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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Please come back Rusanon Comrades! Save us from the polyp and lolbert raids.

Я вас категорически приветствую.

- A westoid who misses you.
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Ладно, кого ты предпочитаешь?


>Zyuganov vowed to hold a referendum on replacing the Russian tri-color with the former Soviet flag. Zyuganov claimed that the tri-colored flag had been used by Russian collaborators who fought alongside Germans against the Red army in World War II.

Is this true? If so then Zyuganov might be more based than I thought.


yes, it is. but think about it. this is the maximum KPRF can do. they are only about cosmetic changes. Even if the government decides to change the flag, russia will still be an oligarchy. symbols can't change the system




> some grifter does cheap populism
> "lefty"/pol/ libs - omg he is so based



File: 1628516521841.jpg ( 223.04 KB , 1125x1903 , 94hwmao1k8f71.jpg )

Can I have this meme in original language?


>Make a joke post about Zyuganov
>Some autist calls you a lib for a having a sense of humor

Do you seriously think you have what it takes to be a revolutionary? You have to actually have some charisma for that bud.


Weird strawman, shit meme.


It looks like "Ahmid i yego druzya" or a parody on him. i think i have seen this meme on vk


File: 1628517254982.jpg ( 524.86 KB , 939x1512 , 1UX1FluiMxs.jpg )



Not even antifeminist or LGBT, these people are just vampires that destroy labor movements and turn it into idpol


You are just autist who is butthurt because no one laughed at your shitty joke.



Yes basically. Idpol in Russia is more radcon instead of radlib. Still shit, but instead of horseshit, it's dogshit.

We have to take the dprkpill on this one and completely decommodify ethnicity and erotics, and go further with the latter and de-identitarianize it.


Could you explain a bit further?


I'm interested too in an elaboration, what do you mean by decommodifying ethnicity and erotics and what does the DPRK have to do with this?



Decommodification of erotics means abolishing the selling of any erotic services, including prostitution, pornography, eroticized adverts, etc.

Decommodification of identity means preventing identity markers (food, clothes, films, etc.) from being conpetiticely sold for profit. It is more difficult to accomplish, but banning advertising goes a long way toward this, as well as debranding any items tgat have ethnic content.

De-idententitarianizing erotics means that erotic relationships between are not promoted/taught as identities a person has that either innate or constructed. Instead they are merely activities one engages in. Eg. No one identifues themselves at present a snonstampcollectorist. Eg. No one at present identifues themselvrs as a cancunite when it comes to favorite holiday travel destination.

See video for info how the DPRK handles these issues.


I understand everything except the de-identitarianizing erotics explanation. I don't think I understood correctly, but do you mean for example the concepts of a top and a bottom/dom and sub? Or something else. That's just as example btw, something that I imagine qualifies as identities of eroticism, but again I don't think I understood correctly.


The last two make no sense tbh


I understand your frustration, trust me on this one, revenge doesn't make you whole. revenge on Gorbachev won't change the fact the USSR fell. And even in the revolution, what exact support will he get? Man's likely to flee from Russia and go live in another country while the west milks him to say anti-communist shite.

The best revenge is to live a better life than that of your enemies. Focus on laying bricks on houses, not bullets through skulls.



I am not that familiar with the terms you used; As far as I am aware dom and sub is a kind of bdsm fetish, right? No idea what top and bottom mean, but I presume its the same?

If so indeed the idea applies. Assuming that the associated behaviour take place at all under socialism, there would not exist such terminology and associated subculture to construct an identity on the basis of.

That is why I mentionned nonstampcollectorists and cancunites. At present there does not exist an identity for people who do not collect stamps nor one for people who like to vacation in Cancun.

Under socialism ideally the same would be true for erotic behaviour: Eg. If a woman happens to engage in erotic behaviour with another woman, this will not imply any underlying identity as lesbian.

The ultimate goal is to reduce as much as possible the potential social antagonism/competition that could arise on such a basis, and more importantly to have people as much as possible think of each other more in terms of conrades than a plethora of identities. Especially when it comes to eros, those are very intimate matters and so belong in the personal domain.

The radlib and the radcon so fixated on such personal issues are two sides of the same bobo coin.



My experience with vengence is that it brings a deep emotional peace.

I think to deny the Soviet peoples this would be a grave insult to them and the memory of their ancestors.

At this point, more excess deaths hace occured due to the destruction of tge Soviet Union on its territory than from the great patriotic war.

The gorbachev family, whether we like it or not, thus owes a portion of a very large blood debt. It must be paid in full for the people to be able to heal.


Now I understand what you mean, though another thing I'm interested in is how would this process be enacted as organically as possible? The video you posted is good to understand more specifically what you mean but for example how do you achieve this? I understand that in the case of the DPRK a big influence is probably simply cultural aspects of North Korean society, such as the lack of prominent displays of afection that don't go beyond a hug or holding hands. But how could this be implemented in other countries, particularly western countries?



This a question I don't believe I can answer since I am of the opinion that the western countries are headed towards barbarism of one form or another rather than socialism.

My starting point tends to be a third world country like Ghana or Mali, wherein internet penetration is lower to strat with. A non-exhaustive list:

A first step would be s switch to an intranet and a strong state monopoly on foreign trade (both of which have to be done anyways for economic and security reasons) along with boosting the armed forces in order to enforce such. This facilitates the practical enforcement of the ban on commodification.

