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Be honest…

Has your life gotten materially better or worse since this faggot supposedly got elected.?


I wish Trump had won.


fuck drumph and fuck european 'people'


Literally neither.
Imagine actually thinking one of these guys was any good. Two senile old rapists - and neither Trump nor Biden is even the worst president in my lifetime, either. They're both dogshit, but neither has managed to do nearly as much damage as Bush, Jr did.


Yes, Trump criminally botched COVID to line his own pocket and pander to his insane base.
I hate Biden but at least he's not retarded like Trump.
Trump will never see the White House again, once a mob boss like Trump starts going down it only gets worse.


Perhaps Trump did win and the Dems cheated to steal the election. It seems pretty obvious that there was vote rigging, and social media giants like Facebook and Twitter were censoring stories like the Hunter Biden laptop. But part of him knew he had fucked the economy by printing trillions of dollars during the coof psyop instigated against him. Thus, he created just enough stink without 'crossing the Rubicon' on Jan 6th, knowing that the wreckage and blame would fall into the lap of Biden over the next few years, and thus positioning him for even more favorable odds at being reelected in 2024.


COVID was fake and ghey. The fact that the left bought that psyop just shows how out of touch with reality and blinded by corporate media they are.


File: 1696788294492.png ( 152.37 KB , 399x592 , trump popular vote 2016.png )

>Perhaps Trump did win and the Dems cheated to steal the election. It seems pretty obvious that there was vote rigging,
Retards will claim this and then be cool with Trump winning with 3 million fewer votes to begin with.


File: 1696789897862.jpg ( 271.94 KB , 1024x977 , 2020-Presidential-Election….jpg )

>It seems pretty obvious that there was vote rigging
Does it really? I assume you have some evidence for this assertion? Because in the real world where statistics mean something, Biden actually seems to have won in such a landslide that he overcame election fraud in Trump's favor.

Just look at this fucking bullshit in Iowa, Alabama, Kentucky, and Wisconsin. The US state department refuses to recognize foreign elections that deviate more than 1.5% outside exit polling margins of error, yet these four states are upwards of 5%, all in Trump's favor. Iowa is especially troubling because the exit polling is so close that Biden may have actually won the state, yet computerized vote flipping instead gave it to Trump. If the election weren't as much of a landslide for Biden this could have been another case of fraud determining the outcome, as happened in Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004.

America's elections are being stolen in favor of the more conservative candidate, as usual, yet Trump has you fooled that all the fraud is happening the other way.


>When you get psyoped so hard you cope by projecting everyone else was psyoped.
The only people that think COVID was fake are drooling QAnon retards.


File: 1696791729712.jpg ( 113.87 KB , 1165x1431 , MV5BNDdmMjgxMTQtMmViYy00M2….jpg )

So true!


This, the electoral college is fundamentally anti-democratic. You get more votes because people won't live in your shithole state? It was originally set up to keep slavery from being voted into being abolished.


>Stop making fun of Donald Duck, that's cringe!
I'm sorry.


File: 1696792055199.jpg ( 66.39 KB , 512x401 , kleroterion.jpg )

>social media memes are an attack on democracy

>the electoral college is fundamentally anti-democratic

>elections are fundamentally anti-democratic




File: 1696792382457.png ( 753.31 KB , 640x480 , itstinks.png )

>Article audio sponsored by The John Birch Society
Checks out.


Vs being sponsored by Google and the CIA…


Well it came out of a lab, and the vaccines didn't work and were in fact dangerous, the measures they took weren't backed by science or medicine leading to more harm than good… so yeah pretty much its fake and gay


File: 1696793206390-0.jpg ( 226.73 KB , 1080x1062 , Screenshot_2023-10-09-02-2….jpg )

File: 1696793206390-1.jpg ( 401.27 KB , 1080x1446 , Screenshot_2023-10-09-02-2….jpg )

File: 1696793206390-2.jpg ( 562.2 KB , 1080x2005 , Screenshot_2023-10-09-02-2….jpg )

File: 1696793206390-3.jpg ( 563.09 KB , 1080x1777 , Screenshot_2023-10-09-02-2….jpg )

File: 1696793206390-4.jpg ( 447.1 KB , 1080x1812 , Screenshot_2023-10-09-02-2….jpg )

Once again, the 'left' displays its penchant for being psyoped


Remember when 'leftists' and the government said we had to all stay inside or we'd kill grandma, but then Sweden did no such thing and nothing happened?

Or of we all didn't get vaccines, we'd all kill our neighbor, but then Africa didn't do that and nothing happened?

Or when politicians demanded we wear a cuck mask, but then held parties where the only people wearing them were the hired help?

Or how about when Trump tried to impose international travel restrictions, especially from China, early during the coof, and Nancy Pelosi, MSNBC, and muhleft called him racist for it?


File: 1696794276980.webm ( 2.76 MB , 640x360 , exitpolling101.webm )

Voter fraud is an inefficient and impractical method of stealing elections compared to systemic electoral fraud, especially when computerized tallying systems are in use. Your theory of widespread voter fraud cannot be taken seriously until you explain the massively improbable exit poll deviations in Trump's favor. Exit polls are the gold standard for detecting election fraud around the world. Exit polling is the closest you can possibly get to measuring how people vote outside the official tallies, because of course the polling is done immediately after someone has just voted. In places with hand-counted paper ballots, they are in general much more accurate than "non-polling metrics" such as online searches, number of donors, candidate enthusiasm (whatever that means), etc.

I will not accept any assertion that widespread voter fraud altered the outcome of the election in Biden's favor until you can explain why exit polling discrepancies paint a trend that is exactly the opposite. How do you reconcile your theory with this countervailing piece of statistical evidence?


