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Please come back Rusanon Comrades! Save us from the polyp and lolbert raids.

Я вас категорически приветствую.

- A westoid who misses you.


I'm also not Russian but I think I can speak for the leftypol masses when I say that we love our beautiful Russians and want to give them big, brotherly socialist fraternal kisses. Isn't that right, folks?


что происходит с сюзным государством? батька пойдёт на уступки?



Honestly, they tend to raise the level of discourse.

Because as much as the marxism is a minority worldview in Russia, and that the level of discourse could still be a lot better there, it's still heavens and earth better compared to the absolute dumpster fire that is the discourse in the "western left".

Certain kinds of bullshit simply don't pass very well there thanks to the direct experience of the Soviet Union and its intellectual legacies.

That being said I am still sad that Boris Yulin and Andrey Rudoy are separated. Icrievertim. Mom and Dad pls dont fite :'(



I don't know man. It's been 20+ years. The problem the entrenched interests of the russian bourgeoisie. And the Russian security apparatuses are bit too cucked by them defacto (Union state with Belarus is geopolitically completely rational after all; That it hasn't happened to this day suggests the cuckholdery is pretty intractable)


>Because as much as the marxism is a minority worldview in Russia, and that the level of discourse could still be a lot better there, it's still heavens and earth better compared to the absolute dumpster fire that is the discourse in the "western left".
Probably because we have shitload of literature and films from USSr times, so it's easier to pick up marxist and communist theory from the get go. And just general knowledge about Soviet Union.

>That being said I am still sad that Boris Yulin and Andrey Rudoy are separated. Icrievertim. Mom and Dad pls dont fite :'(

Durevestnik was always meh and given his "comrades" from Souz Marxistov and his general ineptitude towards subject he discusses, it was coming for a long time. And it's not like it's just Yulin. Rudoy shat himself publically with his video about Trotsky and only lazy didn't pick that video apart.


As of now, it is dead for all practical purposes.


Not another thread. Please fuck off rat. Russians are all mentally ill and have no place on our board(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


wait didn't we have a russian general thread? what happened to that
Hopefully we still have some Russanons lurking on leftypol



Unfortunately it went inactive and died. So I decided to use my newly acquired juche necromantic powers to bring it back.

Bonus: Click on thread embedded for some jazzy Soviet tunes.


Thats a shame to hear, hopefully this thread remains more active.

Thanks for sharing the Soviet jazz, heres an English Jazz version of the Internationale



I tend to agree with you. For some reason the language and cultural barrier really seem to restrict most westoid lefties from accessing FSU views.

You would think that the profligate youtube channels and availability of auto translate would prompt more cross pollination, but it seems like at best Grover Furr or Arch J. Getty might get occasional references.

Still, things have improved at least marginally compared to 10-15 years ago.


File: 1624142518369.jpg ( 57.45 KB , 460x272 , leftypolussr.jpg )

This takes me back.


reminder: there will be an anti-war conference to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the german attack on the SU at 8 pm GMT+2 on june 20th, it's organised by the rebirth of communism guy and is gonna include a few ppl from his party and guys from:
>объединение коммунистов "вперёд"
>tellegram channel 'Робітничий Фронт України | РФУ'
>рабочее дело
(as of june 16th)
I'm not really sure whether he's going to stream on his main channel, so, if it's not on the channel in the embedded video, it'll be on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdQrUSRdy36ZyTiwWKe4-qg



Thanks anon!


I'm not Russian, but will Snowden suffer the same fate as Assange? I mean Snowden help you, didn't he?


Are volga tatars Russian?


Everyone in Russia is russian. Nationalists are destroying harmony between Russia's peoples, they especially ostracize muslims.


Ah like spain, so being russian is a plural nationality?


There’s there word «русские» and «россияне». There’s really no ethnic tension between most of the nationalities in Russia, with chechens and nowadays gostarbeiters from Central Asia the exception. The only people stirring the pot are the so-called liberal opposition (in reality, they are not even liberal for the most part, but nationalistic ultras)




it's starting rn, comments are enabled



Thanks for linking it directly here.

I'll have to wait for it to process on youtube to get the auto-translate.


I am a Russian citizen of tatar ethnicity. I can't really call myself a true Russian without getting a bunch of sarcastic replies.


Ну пускай ты россиянин, а не русский. Сам я индус, хоть на деле живу в США.


Open request: Could someone attempt to translate this video? Auto-trans isn't available for some reason.


I agree with you, but also don't. You'll get the same treatment for mordvins or bashkirs. There's clearly a division between armenians, chechens, georgians and russians, but no such toxicity between russians and tatars, bashkirs, etc. There's memes about Shoigu, but pretty much everyone considers him russian.


Anyone know if Сафронов speaks English?

Would be great to have him and Paul Cickshott in a discussion video.


быть русским это ещё как то славно и почетно но быть россияниным полное дерьмо. Не для нас эта родина.


He is your average porky economist that studies USSR economics, so his opinion is usually shit. He doesn't use any marxian economy concepts.

Dickblast would blast his ass off.


Не советую называть жителей России россиянами. Слово имеет очень негативные коннотации, в немалой степено потому что это слово использовал Беня


Yeah, pretty much. I live in Siberia and can confirm that most ethnicities don't really have any conflict between them and have no trouble considering themselves "russian" in a general sense.


This channel is great. The few translations he does are absolute bangers of "educational" content as far as you can do it in video format. Wish he would translate more vids like vidrel. Is this just my imagination as a non-russian or are your content creators much more anti-popscience than the western counterparts. Especially the western history-youtubers reiterate wikipedia articles while this channel seems to really go somewhat in depth. Am I correct in my assessment or are they average if you actually understand russian?


Isn't he the guy frum prime-numbers? I thought they were good?


Halim alrah is pretty based english speaking youtuber https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGog4JPn5-W3_XIKccENysg He does pretty good exmplanation of marxist theories, even though i disagree a bit about couple of details.


> prime-numbers
If you are talking about the channel of Простые числа, then no that would be Komolov, not Safronov. Though i am not really impressed with Komolov either bu he is better than Safronov.

Also, it would be "simple numbers", not "prime numbers"


>>337020 (me)
My mistake, apparentely Safronov is making videos for Простые числа too. Anywa, my assessment about both of them is that they are bourg economists than primarily use mainstream bourg economy concepts to talk about USSR and planned economy. They have some marxian tidbits here and there, but i wouldn't call them marxian economists like i would Cockshott or Cottrell. We have good youtube channels about marxist philosophy, about history and anthropology, but not about marxian economics.


What would russian anons add to this new multitude article on the russian left


Nope. Russians betrayed the revolution and are more reactionary than USA ever could be.


