but by that time most of our comrades will be old or gone.
>More and more people leave the movement - some for selfish reasons, some are brainwashed into far-right as well.
>The only time we get mainstream is when they just need to exploit us for their own grifter reasons. Most of our organizations are honeypots full of feds and right-wing infiltrators.
>However there is a silver lining - maybe in a century our ideas will become popular at last.
>So the best thing we can do is abandon politics altogether and preserve what we have. But in a century, we will win when they least expect it…


The only task for socialists is to preserve the true understanding of how and why humanity regressed and died out. Nothing more is possible.


There's no proof.


File: 1625691678568.png ( 70.53 KB , 1600x800 , 1466866869210.png )



File: 1625692084715.png ( 158.45 KB , 319x486 , 55447326e03fe8e38d88f0408f….png )

Looks like the same asshole doomer as before, who got BTFO'd by bloomer chad and now changed his approach in spreading le doom™. Or just a glowie, as → >>361707 suggested.
Of course that jackass doomer also ignores the bunch of studies, which were posted on this board multiple times showing how zoomers specifically are the generation the most in favour of socialism compared to older ones and especially boomers. Sure, it's not the majority of zoomers yet, but the trend has been growing in accordance with deteriorating material conditions of late-stage capitalism.

Well, who wore trenchcoats first? Lenin or feds? Seems like a chicken and egg question to me.
The money claim I have never heard of before and makes even less sense, since Krauts immediately marched into Russian imperial territory right after the revolution. I dismiss it as more bourgeois propaganda.


> Lenin or feds?
Feds. Feds existed before Lenin was born.


>late-stage capitalism.
back to leddit you go.jpeg


99% of teens eventually abandon unconventional political views and either become apathetic or are absorbed by local porky parties.


I am a teen who has unconventional political views, (communism, obviously) and is also extremely apathetic as well.




You'll be a democrat or an alcoholic griller in five years.


File: 1625813120970.png ( 39.69 KB , 427x400 , 1625511347626.png )

>P-please abandon hope, it's ogre, honest
>You'll be a griller
LMAO try harder, glowies


Was meant for >>364746


File: 1625820542029.jpg ( 52.74 KB , 524x476 , W C system.jpg )

>local heatwave
>range of temperature that life tolerates
There was an idea about using a giant mirror to shade the entire earth, but this article gave me an idea to shrink down the mirror concept and use smaller versions to specifically shade regions during the time they experience a heat-wave, to just prevent the spike in temperature that kills off so much life. The same mirrors could also be used to heat up regions during a whether event with unusually low temperatures. With enough skill it might even be possible to use the mirrors to cool off the ocean in front of a forming Hurricane storm and prevent it from getting really big and destructive.

I realized that we don't have to solve the rise in average temperatures right away, if we do a relatively cheap system to ameliorate weather events like heatwaves, most of the life on earth can be preserved, on a budget, for long enough until we solve it for good.

It's also an opportunity to get more peaceful cooperation because politically this favors diplomacy. This primitive whether control system based on fragile mirrors in space can't be weaponized anyway.

On the cost side you only need mirror surface relative to the average area on earth that is having temperature anomalies, which is a tiny fraction compared to the entire earth. And while you are at it, you can add "sky lights", to illuminate cities, industrial areas and streets during the night. So you could run street lights at lower intensity and save gobs of electricity.


>fragile mirrors in space can't be weaponized anyway.
I doubt that. As long as there are imperialists, they will find a way to weaponise it.
All of the mentioned ideas are great, though I am very sceptical of the "skylights", but even the " budget" options, will be too expensive for porkies. We could only realise this, when world socialism is achieved.


How could they possibly weaponize aluminum foil in space ?
I think this is safe, but if you can think of a way to abuse it, i would like to hear it, so i can think about an anti-abuse-redesign.


Because, guess what? There aren't any


>banking the survival of modern civilization on magic technology
Ultimate cope


File: 1625839150732.jpg ( 58.17 KB , 653x653 , magic mirror.jpg )

>magic technology
Do you have any constructive criticism for >>365772


I've plenty of criticism, none of it is constructive because there's no fixing ideas that bank miracle technology


We're all part of a throughly defeated political tendency that will never stand against international capital again. Ofc there is never good news.


>I've plenty of criticism, none of it is constructive
Hey, at least you're honest.
>We're thoroughly defeated


So all you have is memes. Wonderful.


File: 1625858394492.jpg ( 81.41 KB , 680x680 , vothithang.jpg )


Fuck you bitch


Really, you're no better than Qanon waiting for Trump to come back, or /pol/ waiting for Rope Day to happen, or Christians waiting for Jesus to return.
Socialism cannot arise in this world or any other world we may develop into. The conditions that might have allowed it came and went unfulfilled and now a lost potential is all that it is or ever will be.


I get saying this in the 2000s or so but now? I'm not so sure of it. I bet you just want socialism to be this hipster ideal that isn't corruptable by the masses.


>The conditions that might have allowed it came and went unfulfilled
You see Christian millenerianism in others, and then you say shit like this. Absolutely undialectical. You are a disillusioned Believer who got doompilled and embittered once you realized the rupture will never come, and now you project your past delusions onto others.


Its going on 30 years since the destruction of the USSR and proles have either gotten nowhere or been crushed even harder with the most radical demands anywhere essentially coming down to saying that maybe in 500 years time Captain Kirk can enjoy cheap healthcare if only we get exploited even harder today.


Here's the real dialectic that happened: capitalism and socialism struggled and shat out neoliberal capitalism as its resolution, and now neoliberal capitalism struggles against the finiteness of nature itself and will shit out human extinction as the resolution of that.


man why the fuck are you even here? Just go to stupidpol or some bullshit with the rest of you degenerates. If you have no faith in socialism or communism why are you even here? Because you want everyone else to be a loser like you?


Its rather telling that I'm asked to put faith into leftism instead of it just being matters of fact and inevitability.


People who demand certainty don't deserve it.
We could all get hit by an astroid tomorrow, but what point is it in fretting about it?


File: 1625861525649.png ( 125.56 KB , 666x507 , 4076cccc4099887570d498d2b4….png )

Feds Doomers shitting up the thread burries the good stuff. Mods refuse to act, despite multiple reports.


If you're asking me to believe in the victory of anything or anyone on no basis whatsoever except personal faith, you're merely a cult instead of a group whose conclusions have logical or scientific backing.


File: 1625862082544.png ( 110.46 KB , 657x539 , 037c588b7877d4706ea615c957….png )

>Repeating my bullshit and ignoring older posts, which already BTFO'd me, totally makes me look like the reasonable one, who is correct
>I'm not coping, bloomers, you are!
Unironically kys.


If this was framed as a cult instead of something that has reason behind it, we'd probably unironically get even more people into the left. Like people fucking love cults.


