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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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A new dictate that tries to institutionalize mass crimes against privacy and free speech was approved by the anti-democratic neo-con regime that is currently occupying the UK
You can read about the gory details here:
mildly interesting discussion about it happened here

Lets look at the contradictions

On the political side the main proponent of waging war against privacy are the big bourgeois right wing (who call their political out-let "Tori" ). The contradiction is that they relentlessly lobby for assaults on privacy, while they them selves are notorious tax-dodgers, and eventually all that surveillance is going to get used against their tax-dodging.

The UK occupying ruling class is also trying to remove all the voices they don't like from the internet, they hope that will make it easier to commit international crimes like for example all the illegal wars the UK neocons have waged. The contradiction is that by removing all the critical voices they will completely detach from reality. It will cause a total mental divergence between the population and rulers, bricking political stability.

Spy agencies are also lobbying for crimes against privacy. The contradiction is that they are basically killing off their ability to recruit new spy-agents. All their "foreign adversaries" will obviously gain access to that privacy-violation-data the UK collects of their citizens/spy-recruitment-pool, and use it to statistically unmask potential spies. That is likely what already happened during the failed Hong-Kong color-revolution where China probably exfiltrated western domestic surveillance data to zero in on western spy-networks in Hong-Kong and shut them down. Obviously China has the same problem with surveillance eroding their potential pool of spy-agents, but they have a large population and they'll be the last man standing, and the last to run out of people that have both spy-talent and no surveillance-foot-print. The contradiction here is the imperial bourgeoisie is undermining their imperial spy-capabilities.

Going full retard with this kind of law-terror, will split the internet into a sterile formal internet and a vibrant yet dangerous informal internet, that will re-configure it self to completely negate any attempt at regulation. The tech-giants might play along initially because they think it might cause a regulatory burden that strengthens their monopolies, but once the informal internet completely by-passes and erodes their monopolies they will jump ship.

Capitalism also has a prohibition to commodification pipe-line. If you ban alcohol you raise the market-exchange-value of alcohol and make it a more profitable commodity. It's very likely that privacy anonymity and free expression will become sought after commodities too, enriching new capitalists, that will eventually lobby against the legal structure that illegalize their business.

The long view

The struggle for civilization is also a information struggle. The Gen-1 info-builders created written language to improve on the limited bandwidth, capacity, data-storage-duration and accuracy of oral story re-telling. The counter revolution came in the form of book-burning and theocracy prohibiting the masses from gaining literacy. Once that dark-age was swept away by the enlightenment, the printing press and mass production of written text, could thrive. At least for a while. Capital Consolidation of printing technology once again interfered with civilization building it's information structures. Radio and television suffered from Capital Consolidation as well, but finally the internet came and that bottle-neck was overcome. Civilization information building could once again thrive. We are now in the midst of a counter revolution against that. The uncivilized barbarians are once again trying to destroy our information constructs, and cause a new dark-age.

What's to be done ?
How can we create information structures that are impervious to, lets call it, the "book-burning tendency" no wait "information pyromania" is better.
Can the internet be fixed ? Or will we have to start from scratch again ?


Thanks for the news, anon!

Undermining the internet has been a thing I've been hearing about relatively constantly in the last decade. The US famously did away with net neutrality despite inventing the internet. There's also this thread on /tech/ that I think is relevant: >>>/tech/11967


>Undermining the internet has been a thing I've been hearing about relatively constantly in the last decade.
Yeah it seems like building information infrastructure is a constant battle to fend off those that want to damage the information pipes or what flows through it. It's almost as if we're missing an important ingredient to make it fully resilient.

>The US famously did away with net neutrality

It might be coming back

'Net Neutrality Is Coming Back (Soon)
<In an anticipated move, the FCC, now with its full complement of three Democratic commissioners, voted at the October monthly Open Meeting to move forward with a proceeding to reestablish open internet protections for millions of American consumers and businesses. In other words – the FCC is reviving net neutrality.

<The changes back won’t happen immediately, but they are likely to happen in 2024, thus restoring regulation to the internet, which has become more like a utility than in previous years, and therefore should be regulated like a utility.

<it is anticipated that the three most onerous practices that will likely disappear will be traffic throttling, paid prioritization, among other processes designed to impact content delivery



I haven't been to Amerikwa in a while.

Did they really make it so that mobile carriers are allowed to offer bundled packages with 'free' data for shit like Facebook/whatapp?

They do that in some countries, and it's ghey af.

>No, I don't care about being able to use zoomerbrain Snapchat for 'free.' Please just provide reasonable flat rate data plans that treat all sites equally.


AFAIK, no, they didn't do that yet. I forget how they broke it, it might have just been a legal thing. They do that in Colombia though.


>They do that in Colombia though.
The current president of Colombia is Gustavo Petro, which is a leftist and former Guerilla fighter. Why aren't they fixing that ?


The simple answer is that most of leftism is performative moral grandstanding which primary serves to stroke the ego of those who profess it, and once leftists gain power, they rarely make societies better (and instead focus more on holding onto power).


File: 1698897676899.jpg ( 34.04 KB , 888x744 , G-Petro-lazereyes.jpg )

But he's done lots of based things, like doing land-reform that gave land to the rural poor. He reversed health-care privatization with a political crowbar. He called the Zionists "Nazis" , compared Gaza to a Holocaust extermination camp and cut off diplomatic relations with Israel.

Hoes mad at the economist:

<The president got off to a good start, forming a moderate coalition government filled with seasoned ministers. They sailed through a tax reform in record time. They negotiated with ranchers to redistribute land to the rural poor

<But that was not enough for Mr Petro. In April, when centrist ministers opposed a health-care reform, which would have handed control of health-care funding from private providers to the state, he dissolved the coalition and fired a third of his cabinet. He then turned dogmatic and packed the new cabinet with left-wingers.

<Earlier this month Mr Petro shattered Colombia’s policy on Israel-Palestine, too. After Israel retaliated against Hamas by bombing Gaza, the president let loose on social media. He accused Israel’s government of “Nazism” and compared the Palestinian territory to Auschwitz.


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