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Continued from >>479880

Updates since the start of the last thread:
The (largely civilian) Palestinian death toll has now passed 34,000. With over 10,000 missing, it's expected that current estimates are lower than the actual death toll.

The US Congress, with Biden's support, passed the final version of a bill to authorize more than $26,000,000,000 in military aid to Israel. It's been pointed out that this is illegal under US law.

Israel initiated its ground assault of Rafah.

Israel attacked the Iranian consulate in Damascus, killing 16, and resulting in a carefully planned Iranian missile retaliation against military targets in Israel.

The International Court of Justice made an interim ruling in South Africa's favor in their case accusing Israel of genocidal acts in Gaza, deeming it plausible. Ireland, Turkey, and Colombia joined Nicaragua in signing on to South Africa's case against Israel.

Yemeni Houthi attacks on shipping, in solidarity with Gaza, have continued, expanding to the Indian ocean.

Demonstrators have continued to blockade and damage arms factories manufacturing weapons for Israel in the UK.

The Center for Constitutional Rights appealed the jurisdictional dismissal of the genocide complicity lawsuit against President Joe Biden; the appellate argument is scheduled for June 10th.

Following repression at Columbia University, protestors around the US have made encampments at colleges, demanding that their universities divest. Many of these demonstrations have been met with brutal police repression, and some have also faced car ramming attacks and assaults by far-right mobs. This has not discouraged students from continuing. Thousands of demonstrators have been arrested. A new wave of similar protests followed globally.

More countries moved to recognize Palestinian statehood. The US vetoed a UNSC resolution for Palestinian membership.

The US abstained from a ceasefire vote at the UNSC, allowing a temporary ceasefire resolution for the month of Ramadan to pass. Israel refused to observe it, and to cover for this, the US erroneously claimed that UN Security Council resolutions are "non-binding," continuing to back Israel anyway.

Starvation deaths have continued to increase in Gaza amid Israel's imposed famine.

Mass graves discovered at Nasser and Al-Shifa hospitals in Gaza.

More countries halted arms sales to Israel.

The US stated that the Biden Pier had been completed.

More demonstrations and crackdowns have occurred around the world, including in Germany, where speakers including Yanis Varoufakis have been banned, and a wave of arrests and seizures for "anti-semitism" have targeted Jewish groups disproportionately.

The US House of Representatives passed a bill to define criticism of Israel as "anti-semitism," which now goes to the senate.

Israeli and US politicians threatened the International Criminal Court over potential accountability.

A lot more has also occurred - it's recommended that you dive into the previous thread if you haven't done so, yet, because it's been an eventful month!
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Footage:The moment Israeli warplanes bombed Mawasi,southern Gaza, killing dozens of displaced Palestinians. This massive attack targeted tents,NOT building


Hamas denies reports of withdrawing from truce negotiations

Izzat al-Risheq, a member of Hamas’s political office, denies reports the group has pulled out of ceasefire talks.

“There is no truth to what was reported by the media about the movement stopping negotiations,” al-Risheq said in a statement.

The comments came after an unnamed “senior Hamas official” reportedly told AFP the group is withdrawing from truce discussions because of Israel’s “stalling” and ongoing “massacres” of civilians in Gaza.

Israeli broadcaster Kan, quoting a “diplomat familiar with the talks”, reported negotiations are still planned for this week in Doha, Qatar.



This makes no sense, the campus activists were mad at Genocide Joe, not trump.


Hezbollah targets Israeli soldiers at Hadab Yarin site

Hezbollah says its fighters targeted a deployment of Israeli soldiers in the vicinity of the Hadab Yarin site with missiles.

An Al Jazeera correspondent reported earlier that sirens sounded in the towns of western Galilee near the border with Lebanon.

Al-Mawasi attack a ‘complex crime’, says rights monitor

Maha Hussaini, from the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor, says the Israeli attack that killed at least 90 people and wounded 300 others at the al-Mawasi camp “is nothing new”.

“Areas where displaced Palestinians were forced to go have been under continuous bombardment. This has been ongoing for nine months straight,” she told Al Jazeera from central Gaza’s Deir el-Balah.

Hussaini described the Israeli strikes as a “complex crime” that involved preventing ambulances from reaching the many injured.

“Drones opened fire on anyone or anything trying to evacuate the wounded. Only a few hours after this, another massacre was committed in the west of Gaza City. This genocide in Gaza is systematic. We’ve witnessed that Israel is intensifying these attacks on displacement centres,” she said.

Israel’s ‘overall policy of the war has a genocidal character’

Luigi Daniele, a senior lecturer in the law of armed conflict at Nottingham Trent University, says that after the latest civilian carnage in Gaza, prosecutors at the UN’s World Court will be compiling the evidence for their ongoing genocide case against Israel.

He noted the size of craters in the aftermath of attacks on Palestinian civilians indicates the continual use of 2,000-pound (907kg) bombs.

“When war is conducted so lawlessly against civilians, it means policies accepting the elimination of a protected group under the Genocide Convention, as if it was an incidental cost of warfare,” Daniele told Al Jazeera.

“Israel has for a long time tried to devise a distortion of the laws of war concept of proportionality, progressively de-humanising hundreds of Palestinian civilians killed in each attack as ‘collateral damage’. This has no legal basis,” he added.

“This is per se a war crime of disproportionate attacks – criminalised in the Rome Statute. The fact these crimes have been committed in the hundreds means the overall policy of the war has a genocidal character.”


14 killed, 70 wounded in new UNRWA school attack

Earlier we reported on another Israeli attack on a UN school housing hundreds of displaced Palestinians, the latest deadly assault on Gaza’s civilians.

Footage from the Abu Oraiban school shows injured children lying on the ground with body parts scattered about. At least 14 people were killed and 70 wounded in the Nuseirat refugee camp, in central Gaza, medical sources told Al Jazeera.

On Saturday, Israel’s air force attacked the “humanitarian” zone in southern Gaza, killing at least 90 displaced people and wounding 300 others.

Scene after al-Mawasi strikes: ‘Toddlers who are double amputees’

An official from the UN described the carnage at a Gaza hospital treating hundreds of wounded after the Israeli attack on the al-Mawasi displacement camp.

“Visiting the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Younis yesterday, I witnessed some of the most horrific scenes I have seen in my nine months in Gaza,” UNRWA official Scott Anderson said in a statement.

“I saw toddlers who are double amputees, children paralyzed and unable to receive treatment, and others separated from their parents. I also saw mothers and fathers who were unsure if their children were alive. Parents told me in despair that they had moved into the ‘so-called humanitarian zone’ in the hope that their children would be safe there.”

Anderson called for the removal of restrictions on the entry of humanitarian aid to civilians in the besieged Gaza Strip. “Civilians must be protected at all times. We urgently need a ceasefire, the release of all remaining hostages, respite for the people of Gaza, and a meaningful opportunity for healing to begin.”

Israeli authorities cut power in Jerusalem before demolition: Report

Israeli forces raided a residential building in Wadi al-Joz, occupied East Jerusalem, and cut the electricity in preparation for its demolition, Wafa reports.

The West Jerusalem municipality decided to demolish the building, which has stood since the previous century, it said.

Building owner Nader Jaber said he’s been “paying fines for 30 years, exceeding 1 million shekels [$275,300], yet they still want to destroy my home”.

The building has three apartments where his children and grandchildren live, one of which was constructed before East Jerusalem was occupied. “I have been forced to evacuate all three apartments and am now waiting for the demolition bulldozers to arrive at any moment,” Jaber said.

At least 4 people injured in ramming attack in Israel

Four people were wounded when a car drove into pedestrians near Ramla in central Israel.

One person is in critical condition, another seriously hurt, one moderately, and another lightly injured in the “attack”, according to police.

We’ll have more details soon.

Video emerges of car-ramming attack in Israel

Video footage widely shared on social media and broadcast on Israeli television shows a white car on the pavement next to a bus shelter and uniformed men firing shots at the vehicle. Traffic is halted on the main highway.

Delta changes uniform policy after Palestinian pin backlash

Delta Air Lines is adopting new rules for flight attendant uniforms following a social media user’s outrage over two employees photographed wearing Palestinian flag pins.

The uproar over the July 10 post prompted Delta to ban its employees from wearing pins representing any country or nationality besides the United States. The new rule will take effect on Monday.

Both the attendants captured in the post were in compliance with Delta’s previous policy giving employees more flexibility with uniform accessories.

Delta’s policy shift reflects the ongoing tensions surrounding the Israeli war on Gaza, which has triggered high-profile protests that, among other things, have roiled US college campuses.



True, it is nonsense.
They're generally mad at both, though, like they hate Biden more but not by that much.


That is a pretty massive cloud. And what's with the video flickering? Is that dust or interference?


File: 1721021237796.jpg ( 160.64 KB , 770x513 , photo from aftermath of Is….jpg )

Al-Quds Brigades claim series of attacks on Israeli targets

The armed wing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad has said its fighters:

Shelled a group of Israeli soldiers in the vicinity of the destroyed airport east of Rafah.
Shelled an Israeli military command centre in the Netzarim Corridor, which was named after a Jewish settlement in Gaza that was dismantled in 2005, and set up during the war by the army to separate northern Gaza from the south.
Shelled a group of soldiers and military vehicles at the entrance to the destroyed Rafah border crossing and its vicinity.
Targeted positions of Israeli soldiers in the areas of al-Abd Jaber, al-Tu’ma, Burj al-Asi – all southwest of the Yibna refugee camp in the city of Rafah.
Killed and wounded an unspecified number of soldiers who had entered a house east of Rafah, using light and anti-personnel weapons.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah gives daily update on operations against Israel

Hezbollah says it carried out four attacks against Israeli positions “in support of Gaza” today.

They include attacks

on a deployment of Israeli soldiers in the vicinity of the Hadab Yarin site with missile weapons.
on the “newly created 91st Division headquarters” in Ayelet.
on the vicinity of the Ruwaisaat al-Alam site in the occupied Kfarchouba hills.
on the Ramtha site in the occupied Kfarchouba hills.

Israeli settlers launch attacks on occupied West Bank communities

Wafa news agency in Palestine has reported that settlers have, for the second time today, attacked the Arab Melihat community northwest of Jericho.

The agency quoted Hassan Malihat, a head of a local advocacy organisation, who said that a group of settlers in vehicles smashed into residents’ property, and killed a dog belonging to one community member.

In the early hours of the morning, a group of settlers attacked the community, raiding livestock pens and releasing animals belonging to residents.

Wafa also reports that settlers are attacking Palestinians’ cars near the village of al-Mughayir, northeast of Ramallah, and at the northern entrance to the city of al-Bireh.

No injuries were reported, Wafa said, citing security sources.

Israel government votes to extend mandatory military service

Israel’s government has approved a plan to temporarily extend compulsory military service for men to 36 months, up from 32 as the war on Gaza strains manpower.

Video shows protests outside Israeli Embassy in Amman, Jordan

Social media footage verified by Al Jazeera shows a large crowd outside the embassy in the Jordanian capital.

Demonstrations like this have been regularly occurring in Amman as Israel’s war on Gaza has dragged on, often prompting crackdowns from authorities.


Never seen mass casualty event like al-Mawasi: MSF doctor

Mohammed Abu Mughaisib, the deputy medical coordinator for Doctors Without Borders (MSF) says the scale of human suffering in the aftermath of the Israeli strike on al-Mawasi was unlike anything he had ever witnessed.

“I have never seen a mass casualty event like [Saturday],” he said on X from Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis. “Every corner in the hospital was busy. Every space was occupied by the injured or bodies of the dead.”

Amy Kit-Mei Low, MSF project and medical referent, said that “at one point, you had people in the hallway moaning in pain”.

“Even though they had [wound] dressings, the dressings were oozing blood… The hospital was trying to cope, but it can barely cope with normal cases,” she added.

The organisation said on X that the “disproportionate attack on a place where Israeli forces have repeatedly advised displaced people to go… show[s] a complete disregard for the lives of Palestinians”.

Israel forces Palestinian woman to demolish own home in occupied East Jerusalem

Israeli authorities have forced Latifa al-Weiheidi to demolish her own home in Ein al-Lozeh in the town of Silwan, south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, Wafa reports.

The Israeli municipality ruled the house must be destroyed because it was built without a permit. Al-Weiheidi has lived in the 100sq-metre (120sq-yard) three-room house with her five children since 2008.

The family had to carry out the demolition themselves to avoid paying heavy fines to the municipality to do it.



Israel used missiles, quadcopters, drones in ‘multi-stage’ al-Mawasi attack

Israel’s attack on the al-Mawasi camp was a “multi-stage attack” involving multiple missiles, drones and quadcopters and lasted for about 90 minutes, three Palestinian human rights groups have said.

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR), Al-Haq, and the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights (Al Mezan) say the details are based on information collected by their field researchers.

Here’s how the attack unfolded:

At approximately 10:30am local time on Saturday, Israeli warplanes fired about four missiles at a building near a house belonging to the Al-Shorbaji family in Al-Nusf Street. Residents say they were given no prior warning.
''The warplanes then fired several more missiles at nearby tents, burying people beneath the sand and killing and injuring many.
Israeli quadcopters then surrounded the area and fired at anyone approaching.''
When Palestinian Civil Defence workers arrived, an Israeli drone fired in front of their vehicle, killing two personnel, including the deputy director of the Fire and Rescue Department of the Civil Defence, and injuring eight others, three of whom are in critical condition.

Israel’s ‘endless massacres’ in Gaza

Israel’s unrelenting attacks across the Gaza Strip have killed hundreds of Palestinian civilians – many of them women and children – in the past week, including people praying at a destroyed mosque and watching a game of football at a UN shelter for displaced people.

Here is an overview of some of the most deadly recent attacks:


On Sunday afternoon, Israeli forces attacked another UNRWA school where people were sheltering, this time killing at least 17 people and wounding 80 in the Abu Oreiban School in the Nuseirat refugee camp.


At about 11am local time on Saturday morning (08:00 GMT), reports began emerging of an Israeli attack on the al-Mawasi camp. Nearby hospitals were quickly overwhelmed, and Palestinian health officials say at least 90 people were killed and 300 injured, many severely.
Soon after the attack on al-Mawasi, another Israeli attack targeted Palestinians gathered for noon prayers at the ruins of a mosque in the Shati refugee camp, killing 22 people.


An Israeli attack at the al-Awdah school, east of Khan Younis, where Palestinians had gathered to play and watch football, killed at least 30 people and wounded 53, most of them women and children.
The attack was the fourth Israeli missile strike on a school being used as a shelter for displaced people in four days.

Palestine sends eight athletes to Paris Olympics in show of ‘resistance’

A small ceremony was held to send off Palestine’s official delegation to the Paris Olympics on Sunday, as well as to recognise the many Palestinian athletes who will not be present.

Jibril Rajoub, head of the Palestine Olympic Committee, said 400 athletes, coaches and sporting officials have been killed in Gaza since October.

“Through this participation, we want to present the suffering of the Palestinian people and the unprecedented killing taking place in Gaza,” Rajoub said.

“We want this participation to be a message from the Palestinians to the world that it is time for them to be free in their homeland,” he added.

Eight athletes will represent Palestine this year, competing in athletics, swimming, archery, taekwondo, judo and boxing.

The athletes will represent Palestine at a “very dark moment in our history”, said Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Varsen Aghabekian Shahin in Ramallah on Sunday.

“You are not just athletes, you are also … symbols of Palestinian resistance,” Aghabekian added.

‘My heart aches’: Palestinian Olympic swimmer

Palestinian-US swimmer Valerie Tarazi, 24, is one of eight athletes representing Palestine at the Paris Olympics.