You're a completely self-important lunatic if you think an obscure yet readily accessible imageboard of disorganized malcontents is worth the attention of real humans working for various governments, and not just web crawling bots entering data into a database whose contents will be largely ignored, at the absolute worst.


All you've done to meet my challenge is to call me undialectical and say that I just need to have faith. How this blows me out, I have no fucking clue.


File: 1625862895975.png ( 221.07 KB , 418x512 , retard hazard.png )

>end of history


>That Vietnam flag


It's a reference to Valery Sablin being one of the possible USSR unifiers in an user modification for the grand strategy game Hearts of Iron 4 by Paradox Interactive.

In the modification, named The New Order, USSR has collapsed following the victory of the Germans in WWII and Valery Sablin leads an insurgency against soviet remnants in the far east under the head of the NKVD Yagoda.

Valery Sablin is known as one of the better paths for a Soviet unifier due to his rather protagonistic nature in succeeding in "Realizing the true spirit of Leninism in opposition to Bukharin's corruption of it" despite his heavy idealism and naivete.


Nobody's asking you to believe or have faith in anything, you baffoon. Nobody gives a flying fuck, we just want you to fuck off the thread.

It's you who's demanding evidence that socialism is justvaround the corner, because you need to know before hand that success is "inevitable" or you'll do nothing but bitch.


>we just want you to fuck off the thread.
This isn't your safe space, faggot. If you don't want people questioning you, then fuckoff from here.


Terminal case of Capitalist Realism here.


>People who demand certainty don't deserve it.
You're being undialectical


You're not questioning anything, you're bitching and dooming, like the useless radlib you are.


How unreasonable that people don't want their time wasted, especially on long term projects that may take decades to bear fruit. How dare evidence that they actually can do something be demanded.


This is what pretty much any sober assessment of the situation gets called by those unwilling to confront reality.


We've had three decades and nothing has really improved. Seems pretty much like the endpoint of history to me.


History is a long time, anon. Things haven't "not improved", things have gotten objectively worse, but a correction is on the horizon. Socialism is regaining popularity in the West, Comrade Xi is guiding China away from Dengism, another Pink Wave is washing over South America. The future is bright.


File: 1625926777069.jpg ( 277.34 KB , 900x600 , 1446135110395.jpg )

>Comrade Xi is guiding China away from Dengism
Absolute delusion.


File: 1625930634404.png ( 165.32 KB , 559x443 , potato.png )


>Terminal case of Capitalist Realism here.
the question is why do these posters want to spread this?
it could be glowies trying to spread ruling ideology
but it could also be regular posters who like to get others in a bad mood

Something that i noticed is that in leftist spaces for discussion there always is this tendency to have a few people that are dedicated to make it a miserable place. And we have to get to the bottom of this, and find out why that is. It could be psychological class war of capitalism, but it could also be something else.

Are there "mental predators" that try to "attack the brain" , do they consciously set out to overwhelm the nervous system by flooding it with negative stimuli or something ? What are the tactics they use ? and how do you frustrate this ?

I read somewhere that if you point out what kind of emotional manipulation strategy they are trying to use, and demonstrate that you are analyzing what they are doing without being emotionally affected by the content of what they are saying, that wards them off. If you analyze them that means activity in the prefrontal cortex, and they don't like it if you use that part of the brain, they prefer you to react emotionally which switches off the prefrontal cortex and cuts you off from many of your more advanced cognitive abilities.

Any way if we could get in the habit of analyzing the cognitive effect of the presentation that information has in addition to the content of the information that we talk about. We could find a way to have a much better discussion climate in leftist spaces.


Take your meds, schizo


File: 1625938455363.png ( 86.4 KB , 255x314 , papricaface.png )

>dismissive insult
>dismissive insult
You are trying to link the act of Analyzing the motivations for pushing doomerism, a mental illness, to dismiss it without having to engage.
Neither of you actually disagreed with the analysis.

Anti capitalism has been gaining ground in the west as it has almost anywhere in the world, and some of that is going into socialism. There is a concerted effort to uphold appearances and anti socialist propaganda has increased as well. That means there is at least some progress in ideological struggle.

Xi only looks like a nationalist for the imperial bourgeoisie because he is not willing to turn China into a vassal for transnational finance, that wants to arrest the development of China and keep it as a low wage low value manufacturing hub in perpetuity. Transnational finance capital pursues the strategy of geographically separating intellectual design and manual manufacturing so that they can maintain a position of maximum leverage over each sector. If any country or continuous region with enough political compatibility can assemble a complete set of productive forces with all or most parts of the supply and production chains , they become much harder to dominate with purely financial means.

What sets Xi apart from the usual nationalists, is that he doesn't seek out advantage for China at the expense of other countries. Because of this a lot of the periphery will be able to rise with China in terms of development. And that will put quite the dampener on the supply of cheap labor and lift the paralyzing effects on the labor movements everywhere in the world, because the bourgeoisie will have fewer avenues to find workers that will work for less. What China is doing during the Xi-ist period is avoid repeating the mistake of the 20th century social democrats. They are not ignoring the huge pools of cheap labor abroad that could be used as leverage by capital to undo the social and technological progress that China is making. If you are a worker in the imperial core rising wages in the periphery means that the downward pressure on your wages will become reduced and you should rejoice. Xi's internationalism doesn't export the revolution, but it still is nudging the world in the direction of progress ever so slightly.

South America has seen a few successes as well, like the coup in Bolivia that was undone, or the anti imperial social democrat in Peru that has beaten the neoliberal candidates in the battle of democracy


Agent Hernandez you aren't allowed to shit post outside /b/


>Sadly, there is no evidence for that, but plenty for the opposite
That's wrong you fucking tard.


>That's wrong you fucking tard.
Show the evidences then, billy.


The opposite is true if anything with socialism stigmatized and belittled more harshly among commoners than ever, the interests of sino-capital prohibit any real move towards socialism besides further accumulation and acquiring instruments for more accumulation, and another red tide is liable to only create another dirty war.


The only way you can be a true bloomer is if you're stuck in the succdom phase
>obligatory wojak


File: 1625958738985.png ( 484.93 KB , 724x702 , 1621398781056.png )

fuck off back to plebbit


>Vaush moment
>tfw Agent Kochinski is both anti Putin and anti Stalin but this was still posted as response


this is a doomer post pretending to be realistic

this is an actually realistic assessment of the situation


File: 1626006977241.jpeg ( 91.52 KB , 960x540 , Daniel-Jadue.jpeg )

Communist emerges as front runner in Chilean presidential race

Chilean Communist Party candidate Daniel Jadue has emerged as the shock front-runner ahead of November’s presidential elections, with a number of polls predicting he could sweep to power.