A 4 year long media campaign of painting Trump voters as racist bad people made them unwilling to divulge who they voted for to rando exit poll workers grilling them as they left the polling station

You sir, are psyoped. I would expect nothing less from a muhleft ideologue who dismisses any information that contradicts your worldview or which comes from 'bad people' sources, as you've already explained you do:
>I will not accept any assertion that widespread fraud….


righttards believe if trubp was dropped at age 4 at africa he would become millonaire


What are you smoking? Absolutely no one said that. You live in a world of fantasy and make believe. It's really sad…


File: 1696796312147-0.jpg ( 122.96 KB , 1180x660 , 20231009_031521.jpg )

File: 1696796312147-1.jpg ( 212.34 KB , 1080x677 , Screenshot_2023-10-09-03-1….jpg )

In other news, the average America is more skeptical of the govt and official narratives that the average 'leftist'
And we wonder why the left can't gain traction. Maybe they should quit being water boys of the deep state


On gott, where did all these Trump QAnon retards come from? This is a anti capitalist board morons.


>My retarded right wing memes are appearing in media, I'm on to something.
t. psyoped CHUD


Gotcha. You've got nothing else to say, so you'll name call.

I'll take the W.


File: 1696799918968.mp4 ( 2.19 MB , 640x432 , negativevotes.mp4 )

>exit polls are wrong… because voters lie to pollsters
I see you have found common found in your explanation with the likes of the New York Times and Washington Post. Every single time election fraud asserts itself through exit polls, they trot out this absurd explanation, and every single time it is trivially refuted by pointing out that exit polls are actually accurate on a wide variety of other topics, and that as a general rule they are more accurate in places without computerized voting or tallying. This is the fallacy of special pleading, and you have to be in some kind of cult to think that Trump voters are the one special exception to the rule. Why would someone angry enough to vote for Trump be any less likely to proudly shout from the mountaintops that they voted for him, especially given that Trump was very openly preparing to dispute the election before people had even voted? If anything, a Trump voter should have been extra eager to provide evidence of Trump support in order to combat any suspected voter fraud later.

The simplest and most likely correct explanation is not that your special snowflake candidate produced the one exception where masses of voters systemically got around polling techniques designed exactly to account for sampling bias. The simplest and most likely correct explanation is that the US has a modern history of opaque private interests taking over election infrastructure and pushing hilariously insecure proprietary hardware and software that can be cracked by curious children–as it has been at every Defcon convention since 2017. And that Trump is another in a series of conservative candidates who were the beneficiaries of systemic election fraud. Your special pleading doesn't hold up.


found common ground*, that is



So how do you explain away the fact exit polls show that million's mor people voted for bidden over trump? Like in Florida where Biden clearly out ran Hillary. Also post exit polls please cause I can't find any on DDG.


>The deep state

Go back to pol retard.


I have not read the entire discussion you two had, so excuse me for my slightly rude and off kilter interjection. But if i'm not mistaken the term "deep state" did originate on the classical left (not the pseudo left). The right picked up on it later. The people on the classical left have began calling it the permanent state. Probably because "deep" was found to be a bit too ambiguous, when somebody asked "deep into what exactly ?".


>So how do you explain away the fact exit polls show that million's mor people voted for bidden over trump?
Uh, they don't? Do you still not understand what an exit poll is? It's a random sample of people who voted, you can only compare relative proportions in results with them, they're not a tool for measuring raw vote counts. Go back and read >>475383, it has all the exit polls released by Edison Research in 2020 (the major pollster which all the network television stations get election-night data from) summarized in a table.


The term deep state become a thing because people like alex jones exist, but, it was commonly found on more left wing side of debates because, believe it or not, Alex largely used to be considered super left wing.



Yeah they do tho.


Oh, I see I see yes, these, alright I mean that's kind of a fair question. I remeber these back in the day on org when the election was happening but I still wasn't completely convinced. You'd have to explain how a national election could be rigged across the board, and, again, it's no secret Biden had major gains over hillary compared to 2016 in 2020.


I think you're confused between what BBC is inferring from exit polls and what they're inferring from current raw vote tallies at the time of that article. Voter turnout comes from the latter, not the former. You cannot estimate population size (voter turnout) from a sample (polling).


>The term deep state become a thing because people like alex jones exist,
That's not true at all it came out of Turkish academia to describe the phenoenom of a certain clique of intel-agencies and so on(what we would call fascists) actors who hold the power in the state but not overtlu, you are a liar.


Better. Proud boys, Oath Keepers ect.. Not as active, less domestic terrorism when emboldened by a autocrat like Trump. But fuck Biden along with any crony capitalists'. I hate right-wing supporters,voters for their stupidity more than their chosen


Alex Jones was super left wing ? Interesting.
He once shilled coffee from Mexican communist farming communes.

<The term deep state
>came out of Turkish academia
Care to reference any of these ?


File: 1696816760812.jpg ( 47.38 KB , 612x612 , istockphoto-92224917-612x6….jpg )



>Care to reference any of these ?
A calque of Turkish derin devlet (“deep state”) (early uses were in relation to Turkey,[1] especially the 1996 Susurluk scandal).
deep state (plural deep states)

(politics, conspiracy research) A large group of people, typically members of government agencies and the military, believed to have long-lasting political influence that is difficult for an administration voted into power to counter.

The alleged ideology of the deep state is anti-socialist, ultranationalist,[6] secularist, anti-Kurdish, anti-democratic, and anti-liberal.

In Turkey, the deep state (Turkish: derin devlet) is an alleged group of influential anti-democratic coalitions inside the Turkish political structure, composed of high-level elements within the intelligence services (domestic and foreign), the Turkish military, security agencies, the judiciary, and mafia.[1][2] The political agenda of the deep state network purportedly involves an allegiance to nationalism, corporatism, and state interests. Violence and other means of pressure have historically been employed in a largely covert manner to manipulate political and economic elites, ensuring that specific interests are met within the seemingly democratic framework of the political landscape.

Another explanation contradicts the reduction of the deep state to an interest network and defines it as a type of domination based on the high level of autonomy enjoyed by the military that enables the security apparatus to disrupt formal democratic institutions (in the foreground) by employing a sui generis repertoire of informal institutions (in the background), i.e. putsch threat, autocratic cliques, mafia, organized crime and corruption.


It blows my mind how people who have read Gramsci seriously could write off any discussion of a deep state.

But when discussing the western left(tm), nothing surprises me anymore


I think you're all overcomplicating this. The deep state is simply the part of a state comprising officials who've been appointed rather than elected and remain from administration to administration.