“My heart aches for them,” Tarazi said of Palestinians in Gaza.

“Being in Paris on behalf of Palestine is a very important thing and taking part in a global swimming competition at a time when there are no places to train is surreal,” she said.

Palestinian athletes have taken part in the Olympics since 1996, when long-distance runner Majed Abu Marahil competed in Atlanta.

Marahil died in Gaza in June after not being able to get treatment for kidney failure at the besieged enclave’s devastated hospitals, officials said.



File: 1721048948045-0.jpg ( 72.13 KB , 1179x558 , Reuters July 14 2024 Biden….jpg )

File: 1721048948045-1.jpg ( 371.33 KB , 1186x790 , aj july 15 2024 biden cond….jpg )

UNRWA chief denounces destruction of Gaza headquarters

The head of the UN’s agency for Palestinian refugees says its headquarters in Gaza has been levelled during heavy fighting.

“The headquarters in Gaza turned into a battlefield and now flattened. Another episode in the blatant disregard of international humanitarian law. United Nations facilities must be protected at all times. They must never be used for military or fighting purposes. Shocking,” said Philippe Lazzarini.


UK maritime agency reports ‘incident’ near Yemen’s Hodeidah

The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) says it received a report of an “incident” 70 nautical miles (130km) southwest of Yemen’s port city of Hodeidah.

The agency said authorities were investigating.

Israeli air raid targets Marwahin, southern Lebanon

Israeli air strikes targeted the town of Marwahin in southern Lebanon, an Al Jazeera correspondent reports. Hezbollah subsequently announced it bombed Israeli spy equipment at the Raheb site with guided missiles.

In recent weeks, top Israeli officials have pledged to escalate the fighting with Hezbollah if a diplomatic solution isn’t reached and the armed group’s forces pull far back from the border.

Israeli forces demolish gas station near Jerusalem: Report

Israeli forces demolished a Palestinian petrol station in the town of Hizma, occupied West Bank, north of Jerusalem, Wafa news agency reports.

Eyewitnesses say the Al-Salam station, belonging to the al-Khatib family, was destroyed by Israeli military bulldozers. During the demolition, confrontations broke out with Israeli forces who fired live rounds and stun grenades at residents and their homes, Wafa said.

Local Palestinian channels on Telegram published videos showing the structure left in pieces in a pile.

Demonstrators in Japan demand Gaza ceasefire

Dozens of people participated in a march in solidarity with Palestinians in the city of Namba, in the Japanese prefecture of Osaka, demanding an immediate ceasefire in war-battered Gaza.

Videos posted on social media show participants condemning the “genocide” committed by Israeli forces and demanding an end to the war.


Violence breaks out at Berlin pro-Palestine protest

Clashes broke out between German police and an estimated 600 pro-Palestinian protesters in Berlin resulting in injuries and arrests.

Seven demonstrators and 17 police officers were hurt and 28 criminal charges resulted on Sunday. Berlin has seen weekly demonstrations during Israel’s ongoing war on Gaza.

The modern German republic, which for generations has tried to make amends for its Nazi past and role in the Holocaust, has long defended Israel’s aggressive actions in the Middle East.

Germany has also been criticised for its support of Israel in the genocide case at the International Court of Justice brought by South Africa.

At least 80 Palestinians killed in past 24 hours: Gaza Health Ministry

At least 38,664 Palestinians have been killed and 89,097 wounded in Israel’s war on Gaza since October 7, the ministry says.

It said at least 80 people were killed and 216 injured over the past 24 hours.

Gaza media office denounces ongoing US military support for Israel

The Government Media Office has condemned continued US military support for Israel during ongoing attacks that have inflicted mass civilian casualties.

“The US administration, under President Joe Biden, has caused a humanitarian catastrophe for Palestinians through its involvement in genocide and its provision of internationally banned weapons to the occupation,” it said in a statement.

It also called on “the world to condemn the American brutal behaviour towards the Palestinian people”, urging “the international community to take a principled and public stance against the US and its serious transgressions in arming the Israeli occupation”.

A US report into Israeli violations of international law during the war found it was “reasonable to assess” that US weapons had been involved in these breaches given Israel’s reliance.

Over the nine years leading up to 2022, 68 percent of Israel’s weapons were provided by the US.



>The head of the UN’s agency for Palestinian refugees says its headquarters in Gaza has been levelled
I guess that means the UN needs a military force to defend it self ?


>Israel’s ‘endless massacres’ in Gaza

Can we rename Israel to Endlessmasacres ?


Heavy fighting ongoing in central Rafah city: Islamic Jihad

The armed wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad says it continues to attack Israeli troops and tanks in the southern city of Rafah after Israel launched a ground offensive there in early May.

“Our mujahideen are engaged in fierce clashes with machine-gun weapons and anti-tank missiles with enemy soldiers and vehicles in the middle of the Yabna camp in the city of Rafah,” the al-Quds Brigades said on Telegram.

Fighters also fired a barrage of mortar rounds at Israeli soldiers near the airport in eastern Rafah, it said.

Israeli forces in western and central parts of the city blew up several homes, residents said. Medical officials said they recovered 10 bodies of Palestinians killed by Israeli fire in eastern areas of the city, some of which had already begun to decompose.

At least 325 Israeli soldiers have been killed since the ground assault of Gaza began in late October. Israel’s military says at least 15,000 Palestinians fighters have been killed.

UK activists sabotage factory, alleging ties to Israeli defence contractor

Activists with the group Palestine Action posted footage on X showing the infiltration and sabotage of a factory belonging to Hydrafeed, a United Kingdom firm specialising in robotic automation for manufacturing.

The footage shows the activists smashing equipment in a darkened warehouse.

The group alleges that Hydrafeed supplies Israeli defence firm Elbit Systems, and claims that its people were able to exit the factory without being caught.

This is one of several protests and sabotage actions taken by Palestine Action against Elbit Systems and companies it alleges have done business with it since the beginning of the war on Gaza.


China to host Hamas and Fatah officials again: Report

China will reportedly host senior officials from the two rival Palestinian groups for a meeting next week.

The meeting between Hamas and Fatah comes as part of another effort by Beijing to bridge differences between the groups that have for decades competed for power in Gaza and the occupied West Bank, reports the New York Times, citing unnamed officials in both parties.

Beijing hosted a first round of meetings to achieve potential reconciliation at the end of April, and Chinese President Xi Jinping has previously called for a peace summit to end the war in Gaza.

Gaza hospitals received 320 dead or wounded in 48 hours

The Government Media Office in Gaza says in a statement that at least 320 dead or wounded Palestinians have been brought to hospitals across the enclave in a particularly bloody 48 hours.

It quoted healthcare officials as saying that many of the dead and injured arrived with third-degree burns caused by internationally banned weapons like thermal bombs.

“These weapons cause chemical substances to interact with the skin and directly cause chemical corrosion of the tissues in the bodies of the martyrs and the injured. They also cause severe pain.”

The office said many victims die in a little more than a day after being wounded by such weapons, adding that it holds Washington fully responsible for arming Israel and causing the many “massacres” committed by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip.

Assad-linked businessman killed in Israeli air strike in Syria

Baraa Katerji, a prominent businessman close to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has been reportedly assassinated in an Israeli air strike on Syrian soil.

The Reuters news agency cited three unnamed security sources as saying Katerji, who had been sanctioned by the United States and Saudi Arabia, was killed near the border with Lebanon.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also confirmed the news, saying he was “responsible for funding” a Hezbollah-linked group formed to attack the Israeli-annexed Golan Heights.

Footage online shows the vehicle that was believed to be carrying Katerji destroyed and on fire after the suspected Israeli air strike. Another unidentified person is believed to have been killed in the vehicle.

Islamic Resistance in Iraq claims missile, drone attack on Israel

The umbrella group of Iran-aligned armed groups in Iraq says in a statement that it had launched attacks on the Israeli cities of Eilat and Haifa at dawn.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq claims to have used an unspecified number of drones along with an advanced cruise missile to target the cities.

It did not comment on potential impact or damage but promised that its attacks will continue in support of Palestinians.

‘Many tanks damaged,’ Israeli military tells Supreme Court

An Israeli military response to the Supreme Court has pointed to shortages of tanks and ammunition as a result of the war.

The Supreme Court petitioned the military to open additional roles to female recruits, including as part of an all-female tank company in an infantry battalion. The military said it is delaying the programme, according to multiple Israeli media reports.

“During the course of the war, many tanks were damaged, which are disabled at this stage and are not used for combat or training, and it is not expected that new tanks will be introduced into the corps in the near future,” the Israeli military said.

It added that ammunition and resources required for maintaining equipment is “very limited” and weaponry in the armoured corps is prioritised for the war.

Another ship targeted off the coast of Yemen

The UK’s Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) organisation is making its third report in the past 24 hours of a vessel being attacked by the Houthis near Yemen, but this time for an attack several days ago.

It said a ship was targeted 15 nautical miles (27km) southwest of al-Makha (Mocha), Yemen, on Thursday.

Two explosions were reported near the vessel about an hour apart, but they inflicted no damage and the crew is reported safe.

Lebanese man arrested in Germany for procuring Hezbollah drone parts

A Lebanese man has been arrested by German authorities on accusations of procuring drone components that were to be sent to the Hezbollah to attack Israel, according to prosecutors.

Federal prosecutors in a statement identified the suspect only as Fadel Z, saying he was arrested in Salzgitter in northern Germany on Sunday.

They said the man joined Hezbollah, which the European Union considers a “terrorist” organisation, by the summer of 2016. This year, he allegedly started procuring components in Germany for the assembly of military drones, particularly engines.

Corbyn among independent British MPs calling for implementing ICC warrant

Shortly after new UK Foreign Minister David Lammy shook hands with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, a small group of independent British lawmakers sent a letter calling for a fundamental shift in the UK’s approach.

Jeremy Corbyn and four other MPs reminded Lammy that the International Court of Justice has described the carnage in Gaza as a “plausible genocide” and that independent United Nations experts have said famine has taken hold in the enclave.

They write that the British government must stop its weapons sales to Israel, drop its legal challenges over the International Criminal Court’s decision to seek arrest warrants against Netanyahu, and impose sanctions on “individuals and entities inciting genocide against Palestinians”.

The lawmakers also want the British government to immediately resume and increase its funding to the UN’s agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) and work toward achieving a ceasefire.



We can!


Recommended viewing


Two Israelis injured in occupied West Bank after soldiers mistakenly open fire

Israeli soldiers have mistakenly opened fire on a vehicle they believed was carrying Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, leaving two Israelis wounded.

The Israeli military says in a short statement that security forces operating in the occupied territories opened fire after a vehicle was “identified as suspicious”.

It said two citizens were slightly injured and sent to hospital for treatment.


They can't stop doing it.


Yemen’s Houthis claim attacks on three vessels

The Houthi military spokesman has claimed three operations on vessels, one in cooperation with fighters in Iraq.

Yahya Saree said during a televised address that the Bentley I ship was targeted with several small boats, drones and ballistic missiles in the Red Sea. He did not discuss inflicting damage on the ship.

According to the military spokesman, the Yemeni group also directly hit the “CHIOS Lion” oil tanker using an unmanned boat, also in the Red Sea.

“The two ships were targeted because the companies that own them violated the decision to ban entry into the ports of occupied Palestine,” he said.

Saree said the Houthis carried out a joint operation with the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, targeting the Olvia ship in the Mediterranean Sea. He said the operation “achieved its goal” without elaborating.

Ship attacked multiple times off Yemen’s Hodeidah

The Houthis in Yemen appear to have attacked one of their targets today multiple times, but the ship and its crew are reportedly safe.

We reported earlier how the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) said an unnamed vessel was targeted with two manned small boats and an unmanned boat some 70 nautical miles (130km) off Yemen’s Hodeidah.

According to the organisation, the ship then reported a missile “exploding in close proximity”, followed by two further missiles also detonating near the ship.

After about seven hours, the ship again reported “sighting an unknown projectile exploding in close proximity” but reported no damage or casualties.

UKMTO reported attacks on two other vessels as well today, but the Houthi military has not commented.

Protesters oppose Israeli participation in Tour de France

The annual multi-stage bicycle race is ongoing until July 21 and has seen pro-Palestinian demonstrations like other major international events.


More on businessman killed in Syria

The US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) describes Muhammad Baraa Katerji, the businessman close to Bashar al-Assad who was just killed on the Damascus-Beirut highway, as an influential facilitator of oil and weapons shipments.

In imposing sanctions on Katerji and his trucking company in November 2018, the US accused him of transporting weapons from Iraq to Syria and acting as an agent between the Syrian government and ISIL (ISIS) during the years of Syria’s civil war.

The OFAC alleged Katerji had a “strong working relationship” with multiple officials, including those with the petroleum and trade ministries.

Turkey condemns Israeli attacks on Gaza cancer hospital

The Turkish Foreign Ministry says in a short statement that the fact that Israeli soldiers posed for a photo in front of the destroyed Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital in Gaza “is further evidence of Israel’s violation of international law and international humanitarian law”.

“The Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital is the only centre for cancer patients in Gaza. The damage caused to the hospital by the Israeli forces and its use as a military base is part of Israel’s systematic policy aimed at the annihilation of the Palestinian people,” it said.

“We will continue to work to ensure that those responsible for these attacks are brought to justice in international courts.”


Prominent relief organisations accuse Israel of blocking aid to Gaza

Thirteen leading NGOs have accused the Israeli military of increasingly blocking access to humanitarian groups that deliver lifesaving aid to Palestinians in Gaza.

They said in a press release outlining their views that Israel’s adoption of a “systematic obstruction of aid and its ongoing attacks on aid operations” meant that only 53 of 115 relief missions they had planned recently were greenlit.

The charities – which include Oxfam, MSF, Save the Children and the Norwegian Refugee Council – criticised Israeli attacks on UN schools where displaced Palestinians shelter after at least six schools were hit over the past nine days.

The NGOs pointed out that the Israeli military takeover of the Rafah crossing and the border with Egypt at the beginning of May had brought aid deliveries to a “complete halt”.

In the north of Gaza, which has been isolated from the south and has been under intense siege, aid delivery is “very limited”, they said.



Armed group attacks Iraqi base housing US personnel in first since pause

Two armed drones have targeted the Ain al-Assad base, two Iraqi military sources told the Reuters news agency.

The reported attack represents the first time armed groups in the country have attacked a site housing US personnel in months.

Despite an increase in attacks by Iran-aligned groups in opposition to Israel’s war on Gaza in the months following October 7, a pause was imposed in February in what many saw as an indication Tehran was trying to prevent wider escalation.

No casualties were reported in today’s attack.

Hezbollah, Israel claim cross-border attacks as civilians reportedly killed

Earlier, Lebanon’s National News Agency (NNA) reported that three Syrian children were killed in an Israeli raid in Umm al-Tut in southern Lebanon.

Prior to that, the agency reported that two people riding a motorcycle were killed in an attack near Kfar Tebnit in southern Lebanon. A Lebanese security source told AFP that the two killed were “civilians” of Syrian nationality who were working in the area.

Following that, Hezbollah said it launched “dozens of Katyusha rockets” at northern Israel’s Kiryat Shmona “in response to the Israeli enemy attacks”. The group cited “the death of two civilians”.

Israel, meanwhile, said its air force “struck a launcher in the area of Blat that was identified firing projectiles toward the Kiryat Shmona area”, as well as “a Hezbollah terrorist cell” in the Yarin area, which is nearby to the location where the children were reportedly killed.

Some detainees sexually assaulted in Israeli prisons: Lawyer

Editor’s note: This reporting contains graphic descriptions of torture and sexual assault.

A lawyer for the Palestinian Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs has said that a prisoner gave eyewitness testimony of other detainees being sodomised or sexually assaulted.