File: 1624617514661.jpg ( 37.16 KB , 645x387 , 4kzjos.jpg )

shut up, retard


Not very good.
Like it literally takes one of the worst youtube channels as an examples of russian left. And posts complete fuck ups like "tankies R&R" in vk group sections (the rest are not much better). Tankies R&R are idpol shilling liberals who are notoriously shitty at marxists theory.


>Like it literally takes one of the worst youtube channels as an examples of russian left
Which one you talking about?



Honestly I think this assessment is either ignorant or malicious.

The first reason being thst anyone who has degree in economics is going to have learned neoclassical synthesis. Its unavoidable in our present times.

The second reason is that where a marxist economics is taught in any formalized mathematical way, it is almost always an equilibrium borkiewiczian or sraffian derived version that does not and/or cannot reproduce many of marx's conclusions (like the trpf and resulting regular recessions)

But ultimate issue is that the question correct or at minimum useful in any way. There is very empirical work on gosplan and how it actually functionned, and ergo I think Safronov's are at least useful (though likely at least incomplrte consideting the paucity of research).


very simplified but a good introductory material


File: 1624822912278.jpg ( 26.22 KB , 258x385 , Ibnkhattab.jpg )

pic related
based or cringe?
I despise the current liberal Russia.


>we need to use math for the sake of using math
No, we don't.

Safronov is pretty much your usual liberal, just look at one of his last videos about "was there socialism in USSR", if you consider him a communist after than, then you are not one yourself. Listening to a liberal talking about gosplan, you might as well read Conquest about USSR history. Read Strumilin ffs, plenty of actual materials from the times of USSR about the subject.



Again seems malicious or ignorant.

Even the analogy is questionable. Conquest was a cold warrior that relied on testimony and had no archival backup. If Safronov really is just a revisionist liberal economist (say like Robert C. Allen) then an appropriate analogy would be Arch J. Getty or Stephen Wheatcroft. Even so, neither of those authors approve of the USSR.

That said, despite the empty vitriol, thank you nonetheless for mentioning Strumilin. If anyone else has some useful work on Gosplan (especislly with some kind of englush translation availabke do post links).



Despising the liberalism that exists in Russia is good for your health, just as despising liberalism in general is.


Apparently a book on the Stalin era and its contemporary relevance with a large collection of authors is going to be put out soon:


You seem to have no actual argument. But yes, if you insist, he is Getty of economics, instead of Conquest.

>That said, despite the empty vitriol, thank you nonetheless for mentioning Strumilin.

Don't mentiont it. I do recommend reading actual books from the USSR time instead of watching dubious youtubers. Honestly, they have a lot more information and often written better. Of course, they are gated by knowledge of russian language. There is of course a classic Political economy by Ostrovityanov (Островитянов)


>День ТВ
Come one mate, don't be that guy.


> juche necromantic powers to bring it back
Necro communist is where it's at.



lol banned. Good riddance, be sectarian elsewhere.



You didn't put forth any argument as to how Safronov's analyses are wrong to begin with, so there was little in the way of counter argument that could be made.

In fact you commit an informal fallacy by claiming because he has supposedly liberal views that therefore his analyses are wrong (genetic fallacy).





Well, i kinda gave you an example of one if his lates videos where he explores wherever USSR was socialist by Lenin's standards. I'll give you the link. Watch this video and tell me he is not a liberal, who just quotemines works of Lenin and Marx and never actually read and understood them. FFS his position is basically rebutted by Lenin in the book Safronov quotes (State and revolution).



Almost forgot
>muh fallacies
Can you go back to reddit already?


Ok which one is it?


I am primarily talking about Выход Есть, but channels like Думай сам думай сейчас are not very good either. A lot of mistakes in terms of explanation from marxist viewpoints and very shallow analysis. There are plenty of much better channels, simple as that. Talking about russian left on youtube and never even mention channels like Держать Курс (which always comes up on this board when topic is about russian youtube left) and Агипроп is just…i dunno. Seems intentional to leave out more ML leaning channels and only mention vaguely "leftist" ones.



You gave no such example earlier in the thread. Go over and look.



Never used reddit in my life.

Fallacious arguments are just that, fallacious. They distract and subtract subtract from any kind of good faith discourse.


You mean Syomin?


Well, i actually did, just a shorter version
>Safronov is pretty much your usual liberal, just look at one of his last videos about "was there socialism in USSR", if you consider him a communist after than, then you are not one yourself.





Strange. At the time I tried searching for it but nothing came up. So I figured it was not a video title. It could be that the translation failed.


You criticize channels that are too clueless about marxist theory, right? I heard some of you criticize syomin for being a theorylet though. Also
>Держать Курс
Love this channel, if he would only translate his videos more often


Well, i didn't post a link to it because at the time it was literally newest video by Safronov on that channel. My fault i guess.



Tangential note: There is actually quite a bit of theoretical diversity within marxism, even in political economy.

Just how to interpret what ltv means has a few schools of thought (neo-ricardian/sraffian, new intepretation, tssi, to name a few)

Even though I like Dickblast for example, the video on unequal exchange is misleading; Unequal exchange occurs whenever there is differential production costs or zome scarce resource allowing some producers to earn a rent. Its the mayerial basis for why it is possible to have pmc or "intellectual petit bourgeoisie".


Russians: As far as bourgeois politicians go, how decent is Putin? On one hand he appears to be much better than Yeltsin, but there are also various epidemics in crime and such that go unchecked by him. Is he below, above average, or right about in the middle?


>I heard some of you criticize syomin for being a theorylet though.
It is an interesting question. I guess i would need to elaborate on that. Syomin does not have deep understanding on marxism, there are people who do it better on youtube. On the other hand, what he does doesn't require it. He focuses on spreading basic ideas of communism and marxist views to the masses of people and he does it pretty well (i think he is largest communist channel on russian youtube with 536k subs). He is also a daily news channel, again from communist perspective. He know history and politics on a pretty decent level and basics of ML theory and praxis to do a pretty good job.

Channels like Думай сам думай сейчас on the other hand focuses on explanation of maxist theories and when channels like that have pretty shallow understanding of that theory they can be blamed for it.


I dunno how to answer that tbh. I hate him, of course, but then again, politicians from other countries don't seem to be much better and the difference comes mostly from different material conditions of those countries.

I guess from the porkies point of view he is pretty good since he managed to stay on power for 20 years.


>I heard some of you criticize syomin for being a theorylet though

There was a big left economist event recently with Komolov and all the youtube leftists, and Syomin had a staring contest with Komolov over whether or not China is communist. He got persuaded by Komolov, if we are to judge by Syomin's latest videos. They looked at each other like at enemies, though, during that exchange.

Who the hell knows what's happening behind the scenes? I have a suspicion that Russian bourgeoisie is forced into alliance with China, and geopolitical situation is very serious, so they will use/are using left economists to murder liberals ala how socdems come to power in western democracies.