File: 1696821240469.jpg ( 386.39 KB , 1080x1562 , Screenshot_2023-10-09-10-1….jpg )

So basically a class of appointee above democratic control who serve the interest of capital.

Who do they typically vote for and support again?


File: 1696821541077.png ( 1017.74 KB , 960x541 , ClipboardImage.png )

i guess what americans would call 'the swamp'? but with an explicitly fascist bent (see, grey wolfes).


This article, supposedly by a university lecturer, doesn't appear to cite a single source for any of its claims. Pretty hard for "the reader can judge for himself" if they aren't given any evidence to support assertions.


basically it is just state mafia [or mafia state] and various shits like frei korps


All states are mafias


Libs be like:
>Sure the price of everything has dramatically risen, and we're on the brink of world war 3 - but at least the orange racist didn't get elected


that is sort of more obvious, thats why i mentioned frei korps


and here how drumpf will fix it:



File: 1696861863244.png ( 68.36 KB , 1296x842 , -1x-1.png )

Whatever he was doing before the senile liberal pedophile came into office


>line goes up


>tend clearly on its way up before trump to office




Yes, he stopped COVID while Trump criminally and intentionally botched it.


left office**


Covid wasn't real


Evolution stopped covid.


So campaigns to 'stop the spread ' actually prolonged the pandemic?


No because they were completely ineffective. Only China was serious about stopping its spread, but of course the fuckups controlling other countries' health policies allowed the virus to run wild and evolve towards increased transmissibility until eventually it became so contagious that even China's initially effective policies were no longer realistic.




They were never realistic or effective.


What's "they"? Trying to conflate the half-assed incompetent lockdown measures imposed in Western countries with China's policy? China's lockdown, tracing, and isolation techniques were so effective at stopping covid in its tracks that citizens were celebrating new years' in the streets in mass covid-free in 2021. They only stopped working when covid evolved in Western countries, where it was allowed to run wild in hundreds of millions of incubators, to become more transmissible than measles.


>celebrating new years' in the streets in mass covid-free in 2021.
There was a vaccine by 2021 Nimrod.


Imagine being much of a germaphobic faggot who likes to be bossed around
>Behold, 'the left'


I've had absolutely no side effects from not taking the vaccine.

Got the coof and was still going for jogs and getting laid. Pureblood virility.

How about you, anon?


I made no sort of claim that what China did was desirable or undesirable, I merely stated the undeniable fact that it was effective at containing covid. That's just pure projection from you.


File: 1696932082874.jpg ( 69.16 KB , 1280x720 , 20652-01-dunning-kruger-ef….jpg )

>China's policy was effective at containing Covid (until it wasn't),
<then the whole world went back to normal when the coof scaremongering was no longer tenable or politically wise
Also, I love how we have China epidemiology experts who have barely stepped foot into the international terminal of an airport (pic related)


You probably uncaringly killed like 1,000 people. Congrats.


It killed millions and millions of people. You are pathetic. The lack of self awareness is funny though.


File: 1696935537075.jpeg ( 43.98 KB , 406x411 , 995.jpeg )



Comrade Dunning Kruger is alive and well.


I don't think you know what that means. The Fauci ouchie combined with breathing in your own C02 has ruined your cognitive abilities


What does it matter to comrade Dunning Kruger?!


File: 1696952270376.jpg ( 152.9 KB , 1024x1024 , IMG_6818.jpg )

Biden's administration has embarked on an ambitious climate agenda, rejoining the Paris Agreement and committing to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. The administration has introduced the American Jobs Plan, which includes investments in clean energy, infrastructure, and electric vehicle production, with the aim of creating millions of jobs while addressing climate change.
Biden administration rolled out an extensive vaccination campaign, with the goal of getting 70% of adults in the United States at least partially vaccinated by July 4, 2021. They also passed the American Rescue Plan Act, a $1.9 trillion relief package, which included direct payments to individuals, extended unemployment benefits, and funding for vaccine distribution.
Biden has made efforts to strengthen international alliances and diplomacy. He has worked to rebuild relationships with traditional allies and has expressed a commitment to a more multilateral approach to global challenges, including reengaging with organizations like the World Health Organization and reevaluating U.S. involvement in conflicts abroad.
Biden administration has put a focus on addressing racial and social justice issues. They have signed executive orders and introduced legislation aimed at combatting systemic racism, promoting police reform, and expanding voting rights.

anyway fuck that guy


Now link to the website you copied that from


File: 1696953142489.png ( 1.86 MB , 1280x800 , cool 8.png )

>Now link to the website you copied that from
post images u fucking faggoti faggot


File: 1696955296116.jpg ( 207.01 KB , 640x640 , image_P7tv0P5H_16969551167….jpg )



File: 1696955758752.jpg ( 384.62 KB , 640x640 , image_3dtRX_Uk_16969555533….jpg )



File: 1696956034671.jpg ( 101.51 KB , 640x640 , image_aJbUh721_16969559757….jpg )





>Unironic Vax conspiracies
You have to go back
>Another CHUD joining in.
You have to go too.


File: 1696964102195-0.jpg ( 8.92 KB , 180x270 , 1696319888094014 me rn.jpg )

File: 1696964102195-1.png ( 216.38 KB , 500x366 , 1695767270809476 168627914….png )

File: 1696964102195-2.png ( 1.14 MB , 1063x1019 , 1695836230378714 ijmnimik.png )

>You have to go back
that one must "go back" implies a regression, a surrender to the antiquated ideologies of yesteryears. But I, dear interlocutor, have no inclination to revert to the intellectual infancy of eras past. I stand firmly on the precipice of the present, with my gaze set firmly on the future, where ideas evolve and mature, casting aside the vestiges of ideological stagnation.

To tether oneself


>Unironic faith in the official narrative
How many crocheted pussy hats do you own?


Worse. But don't call him faggot. It gives us real fags a bad name.


Yes. Joe is literally the best president in the last 50 years.


There are, in fact, people who have convinced themselves this is true. They are called faggots
Homos and fags are different. Homos are cool ig. Fags are fags


daily reminder that us has literacy rate of 80s percent


>daily reminder that us has literacy rate of 80s percent




It's ok libs.