According to the commission and the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society, Khaled Mahajna spoke with journalist Mohammed Arab, who was detained in Gaza and taken from Sde Teiman in the Negev Desert and was later taken to Ofer prison, near Ramallah.

At Sde Teiman, Arab said he witnessed prisoners “being raped, including a detainee who was completely stripped and had a fire extinguisher hose inserted into his rectum, and the extinguisher was discharged inside him. The detainee is in a very serious physical and psychological condition”.

“Another detainee was completely stripped and electrocuted, his genitals were yanked, in addition to other methods of sexual abuse that are difficult to describe,” Arab told Mahajna, according to the organisations’ statement.

Palestinian with Down’s syndrome mauled by military dog, left to die alone: Report

According to the BBC, the man’s family said that on July 3, Israeli soldiers raided their house in Gaza City, and unleashed a military dog on 24-year-old Muhammed Bhar, who had Down’s syndrome and autism.

Despite the family’s pleas, the combat dog continued to bite Bhar’s arm, which bled. They then separated Bhar from the family, who were later ordered to leave the house.

Bhar was left with the soldiers, the BBC report said. The family returned a week later to find him dead.

“Muhammed’s body is lying on the floor. There is blood around him, and a tourniquet on his arm. This was most probably used to stop heavy bleeding from his upper arm,” the report said, referencing a video produced by Bhar’s brother, who showed it to the BBC.

US legal advocacy group asks Biden administration for information on ICC Israel investigations

The Center for Constitutional Rights filed a request to the administration of US President Joe Biden for all internal communications related to the International Criminal Court (ICC)’s investigation into crimes committed by the Israeli government during its war on Gaza.

In late May, the chief prosecutor of the ICC, Karim Khan, said that his office had applied for arrest warrants for Israeli and Hamas leaders for alleged crimes committed during the Hamas-led October 7 attack on southern Israel and Israel’s subsequent war on Gaza.

The legal group said that it is particularly interested in any ongoing efforts by the US to halt or delay the issuance of these arrest warrants, and wishes to obtain the information via a request under the Freedom of Information Act. These requests, under US law, must be answered by the government.

Oil tanker assessing possible Red Sea leak after Houthi attack

The update came after the Liberia-flagged oil tanker Chios Lion was hit by an unmanned watercraft.

A second tanker was also attacked by the Houthis earlier today. The Yemen-based group has pledged to attack commercial vessels in nearby waterways in support of Gaza.

“While originally headed south, following the attack the vessel turned around and back north out of the threat area to further assess damage and investigate potential oil spillage,” according to the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Joint Maritime Information Center (JMIC).

The JMIC is an information collaboration of several navies, which have joined a US-led security coalition to protect commercial ships along the major shipping route from attacks by the Houthis, who say they are taking military action against ships with links to Israel.

Groups that block aid to Gaza receive tax-deductible donations from US and Israel

The United States and Israel have allowed tax-deductible donations to far-right groups that have blocked aid from being delivered, The Associated Press and the Israeli investigative site Shomrim have found.

The report said that three groups that have prevented humanitarian aid from reaching Gaza – including one accused of looting or destroying supplies – have raised more than $200,000 from donors in the US and Israel.

Critics say incentivising these donations by making them tax-deductible runs counter to the US’s and Israel’s stated commitment to allow unlimited aid to Gaza.

Donations have continued even after the US imposed sanctions against one of these groups.

Israeli attack hit close to joint humanitarian centre: UN spokesman

Speaking to reporters, Stephane Dujarric has said colleagues in Gaza reported the attack “just a few hundreds metres” from the centre in Deir el-Balah.

He said the centre is used to coordinate UN and other NGO humanitarian operations throughout the enclave.

“I think one can only imagine how much it impacts our humanitarian colleagues who are actually working in that place,” Dujarric said. “They are already under tremendous stress. They’re already continuing to work in an active warzone.”

“And if you know if there was a strike 100 [328 feet] metres away from the place where you … work, it just adds to an already overwhelming level of stress for our colleagues, not to mention the impact it has on the civilians who are routinely killed in the streets,” he said.

HRW slams EU’s inability to jointly condemn Israel’s killing of Gaza civilians

Human Rights Watch has inked a letter calling out the EU’s inability to jointly condemn Israel’s killing of civilians in Gaza due to the persistent refusal of some member states.

The EU has “yet to collectively acknowledge, denounce, and adopt appropriate measures to address the Israeli authorities’ war crimes and other international humanitarian law (IHL) violations, some of which have led to the unfolding humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza,” the letter said.

Parents of female captives demand immediate meeting with Netanyahu

A group representing the loved ones of those held captive in Gaza has released still images of the five female captives taken on October 7 and held a press conference in Tel Aviv, calling on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to meet with them.

The identities of the captives were verified from their faces, which match photographs previously released by the Hostages and Missing Families Forum. Their families also confirmed their identities.

The captives in the released pictures were Naama Levy, Agam Berger, Liri Albag, Daniella Gilboa and Karina Ariev, Reuters reported.

During the press conference, the parents of the captives demanded a meeting with Netanyahu immediately, asking him not to depart to Washington, DC before he does so.

What is Trump VP pick Vance’s stance on Israel-Palestine?

Today marks the second day of the Republican National Convention in the US, where former President Donald Trump has officially been named the Republican Party’s presidential nominee.

Yesterday, Trump also named Senator JD Vance as his vice presidential pick.

Al Jazeera’s Urooba Jamal took a look at Vance’s foreign policy positions, which can best be surmised as “America first with an Israel exception”.

That staunch support for Israel has seen Vance lead efforts to stop special immigration protections for Palestinians and to withhold federal funds from colleges where there have been pro-Palestine protests in recent months.

Israeli Haredi Jews block highway over pending army conscription

Video posted on X by a correspondent for Israeli newspaper Haaretz shows police removing a child belonging to Israel’s ultra-Orthodox community from a busy road.

Israeli Army Radio reported that the protest included dozens of people, and the Haaretz journalist says that police are making arrests.

Earlier, we reported that the Israeli army will begin sending out conscription orders to members of this community, long given religious exemption from military service, this Sunday.

Activists marched through the affluent Georgetown neighborhood in Washington D.C. in response to the Israeli airstrikes in Khan Younis, which killed at least 90 people and injured hundreds.



UNRWA says 539 displaced Palestinians killed in its facilities since beginning of war

In its regular situation report, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) says at least 539 displaced Palestinians have been killed in its facilities in Gaza since October 7.

That number only runs through July 14, so it does not include the killing of 23 people at UNRWA’s Al-Razi School in Nuseirat earlier today.

UNRWA said at least 1,708 people have been wounded in its facilities during that period. At least 73 more were wounded in today’s attack, according to Gaza’s Government Media Office.

Israel says half of Hamas armed wing’s leadership killed in Gaza

The Israeli military says it has killed 14,000 fighters (anon's note: out of at least 38,713 total Palestinians killed) from the group’s armed wing, the Qassam Brigades, during the war.

It said they included six fighters with the rank of brigade commander, 20 battalion commanders and 150 company commanders.

Hamas has not confirmed the number of fighters killed in the war but has regularly rejected the Israeli military’s claims.

The latest update was made after Israel said it targeted Qassam Brigades leader Mohammed Deif in a strike on a designated “safe zone” where displaced Palestinians were sheltering. At least 90 Palestinians were killed in the attack.

Israel said it has not yet confirmed if Deif was killed in the strike while Hamas has said he was not killed.

Israel bombed 70 percent of UNRWA-run schools in Gaza: UN

Nearly seven out of 10 UNRWA-run schools have been bombed in Gaza since the beginning of the war, according to the UN agency for Palestinians.

“Over 95% of these schools were used as shelters when hit. 539 people sheltering in UNRWA facilities have been killed,” UNRWA said on X. “Nowhere is safe. The blatant disregard for UN premises and humanitarian law must stop.”

Number of journalists killed in Israel’s war on Gaza rises to 160: Media office

Muhammad Abdullah Mishmish, programme director at Sawt Al-Awsa Radio, has been killed in Israel’s war on Gaza, according to the enclave’s Government Media Office.

The statement on Telegram did not elaborate on the circumstances, time or place of his death.

Mishmish is the 160th journalist killed in the war, the announcement said.

Save the Children condemns Israeli attacks on schools, hospitals in Gaza

British aid group Save the Children has called the recent attacks on schools and hospitals in Gaza as “horrific”.

“The healthcare and education systems are being decimated before our eyes,” it said on X, calling for a ceasefire. “Children cannot continue to be at the forefront of this conflict. Hospitals and schools should never be targets.”

‘We are killed by American missiles’: Nuseirat school attack survivor

Video footage verified by Al Jazeera’s fact-checking agency Sanad has seen a young man carry the remnants of the rockets that targeted a school in the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza.

He lamented that the displaced Palestinians were being killed by Israel with American missiles.

“We found children beheaded and people turned into corpses and body parts inside the school, and I cannot describe the scene from the horror of the bombing,” he said.

The footage documented the destruction and the body parts scattered in the courtyard of the school, which was crowded with displaced people.

‘This catastrophe must end’ in Gaza: Knesset member

Ayman Odeh, a Palestinian citizen of Israel and head of the Hadash-Ta’al list in Israel’s parliament, has said that the war on Gaza is increasing the risk of a wider regional escalation.

“The region stands, in these moments, on the brink of a precipice. At any moment, a bloody, destructive regional war can erupt. More and more pain and death. Parentless children. Parents burying children. This catastrophe must end,” he said on X.

Israeli bombing of school kills 23 people in Nuseirat: Gaza government

We have reported earlier that at least eight people had been killed in an Israeli air attack on a school in central Gaza’s Nuseirat refugee camp.

According to Gaza’s Government Media Office, the death toll stands at 23, with 73 people also injured in Israeli bombing of the UNRWA Al-Razi School in the camp.

Israel minister demands West Bank annexation if UN court rules against it

Hardline Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich called on the prime minister to annex the occupied West Bank if the International Court of Justice (ICJ) rules Israeli settlements are illegal this week.

Smotrich told reporters, “No one will move the people of Israel from their land”, the Times of Israel quoted him as saying yesterday.

Footage shows destruction at Gaza aid distribution site in the wake of Israeli attack

Video footage verified by Al Jazeera’s fact-checking agency Sanad has documented the impact of the Israeli air attack on the UNRWA-run Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza.

The air raid targeted a hospice distributing food to displaced people.

The footage showed people observing the damage in the bombed-out building that had a huge hole in the roof, collapsed side walls and cracks in the beams holding up the ceiling.

A banner in front of the building identified it as a hospice.

Netanyahu ordered Israeli army to turn off recording of meetings after October 7

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the Israeli army to turn off its recording system in the command centre of military headquarters after the start of the war, according to a report in the Haaretz newspaper.

That means that all security cabinet meetings, which are recorded routinely, were not taped as the army complied with the order, the report in the Israeli newspaper said.

Netanyahu insisted, the report added, that only specific security cabinet meetings he wanted would be recorded or transcribed by his office and not by the army.

The report also revealed that soon after October 7, the prime minister moved all security cabinet meetings to his office in Tel Aviv.

The move was aimed at holding meetings in a place Netanyahu could control rather than trusting the army not to record them, a source told Haaretz.

Israeli settlers build iron structure on Palestinian land in Hebron, video shows

A video posted online, verified by Al Jazeera’s Sanad agency, shows a group of settlers working on an iron structure in the Tel Rumeida area of Hebron in the occupied West Bank.

The footage shows settlers placing iron poles on private Palestinian land that, according to local sources, belongs to the Qunaibi family.


Israeli settlers attack Palestinian vehicles west of Nablus

Israeli settlers have attacked Palestinian vehicles in the vicinity of the illegal Shafi Shomron settlement, west of Nablus in the occupied West Bank, our colleagues on the ground report.

They said Israeli forces have also raided an insurance company in Hebron, in the southern West Bank.

Israel’s restrictions on movement in Hebron hurdle to ‘essential services’: ICRC

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) says the restrictions on movement imposed by Israel, specifically in the “H2” area in Hebron’s Old City, “make it difficult, and sometimes impossible, for Palestinians to access essential services”.

Israeli authorities have imposed these restrictions for more than 20 years, leaving an impact on “basic services many need daily to survive”, the ICRC said on X.

The H2 area of Hebron in the occupied West Bank is 20 percent of the Palestinian city, where about 700 Israelis live in illegal settlements and the Israeli military has full control.

H2’s Palestinian population is about 35,000.

The ICRC has worked with the local community to install solar panels on the rooftops of affected households.

“This helps them generate income by providing power to other residents in the community, and have improved access to electricity,” the post said.

Shooting operation a response to crimes in Gaza, West Bank: Hamas

Hamas has said in a statement that the “heroic shooting operation east of Tulkarem is a natural response to the brutal crimes and heinous massacres in Gaza and the West Bank”.

Earlier we reported that three Israeli settlers were injured in a shooting near the village of Ramin, east of Tulkarem in the occupied West Bank.

UK Conservative Party clears ex-minister of anti-Semitism charges

Sir Alan Duncan, Britain’s former Minister of State for Europe and the Americas, has been cleared of any wrongdoing by the Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ) after investigating him for anti-Semitism allegations, according to the non-profit International Centre of Justice for Palestinians.

The former member of parliament said during a news conference that the investigation panel found that his comments “did not go beyond political debate” and “were not anti-Semitic and could not properly be regarded as such”.

Sir Alan, who stood down as a parliamentarian in 2019, criticised – in an interview with LBC in April – those in British politics who “refuse to condemn [illegal Israeli] settlements” in the occupied West Bank.

“The time has come to flush out those extremists in our own parliamentary politics,” he said at the time.

According to a statement by the ICJP, Sir Alan said anti-Semitism must be ruthlessly called out where it genuinely exists. He also highlighted the problem of weaponising the term, with a defiant tone as he said: “They have tried to threaten me, but I will not be bullied or silenced.”

Minister warns against withdrawal from Netzarim, Philadelphi corridors: Report

Orit Struck, Israel’s minister of settlements and national missions, has issued a threat to Netanyahu during her visit to the Karem Abu Salem crossing between Israel and Gaza, known in Israel as Kerem Shalom.

“We said clearly that if they get the [army] out of the Netzarim Corridor and the Philadelphi Corridor, we will dismantle the government. Netanyahu knows this very well,” she added, according to the report.

Israeli Defence Ministry sets up mental health committee

The committee will be tasked with treating mental health issues, including post-traumatic stress disorders, according to a statement by the ministry.

It said since the start of Israel’s war on Gaza, about 36 percent of the 9,400 injured have been suffering from mental health issues.

The country’s Health Ministry’s Rehabilitation Division estimates that by the end of the year, at least 5,600 will struggle with mental disorders, it added.

In the besieged and bombarded Gaza, more than one million children require mental health support, UNICEF said earlier this year, while aid groups have warned that the trauma of war will have long-lasting effects on the territory’s population.

Lebanese state, not just Hezbollah, should pay ‘heavy price’: Israeli minister

Israeli Energy Minister Eli Cohen has called for his country to open a new front in the north, making the state of Lebanon and not only the Hezbollah armed group pay “a heavy price” for the attacks on northern Israel.

“We are at the end of the Phase 3 in Gaza, so we need to move to the north and charge them a significant price,” Cohen said in an interview with Israel’s Radio Kol Barama.

Gallant condemns attack against officers by anti-conscription ultra-Orthodox protesters
Dozens of ultra-Orthodox Israeli demonstrators in the central city of Bnei Brak gathered overnight outside a house where two Israeli senior army commanders met Rabbi David Leybel, a supporter of ultra-Orthodox conscription into the military, according to Israeli media reports.