>He got persuaded by Komolov, if we are to judge by Syomin's latest videos.
I wouldn't go that far.
>I have a suspicion that Russian bourgeoisie is forced into alliance with China
Considering the latest meeting of Putin and Biden i don't think so. There are too many ties of russian prokies to USA to just shrug them off like that. Most likely Russian would try not to be involved directly in those conflicts, just taking small bites where it can


what does leftpol think about abkhazia and ossetia?




Haha what? Some idiot shows up in the thread and got banned? Learn some real humor.


Думай сам is more for introducing people to the very basics of the communist cause instead of actual marxist analysis, no? i don't see that as a problem since that channel seems to mostly be focused on mythbusting anyway, and its a good gateway to other content which we still need


Yeah, and they make mistakes in explaining even those basics. Unlike Syomin who knows what he does pretty well


Is there any hope in the CPRF? I read today that police arrested some activists in a rally


russian friends can you translate this Lunacharsky speech to english, or point to translatable text? thank you


here's the text
I don't know russian very well, but the deepl translation looks more or less correct except the very beginning that's translated to 'we tend to think that' when in reality it's a figure of speech that means more or less 'we do think that'; the bit when it says 'We are building our onslaught on' when it should say something like 'We place emphasis on' and the 'bone upon bone, flesh upon flesh' part should say 'bone of bones and flesh of flesh' as in the phrase from the bible



I watched the video the other day. Most of it just seemed to be a long set of quotes of Lenin until last quarter or third of the video.

I am not sure how this proves he is hardline non-marxist. I think it does show that he might have misunderstood Lenin here (confusing the immediate tasks of the construction of socialism with socialism itself; Socialism as a word is pretty broadly defined in Marx, hence which the historical record of splits on what constituted "authentic socialism")

Honestly there must something else going on that you haven't revealed in these replies for why your hateboner for this guy is so large. Its one thing not to be into someone, but that wouldn't merit so many replies and such vitriol. Like I am really not a fan of David Harvey's analyses (I think they are often wrong or misleading) but its waste of my time to really put much effort into attacking him.


His tactics are basically same as what described by Yakovlev and other anticommunists. His conclusions are consistently antisoviet and anticommunist. This video is just one of the examples, you can see same shit in almost every other video he puts out. Even if he is just honestly mistaken, from practical perspective he should be treated just like every other opportunist.

If you do not understand this, then you are not communist yourself, simple as.


>attacking him

God, i hate libs. Maybe you should cut out this psychoanalysys crap since you obviously is pretty bad at it?
>ts one thing not to be into someone, but that wouldn't merit so many replies and such vitrio
I can ask the same thing, why waste time defending the guy whose videos you don't even watch, apparentely? Do you have some ulterior
motive? After all, you wouldn't waste your time debating completely irrelevant to your immediate life issues with a guy who you described as vitriolic if you didn't, right?



Well, as it stands I did have a lot of other things in life to take care of, hence the big delay in response. My interest here is not even really with Safronov anymore, since my original post was basically about jow liked some of the presentations on aspr and that some of this would be interrsting for the guy to discuss with Paul Cockshott.

Again, there is clearly something I missing. The evidence you showed of this guy being some hardened anti-communist or non-communist isn't very strong.

Of course a person can make genuine mistakes of course, or they could also be grifters. Perhaps the later is also the case for Safronov, but I haven't seen it yet. It could also be genuine disagreement (As an example, I think there unequal exchange occuring that in part explains the diverhence in working class incones between countries, whereas Paul Cockshott is against this view)

I think perhaps what is happening Safronov did or said something that was similar to (as you brought up) what Yakovlev or someone like that has you very angry with him. You haven't so far shown what that is here.

I am someone who can very angry quickly myself over certain things, and I am trying to understand the link here. Perhaps a more concrete example: Zizek can often spout ridiculous western narrative bullshit anout the ussr, but in the majority of videos he pits out its not the subject matter. So maybe there is some other video that is much more damning, or else it could also be a guilt by association issue as well.


A new Syomin livestream dropped recently.


File: 1625752570134-0.jpg ( 64.41 KB , 960x611 , 5160719.jpg )

File: 1625752570134-1.jpg ( 80.56 KB , 900x506 , 900.jpg )

Two russian legends died this week


What Putin does is a direct continuation of politics under Yeltsin lol, in the 90's would be oligarchs fought to grab as much property as possible and once they ran out of shit to plunder they ejected the alcoholic retard and put a new guy in to get clean PR. The guy himself does not matter.


Так это русский тред или нет?


You don't need to speak Russian to sing along to this one.


File: 1625774472348.jpg ( 63.94 KB , 429x640 , angela davis russia (1).jpg )

That's not up to me to say. I promised myself I wouldn't interfere in internal Russian affairs but have sent a communique expressing my full support for the the people's struggles.


File: 1625835425803.jpg ( 266.54 KB , 1071x1461 , russian.jpg )

Why are Russians so stylin?


Who invited the shah of iran?


File: 1625843829134-0.jpg ( 570.15 KB , 2048x1356 , St Petersburg Russia 2.jpg )

File: 1625843829134-1.jpg ( 71.87 KB , 550x412 , St Petersburg Russia 3.jpg )

File: 1625843829134-2.jpg ( 16.31 KB , 296x170 , St Petersburg Russia.jpg )

File: 1625843829134-3.mp4 ( 1.98 MB , 720x1280 , NYC subway 3.mp4 )

File: 1625843829134-4.png ( 668.84 KB , 800x600 , NYC Metro.png )

St. Petersburg Metro Vs NYC Metro


Иди на хуй со своей парашей, либерал)


Wrong thread, sorry.


We would go back to the times of Brezhnev,
And I know that we cannot do everything as before,
but I still have hopes that
We will break out of this total hell.

After all, I want there to be peace
And the children laugh,
And in my country,
And on the whole planet.

I want the economy to grow,
so that the cultural background, not the radioactive background, grows.
So that everyone knows that he is needed and important,
so that there are no those who do not care.

There will always be someone who will be dissatisfied,
But even he will be full, healthy and free.
Let the fresh wind blow in our backs,
Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev is on our banners!


State Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Valery Rashkin found surveillance
Is the Russian gov trying to move against the communist party?



That is what many are suspecting.

Basically unrest in Russian has been high since the 2018 pension reform, and had been gtowing quietly since the relative stagnation of the post 2008 crisis. The 2014 sanctions, oil price declines and recent 2020-1 recession have all contributed as well.

The result has been that the young are increasingky attracted towards left ideas of various kinds.

So the KPRF is being less and less tolerated and more and more treated like disloyal opposition.

Even milktoast people like Platoshkin are being put in jail or detention.


I thought russian zoomers were becoming rightoids in response to pro-soviet old people



Some are, but on the whole as young peopke get older and enter the labour market their views alter in a leftward direction.

