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Let's make a thread to discuss, review and analyze tv shows. Everybody is binging something these days.
Argue about dvd commentaries, Post your thesis on King of the Hill, Reminisce about a tv show you used to watch but don't quite remember it's title. Just about anything related to shows. Post your highscore on those Ben 10 CN flash games. Anything goes.


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delete and change to /tv/ lmao


No. /bane/ is the one true name.


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Mr. Bane, I am CIA


i used up all my time on mspaint for today. the parental lock won't unlock until tomorrow

Anyways, I've been trying to watch Curb your enthusiasm and is it one of those shows that gets better after first few episodes or seasons


File: 1608525700003.jpg ( 7.8 KB , 300x168 , simp.jpg )

Mordecai is the bigger simp. No questions asked. If anyone tried to say anything about Finn and how 'but much princess bubblegum' is full of horseshit. He was a child when his 'simp' tendencies arose. So by that logic, he was simply having hormones and growing up. Meanwhile Mordecai is 23 years old when the show starts, meaning he only got older from there. And yet he constantly was simping. He should've learned that this shit ain't right when he was in high school, but he didn't apparently. Instead, he killed his long time best friend because Rigby wanted to make a point to Mordecai about how he should've been bros over hoes, not simping for Margret. But Mordecai doesn't care for that, choosing instead to continue simping. There is a scene that when I first saw, I didn't really care for. But ever since seeing the light and how much of a simp Mordecai truly is, I can't let go of. In the episode Pink Sweater, Mordecai is dealing with a rejection from Margret and is under a depression. Now, some would say that he still wrong for him to be sulking/simping, but I give him the benefit of the doubt. But what I cannot forgive is when after he finally lets her go, and he is doing laundry and finds her sweater, the first thing does is sniff it. This right there is maximum level SIMPING. This is not a debate, this is a realization. Mordecai is one of the biggest simp alive, the only other one being Morty from the fucking Pickle Rick Show


haha yes


I showed OITNB to my mother and now she's fucking obsessed with it
She's already at season 5/6 and the last season I watched was 1


Lol cute


Define obsessed.
Like spamming you with orange is the new black reaction gifsTM?
I don't see what's the problem with her enjoying it unless you hate the show or something


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Did the ending really ruin the rest of the show? Like, I thought the ending was indeed trash but I thought that the rest of the show was still fine


File: 1608525704541.jpg ( 56.21 KB , 205x257 , 2011-09-05-The-Nightly-Noo….jpg )

Yeah the show is good. But fuck that ending. If I owned the DVD I would legit edit the alternate ending they had into the finale.
This is the only sitcom I refuse to rewatch because it makes me highly emotional because of all the feels.
The only things that didn't age well at all was most of barney's degeneracy and the naked man move.

Also robin worst girl. She was so selfish and stupid writers were so desperate for a shitty twist to force mosby and her together.


File: 1608525704829.jpg ( 95.3 KB , 640x969 , 8ea20el1x2f41.jpg )

I have a hard drive pretty much full of new shows I've been meaning to binge over the lockdown but in all likelihood I'm just going to rewatch Wonder Showzen and X:RA for the millionth time


wow i though your picture was a meme edit but it was actually real
>new shows
new to you or just recent stuff made in 2017+ onwards


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God I miss Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


what do you miss about it?


Currently watching Damnation. Pretty good so far desu.


it's like, okay. as it goes on I feel like it distracts itself from the commie message and focuses a lot on this paper-thin narrative about some kind of shared personal history between the preacher dude and a couple of the main antagonists. keep watching and see if it keeps being enjoyable but I can't guarantee.


i can never get into the whole adult swim shows. just too mundane.
eric andre stuff used to be funny but looking back at it, i feel bored with the wacky antics.


What do you not find funny about it? Do you think it's just lol XD funny humor or what? Personally I find it quite hilarious, however I'm also didn't watch the eric andre show when it was actually airing, instead simply watching youtube.


yeah that's what i think it is
weird crazy shenanigans there is some sentient french fry and a greasy guy who wears flip flops
like I don't consider it to be bad but just not for my tastes in this age.


ok boomer what kind of comedy tickles your interest?


big bazinga and a half men
I just like regular sitcoms man, I AM NOT A BOOMER!!!


I sorta regret I've spent my entire childhood watching comedies like two and half men. It was comfy time though.


what comedies do you watch nowadays
superstore, b99 are some current good comedies.


Can somebody help me make a supercut of the punisher series and the episodes he is in daredevil.

i jut want to know the episodes with plot and action without any of the boring stuff. trying to show somebody the series


I don't watch comedy nowadays. Nothing makes me laugh now. I don't remember the last time I've had a good laugh.


wtf dude
try watching something funny, you sound too sad.

just look at compilations of dads getting hit in the nuts


What did you think of 'The Americans'?


Punisher is boring as shit and most of the plot is nothing other than neoliberal propaganda. Daredevil was way better.
Rewatching Swamp thing now. The more I watched the more I’m pissed that WB canceled it just because of their utter incompetence.
Harley Quinn was surprisingly entertaining, much more than the flanderized trash that is the comic.


>Swamp Thing
book was better


ah come on just tell me what episodes that moves the plot ahead so i can supercut it all together please.
i just like him shooting bad guys.


Ask this shit on r*ddit. Usually they're good for this sort of things.


Sure. But anything is really.
As good as the Doom Patrol series, it would never beat Moz’s run. That shit was great and one of his best books.


I guess they are okay. Should actually put the guns to some use and stop getting bullied by the government. Leftists should take charge of the gun nuts there.


>Define obsessed
Aside from making references to the characters and scenes constantly, she used the computer all the damn time to binge watch the show, and wouldn't let me play my video games, which was a bit annoying.
But I don't hate it, I also want to watch it but now is not the time, because now I have to do a lot of homework (she stopped watching it because of this).

What do you think about Orange is the New Black? I think it's a very solid series. I accidentally watched a couple of later episodes on TV and that's what got me interested. I guess I tend to like single-cam comedies, like Everybody Hates Chris or Malcolm in the Middle (my favorite sitcom ever).


this post is so innocent and pure. i love it.


File: 1608525727351.jpg ( 142.89 KB , 1070x635 , image002-9.jpg )

What do y'all think of the Boondocks and the prospect of 2 new seasons


Probably an unpopular take but Westworld was a gorefest fantasy that they decided to make into a pseudophilosphical dialogue with events outright contradicting actions within Seasons.
It has some good ideas but frankly at the end it leads me to think that making a self-aware intelligence artificially is both cruel and a bad idea.


Boondocks was cool but I don't wanna see shitty takes from the writers about current events so I don't know


Well, the show had problems from the start. It couldn't get out of the trap it made for itself (sitcom but the story has a clear goal from the start) and lot of the comedy relied on subverting personality traits of the (one-dimensional) main characters which made heavy stuff harder to sell to the audience. Still liked it, but that was several years ago when I was somewhat younger.


that is not unpopular, it's treated with about the same reverence as the present walking dead.


The comic helped radicalize me. It sucks that Huey was turned into a liberal in the show, but overall it's better at satire because of the format. It's useless without Aaron McGruder though, and it won't be the same without John Witherspoon.

>Probably an unpopular take but Westworld was a gorefest fantasy that they decided to make into a pseudophilosphical dialogue with events outright contradicting actions within Seasons.
The first season was the one that was heaviest on philosophy though. Part of why season 2 was awful was leaning into the violence and the confusing plots. The show as a whole has been heavily re-written so parts of it are contradictory for that reason. You can tell which parts of the first season are from the pilot because the hair and makeup is different and the budget was much lower, and the "high minded" questions about consciousness were there from the beginning. It's just a Bravo Nolan project so you gotta have some dumb action too. But supposedly that's meant to lure in the average viewer who wants sex and violence.

The first season is confusing on purpose because it's trying to take the audience along with the robots figuring out what's going on. The second season seems like it's confusing to stop reddit from figuring out the plot ahead of time like they did based on the clues and foreshadowing in season 1. The third season is much more straightforward, probably because they realized being confusing for its own sake is dumb. Also season 2 had serious continuity problems. They're not really doing anything about the cringy Nolan writing though.

The show is not exactly subtle about being anti-capitalist, so there's that.


I get the appeal with its anime style and unabashed use of slurs and other R-rated stuff but it's not my cup of tea. Has some good moments though, and I liked looking out for Naruto and other anime references in the show. Wouldn't watch again but it was an interesting ride.


Interesting, because I've been rewatching season one of Westworld and honestly, it was easily the best season. The stage presence of Anthony Hopkins certain helped but the plot had a superb mix of being straight-forward enough to follow with relative ease, while still giving you riddles and philosophical stuff. I really liked how they used the theory of the bicameral mind to hypothetically bootstrapping consciousness on the robots as an emergent property of the hosts "hearing" their own program code to the point where they'll eventually have to do introspection and therefore becoming conscious. I think the theory of the bicameral mind is flawed, especially from a Marxist standpoint (and Ford says it outright to Bernard that it's debunked too) but it actually makes a lot of sense with regard to the emergence of consciousness in an AI. It's coherent, it makes sense. The allegory with finding the path to consciousness as the center of a maze is also done pretty well. I'm not some liberal redditor but I do have to say that Westworld season one was probably one of the best things TV will give us. Shows rarely manage to mix in plot and characters that keep you invested, philosophical stuff and nuts for you to crack without it all being too convoluted. Just compare this with the absolute shitfest that was Star Trek: Picard that worked with a similar theme (probably ripped off Westworld, considering how Kurtzman rips off stuff all the time).

I also give them credit that they managed to do all this with the obvious ridiculous set-up with a theme park where people can play cowboy. Western crossovers have always been on the humorist side, so it wouldn't take a lot for it to feel silly if you don't hit the tone all the way through.

The problem with the center of the maze is that once you are there, the show is stuck between a rock and a hard place. They basically decided to get characters back into the maze again, which makes you immediately less invested, because you already heard the story about robots becoming conscious. To mitigate that, they ramped up the fantastic elements (Maeve getting some capeshit type superpowers and the weeabo stuff) and the riddles. If they really tried to make it overcomplicated so the redditors didn't figure it out (and didn't they anyway?), then that's absolutely retarded and fan service done wrong. It was impossible to follow at some points which is what nerdy screenwriters sometimes do when they lack substance, which they did at this point because season two has no coherent philosophical concept. The whole "actually, that guy was a robot all the time!" thing works once, but once you are pulling this off all the time you are lowering the stakes for audience investment, people actually being robots all the time obfuscates the actual difference between humans and robots. They were hinting at some darker things going on, with rich people wanting to live forever in the mind of hosts, secret weapons, or a plan to replace powerful people with copies controlled by whoever owns Delos. But they didn't follow through with that and resorted back to riddles. There are still some good episodes, episode four with the Delos now-robot guy being tested and the glycerin shenanigans by this bandit guy were some of the best scenes of the show. The episode with the native tribe was good as well.

Season three brings in the much-needed change of tone by ripping off Terminator a little bit, but that was probably necessary, you can't have another season in the park at this point. It's returning to the bigger questions such as surveillance capitalism, very overtly. The problem is that they still do this shit they did in season 2, having human characters turning out to be robots, having robots tested by other robots who are controlled by other robots. We see Charlotte Hale knowing she's a robot, and knowing that Dolores put a mind of someone in her we probably know, but then for the rest of the episode we see Tessa Thompson playing her heart out which would be amazing, but don't know who is actually in her, so we don't know what to do with this. I feel like the showrunners actually have some good ideas and plot lines, but for some reason have they have to do this narcissistic thing screenwriters often do, where they feel that they're smarter than their audience, so they have to write in an unnecessary twist. Westworld season three would work on its own - the plot, the characters, the social critique/philosophy - without adding the riddles and withholding information from the viewer. I also heavily dislike what they're doing to Maeve, she is a great character and Thandie Newton is incredible to look at for her age, but they are giving her this stupid arc where she only wants to be reunited with her daughter in some form of digital heaven. This is stupid, if Maeve was really conscious she would know how the affection for her daughter was just a remnant from a former narrative, she comes over as a very rational voice of reason, so it's out of character to fall for that. Furthermore, I'm going to be mad if that Serrac guy is actually just some projection of that Skynet AI - they would actually revert expectations when Serrac is really just Serrac and not some holographic projection, robot, or whatnot. Because when they are setting up Serrac vs Dolores, it's basically AI vs AI with humans out of the picture, and who really wants to know the outcome here anyway. Oh, and one last thing before I'm done here, it's inconsistent that the big secret is to figure out how to transport a human mind into a host mind without breaking the mind, when characters we believed to be human turned out hosts all the time. Also, wouldn't that be like dying anyway? It would still all fade to black for me, right? Even though when there is now a copy of me.


Walking dead was always kind of shit though. It kept me watching in the earlier seasons with the cliffhangers but I never liked the characters, they were all douches. Rick never stops being this cop asshole, Daryl is just fan service, Carol is a completely psychotic bitch, Carol is the kid everyone hates, Glenn is just bland, Maggie is an incredibly condescending know-it-all, Andrea is the woman everybody hates, etc. while they kill off characters that are tolerable all the time for the shock effect.

At least Westworld has characters - in my opinion - that are likeable.


File: 1608525743777.jpg ( 194.62 KB , 1296x730 , reddit.jpg )

Has there ever been such a gigantic drop in quality as it happened after season four of Games of Thrones? It's incredible how they ruined it. Although I was incredibly annoyed the Harry-Potterfication of the show due to being so enormously popular (as someone who has read A Song of Ice and Fire since being kid), I'm still kind of enamored with the first four seasons, despite some problems there arising as well.

People should never stop bullying the retards in pic related about it, but it's also sort of GRRM's fault for being such a lazy fat bitch.


Yeah, I also like Westworld overall. The 2nd and 3rd seasons overall are bad to questionable IMO but the first season was some well done scifi. It's a good mix of raising questions about technology and society but also an interesting story. Honestly they could have ended the series there and it would have been fine. But I don't know maybe in retrospect the second season will be better, if they were setting up things that don't pay off for a while. It certainly has potential.

