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Who are you voting for, anon?

So far, the top candidates are:
Jill Stein (Green)
Cornel West (Independent)
Claudia De la Cruz (Party for Socialism and Liberation)
Joseph Kishore (Socialist Equality Party)
and now "Based Chase" Oliver (Libertarian)

and then there are some unserious candidates nobody likes.


If you give anything to this farce you're making it worse. Only path is for the myth of liberal democracy to be abandoned en masse, with visible disgust among all for what was done to us.


They're going to appoint whomever they want anyway, and made that clear since 2000.




It's still worth participating in bourgeois election in order to get more awareness for better politics


Jill Stein is the obvious choice. Has the broadest ballot access and is in the most general non-sectarian anti-capitalist party.

>unserious candidates nobody likes

So Cornel West. I have to say the thing I have enjoyed most out of this year's political theater is the complete discrediting of this court jester. It's been a long time coming and Adolph Reed's critique of him still rings true.


itt: leftists complain on the internet while doing absolutely nothing active at all.

Thread #2374646699177500000


itt: rightists projecting their own complacency onto leftists only to accuse them of ruining things for choosing to participate in the system.
post number four seven-tenths multiplied by ten to the twelfth power


None unless we have an actual party for working people.


I'm not going to vote for any of the candidates because I am not an American.


You get your ass over here and apply for citizenship.


Send me the $10k to pay off the cartel and I'll be over that border within a week


I like Cornel West. I don't follow the diss tracks + don't really care about those. Stein's good, too!


It is far, far too late for that. How well did that work with Bernie? It made the left stupider and self-own, which was the point of the herding operation.

You would put up a party as a matter of procedure, but you aren't going to win a single thing ever or come anywhere close. By now nothing can get through the millions of filters and all of the things politicians do to not be destroyed.

Even the smallest offices are now wholly unusable for any good purpose - but then, that's been the point all along. You're not there to tell people nice things if you're a politician. You're there to play ball and you'd be a fool if you thought it was about anything different. If you think this is about optics or "teaching the controversy" you're part of the problem at a basic level. Again, sure you would put up a party to look like you're an actual organization with a popular base, back when that mattered. It hasn't mattered for nearly 25 years now, and not in a highly abstract way. It hasn't mattered in a very basic way that nearly everyone in the country senses. The two parties are racing to destroy even the pretense that they need public support, both called for the end of the facade in 2020 (because it had effectively been destroyed). If you want to chase after votes in an obviously rigged election and think you can rejig your message for next time, I don't know what to tell you.

Only thing you can do when the process is this farcical is make clear the obvious deformities of the process, that the ruling elite won't let this end without a war, and that we're being lined up for more bullshit to get poor people killed. Pretending those aren't the stakes is a waste of time.

That said, I don't fault anyone for forming a party to try, but every leftist candidate will tell you in no uncertain terms that the process is not salvageable. They're not that stupid, even the nutters who make running for President as perennial candidates their hobby horse.


Also I think the Solidarity Party (pro-life Christian democrats) are going harder on the "sell off the country to China" angle than ever, because that's about to happen. Yeeeeeeehaw, American politics!

Anyway, it is interesting to read the tea leaves to see what the assholes are trying to pull this time, but you're not actually voting for something real. You're not even voting for dog catcher at this point.


>Also I think the Solidarity Party


Nevada Democrats sue secretary of state and Green Party to block Jill Stein from ballot

The Democratic Party is escalating its attacks on third-party candidates in an effort to block any challenge to the two-party monopoly. On June 11, the campaign of Green Party candidate for US president, Dr. Jill Stein, reported that the Nevada State Democratic Party has sued the Nevada secretary of state and the Nevada Green Party, in an autocratic bid to keep Stein off the ballot.

Absolutely shameful.


If you vote for any of the US presidential candidates, you should kill yourself


File: 1718246737333.jpg ( 23.01 KB , 430x293 , deal with it Revolution bu….jpg )

I'll voting for a socialist.


This is by far the biggest endorsement for Jill Stein and the US greens yet. Hope they can capitalize on it, there is a lot of potential to use this to get catapulted into public consciousness.

You are doing this wrong. You are appealing to the wrong sentiment. People won't vote for Stein to gain your approval. The US Greens could gain a lot of new voters that are motivated to vote for her specifically because they are trying to take away the choice to vote for her.
You have to appeal to
<fuck you, don't tell me what I can't do.
You have to frame it as
<they are attacking your freedom to choose


Every two years the Democrats do this bullshit. They've been filing frivolous lawsuits to waste the Greens' time and resources, challenging every single signature in ballot access initiatives, ever since Nader ran in 2000.