Then the education reform, sex education would take a highly biological basis, emphasizing the difference between sex (which is reproductive) and erotics (which is passion or lust based). In moral education, love will be taught as a virtue without much focus on specific gendered coupling.

Religious institutions encouraging violence will be heavily fined or shut down. Parades in will generally be banned outside of those that are say patriotic in nature.


These (among others) should help reduce idpol tensions with time, hopefully rapidly.


Very interesting suggestions, would probably work well in a country not too plagued by idpol as you mention.



Thank you. I really detest idpol and culture war (its brands competing for market share), and that is what pushed me to think of how to eliminate/reduce via via structural real material changes.


So did any Rusanons pick this side to visit?


What's going on with kazakhstan right now my dudes?


Forgot Link


File: 1631169250365.jpg ( 855.73 KB , 858x1257 , l.jpg )

Any Rusanon has this book's pdf?


File: 1631169317806.pdf ( 3.52 MB , 204x300 , 1622_2.pdf )

I could only find he first 5 pages



Anymore news on this?

Afaik Kazakhstan was fairly stable into the mid 2010 because of explosive oil prices, but its economy has slowed down a lot since.


So it seems that the KPRF is alleging massive vote fraud;

That said there is a first past the post component to the russian electoral system, ergo we might therefore expect a massively skewed seat result. Moreover turnout was quite low at 50%ish of the population.


as in they think they got more?



Its more that they believe United Russia got far less votes (ie. ballot stuffing of some kind).


кто-нибудь пожалуйста!
Я ищу песню.
Я помню только пару слов,
"Не ____ (обижайте?) Советский Союза!"
"вы не знаете границы? Знаем."
"Смерть __ (империи?) колония рабство!"
этих слов от какой-то речь, Ну я не помню какой.


Woa shit youtube thumbnails are not working! This is under investigation. They should be proxied but aren't.


File: 1649797007762.png ( 8.47 KB , 800x533 , ClipboardImage.png )

>White-blue-white flag
Kek what's this astroturfed shit, is this seen as something serious in Russia?

<The white-blue-white flag is an anti-war symbol created by removing the red from the Russian flag. According to anti-war protestors, the red represented blood and violence, and the flag attempts to evocate the legacy of the Novgorod Republic as an example of democracy.

It's like if they had some of those belarus nazi-collaborationist flags spare, changed the color and went along with it


>T-t-there's no anti-war movement in Russia. Babushkas love losing their sons for the glory of Stalin.


It's just that it's too suspicious. Are you Russian?


Are you?


I'm not you retard that's why I'm asking


Why does it matter if I'm Russian. Is there something about the Russian character that makes them not give a fuck if their sons die over bullshit?


File: 1650123697926-0.jpg ( 263.75 KB , 904x1280 , 1650053024471-0.jpg )

File: 1650123697926-1.jpg ( 151.86 KB , 865x1079 , 1650053024471-1.jpg )

The newest creation of the ukrainian propaganda - a poster depicting russian opposition as orcs or some shit saying:
<"They are now crying, repenting and saying: 'We want peace, Russia without Putin!' DON'T BELIEVE THEM! Moskals are and always will be imperialists!"

It's a remake of a soviet poster from 1945 saying:

>"They are now smiling at you, bowing and shouting: 'Hitler Kaput!' DON'T BELIEVE THEM! THE GERMANS ARE BEASTS!"

So much for "democatic and liberal" Ukraine, lmao


Do you guys remember the girl who interrupted TV news on Pervy kanal with anti-war poster? She was praised even by Zelensky himself.
Well, she's now "russian propagandist" according to ukrainian media. Why? Because she said that the Putin's regime is guilty in the war but not the russian people (or something like that). And ukrainian activists are trying to get her fired from her job in Die Zeit (where they gave her a job after she was fired from Pervy kanal.)

Ukronazis really aren't different from american radlibs lmfao


Ofc anyone who believes in democracy under liberalism is fooling themselves. Powerful elites manufacturer consent of the population through financial power and the education system, media, etc etc.

Ukraine is just getting a bit desperate it appears. Interesting that painting your opposition as Nazis is going to be a propoganda tactic going forward though. Leftists need to do a better job codifying and understand Nazis and fascism in the first place because this is kind of our fault over all for letting Nazism get turned into "anyone who does violence"


File: 1650199150802.jpg ( 510.37 KB , 1132x1472 , vc0AyfGgTHU.jpg )



>Leftists need to do a better job codifying and understand Nazis and fascism in the first place because this is kind of our fault over all for letting Nazism get turned into "anyone who does violence"
What's wrong with the Marxist codification which goes: Fascism is mask-off, turbo-reactionary imperial finance capitalism ?
<the open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary, most chauvinistic and most imperialist elements of finance capital.

The liberal media was releasing articles about Ukraine having a problem with fascism, showing pictures of them wearing swastikas and other Nazi symbols, until recently. The liberals don't have a coherent definition of fascism, but they were still able to recognize these ones, especially since they basically copied the Nazi aesthetic. What got in the way was their opportunism.


There's nothing wrong with that analysis the issue is that leftists don't understand that.




But did you add anything to the discussion that was concluded over a year ago?

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