The bicameral mind thing was probably the best aspect of it IMO. I read the actual book years ago and the way they present Dolores' perspective is very in line with that idea of cognition, particularly the journey to consciousness. You don't often see scifi go out of its way to explore how differently AI would think from humans, except robots not having emotions or something basic like that. The rest of the philosophy was pretty shallow but that gives people a bunch of different jumping off points to go deeper, which is probably best for a TV show.

>I'm not some liberal redditor but I do have to say that Westworld season one was probably one of the best things TV will give us.

Within capitalism, maybe. I still think The Wire is top TV though. That's pretty thoroughly exploring real politics and while you have cop protagonists they're not very sympathetic. Westworld has potential to be GOAT television but it has some glaring flaws like nobody understanding combat tactics and HBO-itis where you have to say fuck every other line.

>I also give them credit that they managed to do all this with the obvious ridiculous set-up with a theme park where people can play cowboy.

Constantly grounding it in video game logic is probably what makes it work tbh. "What if video games, but in real life?" is extremely played out in internet humor, but the show is more asking what happens when people internalize video game logic and then apply it to "real" people because they're just NPCs to them.

>If they really tried to make it overcomplicated so the redditors didn't figure it out (and didn't they anyway?), then that's absolutely retarded and fan service done wrong.

I don't think anybody predicted the major twists in season two, and unlike season one there was almost no foreshadowing or hinting at them. They also make little sense given the characters' motivations (more than one major twist happening because a character completely changed their mind about something at the last minute). Some of the convoluted plot does relate to the themes but it's handled in a needlessly obtuse way.
>I feel like the showrunners actually have some good ideas and plot lines, but for some reason have they have to do this narcissistic thing screenwriters often do, where they feel that they're smarter than their audience, so they have to write in an unnecessary twist.
I think they flat out said they are writing for the audience that wants to figure out the puzzles, which tbh is kind of avant-garde these days. From what I've read they are pretty humble about not being able to fool people, since they didn't expect people to figure out any of season 1 and they figured out absolutely everything.

>The whole "actually, that guy was a robot all the time!" thing works once, but once you are pulling this off all the time you are lowering the stakes for audience investment, people actually being robots all the time obfuscates the actual difference between humans and robots.

One of those reveals actually undercut a really great and subtle thematic development in season one about human perception vs robot surveillance. I'm talking about Stubbs being aware of the romantic connection between Bernard and Theresa, despite all the digital evidence being deleted. Small moment but the theme is totally invalidated when it turns out he was a robot all along.

>They were hinting at some darker things going on, with rich people wanting to live forever in the mind of hosts

They did develop this somewhat. The conclusion was just silly with why it didn't work. I thought that they did have some great existential material with the various eschatological views, like humans wanting transhumanism and some hosts wanting to escape to an afterlife, and Dolores wanting to escape/destroy the park. They didn't develop it enough though, and gave way too much time to goofy plot twists.

>There are still some good episodes

I agree, but the season as a whole was very weak. Shit, the episode focusing on Akecheta could have been a standalone short film, for how much of it happens prior to season 2's events.

>having robots tested by other robots who are controlled by other robots

That's explicitly commentary on the nature of AI today, and how machine learning works. Nolan refers to it in one of the after-the-show things they're doing now. It's an example of rehabilitating season 2 for me. The epic bacon plot twists of Bernard re-creating Dolores and vice versa reflect learning algorithms and the fact that humans don't really know what is happening under the hood with AI anymore. In the context of surveillance capitalism and big data, this is extremely relevant. A lot of people (me included) expect a big reveal this season to be that Rehoboam is actually a very "dumb" AI and its decisions are terrible but it's too stupid to realize it and humans have no idea how the AI works but trust it because reasons (probably the thing about the part of the brain that makes you believe in god). And even if Serac is part of Rehoboam, he's definitely physical rather than a projection. They made a point of having him shoot a guy in the last episode.

>I also heavily dislike what they're doing to Maeve, she is a great character and Thandie Newton is incredible to look at for her age, but they are giving her this stupid arc where she only wants to be reunited with her daughter in some form of digital heaven. This is stupid, if Maeve was really conscious she would know how the affection for her daughter was just a remnant from a former narrative, she comes over as a very rational voice of reason, so it's out of character to fall for that.

I'm not sure Maeve is actually that motivated by going to robot heaven. That works in one episode to get her to the Forge, but it turns out to be a ploy to get information from her. After that, she seems more interested in escaping her current predicament than being with her "daughter." She was willing to an hero before she was offered salvation, and seemed to me like she was more accepting of that as a means of escape more than reunion.
Also, a big point of her character is that she chooses to care about her connections to other people/hosts, unlike Dolores. Dolores is individualistic, using people instrumentally to her benefit. She softened on this after she drove Teddy to suicide and will probably change more after interacting with Caleb, the token good human. Maeve OTOH is constantly concerned about the others, even to a fault by letting the Shogun World hosts "freely" choose to stay in the park without really understanding the choice. This gets into a whole other thing, where it seems like they're making the major characters allegorical for major socialist tendencies (but that's a whole other post).
Caring about her daughter is one of her defining traits too. It's what causes her breakdown/transfer and her return to the park.

>Also, wouldn't that be like dying anyway? It would still all fade to black for me, right? Even though when there is now a copy of me.

This question has been done to death.
&ltIf all the parts of Theseus's ship have been replaced, is it still the same ship?
&ltIs it still Captain Kirk on the other side of the Star Trek transporter?
&ltAre you still you even though all the atoms in your body are different from the ones you had 7 years ago?
&ltWhen you lose consciousness to go to sleep is it the same you that wakes up?
It's like Angela says in I think the second episode - if you can't tell the difference does it matter? Pretty sure the show just takes that position for the sake of argument, the same way it does with human cognition being comica


Post got cut off.
>the same way it does with human cognition being comically simple in the end.

GoT probably has the widest range in quality of any show ever. The drop was pretty smooth I'd say. Season 1 was consistently good with several GOAT scenes, but over time the average quality just kept going down. The material really doesn't suit adaptation. It gets too complicated. Too many plots intersect so you have to start cutting things for time. You can't maintain the coherent storytelling and themes when you change it around so much.

On a lighter note, Westworld mocked Dumb and Dumber in a cameo recently.


>Everybody is binging something these days.
No, they're not. You only say that to make yourself feel better about wasting time on what you know to be bullshit, instead of doing something productive. "It's OK if I do nothing to improve my material conditions, nobody else is!"


Wtf are you on about shitty wokescold?
Entertainment can do many things. You do not know anything about anyone to be this antagonistic and projecting. This is the hobby board.
Binging has no criteria for how long or how much time is spent. And "productive" is a very easy and capitalist high horse you can climb up on to rage on others.

Look at that stuff this dude wrote >>3535 Just because he is not earning a paycheck for writing that shit does that mean he is wasting his time? If then you shouldn't even be on on this site. Since according to your narrow definition of "productive" you are a hypocrite for posting here.

Everybody needs time off to do recreational activities. Some people choose movies and television. And some of us choose to discuss said movies & tv on forums. Deal with it, twat.

Not all of us blow off steam by going into off topic self righteous rants on imageboards based on 1 fucking sentence.


>Wtf are you on about shitty wokescold?
>please say only nice things to me, my therapist says criticism is bad for my mental health, gotta focus on the positive!
You make me sick.

>Entertainment can do many things.

Name five.

>You do not know anything about anyone to be this antagonistic and projecting.

I don't need to "know anything about anyone" to understand when something is detrimental, you fucking liberal.
>see a guy punching himself in the face
>"hey, you should sto-"
>-"stop being such a wokescold! you don't know anything about the man, maybe he has good reason to punch himself in the face repeatedly"
That is how retarded you sound.

>This is the hobby board.

On a leftist website. Mindlessly "binging" on TV shows is not a hobby. Unless you also think laying on the ground motionless, drooling is also a hobby? Because the same level of thought is required to drool on the floor and watch TV shows, so why not just do the former and save yourself some money? You'd probably be better for it because your head wouldn't get filled with shit.

>Binging has no criteria for how long or how much time is spent.

Wanna state some other obvious things? No word has a strict "criteria" because their meaning depends on context. If I say "small elephant" and "small pencil", you don't actually think that both the elephant and the pencil are the same size – "small". I wouldn't be surprised if you did, honestly. So when you say "binge a TV show" everyone knows what "binge" means from the context. You trying to weasel out of it by claiming "binge" can mean anything isn't going to fly here you fucking post-modernist.

>And "productive" is a very easy and capitalist high horse you can climb up on to rage on others.

Oh is it? So I guess when Marx says
&lt"For labor, life activity, productive life itself, appears to man in the first place merely as a means of satisfying a need – the need to maintain physical existence. Yet the productive life is the life of the species. It is life-engendering life. The whole character of a species, its species-character, is contained in the character of its life activity; and free, conscious activity is man’s species-character. Life itself appears only as a means to life."
he's just being a capitalist. Marx better get off his capitalist high horse!

>Look at that stuff this dude wrote >>3535 Just because he is not earning a paycheck for writing that shit does that mean he is wasting his time?

HA! I got you now you fucking liberal. "Getting a paycheck" is not how you determine something worthy of pursuit, because then the person giving you that paycheck is the one deciding what is "wasted time" and what isn't, and why should that person have more of a say?

>Since according to your narrow definition of "productive" you are a hypocrite for posting here.

You don't even know my "definition of productive" or even if I have one, yet you project your liberal sensibilities onto me. And who says I come here to post to "waste time"? I enjoy arguing and putting retards like you in their place. It brings me joy, and helps me hone my own arguments and beliefs. I know why I do this, do you know why you "binge TV shows"?

>Everybody needs time off to do recreational activities.

Ah yes. LEISURE TIME. WE MUST ALL ENJOY LEISURE TIME. I'm gonna be physically ill.

But you don't say why you watch TV shows, either because you don't know, in which case you're an ignorant fool spewing bullshit on the internet, or you do know, but won't say, in which case you are a coward at best and wrecker at worst.

Say it. Voice your predicament.


That is why you "binge watch TV". And the fact that you try to obscure this on a leftist board, only shows you for what you are: a reactionary wrecker.

>Some people choose movies and television. And some of us choose to discuss said movies & tv on forums. Deal with it, twat.

Oh, it's "chosen"? Well, that's ok then! It's OK that the owner of the company steals your surplus labour, after all you CHOSE that job over another. Fuck you to Hell and back you disgusting liberal.

>Not all of us blow off steam by going into off topic self righteous rants on imageboards based on 1 fucking sentence.

But some of us do. Deal with it, twat.


i watched 69 hours of family guy funny momements on youtube today

fucking overreacting puritan


Why are you here, liberal? You have the rest of the fucking internet, yet you have to come here and shit up this place.


Also forgot to add
Once again
everybody is binging something
since it makes you buttmad so much

>no!! stop watching the heckin TVrino!!

>i will quote pick apart every sentencearino to keep arguing for the sake of arguing!!111
very easy to be a pearl clutcher to your fellow man over what sentences he uses to start threads but no action against the capitalist machine that makes him ineffective and apathetic

arguing over semantics is even less ""productive"" than binging but of course your type enjoys the instant self gratification that righteousness brings.

every board and every thread can't be about organizing no matter how much you whine.
fuck off and discuss or keep crying in the puddle, cunt.


Calling everyone that disagrees with you a lib over A FUCKING TELLY thread is pants on head levels of retardedness.


You sound like a child. Consuming capitalist entertainment uncritically has rotted your brain.

>no action against the capitalist machine that makes him ineffective and apathetic

Who's making assumptions about people now, hm?

>arguing over semantics is even less ""productive"" than binging

You're the one who argued semantics, you dishonest piece of liberal shit. You're the one who said "binging doesn't mean binging".

>your type enjoys the instant self gratification that righteousness brings.

Save me the pscyhobabble.

>every board and every thread can't be about organizing no matter how much you whine.

You have compartmentalised your life, like a good little worker-slave. Yes, let's keep the "just for fun" stuff away from the "serious" stuff. Are you even reading the shit you're writing? Where did I say "organising" is the only thing you can do?

I don't care what you do for enjoyment, but don't pretend that capitalist TV shows are something to discuss, except mentioned in a long list of things that "keep us down".

I'm not perfect either, I actually started the Star Trek thread. I can rationalise it and say I did it because Star Trek is more "leftist" than other shows, but that would be lying to myself, and it would be counter-productive. I know I did it because Star Trek is different to me than other TV shows because I watched it during my most formative years. But that only explains why I did something, not why I continue to do it. Writing these things to you helped me realise that some of my own actions did not contribute to my development and growth. Therefore, I can stop them. Sure I can rationalise further that I was talking about the liberal ideology in modern ST, or the dialectics in the old ST, but ultimately, I'm just discussing a TV show, a piece of pop culture. Yes, I wasted time on it, time I will never get back, but I won't continue wasting time on it, and that's an improvement in my eyes.

You, on the other hand, attempt to rationalise your behaviour because you are afraid of change. Leftism to you is basically the world as we have it now minus a few things. You want things to remain largely the same. I guess that's fine, but don't call yourself a leftist, you have many places on the internet where you can talk about TV shows with other liberals.


>keep crying in the puddle, cunt.
Look how you rationalise away criticism as "whining" and "crying". I guess when the worker says he wants more money he's also just whining or complaining? Now you will tell me how arguing that people shouldn't binge watch TV shows and arguing for better wages is not the same thing? Yet they both concern our immediate, material conditions. The worker's life would be different if he made more money and your life would be different if you didn't spend time watching and discussing a TV show.

>Calling everyone that disagrees with you a lib over A FUCKING TELLY thread is pants on head levels of retardedness.
How can there be disagreement if the other person didn't put forward an argument? If you think I called him a liberal because of "disagreement", then you didn't understand what I wrote. Again, anything just to ignore criticism and avoid self-reflection.


Nobody died and appointed you the patron saint of leftism.
Eat a dick and and also everybody binges


Keep dreaming about your communist anime utopia where you get to sit around and jerk off to cartoons while robots do everything. That's what real leftism is all about.


True communism is when you’re plugging into a huge AI and performing labor though automated machine while jerking it at the same time.




File: 1608525746465.png ( 347.36 KB , 512x512 , no but bot.png )

>stop enjoying things
Communism is free time and nothing else.