The crowd shouted slurs and threw bottles at the officers’ vehicles slurs prompting police to intervene.

In a post on X, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant condemned the incident.

The meeting between the three men was aimed at discussing the establishment of a Haredi brigade in the army after Israel’s Supreme Court ruled in June that the military must begin drafting ultra-Orthodox men for military service.

Unexploded Israeli missile used against Israeli tanks: War monitors

Hamas fighters have claimed they recovered an unexploded Israeli missile and used it to target two Israeli tanks in Gaza City’s Tal al-Hawa neighbourhood causing casualties, defence think tanks monitoring the war have reported.

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) and the Critical Threats Project (CTP), both based in the US, said the use of the salvaged Israeli missile was the only attack reported by Palestinian fighters in Gaza City on Monday, after weeks of devastating ground operations by Israeli forces.

To the south of Gaza City, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) fighters used mortar shells against Israeli unit deployed on the Netzarim Corridor and in southern Rafah city, PIJ and Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades fighters fired rocket-propelled grenades, thermobaric shells and mortars at Israeli forces in the Yibna area.

Gaza, abortion and migrant rights protests outside RNC in US

Hundreds of demonstrators have converged on downtown Milwaukee to protest at the Republican National Convention (RNC), saying the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump will not affect their longstanding plans to demonstrate outside the site.

Among the causes being highlighted by protesters are Israel’s war on Gaza, as well as abortion and migrant rights.

US protest movement rebukes Biden for saying he helps Palestinians

The Uncommitted National Movement, a grassroots collective that has urged US Democrats to vote “uncommitted” in US state primaries, has criticised Biden for claiming he is an ally of Palestinians.

“Biden claiming he’s done the most for Palestinians is like an arsonist taking credit for tossing a splash of water on the fire he’s still fueling,” the group said in a post on X.



UN peacekeepers hope to restore calm amid Israel-Lebanon cross-border tension

On patrol along an active front line, UN peacekeepers in southern Lebanon are monitoring clashes sparked by Israel’s Gaza offensive. Israeli military positions dominate the landscape near the Blue Line, a volatile zone not recognised as a border.

Much of the area is devoid of residents, with destroyed homes marking the landscape in the Hezbollah stronghold. The UN is aiming for a diplomatic ceasefire, while Israel seeks a Hezbollah-free buffer zone in line with UN Resolution 1701.

Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr reports from along the Blue Line in southern Lebanon:



Israeli forces killed over 2,500 Palestinians every month since ICJ ruling

On January 26, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) said it found it “plausible” that Israel committed acts that violate the Genocide Convention.

The ICJ ordered Israel to take action to prevent acts of genocide in Gaza.

Back in January, the death toll in Gaza stood at 26,083 people killed with more than 64,400 people wounded.

Since then, Israeli forces have killed another 12,630 people and wounded more than 24,600 others, meaning more than 2,500 Palestinians were killed every month over the past five months.

Israeli forces have continued to hit UN-run facilities sheltering civilians. UNRWA, the UN’s Palestinian refugee agency, says 70 percent of its schools in Gaza have been bombed during the war, and that the vast majority of them, 95 percent, were being used as displacement shelters at the time they were attacked.

Video said to show Houthi ‘drone boat’ attack on Red Sea oil tanker

Our colleagues at Al Jazeera Arabic have shared a video released by Yemen’s Houthi fighters said to show scenes of the targeting and attack on the Chios Lion oil tanker in the Red Sea by an armed “drone boat”.

A crew on the Liberia-flagged tanker are assessing damage and investigating a potential oil spill after the vessel was attacked by drones on Monday, according to the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Joint Maritime Information Center (JMIC).

The Houthi attacks on the Chios Lion as well as the Israeli-owned Bentley I oil tanker with ballistic missiles and aerial and surface drones are part of the Yemeni group’s campaign against shipping linked to Israel or using Israeli seaports.

The Houthis say their attacks in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden will end when Israel stops its war on Gaza.


Video shows rocket attacks on Israel tank, bulldozer, troops in Rafah

Our colleagues at Al Jazeera Arabic have obtained and verified video clips of Palestinian fighters said to be battling Israeli forces east of Rafah city in the south of the Gaza Strip.

One clip shows a Hamas fighter emerge from what appears to be an underground position to fire an antitank rocket-propelled grenade at an Israeli tank. In another, a fighter takes aim from inside a destroyed building and appears to hit an armoured bulldozer with an antitank rocket.

In the final clip, Israeli soldiers based in a building are targeted with an attack after which flames are seen engulfing their location.


US ‘actively assisting’ Israel’s genocide in Gaza: Activists

The US activist group Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) said the Biden administration is now “actively assisting” Israel to commit genocide in Gaza.

“The Israeli government’s genocide is accelerating with full support from the US,” JVP said in a series of posts on social media rallying supporters to take action against Israel by contacting their political representatives.

Washington’s intention “couldn’t be clearer” when it resumed the transfer last week of 500-pound bombs to Israel’s military, the group said.

“The US isn’t just allowing the Israeli government to commit a genocide, it’s actively assisting it. It’s well past time for a weapons embargo,” it added.

10th anniversary of Israeli impunity over killing of 4 children on Gaza beach

The Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights has marked a decade of impunity following the killing of four Palestinian children while playing football on the Gaza City beach.

On July 16, 2014, Israeli forces fired three missiles that killed the Bakr family boys: Ahed, 9, Zakaria,10, Mohammed,11, and Ismail, 9, and wounded six other children.

“Despite clear evidence as to the indiscriminate nature of the attack, the Israeli probe, which was neither impartial nor independent as required by international law, was promptly closed in June 2015,” the rights group said.

​​“A decade later, there is no justice for the Bakr family and countless other Palestinian victims of blatant crimes committed by the Israeli military and other officials,” the group added.

Still no confirmation Hamas’s Mohammed Deif killed in Israeli strike: Monitors

The Israeli air force dropped eight 2,000-pound bombs in its attack on the al-Mawasi area of Gaza on Saturday in a bid to kill Hamas commander Mohammed Deif.

US-based defence think tanks the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) and the Critical Threats Project (CTP) also said that Israel’s military has still not officially confirmed that it killed Deif in the attack that killed at least 90 people – mostly women and children – and wounded 300 others.

Two confirmed dead in Israeli mosque bombing in Gaza

At least two people have been confirmed killed and 15 injured following an Israeli attack on a mosque in central Gaza, the Wafa news agency reports.

Earlier, we reported that the Israeli military had bombed the Abdullah Azzam Mosque, which is north of the Nuseirat refugee camp.

Central Gaza refugee camps under fire

Our colleagues at Al Jazeera Arabic report that Israeli artillery is shelling the Nuseirat and Bureij refugee camps in central Gaza.

Netanyahu aims to eradicate Palestinian collective memory: Analyst

Adel Abdel-Ghafar, a political analyst, says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is punishing Palestinians collectively in Gaza in the absence of a victory to present to his own constituency.

“It is clear that this is less about eradicating Hamas and more about the collective punishment of Palestinians,” Abdel-Ghafar, director of the foreign policy and security programme at the Middle East Council on Global Affairs, told Al Jazeera.

The destruction of schools, mosques, churches, historical archives, among other institutions, he said, is a form of collective punishment aimed at eradicating the collective memory of Palestinians.

“Netanyahu can’t go back to his constituency and sell a ceasefire without coming out with some sort of win – and so far there has not been a major win – so the continued destruction of Gaza is his own win,” he added.

700,000 face health ‘crisis’ as water treatment stops in central Gaza city

More than 700,000 people could be at risk from a “health and environmental crisis” as wastewater pumping stations in central Gaza’s Deir el-Balah city have stopped working due to a lack of fuel, local officials say.

In a statement, city authorities said stocks of fuel necessary for the functioning of water pumping stations were exhausted and warned of roads being “flooded by wastewater” and diseases spreading.

Saudi Council of Ministers condemns Israeli massacres against Palestinian people

The Saudi Council of Ministers has condemned the continuation of genocidal massacres against the Palestinian people.

The session headed by Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman reiterated its demand for an immediate and permanent ceasefire and the protection of unarmed civilians in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The council also stressed the necessity of activating international accountability mechanisms for the continuous Israeli violations of international humanitarian law and international legitimacy resolutions.

500 health workers killed in Gaza, including doctors with rare specialisations

Israeli attacks have killed 500 health workers in Gaza since October, including several specialised doctors, AP news agency reports.

The specialist doctors killed include a plastic surgeon specialising in wound care, a reconstructive surgeon, an obstetrician/gynaecologist, an orthopaedic surgeon, a fertility doctor, and the only liver transplant doctor in Gaza.

Hassan Hamdan, a plastic surgeon who specialised in wound reconstruction, was killed along with 12 members of his family earlier this month after coming out of retirement to treat victims of the war.

His son, Osama Hamdan, an orthopaedic surgeon, was on duty in the emergency room at Nasser Hospital when he received the call. His wife and two sons – aged three and five – were among those killed.

“I was only able to collect some body parts of my kids and their mother because of how huge the explosion was,” Hamdan said.

Hamas-led groups committed war crimes on October 7: Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has published new research detailing war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Hamas-led Palestinian armed groups on October 7 in Israel.

Hamas fighters led four other armed groups in attacks against 19 kibbutzim and 5 moshavim (cooperative communities), the cities of Sderot and Ofakim, two music festivals, and a beach party on October 7, HRW said.

“The Hamas-led assault on October 7 was designed to kill civilians and take as many people as possible hostage,” said Ida Sawyer, crisis and conflict director at HRW. Hamas officials, however, told HRW its fighters were instructed not to target civilians and to abide by international human rights and humanitarian law.

Israel’s ensuing assault on the Gaza Strip in the aftermath of October 7 amounted to the war crime of collective punishment, HRW also said, exacerbating Israel’s 17-year illegal blockade of Gaza and its crimes of apartheid and persecution against Palestinians.

Republican Jewish leader says Trump to give ‘blank cheque’ to Israel in Gaza

Republican Jewish Coalition CEO Matt Brooks has celebrated Donald Trump’s record on Israel and said he believes the presidential hopeful will provide a “blank cheque to Israel” to “finish the job quickly” in Gaza.

“If you need to carpet bomb the area, do it. Just get it done. Rip the band-aid off. Finish the job because Hamas needs to be destroyed,” Brooks said at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday.

“This is just taking months and months. All [Trump] is saying is that time is not Israel’s ally. The longer this continues, the more public support erodes, the more international support erodes, and Trump’s point [is] do what you have to do, get it done and get out,” he added.

Brooks also said Trump will “rebuild the US-Israel relationship after four disastrous years under President Biden”.

US envoy to UN discusses Israel-Lebanon conflict with Lebanese FM

US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield has released details of a meeting with Lebanon’s Foreign Minister Abdallah Bou Habib in New York.

“They discussed the need for de-escalation along the Blue Line so that displaced persons in both Lebanon and Israel can return to their homes,” a spokesperson for Thomas-Greenfield said in a readout of the meeting.

Though the United States has ended its funding to UNRWA, the UN agency that supports Palestinian refugees, including those staying in Lebanon, Thomas-Greenfield expressed support for Lebanon hosting refugees, the spokesperson said.

Lebanon is home to the most refugees relative to the size of its population in the world with some 1.5 million Syrians and an estimated 270,000 Palestinians residing in the country.



>More than 700,000 people could be at risk from a “health and environmental crisis” as wastewater pumping stations in central Gaza’s Deir el-Balah city have stopped working due to a lack of fuel, local officials say.
Zionism, it's like a flood of shit


>500 health workers killed in Gaza, including doctors with rare specialisations
it's this kind of shit that really hammers it home.
The Zionists really are trying to annihilate the Palestinians.
Wiping out a societies ability to provide medical services, that really clarifies the intentions.


Drones target Iraq base housing US-led coalition: Report

Two attack drones were launched against a military base in Iraq where US and international forces are stationed in Anbar province.

“One drone was shot down outside the [Ain al-Assad] base by defence systems, and the second exploded inside the base without causing any injuries or damage,” an unnamed security official told AFP news agency.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, an alliance of Iran-backed armed groups, has carried out more than 175 rocket and drone attacks against US-led troops in Iraq and Syria in recent months.

It says the attacks are in solidarity with the Palestinians during the continuing war in Gaza, demanding an end to the Israeli invasion.

Maersk: Red Sea shipping ‘disruption’ effects spread globally

Denmark’s shipping giant AP Moller-Maersk says “disruption” to its routes via the Red Sea has now extended beyond the Middle East and Europe to its entire global network.

Shipping groups have diverted cargo vessels around Africa’s Cape of Good Hope since December to avoid attacks by Yemen’s Houthi militia in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, with the longer voyage times pushing freight rates far higher and delivery times taking months longer.

“The cascading impact of these disruptions extends beyond the primary affected routes, causing congestion at alternative routes and transshipment hubs essential for trade with Far East Asia, West Central Asia, and Europe,” Maersk said in a statement.

“Ports across Asia – including Singapore, Australia, and Shanghai – are experiencing delays as ships reroute and schedules are disrupted, caused by ripple effects from the Red Sea.”

Hamas rejects Human Rights Watch report citing ‘lies and blatant bias’

Earlier we reported on a new Human Rights Watch (HRW) report that said Hamas’s armed wing and four other groups “committed numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity against civilians” during the October 7 attack on Israelis.

In response, Hamas rejected “the lies and blatant bias” towards Israel and demanded HRW withdraw its report and apologise.

“The Human Rights Watch report adopted the entire Israeli narrative and moved away from the method of scientific research and the neutral legal position, and became more like an Israeli propaganda document,” Hamas said in a statement.

HRW said dozens of serious human rights violations occurred on October 7 including “murder, hostage-taking, and other grave offenses”.

Palestinian envoy condemns ‘the most documented genocide in history’

Riyad Mansour, Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations, says Israel’s war crimes in Gaza have been committed “openly, brazenly, and repeatedly” with soldiers sharing videos on social media.

“What is happening in Gaza is going down as the most documented genocide in history,” Mansour told a UN Security Council meeting on the Middle East. “When will the world denounce the crimes and stop tolerating their reoccurrence?

He asked the council why international laws and norms continue to be violated by Israel, but nothing is ever done to stop it.

‘Dripping in blood’: MSF medic describes horrific aftermath of Israeli attack

Javid Abdelmoneim, the Gaza medical team leader of Doctors Without Borders (MSF), recounted to Al Jazeera the casualties he and his team received at their clinic in Khan Younis after an attack on Saturday:

“We were dripping in blood at the end of it. The first case I saw was a three-year-old girl with her thigh peeled off her bone. The second case I saw was a woman covered in dust. She looked at me, she was breathing, which meant she was globally OK, but I took down the dressing on her belly and a piece of abdomen, a piece of her bowel was out. And then suddenly a rush of healthcare workers, fully-dressed first aid responders, in their uniforms, all injured.”

“I looked across at my nurse, and she was helping manage the airway [relieve airway obstruction] of a boy who looked about 13, 14. And she [the nurse] looked at me and in a mass casualty if you have to manage the airway you have to call that person dead. It was a boy, none of us had the heart to call him dead.”

“And then the next one came in, and the next one. And there were no beds. And you’re kneeling on the floor and you can feel your knee is wet with blood.”

“And you have to quickly decide who’s more urgent and who’s not. ‘This man looks like he has a brain injury, he has to be left for dead. This woman has her knee almost blown off, take her straight to operating theatres.'”

Gaza aid pier ‘a failure’, says former US aid official

The former US aid director for the West Bank and Gaza, Dave Harden, said that the now-closed pier was “interesting in theory, but in practice, an absolute failure – and my concern is who will be held accountable?”