That of course does not necessarily mean marxism, but pull towards the putin nationalite capitalism has waned over the last 3-5 years.

Liberalism in its many remains tjoroughly discrefited amongst everyone a marginal handful of urban booj and bobos.


File: 1626035300725.png ( 286.14 KB , 759x549 , 53498509345535443.png )

On another site I chatted for a second in a comments section with a liberal guy who supports Navalny. He was very much an intelligentsia type, fluent English, although not a member of the intelligentsia with much clout. I brought up Putin's system combining the aesthetics of Christianity with the Soviet military victory, and I said, I can see how this can be attractive to some people because it connects people with their history and identity. And he said, yes, it's interesting and it's something the opposition has struggled with.

Meaning: the liberal opposition.

But when I see this video >>364679 it's interesting because they'll just hit you with a portrait of Stalin. I dunno. What do you think? I imagine the urban boojies and bobos see themselves having more in common with other boojies and bobos in other countries than they do other Russians.



I think you are correct here. The booj and bobos find more in common with each other across national boundaries that with people of different class in the same country. There some deviations of course, but actual class traitors are the exception that proves the rule*

This even holds amongst the non-liberals, who might be nationaloids/rightoids of various kinds from said class.

* Usually its due to specific circumstances related to alienation;


What are bobos?



French term for petit bourgeois which also includes pmc.

Its great because of how crude it sounds (on purpose too: french bobos tend to really seethe when hear the term)


>wagie so determined to get to work on time she chooses to dive into sewage
I'd hate to become like that


Brezhnev, of all people? That's pretty weird, not gonna lie.


>I imagine the urban boojies and bobos see themselves having more in common with other boojies and bobos in other countries than they do other Russians.
In my experience they straight up just want to become western boojies. They're either dream of getting a job in western europe and immigrate or more delusional ones straight up want to rebuild their cities into being as close as possible to European cities.


File: 1626213961607.jpg ( 3.66 MB , 2508x3541 , __gyaru_gamer_ni_home_rare….jpg )



They're not going to come back because you're all irony poisoned faggots and it takes an exotic identity for you all to care about a human being.


We can bring back The Unicorns!!



One can care about particular people; Friends, family, specific comrades, etc. However it is impossible to care about all human beings in general.

A person does not have the physical neuronal processing power to be able to do so (and if he did, doing so might immensely wasteful in terms of time and energy).

Hence the part of the explanation as to why values, morals, idoelogies exist is in order to reduce the computation power required for altruistic behaviour, irrespective of feelings.


Some cool aesthetics for everyone:



Indeed, that is consistent with my last point.



In relation to this, I have lost the link of that music video where the revolutionairy figure spares the bobo figure and eventually gets killed by her. Can someone share it again?


File: 1626272928285.jpg ( 89.61 KB , 575x531 , Russia Ukraine.jpg )



he is just trying to appeal to nationalist feelings


I'd join in more often but frankly I prefer 2ch


I mean nationalist or not, that is literally true, the name of Ukraine literally comes from being called the Okrayna of Russia, and on a genetic and cultural level they are virtually the same. Ukrainian language is literally a dialect of Old Russian, as is Belorusian.


It's a pretty slow board but it's less plagued by outright /pol/fags.


This is the idea of the "triune Russian nation" where the Russian nation consists of Great Russians, Little Russians (Ukrainians), and White Russians (Belarusians)


Why white? Does it have to do something with the aristocracy?


A single indivisible Russia was a popular slogan among the Whites


Belarus used to be called "White Russia"


So what's happening so far lads?
Any developments in Russia?


From what i know it is a name that comes from west Europe, Alba Russia. Initially Novgorod lands were called that but later Grand Duchy of Lithuania too. As to why it was called so i have no idea.


File: 1626558021448.png ( 4.13 MB , 1550x2930 , __senko_sewayaki_kitsune_n….png )

From what a Russian friend told me once, Leonid Bhreznev would have been considered one of the great leaders in Russia if he had stepped down in 1977 instead of dying in office. Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems that what anti-communists call the "Era of Stagnation" is remembered there in the same way that the "Glorious Thirty" is remembered in France or the economic boom era is remembered in Japan.


yes, this is true. the Brezhnev era was the most stable era in the history of the USSR. that's why people like it so much


File: 1626640962676.jpg ( 94.08 KB , 1540x870 , E6Z3szdWUAIK8NR.jpg )



Any data to corroborate this? No way people would accept such fake outcomes. This must be just one source.


Everybody in Russia knows that elections are fake. Not sure about exact numbers but they seem close to truth.


Hey comrades,

I'm looking for the names of the individual music pieces in the video linked. If posdible, could someone share them if they know?

Thanks in advance


Holy fuck what is going on here.


the first is "V parke" by Alexei Rybnikov https://youtu.be/aYRfXKRoP4M

and the second is "Olympiyskiye talismany" by Eduard Artemyev https://youtu.be/OsqRT9FvLSM



Thank you anon


That’s as dumb as saying Portuguese are Spanish, by this logic Austria and Switzerland are Germany.

Denying sovereignty to Ukraine will only move it further into nationalism. Same with Belarus.



Not so sure about this. The decision to make the USSR a federation with confederate elements gave it another structural weakness (as opposed to something having mire unitary elements).

I think under socialism a Eurasian Union without galicia and the baltics (and maybe WITH mongolia) is a better option that keeping
seperate nation states. All you really need is provinces with autonomy in some cultural matters.


Maybe but it shouldn't be completely centralized Russian-majority governing from Moscow. Nations around Russia are sick and tired of its imperial chauvinism, hence the reactionary shit in Ukraine.

In the 90s it led to pogroms towards Russians in many ex-Soviet republics and the later perception of "colonization" by the USSR.

Btw, it's easier for me to read Bulgarian than Ukrainian – Ukrainians have too many distinct roots in their language.

t. Russian



Certainly not centralized around Moscow. (Fuck that den of bobos and bougies)

Its time to build a new capital from the ground up, Palace of Soviets included.


А где, в Красноярске, что ли? Или в Волгограде?



Kurginyan also has a wierd cult around him, from what I have heard. The "marginal left" (lack if a better term for the groupuscules outside of large organizations) is a shitshow like everywhere.


Например в точке где сходятся границы России, Украины и Беларуси, но вообще надо уменьшать завязку на один город. Work from home, йоба!


File: 1627128911598.png ( 1.27 MB , 969x638 , ClipboardImage.png )

От кризиса 1993ого года.


Very lib, but have some interesting stuff.


Hi rusanons,

So I came across one of those soviet expat liberal self described "non-ideologues" on quora by accident due to search engine results.

In so doing it has strengthened my conviction that during the revolution and forever after death penalty must also apply to the closest loved ones of the degenerate in question.

All of these people and their families must be systematically eliminated and then systemically/metaphysically eliminated (so that it becomes impossible for them to come into existence ever again).