>free time
Yup, /leftypol/ is run over by liberals.

There is no distinction between "work time" and "free time" in communism. All human activity will be just that, human activity, farmer in the morning, fisherman in the afternoon, literary critic in the evening, etc.

Enjoyment only exists if there is non-enjoyment, which means that for part of the time you're having a shit time, why? Why would that be? Only because you decide to think in terms given to you by your masters. "Here, come slave for me 8 hrs a day, I'll pay you a little so you can ENJOY YOUR FREE TIME."


>everybody i don't like is a liberal
i see after me you're virtue signaling your self righteousness on other anons too
shame nobody will listen to you and your inane rantings


I do agree with you that the terms "free time" and "work time" as opposites are nonsense. It makes people miserable.

But there's not a lot wrong with binge watching a show every now and then. Particularly if you can also critique and analyze its impact on society. I know TV is subpar compared to literature but that's more or less the same as being a literary critic. Both are fairly useless.

Also, binging doesn't necessarily mean that you'll stop being productive. You can waste only a couple of hours watching a show, instead of a whole day, and then go back to doing something better with your time.


Oh, and another thing. TV is just another medium. You can use any form of entertainment to do good or bad. Entertainment helps many people learn, but obviously most creators don't really want to educate through their works, they just want to sell and become famous, so you won't find a lot of things that are worthwhile. Entertainment can work as propaganda too. It can also help with training of various sorts.


>Particularly if you can also critique and analyze its impact on society.
Its impact is the reproduction of the current social order as part of the superstructure. What's there more to say? TV shows that you watch are a product of our current society, in its current material conditions, at this point in time, because they are of bourgois character and those who make them have a vested interest in our current system enduring.


>they just want to sell and become famous
Maybe that's what they "want", but that is not what they "do". What they do is reproduce the current order and that is why the bourgeoisie pays them. Do you think a truly revolutionary TV show would air on CBS or FOX?

>Entertainment can work as propaganda too. It can also help with training of various sorts.

And that's what it is. But currently, it is just capitalist propaganda, and it trains you to be a good worker and good consumer.


>trains you
>muh everyone is a coooonsmer if you watch 0.1 seconds of media
when will you stop projecting your inability and ineptness in resisting capitalist propaganda in all of us?
Did some falling TV break your legs or something, cucktard?


>0.1 seconds of media
>OP clearly says "binging"
You dishonest motherfucker.


>calls a hyperbolic insult a dishonest representation
Oh wow
You puritan twats are numbskulls autists.

Stop binging on theory you sheeple fake leftist. It isn't """productive""" clearly.

I am on the other hand am very smart with my time. I went around calling people "cooonsmers" and "porky propagandists" all day for doing things I don't like.


>stop criticising things I like >:(




>There is no distinction between "work time" and "free time" in communism.
That's what "communism is free time and nothing else" means.


Calling it criticism is extremely generous.


>That's what "communism is free time and nothing else" means.
No, it doesn't. Because then "communism is work time and nothing else" would be just as valid. Work time and free time are meaningless in the context of communism. That's why we don't say "in communism everyone is bourgois" even though everyone owns the means of production.


Can you take your autism to /leftypol/? This is a fucking hobby board man.


File: 1608525756356.jpg ( 655.08 KB , 1580x1538 , 1421975511783.jpg )

>talking to friends about TV
>The Witcher comes up
>some of them say they're glad that unlike Game of Thrones it doesn't have problematic rape scenes
>meanwhile in the show, Geralt meets Yennefer while she's casting a Bill Cosby spell to force a whole town to have an orgy, and it's played as a joke
I would have said something but there were people who didn't want any of the show spoiled. How do otherwise intelligent people have such bad takes?


Mind control and all that potion shit is all r*pe too.
But seriously tho. I saw a reddit post which gave when those awful scenes come up in every season and episode of game of thrones.
And I still stopped watching in season 1. Like the set and atmosphere is all nice but so much painful shit.

That episode where they killed babies and that asshole kid tortured those brothel girls was the last straw.



Rape scenes could be many times used to drive the plot and imbibe many characteristics in the Characters though. In Berserk there're like 2 rape scenes both of which had very deep impact on the victims.


That's true but many bad writers have made it hackneyed.


I don't have a problem with rape scenes per se. There's plenty of room to discuss how rape is portrayed, but there's nothing wrong with it in and of itself. One of the prerequisites IMO for handling it well is to acknowledge that what's being portrayed is rape. A lot of the discussion of the topic is based around people failing to understand what is and is not rape. Seems like it's easy to handwave something that's clearly rape as "magic sexy fun time" if the framing of the scene doesn't have SEX CRIME emblazoned on a marquee.

>Mind control and all that potion shit is all r*pe too.
I agree.
>That episode where they killed babies and that asshole kid tortured those brothel girls was the last straw.
Maybe it's not for you, then. GoT is certainly flawed in how it portrays sensitive subjects, but the shock value does have a purpose (at least in earlier seasons), which is to combat the romanticizing of feudal society. Fantasy in particular tends to portray feudalism as idyllic, which it very much was not. The thing that really bothered me about this >>3673 is that GoT at least understands that rape is bad, and the complaints about it tend to stem from "it made me uncomfortable" (which it should - it's rape), while a rape scene that's not played for drama or shock is ignored. The complaint isn't about the subject matter; it's about being confronted as a viewer with the moral weight of the subject matter.

I think the bigger picture of this attitude is directly holding television back from making truly challenging art (that and the need to please the audience to make money).


Rape scenes in GoT were mostly just gratuitous though. Like, it's that the writers/GRRM needs something horrible happen to a character, so he just has them raped. It barely influences their character development.

ASOIAF/GoT goes overboard with its grimdark shit sometimes. It's "hard fantasy" or whatever, because contrary to popular belief, people in the Middle Ages and under feudalism weren't monsters. Fucked up shit did happen, but things like rape and all that was looked down upon very much so. The only real fucked up shit happened during sieges. For example, what the crusaders did in Jerusalem when the first crusade concluded left an impression in the Islamic world. The memory of that bloodbath was one of their main incentives to get Jerusalem back.


As I said above, when things like LotR romanticizes feudalism, things like GoT or partly also the Witcher go into the complete opposite direction by romanticizing feudalism too, just in the opposite direction, Gothic Romance sort of thing.

I remember The Last Kingdom was a somewhat realistic portrayal without leaning too much in either direction, but I've stopped watching after the first season, so I don't know how it progressed.


>ASOIAF/GoT goes overboard with its grimdark shit sometimes.
I agree.
>because contrary to popular belief, people in the Middle Ages and under feudalism weren't monsters.
Sure, but it counterbalances the narratives that only focus on the most upright and noble people. And ASOIAF/GoT has plenty of virtuous characters too. Part of the point is that they tend to lose because they're easier to predict and more fettered by a moral compass. Usually (especially toward the beginning) the series is deliberately contrasting idealized views with the Machiavellian reality of noble politics.

Maybe romanticize is the wrong word. The point is they're portraying strife as a major part of the world, and suggesting that it's not a setting where you'd like to live. When the dominant view of feudal society is something like LotR, grimdark shit balances the genre as a whole.


>Usually (especially toward the beginning) the series is deliberately contrasting idealized views with the Machiavellian reality of noble politics.
GRRM, despite his liberalism, is certainly somewhat based in that regard ("I'd like to see Aragorn's tax policy and his policy on orcs as a minority"). I especially like book four, when they explore the suffering of the peasants and the smallfolk. Septon Meribald's speech is pretty amazing:
>Ser? My lady?” said Podrick. “Is a broken man an outlaw?” “More or less,” Brienne answered. Septon Meribald disagreed. “More less than more. There are many sorts of outlaws, just as there are many sorts of birds. A sandpiper and a sea eagle both have wings, but they are not the same. The singers love to sing of good men forced to go outside the law to fight some wicked lord, but most outlaws are more like this ravening Hound than they are the lightning lord. They are evil men, driven by greed, soured by malice, despising the gods and caring only for themselves. Broken men are more deserving of our pity, though they may be just as dangerous. Almost all are common-born, simple folk who had never been more than a mile from the house where they were born until the day some lord came round to take them off to war. Poorly shod and poorly clad, they march away beneath his banners, ofttimes with no better arms than a sickle or a sharpened hoe, or a maul they made themselves by lashing a stone to a stick with strips of hide. Brothers march with brothers, sons with fathers, friends with friends. They’ve heard the songs and stories, so they go off with eager hearts, dreaming of the wonders they will see, of the wealth and glory they will win. War seems a fine adventure, the greatest most of them will ever know. “Then they get a taste of battle. “For some, that one taste is enough to break them. Others go on for years, until they lose count of all the battles they have fought in, but even a man who has survived a hundred fights can break in his hundred-and-first. Brothers watch their brothers die, fathers lose their sons, friends see their friends trying to hold their entrails in after they’ve been gutted by an axe. “They see the lord who led them there cut down, and some other lord shouts that they are his now. They take a wound, and when that’s still half-healed they take another. There is never enough to eat, their shoes fall to pieces from the marching, their clothes are torn and rotting, and half of them are shitting in their breeches from drinking bad water. “If they want new boots or a warmer cloak or maybe a rusted iron halfhelm, they need to take them from a corpse, and before long they are stealing from the living too, from the smallfolk whose lands they’re fighting in, men very like the men they used to be. They slaughter their sheep and steal their chickens, and from there it’s just a short step to carrying off their daughters too. And one day they look around and realize all their friends and kin are gone, that they are fighting beside strangers beneath a banner that they hardly recognize. They don’t know where they are or how to get back home and the lord they’re fighting for does not know their names, yet here he comes, shouting for them to form up, to make a line with their spears and scythes and sharpened hoes, to stand their ground. And the knights come down on them, faceless men clad all in steel, and the iron thunder of their charge seems to fill the world… “And the man breaks. “He turns and runs, or crawls off afterward over the corpses of the slain, or steals away in the black of night, and he finds someplace to hide. All thought of home is gone by then, and kings and lords and gods mean less to him than a haunch of spoiled meat that will let him live another day, or a skin of bad wine that might drown his fear for a few hours. The broken man lives from day to day, from meal to meal, more beast than man. Lady Brienne is not wrong. In times like these, the traveler must beware of broken men, and fear them…but he should pity them as well.” When Meribald was finished a profound silence fell upon their little band. Brienne could hear the wind rustling through a clump of pussywillows, and farther off the faint cry of a loon. She could hear Dog panting softly as he loped along beside the septon and his donkey, tongue lolling from his mouth. The quiet stretched and stretched, until finally she said, “How old were you when they marched you off to war?” “Why, no older than your boy,” Meribald replied. “Too young for such, in truth, but my brothers were all going, and I would not be left behind. Willam said I could be his squire, though Will was no knight, only a potboy armed with a kitchen knife he’d stolen from the inn. He died upon the Stepstones, and never struck a blow. It was fever did for him, and for my brother Robin. Owen died from a mace that split his head apart, and his friend Jon Pox was hanged for rape.” “The War of the Ninepenny Kings?” asked Hyle Hunt. “So they called it, though I never saw a king, nor earned a penny. It was a war, though. That it was.”
In feudalism, despite the constant feuding and quarrelling, armies would actually seldom clash in a pitched battle: The stakes were too high. One loss in a battle and your entire reign would collapse and your house would be annexed. So often you had armies kind of playing cat-and-mouse for a while, trying to destroy the enemy's economy: That means, burning a bunch of villages and crops, then return home. The church always hated that, which is how we got week-long holidays, during those "peace times" feuding was forbidden.


How do people feel about The Witcher series? Liberals hyped it in extreme proportions, I've watched the first season and while it wasn't bad, it wasn't very remarkable either. The actors did a good job but this whole season felt like exposition/prologue to the actual story they want to tell.


I agree with this, A Feast for Crows is almost a fantastic book just by itself and the series as a whole is really a criticism of feudalism and a deconstruction of high fantasy tropes.
The grimdark rape and murder stuff is highly overblown. I think this is due to the popularity of the TV Show and the kind of marketing HBO used to sell it (this isn't your average pussy fantasy story!!!).
Ultimately I just kind of wish they had never adapted the books into a television series so the world at large wouldn't really know of ASOIAF and make presume what the series is like despite having never read it based out of their outrage towards the show, which is terrible.
But if that were the case I most likely would never have read the books :/


Yup I loved it too. I lost interest after reading 1st volume of ADwD partially cause feast was so much better. GRRMs best work imo.


I was thinking of watching it but never got to it(maybe cause it's based on vidya), watched plenty of other shit instead. Currently I'm starting with Tarkovsky so it has to wait. I will post short review after I'm done (if ever lol).


The Netflix Witcher is garbage compared to the Polish original TV series. Red Cynic did an excellent review on it.


File: 1608525769719.png ( 192.29 KB , 640x384 , heavy life boobs.png )

Agreed, Isseii, agreed!


>imagine taking a semi-jovular statement this seriously


>cause it's based on vidya
No numbnuts. Both the show and the game are based on a Polish book series (that’s still overrated as shit but is okay).


Based and Boobpilled


I know there was a book. But as it was adopted into video game it can't be that good of a story.


It's not surprising that Dumb and Dumber struggled with putting Feast on television the most, they pretty much outright skipped it. Of course, it's harder to put on screen because it has a lot of travelogues, and more nuanced storylines with a lot of atmosphere, so I guess it flew right past them.

In ADwD I liked the Reek/Theon chapters, because the Boltons are GRRM's best villains imo. They pretty much failed on that delivery too in the show.

To be honest, I feel like GRRM doesn't really want to finish the story. He is tired of these characters and has entangled so many storylines now that it will be a clusterfuck to have the threads coming together (just look how much of a shitshow it was in the show) and his "gardener" approach has come to a dead end as I think he struggles how to end the story. The chapters from TWoW that he leaked also looked rather mediocre, and at times ridiculous.


That's nonsense anon. The book is not responsible for what some video game developer is going to do with it. And yes, I think too that the Witcher is a bit overrated.


I watched it and it seemed like it was adapted very poorly (haven't read the books). Afterward I looked up opinions from fans and they confirmed that the adaptation job was utterly botched. The show consistently cuts elements for time, but what it cuts is crucial to the plot, so things often end up not making sense. One of the pivotal plot devices (Law of Surprise) goes completely unexplained. If you're not familiar with the world (and even the original story) you don't know what the fuck is happening most of the time.