“The pier, in concept, was an interesting idea from my perspective, because it created some potential facts on the ground so that the Gazans for once could actually have something in their favour where they could import basic commodities, either now or in the future,” said Harden, who is now the managing director of Georgetown Strategy Group.

“What we have not seen is a robust opening of the crossings … I think this goes first to the Israelis, and second to the Americans,” Harden added.

“And in the meantime, the Gazans themselves continue to suffer. This was a tragedy compounding a tragedy.”

US Muslim civil rights group denounces Republican’s call to ‘carpet bomb’ Gaza

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said that comments made by Matt Brooks, the CEO of the Republican Jewish Coalition, were “apparent support for the genocidal idea of carpet-bombing Gaza”, which spoke “volumes about the systematic, racist dehumanization of the Palestinian people”.

“Genocide is wrong, no matter its victim,” the CAIR national communications director, Ibrahim Hooper, added. “Republican elected officials should renounce this genocidal rhetoric, as well as the Israeli government’s ongoing use of American taxpayer dollars to bomb churches, mosques, hospitals, schools, refugee camps, and innocent men, women and children across Gaza.”

US imposes visa restrictions on former Israeli military sergeant

The restrictions on Sergeant Elor Azaria are for involvement in an extrajudicial killing in the occupied West Bank.

Azaria shot dead an injured Palestinian, Abdul Fatah al-Sharif, in Hebron in 2016. Al-Sharif had been lying wounded on the ground after allegedly stabbing and wounding a soldier, before Azaria walked up to him and killed him without apparent provocation. The incident was filmed by the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem and quickly went viral.

Azaria was convicted of manslaughter by an Israeli court, but was only sentenced to 18 months, later reduced by four months. He was eventually released from prison in May 2018, having served almost nine months.

The US Department of State said in a statement on Wednesday that “Azaria and any immediate family members are generally ineligible for entry into the United States”.

It added that it was “taking steps to impose visa restrictions on an additional group of individuals for having been involved in or meaningfully contributed to undermining the peace, security, or stability in the West Bank” including “violence against persons or property, or unduly restrict[ing] civilians access to essential services and basic necessities”.



'Stunning Abdication': Appeals Court Dismisses Biden Genocide Complicity Case
"We turned to the law to help stop the horror, and the court chose to do nothing," said one plaintiff in the case. "We are beyond disappointed."

Palestine defenders on Tuesday decried a U.S. federal appellate panel's dismissal of a case brought by Palestinians accusing senior Biden administration officials of failing to prevent and complicity in Israeli genocide in Gaza.

A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco affirmed a lower court's dismissal of the lawsuit against President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, which was led by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) on behalf of several Palestinian groups and individuals.

During a Tuesday interview on Democracy Now!, CCR attorney Katherine Gallagher—who represented plaintiffs in the case—said its dismissal "essentially gives the blank check to carry out any kind of conduct that the executive wants in times of genocide, in times of war."

Gallagher's interview followed a Monday statement in which she referred to the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling granting the president "absolute immunity" for "official acts."

"On the heels of Trump v. United States, this stunning abdication of the court's role to serve as a check on the executive even in the face of its support for genocide should set off alarm bells for all," she said.

The lawsuit—originally filed in November in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in Oakland—sought to stop the Biden administration from aiding Israel's bombardment of Gaza. U.S. weapons have played a critical role in Israel's war, which Palestinian and international agencies say has killed, wounded, or left missing more than 137,500 Gazans.

While the court found that "the current treatment of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip by the Israeli military may plausibly constitute a genocide in violation of international law," it dismissed the case on jurisdictional grounds in late January. The 9th Circuit subsequently granted an expedited appeal in the case, which was heard in June.

"This decision is mind-boggling and, frankly, scary," plaintiff Waeil Elbhassi said in a statement Monday. "It is just unfathomable, while we count our dead, witness the total obliteration of Gaza—aided by our own government."

"As the death toll keeps rising and we see nonstop images of carnage during this livestreamed genocide, the court washes its hands of our case," Elbhassi added. "We turned to the law to help stop the horror, and the court chose to do nothing. We are beyond disappointed. We have no choice but to continue to fight for our people. Our very existence is at stake."

Israel's conduct in Gaza—including alleged forced starvation that has fueled deadly famine in parts of the besieged strip—is under investigation by the International Court of Justice in a genocide case brought by South Africa.

Additionally, International Criminal Court Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan has applied for warrants to arrest Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, and three Hamas leaders for crimes including extermination allegedly committed on and after October 7.



Ben-Gvir told ministers delaying captive deal could help Trump: Report

Israel’s National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir has told Israeli cabinet members that reaching a deal now would be a slap in Trump’s face that would benefit Biden politically, according to comments reported in Israeli media outlets Channel 13 and The Times of Israel.

Israeli military kills member of al-Jamaa al-Islamiya in Lebanon

Our Al Jazeera Arabic colleagues are reporting that the Israeli military has assassinated a member of al-Jamaa al-Islamiya group in a drone strike on a car in the east of Bekaa governorate in Lebanon.

We will bring you updates on this story when we have them.

China urges ceasefire, calls on Israel to stop ‘collective punishment’ in Gaza

In a speech at the UN Security Council on Wednesday, China’s permanent representative to the world body called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and the implementation of a two-state solution, while also urging Israel to “cease its collective punishment of the Gaza people”.

“Countries with important influence should earnestly make sincere and responsible efforts to promote parties concerned to demonstrate political will and implement relevant Security Council resolutions,” Fu Cong said.

Trump-ally Erik Prince says Pentagon blocked his plan to flood Gaza tunnels: Report

Erik Prince, the founder of private military contractor firm Blackwater, says the Pentagon blocked his plan to help Israel flood Gaza with seawater.

“I provided the Israelis a fully-funded, donated ability to flood Gaza with water, with seawater, to flood the 300 miles of tunnels,” Prince said during a speech at the Heritage Foundation policy forum, as reported by the Middle East Eye news outlet.

Prince provided the information as an example of his claim the US had given “very bad advice” that prevented the Israelis from “finishing” the war in Gaza.

Environmental analysts have warned that flooding the tunnels could damage the aquifer that holds Gaza’s groundwater, and ruin the conditions of life for 2.3 million people in the territory.

Prince is a staunch Trump ally who founded Blackwater, now renamed Academi.

‘Suspicion’ that some in Israel want war in Lebanon: Russia’s FM Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said Hezbollah in Lebanon, its main supporter Iran, and the Lebanese government do not want “a full-blown war” with Israel. But “there’s a suspicion that some circles in Israel are trying to achieve just that”, Lavrov said.

Speaking at a news conference at the UN headquarters in New York, Lavrov said some US and European analysts say “escalation, as the practical developments show, is something which Israel is interested in”.

“Hezbollah has been very much restrained in its actions,” Lavrov said, and the movement’s leader Hassan Nasrallah has “delivered a number of public statements which reaffirmed that position”.

“However, the sentiment is that there’s an attempt to provoke them, and to provoke them into a full-blown engagement,” he said.

Brazil calls to stop flow of weapons used in ‘illegal acts’ in Gaza

Brazil’s ambassador to the UN Sergio Franca Danese has called for an end to the flow of weapons used in illegal acts in Gaza.

Addressing the UN Security Council, Danese also said the “wider Israeli-Palestinian conflict will only cease with an end to occupation” and that admitting Palestine as a full member of the UN would make “it clear that Israel can not determine the fate of Palestine’s sovereignty and statehood”.

His speech at the UNSC came as Israel’s Knesset adopted a resolution opposing Palestinian statehood, further demonstrating Israel’s shift away from its commitments under the Oslo Accords.

‘Reprehensible’: UN responds to personal attack on UNRWA chief by Israeli spokesman

We reported earlier on the UN’s reaction to “dangerous and disparaging” remarks made by Israeli government spokesperson David Mencer about UNRWA Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini:

Here’s what Mencer, who works for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, said in a videotaped speech about the UNRWA chief:

“Now if the UN was doing what it was designed to do, then Philippe Lazzarini should be one of the good guys. But he is not. He is one of the bad guys. A terrorist sympathiser. A Jew-killing enabler. A liar,” Mencer said.

On Wednesday, Al Jazeera’s Gabriel Elizondo asked Stephane Dujarric, the spokesperson for the UN secretary-general, about Mencer’s remarks.

Dujarric said the Israeli spokesman’s comments were “unacceptable, to say the least”.

“Using the kind of inflammatory language he used to describe Mr Lazzarini – and I don’t want to repeat them. But they are there for the record. In an environment that is already extremely volatile – is reprehensible and downright dangerous,” Dujarric said.

“It puts at risk a senior UN official whose only focus is on helping civilians in Gaza. To alleviate their suffering,” he said.

Protests at RNC, DNC link US-backed Gaza war to broader issues

In Milwaukee, protests outside the Republican National Convention (RNC) have highlighted concerns over the US-backed war on Gaza, linking it to issues like economic inequality and civil rights in the US.

Organised by the US Palestinian Community Network, the rally reflects worries about political leadership in the US.

Demonstrators initially targeted Trump, but will now focus on Biden’s policies as attention shifts to the Democratic National Convention (DNC), where protests will be held against so-called “Genocide Joe”, which is scheduled to start on August 19 in Chicago.

Israeli military drops threatening leaflets over Jenin camp

The Israeli military has dropped leaflets in the Jenin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank, threatening to kill wanted young men if they do not surrender themselves, the Wafa news agency reports.

The leaflets, dropped via reconnaissance aircraft, were dropped near a mosque on Mahyoub Street in the camp, according to Wafa.



How hilarious that Trump worship fucks over the dips who boosted him too. He screws over everyone fool enough to allow him to exist.


Declassified UK - Biden's secret flights from British military base to Israel revealed

ICJ to deliver ruling on Israeli occupation

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) will deliver a “historic and authoritative opinion on the question of Palestine and the illegality of the Israeli occupation”, according to Majed Bamya, Palestine’s deputy ambassador to the UN.

The ICJ said it will deliver its opinion regarding “the legal consequences arising from the policies and practices of Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, tomorrow, at 3 PM” in The Hague (13:00 GMT).

Some members of the diplomatic corps, international organisations, the public and the media will be allowed to attend the session.

The ICJ is the principal judicial organ of the UN and was created to settle legal disputes submitted to it by states and to give advisory opinions on legal questions referred to it by UN organs and agencies.

Knesset vote a ‘declaration of death of Oslo’

Mustafa Barghouti, a Palestinian physician and politician, slammed the Israeli Knesset’s vote opposing the creation of an independent Palestine.

Barghouti noted parties from neither the government or the opposition voted against the resolution. “This resolution represents a rejection of peace with Palestinians and an official declaration of the death of the Oslo agreement,” he said in a statement.

Earlier, we reported the Israeli parliament overwhelmingly passed the resolution that rejects the establishment of a Palestinian state, saying it would “pose an existential danger” to Israel and “perpetuate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and destabilise the region”.

Al-Quds Brigades launches rocket barrage at Israeli communities

The armed wing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad released this video of its fighters launching rockets at multiple Israeli communities near the Gaza Strip.


Houthi leader says 25 projectiles used in attacks this week

Abdel-Malik al-Houthi, chief of the Yememi group, says during his latest televised speech that the group used 25 ballistic and cruise missiles, drones and one unmanned boat in its attacks on ships this week.

This, he said, brought the total number of ships targeted by the Iran-aligned group since the start of the war to 170.

“We will, God willing, progressively escalate and increase the impact of our operations in the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea,” he promised.

Al-Houthi also issued a new warning for Saudi Arabia, saying Riyadh is jeopardising its future by aligning itself too closely with the US and Israel.

“If the Saudi regime is ready to sacrifice its future and lose its economic plans for the sake of Israel and the US, then there is no point in Vision 2030 or plans to develop Riyadh Airport to be one of the largest in the world.”

Israel strikes UNRWA school in Gaza City

At least two people have been killed and eight wounded in an Israeli attack on a school run by the UN’s agency for Palestinian refugees in Gaza City’s Zeitoun neighbourhood.

We will bring you updates on this attack as the situation develops.

Hezbollah confirms death of fighter as reports say one of its commanders killed

Earlier, we reported on an Israeli air raid that hit the vicinity of the southern Lebanese village of Safad al-Batikh, which the country’s civil defence says killed at least four and wounded dozens.

Hezbollah, which never indicates where, when or how its fighters are killed, has just confirmed that Ali Jaafar Maatouq, also known as Habib Maatouq, born in 1978, has died.

Reports from Israeli media and the Reuters news service, citing “security sources”, indicate that a commander in the group’s Radwan forces was killed in an air attack this evening.

Teachers in US union push for Israel divestment

Members of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), one of the largest US unions, have put forth a resolution to divest from Israel bonds.

“The AFT holds only one bond of a foreign government, … a country internationally accused of committing war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide,” they wrote in a statement.

The AFT’s Israel bond, “which helps fund Israel’s scholasticide and genocide, and pays for Israel’s longstanding occupation of the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the apartheid regime against Palestinians everywhere”, is valued at $150,000.

Houthis suggest Gaza aid deal with Israel for decrease in attacks on shipping

A senior Houthi official in Yemen says if Israel allows desperately needed humanitarian aid into northern Gaza, the militia will cease some attacks on ships that visit the Umm al-Rashrash port, known in Israel as Eilat.

Mohammed Ali al-Houthi said on X: “We say to the enemy if you allow the entry of aid into the north of Gaza, as much as you allow the Yemeni Mujahideen army will allow the delivery of similar quantities to the occupied port. The ball is in your court.”

Al-Houthi suggested Egyptian and Qatari mediators could work out such a deal with Israel in consultation with Palestinian armed groups.

Palestine Foreign Ministry condemns Ben-Gvir’s Al-Aqsa visit

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry has condemned Itamar Ben-Gvir’s “invasion” of Al-Aqsa Mosque with protection from far-right supporters and armed police.

It says in a statement that this is in line with government support for “ongoing incursions” into the mosque and Palestinian land, and efforts towards “Judaisation” of the area and “emptying it of its original owners”.

The ministry called for urgent international intervention to force Israel to stop illegal unilateral measures.

Thousands expected in pro-Palestinian demonstration around UK Parliament

More than 7,000 people are expected to form a human chain around the British Parliament later today, according to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

The activist organisation says members of parliament from across parties, trade union leaders and cultural figures are expected to join the demonstration organised by a coalition of pro-Palestinian groups.

Captives released from Gaza plan protest against Netanyahu in Tel Aviv

Israelis released from captivity in the Gaza Strip are planning a protest against Netanyahu’s scheduled trip to the US to address Congress.

They say they will release a “special statement” later today at the square in Tel Aviv where protesters calling for the release of captives and new elections have gathered since the start of the war.

European Muslim Forum to protest Israel’s participation in Olympic Games

Protests will be held in Switzerland outside the International Olympic Committee (IOC) headquarters in Lausanne and the United Nations headquarters in Geneva over Israel’s participation in the 2024 Olympic Games, the European Muslim Forum has said.

After demonstrating in Geneva and Lausanne tomorrow, the group is planning to drive to Paris to ramp up its calls for a ban on Israel’s participation in the games, which start in the French capital on July 26.

“We call on the international solidarity movement, politicians, labour formations and worker formations, faith-based organisations, civil society to rally behind the call and journey with us to Paris,” said Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela, who is Nelson Mandela’s grandson and a member of the Global Summit for Palestine.

Groups condemn Microsoft’s blocking of Palestinian user accounts

The Palestinian Digital Rights Coalition and other groups from Ecuador, the US and Japan, among others, say the company’s recent actions of blocking Palestinian users’ email and Skype accounts is “an unjust disruption that has severe consequences on their daily lives during a time of war”.