A structural surplus of organ replacements for at least a decade or two.


Gomel will rise.


What's the power dynamic like between Putin and the oligarchs? He probably has the most power of any one person in Russia, but what if he wipes out all the oligarchs and installs people loyal to him, rather than sharing power with the current ones? Putin has political power unlike the oligarchs so it seems he has more power than them.


>What's the power dynamic like between Putin and the oligarchs?


Puting is nothing but a faithful dog for oligarchs. They put him in power. Stop drinking liberal propaganda kool aid


This is unhelpful. Putin has the highest political office in Russia, and has a very large amount of wealth himself. There is no way he is just a "faithful dog" to them.


Hmm, I just understood that it is probably these "USSR strong" threads in .ru were likely made by KPRF.
KPRF is not communist at all, I agitate against it. They do not organize and do not educated workers as I know., they are not a workers party. They show themself as USSR party, but this is not true, but as I know they are more like USSR party traitors.

>genetic .. same
This is irrelevant, I do not know why mention this…

But ukrainians have white hair when young and frequently blue eyes. Some of them..


You are an idiot who doesn't understand how capitalism works.


Putin clearly has more power within his state than any Western politician does in theirs, both political and economic (his personal wealth is estimated to be near $200 billion for instance, SUPER far from people like Biden or even Trump). You probably just can't analyze the situation and assume Russia is like any other country and has its exact same dynamics.


I live in Russia, you numnuts. I remember 90s when Putin was nobody but a fuckboi for Sobyanin. They put him in power because he was a good executive, and he is still in power because he still is useful to them. All you need to do is watch how Putin even talks with oligarchs in hte meetings, it's quite clear who is in power there. You know nothing about Russia and you just blindly believes that Putin is like some sort fo tsar because all info you get is from western lib newspapers.


>>405147 (me)
*not Sobyanin, Sobchak. Had a brain fart for a moment.


If he is in power, why doesn't he purge the ones who threaten him and then install his own guys? He is one of the most powerful people in the world.


Because his power comes from those oligarchs. He is a manager basically. Why do i even need to explain such things on a fucking communist board?


What prevents Putin from having these guys assassinated/arrested? Will law enforcement not obey Putin unless he has permission from the oligarchs?


What's the deal with Grudinin being banned from running in elections? Isn't he a KPRF member, too? Accusing him of holding foreign assets while russian oligarchs and Putin's daughter live abroad seems like a really bad excuse for getting rid of him.


It is the usual circus before elections. Has more or less same reasons behind it as burger "controversies" on election year. Occasionally they need to change clowns so that people keep believing same shit. Zyuganov is a bit old and doesn't really work as opposition material anymore, so they promoted Grudinin to play as opposition.

The scheme is simple - you have the main guy/party, you have some sort of opposition guy and you have some clown that everybody hate so that at least a couple of people would go to election booth to vote for anybody but him. Sometimes they even pretend they repress the opposition guy so that people believe he is "for realz". Most likely he would still be allowed to participate in elections after a bit of a show.

Same shit happened with Navalny several years ago when runnig for mayor of Moscow or something. He was put into police custody but released a couple of days before the elections so he could participate (even though by law he couldn't do it because he was criminally charged)


>Sometimes they even pretend they repress the opposition guy so that people believe he is "for realz".
When does that happen?


I literally gave an example.


Navalny? I thought the Russian state legitimately hated him. Are they really going to let him try to be Moscow's mayor?


Wouldn't the Oligarchs want a yeltsin-type neoliberal that lets the west pillage russia, while they make more profits? Putin is still a confused conservative, but he atleast isn't on the "yay-freedom" train as yeltsin was on and he realises that the west is out to finish off russia


I remember asking this and got the response that the oligarchs have already consolidated themselves into a class by the late 90s, and after having finished buying up former public property in Russia, got Putin in power to close off the gates, so to say, and preserve the current lineup of oligarchs. Basically to get Putin as a gatekeeper and keep their status safe.


The absolute state of this borad. Just kill me now, please.


Enlighten us o' wise one


Don't want to, it's not my job.


Then tell us where we can get your superior understanding of the domestic political situation in russia. You know maybe some books etc?


Russiabros, does anyone have read it? If yes, what is your opinion of it?


That makes sense.

This is simple video (with English subtitles) but I thought it was a good summary of a red perspective on Russia in a global context as an oligarchical state focused on resource extraction and export.

Putin seems like a pretty effective manager overall, but I think the description of him as manager is pretty accurate. Not so much as "president of Russia" as he is "CEO of the Russian Natural Gas Company." He answers to the "board of directors" who are consortium of boojies. I wonder if they're like a "national bourgeoisie" who have an interest in energy production and whose interests Putin favors more than pure speculators like Mikhail Khodorkovsky.


7:20 in that video. "Russia is a deindustrialized country of peripheral capitalism whose main function in the global economy is to supply developed countries with natural resources."


are moldanons cool? russian is my first lang..


File: 1627418359972.png ( 18.31 KB , 330x209 , ClipboardImage.png )

What happened to the education system? It's this shit all over post soviet countries


File: 1627422197157.jpg ( 320.5 KB , 909x1286 , __ia_and_soyuz_vocaloid_dr….jpg )

What are some good works to read on watch on the Soviet/Russian space program from the perspective of Russians? A lot of stuff on it in English is from Americans like James Oberg who paint it in unflattering and cynical terms.


ролик о деятельности новой рабочей партии Польши, которая кажется сегодня единственной настоящей левой силой в Польше у которой есть какие-то будущее, особенно смотря на бездеятельность КПП и либерализм других 'левых' движений
надеюсь что увидим в течении наших жизней возрождение союза польского и русского пролетариата


File: 1627453882326.png ( 66.12 KB , 853x511 , Screenshot_20210728_133055.png )

Why people do this even?


>le faked screenshot has arrived


why don't you reply?


Bumping >>405386


Probably because i go to sleep at different time than burgers do. Timezones exist.

What exactly do you need me to explain to you, /pol/yps?


What you replied to in >>405366


i am not burger
Explain the situation in russia, i seriously want to know it from a leftist perspective. >>405356 seems plausible to me, but you said it's wrong so I don't know now, and am waiting for you to give an alternative, maybe?


I am not a fucking leftist, i am a communist. And i already explained it. And if you were a communist, you wouldn't need me to spoon feed you. And since you are not, you are either some shitlib or /pol/yp who each day makes this board worse.

That guy >>405356 doesn't even know what the fuck "class" is. Though he at least more or less right in the fact that Putin is just a manager for the capitalists in power.

This schizo pretends to be me for some fucking reason i don't even know why.

This moron doesn't even understand how state works or capitalism. And asks absoluteky retarded questions like "Why Trump doesn't order Biden shot if he is chief commander"

And this faggot can't even read what i wrote.