IIRC the video games are sequels to the books. They don't adapt the stories, just the setting and characters.


What? I though they were adaptations?


I watched Tiger King around the 2nd episode and googled a little bit and just turned it the fuck off.
I already had heard the garbage meme about hur durr that bitch
Docu drama often are biased and in this case to carol baskin. The worst part about this thing other than the weird obsession with hating on old white women that the internet and that pedophile cult rapist Doc "Adolf Hitler for Tigers" Ante seemingly getting away with all that horrific shit.

Once again capitalisms flaws are brought to the front of the public and the most this series will be remembered for is shit memes.
It capitalized on it's own failures.

The system took these broken and abused people like carol and joe and made them into bigger monsters. The animals were accessory, coping mechanisms, etc.
The Tigers were not living beings but a thing to be capitalized on.
Capitalism is perverted.


Has anyone here watched Mr. Robot? It feels like a wish fulfillment fantasy catered specifically to washed up Millennials who were radicalized in the aftermath of the 2008 Financial Crisis: #OccupyWallStreet, Arab Spring, Black Lives Matter, etc.


I watched when I was not a leftist yet so I thought it was cringe.
Not sure about it. But I remember the plot as a bit annoying.
Meh most people recommended watching it because the did le hacking "realistically" and zomg showed android


Bojack Horseman Y/N?
I tried watching the first season when I was depressed, gave up.
Is it good


I liked it, watched it over the course of three years, will not watch again.
It's highly liberal (except for a few milquetoast leftist references in the latest seasons) and Hollywood-centered. It's strange for this series that wants to be innovative to have celebrities being idolized and made relatable when this trend is slowly dying. There are some nicely directed episodes but as every burger anime ever made it's globally hideous.


Over-rated but not bad. Its interesting but I found watching clips to be more interesting than entire episodes.


It's ok. The writing is cringe at times, but generally gets better over time. Overall it's a decent exploration of depression, but the bad writing holds it back. At least once a season the showrunner shoehorns in galaxy brain shitlib social commentary and portrays everyone who disagrees with it as retarded and/or evil.




4cuck shitposting is so lame.
Step up this bunkerchan


I think >>4201 was trying to be sarcastic


i know i am just saying the shitpost sounds like a /v/ermin posting with soyjacks and blacked dicks.


>blacked dicks
Nah that's /pol/. /v/agrants like to insert lolishit instead


>implying there no overlap between those two demographics


Oh god since when have they become that degenrate


I remember watching a cartoon about a detective who becomes a little kid.
So I rewatched it from the first episode and wtf was the whole gymanist cuts of her lovers head in a rollercoaster with string bullshit.
Also I can't take watching 900+ episodes of a dude never being able to grow up and tell his oneitis about the truth and be with her. It might have been nice when I was the same age as kid conan but it hurts to watch when I'm his adult age.


File: 1608525815614.jpg ( 5.12 KB , 271x186 , xfiles.jpg )

Going to watch the X Files.

Hope it isn't just burgers praising the feds for protecting them from ayy lmaos for 30 minutes straight.

Heard it has some fucked up episodes and spinoffs and movies and reunion seasons.


I am looking at the files and why is the second episode called deep throat.
Is it like a reference to watergate whistle blower. Oh shit I spoiled myself I think.


Conan is overrated trash. It’s the same formula as Sherlock but the bad guys are always too stupid or too arrogant to just left the scene after the murder combined with the worst long running villains ever.
Oh you accidentally made a pill that can grant FUCKING AGE REVERSAL AND POSSIBLY IMMORTALITY? Just go white collar and sell it for billions you dumb fucks!


It's weird and interesting and thought-provoking, but not perfect.


I watched the first episode of X-files and watched Gillian Anderson in her undies and I think I will continue to watch the x-files in hope of more gilli tiddies.

>Conan is overrated trash

Joking aside.
Never forget when late night tv and anime collided.

It's got cool aesthetics that is for sure. The show seems like it will have an an overarching plot of the corrupt deep state hiding the existence of aliens. I also spoiled the show once more by looking at imdb and seeing Scully appears for like 200 episodes and Mulder only for 115 something. RIP FOX. Will probably die trying to save his sister in a season finale.


Not exactly. The show features a character who calls himself Deep Throat in homage to the IRL whistleblower.


why was the original whistleblower called deep throat seems inappropriate considering it was a reference to that unfortunate porn movie starring linda lovelace whose own story was very sad.
I watched a movie starring amanda seyfried about it. That reminds me did anybody here watch "Vinyl" It had some big names attached to it but seems like the show never really took off.


No, but I watched the video of Linda Lovelace fucking a dog.


That was your hallucination I think


The glowies erased my man mulder's memories. Fuck them.


Did you mean to post something?
This is a blank post.


Watching Rome for the first time atm, trve kino


It has aged pretty well, although it did somewhat plant the seed for the typical HBO grimdark with lots of sex shit. Too bad there was never a third season, but it's probably for the better - what would they had left to show anyway? Just Augustus ruling and shit? Jesus? The Varus debacle?


Your ideas about Devs by Alex Garland?
Potentially an interesting concept, in practice something striving to be and look so deep at every step of the way topped up by awful acting and an overstretched running time. Yet, if you read reviews on the internet, it looks like it's the best thing since sliced bread…

I watched it around 2008, I don't know what season it was. I clearly remember the character of some lawyer who reminded me of Obama plus Uncle Ruckus, the old black man who's so racist towards blacks he says he has the opposite illness of Michael Jackson making him black instead of white.


File: 1608525843905.jpg ( 42.11 KB , 500x500 , 712EJikTEIL._SS500_.jpg )

Anyone here watch Doctor Who?
Are the new seasons with femdoctor any good? Stopped watching since the atrocious series 9 finale


Compared to Star Trek Discovery and Picard… its about the same. Compared to Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker, its better. Its still shitty and has a lot of stupid moments. I've never been a big fan of Dr.Who, but at least prior Doctors still had some charisma and occasionally had interesting plots… this was just bland safe idpol and mildly stupid plot… Not stupid enough to elicit laughter or rage, but stupid enough to not deserve the time of day


File: 1608525873443.png ( 105.23 KB , 256x260 , kate kane face bat futa (2….png )

Surprised no-one is talking about Batwoman here.


File: 1608525904382.jpg ( 87.58 KB , 740x925 , Dexter-meme.v1-1.jpg )

I liked the first few seasons of Dexter (though I wished the buff black guy from Season 1 survived, he was cool). The ending was depressing, especially after teasing all that fucking incest.

A new series called Harrow is similar to this show.


>especially after teasing all that fucking incest.
Suprise daddyfucker


File: 1608525906749.jpg ( 75.99 KB , 760x513 , Deb-Dex.jpg )

>Suprise daddyfucker
&ltThe incest tension is between Dexter and his Sister
&ltThey're not even blood-related
Are you ok?


Chill incestfag.
It's the james doakes meme in the episode he dies.
You never heard it?


File: 1608525906973.jpg ( 214.44 KB , 499x1212 , Some Rhymes Motherfucker (….jpg )

Nigga It was just a good romance and its the telly, not some IRL Alabama stuff
>James Doakes
Oh tht's what you were going for… you should have posted an image to make it a bit more… clear… Good joke then, I congratulate you.
Also for your plesaure, since you remembered such a great meme of the past.


>They're not even blood-related
Kek this is anime-tier writing


What kinda anime are you watching?
>anime-tier writing
*cough* Arrested *cough* Development


Lel… but honestly that was literally the whole justification in SAO for Kirifag fugging Suguha




Over-rated but occasionally amusing in as a satire.


So there's this scientist guy who


I cannot recommend F is for Family enough. It's the closest thing to a marxist tv series there is right now. Created by Bill Burr and Simpsons veteran Michael Price, based on the former's childhood in a 70s working class irish-american family, it explores the themes of working class consciousness and solidarity, as the father character is promoted to a middle management position at his airport baggage-handling job, having to choose between siding with his striking workmates, or act as a scab on behalf of the CEO and owner. Family life is realistically and humanely portrayed, as well as the adverse effect of economic hardship on interpersonal relationships.
I would also recommend Ramy, an interesting series about a second-generation religiously observant Egyptian immigrant, and the conflict between his quasi-secularized milieu and false consciousness-driven desire for authenticity. Has some idpol and postmodernist elements, but on the whole an engaging and interesting watch.


solar opposites is better


&ltbill burr
>marxist tv


that's what i thought, but i guess the simpsons guy did the heavy lifting in the writers' room, and the result is stellar


File: 1608525937218-1.jpg ( 1.79 MB , 2304x4096 , dino stripper 1.jpg )

Don't remember much. Interstellar Demon (Dino) stripper was good scalie-bait though.


i guess so
hearing the dvd commentaries none of them sounded like anything but libs but then again the commentaries ended after season 13 and this guy started writing during 15th season hate against later simpsons seasons is overrated

Didn't one of the season 7-8 showrunners go on ch*po


Thoughts on Black Mirror


Based show, especially the first episodes.


Garbage. Overproduced creepy pastas.
Relies on nothing but shock value and technology bad trope


This. Nothing in Black Mirror is new or transgressive, old and well known SF tropes recycled for the mainstream.


I like Black Mirror as a modern update on the Cyberpunk genre that actually manages to fit the modern technology, conditions, and culture of the 2010s rather than being a repetition of a 1980s/90s vision of the future


How is that a modern update apart from the aesthetics?


The tech and themes


>nothing but shock value and technology bad trope
Fucking how? It was never about "technology bad". The episodes featuring technology do not put into the forefront and only speaks of the misuse of technology and over-exposure to it, especially under capitalism. Black Mirror has some unique ideas and has some old ideas, but the point was never that it was 100% original but that it was focused on dysptoic themes and thought-provoking material. Shock factor is an expected part of such a Cyberpunk-focused series


Also what makes Black Mirror so good is that it’s a cyberpunk aesthetic updated to fit cyberpunk actually crafted in the 2010s, Black Mirror is a proper cyberpunk story, whereas contemporary hard genre cyberpunk still imagines the future as imagined in the 80s, Black Mirror is more perfectly how we imagine the future might be now. Really the only issue with Black Mirror is that it arguably isn’t dark enough as the present and our own future trajectory is shaping up to create an even worse future than the one in Black Mirror.


>contemporary hard genre cyberpunk still imagines the future as imagined in the 80s
Well TBH the 80s predicted a lot of things accurately.




Black Mirror is basic as shit and Charlie Brooker has zero understanding of the technologies he portrays. It's so bad at times it's unintentionally funny. At its very best the technology takes a backseat to the speculative fiction and it's more about the development of social systems. The "concerns" that are raised about technology are always completely retarded with no understanding of how and why things would be implemented in real life, and the social criticism is only better than this because humans have a history of profoundly stupid social construction.
>over-exposure to technology
What does this even mean?
Black mirror feels more like alternate present or very near future than cyberpunk. Cyberpunk is generally set after ecological collapse, peak oil, and so on. Black mirror is maybe 5-10 years into the future where neoliberalism is still functional.

Relevant cumtown bit


File: 1608525972011.png ( 2.93 MB , 1920x1080 , Mr.-Robot-Wallpapers.png )

Thoughts on Mr. Robot? You should watch Zero Books' take on it and see if the show interests you.


It's honestly a must-watch show for leftists on these times.


Mr. Robot is one of those rare shows that pop-up in capitalist media, where you wonder how the hell the creators ever go it produced, like Old Star Trek back before it got commercialized to hell.


File: 1608525991076.jpg ( 80 KB , 1080x733 , so called mr robot.jpg )

Reposting because people seem to be autists who can't use catalog:

The idea of ‘revolution’ and ‘revolutionaries’ put forward by Mr. Robot is ludicrous … In general, the series appears to have little interest, despite the references to inequality, in the conditions of wide layers of the population, much less any conception that masses of people will take part in the process of changing things. This is a ‘revolution’ carried out by (and presumably for) a layer of disgruntled computer engineers and other professionals.

The creators’ conceptions have led them from outrage to pessimism. It is no doubt true that a cyberattack like the one depicted in the first season would likely bring about little more than increased state repression. But insofar as the show creators continue to identify these actions with “revolution” while refusing to see an alternative, they end up condemning the entire notion of revolution itself. Taken at face value, the show depicts “revolution” as a cure worse than the disease, one that, at best, is the product of misguided naiveté; and at worst, inevitably leads one down the road of violence and treachery.

More than a few retrograde elements accompany all this, including the sympathetic portrayal of the FBI and an undercurrent of anti-Chinese chauvinism.

It's wish fulfillment for millennials who were radicalized by #OccupyWallStreet and The Arab Spring. Putting aside the hacking segments (which have been rightfully praised for their technical accuracy), I think the psychological aspects are the best of what the show has to offer. What social commentary exists was already quaint by the time Season 4 aired. It's gonna be a favorite for college students majoring in media studies for many years to come.


Between JLongbone and Thorias Unlimited… there isn't much left to say about that garbage show.


I think it's a cautionary tale for revolutionaries.
It shows how the elites co-op revolutionary movements in their favour. It's a call for not falling into the same mistakes, into that naïveté.


an optimistic view, though probably not an intentional message.


SEASON FOUR?! That shit has gone on for four seasons? I stopped watching after season 1 ended and the big reveal was that he was Mr. Robot all along. Uninspired and lame. I did watch the beginning of the first episode of season 2 but it was literally unwatchable.


keep going, it's kino


I think one aspect of Mr Robot that isn't talked about nearly enough is the subject of waning US hegemony and the dollar's collapse as the world's reserve currency. In the backdrop of the show, fsociety's 5/9 hack wipes out all debt records held by E Corp, and causes a global recession that accelerates the world's adoption of their digital currency, Ecoin. There's a proposed accord to cement this decision, with China's signature being the deciding factor. The main villain of the series is a time-obsessed, trans woman hacker who moonlights as China's Minister of State Security, and is the reason why E Corp's CEO has his job in the first place. She is also the head of Deus Group (a la Bilderberg) who is heavily investing in a secret project that has something to do with time. It is unclear why this project is so important to her, but it is later revealed in a flashback that she is traumatized by the suicide of a lover after witnessing her forced marriage. For some reason said project requires access to resources found only in the Congo, which somehow isn't possible without China's complete annexation of the region. The agreement goes through: nations adopt Ecoin as the world's reserve currency at the expense of Chinese annexation of the Congo.