Pollster Cadem, which has close connections to the right-wing government of President Sebastien Pinera, was the latest to place Mr. Jadue top for popular support on Monday, above Joaquin Lavin, the far-right candidate of the Independent Democratic Union, and the Christian Democratic Party’s Yasna Provote, who has yet to formally declare as a candidate.

It follows a recent Panel Ciudadano survey, carried out by the Universidad del Desarrollo, which found that Mr. Jadue would win in all possible scenarios, including run-offs against his two closest rivals.

The rise of Mr. Jadue, the Communist mayor of Santiago’s Recoleta district, comes as leftists return to power across Latin America.

Self-described Marxist-Leninist Pedro Castillo is the latest success, winning Peru’s presidential election earlier this month.

With Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva tipped to win next year’s Brazilian presidential election and Daniel Ortega expected to retain the presidency in Nicaragua, Mr. Jadue’s popularity reflects a regional pattern.

“This is the result of people coming to the realization that neoliberal policies are incompatible with democracy,” he said, blaming unbridled capitalism for Chile’s economic and social “disaster.”

His plans for higher taxes, a revamp of the pension system, more state involvement in the economy, and regional cooperation to discourage companies from crossing borders for lower tax rates have struck a chord with Chileans.

Mr. Jadue also plans an overhaul of the country’s copper-mining industry, bringing an end to the exploitation of resources by multinational companies, and will negotiate production rules with neighboring countries.

“The state must have a stake in all mining operations because the state is the owner of all of the minerals,” he said.

Chile has seen major unrest, with a record 1.2 million people taking to the streets of capital Santiago at the peak of the anti-government protests sparked by a proposed rise in metro prices in October 2019.

Anger has also grown over rising poverty and the privatization of public services. But instead of listening to concerns, Mr. Pinera set the military onto the streets for the first time since the Pinochet-era dictatorship.

Thousands of Chileans were injured, and the security services accused of rape and torture.

The Chilean Communist Party last week demanded the release of all political prisoners jailed during the unrest and for reparations to be paid to all victims of state repression.

In October 2020, Chileans agreed in a referendum to redraft the country’s constitution, and in May this year communists and leftists won a majority on the 155-member assembly tasked with doing so.



>how do you frustrate this ?
Simple: Ban the derailers and doomers. It's quite simple, really. But moderation remians shit. No amount of boardsplitting seems to fix that


File: 1626032953581.mp4 ( 1.58 MB , 540x540 , 1625262783382.mp4 )

He'll need overwhelming popular support in bourgeois (sham-)democracy to win.
Does he have that?


File: 1626075435938.jpg ( 84.36 KB , 914x1024 , 1601642270788m.jpg )

>I'm not coping, you are!
LMAO kys.


The only people I've ever heard say uniparty are disillusioned Republitards. This post glows.


File: 1626174227813.png ( 2.23 MB , 1420x1254 , Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at ….png )



I will suck off every bloomer in this thread as DIRECT ACTION


For a host of reasons, none of which is related to communism. It's just like the American boomers talking about "the good ol' days"


Life was literally better in the USSR. Free education. No hunger. No unemployment
And you still say its because of boomer nostalgia? Kill yourself


I don't agree with the doomer but he has a point

There could be some percentage of anti-communists still saying so because they enjoyed being a super power

Are they significant percentage? that is unknown


>There could be some percentage of anti-communists still saying so because they enjoyed being a super power
you are like the princess that complains about the pea under the mattress.


>fuck logic! fuck having a critical sense! listen and believe or you're a fed, counter revolutionary doomer!
Have you made an offer to the Almighty God of Materialism today? Did he bless you yet, blowing his load of crude oil in you face?


But it's true. Russian culture of the last 100 years is inseparable from the Soviet Union, and while that did produce a lot of older people who view communism positively and see themselves not as a Russian but a Soviet citizen, (i've interacted with a lot of these types online before, they are honestly cool guys) you also get ultranationalists who view Stalin as a good guy because he turned Russia into a superpower. That's how you get pictures of Stalin next to pictures of Tsar Nicholas at some demonstrations.


>Russians are soviet people
is that what you want to tell us ?


File: 1626295378074.gif ( 2.87 MB , 500x276 , wwld.gif )

this thread should be held in a much higher regard, everywhere i look i see comrades fall to defeatism and some sort of nihilistic self-punishment. the future is bright if we seize it, and how are we to begin seizing anything if we first convince ourselves that we cannot at all act?

remember, comrades, a flower will not blossom by it's own accord it needs the nurture of the sun and the nourishment of the rain. dust will not sweep itself, we must first wield the broom. the only true defeat is believing that you /have/ been defeated.


File: 1626297252799.jpg ( 32.52 KB , 443x474 , e064566198050109b26c8aa7bc….jpg )

Our first act should be to execute the fanatic doomers.


File: 1626297904641.jpg ( 64.34 KB , 730x654 , dont feel like working out….jpg )

the ideologue of a doomer is an inherently reactionary one, it is a reaction to the state of the world that, instead of inspiring a great need for justice and equality, inspires a political malaise. i believe that this can be changed with diligent political work. we need to give hope.

we should inspire them, we must be shining examples. we must implement guiding principles to unlock the fervour inside of them, this fervour exists inside of every revolutionary, we must spark it.


File: 1626298549376.jpg ( 10.03 KB , 200x180 , t_7710a9ec6476dc889ddde692….jpg )



File: 1626298665907.gif ( 187.97 KB , 466x386 , 0561f906effbc28f030cc173df….gif )

I specifically said the "fanatic" ones, like that asshole, who constantly shits up this thread. Those people can't be "inspired", they must be purged.


File: 1626299336739.jpg ( 128.18 KB , 858x1194 , dare.jpg )

ah, i misunderstood. i believe it falls into two sects, two categories:
doomers, who possess revolutionary capability and thought, but are malaised and infected with defeatist ideals - /however/ they want to blossom, they /want/ inspiration

then there are ideological nihilists, those who are made lethargic and hopeless by the state of affairs and reject the desire to be uplifted and instead focus their attention on bringing people down with them.

we must embrace the first category of people and deny the latter, i agree wholeheartedly.


<said the fatso


The future is slightly less shitty if socialism would rise, not "bright". Climate change and ecological collapse would creatte far too many problems for even an eco-stalinist to contend with. A lot of people would die regardless, far too many for any definition of "bright" to apply.


mao was pretty active, he swam on a near daily basis

which is why the environment is important to the socialist effort. capitalism is the most toxic pollutant.


Materialism won't solve an ecological collapse, retard


You need a materialist mindset to solve an ecological collapse. Otherwise you will succumb to the idealism like "nature is punishing us for our industrial sins" You have to stop worshiping nature to find out how it works and how one can fix problems. It's a really thin organic layer on top of a dead rock-ball floating in space.


you're an odd feller, anon


File: 1626331400140.jpg ( 71.83 KB , 800x534 , hand-bullet-semi-automatic….jpg )

Here, have a pill to rid yourself off your brainworms.


