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Last one is full and the worst thread on leftychan must be contained.

In recent news: Ukies done a successful counteroffensive in Izium, Z gang now in shambles. Biden promises even more money for Ukraine. Putin meets Xi, Erdogan, Modi and others at the SCO summit.

Pro-Russia sources:

Pro-Ukraine sources:
Everywhere else
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>You a capitalist see that the government is paying for 1 of your prison-slaves when it could be paying for 2 of your minimum wage workers instead, doubling the free labor you get.
You're making capitalists into simpletons they can't possibly be.


File: 1695359899590-0.jpg ( 64.26 KB , 543x469 , 1691559845567.jpg )

File: 1695359899590-1.jpg ( 60.13 KB , 510x680 , Stealth_20230630_034742.jpg )

File: 1695359899590-2.png ( 1.63 MB , 1080x1665 , wagnerCAR.png )

>If a Nazi is defending me from a murderer, who am I to decline that help?
Not someone opposed to Nazis, obviously. I wouldn't take help from a Nazi.
>the Russian government still saw fit to transport and outfit these Nazi mercenaries.

This line of argument doesn't work for you because you said that it's not a big deal Ukraine has whole government-backed and officially sanctioned Nazi battalions as part of its armed forces (in addition to Neo-Nazi mercenaries). You can't then say "these few dozen people means all of Russia is Nazi".

>there's also Wagner

Proof they are Nazis? Wagner are currently kicking out the French out of their former colonies and the Central African Republic built them a statue.

I have seen plenty Wagner soldiers with communist symbols, haven't seen them don much Nazi paraphernalia. I'm sure you have evidence Wagner is Nazi, other than "Wagner was Hitler's favourite composer!"


>Government pays for prisoner expenses you pay 13 cents an hour per worker
<Government doesn't pay for wages for your employees you pay 7 dollars an hour
Massive concentration of prisoners in a confined space, exorbitant commissary prices, phone call and Internet fees extracted from prisoners all culminate to a level of exploitation exceeding the costs.

The diff is that the cost of reproduction outside the prison system is much higher than 13 cents unless you make everyone live in a pod and eat ze bugs. The conditions that would cause a popular uprising among workers finds a home.

The math works out and the extraction of bare faced absolute surplus amounts to a multi billion dollar racket.


File: 1695360933763.jpg ( 606.23 KB , 1080x1860 , Screenshot_2023-09-22-12-2….jpg )

Based Jimmy

Ukraine war fags get the wall


File: 1695363382710.jpg ( 178.61 KB , 1080x612 , Screenshot_2023-09-22-13-1….jpg )

Based caucus


Wow this was quite an interview. I knew it was bullshit before but it's nice hearing the details from Ritter himself. Makes me now think that anyone who tries to argue he's a "twice-convicted pedophile" is one of the biggest scumbags in the world.


>Proof they are Nazis?
they have a fucking scull as their emblem lol

every PMC is fascist


also I'm glad that Wagner are good anti-imperialist bois now again kek


File: 1695368545622.webm ( 265.17 KB , 256x432 , 1695312269125.webm )

>they have a fucking scull as their emblem
lol. doesn't make them Nazi.
>every PMC is fascist
but they're fighting off European colonisers and oppressors, this makes them good, we'll deal with their fascism later ;)


File: 1695410903485.png ( 73.32 KB , 1674x504 , low intelectual potential.png )

Top Zelenskyy aide says India, China have ‘low intellectual potential

<The comments of a top aide to the Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenskyy about the 'low intellectual potential' of India and China have kicked up a social media storm.

<According to Podolyak, adviser to Zelensky’s office, “China and India are not able to analyse the consequences of their actions‚ low intellectual potential, unfortunately”.


That guy has seriously low diplomatic potential.


China bros, what has neutrality brought us again?


I have a feeling a lot of Zelensky's "aides" are actually Nazi handlers there to intimidate him and keep him in line.


China's position in the world has improved as a result of the Ukraine war. Their measured responses and somewhat more neutral stances make them appear to most of the world as a great power that is safe. By contrast the US is a great power which doesn't appear safe to a large part of the world.

>I have a feeling a lot of Zelensky's "aides" are actually Nazi handlers there to intimidate him and keep him in line.
Yeah that's what it looks like. Normal diplomatic envoys are able to avoid insulting ~3 billion people with a single remark. Those nazi handlers probably intent to eventually kill Zelensky once his utility for getting weapons and money from the west ends, so he probably should get out before that happens.