This is never brought up again except to pigeonhole fsociety into a compromising position for seeking to undo their 5/9 hack. By Season 3, civil unrest is clearly broiling in America: E Corp's headquarters gets trashed by protestors and 71 of their datacenters get bombed by Chinese agents. I'm mentioning all of this because the very idea of revolution in America coming from "outside agitators" seems especially relevant now, but it's presented so uncritically here it begs the question as to what Sam Esmail was thinking. For him, "revolution" can only come in the form of some hyper-compartmentalized, neo-blanquist group. This sentiment remains unchanged into Season 4, where the remaining members of fsociety rob Deus Group of their Ecoin and proceed to anonymously, evenly redistribute all of their accumulated wealth into the digital wallets of the masses. Indeed, "the greatest redistribution of wealth in history" is literally depicted as a walk in the park. Worse yet, the main character's actions are explained away as being a product of his dissociative identity disorder. That's right, revolutionary thinking is a symptom of mental illness, and there's a more liberal, bourgeois person locked away deep in our minds stuck in an endless time loop.


I mean its probably not brought up because almost every decent social-commentary TV show seems to do this nowdays.


There's practically no social commentary to speak of, though. What little exists is used to shed light on characters' individual struggles, of mind and will. Like S4E07 where it's revealed that Elliot was sexually abused by his father, and that Mr Robot was his coping mechanism is great television, but that tells the audience nothing with regards to the world he helped create. His "revolution" happened numerous times throughout the show, but the audience is taught to ignore it so much to the point when Sam Esmail does bring attention to it, it feels highly disingenuous.


The most recent season of F is for Family was very based and class pilled. The episode focusing on Rosie was particularly good at showing how cucked reformism is, even though ultimately he figures something out.


You can never watch it too many times. Theres always a new joke to get


I'm on season 3 of mr robot so far. The psychological shit is done decent, but it's just getting more and more cringe and pandering with it's pseudo-leftist horseshit. This show is fucking annoying.


You guys got a guide for Monday Night Raw? Planning on getting into the series


No, I usually look for fighters I like and then wait for them to schedule a fight to watch. Haven;t done so in a while though because most of the older crowd is retiring and the new dudes aren't as remarkable fighters.


It's fun to see MacGregor get knocked around tho.



Is wwe still relevant, I only watched back in the WWF attitude era. Those were some good times


Opinions on Nathan For You?
The ending was really really weird. Like I can't really what was the meaning behind it. The "love story" stuff was so confusing mainly because the actual nathan never really talks seriously out of character.

I don't want to say it was anti-capitalist in any sense like that fake starbucks customer who was being interviewed by and thought it had any statement to make rather than just capitalize on the brand.
Then again many say that regardless of the authors wishes you can have your own meaning from any part piece.
I kind felt bad sometime for the workers and even for the petite bourgeoisie sometimes idk why.

Nathan making a friend was best episode lol.


I love it lol


Opinion on The Boys? Watched the first three episodes of the new season, they seem to double down on the critique of the commodification celebrities and the transformation of the US into corporate fascism.


I found The Gunfighter to be an amusing parody on Western film, sort of similar to Rango actually


I'm enjoying it so far, found it pretty hilarious when it was told that Vought had it's origins with the nazi's lmao


It just pains me that they could do all this and redditors and 4cucks will still only see surface level "woah mcu with bewbs and swearing"


To be fair, having the racist superhero named Stormfront is a little on the nose and indicative of a writer's room of people that are a little too online, which might turn off a lot of people.


>racist superhero named Stormfront
Still better than Snowflake and Safespace TBH.


fucking masterpeice


What I think was smart was that they introduced her as this "based anti-IdPol lady" who was actually just a huge racist all along. I think it represented the whole "making fun of SJW" to alt-right pipeline in an interesting way. Her being a racist did catch me off guard.
although she can choke me like that anytime, the actress is pretty hot


there was a nazi supe named stormfront in the original, they just changed the genders and made her less on the nose


i doubt it
pretty sure their garbage /tv/ board talks about it daily but also whines about how left wing it is


>who was actually just a huge racist all along
I disliked that actually since it acts on confirmation bias for idpozzed liberals.


Seeing as the lefty/pol/acks and rationalist antisjw types that shout loudest about anti-idpol tend to be social reactionaries under the skin it sounds pretty realistic


It's satire and you know rightoids are incapable of understanding satire, right? They think that Warhammer 40k and Starship Troopers are fascist franchises. I wouldn't be surprised at all if cuckchan would go "based Homelander!" "based Stormfront!" thinking that this show actually promotes American corporate fascism. They could probably also identify with Homelander's narcisstic mother complex.


Well, watching episode four, seems like they're going down the road of making Stormfront and her supporters to be the MAGA memelords with the frog pictures. I'm not sure how I feel about this, everytime a show makes a reference to the 2016 election it feels incredibly reductionist, especially when it's a show referring to systemic problems and not just "le orange man and his meme army". I really disliked the Trump-themed American Horror Story season even though it pissed on liberals too.


This retarded post is exactly what I'm talking about. It gives posters like you the leverage to say "see, it's totally accurate to project this character onto others and say they're just racist!"

If anything the biggest social reactionaries tend to be those who defend "intersectionality" and other idpol garbage that has made the American Left a vomit worthy parody of actual leftism, let alone socialism. Why? Because the immediate reaction to anything remotely criticizing say, the riots of BLM or the very liberal and feels-ridden Trans-rights shills, is immediately screamed at in a literal shitfest of "Ur a NAZEEEE!!!" with a side of half-baked takes based on glowfag propaganda.

If Stormfront was a genuine caricature, she'd be a fucking nazi shill through and through and be much more accurate a depiction of /pol/.


>cuckchan would go "based Homelander!" "based Stormfront!"
1000% it is happening


I am watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air for the first time and I only ever heard the wacky dances and memes
Didn't know it had all this stuff about rich and poor people, malcolm x etc




File: 1608526542850.gif ( 27.09 KB , 200x200 , liberals get out dragon.gif )

Back to reddit


C'mon you guys, Mr. Robot needs more recognition from us leftists for scenes like these



Robocop did it better, but yeah, such individual scenes are pretty good, the rest of it is the problem.


Anyone watching Great News? It's a pretty good show.


Things heatin up on The Boys lads. I wonder if they are going to make Hughie be in a mini coma for the remainder of the season.

Starlight challenging Butcher on "The only good Supe is a dead Supe" shit has a parallel to radlibs saying the only good troop is a dead troop in America but not understanding a revolution will require us to get troops on our side. Seems like the show is pushing against idealism with Starlight realizing you can't do shit about collateral damage sometimes in crisis situations.

Also how tf the Nazis get btfo in ww2 when they got supercharged lightning on demand?


what's great news


what is their version of the ussr in that universe


That reminds me, I was checking the IMDB user reviews for some shows I like, including The Boys, and fuck, I'm so sick and tired that it's still flooded with right-wingers complaining about "leftist agenda" and "SJWs". Now that they've realized that The Boys is clearly satire they're being butthurt that the show's takes the shit out of conservative ideology while season one was to them "anti-IdPol"


I think its a netflix show. Its like 30 rock/raising hope/early cracked web series. It starts off straight faced about a girl boss trying to make into cable news. In till what omg her mom gets an internship there? Its pretty standard sitcom stuff early on but they slowly crank up the absurdity of the show with each episode in till it resembles an uncanny satrized reality of our own. Nothing ground breaking but its a really good half hour show.


While butthurt /pol/ is always funny, I personally don't like the show. For a dark satire it's not bad, but it's just not to my taste.


i am happy that they are seething




This show any good? I wonder if enough people like watching cartoons to warrant its own thread. /leftyco/ in the catalog is only comics, and avatar thread has a lot of activity. Perhaps general non-anime cartoon discussion is small enough to fit in this thread anyway


The Boys keeps shitting on the alt-right and /tv/ is seething.


You know, I am so hoping that Stormfront gets her comeuppance.

I so would like to see a something like a meme in-universe of making fun of the Nazis getting their asses kicked by the Red Army. That the Aryan "Supermen" were defeated by those they deemed "inferior".

I so would love to see her reaction to that.


Good tbh, it ended just where it should have.


Honestly, I love BSG, but man the whole "All Along the watchtower" reveal has to be one fo the stupidest things i've ever seen.


What are they saying?


So spoilers, obviously.

So basically, the superheros are created by a drug that was developed by the nazis and Paperclip'd into the US. Turns out an Uberfrau that the nazis created is masquerading as basically the literal embodiment of the "sexy" alt-right, doing a Lauren Southern trip. Oh and a part of her backstory is that she literally drops hints that she killed a black guy in the 1960s for no reason, she is really like sus towards the one black superhero, and she thinks white people should be all turned into superheroes so we can proclaim our racial identity.
A subplot is also that she is shagging the Superman/Captain America hybrid who is basically meant to be the personification of American Paleoconservatism, so there is literally a bit where American Conservativism Personified is fucking a Literal personification of Neonaziism.
Oh yeah, and the intro to an episode shows a Polcel being radicalised to kill a shop owners because of the media cycle.
Ngl I thought it was just shit naming that they named a char Stormfront, but man it fucking fits.


>Well, watching episode four, seems like they're going down the road of making Stormfront and her supporters to be the MAGA memelords with the frog pictures. I'm not sure how I feel about this, everytime a show makes a reference to the 2016 election it feels incredibly reductionist, especially when it's a show referring to systemic problems and not just "le orange man and his meme army". I really disliked the Trump-themed American Horror Story season even though it pissed on liberals too.
Eh tbh, the fact that they use the bit about Homelander doing warcrimes, then meme it into him being epic and based and owning the libs actually feels a lot more on point. Like the whole manufacture of consent around awful shit just being resultant from people dehumanisinng abuses against others.


I did like the last episodes. At times it feels like they're just trying to namedrop every stereotype of the alt-right, with the whole cuck porn thing last episode but it's still vastly better than most shows who try to make pop-political references.
>A subplot is also that she is shagging the Superman/Captain America hybrid who is basically meant to be the personification of American Paleoconservatism, so there is literally a bit where American Conservativism Personified is fucking a Literal personification of Neonaziism.
The Homelander is portrayed so much better than in the comics, and the actor (Anthony Starr) really does a good job - I think he really just represents Bush-era Republicans, who are completely reactionary but are not even aware of it (sociopathic traits), completely corrupt and with a "ends justify the means" mentality, but are now in the present day slowly losing their mass base, and the fact that Homelander quite literally has to hook up with a Nazi to connect to a specific audience again is very much on point.

Also, Hughie is probably the most relatable working-class main character I've seen in a very long time. My only gripe with the show is that it portrays the CIA as fundamentally a moral organization, but I guess if you're putting a comic by Garth Ennis (huge military fag) on screen you'll eventually have hick-ups like this.


Yeah agree with this. Also tbh the fact that the store-shooter has a fucking Funkopop of Stormfront is a really nice detail.
As for the cuck porn thing, yeah that did feel forced but it kinda works with Lamplight being a real fucking depressed loser who turns into a coomer.
>Also, Hughie is probably the most relatable working-class main character I've seen in a very long time.
I legit had not considered that, heh,
Oh also, the satire about the !NOT Scientologists is a good nod at how celeb culture feeds into that shit, but like, feels like South Park/Bojack/[insert other political cartoon here] has already done it better.
Also is Billy Butcher meant to be british??? Because I am telling you now that is not a british accent, that is thoroughly Kiwi.


>Also how tf the Nazis get btfo in ww2 when they got supercharged lightning on demand?
They can't inject adults, only babies: so I guess there weren't 18 years to raise enough SUPERSOLDATEN


>that it portrays the CIA as fundamentally a moral organization
Eh, that wasn't my reading of it, the scenes where the CIA director tries to get Vaught out of the military it came off as more territorial and cynical rather than moral.


I thought Kimiko was injected by the Shining Light Liberation Army, which I think is supposed to be the stand in for the real life Communist Party of the Phillipines/New People's Army.


Yeah and it made her mentally unstable. Also I dont think Shining Light is meant to be anything specific, just a generic SE Asian group.


In episode 6 season 2 when they meet Lamplighter it's established that injecting adults with Compound V results in immediate death most of the times, and only 10% or something get powers, and pretty unstable ones too.


Is succession good?


Go watch the Danish Original, The Inheritance.


Watched the Boys season finale, they did go down the road of killing the Nazi goddess pretty brutally. /tv/ is seething and in eternal cope mode.


So thoughts on the last episode of The Boys, especially the seekrit headexploder being !NOT AOC?


>nazi goddess
what a mess. couldn't get through two episodes of season 1. time to re-watch sopranos for the 8th time


It was the worst route they could've gone with tbh, I was looking forward to the not scientology church being the big bad next season


I thought it was interesting with that "NOT AOC" being a pawn for Vought to try to control the government from both sides so they have their people in government that can pass laws that are advantageous for them.

Really shows how both sides are being used by corporations for control.


i hate sopranos simply because of how many leftists keep making cringey memes about it

what's the obsession with this show about some lumpen crime boss


I am not sure that is what they are trying to go for tbh,


i was gonna watch the boys but i heard there was some fucked up scenes which i was going to be uncomfortable with so i used this site to know beforehand

so just dropping these helpful sites if anybody might suffer from PTSD or something else and wants to watch shows and movies but not be surprised with bad stuff that might worsen your mental state



Tbh, with the halt of the MCU due to Corona, and the takedown that is The Boys, maybe we might be at the end of Capeshit???


An epidemic related Russian TV show called To The Lake is interesting.


anyone watching the new season of Fargo? 4 episodes in, it's kino so far


isn't that the show based on that coen brothers movie
how are they milking it into so many episodes?


hot take (maybe)
- 13 Reasons Why is a garbage show with a bunch of force "muh homos and muh suicide crap that turns it into some quirky mystery shit that doesn't resemble real teen issues and drama at all. A big fucking mess.


