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Let's get a general thread about FIRE (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate). Include topics about crypto as well.
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also, I would like to know are we talking 1 billion of hard cash, or "1 billion" of shitcoins?


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sorry anon i'm a midwit, what does this mean


Means people who trade stocks will have to put down more of their own cash.


File: 1671656104577.jpg ( 640.22 KB , 1080x1350 , wallstreetbets-8tg.jpg )



California DMV puts car titles on Tezos blockchain, consumer applications on the way


File: 1676127219007.jpg ( 141.82 KB , 612x792 , 20230210_150334.jpg )



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File: 1676459402295.png ( 153.88 KB , 568x282 , copper clad alu wire.png )

Goldman-Sacks is driving up copper prices.

As a result Chinese technology gadget manufacturing is now using copper-clad aluminum cables which uses only 1/10th of the copper. Copper cladding is an old technology that dates back to the 19 century, when it was invented to make cheaper telegraph wires. The 10x reduction has for now negated the middle-man price-gouging strategy, but it's not certain that it will solve it permanently.

However there are 2 new technologies.

The first one allows copper-plating polymers. It's possible to electro-plate something similar to nylon-wire with an 1 atom-thick copper layer. It is robust enough that you won't accidentally scrape it off while handling it with standard tools unlike copper-clade aluminum and steel, which is a little less robust than normal copper wires.

The second technology is adding nano scale carbon structures to the copper to increase it's conductivity by about 4 orders of magnitude. It is very energy intensive to make these carbon structures because it happens at several thousand degrees Kelvin. And it extracts carbon from the air because other sources for carbon like graphite aren't pure enough, and that adds more energy costs. Up until now there wasn't much incentive to do mass production, because it was only used when extremely light weight electrical conductors made financial sense in weight constrained applications like satellites, or ultra high power density applications like electric airplanes.

But the wallstreet bros are likely going to push copper prices to the point where it makes sense to build mass-manufacturing for these technologies, and then the copper demand from the tech manufacturing sector will fall off the cliff because it will probably cut it's copper consumption by a factor of up to 10'000.

So my finance advice is, electricity metal speculation is probably going to be over in the not too distant future.


File: 1676780787490.jpg ( 105.94 KB , 827x942 , REBubble-115j0o1.jpg )



NO! It's the gubbermint and its taxes and regulations that's killing small business, not landlords driving up the equilibrium value of the means of subsistence and thus making low-paying jobs unsustainable! Equilibrium prices are just a commie fantasy!


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File: 1677213298612.jpg ( 125.66 KB , 1164x930 , 20230223_213419.jpg )



File: 1677283417233.jpg ( 240.57 KB , 1179x1453 , 20230224_170259.jpg )



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holy based


File: 1678414939553.jpg ( 42.15 KB , 472x266 , stupid_bourgeois.jpg )

>decrease rent
>never done before
holy shit America is literal hell, thank god I don't live there.


RIP Silicon Valley Bank: Shut Down by California Regulator, Taken Over by FDIC, Shareholders Bailed In, Insured Depositors to Get their Cash by Monday


Is this an "another-one bites the dust" type situation or is it indicative of something more profound ?


File: 1678490941271.png ( 2.33 MB , 1170x1314 , 1678481626444783.png )

That's the question isn't it. All we know for sure is that it is the second largest bankruptcy in history.
My gut feeling is that the FDIC will successfully contain it, the mainstream media doesn't seem too worried and I know they lie all the time but I just pick up this vibe that their being legit this time.
But if there's another bank run…


They're calling it a mass extinction event for Silicon Valley startups. SV startup culture was always kind of a grift so it will be interesting to se e how this bankruptcy effects tech.
They closed the bank in the middle of the day instead of waiting until this evening so this thing is moving fast!


File: 1678492342942.jpg ( 259.51 KB , 1125x781 , 1678482058733043.jpg )



I think it could really effect the Californian Real Estate market. SV Bank were giving really exotic mortgages to techbros like allowing collateral in the form of stock options. I can't imagine a normie bank wanting to buy debt like that so these guys might have their loans yeeted and be forced to sell.


File: 1678494227012.jpg ( 152.28 KB , 1169x946 , 1678490742039799.jpg )



Wells Fargo says 'technical issue' causing customers to report missing deposits
bank run on Wells Fargo




File: 1678705465890.jpeg ( 43.79 KB , 725x375 , The Smell Of Farts Is Ben….jpeg )

what's the point of economics anymore when at the faintest fart in the markets all central bankers immediately go "BRRRRRRR"


Gotta keep the slaves chasing after fake money.


Wolff posted a video about the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse



So confusing to me why Wolff sometimes posts analyses on his personal channel and other times on the D@W channel.