After Biden's deep state puppet masters drag us into 2 or 3 more wars on behalf of corrupt client states, Trump will be the after 2024 to end them and make America great again


Trump nearly put us in like 3 wars, kek.


Yeah, Hamas, Israel, Ukraine, Russian are sooo far left I'm surprised WW3 didn't start sooner


Why do you consider these far left, and why would that induce the start of WW3 ?


File: 1697179737563.jpg ( 392.06 KB , 2048x1536 , 20231013_134752.jpg )

Is that what the TV told you?


>Fake news is reality

Trump nearly got us in a conflict with Russia and assassinated an Iraqi Military Leader.


File: 1697188107850.png ( 7.65 KB , 259x194 , images.png )

>Trump was a Russian asset and got us into a conflict with Russia!


I didn't say that you retard.
At the start of his precedency he began launching airshows on the border of Russia which spooked the Russian government who then put anti aircraft missiles on the border of Crimea. Retards like you just let shit like that get memory hold'd because you are a dumb coomer.


>ackshually, in 1918, US forces invaded Vladivostok. The president at the time was Woodrow Wilson - a Democrat. ha! So, you see, Trump dindu nuffin
This is how dumb you sound


Not to mention Trump sabotaged the INF treaty, the single most important anti-nuclear treaty that prevented 5-minute hair trigger Armageddon responses.


We get it. You voted for Biden


And Biden sabotaged New START, the last remaining nuclear arms control treaty. There is absolutely nothing stopping an unconstrained arms race towards nuclear hellfire now.


Anon I think you're confused.


Yes, I'm confused about how any straight man could support Biden. I kinda hope, for your sake, that you make a living and get paid this way. No shame in that. Everyone's gotta make a living somehow, and what with inflation as it is., I can't fault anyone for jumping on an opportunity to make some good cash in this economy.


File: 1697215718557.jpeg ( 33.36 KB , 512x768 , Well_partner_.jpeg )

>Yes, I'm confused about how any straight man could support Biden. I kinda hope, for your sake, that you make a living and get paid this way. No shame in that. Everyone's gotta make a living somehow, and what with inflation as it is., I can't fault anyone for jumping on an opportunity to make some good cash in this economy.
Well, partner, I reckon it's high time we cleared up that there's more to folks than just their political leanings. You see, it's a mite simplistic to think that someone's support for a particular fella like Biden or any other politician defines their whole self. Now, I can understand having differences of opinion, but let's not jump to conclusions, shall we?

Now, I reckon a fella's support for Biden might stem from various reasons, like maybe they believe in the policies he's put forward. Heck, some folks might be inclined toward his experience and think he's the best choice for the job. It ain't just about making a living, partner, it's about what they reckon is best for their country.

And as for making a living, well, that's something we all gotta do. It's the way of the world. We gotta put food on the table, pay our bills, and take care of our kin. So, if someone's found a way to make an honest living, well, I say good on 'em. Ain't no shame in that.

Now, I'll tell ya, inflation's been a mighty concern for many these days. It's getting harder and harder to stretch a dollar, and that's the honest truth. If folks can find a way to make some decent cash in these challenging times, more power to 'em. It's about survivin' and thrivin' in a world that's ever-changin'.

But let's not forget, partner, that it's a big ol' world out there, and folks are diverse in their thinkin'. It's what makes this country so special. We can have different viewpoints and still find common ground. So, before we go judgin' a fella for who they support, maybe it's worth havin' a good ol' conversation and tryin' to understand where they're comin' from.

In the end, it's about respectin' each other's right to their own beliefs and rememberin' that there's more to a person than their politics. So, let's tip our hats to civil discourse and understandin', partner, 'cause that's what makes this here world go 'round.


File: 1697219533766.png ( 535.05 KB , 631x537 , sadpizzakitty.png )

It's funny, but… it'd be funnier if a human wrote it.


fuck… the pizza cat got to me
here are some catgirls as penance


Alright I kek'd pretty hard at this.


File: 1697255233988.jpg ( 32.14 KB , 640x640 , pizza anime women cat ears.jpg )



File: 1697519751218.jpg ( 27.52 KB , 400x400 , 20231017_105341.jpg )

Waka Flocka Flame will lead with urban lumpen proletariat in a MAGACommunism uprising. The result will be the total liquidation of the modern whitecollar kulak class, including their NEET children.


Better because presidents are fundamentally interchangable, but the outrage farms get less reach talking about Soda vs when they used to talk about Orange.
News is an addictive substance, people snorting it less makes socializing less stressful, which improved my life considerably. I'm not convinced Soda is doing anything Orange wouldn't have done too.


File: 1697601975097.jpg ( 329.26 KB , 1080x1145 , Screenshot_2023-10-18-11-0….jpg )

>More Biden Ls

It's funny how leftists will ruin a country and then blame capitalism


>It's funny how leftists will ruin a country
Which country do you think is run by leftists ?

>blame capitalism

Well you're currently living in a capitalist economy, what you see now is what capitalism does.

The people who bombed the Gaza hospital and made the Arab world go nope, were hardcore Zionists, do you think these are left ?




So you think the US is currently run by leftists ?
But Biden isn't really doing stuff that leftists want. He's clearly not reigning-in/abolishing capitalism, reducing military spending, making peace, investing lots into infrastructure/social-services and so on.

As far as i know the only thing that he's done that might be something good is that big hydrogen project. I haven't seen a technical breakdown so i can't give you real verdict, but it does appear to also have nuclear powered hydrogen synthesis, so they might actually intent this thing to produce significant quantities of energy.


It's baffling to me how you could think Zionism is leftist ?
Can you explain why you think this ?


File: 1697646490923.jpg ( 35.05 KB , 525x349 , Vietnam_Biden_56652.jpg )

>Biden isn't doing what we want so he's not leftist
And yet, this thread is filled with leftists shilling and carrying water for him
Moreover, why would Biden cater to the left? The so called left is the psyoped progeny and general bitch of the DNC, not the other way around.

Nonetheless, The liberal wing of porkie gives cultural form to the ethos of human rights, equality, social justice, while simultaneously revealing how shallow, rhetorical, manipulative, and false such discourse and values can be.