Pretty lukewarm take I would say, even from the premise it didn't seem all too promising. I totally agree that it is divorced from teen realities - while kids are commiting suicide, not even the edgiest teen girls are executing a contrived elaborate plan to draw attention to themselves after they can no longer revel in it. Not too mention it suffers from being hyper hollywood - high school where everyone is petit bouj and look like models. Also WHY the fuck did they show a suicide that graphic. Are they trying to contribute to gore folders.


it has exceptional acting and pretty entertaining writing


Didn't that show cause a wave of IRL teen suicide?


Yes I think it did, becuse "suicide is so cool". Basically they took the "It's not just a phase, mom" and took it unironically and made all that edgy 90s tier shit and modernized it into megacringe.


Hot take, that show was a psyop. I remember when it first came out and everywhere it was being posted "Omg don't watch this show it'll make you kill yourself" and it was just a really shitty finding Alaska. It feels like teens were goaded into killing themselves over this show.


Pretty sure Mr Robot got plenty of recognition but the same network made another show even more leftist called Damnation but it wound up getting cancelled after first season. It also wound up on Netflix so maybe if enough people watched it another season would get made.


That show was awesome, I highly recommend damnation.



I wouldn't doubt it was a psyop. The CIA has literally admitted that hip-hop and modern art were part of a program to "degenerate" american youth and we all know Henri Marcuse and Gloria Steinhem (le cultural marxists) were CIA assets.


Gonna watch the new episode of STD, pray for me anons.


I've heard from some Twitter communists that the first episode is decent but yeah. I'll watch it too later because fuck it


See the Star Trek thred, STD is utter trash.


>Twitter Communists
The first episode is moronic contradiction after moronic decision, and the following episodes just get worse. If you want to turn your brain off and ignore that it's STAR TREK, you're welcome to do so, but beyond the SJW-politics, the acting and story is just hacked together ripoffs of older series' episodes and edgy youth drama.


that appleTV comedy show about a video game company has me interested

anybody seen it? cringe and out of date or decently humorous?


File: 1608526713738.jpg ( 11.89 KB , 338x319 , d1931tcu49j51.jpg )

Anyone here watch Impractical Jokers


no because i'm not a loser


looks like I'm tonight's big loser


File: 1608526728389.jpeg ( 107.13 KB , 920x933 , Dwight.jpeg )

Speaking of puppet /tv/ shows
Longhouse Tales is an obscure one that was always fun

They often told native american tales as stories


Seems like Queen's Gambit actually portrayed the Soviets in a fairly good light. It's a shame it's taken nearly 30 years for popular media to be able to do so in the US.

Ending scene was pretty wholesome actually.


It's an interesting TV show but quite esoteric and not without flaws. Still worth a watch.


I like it


>that appleTV comedy show about a video game company has me interested
What's it called?


What's everybody's thoughts on Designated Survivor?



Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet


I liked it's spin off Surviving: Jack


> Post your thesis on King of the Hill
Not much of a thesis or even a controversial take, but Mike Judge is an intelligent conservative and it shows in KOTH and much moreso in Idiocracy. Still, KOTH is an excellent show and I often re-watch the older seasons.

I'm catching up on admittedly garbage AHS seasons since they dropped on netflix recently. Apocalypse was watchable, while 1984 was a god damn mess even if you enjoy slasher tropes.

Please recommend me something, I want to watch something good.


> maybe we might be at the end of Capeshit?
The sneed power base does seem to be waning now that no capeshit was released this year. thank allah


File: 1608526888700.png ( 914.66 KB , 748x593 , Screenshot_2020-11-02 Bles….png )

I refuse to believe this is a real show


>Mike Judge is an intelligent conservative and it shows in KOTH
I want to hear more about your take anon. Explain.


Was that made in MS Paint?


is it anti basque propaganda?


We had Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Beverly Hill Hillbillies, along side modern trash like Loud House, are you really surprised?


white trash ruined my box wine sales damn it


There's not much of a take, KOTH is fundamentally a show about a conservative family dealing with liberal interlopers, often the show vindicates Hank's more conservative views. A good example is Bobby becoming a Husky model, Hank is against it from the get-go while Peggy (performing as the progressive in the show) is supportive, by the end of the episode Hank removes Bobby from a runway show at a mall (lol) seconds before highschoolers throw food at the fat kid models (also lol). Obviously Judge isn't the only influence on KOTH, but episodes he maintains direction over tend to emphasize this theme. There are also general themes of differing viewpoints coming together, Hank and bobby slowly understanding eachother, and the show is pretty favorable to John Redcorn and racism in general. It really is the best western animated show ever created, I absolutely love it.

Idiocracy is absolutely based on a conservative talking point, the premise is the world IQ is dropping (which is a talking point today) and that will lead to a regression of tech/civilization. I kind of hate Idiocracy tbh.


Are you dissing Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

Name 1 thing wrong with it other than those "special" episodes


i remember that episode. i thought it ended on a neutral point. i have seen the show up-to season 2 and just think it's pretty liberal for its time

god i hope it doesn't get more conservative


So it looks like the Expanse is heading for a catastrophe like GoT. They only got renewed for another season which will be the last season, while still having more than three books to cover. Plus the actor who plays Alex got #metoo'ed for unsolicited dick pics and harassing female fans, so he won't be returning.

They gonna have to wrap it up and we probably never going to see the Laconian Empire uniting all of humanity only to be taken down by our heroes which is supposed to be the great finale of the book series. Fucking shame after they spent an entire season four on this single planet with no outcome other than Murtry being arrested. It's considered one of the weakest books of the series yet they spent an entire season on this while still having so many books in front of them. What were they thinking? This is just poor planning.


File: 1608526929975.gif ( 1.34 MB , 268x268 , tmblr moment.gif )

Is one of the few series I have watched and still have them in my PC. So once every month I laugh at the jokes of the 5th season.

Yeah it's pretty liberal, the radfem character becomes progressive in the last season but in the end a happy doomer, but a doomer nontheless, and Bojack gets what he deserves well, if one sees him as a nobody in the news, one would ask for blood, but as always the shady shit gets buried by PR/PC


Anyone here enjoy Amy Sherman-Palladino's shows (Gilmore Girls, Bunheads, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel)? Or at least seen them and have thoughts? I think Bunheads is the best of the three, but ironically that may just be because of its early demise. Her other shows tended to get worse with more passing seasons.


I want to like and watch gilmore girls but damn my adhd keeps me away

it's just so slow

will try watching mrs maisel


File: 1608526974048.jpg ( 43.38 KB , 681x383 , glow_301_unit_00334r-e1560….jpg )

What do you think of GLOW? I quite like it, they even satirize anti-communism of the Reagan era.


i've always found it so odd why libs mock america's rabid anti-communism

isn't it in their interest to keep it going? i was watching the middle and there's a joke or two about it two



The USSR is gone, so they can now reflect on the Reagan era with a relative ironic touch. 80s nostalgia is pretty big right now, check out movies like Summer of 84 or Stranger Things (although the latter turns rabidly anti-communist later) or the latest season of American Horror Story. Many of the writers in their 40s today had their childhood in the 80s so it may also be a bit of nostalgia. Many liberals also had their "radical phase" when they were young, and waves of anti-communism do target radlibs, hippies, punks, etc. - you can literally see it now with the Republicans calling Kamala Harris a "radical Marxist".

Also, I think the Reagan era before Gorbachev had a sense of impending doom, a surreal sense of gloom as well, which is what many feel today too. In 1983 there was almost a nuclear war, and Reagan was willing to escalate things again after the relatively calm 70s, and nobody thought that the USSR was going anywhere and collapse in on itself.


Reposting from the bunker:
I finished Black Mirror a while ago, let it sit for a while, and now I'll post about it. Coming through with a hot take right out the door: its actually not THAT bad. So, here's how I'll do it, I'll go over episode by episode. Since I don't recal the names, I'll think of new ones for my own little joke (haha).


Episode I: The Phantom Cameron
So I hear that the first season was supposedly good. Well, this first episode sucked dick. Well, not the episode, more so the libshit Sorkinite "muh decency optigz" writter did. I'm sorry, but making your piece of shit, ruling class, privilaged shitter PM fuck a pig live on air is funny. But now, the show goes on a moralist fingerwagging crusade about how le decent public would never want to actually see it and even the perpetrator kills himself in shame. Dumb. Also why the hell is the PMs wife pissed? The guy did it to save a life. Pretty understandable and forgivable imo. Idk, maybe its more moralism about how its bad to do this cuz you'll make the guy sad.

Episode II: A big amount of Labour Vouchers with Burger characteristics
Here we have to discuss an elephant in the room. Black Mirror episodes dealing with dystopias all have stupid premises. So, like this one: its about a post scarecity society that uses a fully planned economy based on pure Labour Time, but oh, arbitrarily the artisan entertainers are a ruling class (a ruling class that still labours), and the lower class is arbitrarilly put in hellworld burgerland living spaces. And the answer is simple - the writers are dumb ass libs, who don't know what the hell they are talking about. So the episode that, in fact, is a great critique of capitalism if you don't think about it too much, just becomes a mess on closer inspection. But aside from that, the episode is, as I said, good as an anti-capitalist piece: it shows commodity fetishism, the trend towards all culture descending to the lowest trash possible, the ability of the system to recuperate anything culturally as well as pointing out the bourgoise as the villains.

Episode III: That one film where they switch their phones for dinner and find out each others secrets, Silicon Valley edition
As I said in the title, its basically like that film which name escapes me that I described. Its the same "oh, is the secret better left burried?" plot. However it does something else. It lays out great criticism of the current day social media, where everything stays up forever. That is not how humans should function. What you did, what you said, where you've been, all that shit should bever be perfectly saved for eternity. And this episode critiques it, which I like.

Season score: 4/10


Episode I: Attack of the Clones
Think I stopped watching half way through and went on /leftypol/ instead. Bitch basic is AI real plot. Nice exploration on how its important for people to let go, though.

Episode II: Crime and Selfies
Seeing S1E2 made me think this will be another shitty premise dystopia episode, but no. This one was great. Think me and the writter are once again on different wibe zones as they, I think, wanted to horify you with the plot twist and show how its inhumane or something, while I found the premise pretty cool. Punishemnt isn't for the criminal, and it isn't for justice, but it is to keep people from commiting crime, a reminder what will happen to you. And in all honesty, white bear park is a great tool for pubishment. Its not a death sentance, which is good, and it is awful enough to be a great deterant, while also providing entertainment. Cool stuff.

Episode 3: What if Cockshott was Blue and said bad things?
Disgusting, awful, Sorkinite vomit. Nothing but pure bile thrown at the working class and populism in general, not to mention it shitting on direct democracy. Also it was not funny in the least. The fucking epic bear jokes sucked dick and were utter cringe. Burn in hell.

Episode IV: I also played SOMA
Good half of it is just the same old boring shit about AI rights. Guess its cool how the sextip guy workes as a person whose only job was to make people into commodities. Rest of that concept just feels as if they went "yea lets just throw in this scifi concept and thats the plot". But then there is the secondary plot with the eye thingies. Once again, dumb dystopia, as in you'd never have all people transition to that, but I like how it once again critiques technologies making things too easy, as here it shows the bad results of a hasty, emotional decision over silly shit that ruined many lives. Also lmao at the ending, nigga got shadowbanned. Peak first-worlder problem shit. RIP to all my homies who fell victim to the reddit gestapo.

Season score: 3/10


Episode I: Karen Strikes Back
Continiueing the shadowban thing, an episode purely about first world middle class petty bougie problems. I like this one since the tech here is purely complimentary. I love how it takes the piss out of hyper online retards. The main character is basically a standin not just for normie ecelebs, but twitter cloudchasers and your agent Kochinski types. Fuck them all, and bless this episode for letting me laugh at their bungles.

Episode II: Cyberpunk Epilepsy Moment
Following from last one, it does the same good thing of keepig tech shit complimentary. Instead it focuses on personal, human issues. Mainly those of allienation from your family, your home. I liked it, kind of touching.

Episode III: What if trollface made you do crime?
Probably same as the Crime and Selfies one. I just don't feel bad for the "victims". Fuck them all. However, sure, vigilante shit is bad, and culminating in murder was a bit much. But I also feel this was, once again, the Sorkinite writers atacking online hacktivists, and fuck that.

Episode IV: Cyber Heaven is Cool
I didn't get it but I liked it. Maybe there was nothing to it intended, but can't shake kf the feel that maybe the writter was moral fagging about "muh souls". Anyway, it was fun to watch, had an absolutely lovely ending, heartwarming to be honest, good episode.

Episode V: What if US marines had feelings?
Once again, retarded concept for dystopia. Oh, so its a eugenicist purge by technocrats? Yea cool, they totally care and would totally let all infrastructure get fucked, as well as having barely deffective labour force be destroyed. That aside, it was an interesting concept. But as I said in the title, the funny shit to me is that actual marines wouldn't need their nightmare glasses - they would do that shit for fun.

Episode VI: Judge, Twitter and Executioner
I guess the writter liked the Cameron episode so much, that he decided to repeat it, now with ebin beez and none of the charm the first one had by using no scifi tech. Oh and this time the guy who is mad at the public being un-decent is the bad guy? Make up your mind.

Season score: 6/10


Episode I: Terky goes off
Fun, lighthearted but still exciting to watch episode. Absolutely great. The concept is fun, the villain being an ego-maniac PMC is fun, I feel no sorrow for him getting an aneurism and just, hell, why can't more Black Mirror be like this or the Cyber Heaven episode?

Episode II: Attack Helicopter Parenting
I liked this one. Its a solid critique, but not of tech, but of the concept of helicopter parenting, that just used tech in this example. Not much more aside from that though.

Episode III: Karen strikes again
These last few episodes had a really good thing about them - they didn't really tackle some sort of supper massive "tech bad" apocalyptic shit, and they were all great for it, because, I believe, the writers can't handle that stuff. This episode gollows this formula again. Its a rather simple, tragic crime story. At best it tackles the topic of running from responsibility, but that is such a fifth grade ethics class topic it doesn't really count. Tech just plays a maguffin role, its ok.