“It is not only an affront to basic human decency but also a violation of their fundamental rights. Access to technology and communication is crucial, especially in conflict zones where information and connectivity can mean the difference between life and death,” the groups said in a statement, referring to the war on Gaza.

“By blocking its services, Microsoft is effectively cutting Palestinians off from social, professional, and financial opportunities during a time of immense suffering and devastation. Microsoft’s decision to restrict its services to Palestinians at such a critical juncture is deeply troubling and cannot be justified.”

Palestinians living abroad accused Microsoft of closing their email accounts without warning. They said it also stopped them from using video platform Skype to contact relatives in Gaza.

Microsoft said the users in question violated its terms of service. It also denied blocking users or calls based on region.

Ukraine sends humanitarian flour shipment to Palestinians

Ukraine says that it had sent flour to the Palestinian territories as part of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s Grain from Ukraine initiative to ship free agricultural supplies to poor countries and regions.

“Palestine received 1,000 tons of wheat flour,” Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry posted on X.

“The shipment is the first of three deliveries intended for Palestine … It will support over 101,000 Palestinian families for a month,” it said.

Israeli soldier succumbs to wounds sustained in Hezbollah attack

The Israeli military confirmed that Efraim Ben Amram, who was seriously wounded in a Hezbollah drone attack on a military base last month, has died.

The 25-year-old soldier was identified as a reservist sergeant first class in the 188th Armoured Brigade’s 53rd Battalion.

He was wounded on June 30 along with a number of other Israeli troops when an explosive-laden drone targeted the army base in the western part of the occupied Golan Heights.

Netanyahu speaks to soldiers at Rafah crossing

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has concluded a visit to the Rafah crossing, according to his office, which said more details will be published soon.

The Israeli military took control of the crossing in the southern part of the Gaza Strip in early May as part of its ground invasion of Rafah, which caused hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to be displaced once again.

Netanyahu opposes hospital for Gaza children in Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opposes the establishment of a hospital for children from Gaza on Israeli territory, his office says.

The comments come a day after Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced a field hospital would be set up as “a short-term solution” after the closure of the Rafah border crossing prevented the ability of sick children to receive healthcare abroad.

The move aimed “to address the humanitarian needs until a permanent mechanism is established to evacuate and treat ill children”, said Gallant.

But Netanyahu said the project hadn’t received his approval and, therefore, it “will not be established”.



>secret flights from British military base to Israel revealed
pretty shocking that they'd get directly involved in gaza.

>European Muslim Forum to protest Israel’s participation in Olympic Games

i never understood this kind of stuff

>Groups condemn Microsoft’s blocking of Palestinian user accounts

>“It is not only an affront to basic human decency but also a violation of their fundamental rights.
They're demanding the big corporation to not abuse power.
they should be demanding that the big corporation not have the power to abuse.


Drone attack on Israel’s Tel Aviv leaves one dead, at least 10 injured

Israel’s military says the country’s air force has increased patrols of the country’s skies as it investigates a suspected drone attack on Tel Aviv.

One person was reportedly killed and at least 10 injured by a large blast near the US embassy office in the Israeli city.

Yemen’s Houthi forces later issued a brief statement on social media that it had “targeted ‘Tel Aviv’ in occupied Palestine”, and said that it would reveal more details of the attack later.


Hezbollah claims three separate attacks on northern Israel

Lebanon’s Hezbollah armed group has claimed to have attacked Israel’s Ruwaisaat al-Alam military site in the occupied Lebanese hills of Kfarchouba “with a heavy barrage of missiles”.

The group said it used a self-manufactured missile in the 9:30am (06:30 GMT) attack, “which led to a direct hit on the site, destroying part of it, and setting it on fire”.

Separately, Hezbollah claimed to have targeted the Abirim settlement in northern Israel “for the first time” with Katyusha rockets “in response to the Israeli enemy attacks that targeted civilians in the villages of Safad El Battikh, Majdal Selm, and Chaqra” in southern Lebanon.

Also today, a Hezbollah-affiliated Lebanese paramilitary group – Lebanese Resistance Brigades – targeted the Rahib military site in northern Israel with rockets and artillery at 9am (06:00 GMT), according to Hezbollah’s Telegram statement.

“The Lebanese Resistance Brigades vow to continue the fight until victory and liberation are achieved,” it added.

Illegal Israeli settlers attack Palestinians in Nablus: Report

Illegal Israeli settlers have stormed and attacked several Palestinian neighbourhoods in the occupied West Bank, according to the Wafa news agency.

Near the city of Nablus, settlers threw rocks at Palestinian cars and blocked a road that connects to a nearby illegal Israeli settlement, Wafa reported.

In the Palestinian town of Beit Jala to the north, where settlers previously set up an illegal outpost, dozens more settlers stormed in and raised Israeli flags at a school, according to Wafa.

Israel’s military sees ‘increasing signs’ Hamas’s Deif killed

Israel’s military spokesman Daniel Hagari claims there are “increasing signs” that Hamas’s military commander Mohammed Deif was killed in an Israeli air strike last week.

Deif, who heads Hamas’s military wing, was the target of a massive Israeli strike in al-Mawasi on July 13 that killed at least 90 people and injured more than 300, according to Israel’s military.

Hamas, however, has denied that Deif was killed in the attack, saying that he is doing “fine” and continues to oversee the group’s military operations.

Deif was one of the founders of Hamas’s military wing, the Qassam Brigades, in the 1990s and has led the force for more than 20 years.



ICJ says Israel’s settlement policies in breach of international law

The International Court of Justice says that Israel’s settlement policies and exploitation of natural resources in the Palestinian territories were in breach of international law.

The non-binding advisory opinion on Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories comes despite calls by Israel and a handful of other countries against it.

We will keep updating you on the ruling.

Vessel hit by unknown projectiles southeast of Yemen’s Aden: UKMTO

A vessel has been hit by unknown projectiles 83 nautical miles (153km) southeast of the Yemeni city of Aden, according to the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) and British security firm Ambrey.

The crew on the vessel, which UKMTO and Ambrey have not identified, were reported to be safe.

Hezbollah claims three more attacks on Israeli targets

We have reported earlier today that the Lebanese armed group claimed three separate attacks on Israeli targets.

Since then, Hezbollah announced hitting three more, including “a direct hit” on Israeli soldiers which resulted in a fire in an area in the vicinity of the Ramim military barracks with a Burkan missile.

It also claimed to have shelled an Israeli military site near Metula in northern Israel, before targeting “the enemy’s artillery positions in Khirbet Ma’ar” with dozens of Katyusha and Al-Falaq rockets.

Israeli military take wanted man’s family hostage in West Bank raid

The Israeli military has stormed the town of Azzun, east of Qalqilya in the occupied West Bank, and arrested a Palestinian man, the Wafa news agency reports.

Local media reports that the Israeli military held the man’s family hostage and demanded he hand himself over. They then assaulted the man as they arrested him.

Iranian-designed drone used in Tel Aviv attack from Yemen: Israel

The Israeli military believes the deadly drone that landed in Tel Aviv was launched by the Houthis from Yemen, and was an improved version of the Samad-3 drone designed by Iran with extended flight range.

Hezbollah praises Houthis for Tel Aviv attack

Lebanon’s Hezbollah armed group has called a deadly drone attack on Tel Aviv that had been claimed by Yemen’s Houthi rebels as “a triumph for the oppression of the Palestinian people and their fighters”.

It said the Yemeni fighters were supporting “the heroic” Palestinian fighters in Gaza who in turn are defending “all our people and countries of our Arab and Islamic nations”.

The group said the fight will not stop until “the aggression and the siege of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is stopped”.

Hamas, PIJ call on PLO to withdraw recognition of Israel

Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) have issued a joint statement calling on the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) to withdraw its official recognition of Israel in retaliation for the Knesset’s resolution rejecting Palestinian statehood.

The leaders of the two armed Palestinian groups met in the Qatari capital, Doha, on Thursday and agreed that they must fight Israeli attempts to “erase the Palestinian issue”.

The statement said Israel is trying to deny Palestinians their right of having an independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital and the right of return for Palestinian refugees.

The PLO recognised Israel in 1993 when its leader Yasser Arafat signed the first Oslo Accord with Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

US House Speaker says disruption of Netanyahu speech could lead to arrest

US House Speaker Mike Johnson has said that anyone who attempts to disrupt a speech set to be given by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to a joint session of Congress on July 24 could be arrested.

“There are a number of Democrats in the House who have said they’re going to boycott that event. Some others may protest,” Johnson said at a Republican Jewish Coalition event on the sidelines of the Republican National Convention being held in Wisconsin this week.

“We’re going to have extra sergeants at arms on the floor. If anybody gets out of hand… We’re going to arrest people if we have to do it,” he said.

High-profile Democratic lawmakers, including Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, have signalled their intention to boycott Netanyahu’s controversial address over Israel’s war on Gaza.

UK’s new Labour government to resume funding to UNRWA

Britain’s foreign minister, David Lammy, has told parliament he is reassured that the UN Palestinian refugee agency had taken steps to “ensure it meets the highest standards of neutrality”.

Britain was one of several countries to halt their funding to UN Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA following accusations by Israel that some of the agency’s staff were involved in the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel that triggered the Gaza war.

“I can confirm to the House that we are overturning the suspension of UNRWA funding, Britain will provide 21 million [pounds, $27m] in funds” to the agency, he said.



Yemen’s Houthi rebels claim attack on Singapore-flagged vessel off Aden

We reported earlier that a vessel has been hit by unknown projectiles 83 nautical miles (153km) southeast of the Yemeni city of Aden, according to UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) and the British security firm Ambrey.

The crew on the vessel, which UKMTO and Ambrey have not identified, were reported to be safe.

Yemen’s Houthi militia has now claimed responsibility for the attack. Its military spokesperson Yahya Saree said its fighters used ballistic missiles as well as drones and achieved a direct hit on the Singapore-flagged vessel Lobivia off Aden.

He added that the attack was carried out because the company that owns the ship “violated the decision to ban entry into the ports of occupied Palestine”.

ICJ agrees to all arguments brought against Israel’s occupation
Step Vaessen
Reporting from The Hague, Netherlands

The president of the International Court of Justice has said basically all the arguments that were brought forward by 52 states and international organisations during the hearings were valid.

The chief justice called them one by one, including displacement, exploitation, and the settler policies that he was really critical about. He said all these policies are violating international laws, including the Geneva Convention and the UN Charter.

He also said that Israel’s arguments for this occupation – meaning that they need the occupation for military and security purposes – are completely invalid. He actually called it a “permanent occupation” which is basically the same as annexation.

The judge said Israel has created an indefinite and irreversible situation for the Palestinian people.

This is going to be a landmark advisory opinion from the highest court of the UN, which is nonbinding but will still have implications. It raises questions about the legality of the occupation, and also about the consequences of the occupation for all states involved and the UN. This is basically a question for all countries that have a relationship with Israel.

Israeli settlers storm West Bank town despite ICJ ruling

Israeli settlers have attacked Palestinians and their property in the town of Huwara, in the north of the occupied West Bank, just as the ICJ issued a ruling saying the state of Israel is under obligation to cease immediately all new settlement activities and to evacuate all settlers from occupied Palestinian territory.

Al Jazeera Arabic reported that confrontations broke out after settlers attacked Palestinians to prevent them from reopening a bakery that was shut down by the Israeli military in October.

The Palestinian news agency Wafa also reported that a journalist was injured during clashes in the town of Beita, south of Nablus, while several citizens suffered from suffocation due to tear gas inhalation.

Wafa correspondents said the Israeli army used live bullets and tear gas canisters to respond to a weekly protest march held by Palestinian residents.

Detection of polio virus in Gaza sewage raises risk of international spread

Hamid Jafari, the director of polio eradication at the World Health Organization (WHO), tells Al Jazeera that the detection of the polio virus in sewage in Gaza means infections are already taking place and the virus is circulating.

“The risk of transmission is intensifying in Gaza, and the risk of an international spread is consequently also high,” Jafari said.

He added that overcrowding and the lower rates of child vaccinations since the war started are raising concerns among WHO’s partner organisations.

BDS movement calls for ‘maximum pressure’ after ICJ ruling

The nonviolent Palestinian-led movement Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) has called for “maximum pressure on all states to impose immediate targeted sanctions on Israel,” after the ICJ issued a ruling saying Israel’s settlement policies and exploitation of natural resources in the Palestinian territory were in breach of international law.

The movement, which attempts to use economic and cultural boycotts against Israel to achieve political change, had already gained momentum amid worldwide protest against the war in Gaza.

Israeli ambassador calls for ‘unprecedented actions’ against UN after ICJ ruling

Gilad Erdan, Israel’s ambassador to the UN, has said those measures could include closing the UN complex in Jerusalem and deporting UN agency heads from Israel.

Israel has previously banned UN employees and officials, including the UN’s special rapporteur for the West Bank and Gaza, Francesca Albanese.

Erdan added he has “no doubt” that the US would veto any security council resolutions introduced in the wake of today’s ruling, which said Israel’s settlement policies in the in the occupied West Bank are in breach of international law.

Several analysts have told Al Jazeera the ruling from the top court could make it more difficult for the US – which has veto power at the UN Security Council – to shield Israel from such resolutions.



>Israeli ambassador calls for ‘unprecedented actions’ against UN after ICJ ruling
>Gilad Erdan, Israel’s ambassador to the UN, has said those measures could include closing the UN complex in Jerusalem and deporting UN agency heads from Israel.
So Israel is going to leave the UN ?


Ahead of Netanyahu Visit to D.C., Center for Constitutional Rights Calls on DOJ to Investigate Him for Genocide, War Crimes, and Torture as Mandated by Law
“Overwhelming” evidence cited that Israeli forces have committed grave human rights crimes against Palestinians under his leadership

July 19, 2024, New York – Today, in advance of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Washington next week, the Center for Constitutional Rights urged the Department of Justice (DOJ) to open a federal criminal investigation into him for his responsibility for genocide, war crimes, and torture. In a 23-page, detailed letter to the DOJ’s Human Rights and Special Prosecutions Section (HRSP), the organization says there is “overwhelming evidence” that, under Netanyahu, Israeli forces have committed these crimes against Palestinians during the nearly 10-month assault on Gaza.

These are the most serious human rights violations in the U.S. criminal code, and the HRSP is statutorily mandated – and urgently needed – to investigate them to protect Palestinians from ongoing crimes and break the cycle of impunity that Israeli officials have enjoyed, the letter says. It also points out that other senior Israeli officials also responsible for genocide, war crimes, and torture have traveled to the United States and that, given that more than 20,000 U.S. citizens serve in the Israeli military, there is a high likelihood that some have helped to carry out these crimes. The group calls for the establishment of a War Crimes Accountability Team – Gaza, similar to the one constituted to investigate and support accountability efforts for violations in Ukraine, as well as the convening of an inter-agency effort to identify the number of U.S. citizens that have actively served in the Israeli armed forces since October 7, 2023 (including active-duty U.S. citizens) and the impact of torture, war crimes, and other atrocities in Gaza on U.S. citizens since October 7, 2023.

read more:


Video said to show Israeli settlers attacking Palestinian family with bats

Our colleagues at Al Jazeera Arabic have obtained video footage of an unprovoked attack by Israeli settlers on a Palestinian family south of Hebron in the occupied West Bank.

In the video, masked settlers carrying what appear to be baseball bats approach a Palestinian family sitting in front of a home in the Sha’b al-Butm area of Masafer Yatta.

A settler calmly approaches and attacks a Palestinian man in the family. The attackers and another settler then viciously beat a Palestinian woman who tries to stop the attack.