It's you who are engaging in pure idealism. "Materialism" won't rid the air of methane and CO2, won't remove the plastic from the oceans or regrow the Amazon rainforest. "Materialism" is not magic, moron.




I already did? The simple belief in an ideology won't solve the myriad of problems that will break down civilization in a decade or so


I said that you need a materialist mindset to solve these problems, you are tearing down strawman arguments, which ignore what i said.

There is a huge untapped energy potential in ocean floor geothermal energy near the tectonic plate edges, that could be used to recharge Ammonia based fuel cell cargo ships and for direct thermal CO2 capture from ocean water. Heating water to make CO2 drop out of solution is crude, but it's really simple and can be done on epic scales if your heat source is the mantel of a planet. Likewise Ammonia fuel cells aren't new but they can be made huge and cheap enough to compete with LNG powered ships. Ocean floor geothermal can reuse deep sea drilling equipment.


Source on the feasibility of any of this?


No, I'm not. You think that just because you can see something working, it will work, as if applying a materialist mindset to a problem to come up with a solution suddenly makes that solution attainable in any way. It doesn't.

The problem is that every bloomer faggot in this thread refuses to address and ignores the simple problem of what happens between "now" and "then"; between the quickly destabilizing and breaking down of all ecological process (which are hardly limited to climate change), and this sudden dreamland where there everyone seems to be focusing a majority of the resources into fixing the environment. Do you think the climate will stop getting worse and patiently waiting while your glorious revolution sweeps across the globe? Do you think the capitalists, out of respect for you, will stop accelerating the destruction and exhaustion of all ecological and natural resources?

Get it into your thick skull: unless your supposed revolutionary committee or whatever takes power TOMORROW, the problems they will have to deal with won't be the problems that plague us today. They will orders of magnitude worse by then.


anon falls tragically to defeatism, many such cases


File: 1626383430131.png ( 268.27 KB , 557x605 , when the diallects sublate….png )

>points out the dismissive attitude that pervades the bloomer faggots itt
<bloomer faggot doesn't address it, but rather keeps dismissing
Like pottery


ok buffoon


Cry harder, retard


File: 1626416047252.jpg ( 107.12 KB , 1080x1080 , 705ee97895748c43308ae51770….jpg )

Shoot them.


File: 1626423671918.jpg ( 51.28 KB , 682x891 , toohard.jpg )

So you agree that there are doable technical solutions for reversing climate change, and that the problem is just that capitalism isn't doing it. You also have a scientific mix up, the time tables for doing Carbon sinking are much longer. If we can sink a good chunk of the excess carbon by the end of the century we're good. You were talking about carbon neutral time tables, which is a different thing.

Your doomerism is caused by thinking capitalism is an immovable object. Which is another problem that is caused by idealism. When we strip back all the layers of your sentiment, you are basically just saying "Action is very hard." You are like the opposite of the "just do-it" meme guy


>So you agree
No, I don't.

Mind addressing any of my points or are you just going to keep handwaving away like the fagot that you are?


Climate Crisis without any mass action won't end capitalism, if you think a collapse will be able to end an economic system without any people participating in a movement your an idiot. Capitalism can survive destruction of capital, mass loss of life, destruction of land, and even reductions in GDP. It did so twice in the last century, it can do so once in this one.


>Capitalism can survive destruction of capital, mass loss of life, destruction of land, and even reductions in GDP. It did so twice in the last century


File: 1626482402022-1.jpg ( 195.41 KB , 1200x1200 , 02-13-dresden-bombing-gett….jpg )

File: 1626482402022-2.png ( 808.41 KB , 1155x648 , conversation-flu-header.png )



The world wars were a boom for capitalism, retard. Also, the influenza death toll is nothing compared to what ecological collapse would cause.


i have a theory that glowies are behind this tide of defeatism and this idea that we should just simply surrender to "inevitability"


File: 1626510305808.png ( 39.69 KB , 427x400 , 1625511347626.png )

Of course it's glowies. Ban'em!


>No positive news at all
<Meanwhile there is a great deal of bad news everyday


That's a matter of perspective, China's rise is good news, and unaddressed contradictions in western society (or the world in general) suggest a revolution may well come at some time. Also, growing numbers of young people are becoming radicalised.


There are dozens of dead Philippine Armed Forces conscripts. Dozens!


No capitalism is already on artificial life support, if a big crisis damages too much of society to uphold this artificial life support capitalism will go away.


File: 1626514187361.png ( 423.44 KB , 950x599 , 1626465868695 (1).png )

Cuba resisted the US imperialist CIA backed coup.
That's good news.


>everyone that disagree with me is a fed
Grow up faggot


America is an empire in decay


File: 1626541490775.jpg ( 37.24 KB , 828x605 , 18465695004.jpg )

Soon frens


>China's rise is good news
<the rise of capitalistic dictatorship is good news
The absolute state of bloomer faggots


China has capitalism but they're not a bourgeois dictatorship, therefore they can keep porky in check, and Comrade Xi is making moves away from the free market economy and towards socialism.


Doesn't matter if you are a fed or not, you act like a fed.


>has capitalism
<not a bourgeois dictatorship, tho
Being a retard seems to be a requirement to being a climate bloomer, it seems


>disagreeing with me is acting like a fed
Grow up, faggot.


all i want is a hug


File: 1626569805984.png ( 46.24 KB , 591x646 , Screenshot 2021-07-17 at 2….png )

socialism with Chinese characteristics everyone
>No capitalism is already on artificial life support
Its been that way for 90 years


>Its been that way for 90 years
It really hasn't. The rate of degradation has definitely picked up since 2008


>An actual good analysis
>Barely any replies
You always disappoint me /leftypol/



It still needs that one cocky move that will backfire as fuck and it will be obvious to everyone


>the nuclear energy revolution

Nah. Not going to happen any time soon. the real revolution is photovoltaics.


Photovotaics are a scam. They extremely expensive to make, require very hard to extract minerals (that means more exploitation, coups in the global south like the one they tried to pull in Bolivia and the Playstation Wars), extremely dependent on location, and are inefficient as fuck even in optimal circumstances


>They extremely expensive to make
this is not true


Yes it is.


File: 1626624272605.jpg ( 47.88 KB , 724x750 , cat-hug.jpg )

>all i want is a hug
here you go


There are beta decay cells which technically use nuclear photovoltaics


Still waiting one (1) good news in this thread.


solar is the cheapest for of energy out there


That's more of a nuclear source. When people say "photovoltaic", they mean solar panels.