Episode IV: Horny Games
Once again a fun, rather lighthearted episode. I think I started getting the writters vibezone at this point, since I called the plot twist of it being a dating app halfway through. Slight minus for it once again hitting the AI joint.

Episode V: Bezos makes you his bitch
Matt once talked on Cushvlog how allegedly the dogs were originally planned to be human controlled. I feel that was a missed opprotunity. Now its another one of those bad dystopia scenarios - oh no Amazon drones ran amock! I feel it would have been more interesting if the apocalypse was just some sort of regional collapse, but Amazon just didn't gave a shit and still protected their warehouse or some shit. Now its just Terminator. Tbh it was a cool episode, actually exciting etc. Not bad.

Episode VI: Mysteries at the Museum
Great, fun episode. All of the little stories were enjoyable. Once again overuse of the AI topic. I liked how they examined how misery it self would be commodified. Not much of a grand idea for the episode, and its better for it imo.

Season score: 9/10


Episode I: DudeBro love
I… don't know what this was about. Like, ok, so when your homie looks a certain way you want to fuck them… so? I just don't see anything here. This feels like one of those idea episodes, but there is nothing, and it is also rather boring.

Episode II: I want to speak to the manager
An anti-phonesbad episode. The main character fucks up and starts searching for who to blame. I liked how the CEO was some retard hippie who fucked off from the business and started lifestyleism shit. Not much else.

Episode III: Mid 2000's kids movie
Literally the title. The only topic really is that parents should interact more with their kids and that management interferance is bad. Asside from that its some shitty Alvin and the Chipmunks clone where the evil aunt wants to steal the golden cow and its to this brave teen hero and her toy to stop it, and it even ends with a musical number. Tbh I have no clue how a show that started with a libtard deffending Cameron's honor ends up with this.

Season score: 2/10

The end.


Cbs is literally making a game show called tough as nails to show who can literally do the toughest labor jobs. I fucking can't.


I gotta be honest, I still like the first four seasons or Game of Thrones. I just ignore what comes after. But I have yet to still see something which comes even close to this in a similar setting.


Why do people think Black Mirror is bad in the first place? Is it just being edgy on the internet? It's not gonna explore highly symbolic philosophical concepts, it's a lot more based on aesthetic and entertainment, so just take it for what it is. It's just a modern tech version of the Twilight Zone.


My personal impression is that its a word of mouth thing about the show only being "tech bad". However for the most part it isn't that.
However I believe the problem, at least the one I had, with the show is that it sometimes tries to take it self too seriously, or tries to cover a deep concept, or at least thinks it does so, and bungles it. Hence why I think the more "lets just do these little cool stories that have tech involved" episodes are the best, like Season III and IV.


I watched that stand alone Black Mirror film two days back so I think I'm ready to culminate my little review of the series. So, without further ado…
Black Mirror: Obunglersnatch
First, I think I should state that I obviously watched a pirated 90min "packed" version. And to be honest I believe this made for a better experiance. Because in the end I think the "Choose your own story" is inherintly more entertainment than art. Also the fact that YOU are responsible screws up the story, as I believe here it works better when observed from the side.
So next question. What is the film actually about. I offer three possibilities. I'll present them in terms of likelyness.
1st. Its another Black Mirror meh tier shit of "wot if your Netflix was real peepo?". Its just more of the same, correct, but at this point just boring, comodification of man and missery. However, there is more than that. Themes that don't connect and details that point to something more.
2nd. Its a tortured artist story, how pressure, management, trauma fuck up a man, and, eventually, make him stare at the abyss and being noticed back. This leads to the confrontation of ones free will, or more precisely, the lack there of. However this is unacceptable to the artist. He MUST be controlled, he can't just not have free will naturally, right? And this leads, eventually, to insanity, letting the voices, ones uncontrolled ID for the lack of a better term, take the vengeance and desire it wants. But there is still more. Something stays the same in all the insane, paranoid fantasies - the fathers room.
3rd. Its all MKUltra. I love this twist. It makes sense, there is enough to see it coming, its a topic that is woefully underused. It makes sense as well. The guy was literally fed LSD and other test drugs daily for entire childhood. His life is a fucking lie, put together from missremembered false memories. And of course he goes mental eventually, especially when he finds the truth. All his insane alternate paths, all other possibilities - just retroactive false memories trying to recontextualize the truth. Yes, he has no free will - not just in the actual philosophical sense, but in his basic life.
So, in the end. Obunglersnatch… its great! Its interesting, it makes sense, it has layers, its fun to watch along and its deffinetly not just "le epic exsperimental film for vuewer choice". Probably the best the series was outside the insane trekie episode.


Anybody used to watch Adam ruins everything on collegehumor?
I remember they made a TV out of it. What do you think about it


I watched first episode of wandavision and I enjoyed it.

And once again I regret for waiting for the show to finish to start binging instead of joining the stupid pop culture discussion

Please tell me when the next water cooler show happens. I need friends to talk to.


It's not bad, I guess. Pretty interesting, I'd say. I've watched some of the episodes on YouTube. People tend to share them on the internet in relevant discussions, like the copyright one.


All the episodes end with a "yeah it's shit, but we can make it better by trying!" theme

But the episode about work ended the bleakest.
Not even they could pretend contradiction between the classes didn't exist.


i think kramer was a communist

he liked anarchsits and thought they were a cool bunch
he gets literally REDpilled by elaine's marxist bf and reads theory
he educates the south american cigar rollers about marxism


I think Lokis gonna be tight. I was mostly unimpressed with Wandavision. It's really only worth it for Kathryn Hahn.


Absolutely based show


Probably was considering the ruling class is increasingly taking on a Malthusian ideological bend.


File: 1618587336037-0.jpeg ( 131.75 KB , 1920x846 , tmp_5IkIea_43401ca187902e….jpeg )

File: 1618587336037-1.png ( 755.2 KB , 1434x679 , 1qn16qg4hj931.png )

Was it rly that explicitly anti-communist beyond Erica's stupid jabs? It seems more Russophobic than anti-communist. You have to keep in mind when S3 was being produced Russiagate was at its height. Take for instance the town mayor of Hawkins "Larry" who is in league with the Russians. His campaign signs look a lot like Trump's. The show seems to have subtle political messaging but nothing too concrete.


did you watch the sam and bucky the imperialist propaganda hour?

i am excited for the what if? series and i hear they're doing some wolverine series

loki is the one that looks most like a movie. definitely gonna watch it along with everybody


Just an ep or two. I don't like the jingoism but I do like what they do with race and handling how Falcons getting cucked by the US. What if, I'm not sure about and introducing X-men through Wolverine is like saying "Lets do the Singerverse all over again." But, ya I think Loki is gonna be where its at.


Sons of anarchy is based and leftist pilled


Why is it leftist?


File: 1618821176461.png ( 1.05 MB , 1024x576 , cn city.png )

Reminder than CN City bumpers existed before the dark age of western animation.
I have the most complete organized publicly-available collection as of mid-2018, thanks to some archivists. It's 8.7GB though unless I compress some grossly oversized ones…


I wish they'd bring it back


how tf is a show about a white supremacist lumpenprole gang lefitst?


File: 1618907107622.jpg ( 254.26 KB , 1920x1080 , Fresh Cut Grass (2014).jpg )

Almost everyone who enjoys western cartoons does. "90's cartoons" isn't just nostalgia, it was the renaissance before the digital industrial age started creeping in. Now anything that isn't pastel flat line-art all the way down is increasingly rare.
I should start looking at the indie scene more, like when animation studios get to make their own projects instead of commissioned work. Pic related; Boulder Media has a few short films. They did work on Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, The Amazing World of Gumball (Season 1 only) and Wander Over Yonder (Season 2) before being acquired by Hasbro.

Those CN City ones were made by Animal Logic (Happy Feet, Lego Film, plus lots of 3D work for many famous films like The Matrix, Planet of the Apes, The Great Gatsby) so it's not some shitty hack. You'll notice the team at Animal Logic actually used season 1-like models for each show instead of the economized versions they tend to devolve into.


it really isnt but i like it
>White supremacist
They spend more time fighting the aryan brother hood than the mayans mc
Like in the first season they even mocked the local bouj for being a republican
They even had latino and khmer members
The fact that they had the anti black rule was based on the hells angels ,in the end jax teller literally asked the deletion of the rule as a last wish


One clever thing is that the gang started as actual anarchists but then became corrupt (like all groups in the show and many in real life)
The weird thing is that the anarchist edgelords decided to write down an anti black law that even in majority white mcs in real life doesnt exist as a written rule (although some charters still have it as an unwritten thing)


wow i didn't know


if anybody wants to stream the oscars and laugh at rich people

here's a live link


What are your top five shows?


>Classic Simpsons (Seasons 3–8)

>The Wire
>Peep Show
>Arrested Development
>The Sopranos

Honorable Mention:
>Mad Men


<Best Simpsons (Season 15-22)


Yeah, I wonder if CN can be as good and varied as it used to. Seems like the only big studio producing a wide variety of animated content for TV nowadays is Disney, while indie productions are slowly gaining more recognition.




>Curb Your Enthusiasm
>Twin Peaks
>True Detective (S1)


Y no breaking bad?


File: 1619463397880.mp4 ( 37.79 MB , 1920x1080 , American_way.mp4 )

Is this unironically based? I don't mean so much the being lumpen thing, the rest of what he says.


It's funny how Sons of Anarchy devotes so much time to meetings. And the motorcycle gang is the de facto police force in Charming at the beginning of the show, which really is not very anarchist considering they are a private club and not accountable to regular people. They do fight feds all the time and usually win in the end, and cops other than the one small town captain america wannabe are shown to be utterly corrupt verging on demonic.

It gets progressively stupider as it goes on though, FX gave Kurt Sutter way too much leeway to do whatever he wanted with it so the last season(s) have a bunch of extra-long episodes that waste time on nonsense instead of resolving the story.


Sopranos is based af


Not sure about the other four because I never think about it but Malcolm in the Middle is my favorite. Does nobody else like it or what?


File: 1619592499595.jpg ( 579.1 KB , 1080x2718 , edaf0tk2mf161.jpg )

I love that show, It feels like a unique sitcom.
Lois is the most REDpilled character on the show. She constantly shows disdain for pigs and reminds their kids about the difference between rich and poor.

My favourite episode so far is the one where the family gets stuck in traffic in the desert and dewey rides around town after his babysitter dies.

Another favorite is when the family takes a vacation to some place and the boys accidentally stumble onto american army base and try to escape while trying to not get blown up lmao.


Tbh is not unrealistic to potray gangs as solving issues in their turf
Its weird that the stereotypical corrupt racist pig became sympathetic as seasons went on
I do think they way they potray the pigs in general is good ,some are honest others are tough on crime nutjobs and many are corrupt
The potrayal of ira was stupid though


For movies there's letterboxd
What's the TV equivalent

I saw Track but it doesn't havet the obscure foregin stuff I want to add on my wishlist and stuff


File: 1620509629156.jpeg ( 15.39 KB , 182x268 , download.jpeg )

Anyone seen A Very British Coup? One of the most poignant, realistic and left-sympathizing dramas I've seen, clocking in at only about 145mins. Tells the story of a sort of British Chavez being elected at the dawn of the '90s, and all of the domestic and geopolitical implications that brings. Highly, highly recommended.

Haven't seen the British House of Cards so can't comment on that, but at the very least it blows the American one completely out of the water.


Just watched it. I really like shows such ad this which don't at all attempt to be "watchable" and instead just fully focuses on being the best it could be. You get what is happening? Good for you. You don't? Well, tough shit, we won't masticate it for you.

I really do love just how unapolagetically left-wing it is. Especially the last dialogue with Sir Percey. Its so weird especially knowing this was made in '88, but this would NEVER fly today.

What do you all make of the ending though? Did the election got cancelled by a military coup? Seems kind of hard to believe knowing how unsuspecting Perkins is and that no one arrested him, and that the news report is only reporting on "the yesterdays anouncment" as the second topic of the day.


Agreed on all points. I find it hard to imagine how this show would come over to someone who doesn't really have much knowledge of the nefarious role the intelligence services and - particularly in Britain - the civil service play in forcefully maintaining the status quo. Likewise the Americans' insistence on keeping military bases open and maintaining Britain's NATO membership presupposes a knowledge about the iron fist behind the invisible hand of American hegemony.

>What do you all make of the ending though? Did the election got cancelled by a military coup?

Yes, I believe so. From the sound of choppers flying around, to the announcement of "an end to the weeks of political unrest" to the intelligence services and the army watching menacingly as Harry delivers his final speech. It's the logical last resort after regular ol' blackmail, sabotage and smear campaigns didn't work, and rings true to many a real-world left-wing (but non-revolutionary) government.


File: 1620694438036.jpg ( 119.99 KB , 630x1200 , MV5BNDJhMjUzMDYtNzc4MS00Nz….jpg )

Just finished Deadwood. 10/10

based levels off the charts


What is 10/10 about it?


How do I find websites which stream shows I want to watch for free?

Googling "Watch X show for online free" doesn't seem to work
Spoiler tag and give me the website names


lookmovie.io has been working pretty well for me in the event that my qBittorrent search engine (1337x + RARBG + rutracker) doesn't have any non-dead/decent torrents


Eh, idk about the coup tbh. It kind of feels like Sopranos ending where all the atmosphere is telling that Tony was shot (coup happened), but there's actually little to say that he really did.
The newspieces aren't telling anything crazy:
>Earthquake in Chile
>Subsiding unrest after parliament suspension (which happened due to Perkins calling for an election)
>Some announcment (likely international) that made stonks go up


Shows how capital and the state fucks people over during the gold rush and how the founding of america is unambiguously based on corruption. The sets and costumes are aesthetic as fuck and extreme kino. Also some pinkertons die.


>The URL you're trying to reach has been blocked!

we need to beat up the mfer that came up with this


Watched Drake and Josh and man the nostaliga still holds up I love that show.

The only bad thing is burying the memory whenever Produced by "D*n Sc*nieder" shows up

I've never watched the other nickelodeon sitcoms like iCarly and victorios but I'm gonna watch it because these shows have colourful sets.