File: 1695425037081.png ( 1.21 MB , 1440x1107 , ClipboardImage.png )

Putin’s war machine risks running out of fuel, so Russia is banning the export of gasoline and diesel


File: 1695425104242.mp4 ( 4.16 MB , 960x1260 , Crimea strike.mp4 )

Ukraine mounts missile strike on Russian Black Sea fleet HQ in Crimea
>Latest high-profile attack on Russian forces based on annexed peninsula targets base in Sevastopol
How's your Crimean vacations going, Ziggers?


kek impotent Crimean tantrums won't win the war ukrop


Nah, what would be really impotent is if a country with overwhelming air power and supposed advanced air defenses couldn't stop a few Su-24s from bombing far behind the frontlines.


File: 1695427937340.jpeg ( 99.54 KB , 941x620 , counteroffensive for ants.jpeg )

nice, none of the previous crimea bombings have had any effect on the counteroffensive but THIS TIME it's gonna be a game changer


File: 1695427987182.png ( 3.44 MB , 1280x1120 , ClipboardImage.png )

ATACMS confirmed
Biden tells Zelenskyy that U.S. will send Ukraine ATACMS long-range missiles




File: 1695428171131.png ( 7.93 MB , 3000x1688 , ClipboardImage.png )

>Sunak, give storm shadow

>good morning sir yes sir
>Scholz, give leopards
>jawohl mein fuhrer!
>Biden, I want to kill more Donetsk children
>*wakes up* h-himars and atacms are on their way

How is Zelensky so powerful? Literally the entire western world is trembling before him.


File: 1695428287013.png ( 393.65 KB , 1125x1411 , ClipboardImage.png )

What is the strategic goal of assigning your submarine commander to a landlocked country?


File: 1695428348263.mp4 ( 23.23 MB , 848x464 , h70y0v.mp4 )

This is no time to scare hedgehogs with our ass. The eggs have been measured, and everyone understands everything.


File: 1695428407312.png ( 658.36 KB , 1690x920 , ClipboardImage.png )

Was he among the officers who got 200'd by the Azeris yesterday? Someone was saying multiple colonels were killed.


>that image
I lol'd


I thought the idea of peacekeepers is that if Azerbaijan attacked Armenia with Russian peacekeepers, that would equal attacking Russian soldiers, which would mean Russia can declare war with Azerbaijan or something like that, well a whole bunch of Russian peacekeepers are dead and nothing being done about it, what gives?


Tass (the Russian state news agency) reports something similar
<The Russian government is viewing an idea of temporary restrictions for gasoline export to stabilize the domestic market situation.

I think this might be a deception. The Ukraine war has been a mostly static-front war for many months. They can't have used a lot of fuel for military maneuvers. It seems like this kind of thing could be a preparation ahead of a large offensive, which would need a lot of fuel for moving troops. I admit that i might be wrong and they have rising fuel usage in their domestic economy, but this sure smells like something is coming down the pipe.


>I think this might be a deception
You should know by now that Russians have all the strategic subtlety of an ox. Remember when you thought the Wagner mutiny was just a clever ruse? Yeah, we all do too.


Maybe there is a unknown player, that's playing three dimensional backgammon, and is pulling the strings to empty out all of the Wests arsenals.


>The Enemy Continues His Cowardly Advance, Impotent Air Strikes on Our Command Centers


File: 1695447459657.jpg ( 124.45 KB , 1066x477 , Screenshot_2023-09-23-12-3….jpg )

Don't worry guys. Ukraine and Raytheon will still get it's welfare check during the govt shutdown


Great news. TZD will continue.


File: 1695462080969.png ( 992.07 KB , 1335x1242 , ClipboardImage.png )



They should start calling this the Russian Victory Map.


File: 1695472370339.png ( 190.67 KB , 720x720 , 0.png )



File: 1695473346879-0.jpg ( 112.14 KB , 850x1096 , __mizuki_original_drawn_by….jpg )

File: 1695473346879-1.jpg ( 161.05 KB , 1145x1280 , 1685181643742637.jpg )

File: 1695473346879-2.png ( 758.3 KB , 1200x966 , 6800f5d5d4eb87a010615f89d6….png )

File: 1695473346879-3.png ( 643.3 KB , 1000x1000 , 1652226386037.png )

File: 1695473346879-4.png ( 1.1 MB , 680x704 , c03.png )

janny cunts need to start banning ogres instead of waifus. also go eat shit and get sodomized, your welcome




File: 1695496902640.png ( 830.21 KB , 1080x1581 , ClipboardImage.png )

>The long-term loss of the only three major dry docks available to the BSF in the Black Sea has left Russian naval command with the unpleasant choice of either risking warships in action and having no place to repair them if hit by the Ukrainians or keeping its large vessels well out of harm’s way but unable to help out in the war against Kyiv.
>BSF naval command by Sept. 17 arguably demonstrated its decision by evacuating, along with all its missile submarines, all seven heavy assault Ropucha class landing vessels out of Sevastopol harbor’s confined waters, Ukrainian Navy spokesman Dmytro Pletenchuk said in a national TV broadcast.