Israel is a settler military welfare state where people get free healthcare and basic education. Kinda based in its own right. Judaism is also highly chauvinist in nature.

Jews, according to their own religious scripture, are ancestrally and exclusively chosen as God's people. As such, Jews are separate in this regard from all other people on Earth. (Christianity and Islam are much more equalitarian and leftist in this regard, with a God that said to be the God of all people - and anyone of any ethnicity or race can become one of God's favored either through acceptance of Jesus or Muhammad as the son/final prophet, plus a few other things like praying, etc)

So, in some ways, Israel is kinda based.

But I really don't give a fuck about that.

They're still a bunch of fags in my book.

They're a bunch of welfare queens that get free shit thanks to western graces and tax dollars, while the west gets absolutely fuck all nothing in return - and has only encouraged animosity from Muslims and Arab countries. The only people who benefit (beside faggot ugly Israeli welfare queens) are porkie military contractors and the diplomatic corp of the swamp.

The actions by the Gazans are commendable and retarded at the same time - and most of all understandable.

I'm not into picking sides in conflicts I have know influence over or skin in - but I'm sure not supporting of Israel's fake and ghey right to exist of the tit of western subsidies.

<Back to Biden

You are absolutely retarded if you think Biden is actually running anything, even his own daily affairs, let alone having any influence or power - except maybe over the flavor of ice cream.

This is practically a Weekend at Bernie's scenario.

Biden is a mentally feebled political idol/scarecrow to represent the thing called the American presidency for the idiots who believe it.

That begs the question of who actually runs the show.

I'll leave that up to you to speculate on.

But with regards the other real world option, Caesar Trump, it begs the question of why the so called left sides with the oligarchy and its fake and ghey democracy and president.


File: 1697740719258.jpg ( 317.47 KB , 1080x738 , Screenshot_2023-10-20-01-3….jpg )



File: 1700580106841.jpg ( 242.85 KB , 1290x1584 , 20231121_221941.jpg )

>Biden sisters…. I don't feel so good


>Israel is a settler military welfare state where people get free healthcare and basic education. Kinda based in its own right.
All paid for by US taxpayers. There is nothing based about a country that will collapse overnight without foreign aide.


>Also has vids of your leaders fucking kids
Keep that welfare coming


File: 1701148856912.jpg ( 118.07 KB , 828x1059 , 20231128_121937.jpg )

Biggest accomplishment of the Biden regime:

>Spying on the financial activities of plebs


Zionazis and their enablers are the ultimate gibsmedat state, and true to form, /pol starts screeching like the retards they are when their gibsmedat is taken from them. People like that are the lowest uyghurs on the Earth, the archetypical example of someone who will be an enabler of the slave system and massa. What a failed race, really. what a failed race.


>Zionazis and their enablers are the ultimate gibsmedat state
The rulers look at Israel as a good investment for power-projection

Tho I don't know if they still think this today, since from the US perspective Israel is antagonizing the locals too much, which is increasing the resistance towards US empire.


They don't believe that. They say it, and Biden grovels so well for them, but there's no real American interest in Israel, and hasn't been for a long time. Back when the oil could be contested, Israel was useful, but when the Americans could just talk to the Arabs direct and own the kings and princes in the Gulf, Israel has been entirely a nuisance. It's why Israel has to make everyone go along with this through pure threats and fear. They have nothing else to offer and don't need to do anything else.

Politicians know if they cross Israel, they're dead. The smear campaigns will destroy them. Eventually they run out of money or the threats they make can no longer be backed up. Lately, the political class is more capable of breaking the fear of Israel, but those who offered themselves to AIPAC must cover their asses, and Israel still has enough threats to make the imperial core howl if they are called upon. The imperial elites can smear their enemies on their own, but if Israel can be used as a trigger, they're not averse to that. US/UK/Israel can get along because they believe in 99% of the same things, but Israel makes it clear they hate their masters and Israel has always been an incredibly annoying vassal. They'd never openly fight each other or turn on each other, but there can come a point where the US leadership is done listening to their shit and tells them to go to hell, and the Arabs and Iranians would be happy to send them there.


The arms contractors loving having someone who will buy their equipment, and selling Israel the Iron Dome is a great test for what they want in the future. Besides that, though, Israel doesn't serve much of the imperial project any more, aside from killing people and the usual eugenics stuff. There's no spiritual or material tie that makes the US a necessary slave to Israel. Israel needs the US desperately because no one else is interested in giving them any support, but they only have the fear card to play and so they never want anyone acknowledging too openly what they really think about the Zionists.


When you hear from the bureaucrats in the US state, the fixtures who actually operate anything from administration to adminstration, they can't fucking stand Israeli bullshit. State Department had so many quits and disgusted statements from people in it that they were forced to supplicate to Israel, and those are the people who are supposed to be diplomatic. The army guys have openly pissed on Israel because they know the IDF is a joke army, even by the low standards expected of a plan war military, and they really hate that they're going to have to do Israel's work for them. You had one of the American generals during the buildup to the Iraq War say outright we were made to stand and die for Israel rather than anything worthwhile for us. That war did nothing but make the US weaker and the plan would have been much worse if Bush could make it so.

I wouldn't be surprised if pretty soon "Anuddah Shoah" becomes a mainstream acceptable opinion, after Israel annoys people for a few more years with this routine, if the plug isn't pulled soon and they're left to their fate.


And it seems like the Zionist propaganda is basically goading Americans and the world to believe the Jews really are evil and Hitler was right all along, because Israeli elite assholes will be in their gated communities and are perfectly fine to let the rest of the Jews suffer.


But, Israel is fucked. They either drag the US into a general war it cannot actually wage, or the US gives up on the region. Netanyahu did his part to suck the Americans of what blood he could and he's pissy that his own people fucking hate him.


They might be able to flatten Gaza - they probably figure the Arabs aren't going to strike reactively, and if it comes to war, the Middle East will form a coalition. It wouldn't be a tit for tat escalation that just sorta happens. It would either require dislodging the US from the region, or they cut a deal with the US and the backstab returns. The Americans wouldn't see the Muslims as an existential enemy in the way Israel would - they have the option of working with the new status quo and ditching this obnoxious vassal, as long as the oil keeps flowing and the empire gets what it really cares about.