>solar is the cheapest for of energy out there
Currentlyyou need a battery bank to run it, and that makes it expensive.
If you look at the actual real world cost to have electricity delivered, then things like nuclear power, hydro power, geothermal, and concentrated solar thermal are the cheapest sources of power at the moment.
>That's more of a nuclear source. When people say "photovoltaic", they mean solar panels.
A beta decay cell is a sandwich of photo electric converters and nuclear material. This works like a solar panels except it turns photons in the Xray spectrum into electricity instead of the visual spectrum. It's also wrong to say solar power isn't nuclear, because the sun is a nuclear reactor to.
It's also wrong to say nuclear power plants aren't solar, because all the fissionable materials are produced in supernovas.


>semantics: the copening


File: 1626706873463.png ( 175.71 KB , 1024x504 , element-sources-1024x504.png )

>all the fissionable materials are produced in supernovas.
Sorry for being a smartass.


File: 1626800321828-0.jpg ( 31.84 KB , 590x327 , 1626755497633.jpg )

File: 1626800321828-1.png ( 672.91 KB , 1274x938 , 1626752048693-0.png )

File: 1626800321828-2.png ( 102.21 KB , 318x393 , 1626752048693-3.png )

Shitcoin is continuing its fall and /biz/ is shitting itself.


File: 1626800395165-0.png ( 116.33 KB , 292x541 , 1626752048693-2.png )

File: 1626800395165-1.png ( 76.64 KB , 301x410 , 1626752048693-1.png )

File: 1626800395165-2.png ( 80.3 KB , 303x522 , 1626751956439-0.png )



Good, fuck ANCAPS.


File: 1626800482738-0.png ( 27.09 KB , 975x362 , 1626719582685-0.png )

File: 1626800482738-1.mp4 ( 3.78 MB , 640x304 , 1626719582685-1.mp4 )

Also a funny side story:


File: 1626808215565.png ( 161.96 KB , 499x361 , 1617218608854.png )

>Dropping a massive whitepill for you bloomerbros
>China's central bank will–
Stopped reading. GTFO, Dengoid!!!


>RMB slowly replacing USD as the world currency
Based, thanks for the good news.


File: 1627414068834.jpg ( 22.34 KB , 363x272 , redrising.jpg )

Just a reminder that class consciousness is on the rise, don't let anybody fool you, into believing it isn't so.


Nah, most zoomers are either libs or fash.


> Xi is going full capitalist
I knew that Vinnie the Pooh could not be trusted.




Try talking to your neighbors who still brandish Trump 2020 flags everywhere and think he'll personally save their asses from one imaginary threat or another.


He's demonstrably correct though.


plus polish slave laborers


File: 1627615443878-0.jpg ( 75.5 KB , 660x294 , Gp2.jpg )

File: 1627615443878-1.png ( 164.08 KB , 750x532 , Literacy-Rate-by-Generatio….png )

File: 1627615443878-2.png ( 134.32 KB , 750x534 , Rising-Education-Around-th….png )

Public schooling, a socialist program now considered an essential part of every civilized society has all but eradicated illiteracy worldwide and freed the masses from illiteracy while improving the productivity of all.


The masses have proved in the past century that they were equal to the task and their task masters themselves; further exploding the myth of racial or any other form of inequality that damages and denigrates universal human dignity.

The drag remains among elder populations who did not enjoy even a 'basic' education in the previous century or who were poisoned by lead and soot sodden air. But their children will never be denied their voice by the poverty of illiteracy again.

Knowledge of a better world makes that better world possible, and access to the written word accelerates and eases organization of the working class through transmission of that knowledge.

Because of this achievement; a universal public good ensured at public expense for public benefit; the world is ripe and able to read and write the following.

Let the so called 'superior class' and 'masters' of the world tremble, the people have a world to win and nothing to lose but their chains.


File: 1627616598493-0.jpg ( 108.63 KB , 640x480 , squidward-looks-like-lenin….jpg )

File: 1627616598493-1.png ( 329.88 KB , 500x1352 , i-will-restore-the-working….png )

File: 1627616598493-3.jpg ( 100.67 KB , 960x540 , gpt1rk1mfmh51.jpg )

File: 1627616598493-4.jpg ( 318.13 KB , 1080x3249 , 0609d8220b9c0adb808e62eaba….jpg )



Take a casual visit through 4chan, Facebook, Reddit, etc.


of course spaces filled with shut-in losers lean heavily to the right, but "normal" people dont post on 4chan or reddit. facebook is used exclusively by people 30 years or older.
the VAST majority of zoomers are some flavor of liberal, many are disillusioned with politics


File: 1627657079037.jpeg ( 482.43 KB , 1024x681 , workers party of belgium.jpeg )

The Belgian worker's party (Parti du Travail de Belgique) had 2/150 chamber of representative seats in 2014, and 12/150 in 2019. They had 4/89 seats in the Brussels parliament in 2014, and 11/89 in 2019. They had 2/75 seats in Walloon's parliament in 2014, and 10/75 seats in 2019. They have a seat in Belgium's European parliament.

Their popularity exploded after COVID-19 and the fact that an openly Marxist party has a place in the European parliament goes to show how Marxism is no longer taboo. The Worker's party has realized that worker outreach and hiding any overtly communist symbols is good for getting elected.

[spoiler]Voting is mandatory in belgium, so some of the voters might be memeing by voting for communists[/spoiler]



Which means they are just libs, just like 99% of "left-wing" zoomers.
Sooner then later your friend will discover some alt-right youtube channel and go full fash, just watch.


they are building thorium reactors
Atomic Age, round two
seems like this time it's gonna stick


File: 1627745358417.jpg ( 71.83 KB , 800x534 , The best pill.jpg )

>Loser continues to doom around
>When asked for evidence, gives basically "dude, trust me, it's ogre."
Take the pill in pic related.


I'm not dooming, just being realistic about this. Zoomers are left to a smaller extent then other generations, all while almost every leftist group is either larpers or just a government honeypot.


Bro zoomers are massively slanted towards the left and even the radical left to a decent extent, go outside.


dude just look at this link to a kym comments thread that proves zoomers love hitler and the left is doomed


Tell me this is sarcasm. Because if not, you have seriously fallen for the spectacle.


File: 1627764658633.png ( 1.19 MB , 1010x1200 , 1621973786925.png )

>I'm not dooming, just being realistic about this
<Said every doomer ever
You disingenuous gaslighting fuck! If you truly believe, it's ogre, why don't you just take the pill as I have suggested. Do I need to help you take it?


File: 1627883616793.jpg ( 73.23 KB , 1098x582 , worldmapred.jpg )

In our lifetimes we will probably see the rise of socialism in many countries in the world. Even many first world countries will go red.

Rejoice !