You shitstains are the reason this board suck and that anons who actualy understand marxism and were doing effort posting left this place.

Fuck. You. All. Don't even fucking bother replying to me, i just hope that you family will get cancer or some shit.


>And if you were a communist, you wouldn't need me to spoon feed you.
Dude I don't know the situation in all countries, fuck I barely know what's up in my own country and I'm still a fucking a kid, what do you expect?
>And since you are not
Why do you think that?? Because I'm not an omniscient being that doesn't understand internal affairs in a foreign country??
>not a fucking leftist
Usually this comes from more grounded communists that try to be friends with the working class as opposed to the "leftists" that alienate it with their weird degeneracy and gatekeeping, but you're the fucking gatekeeper here dude, you ARE the kind of "leftist" you're desperately trying not to associate yourself with.


What are your thoughts on Samir Amins "Russia and the long transition from capitalism to socialism", if you have read it at all?


>Logs onto leftypol.org and says he's not a leftist
>Accuses everyone of being a liberal or fascist
Good chance this is a troll.


Could be, but there are quite a lot of communists that try to distance themself from leftism/socialism so idk could be legit


>>Logs onto leftypol.org and says he's not a leftist
I bet you have been on this board less than a month. From the start it was a predominantly communist board. And many communist don't care for being called "leftist" because frankly "left" means fuck all while "communist" has a specific meaning.


>I bet you have been on this board less than a month. From the start it was a predominantly communist board. And many communist don't care for being called "leftist" because frankly "left" means fuck all while "communist" has a specific meaning.
But it has lefty in the name dude. Why, are you scared of calling yourself a "leftist"?


Boy, aren't you retarded. Just go back to /pol/.


What, is this the level of understanding you have? You can't explain your thoughts in a clear, short and unambiguous way?







I can't speak for the other poster, but I generally dislike using the term left (and by extension) because its such a vague term.

Alreasy we have a problem that it many places "socialism" means anything from worker controlled planned economy to an economy with government welfare programs.

I think its always to be more precise when possible and avoid amalgam as well as equivocation and genetic fallacies.


>But it has lefty in the name dude.
Kek. /pol/yps glow so fucking hard


Oh the projection.


Seethe chinlet




Каждый раз как в комментариях польскоязычных видео этого товарища вижу какое то оживление, в основном это злоба и яд. Не найти чтоб кто-то его защищал. Много ли у него товарищей вообще?


>Много ли у него товарищей вообще?
наверно нет. это польша все таки.

хотя у кого есть много товарищей в наше время.


Why did soviet union(post-stalin one) can not grow enough grain to feed it's own population to the point which they had to buy grain from Canada? Please tell me /russia/.


are here any armenians?
I need someone to explain me this video


May be they could grow enough grain, but exchanging oil for Canada grain required less work.
Also, may be the grain was not for human feeding, but for cattle.




That is not true. Depending on the year exports of grain could be larger than imports. Your problem (besides being a shitty russian troll) is that you do not understand a simple fact that what was imported was forage type of crops, crop cultivars used to feed animals, not people.

>Also, may be the grain was not for human feeding, but for cattle.


>russian troll
I didn't know about agricutural in Soviet Union before. Moreover, Petty Bourg Uni Professors often talks about Soviet Union could do anything, but feed it own's people, so I come here to make sure that shit they keep spouting is total bullshit.


Aigth. It is just a point often brought up by russian rightoids, so i thought you were the one too.

Wheat was classified in 5 grades in USSR, from 1 being the highest to 5 being lowest. Imported grain was of 4th and 5th grade. Since USSR had limited amount of actual arable land, the decision was made to grew high quality grain for internal consumption and just import forage grain. Socialist system is efficient but it doesn't change the climate and geography of the land and majority of USSR lands were either non arable lands or risk agriculture lands.

Just a bit fo a comparison. The highest grade flour sold for people in USSR was a mix of wheat of 1st and 2nd grade. In modern Russia the highest grade flour is the flour made from 50% 3rd grade and 50% 4th grade. Considerng that grain of 4th grade was used to feed livestock, you can make your own conclusion about the place fo people in capitalism system.


Тогда будущее его партии выглядит не так уж радужно, не так ли


File: 1628100818508.jpg ( 107.17 KB , 980x551 , 610ab263.jpg )

Perestroika did not cause USSR’s downfall but ‘a lot of things’ should have been done differently, says ex-Soviet leader Gorbachev


The collapse of the Soviet Union was not caused by the controversial policy of perestroika but should actually be blamed on the attempted coup in August 1991 and a conspiracy between the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

That’s according to former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, who wrote an article for ‘Russia in Global Affairs’ explaining his point of view that perestroika was “historically correct” and necessary for the USSR.

Gorbachev led the Soviet Union from 1985 until its collapse in 1991 and is seen as one of the most important figures of 20th-century history. However, while he enjoys a positive reputation outside of the country, he is viewed differently inside Russia. Many people blame him for the post-Soviet economic crisis that led to a dramatic decline in living standards, as well as a diminution of Moscow’s status on the world stage.

Perestroika, seen by some as a significant contributing factor in the dissolution of the USSR, was an attempt to restructure the economic system and end stagnation. As part of the policy, Gorbachev introduced market-like reforms into the socialist system, which lead to food shortages and political tensions.

However, according to Gorbachev, those who believe perestroika wasn’t necessary have a very short memory.

“They have either forgotten or don’t want to remember what the moral and psychological situation in Soviet society was like by 1985,” he explained. “People were clamoring for change. Everyone – both leaders and ordinary citizens – felt that something was wrong with the country. The country was sinking deeper into stagnation. Economic growth had virtually stopped.”

“Perestroika was aimed at people. Its goal was to liberate a person, to make him the master of his own destiny, of his country,” he said.

However, despite his conviction that the policy was correct, he did note that he would have done “a lot of things differently.”

In Gorbachev’s opinion, the real reason for the fall of the Soviet Union was insubordination within the ranks of the Communist Party.

“Two blows proved fatal for perestroika,” he explained. “The attempted coup d’etat organized by reactionary forces, including those from my entourage, in August 1991, and the December collusion of the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, which ended the centuries-old history of our state.”

In particular, he pointed the finger at Boris Yeltsin, who was the leader of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, and who promised that a union of some sort would survive. However, according to the former Soviet leader, the heads of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus got together and opted to destroy the country.

“Yeltsin did not keep his word,” Gorbachev wrote. “He and his entourage sacrificed the Union to an unstoppable desire to reign in the Kremlin.”


It's a pity that i will not see this faggot die horribly. He will probably die before the revolution happens, but maybe we will make his family pay for that.


>He will probably die before the revolution happens, but maybe we will make his family pay for that.


Fuck off, westoid shitlib, you didn't live through 90s in Russia. I did.