>You are doing this wrong. You are appealing to the wrong sentiment. People won't vote for Stein to gain your approval. The US Greens could gain a lot of new voters that are motivated to vote for her specifically because they are trying to take away the choice to vote for her.
Reading comprehension?? Are you an LLM? Stein is a US presidential candidate, so why would I imply I want people to vote for that wrinkly bitch by saying:
>If you vote for any of the US presidential candidates, you should kill yourself


>frivolous lawsuits to waste the Greens' time and resources
How come the judicial system plays along with that ? Don't they get annoyed because it wastes their time as well ?
>Reading comprehension??
I assumed you made a typo and meant to say
<If you vote for any of the other US presidential candidates …
as a display of solidarity with the Greens.
>Are you an LLM?
Why would i be a lunar landing module ? Sorry couldn't resist, btw I'm not a bot
>that wrinkly bitch
Well at least she doesn't have early stage dementia.




#Latest @TheEconomist

Chance of winning:
Trump 72%
Biden 28%
Electoral votes:
Trump 306
Biden 232


File: 1719594633889.mp4 ( 12.76 MB , 1280x720 , claudia de la cruz clips o….mp4 )



Dems for Congress and whoever the Dem ticket is for president



FYI despite the platform and the national association with socialist parties, many if not most locals don't give a shit about much beyond envirnmentalism.

I don't have an issue with people voting Stein, but the idea the Green Party is some left-wing party at the local level is a mistake. There's been plenty of Green mayors and they do nothing unusual.



They only give a shit if their job is at risk. Democrats are pretty selfish assholes who only wake up if their livelihood is on the line.

If they cared so much about this election they wouldn't have gone out in hoards to nominate an 81 year old as the "savior of democracy"


It really depends on where you live. There's still a split between socialists (roughly two thirds) and liberals (roughly one third) in the Greens, and it's very distributed regionally. In places where the battles for ballot access are the hardest like Georgia you'll find some of the most radical anti-capitalist Greens.


Wasting your vote.


Think it'd be fun to see Trump in jail, that's pretty much the only reason.

Also, the supreme court


I'm following the demcent line of my party

The United States is not a fascist country
Xenophobia: a 21st century vector for fascism

Never forget the police terror of the Trump years
The many vs. the money: Working class brings the heat to Bowman campaign


Can your "party" really even be considered a party when they never even field candidates? It's hard to say CPUSA is really any better than DSA when they instruct people to vote Democrat every election.



In order to advance socialism, we must advance democracy and democratic reforms.

If some find me too “liberal” let us consult our wise teacher, the venerable Vladimir Lenin. From his 1905 treatise Two Tactics of Social-Democracy in the Democratic Revolution, chapter II; What Can We Learn From the Resolution of the Third Congress of the R.S.D.L.P. on a Provisional Revolutionary Government?

“In answer to the anarchist objections that we are putting off the socialist revolution, we say: we are not putting it off, but we are taking the first step towards it in the only possible way, along the only correct road, namely, the road of a democratic republic. Whoever wants to reach Socialism by a different road, other than that of political democracy, will inevitably arrive at conclusions that are absurd and reactionary both in the economic and the political sense. If any workers ask us at the given moment why we should not go ahead and carry out our maximum program, we shall answer by pointing out how far the masses of the democratically-minded people still are from Socialism, how undeveloped class antagonisms still are, how unorganized the proletarians still are. Organize hundreds of thousands of workers all over Russia; enlist the sympathy of millions for our program! Try to do this without confining yourselves to high-sounding but hollow anarchist phrases—and you will see at once that in order to achieve this organization, in order to spread this socialist enlightenment, we must achieve the fullest possible measure of democratic reforms.”

I have discovered that Lenin becomes more relevant every year, not less, to the current conditions of the United States. Lenin said socialism is about people’s power. How can you have a working class state, where the workers are in charge, without the workers being properly organized, politically, economically, and socially, to even reach a point where that is possible or gaining the knowledge of their own true power and the experience of making their own decisions? A worker cannot run the state if they do not even understand or participate in basic democratic elections and civic affairs. Ultra leftists have attempted to turn Lenin into a mascot of their immature fanaticism while ignoring the brilliant Marxist and enlightened small-d democrat he actually was. This is something we must correct. Only by defeating fascism and preserving our democratic republic will we press ahead on the road to socialism. It is our party’s detractors who do the most harm to advancing communism, by allowing liberals to lead political struggles, rather than communists. If you cannot organize voter turnouts, then forget about your revolution.