Michael Hudson's take on the bank collapse



File: 1679242167687.jpg ( 27.52 KB , 530x286 , CSbank.jpg )

Credit Suisse bank might get nationalized

<Swiss authorities are evaluating a full or partial nationalization of Credit Suisse Group (NYSE:CS) as the only other option for the bank outside of sale to UBS AG (NYSE:UBS).


I wonder if this is related to Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank going down.


>I wonder if this is related to Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank going down.
It is more related to the interest rate.

I don't think Credit Suisse had any direct connections the the squeezed US banks or their depositors.


credit suisse has been in a bad state for a long time now
fears surrounding bank runs definitely made their situation less acceptable


Credit Suisse bank has just been bought by UBS bank.

Not sure what that means tho. It's so tiresome to decrypt the machinations of fictional capital.


Crisis delayed



<“Project Sandman” describes a 100+ nation agreement that, when triggered, will see those nations simultaneously dump the dollar and abandon the “petrodollar” status that has allowed the USA to enjoy 50 years of fiat currency counterfeiting and material abundance at the expense of everyone else. When this decision is triggered, the dollar and all dollar-denominated assets will plunge to near-ZERO literally overnight.

This isn't real, it's a form of entertainment website for collapse-porn. Their disclaimer says:
<Please use discernment! Use logical thinking, your own intuition and your own connection with Source, Spirit and Natural Laws to help you determine what is true and what is not.

But this is still a fun thought experiment.
Would such a 100 country conspiracy to collapse the dollar actually work ?


File: 1680288510645.jpg ( 122.49 KB , 900x900 , REBubble-124t7jt.jpg )



Usually these sites are put out as a wink to give away parts of what is planned, with the expectation that you figured out that humans lie about everything. The space aliens trope is older than you think. It came out in a big way to announce the birth of the national security state, and there are references to this in the occult milieu of the prior 50 years.

To answer the question - that is what they want to do, but there are too many interests who have no reason to run around like headless chickens. Currency schemes have collapsed before, and out of necessity vendors work out ad hoc solutions. The will of a few manipulators to create panic only works for so long. It scatters the easily defeated and those who imbibe too much ideology, but those with too much to lose work out countermeasures against these incursions. Ultimately it would rely on many millions becoming repo men and carrying out the grisly work, and that's why neoliberal managerial culture was created - to turn the whole country into the lowest forms of Einsatzgruppen they could. The result has been a steady escalation of faggotry and all the depravity inherent to the Right as a political formation, and the stripping away of anything else, leaving behind nothing but trained animals who think of nothing and have no real thoughts. Even with the vast effort spent to create these people, there are only so many reliable Einsatzgruppen, and those who are smart enough to be effective have incentives to work against the final end of this directive. It's why they want to build all these killbots and mystify tech, and why the current op is to tell us GPT-4 is Skynet. It's retarded.

Tanking the dollar, though, is shit easy, and there are interested parties that want it. The rich and their managerial lackies are already thinking of how to convert their money tokens into units of pure slavery and torture. That's the way we set for ourselves, and it has become life's prime want. Neoliberal society does not produce a single thing more than it has to in order to keep people from revolting, and they have steadily played a game of lowering standards and destroying all decencies and all expectations.


File: 1687478198099.jpg ( 63.54 KB , 500x610 , REBubble-uonl.jpg )



File: 1689875258998.jpg ( 1.06 MB , 672x842 , 20230718_211920.jpg )



File: 1691030681600.jpg ( 321.54 KB , 594x819 , REBubble-15fgz90.jpg )



File: 1692747845378.jpg ( 74.55 KB , 733x874 , 20230822_164318.jpg )



File: 1692751061825.jpeg ( 88.81 KB , 618x813 , 162rrrr3MEM120623.jpg-618….jpeg )

Perhaps if y'all stopped advocating for a system that collapsed on itself in the previous century after leaving >100 million to starve to death, then you would see the world more clearly.


File: 1692751626990.png ( 176.51 KB , 2669x2219 , capitalism killcount.png )

lol gave me a chuckle

While Capitalism did indeed collapse in to fascism last century, it killed way more than a 100 million.


>retarded Aristotelian who fought against every inch of progress revealed by the Renaissance.jpeg


The audacity to post this with such a high lack of self awareness is peak capitalist ideology.


>implying all the questions have been answered


File: 1693295784954.jpg ( 366.67 KB , 1232x1442 , 1692197354525094.jpg )

A trick you can use to screw over your landlord as you're about to leave is to call code enforcement on anything that looks like it's not up to code. It can be anything from a leaky toilet, to pests to a sagging roof. They might get their occupancy certificate pulled. Code enforcement can be very particular so it really doesn't take much. Use discretion, if your unit is brand new you probably don't have anything substantial to report but most people live in rentals that are a least a little rundown.
Don't do this unless you have a new place lined up. If they do lose their certificate of occupancy and you'll get evicted in 30 days.

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