>Fuck off, westoid shitlib, you didn't live through 90s in Russia. I did.
да, охуительная история. иди поиграйся в чекиста в каком то другом месте.


Говна пожри, гандон штопаный. Научись, блять, сначала предложения с заглавной буквы начинать.


>Darned condom
Russian insults must truly be something else.


>Говна пожри, гандон штопаный. Научись, блять, сначала предложения с заглавной буквы начинать.
сам пожри говна, мудак ебаный. я буду писать предложения с заглавной буквы когда ты поймешь что дрочить на убийства людей это плохо.


I know, they’re great. You can also call someone a reptile (gad), a goat (kozyól) and even a miscarriage (nedonósok).


Well it basically means that the person is about as useful as condom that was sutured back

Пошел нахуй, подпиндосник сраный. Чмо неграмотное. Пидоров вроде тебя, на буржуев надрачивающих, первым к стенке поставим.


>Пидоров вроде тебя, на буржуев надрачивающих, первым к стенке поставим.


Westoid like you, who are not even proletariat but basically labor aristocracy living off sweat and blood of the people from other countries, have no fucking understanding. You are a child who thinks he knows something, but you are nothing but an ignorant shitstain. Fuck you imperialist whore. Fuck your family and fuck your country.


Лучшее зрелище во всем мире, когда двое русских лают на друг друга…Самим роскошным искусством является русская брань.


Где ты тут двух русских увидел? Второй это пиндос с корявым русским который на этом сайте обретается. Даже матерится не умеет.


Thanks, I’m going to use that in English.


He is wrong tho. Nedonosok is not a miscarriage, it is saying that you were a result of premature birth.


This is why these people caused the collapse, they're not able to recognize when something doesn't work. He's even complaining that people were insubordinate and treacherous, how is that level of ignorance even possible ?





Westoid here.

Uncritical support for gorby and his family and friends to be slowly tortured to death broadcast live on 4k television.

I realize it's a bit too soft, but what else can be done?


So I read somewhere that the banking sector in Russia has over the last 15 years become more state owned (somewhere in the range of 40-60% of all banks being so, I can't remember if that was measured by total assets or by # of banks).

First it would be good to see if this can be confirmed to be true (I have some doubts).

Second, if it is true, might be this be simply because of bailouts and/or mergers & acquisitions?



Why do russian communists hate black people in the US so much?



Post linked was pretty good. Mr. Revanshist did a good job.

I am suprised voush here is cited as making a class based demand. Perhaps his radlibbery is diminishing a tiny bit.


Do they? I have literally seen Boris Yulin debunk neo-nazi talking points in a livestream about BLM around the 27 minute mark, though the person he responds to begins at the 18 minute mark




I think that anon was being sarcastic, given nothing in post could be remotly construed as hating us blacks.


i've heard there are some top notch Russian Marxists on YouTube. could anyone hook me up with some of the best channels from that scene?


I like Vestnik Buri, but he’s kind of a drama magnet. Andrei Syomin’s agitprop is kinda boomer-tier in opinions, but he’s also good. Derzhat kurs makes good documentary videos. There’s also Station Marx.


>Vestnik Buri
Trot. Very shallow analysis. Not worth it if you are over 18.
>Station Marx
Idpol. Trots. Opportunistic grifters.


Ладно, кого ты предпочитаешь?


>Zyuganov vowed to hold a referendum on replacing the Russian tri-color with the former Soviet flag. Zyuganov claimed that the tri-colored flag had been used by Russian collaborators who fought alongside Germans against the Red army in World War II.

Is this true? If so then Zyuganov might be more based than I thought.


yes, it is. but think about it. this is the maximum KPRF can do. they are only about cosmetic changes. Even if the government decides to change the flag, russia will still be an oligarchy. symbols can't change the system




> some grifter does cheap populism
> "lefty"/pol/ libs - omg he is so based



File: 1628516521841.jpg ( 223.04 KB , 1125x1903 , 94hwmao1k8f71.jpg )

Can I have this meme in original language?


>Make a joke post about Zyuganov
>Some autist calls you a lib for a having a sense of humor

Do you seriously think you have what it takes to be a revolutionary? You have to actually have some charisma for that bud.


Weird strawman, shit meme.


It looks like "Ahmid i yego druzya" or a parody on him. i think i have seen this meme on vk


File: 1628517254982.jpg ( 524.86 KB , 939x1512 , 1UX1FluiMxs.jpg )



Not even antifeminist or LGBT, these people are just vampires that destroy labor movements and turn it into idpol


You are just autist who is butthurt because no one laughed at your shitty joke.



Yes basically. Idpol in Russia is more radcon instead of radlib. Still shit, but instead of horseshit, it's dogshit.

We have to take the dprkpill on this one and completely decommodify ethnicity and erotics, and go further with the latter and de-identitarianize it.


Could you explain a bit further?


I'm interested too in an elaboration, what do you mean by decommodifying ethnicity and erotics and what does the DPRK have to do with this?



Decommodification of erotics means abolishing the selling of any erotic services, including prostitution, pornography, eroticized adverts, etc.

Decommodification of identity means preventing identity markers (food, clothes, films, etc.) from being conpetiticely sold for profit. It is more difficult to accomplish, but banning advertising goes a long way toward this, as well as debranding any items tgat have ethnic content.

De-idententitarianizing erotics means that erotic relationships between are not promoted/taught as identities a person has that either innate or constructed. Instead they are merely activities one engages in. Eg. No one identifues themselves at present a snonstampcollectorist. Eg. No one at present identifues themselvrs as a cancunite when it comes to favorite holiday travel destination.

See video for info how the DPRK handles these issues.


I understand everything except the de-identitarianizing erotics explanation. I don't think I understood correctly, but do you mean for example the concepts of a top and a bottom/dom and sub? Or something else. That's just as example btw, something that I imagine qualifies as identities of eroticism, but again I don't think I understood correctly.


The last two make no sense tbh


I understand your frustration, trust me on this one, revenge doesn't make you whole. revenge on Gorbachev won't change the fact the USSR fell. And even in the revolution, what exact support will he get? Man's likely to flee from Russia and go live in another country while the west milks him to say anti-communist shite.

The best revenge is to live a better life than that of your enemies. Focus on laying bricks on houses, not bullets through skulls.



I am not that familiar with the terms you used; As far as I am aware dom and sub is a kind of bdsm fetish, right? No idea what top and bottom mean, but I presume its the same?

If so indeed the idea applies. Assuming that the associated behaviour take place at all under socialism, there would not exist such terminology and associated subculture to construct an identity on the basis of.

That is why I mentionned nonstampcollectorists and cancunites. At present there does not exist an identity for people who do not collect stamps nor one for people who like to vacation in Cancun.