Ironically, our enemies see this clearly. “Famous Chinese leaders like Mao Zedong and Mikhail Gorbachev loved democracy because democracy is a step toward socialism, which is a step towards communism,” said Loren Culp, failed GOP candidate for governor of Washington state. At the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC),during a panel moderated by Steve Bannon, fascist Jack Posobiec told a crowd “Welcome to the end of democracy. We are here to overthrow it completely. We didn’t get all the way there on Jan 6, but we will endeavor to get rid of it’.” And let us not forget that GOP congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene swore at a 2022 event hosted by the NY Young Republicans, that if she had organized the Jan 6th coup, along with Steven Bannon, that the insurrection would have won and would have been “armed.” At this same event, the President of the NY Young Republican Club, Political operative Gavin Wax, told the crowd, that “we want total war.” Echoing the language of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Gobbels, who asked assembled Nazis in 1943, as the tide of war turned against Germany, if they desired totalen krieg, total war. Wax said “We must be prepared to do battle in every arena.” “In the media, in the courtroom, at the ballot box. And in the streets.”. As communists, we must be prepared to answer in kind, on each and every front.


Nah, not buyin it. CPUSA is a clown organization that's controlled opposition at this point. I guess that's what happens when a full third of your membership is FBI informants at some point.


My patience has entirely run out for orgs that bitch about fascism from the Republican camp but have nothing at all to say about the fascism coming out of the Democrats.



President Biden, has rightfully earned the epithet Genocide Joe, for his appalling and indefensible support for Israel’s ongoing military campaign. He cannot be entrusted to defeat the fascist danger on his own, because he himself aids in the erosion of U.S. democracy too, by bypassing congress for weapon sales to Israel and authorizing airstrikes in Yemen. Congress has shown an inability or an unwillingness to legislate while we have seen an increased use of executive orders to circumvent our dysfunctional and gridlocked political system. The trend of centralized decision making around one man, as the answer to a country’s domestic problems, characterizes a world wide political phenomenon. Biden’s democracy vs autocracy thesis holds more weight than he may realize, yet he himself also contributes to the problem.

In order to successfully defeat Trump, and protect democracy, we must mobilize, organize, and rally the great masses of the working class majority in this country, which the Democratic Party often fails to do themselves. After all, the 2020 Democratic victory in Georgia, was accredited to non-partisan grassroots community organizers, instead of the Democratic National Committee political machine. Our Co-Chair Joe Sims said that “defeating Biden’s support for the Israeli government’s genocide in Gaza is the path to defeating fascism in November.” The massive show of force in the key swing state of Michigan, where over 101,000 people voted ‘uncommitted’ rather than for Joe Biden in the Democratic primary, shows how high the stakes are for the fight for a ceasefire. Make no mistake, the fate of Palestine and U.S. democracy are now intertwined. Failure to reach a ceasefire could very well mean a defeat for Biden in Michigan and even in the entire general election. While Biden will have no one to blame but himself for his defeat, the results would be catastrophic. Ironically, Biden’s love for Israel might end up with the U.S. becoming a Janus-faced Israel; a fascist country led by a corrupt authoritarian, at the helm of a far right wing party, in command of a cruel and hateful security apparatus. We must do everything in our power to ensure this does not happen.


>we have to save the Democrats from themselves
Yup, fake party. Rather join Avakian's cult than this pathetic bitch org.




God, I agree with the thesis that this shit is dire, but organizing around Biden is a total fucking waste if that's what they're arguing for. Correct me if I'm wrong, 'cuz I've only read what you posted and haven't read the full article, I'm more-or-less assuming based on users' responses to it, here, which can sometimes be misleading.


Third party debate tonight:

Unfortunately the wannabe abolitionist and the not-so-independent turbozionist decided they didn't need to defend their positions or ideas. Further confirming to me that Cornel West is a completely unserious candidate while Kennedy is just a donor whore. Not too sure why Claudia De la Cruz didn't show up.


>Green Party, Libertarians and Constitution Party are the only ones attending
Well at least they have a wide spectrum of ideas. Should be interesting.


Was the Constitution Party always just the Abortion Party? There's a Constitution Party in my state but I don't remember them being this obsessed with this single issue.


Just an FYI as someone who worked with Greens on the ground, they are not a "left wing party". They have a habit of running left-wing presidential candidates, partly becuase they are the only party with national coverage willing to let left-wingers run a ticket. But the "left-wingedness" of the Greens is driven by social media. At the local level, Greens are mostly just Republicans and Democrats with solar panels. They've also held multiple mayoral positions and don't appear to be transformational at the national level.

There isn't any left-wing party in the United States. Even less reason to form one nowadays that a right-wing president would be emboledned by SCOTUS to just say "nah I don't think I'll let you", if a lefty actually won a super important election here.


File: 1720986199849.webm ( 3.73 MB , 854x480 , watermelons.webm )

Just an FYI from someone else who has worked with Greens on the ground, it entirely depends on where you live how actually left-wing they are. The Greens in my area are all socialists.


None of these labels mean anything if they don't actually do anything transformational when they get power, and they've had plenty of mayoral positions.

My suspicion is the "watermelon" greens are a temporary aberration. The local in my area was led by a nominal socialist for a year or two until he got bored and it went back to the same people who started the party in the 90s, who are NOT the kinds of people in your video.

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