I don't think this much open disgust for Israel would be permitted if the US was really invested in a decades-long crusade - literally a crusade. The fundies have always seen Israel as another ritual sacrifice and they're really grinning that they can fulfill their made up prophecy.


Also something something "If Haiti sank into the ocean, no American interest would be threatened". The truth now is that the only thing Americans will get from Israel is whining and barking, and that has been enough so long as armaments can be sold.


>Politicians know if they cross Israel, they're dead. The smear campaigns will destroy them.
So Western politicians have forgotten how to play rough politics ?
I find that hard to believe.

All they have to do is close ranks and repeat over and over:
It's antisemitism to equate Jews and Zionists.


Israel almost certainly holds compromising material to make them comply. You saw what happened to Corbyn for merely his past political positions - that machine can be turned against anyone to accuse them until the offending politicians break.

If you understand a republic, these people are not best friends or united by some sense of goodwill. Many of them have no reason to ever oppose Israel so they're committed to toeing the line.

Someone can make a stand - maybe even a majority - but the kompromat will make doing this painful. The Israelis will throw everything they have to make sure they get their way if such a thing happened. The only way it shuts off is if there are forces at work no amount of threats can answer, or there is an ultimatum from something more than the esteem of some random Congresspeople. It's not about having a friendly line that is appealing. Doing anything other than what Israel wants means they would be effectively saying Israel can go fuck itself, in the middle of a war. It would be in effect declaring that US backing for Israel will no longer be given, or will come with stipulations that the Israelis will not accept without fighting it. None of this is about what anyone believes or making a public relations impression. It's about what such statements and resolutions imply. If you're not with your allies 100% and say everything they say, there isn't an alliance. It would be like dithering over whether you support the Nazis or the Soviets and playing the both sides argument. It's double-dealing and looks disgusting, and that sort of thing pisses off everyone. The truth of the statements is irrelevant - people will believe what their sense tells them, not what the influencers say is popular or wins you friends. There are enough Jews, some in Israel itself, who do not like what the Israeli government is doing at all. It fucks them and they've been very vocal about not associating with anything Israel is putting out. Hilariously, the people who aren't on the "bash Israel" train right now are literal Nazis who screech about ZOG all the time. Now Israel is "based" because of ethnostate ideological faggotry. Those cuckolds made their line clear - there's no there there. They can't even be consistent racists, typical of such faggotry. I saw that coming years before it happened - such limp-wristed fags aren't going to stand for anything except shouting.


That said, it's not a matter of cowardice for US Congresspeople. It's a matter of survival. In private a number of them will say or leak their real opinion on the matter. Nobody cares about the faux moral posturing. The vehemently pro-Israel members like Schumer have dual citizenship and so they know what they really do this for - he's not stupid enough to need an ideology to justify anything to him.


In any event, if there's a break in the policy, it's not going to come from a Congressional resolution based on a change of heart. It's going to come from the Department of Defense saying "fuck this" and putting their foot down.

Based on the actions of the US, I do not believe they will let Israel get its way to the fullest extent. The US in political speech is ginning up maximal support for Israel, but in its real actions, they really really do not want what Bibi wants them to do.


The ideal for the US is for Israel to declare victory, broker some shabbily put together peace dealie, and try to put the Middle East out of sight for at least a few years. The last thing they want is to abandon the "war on the cheap" thing Obama brought in, at a very bad time for the US with shit popping off on more fronts. A war with Iran would probably lead to a whole lot of actors taking their swing at US holdings, and it wouldn't just be military confrontations. It would probably lead to Xi making that fated phonecall to whomever rules in Taiwan and saying they're coming. That by the way is how Taiwan will unfold - that was set up long ago, and all this bluster about defending Taiwan is a bunch of malarkey. The real problem for China is reintegrating the GMD and bringing the people in line with the CCP, and the West would do a lot to muddy that process unless China continues to play ball. But, China would score a huge political win because the US would be distracted, and then more fronts would pop off.


>Israel almost certainly holds compromising material to make them comply. You saw what happened to Corbyn for merely his past political positions - that machine can be turned against anyone to accuse them until the offending politicians break.

Yeah but Corbyn was weak, in the past socdems had connections to the mob, and political interference of that type would not have been tolerated.

I doubt all politicians are vulnerable like Corbyn was. Some politicians may not have any skeletons in the closet, that could compromise them.

Also Corbyn's media campaign pursued the wrong strategy, he could have not given the offending media any access, unless they quit smearing him. Corbyn was popular enough that he commanded the attention and not the newsorgs.


Wasn't about Corbyn as a man. It was a flex to show that any iota of opposition, including things said 40 years ago, was wrongthink. It was a test of the ADL smear machine revamp for the internet era. They lost their edge during the rise of internet discourse and that was a way of showing that they'd destroy anyone opposing their plan for the weakest excuses. Corbyn was, like Bernie, a ritual sacrifice to make it clear to the left that they will fear their own thoughts and learn to love it. He was also a dreadful Fabian Society leader, and had no business being where he was. Labour by that point was a dead horse, and now they have effectively permanent Tory dictatorship no matter how badly they govern. If Starmer is "elected" he'd probably just sell off the country to the new Five Eyes Oceania superstate deal - Trilateral guy gonna do Trilateral Commission things.


The point here though isn't about the appeal of socdems (they have none, their positions are utterly discredited and they've all rolled in to fascism). The point is that Israel proved they could make the media smear anyone at any time and flood the zone with charges they could never make in the past. The old way relied on artful smears and insinuations, and a clever politician could parry those thrusts or just show outright contempt, saying Israel is a shitty little country and catering to the anti-Jewish sentiment. The old way could only go full bore against people who were staunchly anti-Jew, and by then the politician just shrugged it off and could still remain respectable. The new smears made it clear that if you didn't kowtow, non-stop hit pieces would come day after day and turn your own core supporters against you. This isn't just a leftist thing. Conservatives after that display were very cautious about speaking too loosely or suggesting too much moderation. It's no great secret that the conservative base and many interests in their tent are not fond of forking over tribute to Israel, and that's who they really need to keep on-side. The conservatives might be cuckolds but they're also miserly and, like most people, sick of Israel's horseshit. You could find a few such people in the GOP too - more than a few if they can speak off the record. The full throated fascistic support for Israel now is one part fear and one part Christian fascist yahoos fulfilling a prophecy that was a big part of the Bush regime.