That's it? Russia just pulled all their ships and subs out of crimea and moved them back to Russia proper?

It's so anticlimactic


File: 1695497067671-0.png ( 140.46 KB , 372x434 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1695497067671-1.png ( 82.31 KB , 272x344 , ClipboardImage.png )

Sevastopool is closed. Due to rAIDS




The Sevastopol port is not really relevant for the Ukraine war. It's significance is in the geopolitical contest between Russia and the US. This was perhaps the clearest demonstration that Ukraine is a vassal in a proxy war.

About the reshuffling of ships, that could be a nothing-burger and the media is just using it to manufacture cope. However. It's also possible that this did represent a geopolitical win for the US. The downside of option 2 is of course that the Russians are now looking at Ukraine as a source of endangering one of their important naval ports. That might mean they're now looking into changing Ukraine's borders some more, to "move Ukraine out of range" of Sevastopol.


File: 1695510059811.jpg ( 86.47 KB , 1011x668 , meta-zelensky-is-his-own-a….jpg )

Zelensky gave a UN speech a few days ago, and not many people showed up for it. A Ukrainian TV channel didn't want to show empty seats. Therefore they just cut in shots from another speech. Zelensky happened to be in the audience of those shots. And Meta-Zelensky was born, his special power is being speaker and audience simultaneously.

Check this, the grayzone shows the clip skip 21 min 25 sec


>The Sevastopol port is not really relevant for the Ukraine war.
And so, the cope begins.


Oh, no, whatever will Ukraine hit with all these ships capable of delivering men and materiel, launching missiles, and providing idf gone? They might have to hit troops that now lack these resources instead. Common Vatnik W.


File: 1695526235198.jpg ( 13.92 KB , 533x300 , no elections for the Ukro-….jpg )

Zelensky hints at postponing elections


>Ukraine will not hold any elections while martial law remains in force in the country, President Vladimir Zelensky said in an interview to the Washington Post published on Sunday. The country is scheduled to hold elections for parliament in October and for president early next year.

>However, no voting will take place while martial law is in place amid the ongoing hostilities with Russia, Zelensky told reporters, implying that the elections will not actually take place on time.

>“If we have martial law, we cannot have elections. The constitution prohibits any elections during martial law. If there is no martial law, then there will be [elections],” Zelensky stated.

So it looks like Ukraine might be going text-book fascism, open bourgeois dictatorship, through perpetually postponed elections via martial law. My guess is that they might never undo martial law with the excuse that Ukraine's borders haven't returned to pre2014.


with the military weakened from perpetual war, and a hardened version of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie angering the people, the people of ukraine can definitely make a revolution happen

probably won't happen though…


>with the military weakened from perpetual war, and a hardened version of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie angering the people, the people of ukraine can definitely make a revolution happen
good point

>probably won't happen though…

I agree it really doesn't look like a Ukranian revolution would happen, then again if nobody expects a revolution that's probably the most opportune time for one.

The Russians could potentially gain a lot of political influence in such a political situation by offering the restoration of democratic processes. The Ukrainian hard right would probably try to bomb the ballots, assassinate candidates and so on. Tho I don't know if the Russians have the capacity to uphold security in such a "threat-environment".


File: 1695528626134.jpg ( 348.48 KB , 983x837 , VonderLying-implies-Russia….jpg )

We got another historical revisionism Bruh-moment.

VonderLeyen (EU commission president) tried to imply that Russia nuked Hiroshima, didn't mention the US.



File: 1695528944273-0.jpg ( 1.14 MB , 1212x4167 , zelensky and the canadian ….jpg )

File: 1695528944273-1.jpg ( 269.15 KB , 1290x1439 , yaroslav hunka AP.jpg )

File: 1695528944273-2.mp4 ( 3.32 MB , 1280x720 , ww2 nazi celebrated ukrain….mp4 )

very cool non-nazi government you got there guys


File: 1695529082859.mp4 ( 10.13 MB , 1280x720 , nazi soldier yaroslav hunk….mp4 )

he even got thanked for his "service" (read: slaughtering of jews, polish, ukrainians, russians etc during his service for NAZI GERMANY)

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