File: 1627892684458.jpg ( 67.07 KB , 610x340 , topten_poverty_onpage.jpg )

Covid Aid Bill (Direct checks to the people, federal unemployment aid, increase to food stamps, and child tax credit increases) or government intervention to serve the interests of the poorest instead of the richest lowered US poverty by 45% from 2018 levels in less than year; most amount on record.

'Having poverty is a policy choice.' - NYTimes



I don't think so, but thanks anyway.


That's what I want. Plus, America would be retaken by the natives and that's great. Everyone's going to speak Navajo.


Sadly this is no longer the case. Majority of zoomers are heavily slanted towards the far-right. The remaining lesser half does lean towards left but its usually lib left and not real socialism.
>Do I need to help you take it?
The fact that you are reacting with empty threats on an image board made for refugees from a bigger image board that rejected you is kind of a sign in on itself. If socialism was popular would you be really posting HERE?


Can someone screencap this? Paywall.




blood and soil ideology is still bad, even when indigenous
>capitalist media platforms don't like socialism, therefore socialism isn't popular
i very much doubt your reasoning


>i very much doubt your reasoning
Then you haven't seen Brazil and the whole Car Wash debacle.


that was socdems


The point exactly.


File: 1627927896561-0.png ( 187.17 KB , 844x1580 , Screen-Shot-2020-08-31-at-….png )

File: 1627927896561-1.jpg ( 363.68 KB , 1400x1427 , INFOGRAPHIC-Males-Divided-….jpg )

Sources or you're blowing smoke/affirming the consequent. You can't just 'declare your own facts' to be true.

Not 'real left' but true 'far right' ->No true scotsman.

Again, data and sources or STFU.

>>>>Back to /pol/


File: 1627931471721.png ( 93.07 KB , 645x729 , 1627845520352-0.png )

>The more I repeat my same debunked NPC bot talking points, the true-er they gets
Unironically kys.


>according to the trotskautist, radlibs are leftwing
No surprise there


Maybe white male zoomers but…the ones who are conservative and far-right don't really do much. They just annoy people online. You need quality bodies and the far-right just doesn't have that quality.
>Tl;dr poorfags are who are leftist are typically more physically fit than poorfags who are rightiods.


>You need quality bodies and the far-right just doesn't have that quality.
You haven't been paying attention at all, have you?


File: 1627936227867.jpg ( 535.03 KB , 739x739 , 278c87bf4c6cab6b1a61f11770….jpg )

Schizo, stop talking to yourself.


paid attention to what?


The schizo is talking to himself and projects his ignorance on you as a coping mechanism.


We've been attracting a whole lot of schizos here lately. Are they offended that some image board goes against the drudge of boring ass rightist image board culture?


Beats me. Mods are just being useless idiots as always. Those schizos should be bullied and banned.


> capitalist platofrms own and control socialist groups
There, fixed it for ya.
> pee research center
> just trust me bro this capitalist-owned think tank never lies
> revolution is just around the corner, just trust me bro
Majority of working class poorfags are literally right-wing.


Repeating yourself doesn't make your reality real. Stop being a schiziod. You can't just magic facts into reality, they have to be real to be facts and you have nothing to substantiate your claims.


>This evidence is fake, believe me, bro. I can't debunk it apart from adhom
>Meanwhile take my empty claims of the political state of the working class at face value.
>I-I'm gonna, I'm gonna strawmaaaaan!


> posts a bourgie think tank as source
> nooo you can't just hecking point out that my source is literally a bunch of musings from delusional tonedeaf boomers.


You are excessively boring.


> no counter-argument
> muh sources
Take your deboonker posting back to /pol/


>Make a claim
>Provides no real reason to believe anything you say
Have you ever tried using your mind instead of your feelings for once? It's rather liberating actually being able to critically think about things. You don't have to think like a 4channer, you don't have to take the MUH SOURCES BAD ONLY INTUITION GOOD stances seriously. You don't have to impress anyone. Stop being a faggot and stop letting FAGGOTs fuck your ass


You are the one who made the claim that left is popular among zoomers, but provided zero evidence other then retarded adhominem attacks.


>anyone that doesn't agree with me is a shizo
Grow up


You're excessively retarded


That's because that's all they have.


File: 1628180551436.png ( 13.68 KB , 1030x1415 , soc-fist.png )

Capitalism will give way to socialism, not neo-feudalism. Many people have become so mentally accustomed to analyzing what capitalists do that they lost the ability to imagine a world without them. Don't trust their judgement.

Feudal societies, and or cast societies can only exist during agrarianism.
Big corporations and large financial institutions will loose their power when the profit rate falls below a critical threshold.
These were institutions build for a mode of production that is slowly fading away, and with the changing material conditions their power will fade away as well.

You must begin preparing the working classes, so that they may be ready, for when the switch to a socialist mode of production becomes necessary.


We will win! o7


We have in front of us the most important task that mankind has ever been given, and the most important task we can envision today. Our ancestors died for us and we will die in turn for our children. We must and we will contribute our heart and soul to the great struggle that unites us. We will achieve the full potential of our species. To wield class power is a sacred act. Communism is the pinnacle of human achievement and the calling of mankind's true heroes! All lesser forms of being will crumble before the boundless font of proletarian might.


File: 1628268105597.jpeg ( 38.81 KB , 888x499 , 5ismf0.jpeg )

Excellent comrade. Demoralizing rhetoric is counterrevolutionary and cowardly and those who propagate such false propaganda belong only in one place (pic related).


> revolution in two weeks comrade, only little more to wait!


File: 1628442859874.png ( 126.8 KB , 601x508 , 1531374562469.png )

>Ha, they'll never see this strawman coming, I'm so clever.


Bitching about capitalism on an image board won't send anyone into GULAG. But you are not going to do shit. Capitalists own you and will slave you to death.


You just lost the ideological battle, the communists are the good guys in your story. You used our frame of reference that says the exploitation of workers is a bad thing. This is how we will win.


Every losing side in history called itself the good guys.
In order wo win, you need numbers, money, weapons and a lot of fighting-age men ready to die for the cause. You know, like Reds in Russian or Chinese civil wars.
You have none of that.
Its not that your side is right or wrong, it is the fact that your side is inconsequential. You aren't even going to "lose" because losing implies at least an attempt to win, which not a single one of you chucklefucks would ever do. Either elites are overthrown and you will bleat about "fascists" or elites will remain in place.. and you will bleat about "capitalists".
But in either case you won't do shit.


I'm one of those people who started using Linux this year. Fuck Micro$oft and fuck proprietary software.


What will it win and by when?


Capitalist states will eventually "virtualize" everything abstract like how valuable money and firms are and enforce scarcity against everything real in order to sidestep the falling rate of profit entirely by just retreating to a fantasy land everyone will be forced to join. Labor won't determine value anymore, just whatever the state makes up on whim.


Quintillions in profits for the sinobourgeoisie and the stunning revelation in theory that socialism is actually just capitalists doing philanthropy, by 2050.