Under socialism ideally the same would be true for erotic behaviour: Eg. If a woman happens to engage in erotic behaviour with another woman, this will not imply any underlying identity as lesbian.

The ultimate goal is to reduce as much as possible the potential social antagonism/competition that could arise on such a basis, and more importantly to have people as much as possible think of each other more in terms of conrades than a plethora of identities. Especially when it comes to eros, those are very intimate matters and so belong in the personal domain.

The radlib and the radcon so fixated on such personal issues are two sides of the same bobo coin.



My experience with vengence is that it brings a deep emotional peace.

I think to deny the Soviet peoples this would be a grave insult to them and the memory of their ancestors.

At this point, more excess deaths hace occured due to the destruction of tge Soviet Union on its territory than from the great patriotic war.

The gorbachev family, whether we like it or not, thus owes a portion of a very large blood debt. It must be paid in full for the people to be able to heal.


Now I understand what you mean, though another thing I'm interested in is how would this process be enacted as organically as possible? The video you posted is good to understand more specifically what you mean but for example how do you achieve this? I understand that in the case of the DPRK a big influence is probably simply cultural aspects of North Korean society, such as the lack of prominent displays of afection that don't go beyond a hug or holding hands. But how could this be implemented in other countries, particularly western countries?



This a question I don't believe I can answer since I am of the opinion that the western countries are headed towards barbarism of one form or another rather than socialism.

My starting point tends to be a third world country like Ghana or Mali, wherein internet penetration is lower to strat with. A non-exhaustive list:

A first step would be s switch to an intranet and a strong state monopoly on foreign trade (both of which have to be done anyways for economic and security reasons) along with boosting the armed forces in order to enforce such. This facilitates the practical enforcement of the ban on commodification.

Then the education reform, sex education would take a highly biological basis, emphasizing the difference between sex (which is reproductive) and erotics (which is passion or lust based). In moral education, love will be taught as a virtue without much focus on specific gendered coupling.

Religious institutions encouraging violence will be heavily fined or shut down. Parades in will generally be banned outside of those that are say patriotic in nature.


These (among others) should help reduce idpol tensions with time, hopefully rapidly.


Very interesting suggestions, would probably work well in a country not too plagued by idpol as you mention.



Thank you. I really detest idpol and culture war (its brands competing for market share), and that is what pushed me to think of how to eliminate/reduce via via structural real material changes.


So did any Rusanons pick this side to visit?


What's going on with kazakhstan right now my dudes?


Forgot Link


File: 1631169250365.jpg ( 855.73 KB , 858x1257 , l.jpg )

Any Rusanon has this book's pdf?


File: 1631169317806.pdf ( 3.52 MB , 204x300 , 1622_2.pdf )

I could only find he first 5 pages



Anymore news on this?

Afaik Kazakhstan was fairly stable into the mid 2010 because of explosive oil prices, but its economy has slowed down a lot since.


So it seems that the KPRF is alleging massive vote fraud;

That said there is a first past the post component to the russian electoral system, ergo we might therefore expect a massively skewed seat result. Moreover turnout was quite low at 50%ish of the population.


as in they think they got more?



Its more that they believe United Russia got far less votes (ie. ballot stuffing of some kind).


кто-нибудь пожалуйста!
Я ищу песню.
Я помню только пару слов,
"Не ____ (обижайте?) Советский Союза!"
"вы не знаете границы? Знаем."
"Смерть __ (империи?) колония рабство!"
этих слов от какой-то речь, Ну я не помню какой.


Woa shit youtube thumbnails are not working! This is under investigation. They should be proxied but aren't.


File: 1649797007762.png ( 8.47 KB , 800x533 , ClipboardImage.png )

>White-blue-white flag
Kek what's this astroturfed shit, is this seen as something serious in Russia?

<The white-blue-white flag is an anti-war symbol created by removing the red from the Russian flag. According to anti-war protestors, the red represented blood and violence, and the flag attempts to evocate the legacy of the Novgorod Republic as an example of democracy.

It's like if they had some of those belarus nazi-collaborationist flags spare, changed the color and went along with it


>T-t-there's no anti-war movement in Russia. Babushkas love losing their sons for the glory of Stalin.


It's just that it's too suspicious. Are you Russian?


Are you?


I'm not you retard that's why I'm asking


Why does it matter if I'm Russian. Is there something about the Russian character that makes them not give a fuck if their sons die over bullshit?


File: 1650123697926-0.jpg ( 263.75 KB , 904x1280 , 1650053024471-0.jpg )

File: 1650123697926-1.jpg ( 151.86 KB , 865x1079 , 1650053024471-1.jpg )

The newest creation of the ukrainian propaganda - a poster depicting russian opposition as orcs or some shit saying:
<"They are now crying, repenting and saying: 'We want peace, Russia without Putin!' DON'T BELIEVE THEM! Moskals are and always will be imperialists!"

It's a remake of a soviet poster from 1945 saying:

>"They are now smiling at you, bowing and shouting: 'Hitler Kaput!' DON'T BELIEVE THEM! THE GERMANS ARE BEASTS!"

So much for "democatic and liberal" Ukraine, lmao


Do you guys remember the girl who interrupted TV news on Pervy kanal with anti-war poster? She was praised even by Zelensky himself.
Well, she's now "russian propagandist" according to ukrainian media. Why? Because she said that the Putin's regime is guilty in the war but not the russian people (or something like that). And ukrainian activists are trying to get her fired from her job in Die Zeit (where they gave her a job after she was fired from Pervy kanal.)

Ukronazis really aren't different from american radlibs lmfao


Ofc anyone who believes in democracy under liberalism is fooling themselves. Powerful elites manufacturer consent of the population through financial power and the education system, media, etc etc.

Ukraine is just getting a bit desperate it appears. Interesting that painting your opposition as Nazis is going to be a propoganda tactic going forward though. Leftists need to do a better job codifying and understand Nazis and fascism in the first place because this is kind of our fault over all for letting Nazism get turned into "anyone who does violence"


File: 1650199150802.jpg ( 510.37 KB , 1132x1472 , vc0AyfGgTHU.jpg )



>Leftists need to do a better job codifying and understand Nazis and fascism in the first place because this is kind of our fault over all for letting Nazism get turned into "anyone who does violence"
What's wrong with the Marxist codification which goes: Fascism is mask-off, turbo-reactionary imperial finance capitalism ?
<the open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary, most chauvinistic and most imperialist elements of finance capital.

The liberal media was releasing articles about Ukraine having a problem with fascism, showing pictures of them wearing swastikas and other Nazi symbols, until recently. The liberals don't have a coherent definition of fascism, but they were still able to recognize these ones, especially since they basically copied the Nazi aesthetic. What got in the way was their opportunism.


There's nothing wrong with that analysis the issue is that leftists don't understand that.




But did you add anything to the discussion that was concluded over a year ago?

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