An Israeli soldier appears and points his assault rifle at the injured Palestinians while allowing the settlers to walk away.


Jewish senator to skip Netanyahu speech to US Congress

Senator Brian Schatz has said he will not attend a speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to a joint session of the US Congress in Washington DC on July 24.

The Jewish Democrat from Hawaii criticised what he said was a “partisan address to Congress just months ahead” of the US presidential elections.

“Nine months after the atrocities of October 7 and the ensuing conflict, negotiations for a ceasefire and the release of all hostages are ongoing – and that should be the focus,” he said.

“As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, I welcome a substantive discussion about the future, not political rhetoric that will do nothing to bring peace in the region. I therefore will not attend Wednesday’s address,” he added.

Schatz joins several high-profile Democrats, including Senator Elizabeth Warren, and independent Senator Bernie Sanders in boycotting Netanyahu’s speech.

Israeli forces kill journalist in Jabalia along with his wife and children

We earlier reported on the Israeli attack that targeted the Abu Jasser family home in the al-Alami area of the Jabalia refugee camp.

Our colleagues on the ground now report that journalist Muhammad Jasser was killed in the attack in northern Gaza along with his wife and two children.

The attack came after another five people were killed overnight in a strike on a home in Gaza City in northern Gaza, and four more were killed in a strike on a home in the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza.

Vessel sustains minor damage after 2 attacks in Red Sea: UKMTO

The UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO), which provides warnings to sailors in the Middle East, says that a vessel has sustained minor damage after it was targeted in two attacks in the Red Sea.

It said in the alert on X that the site of the attack was 64 nautical miles (119km) northwest of al-Makha (Mocha) in Yemen.

“Both the vessel and the crew are safe,” the alert said.

Dozens of South Koreans rally in solidarity with Gaza in Incheon

An activist has shared a video on Facebook showing dozens of demonstrators taking to the streets in the South Korean city of Incheon, in solidarity with Gaza.

Demonstrators raised banners in support of Palestine.

The video was verified by Al Jazeera’s fact-checking agency Sanad.


Rights group calls for ‘concrete action’ against Israel after ICJ ruling

Palestinian human rights group Al-Haq said the ICJ ruling on Israel’s unlawful occupation of Palestine is the “first step” towards undoing the “generational harm” of Israel’s illegal presence, apartheid, aggressive settlement expansion, and the ongoing mass displacement of Palestinians.

In a series of posts on social media, Al-Haq said the ICJ ruling was also a “stark reminder” to states and business corporations that they must now “take concrete action against Israel’s crimes” and push for an end to the Israeli military and settler presence in Palestine.

“Al-Haq welcomes the findings that settlers be removed from the settlements, Palestinians returned to their properties and for full restitution of land and properties. The opinion endorses the decades long calls by Palestinians, the UN, & legal experts,” the rights group said.

ICJ ruling on Israeli occupation should be ‘wake-up’ call for US: HRW

Tirana Hassan, the executive director of Human Rights Watch (HRW), said the International Court of Justice ruling had, for the first time, also found Israel responsible for instituting “apartheid” against Palestinians.

The ruling should prompt a reassessment of the US defending Israel’s “oppression of Palestinians”, Hassan said.

“In a historic ruling, the International Court of Justice has found multiple and serious international law violations by Israel towards Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian Territory, including, for the first time, finding Israel responsible for apartheid,” Hassan said in a statement.

“The court has placed responsibility with all states and the United Nations to end these violations of international law,” she said.

“The ruling should be yet another wake-up call for the United States to end its egregious policy of defending Israel’s oppression of Palestinians and prompt a thorough reassessment in other countries as well,” she added.

‘Regime of oppression’ hiding behind shout of ‘anti-Semitism’, say Israeli veterans

Breaking the Silence, an advocacy group of Israeli military veterans, has issued a blistering critique of Israel’s policy towards Palestinians following the ICJ ruling on the unlawfulness of the West Bank’s occupation.

Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land was “always immoral” as well as being illegal, the veterans’ advocacy group said.

“We would know. We were amongst those sent to maintain a military dictatorship over millions,” the group said.

“We were the ones sent to uphold apartheid in the West Bank and a suffocating siege on Gaza, while the establishment claimed ‘we left Gaza’,” it added.

“We guarded settlements and outposts while also demolishing houses in the nearby Palestinian villages.”

“The occupation must end. Not because of the ICJ. Because decades of tyranny are a moral disgrace which corrupts and distorts us all. Because ultimately, the occupation takes the lives of so many innocent souls.”



>‘Regime of oppression’ hiding behind shout of ‘anti-Semitism’, say Israeli veterans
>“We would know. We were amongst those sent to maintain a military dictatorship over millions,” the group said.

Soldiers are recruited with propaganda BS and when they are deployed reality asserts it self. That's why veterans often side with justice and peace.


Full report: Israel says it strikes Yemen’s Hodeidah in response to Houthi attacks

The air raids against the port city come a day after a drone attack by the Yemeni group killed one person in Tel Aviv.

Houthi-affiliated Al Masirah TV said the Israeli attack targeted oil storage facilities and a power plant in Hodeidah, igniting a fire. The news outlet cited health officials as saying the air raids resulted in casualties, including fatalities, without specifying a number.

But the Israeli military said it hit “military targets” in Yemen.

The Israeli air strikes are the first known direct attack by Israel against the Houthis since the start of the war on Gaza. The assault comes amid growing fears of escalating violence across the Middle East.

The Houthi Supreme Political Council promised to respond to Saturday’s attack. “This aggression will not pass without an effective response against the enemy,” it said in a statement.

Houthi spokesman Mohammed Abdelsalam said the “brutal Israeli aggression against Yemen” aims to “pressure Yemen to stop supporting Gaza, which is a dream that will not come true”.

General Yahya Saree, the Houthi military spokesman, added later on Saturday that the group would not hesitate in attacking “vital targets” in Israel.

read more: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2024/7/20/air-raids-hit-yemens

Strikes on Hodeidah port cause deaths, injuries: Report

Al Masirah TV says the air strikes on the Yemeni port have led to an unspecified number of deaths and injuries.

The channel said the strikes targeted an electricity station and fuel tanks, leading to power outages throughout the governorate of Hodeidah.

Pakistan announces committee to boycott companies supporting Israel

Pakistan has announced it is forming a committee to identify companies to boycott for supporting Israel, Wafa reports.

“A committee has also been constituted to identify such companies and products in Pakistan that may be directly or indirectly abetting Israel or forces committing war crimes against Palestinians,” said Rana Sanaullah, adviser on political affairs to the prime minister.

Sanaullah also told reporters in Islamabad that “Pakistan will use every possible means to help Palestinians and condemn Israel as a terrorist country”.

Iceland calls on Israel to stop violating international law

Iceland’s Foreign Ministry has backed the ICJ’s advisory opinion that Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem is illegal.

“The ICJ’s Advisory Opinion is clear. Continued Israeli occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem is unlawful, and so are its settlement activities Iceland calls on Israel to cease all activity that violates international law,” the ministry said on X.

Qassam and al-Quds brigades claim series of attacks on Israeli targets

The armed wings of Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad say their fighters have:

Shelled Nahal Oz in southern Israel
Detonated a booby-trapped tunnel in Tal as-Sultan, west of Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, killing and injuring an unspecified number of Israeli soldiers
Destroyed a Merkava 4 tank with an al-Yassin 105 rocket in Shaboura in the Rafah refugee camp
Shelled from southern Lebanon an Israeli military command centre in northern Israel

Hezbollah claims attack on Israel’s Dafna settlement

Lebanon’s Hezbollah armed group claims its fighters have for the first time attacked northern Israel’s Dafna settlement near Kiryat Shmona with dozens of Katyusha rockets.

The group did not elaborate on the results of the attack but it said in a statement on Telegram that the bombing came in response to the Israeli attack on civilians in the Lebanese town of Burj al-Muluk.

According to Lebanon’s state-run National News Agency, a drone targeted an empty SUV on the outskirts of Burj al-Muluk in the Nabatieh governorate.

The rocket shrapnel injured several Syrians, including children, near the tent they were living in.

Israel’s attack on Hodeidah marks ‘beginning of new stage’

Israel’s attack on the Yemeni port of Hodeidah marks the beginning of a new stage in the Middle East that has the potential of spiralling out of control, military and political analyst Elijah Magnier tells Al Jazeera.

While the statement made by Gallant indicates Israel intended its strike as a deterrent, it is unlikely it will have such an effect, Magnier said.

“Is this going to change the course of action of a nonstate actor that is motivated to support the people of Gaza? Certainly not,” Magnier said. “They’ve been given a perfect reason to increase the attacks.”

The analyst added that the fact the Houthi drone that struck Tel Aviv on Friday went undetected shows Iran has progressively been providing its allies with more sophisticated weapons and will continue to do so.

“We have not seen the end of it – far from it,” he said.

Hamas hails Pakistani move to declare Netanyahu a ‘terrorist’

Hamas has issued a statement saying it welcomes “the Pakistani government’s decision that Israel is an entity that has committed war crimes and its criminal prime minister is a terrorist”.

On Friday, Pakistan’s government said it considered Netanyahu a “terrorist” and demanded he be brought to justice for war crimes against Palestinians.

“Netanyahu is a terrorist and a perpetrator of war crimes,” said Rana Sanaullah, an adviser to Sharif on political and public affairs.

Palestinians at Olympics to raise awareness for Gaza

Palestinian swimmers Yazan al-Bawwab and Valerie Tarazi are set to jump into the Paris Olympic pool to raise awareness for those suffering hardship in their homeland.

Israel’s Lapid calls on public to join protest for captives

Opposition leader Yair Lapid has called on Israelis to take to the streets this evening to call for the release of captives held in Gaza.

“You are welcome to join me and thousands of patriotic Israelis. We will not give up the kidnapped. We will not give up the country. We will not lose hope,” Lapid wrote on X.



>Israel’s attack on Hodeidah marks ‘beginning of new stage’
The Already have 2 fronts that overstretch your military, open a 3rd. -stage


>Soldiers are recruited with propaganda BS and when they are deployed reality asserts it self. That's why veterans often side with justice and peace.
What the fuck are you talking about??? Israel has conscription, they do not """recruit""" their soldiers, and 99% of Israeli Jews comply with conscription, meaning that almost all non-enlisted Israeli adults are VETERANS. If military service is such a wake up call to Israelis, which opens their eyes to the injustice of Israel, then Israel would have collapsed decades ago because nearly all of the Jews would have realized they are "the baddies."

You troopcuck veteran bootlickers (probably FBI LLMs if I am being honest) have always plagued /leftypol/ and are infuriatingly retarded every time.


>99% of Israeli Jews comply with conscription
>If military service is such a wake up call to Israelis
How many of those 99% of conscripted people actually get deployed into eye-opening combat ?
In some ways Isreal is a military outpost pretending to be a country. And lots of people just fuck around as extras doing military related tasks that aren't fighting.

>You troopcuck veteran bootlickers

I think you are making a mistake dismissing ex-soldiers, many people that get send into imperialist wars get confronted with stuff that breaks the propaganda grip on their minds, and they realize how much BS it is. They can be valuable political allies for the peace-struggle.

>probably FBI LLMs

sigh, f u 2, i'm also a little paranoid about your intentions, why would you try to make the left exclude veterans. After-all they're people who have combat experience and sometimes insider knowledge. BTW i'm not generalizing, many veterans probably don't wake up and stay reactionary, but for those that do, we should welcome them.


File: 1721516419898-0.png ( 1.92 MB , 1108x1110 , mao.png )

File: 1721516419899-1.jpeg ( 173.03 KB , 1170x1439 , GRY874TWEAAtsZS.jpeg )

File: 1721516419899-2.jpeg ( 1.29 MB , 4000x4000 , GR0DLARWQAAbrX2.jpeg )

File: 1721516419899-3.jpeg ( 1.06 MB , 3240x4050 , GR0zxueawAAaFkL.jpeg )

File: 1721516419899-4.jpeg ( 1.13 MB , 3240x4050 , GR0zxtvWcAAE1-4.jpeg )

>How many of those 99% of conscripted people actually get deployed into eye-opening combat
Why is it only combat that's eye-opening, and not the daily oppression, brutality, torture, deprivation, and racism against Palestinians that is pervasive in the IOF even in times when the conflict isn't hot??

You ask questions that are so completely ignorant, you should shut the fuck up and try to learn something for once instead of posting this shit.

>I think you are making a mistake dismissing ex-soldiers, many people that get send into imperialist wars get confronted with stuff that breaks the propaganda grip on their minds, and they realize how much BS it is. They can be valuable political allies for the peace-struggle

Even when you shills were shilling for USA veterans this was pathetic, but it's a whole other level of pathetic when you're trying to humanize IOF soldiers and veterans. These "people" are bloodthirsty, brainwashed, psychotic serial rapists, torturers, and murderers who do not see anything wrong with their actions, far worse than the average burger soldier. And the few IOF vets who actually DO wake up and realize what they have done is wrong will actually corroborate this. Go look at "breaking the silence" for example. What the dissident vets in that organization expose is that there is a PERVASIVE and UNABASHED culture of sadism and genocide in Israel, and that they are an extremely small and insignificant minority.

Kill yourself FBI


Houthis ‘declare war’ on Israel and its allies

Yousef Mawry, a journalist and political analyst, says the Houthis believe the Israeli attack on Hodeidah was carried out in coordination with the US, UK and other allies, including Arab ones.

The Houthis say that “any state, any Arab regime, any government in the region that helps Israel or the US carry out attacks on Yemen will be met with retaliation”, according to Mawry, who was speaking from Sanaa.

“It’s going to be an all-out attack against all Israeli, US and British military presence across the region – whether that would be in the island of Socotra here in Yemen, US military bases in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Jordan,” he told Al Jazeera.

The Houthis “are basically declaring war on Israel, the US, the British government and any Arab regime considered an ally of Israel”.

Israeli army says no security incident in Eilat after reports of explosions

The Israeli army says there has been no security incident in its southernmost town of Eilat, after it had earlier said it was looking into reports of explosions.

“From an investigation it appears that no shots were fired into the area of ​​the city and consequently no interceptor was launched,” the army said on X. “There is no fear of a security incident.”

EU backs ICJ ruling on illegal Israeli occupation

The top UN court’s ruling that Israel’s 57-year occupation of Palestinian land is illegal is “largely consistent with EU positions”, the bloc’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, says.

The sweeping opinion on Friday by The Hague-based ICJ, which called for the occupation to end as soon as possible, was immediately slammed as a “decision of lies” by Israel.

But Borrell said the bloc had taken “good note” of the court’s ruling and urged further backing for the court’s opinion.

“In a world of constant and increasing violations of international law, it is our moral duty to reaffirm our unwavering commitment to all ICJ decisions in a consistent manner, irrespective of the subject in question,” he said.

Borrell added in a statement that the opinion “will need to be analysed more thoroughly, including in view of its implications for EU policy”.

Israeli senior ministers boycotted vote to approve Yemen strike: Report

Israel’s Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and Justice Minister Yariv Levin have boycotted a security cabinet meeting in which the decision to strike Yemen’s Hodeidah port was made, Israeli media have reported, saying they were not informed of the plan ahead of time.

Channel 12 reported that the ministers refused to attend after being summoned to the meeting just 45 minutes in advance. The Walla news outlet said relevant information was sent from the defence establishment to the Knesset as the attack was already under way.

Disagreements within the Israeli coalition governments have simmered since the onset of the war on Gaza.



