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I love you guys lol
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can we all agree that furry artists know how to draw curves?


>looks at the terrible anatomy and curves of furry artists
No, fugg off.


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I will never forgive you cunts for turning me into a bisexual crossdressing coomer


File: 1608526835692.png ( 151.89 KB , 500x500 , 1463991857369.png )

You should be thanking us, biscum have more fun


So you're still straight?


One day the /pol/fags will find this thread and use it as proof that we are all furry faggots


File: 1608526843876.jpg ( 36.02 KB , 500x625 , 52fe3f209d1ca2f0591f569323….jpg )

So what?


bad optics :'(
granted theirs are even worse, that diaper tranny nazi discord haunts me


>massive slut
checks out


I predict a 99% chance of that!

Meh, optics are gay, just let it all hang out I say. /pol/ are gonna find something to cringe about regardless, if we can make furries radicalised it's worth it.


File: 1608526848703.png ( 41.72 KB , 200x199 , fivey.png )

I have just done five spirit animal tests. I got five different results: deer, whale, coyote, cat, and bee. How I long to be the industrious bee, who builds without first making a blueprint!

But in all seriousness this tells me it's bullshit. Alas! I take no pleasure in reporting this, I was looking forward to a spiritual connection to a fursona of this or that species.


real furries don't take quizzes. you make an emotional, or god forbid sexual connection with the species and it's done.


File: 1608526859008.jpg ( 206.42 KB , 905x1280 , 1604634278.shockstk_fivey2.jpg )

Aight, done, now what?


you're a furfag now grazi


Disappointed, was hoping for more of an epiphany or life change…


It's not really an epiphany, it's just a fun sex thing you can do.


What do you guys think of the trope where in furry sci-fi stories anthros are created as a slave race to do cheap labor.


I enjoy it as a trope, I think ultimately it's somewhat unlikely to happen though as I doubt that level of exploitative capitalism will actually be able to effectively colonise space. Even if it did, robots probably are a more viable long term solution for forced labour than furries. But then again, who knows? It's a great trope to explore social relations anyway.


>I think ultimately it's somewhat unlikely to happen though as I doubt that level of exploitative capitalism will actually be able to effectively colonize space.
well paid, highly specialized labor is only needed for R&D not for manufacturing


What I mean is that I don't think a society that tolerated slavery (due to material conditions being so backwards) would have the sophistication to colonise space. Unless you're saying that there's some sort of dual system where Terra is social democratic or something and research and high-tech work is done there, whereas low tech exploitation is outsourced to space.


The us with its prison system is partially a slave society and nasa has achieved great things, slavery, feudlaism, and capitalism as means of productions can coexist in a single nation or civilization. It's not like capitalism and socialism where coexistence is impossible. Its unliekly but not impossible.


The US has prison labour sure but it's not really fair to call it a 'slave society' IMO. It's different from breeding a race of genetic slaves surely. I dunno I guess I see your point kinda but it just seems unlikely to me.


It's a good trope, not even furry per se. Staple of sci fi, it's a pretty big plot point in star trek ds9 for example. Not inconceivable that a civilization would create specialized (sub) species to be able to thrive in certain environments, or at certain tasks. Making the species furry anthros needs only one or two lines of justification to work really.


File: 1608526885886.png ( 407.55 KB , 476x794 , yrnjh0y4ghu51.png )

>(sub) species

OwO what's this?


the question is, is it something that capital would do, it is possible, but is it economical


File: 1608526886113.png ( 717.56 KB , 1600x900 , 1604697348.skymafia_statis….png )

pic unrelated
>is it something that capital would do
that's neither here nor there I think, once you're already doing (science) fiction you're not necessarily dealing with capitalist societies and capitalist incentives anymore. it might be a post-scarcity but decadent and depraved society where the joy that comes from dominating a genetically engineered slave race might just be justification in itself. or a slave empire of the old sort but scaled up to galactic scale.

once you stop enjoying the fantasy because you have questions about the economic viability, capitalist realism wins
another possible reason for disregarding the economics of the matter - creating a whole race of nothing but subs


Who's the anon that reviewed writing from the other thread? I got more stuff for you.


File: 1608526977132.jpg ( 184.68 KB , 666x800 , b4004fd8d5e90c178592ed2c63….jpg )

tfw you will never be part of pic related


File: 1613114844888.jpg ( 27.09 KB , 500x652 , OE3z7_d.jpg )



Someone posted this shit in the /k/ topic, it made me laugh



I've never had a real relationship before


I'm sorry to hear that Shay, do you want one? Ahem, that wasn't me offering, but, like are you looking for advice?


I'm pretty lonely, but tbh i kinda just wanna focus on transitioning this next half a year and kinda just hope i can move in with someone if i get kicked out


That's good, stay strong, I'm sure you'll have no problem finding someone when you get round to it <3


File: 1616513694302.png ( 110.54 KB , 279x628 , Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at ….png )



jfc why are all the furry boards dead


it's been dead for a long time yes
this site is lacking in porn
There is a draw thread here though >>2062


What I don't like about furries is how they generally hate sharing "forbidden" content, like commercial works or images that the artists don't want to be reposted. It's the same thing I hate about Japanese artists, and it often leads to specific pieces or even whole galleries disappearing forever.

I'm not a furry but I visited fchan last year. Seemed pretty comfy.

Nobody requests anything at all, and even if they did, requests are not guaranteed to be fulfilled.




Yeah, it sucks, information wants to be free in my opinion. We used to have e621 for that but they eventually got too cozy with the moneyed side of the fandom and cucked out and now they respect all takedown requests. If you're selling your art that's one thing but it's even more annoying when the artist just decides to wipe their gallery for no good reason (just because they are attention seekers I guess).


>lolifag shit




File: 1690039548997.png ( 2.67 MB , 2894x4093 , copypaste1-commission-no23….png )

yes hi hello ur op img is inexact n8 is canonically 420lb


sexxo hussy




lol based post more anarchist furries, troon


He's clearly an "anarchist" in the sense of "Heckin anarchy arnio is chaosarino! bros!"


don't feel to bad, troons of all stripes make everyone look bad. When we let them into our orgs, they may be dressed like clowns, but we're the real fools.



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