Another flex was going after Tlaib in the US basically because she was a Palestinian, before she said or did anything other than things she said for years. It's not about even punishing someone for wrongthink, but purely identity politics in the most brazen way possible - they know she's not a threat and wouldn't go against the regime on anything substantial. It was purely a show of what Israel will do, and it should be chilling that a member of Congress would be censured for that reason and this only became a crime when Israel advertised its glorification of extermination and suddenly it's cool.


>The Zionist lobby going after Corbyn was a flex.
Sure but times are a changing, and increasing numbers of Jews are dissociating from Israel. They don't want to be linked to that horror. Once the Zionist lobby looses the favor of the Jewish constituency in western countries, western politicians can safely ignore them. Media power doesn't matter if nobody cares.


Dear god, what is with you idiots thinking narratives are the threat? They are indicators of what will happen with repeat noncompliance. First they will have trained screamers make you unable to hold any public appearance, disrupting anything you would try to do against them. If that doesn't dissuade, threats of hits and making your life miserable and mafia stuff. If you know anything about politics, this is inherent to the game.


File: 1701380771302.png ( 9.96 KB , 1378x866 , zionism curve.png )

>Dear god, what is with you idiots thinking narratives are the threat?
No you are misinterpreting what this "narrative battle" is about. You are taking the position that the Zionist lobby is some kind of immovable object that can't be defeated. And as a matter of universal truth there can be no such thing.

>They are indicators of what will happen with repeat noncompliance.

The Zionist lobby is an arm of the Israeli state, they can't demand compliance, in other states.
>First they will have trained screamers make you unable to hold any public appearance
It's possible to learn how to deal with hecklers, and then hold public gatherings anyway.
>disrupting anything you would try to do against them.
This will make fantastic footage to paint them as unhinged agents of chaos.
>If that doesn't dissuade, threats of hits and making your life miserable and mafia stuff.
This can only work if the state allows it to happen, because all of that stuff is extremely illegal.
If they keep doing this, they will eventually fuck with people that can retaliate and then the state can't shield them because the state can't openly admit to side with thugs.

Also take a look at the larger political picture. In Israeli politics the current regime around Netanyahu is finished because their political capital was based on protection from happenings like Oct7. The most likely result is going to be that the next regime in Israel will be more extreme, with more unhinged Zionism. The general population in the west rejected the current Zionist narrative, because they tried to push for the insane line that "it's ok to bomb hospitals" or that "children are legitimate military targets". If they turn up the crazy even more, they'll get a visceral reaction of hostility from the broad population with civil societies organizations forming that will ban them and will force the police to frustrate their mafia tactics.

But there's more to this, the next-level insanity of Zionism will not only want to kill off all the Palestinians, they'll want to conquer new territory from Lebanon, Jordan and Syria, for a "Greater Israel". The US wants to reduce their engagement in the middle east, that's why they pulled out of Afghanistan, they don't want to make that front wider. That means the Zionist lobby will not just deviate a little but for the first time go against the imperial line and pull into the other direction. That means the Zionist lobby will loose the favor of the western ruling class.

I doubt that there is much remaining appetite for using the Ukraine-model on Israel to drain Iran or something, given how much of a cluster-fuck Ukraine has turned out to be. So the US is going to quarantine their Zionism-problem. They are going to arrange for the occupation of all the contested zones with a type of an international security force, primarily made up from Arab league forces mixed in with token forces from the west and countries from other parts of the world. Involving the Arabs will also make it easier to dissolve organized resistance. After that the US will gradually decouple from Israel in order to pursue relations with other countries in the middle east, who will welcome the US once they stop enabling the crazy neighbor. Ultimately for the US that's the easier path to have influence over middle eastern oil and assorted resources.

The recent abuses from the Zionist lobby like their attempts at violating the democratic assembly rights or the defamation of university students, that marks the zenith of their bullshit. From here on out their power to pull these stunts will decline. Not because anti-imperialist communist theory has gone mainstream, far from it, but rather because the people that matter no longer see them as an asset, but as a liability instead. A group of nutcases that will catch you a genocide-nickname if you get too close. Keep an eye on the news, they probably will try the defamation-trucks again, when these just get set on fire, that's going to be the externally visible sign they're out of the inner circle.


I'll believe it when I see it. I think it will take more than this current genocide or outright acts of war like the sinking of the uss liberty. Remember the actual bourgeois government isn't really in control per-se it's about getting down to detail and delivering to the broader bourgeoisie. If the current government isn't selling it, then for the benefit of economic collaboration with Israel, it will be fired and replaced like a board of directors replacing a CEO.


>I'll believe it when I see it. I think it will take more than this current genocide or outright acts of war like the sinking of the uss liberty
You mean that some of the hardliners might try to do a false flag, like shooting a missile at a US carrier group and then blame it on the Iranians ? Are those shenanigans still possible ? Hasn't battlefield intelligence basically advanced to the point where those tricks no longer work ?

>Remember the actual bourgeois government isn't really in control per-se it's about getting down to detail and delivering to the broader bourgeoisie.

Most of the big bourgeoisie in the US doesn't want this conflict.
They wanted Israel to normalize relations with the other Arab states. That was the direction it was going for like the past year. In the days immediately after Oct7 the Arab states were giving off cautious diplomatic signals, that they might side with Israel if they prevented the situation from escalating. When the Zionists succumbed to their bloodlust, they alienated the rest of the region, and that has screwed up the plans of the big bourgeoisie. There is a small but extremely motivated section of the big bourg that still pushes the Zionist project really hard, but the rest of the big bourg doesn't want to go there, because it risks the US getting frozen out of Middle East politics.


You don't defeat something as stacked and connected as the Israel lobby by saying they're mean poopy-heads. They're not that stupid, nor are they an isolated entity pushing against the world.