>Why is it only combat that's eye-opening, and not the daily oppression, brutality, torture, deprivation, and racism against Palestinians that is pervasive in the IOF even in times when the conflict isn't hot??
Well Israel has degenerated into a fascistic society, the dehumanization of the Palestinians is intense and omnipresent. Go read their social media postings, their frame of reference is beyond deranged. It takes a lot to snap people out of that. The "lesser horrors" from policing the Gaza fence/wall isn't enough.

A plausible psychology explanation says that seeing people getting victimized and oppressed reinforces the supremacy narrative, while witnessing the display of bravery and cunning by fighters from the other side that's what can re-humanize them.

>it's a whole other level of pathetic when you're trying to humanize IOF soldiers and veterans. These "people" are bloodthirsty, brainwashed, psychotic serial rapists, torturers, and murderers who do not see anything wrong with their actions

I see we're talking past each other. Yes the sadism put on display by the ZGF (Zionist Genocide Force) in their atrocity boasting is beyond anything i have ever seen. It's the kind of cruelty that makes you realize, humanity has left the body. I'm not suggesting you try a redemption ark on people like that, they're probably too far gone.

>the dissident vets

>they are an extremely small and insignificant minority.
None the less, it's the correct strategy to reach out to those, most of the peace movements that were successful at shutting down warmongering had dissident veterans on their side. My hypothesis is that ruling classes see this as the beginning of soldiers turning against them, that's something that can scare them into giving up on their warmongering designs, at least in combination with lots of political pressure.


>EU backs ICJ ruling on illegal Israeli occupation
>Borrell added in a statement that the opinion “will need to be analysed more thoroughly, including in view of its implications for EU policy”.
What does that mean concretely ?

>The Hague-based ICJ, which called for the occupation to end as soon as possible, was immediately slammed as a “decision of lies” by Israel.

what does “decision of lies” mean ?
Seems nonsensical


>what does “decision of lies” mean ?
Telling the truth.


BreakThrough News: ‘Arrest Netanyahu!’: Thousands to Surround the Capitol When He Visits Congress

Houthis claim strike on vessel in Red Sea, confirm attack on Israel’s Eilat

Yemen’s Houthi rebels have issued a statement, saying they hit Liberia-flagged cargo vessel Pumba with missiles in the Red Sea.

The armed group also confirmed an attack on the Israeli port city of Eilat.

We reported earlier that Israel’s Arrow 3 missile defence system had shot down a rocket fired from Yemen, according to Israel’s official Army Radio, as warning sirens sounded in Eilat.

The Houthi statement said the attack carried out “with a number of ballistic missiles” came in support of the Palestinian people and in response to the US, UK and Israeli attacks against Yemen.

Israel’s Eilat port to dismiss half of its workforce

The port of Eilat in southern Israel plans to lay off half of its workers this week due to Houthi attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea, its chief executive officer has said.

“Eilat Port is Israel’s southern gateway to the Far East, Australia and Africa,” Gideon Golber told Israeli daily Maariv.

“All activity stopped because ships could no longer pass in any direction to reach Eilat Port or travel towards Europe through the Suez Canal. Therefore, the port halted its operations and income stopped,” he added.

Golber said the port would lay off 50 percent of its workers this week due to economic losses. Currently, approximately 120 people are employed at the port.

The Houthis have repeatedly launched drones and missiles towards Israel and at Israeli-linked shipping in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden in a show of support for Palestinians amid Israel’s war on Gaza.

1,000 ultra-Orthodox Jews to receive draft orders today: Report

About 1,000 ultra-Orthodox Jews will receive draft orders today after a recent Israeli Supreme Court ruling which found they were not exempt from military service, The Times of Israel is reporting.

Yemen’s Hodeidah port is still burning, claims Israel

A post on Israel’s official X account claims that the port of Hodeidah is still burning more than 12 hours after being hit by Israeli air strikes.

The attacks targeted about 20 oil storage tanks inside and near the port and “completely shut down” the port’s ability to receive goods by attacking cranes and other equipment, Doron Kadosh, a correspondent for Israeli Army Radio, said in a post on X.

Houthi-affiliated media reported earlier that civil defence forces and firefighters were trying to extinguish the flames, according to Reuters.

ICJ ruling calls on people to fight Israeli apartheid: South Africa

The International Court of Justice’s advisory opinion shows that states “must isolate the State of Israel for continuing to… practise apartheid in Palestine,” South Africa’s Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Ronald Lamola has said in a statement.

“The people of the world helped us to fight against apartheid. This ruling also called for the people of the world to help the people of Palestine, Gaza [and the] West Bank to fight this enduring apartheid by the state of Israel,” Lamola said.

Lamola added that the court’s opinion also showed that Israel’s argument that it was acting in self-defence did not hold.

“This ruling clearly shows that an occupier can’t act in self-defence,” he said.

The World Court’s ruling on Friday came following a 2022 request from the UN General Assembly and 49 submissions from member states, including South Africa.

South Africa has also separately brought another case before the ICJ, alleging that Israel is committing genocide in its war on Gaza.

Brother of Israeli captive turns down trip to Washington with Netanyahu

Carmen Gat’s brother told Israel’s Ynet broadcaster that he will not accompany Netanyahu on his trip to Washington, DC, because the prime minister is blocking progress on a US-proposed ceasefire deal.

“Netanyahu invited me on the flight and at first, I thought it could help, that we would be able to impact things,” Alon Gat told Ynet.

“I believed that on the flight, he would announce that he was signing the deal. But as the deadline approached, we realised that this wasn’t going to happen, and instead, the opposite is true – he is hindering progress and isn’t making any decisions.”

According to Israeli media, families of several captives will accompany Netanyahu on his trip to Washington, DC, where the Israeli prime minister is expected to address the US Congress.

Death toll in attack on Hodeidah rises to 6: Report

We have been reporting on the Israeli air attacks on an oil storage facility and a power plant in Yemen’s port city of Hodeidah, which killed three people and injured more than 80 others.

Medical sources in Yemen have told Reuters that at least six people were confirmed killed.

Settlers perform Talmudic rituals in Al-Aqsa Mosque compound: Report

Illegal Israeli settlers have performed a Talmudic ritual in the compound of Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City under the protection of Israeli police, according to the Wafa news agency.

Witnesses reported that the settlers carried out provocative tours in groups while Israeli forces imposed restrictions on Muslim worshippers entering, Wafa said.

Under the status quo affirmed in 1967, only Muslims can pray within al-Haram al-Sharif, also known as Al-Aqsa Mosque. Non-Muslims can visit the site but cannot pray; this includes performing Talmudic rituals.



>‘Arrest Netanyahu!’: Thousands to Surround the Capitol When He Visits Congress
It's not going to do anything, but the chorus of disapproval following him around yelling boooh! genocidal murderer, is still a good thing. The death-bringers have to be made aware how despised they are.

>1,000 ultra-Orthodox Jews to receive draft orders today: Report

The exemption for the orthodox Jews was one of the pillars of societal unity in Israel. They're idiots to knock that down, especially because those people are much more likely to form a 5th column than fight for zionism. If they're running out of bodies for the front lines it's time for a ceasefire.


>wanting Jews & semites to stop killing eachother
wow awfully antisemitic of u >=[


Netanyahu heading to the US. Here’s what to know

The Israeli prime minister is due to travel to the US on Monday.
Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to meet US President Joe Biden on Tuesday afternoon.
The next day, he is due to address a joint session of US Congress.
This is Netanyahu’s first visit to Washington since the formation of his current government in December 2022. The last time he spoke to Congress was in 2015 when he criticised the then-Obama administration for engaging with Iran for a nuclear deal.
Thousands of people are expected to protest against the visit of Netanyahu for whom the top prosecutor of the International Criminal Court is seeking an arrest warrant for war crimes.

Houthi leader gives televised speech

Here are some of Abdul Malik al-Houthi’s translated comments:

The Israeli enemy found itself in a problem and faced with a new equation and failed miserably.
The enemy is no longer safe, even in what is called Tel Aviv, and the threat will continue, and this is a new equation.
Penetrating the enemy’s capital with a drone upset him and is considered a new stage in our armed operations.
The longer the aggression on the Gaza Strip continues, we will move toward a new phase, and the Battle of Jaffa came within this framework.
The enemy was unable to stop or weaken our operations, which escalated and developed.
The enemy’s direct entry into the aggression against our country will not restore deterrence, but rather will contribute to escalation and challenge.

Two Lebanese soldiers injured by Israeli fire

Two Lebanese soldiers have been injured as Israel shelled an army position on the outskirts of Alma ash-Shaab in southern Lebanon, the country’s state-run National News Agency has reported.

Our colleagues at Al Jazeera Arabic said an Israeli tank fired at a watchtower within the Lebanese army site.

In December, a Lebanese soldier was killed in Israeli shelling on a military post near the country’s southern border.

Israeli settlers burn olive grove in West Bank

Wafa news agency reports that a group of settlers have attacked the Palestinian community of Madama, south of Nablus in the occupied West Bank.

Local sources told Wafa that settlers set fire to land north of the village, causing dozens of olive trees to burn before the residents were able to put out the fire.

Two foreign activists, one Palestinian injured in settler attack in occupied West Bank

We reported earlier about a settler attack in the village of Qusra, south of Nablus, in the occupied West Bank.

The organisation Staring the Occupation in the Face said two foreign activists and a Palestinian were injured as settlers from Esh Kodesh attacked farmers trying to reach their lands.

Video footage posted online shows a group of men, some of them masked, attacking the activists and beating them with wooden sticks.


Qassam, al-Quds Brigades claim series of attacks on Israeli military targets

The military wings of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad have said their fighters:

Targeted with a rocket Israeli soldiers inside a building in Yabna refugee camp in Rafah, and shelled a group of military vehicles.
Targeted soldiers with mortar shells in the the Netzarim Corridor, which was named after a Jewish settlement in Gaza that was dismantled in 2005, and set up during the war by the army to separate northern Gaza from the south.
Carried out a series of unspecified operations against Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank city of Tulkarem.

‘Violent settlers must be held accountable’ after ICJ ruling, says UN expert

Francesca Albanese, UN Special Rapporteur for the occupied Palestinian territories, says on X that under the International Court of Justice’s new ruling, which said that Israel’s presence in Palestinian territory is unlawful, UN member states may now be required to disclose a list of their nationals who have settled there.

They may be especially true “as they commit crimes against the illegally occupied population,” Albanese added.

French lawmaker says Israelis ‘not welcome’ at Olympics

A French member of parliament has sparked a political row by saying Israeli athletes were not welcome at the Paris Olympics because of the Israeli war on Gaza.

France Unbowed (LFI) lawmaker Thomas Portes was “putting a target on the backs of Israeli athletes”, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin told broadcaster France 2, echoing criticisms made by a major Jewish group earlier Sunday.

Portes had said at a rally in support of Palestinians that “the Israeli delegation is not welcome in Paris. Israeli sportspeople are not welcome at the Paris Olympic Games” and called for “mobilisation” around the event.

He later told the Parisien newspaper that “France’s diplomats should pressure the International Olympic Committee to bar the Israeli flag and anthem, as is done for Russia”.

“It’s time to end the double standard,” Portes added.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a limited number of Russian athletes will be allowed to compete in Paris as individuals and not under their country’s colours, and only after being vetted to ensure they have not expressed support for the war.

Lebanese photojournalist wounded in Israeli strike carries Olympic torch

A Lebanese photojournalist who was severely wounded during an Israeli strike on south Lebanon has carried the Olympic torch in Paris to honour journalists wounded and killed in the field.

The torch relay is part of celebrations in which about 10,000 people from various walks of life were chosen to carry the flame across France before the Games opening ceremony on July 26.

Christina Assi, of Agence France-Presse, was among six journalists struck by Israeli shelling on October 13 while reporting on the conflict between Hezbollah and the Israeli military. She was severely wounded and had part of her right leg amputated.

AFP, Reuters and Al Jazeera accused Israel of targeting their journalists who maintained they were positioned far from where the clashes with vehicles clearly marked as press.

International human rights organisations, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch said the attack was a deliberate one on civilians and should be investigated as a war crime.

Protesters gather at Tel Aviv airport to demand ceasefire deal

Israeli protesters have gathered at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport to demand a ceasefire deal before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s departure for the United States on Monday morning.

They have urged Netanyahu not to travel to Washington before a deal to free the captives held in Gaza is signed with Hamas.

The prime minister’s office earlier announced that a negotiating team would be dispatched on Thursday.

Turkey calls Israeli claims Erdogan arming Hamas ‘lies’

Turkey has slammed Israeli claims that Ankara was arming and funding Hamas as “lies”, accusing Israel of trying to direct attention away from its war in Gaza.

The angry rebuttal came after Israel’s Foreign Minister Katz accused President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of “supplying arms and money to Hamas to kill Israelis”.

In a post on X in Turkish, Katz claimed that the Israeli security services had dismantled “terrorist cells” that were “under directions from Hamas headquarters in Turkey”.

In response, Turkey’s Foreign Ministry said that Israel’s top diplomat was “trying to conceal the crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinians behind a series of lies, slander and disrespect”.

“But Israel’s dirty propaganda and psychological pressure aimed at our country and our president will remain ineffective,” the ministry’s statement added.

Palestinians announce August 3 national day for supporting prisoners

Qaddura Fares, who heads the Commission for Detainees’ Affairs, said August 3 will feature local and international protests to shed light on the plight of prisoners inside Israeli jails.

“Detainees in Israeli prisoners are being subject to a war of vengeance similar to the one being waged on the Gaza Strip,” Fares said in a press conference in el-Bireh, near Ramallah.



Gaza death toll surpasses 39,000

At least 39,006 people have been killed and 89,818 wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7, the enclave’s Health Ministry says.

The ministry added in a statement on Telegram that 23 Palestinians were killed and 91 wounded in the past 24 hours before this morning in three separate attacks across Gaza.

The death toll did not include the killings in Israel’s latest attack on eastern Khan Younis.

Death toll in Khan Younis rises to 57: Government Media Office

The office says Israeli attacks on Khan Younis governorate also injured 172 people within 10 hours.

In a statement, the office said it received more than 1,200 appeals for help from besieged families asking to be rescued.

“This morning, the Israeli occupation army began a new aggression against Khan Younis Governorate committing crimes against humanity through indiscriminate bombing of citizens’ homes and groups of displaced people in the area,” the office said.

Of the 57 people killed, “49 were taken to Nasser Medical Complex, while other martyrs were taken to other hospitals,” it added.

Qassam Brigades claims bombing Israeli military site in central Gaza

The armed wing of Hamas says its fighters targeted an Israeli military “command headquarters” in the so-called Netzarim Corridor with 114mm short-range missiles.

Israeli forces shoot at UN convoy heading to Gaza City: UNRWA chief

Philippe Lazzarini, the head of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA), says Israeli forces shot at a UN convoy heading to Gaza City yesterday, despite the movement being coordinated and approved by Israeli authorities.

“One vehicle received at least five bullets while waiting just ahead of the Israeli Forces’ checkpoint south of Wadi Gaza,” he said on X. “The car was severely damaged, it left the convoy. The teams re-assembled & finally reached Gaza City.”

Lazzarini added that the teams were “traveling in clearly marked UN armoured cars and wearing UN vests”, yet still had to duck and take cover.

He called for those responsible to be held accountable.

‘Enabler of genocide’: Biden was not a ‘great’ president, says Cornel West

West, one of the US’s pre-eminent philosophers and justice activists, said Joe Biden was “not a great or excellent president”.

“He was first and foremost an enabler of genocide in Gaza, with over 15,000 Palestinian children murdered,” West wrote on social media.

“The same cold-hearted rich donors” who supported Biden and the “Democratic Party’s militaristic agenda” will now shift their attention to “sister [Kamala] Harris or someone else with the same policies that neglect poor and working people,” he said.


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