File: 1628493590991.gif ( 167.36 KB , 498x495 , dancing-tux-gnu.gif )

>your side is inconsequential
that's what they want you to believe
that's great, good job anon, now your task is to learn about how it works, start out trying learning a little bit about the command line, you can find very good videos on the you tubes, but there is also good websites with written tutorials if you prefer that. Just make sure to go slow, focus on one nugget of knowledge at the time.
>fantasy will override reality
nah it won't reality asserts it self, always


File: 1628505046735.png ( 266.92 KB , 576x698 , bc88689c7560182a727d6c0505….png )

>your side is inconsequential.
If that were the case, porkies wouldn't have ramped-up anti-communist propaganda and McCarthyism anew.
They are concerned alright.

Kys, doomer.


>Either elites are overthrown
By whom lol


> that's what they want you to believe
It is inconsequential.
Even Q-tard boomers attempted a coup, while majority of socialists are just pudgie libs who will never do shit or tankie laprers that only remain active on anonymous image boards.
>If that were the case, porkies wouldn't have ramped-up anti-communist propaganda and McCarthyism anew.
I'd assume that sooner then later an anti-elite populist force will arise, but you won't like it.


File: 1628623264173.jpg ( 46.91 KB , 797x807 , demoraliser.jpg )

Why do you do this, i mean trying to figure out what to say to people to get them demoralized, obviously what you say isn't true, but what's interesting is your motivation for attempting this. Do you enjoy it or Is it a compulsion ?




It's his job as a glowie to demoralise us.

Even after multiple reports mods refuse to ban him for constant derailing.


File: 1628627990317.png ( 232.68 KB , 800x764 , 601c9cff0271d0a39d63d1ee91….png )

Fuck, why doesn't the embedded link auto-remove after post? So annoying.

Meant to post picture related.


>Thinking the Capitol Picnic was an attempted Coup
You’ve really fallen for the spectacle, haven’t you?


That video is kinda embarrassingly a projection, you know with the US having all those private prisons, and causing all those food shortages via sanctions, and the declining lifespans in the neoliberal zones.

I think i read somewhere the report function in the post menu may be broken and you have to go to the meta board or the matrix chat


I wonder why the backdrop at 1:41 doesn't include mao kek


File: 1628831130654-0.jpg ( 44.59 KB , 650x300 , opt-fut.jpg )

File: 1628831130654-1.jpg ( 62.63 KB , 480x360 , mental hygine.jpg )

I've been reading alot of posts that are talking about collapse
human society is not going to collapse.
only capitalism will collapse
human society will transition to socialism.

beware of capitalist realism, it might have crept into your brain without you knowing about it, please perform mental hygiene.



This thread is way too optimistic. Climate realism is reality while socialist optimism is hopium.


File: 1628832108187.jpg ( 111.23 KB , 1200x675 , moongirl.jpg )

>This thread is way too optimistic
Oh good, so if we correct for your doom-bias, it means it's realistic, i guess the thread wants to send you it's thanks for the endorsement


Even if completely understood, people will still reject socialism when they realize it means working with minorities.


the racism is artificially pushed by capitalism, and it will wither away, however if i had to guess, people would probably still sort them self into homogeneous groups
>Socialism will win
>stuff happening with the mods
the capitalists crashed their financial system, not that long ago, so shut up


CIA Stories: The Cuban Who Conned the CIA

This is an uplifting story how a Cuban glowie foiled a regime-change plan.

It's excellent work by Abby Martin


File: 1629796449492.jpg ( 95.97 KB , 944x755 , unionized coffee.jpg )


>The workers at Colectivo Coffee voted Monday to unionize and will become the largest unionized coffee chain in the country. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 494 Business Manager Dean Warsh announced Monday that the vote passed 106-99 in favor of unionizing. “Colectivo Coffee workers have worked diligently for the opportunity to have their voices heard,” He continued, saying that the workers’ union can now move forward with plans to help employees with their first negotiated contract. “We hope that the courage and hard work that Colectivo Coffee workers put into this victory inspires others in the hospitality/service industry to Organize a Union at their workplace!”


File: 1629804460977.jpg ( 108.3 KB , 763x809 , f88b353d646b1f1c14636dac37….jpg )

>Voot to unionise
>Typical Burger brain
Just unionise and make people join up, idiots!




File: 1629816789996.png ( Spoiler Image, 344.94 KB , 526x666 , 20764a32a3f3b3cbe8836b9bbe….png )



File: 1629817006352.jpeg ( 189.92 KB , 2048x1219 , 4c3f241f7feee03ba65c25150….jpeg )

Dying will reduce the carbon footbrint.
Hurry up so we can brotect the combanies brofits.

Only through induvidual ebbrot can we defeat the evil blastic bags.


This is not a shitposting thread, dude


File: 1629832223042.jpg ( 59.89 KB , 640x640 , IMG_20210712_175659_457.jpg )

Stop strawmanning, dumbass.
We know, it's always been the crapitalists causing the most pollution all along.


File: 1629832399326.png ( 324.92 KB , 1080x1079 , Its crapitalism.png )

Ah shit, meant to post this


>the racism is artificially pushed by capitalism
Literally any major corporation in the West can't shut the fuck up about how multicultural and anti-racist it is.
You are so fucking delusional, that even touching grass wouldn't help you.
Take meds.


>Thinking that the corporations aren’t virtue signaling
>Thinking the antiracism extends outside the metropole


it's way worse than that, they actively say that because they hire a few token brown people, it's now ok for all the other brown people to be cast aside into one of the many sacrifice pits. It's the racialist neoliberal ark, where it's ok to let people drown as long as a few specimen of each "model" are saved.


lol you're falling for the propaganda

and pissed off at others for seeing through it


You are a fucking retard

>Corporations do not pay less to minorities

>Corporations don't pollute much more in the 3rd world
>Corporations do not evade taxes in the 3rd world
>Corporations do not abolish unions based on racial differences
>Corporations did not support regime changes

Good thing they have an advert using a black guy though, totally not racist!


>people would probably still sort them self into homogeneous groups
I don't understand why would anyone want that happen among racial lines, if you segregate communities based on racial lines that means you would have to share your community with literal subhumans like hippies, vegans, religiontards, anime autists, etc. just because they are of the same race as you.

I want segregation based on culture and preferences. Fuck share a community with people like I mentioned above.


Technically he is correct, partially at least.