I actually believe Zionism is about to croak, but it won't be due to any sudden "battle of ideas". Israel has been doing pretty badly in its recent wars, and the IDF is only good for showing MKULTRA videos of female soldiers for thirsty weebs. The Pals will not stand and die like cattle, the way the script calls for. Israel has maxed out on what they can get with that, and those who survive believe they have nothing to lose. Give them a gun or some weapon and they'll know where to point it, how to make an IDF invasion a slog. The IDF aren't an actual fucking army. Their game plan is always to get the US military to do all the work for them and keep feeding them goodies.


>You don't defeat something as stacked and connected as the Israel lobby by saying they're mean poopy-heads.
Usually i would agree but, the amount of effort and mental gymnastics they put into their fake morality-discourse, makes me think that in this case it's maybe not so useless.

>They're not that stupid, nor are they an isolated entity pushing against the world.

No you are wrong they are fantastically stupid, and they're pushing against the world.
They tried to brow-beat people about not accepting the bombing of hospitals and children.

>I actually believe Zionism is about to croak, but it won't be due to any sudden "battle of ideas". Israel has been doing pretty badly in its recent wars

It is a battle for ideas too. The zionist lobby interfered with the right to public assembly by trying to get protests banned. Many people have now recognized that the Zionist lobby is attacking them.

You are correct about the military angle in a way. Tho having a "shit military" doesn't really mean that a country is about to croak, many countries are doing fine without massive military might. But it probably means that Israels hyper-aggressive stances are becoming unsustainable for them. They might choose to ease up on that and then Israel can continue, tho i admit that it's looking very unlikely.


It's a strategy of unlimited transgression down to the slightest behavior. Get people to internalize guilt and shame, take as much from them as they can.

The strategy will continue in new hands, but Israel as a going concern cannot go on without pissing off too many people. The powers that be don't need to indulge this horseshit to make a few Jewish people happy, when they could either leave them to their fate or demand that Israel play ball with people who are actually competent and have aims that don't involve giving Israelis endless free shit. The money is all drying up, and the ruling elite are moving to the next thing.

Israel is in a situation where this is the only strategy they have left. They committed to it, and if they relent, everyone around them will start with the real re-litigation. Israel does not have the advantages it had in 1967 or 1973.


And so Israel's last play is to induce civil war in the US, which they're doing everything to foment. That will break open their "master", and the threat is held to make American leaders comply with anything, against their interests.

It all comes down to maximizing the thrill of torture in the US, and turning this country into the purest rape yet known. They have no other play, and so far they have institutions stacked with their enablers. Only time will tell how far they can drive it, but they will succeed in deepening the permanent crisis in the US and can do so indefinitely. At this point, most Americans are done pretending there will ever be anything good. There is only bitter survival against hordes of screaming Germanics and enablers who've always possessed nothing more than a low cunning, and they can only shout and shout in new ways. They can't not do this. The people who wanted something different have no recourse left.

What happens in the rest of the world will have a large impact on the final outcome of events here, because China, east Asia, Japan, Russia, Europe, and the usual players have no reason to go along with the Anglos' self-immolation on the pyre of eugenics. The biggest problem for the ruling system is Africa, where the locals have no investment in the Empire and the creed whatsoever. If all of those people stymie depopulation, then everything set in motion will just be rot for nothing. The rest of the world will never allow anything to grow here again, but they can only maintain that by adopting full eugenism themselves, and the virus will continue to cannibalize them. It's a global system - that's how they've always thought of their project. Only fags believe in this fake nationalism.


>It's a strategy of unlimited transgression down to the slightest behavior.
I'm not sure i understand. You say the Zionists lobby transgresses norms, boundaries, and so on, and that's how they get their way ?
a) how/why does this work exactly ?
b) can we do it to them ?


What you see - the over the top glorification of torture and death, the extreme faggotry of their PR, the violent and militant assertion of obvious falsehoods - is not just a copy of the Nazi playbook or standard PR. It is calculated to operate at the smallest level, such that anything they want to suppress is "anti-Semitic", to the point where the change is arbitrary and entirely about Israel holding the screech machine over a politician. If they refuse to comply, that politician will be unable to govern, and this behavior is reproduced by every vector possible.

This machine only works in one way. The real reasons why this works are something I write about, and Israel does not possess a natural monopoly on it. But, it is the strategy Israel's PR has chosen, and it is very deliberate. It is not something you would do to rally support for an imminent invasion, or even empty bluster for show. It is calculated for very different objectives, and tests what rulers around the world want to do in the future, if they can do it. We've already seen efforts to do this elsewhere - if you see the pro-war PR in Russia, it's using a similar strategy of over the top Satanic imagery. Also something being trialed in the US ever since Trump - Trump was the first test to see if this politics was ready to launch. It hasn't worked as well as they hoped, but they only needed to get the fag enablers on board. Trump's "base" left shortly after 2016 and knew that this was just more of the same shit, and it shouldn't be forgotten that much of that "base" just thought it would be funny if a retard ruled the country.


>What you see - the over the top glorification of torture and death, the extreme faggotry of their PR, the violent and militant assertion of obvious falsehoods - is not just a copy of the Nazi playbook or standard PR. It is calculated to operate at the smallest level, such that anything they want to suppress is "anti-Semitic"
That trick is wearing thin tho, they have began accusing a lot of Jews of antisemitism, which means even the people who haven't been paying attention will notice. We're seeing the tail end of that insanity.
The reality is that Zionists can legit be accused of antisemitism. For trying to implicate all Jews in the crimes committed by the Zionists. But also because the Zionists are exterminating Palestinians and those are Semitic too.
So this might flip on them.

All of those western politicians, that you say are being held hostage (sort of) by the Zionist lobby, they just have to point how Zionism is antisemitic and then the entire dynamic reverses. It's been blatantly obvious for many many years to people who've payed an iota of attention, but it won't be long until the rest of society catches on. It probably doesn't even need to be a politician that gets the ball rolling on that.

Assuming that we're correct in our assumption that western political class quietly disagrees with the Zionist lobby, because they're getting screwed.

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