File: 1630516257379-0.jpg ( 552.78 KB , 2000x1125 , gettyimages-585757468_wide….jpg )

File: 1630516257379-1.jpg ( 49.62 KB , 700x438 , blovpnmwps411.jpg )

File: 1630516257379-2.png ( 227.94 KB , 608x851 , 7.2.21_CasesVaccinated.png )

"3rd conservative radio host who condemned vaccines dies of Covid"

"CDC: Los Angeles Study Found That Unvaccinated Were 29 Times More Likely to be Hospitalized"

It's hardly 50/50. The right wing is conquering itself into an early grave lead by its Red Goat brands 'cultural decisions'.
"The Goat War"


File: 1631427589233.jpg ( 66.33 KB , 805x371 , the political economy of l….jpg )

Good news everyone, labor power will come back


the best part is that labor power will come back in the rest of the world as well.


incredible (not so much) that this retard is taken seriously here.


Well Cockshott has written books, given lectures and even made videos about theory. Do you expect anybody to take your mildly rude one-liner over all that ?


somebody smarter explain to me what cockshott is saying


File: 1631457302424.png ( 137.33 KB , 572x884 , labourpower.png )

Neoliberalism started when capitalists in the western countries realized they could get laborers in Asia that would work for a lower wage than workers in the west. This gave capitalists a lot of negotiating power. Wages in Asia are rising because of industrial development and at the same time people all over the world are having fewer children. The low wage supply is ending because many countries have become more developed and can absorb more workers. People are having fewer children in many places because of the transition from agricultural production to industrial production. In industrialized countries child mortality is lower, and its more expensive to have large families. Lastly the rate of exploitation also has increased which is making people less fertile biologically because of increased stress and exhaustion. Capitalists will loose all that extra power they had during the neoliberal period (which is now ending). And it means that the working class will regain the upper hand and politics will center around labor once again.


Interesting take, but I'd like to question the link between exploitation and falling fertility. Some of the most exploited countries still have relatively high birth rates like India and most of Africa.


File: 1631464501660.jpg ( 31.49 KB , 512x384 , drain.jpg )

ok to be honest i just looked at western statistics and the drop in fertility tracks the rise in exploitation with a small delay. It also kinda correlates with the increase of the service sector, financialisation which my auto-correct wants to change to fictionalization, lol as well as alienation. The Fertility drop below replacement also coincides with the share of the public sector command economy decreasing and the private market economy share increasing, as well as decreasing public housing projects.

India still has a large peasant population that mostly lives off subsistence farming, so agricultural production is still fairly big and that has an impact on fertility. I'm assuming that Africa might have a similar thing going on, but i can't be bothered to look that up.

Do you have a different explanation for the developments in fertility? Keep in mind that it's not a choice. Biological indicators for reproductive health are declining in both sexes. People are less able to have children on a physiological level. Before you say it's environmental pollutants, that is not very likely because pollution has been going down in western countries while fertility has been dropping. People have talked a lot about plastic particles but it doesn't appear to have conclusive science to back it up.


The west merely have the luxury of not engaging in reproduction. Think about human reproduction for a minute, why is it pleasureable to have sex if not as a coercive measure to motivate us to do it? The truth is nobody but a few peopl ewant to have kids because nobody enjoys that degree of respondability, Add to that societal pressure and the previously mentioned coercive nature of sex and you find the reason why people actually engage in reprodiction. The average westernener believes that thabks to automation there is no need for labourers but the truth is without labourers there are no profits, porky knows this which is why they decided to engage in neoliberalism. But these measures are only temporal as the third world also gains the same luxury.


>it's not a problem it's a luxury
<it's not a bug it's a feature

You are a salesman for ruling ideology

No we can rule out that not having kids is a choice that people are making, reproductive health indicators are dropping, that's biology.


I never said it was a feature retard, calling it a luxuryndoesn't mean it is good.


File: 1632558699982.jpg ( 18.73 KB , 500x322 , science food.jpg )

Chinese scientists complete starch synthesis from CO2, revolutionary for agricultural production and promoting carbon neutrality

The world top academic journal Science on Friday published a major breakthrough in the artificial starch synthesis made by a research institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences . The research is the first time in the world to achieve synthesis of starch from carbon dioxide. Scientists believe it will have a revolutionary impact on future agricultural production and bio-manufacturing. The new route made it possible to shift starch production from traditional agricultural cultivation to industrial manufacturing. And it may be possible to satisfy our carbohydrate needs without farming in the future.

Ma Yanhe, director of the Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biology and corresponding author of the paper named "Cell-free chemoenzymatic starch synthesis from carbon dioxide," told media that the institute designed a new pathway of unnatural carbon dioxide fixation and starch synthesis from scratch in an 11-step reaction.

source https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/202109/1235013.shtml

That means in the future we can make booze and pasta from thin air, all the Malthusians will look like morons yet again, and all the billionaires and corporations that did land grabbing just got btfod by a bunch of scientists.

The vegans are going to become breatharians and yell you for murdering plants.


this is completely retarded







Big if true


won't matter if it tastes bad


blue is science/medical in star trek


pretty sure the messy pull-out maneuver in afghanistan was that


>won't matter if it tastes bad
Starch has a distinctive "starchy" taste on it's own, which most people seem to like even-tho we lack the culinary cultural references to notice it consciously.
The laboratory starch won't have lectins (proteins that plants use as insecticide), which might have a health upside because lectins are anti-nutrients, but leaving it out might affect the taste.


Won't elaborate any further honestly.


File: 1633897656120.jpg ( 17.35 KB , 385x317 , unite.jpg )




File: 1677788713991.png ( 52.83 KB , 640x400 , f87fc00ab5f36f9db5f8fb56e1….png )



Most doomerism is mainly premature midlife crisis


tbh this sounds pathetic. If you have to hope for absolute decline to see ypur dreamworld ceeated, ypu probably already lost.

If people can only "revolt" when theyre half an inch towards the edge of a waterfall, that means humans are terribly inefficient.

We should not need tragedies.


Quarter life crisis


These guys think hitting thirty is old age.


Lets go surfin now
Everyones learnin how
Come on a surfin safari with meee……


I think it is pretty comforting that most socialists thought that the young USSR would be doomed if Germany would not follow up (They had the largest socdem, socialist and communist party around that time with the SPD). But USSR won their civil war, developed so rapidly, defend against Nazi Germany and be the second superpower within 30 years and constant besieging. Nowadays they would have it even easier with modern computers and internet to make a fairly sophisticated actual planned economy.


tankies should focus on defending things more. "talks" are manipulative and have always been like that.


>Nowadays they would have it even easier with modern computers and internet to make a fairly sophisticated actual planned economy.
Yeah if the imperial moron-gang sets off WW3, the silver lining will be the unraveling of the global order to the point where another USSR2.0 can rise. And this time around it won't be held back by technological barriers. If capitalism survives that at all, it'll never be able to go beyond social democracy with lots of well-fare, good public services and strong labor protections.

>tankies should focus on defending things more.
Probably yes, a lot of contemporary anti-communism tries to justify it self on the basis of lies about the history of socialism in the 20th century.

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