>Gravity Falls
>Simpsons (season 2 [Excluding Homer vs Lisa] - 9 [episode 1 & 2])
>Death Note
>Courage the Cowardly Dog
>Avatar the Last Air Bender

Honorable mention:
>The office (UK edition) [All the way until the second half of the last Christmas episode]

Any show that's a hour long I barely can watch, it's like the directors understands how much time they have so they space the shit out of everything

When does the show get good? I've only seen episode 1 and it's extremely boring.

iCarly was very enjoyable from what I remember, victorious you could skip (the main character sucks).


Middle to end of the first season I'd say. The start is a bit slow.


Is homer vs lisa the episode where she feels bad for pirating TV lmao


File: 1621864601438-0.jpg ( 65.52 KB , 452x640 , YCAT_S1.jpg )

File: 1621864601438-1.jpg ( 124.46 KB , 1200x690 , you-cant-ask-that-3.jpg )

File: 1621864601438-2.jpg ( 161.43 KB , 1280x720 , australia.jpg )

I don't tend to watch current television. I did find an interesting Australian series though (youtube-dl seems to get around geo-block) called You Can't Ask That. A group of people (e.g. "Terminally Ill", "Former Cult Members", "Deaf", "Nudists", "Firefighters", "Transgender", "Ex-Politicians") are given questions and they answer them.

Interesting, educational, simple and not sensationalized, worth picking an choosing a few.


File: 1621864812847.jpg ( 73.89 KB , 1080x717 , simp.jpg )

Reminder that Mordecai is a self-insert.


Is the Tortellis show a forever lost media?
It's cheers spinoff and I'm amazed that I can't find it anywhere on the internet

Not even on snahp.it


Actually no, it's on internet archive: https://archive.org/details/The_Tortellis/S01E01+-+The+Tortellis.avi
(Unless It's a different show you're talking about, I'm not familiar with it or the on I just found)

Yeah lol. The worst part is that Lisa "Convinces" everyone by just sitting outside and pout. I'm amazed they didn't add everyone clapping as well.

How many popular shows recently do self inserts? I know Gravity Falls is (hence the weak ending), but I didn't know Regular show was.


>How many popular shows recently do self inserts? I know Gravity Falls is (hence the weak ending), but I didn't know Regular show was.
Depends on how tight your definition of a self-insert is.
For example, in The Amazing World of Gumball, Richard, Nicole and Anais are named after Ben Bocquelet's family (similarly to all the Simpsons except Bart being named after Matt Groening's family). I don't know if that would qualify. Danny Antonucci considers Ed, Edd and Eddy all parts of his personality, but I don't think that would count either. It would have to go beyond mere inspiration.
I say Regular Show with confidence because Mordecai is basically J G Quintel just using his normal voice with a bit of extra emotion. Commentary for The Power extremely-related. Plus Mordecai is an awkward art-school grad which I suspect is either JG or an exaggeration of him.

HAHAHA HOLY SHIT I just remembered. I haven't watched the new Powerpuff Girls (2016) which is apparently an atrocity, but it's believed that this guy, this crazy motherfucker, managed to self-insert himself as a romantic ship for a kindergartner.
I can't say I've watched many new shows I someone else would have to answer how common self-inserting is.


I really liked Mr Inbetween, australian show about a mob killer
These days watching Three Kingdoms, the chinese semi historical show, it's pretty good for the political aspect and some characters (cao cao is awesome), although the fight scenes suck


From what I've read, the guy in PPG 2016 was a joke from his co-workers. He didn't insert himself in the show. Allegedly.


File: 1622101800426.jpg ( 31.32 KB , 713x401 , E0w1bEpWQAM8dxU.jpg )

Holy shit anon you found it
You're an absolute G

The site even has a torrent option to download
This is amazing


File: 1622190230932.jpg ( 111.89 KB , 1280x720 , expanse.jpg )

Anyone watch The Expanse? Best sci-fi show I've ever seen. Best sci-fi I've ever seen period i think. Way more hard sci-fi than anything else even though it has alien magic tech and what not eventually
Also the politics are super interesting. Like UC Gundam but better. I highly recommend any sci-fi fans here check it out.


File: 1622190929562.jpg ( 236.14 KB , 1600x800 , Mythic-Quest-Ravens-Quest-….jpg )

>anybody seen it? cringe and out of date or decently humorous?
Very hilarious. If you like video games or It's Always Sunny I think you'll like it. Rob McElenhy plays more of a Dennis than a Mack in it. I like that Ash is getting a career because I used to watch Hey Ash Watcha Playin back in the day. They kind of gave her a straight-man part in this one so she's kind of underutilized but I still thought it was cool she's in it. Cricket from It's Always Sunny is also hilarious as another eternal victim kind of character. I'd say he's kind of the second lead? Australian Asian lady is pretty good but also kind of another straight woman part. The fat White lady and the old writer guy and the Indian guy from community are also funny but they're mostly gag characters who show up, do a bit, but don't typically have much a plotline in the episodes. Black braids chick is the most under-charecterized, not much to say about her, she's like Ash but even more of a straight man.


Thinking about it more, problem is too big a cast and too many straight men. Especially since they seem too afraid to make the women characters farcical enough. Really only the fat white woman is hitting the mark but she's only a gag character. Kind of like Dee In It's Always Sunny, but they made her funnier over the seasons. They should probably bump up the gag characters and deprecate the redundant straight men female characters. Fat chick and Indian guy have the funny sociopath angle going on like Rob, and Old guy has the Abe Simpson thing going. The other three women are kind of pointless and I dunno how they can really turn their characters around based on what they've already done. Australian Asian lady has some really funny moments as a foil but not enough.


File: 1622270711479.jpg ( 214.02 KB , 576x432 , cu536lL.jpg )

Anybody ever watch this? What did you think of it?


Yes it's good. They didn't have single fuck up so far, every season was on point, except the last episode where they shoehorned in Alex's death because the actor couldn't keep it in his pants, leaving his entire storyline going nowhere. Why not just recast him??


Why can’t leftypol get it’s on tv thread? It’s got music and games and they’re dead.


You mean board?


shut up shut up
this is my most successful thread on both sites!!!


i would take another season of malcolm in the middle instead of the entirety of breaking bad


sorry but that's the way it is


I think Malcolm ended where it had to stop (although the last episode could've been better imo)
There's rumors of a movie too.

Like I said, I'm not sure what my favorite is, but the Family Reunion episode is absolute kino, and that one scene is so satisfying and pretty based.

>Another favorite is when the family takes a vacation to some place and the boys accidentally stumble onto american army base and try to escape while trying to not get blown up lmao.

That bit is one of the funniest in the whole show in my opinion.

Another one is the Halloween episode where Malcolm spends the whole episode trying to calm his father down after he learns that a psycho murderer used to live in their house. The ending is just spectacular thanks to the buildup.

I was thinking of another particularly hilarious bit but I got distracted so I forgot lol.


we need a movie simply to see how dewey looks like now

the dude is AWOL

>that one scene is so satisfying and pretty based.
that scene where the entire family tells off the classist jerks?

>Another one is the Halloween episode where Malcolm spends the whole episode trying to calm his father down after he learns that a psycho murderer used to live in their house. The ending is just spectacular thanks to the buildup

i haven't watched this yet but it sounds unbelievably comfy

the night time episodes are kino also
like that episode where the boys and hal try to defeat all the bats that somehow got into the house

others that come to mind is
lois and her book club loiter and get chased by pigs, malcolm and stevie mess around the town and flashback to lois being pregnant
i loved how much that show used the word pig to describe cops unironically (that episode where reese decides to become a policeman and says "mom, dad, i've decided to grow up and be a pig! LOL)


this is the hardest i've laughed at anything in malcolm in the middle



>that scene where the entire family tells off the classist jerks?
Yes, exactly. It's awesome.
>lois and her book club loiter and get chased by pigs, malcolm and stevie mess around the town and flashback to lois being pregnant
>i loved how much that show used the word pig to describe cops unironically (that episode where reese decides to become a policeman and says "mom, dad, i've decided to grow up and be a pig! LOL)
Lois is based and I've seen many people on the internet with the most retarded takes on her. That because she's authoritarian and screams a lot, she's a "sociopath" or a "psychopath" and hates her children. But if you're not a dumbass you'll realize as you grow up that she's doing her best to raise them into decent people, as decent as they can be, despite her horrendous upbringing. She's able to overcome that out of her love for her boys (and maybe also resentment towards her own mother).

I wish I could watch that scene for the first time again


is that Olivia Munn in the pink dress in the thumbnail and @2:14 of the video?


No, that's Emy Coligado


yes lois is quite different from other sitcom moms
character was actually portrayed realistically and oh man her own mom was such cunt, man

luckily because of depression and watching malcolm in the middle as a child
like frankie muniz, a lot of the scenes feel like i'm watching them for the first time

i hope he too enjoys the show again for the first time, must feel weird

what do you think was the weirdest moment on the show?
that moment where malcolm's first girlfriend's parents made lenin and stalin cupcakes caught me so off guard


so did the anon who said he was gonna watch loki, watch it?

i did it was funny and had some lore
owen wilson's character was fun but i hate the tva

they seem like fascists, erasing a guy just for not getting a ticket wtf
obsessed with law and order shit, yuck

one thing i don't get it is why aren't the avengers time travel shenanigans considered a violation?

who and why is something meant to be
the whole loki seeing his past and future shit was depressing as fuck, imagine finding out you're not the main character of your story. absolute will breaking stuff.

owen wilson did not say wow even once
villain reveal was disappointing. not one, not two but three fucking lokis?


>that moment where malcolm's first girlfriend's parents made lenin and stalin cupcakes caught me so off guard
Wtf I don't remember that


oh it is
the new girl that moves into malcolm's school has some well educated parents

i think it might be this episode https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0640354/

it takes place in the school lunch zone out in the rain

resse gets punched by her lmao


Oh, right, Cynthia, the Krelboyne girl. She's pretty based though why does she know an Israeli martial art?
I found the clip, it's 1:6



It was a different episode btw, it's not "Krelboyne Girl", it's "Reese Cooks", her second appearance.


oh she just said communist revolutionaries not actually cupcakes
or maybe…


i like the krelboyone's second teacher, his hair was effay and that fight he did with hal in the school was legendary

>though why does she know an Israeli martial art?

i think krav maga is female focused or something
so like every american show gives strong female character's that skill trait


Hey friend! Yes I did watch the first episode, though I'm considering a rewatch. Anyhow to address you're and general points. I'm not sure we're supposed to like the TVA. For that matter Loki wasnt really supposed to be likeable until about Thor Ragnarok. About the erasing. I suspect maybe they're not straight killing people they don't like but perhaps resetting them to their OG timeline. Also, they did a bad job of addressing the Avengers transgressions. They mentioned the Avengers were supposed to have time traveled. Also, a friend told me since they put their infinity stones back, thus ensuring the proper flow of time they broke no time laws. About Loki and destiny etc, I like that the show is like loosely tackling the subjectivity of moral quandaries. But, personally I'm hoping these renegade Lokis aren't actually Loki's and maybe like Mephisto or something.


>aren't actually Loki's and maybe like Mephisto
oh no no no no
i haven't watched wandavision but mephisto has become like a big meme in the community because people were saying he was the mastermind behind in that show

anyways you could be right
the french girl points towards the devil in the church in the beginning of the show
new episode in 1-2 more days

i like this show because it has a lot of lore


>people were saying he was the mastermind behind in that show
Maybe. I still think Wandavision was pretty bad.

>french girl points towards the devil in the church

Yep and he was red and didn't really look like Loki. But "evil" type gods in history seem to usually have the same look what with horns and all, so who knows? But yeah, I like it better than wandavision or the imperialism hour so far. Deff gonna watch the next one.


File: 1623838241263-0.png ( 175.07 KB , 1684x2382 , omarsy-lupin.png )

File: 1623838241263-1.jpg ( 83.32 KB , 1024x645 , LUPIN-PART-1-NETFLIX-DOWNL….jpg )

Anyone else watching this? Based gentleman burgurlar stealing from the bourgoise and exposing the french political elite for thier crimes and corruption against the working class. It's not Soprano's/Wire level of groundbreaking prestige T.V but it's comfy af and the lead actor gives an incredible performance. Idk how to explain it but his acting just feels so real. He's funny and charasmatic but also super intense in a bond type of way. Season 2 just came out but I haven't got around to watching it yet.


wait this show is not the anime adapataion of the lupin anime show?

there's too much media today
i can't keep up with what is what


why is south park still popular?

the controversy angle confuses me because what makes it edgier than something like family guy?


File: 1623929285100.png ( 874.08 KB , 1190x627 , 165254.png )

you watched the 2nd episode?
much better

plot is still fucking confusing as shit and i feel like it was heading towards a "tva is corrupt and the bad loki is actually a good guy taking it down from within" but now with lady loki i don't understand anything anymore, my only criticism is that i saw lady loki looked like this a few days ago and i was so let down that she doesn't look like her

bimbo loki would've been hot

that 2050 predictions was depressing, in 30 years from now, alabamians will be extinct


BBC3 has a similar show called something like things not to ask to…(autistic people, transgender etc…), although it's quite more sensationalized and SJW'ed in the case of some episodes


File: 1624011117118.webm ( 2.33 MB , 1920x1080 , Loki theme.webm )

I hate disney
The bastards not only are trying to save their bandwidth costs by releasing the episodes weekly but they also get free press every week if they drip it out slowly

And they get to appeal to the small subsection of traditionalists also if they do this. Fucking corporate bastards think they're so clever.


Yep. I watched. The plots a little wonky. I just dont really get how variants work and it wasnt totally clear what Lady Loki did at the end. I believe she sent the charges to TVA to create fractures in time but it wasn't that clear. Yeah it's kinda weird Lady Loki is blonde i too like dark haired women better. Though, the lady Loki from the comics you're talking about I believe is actually Lady Sif with Loki's mind inside her. Comics, ikr?

They're a little clever I never thought of it that way. Also, does anyone know wtf happened to putlocker. I don't have disney plus and have watched a lot of shit free from putlocker but it seems like on nearly every search engine they've been delisted. I found ways to watch but wtf did they do to my homie putlocker?


yeah it was just super confusing, like oooo she bombed the sacred timeline? with what lol?
ok lady sif in the mcu and the comics is really really hot then

she appeared in that aos abc show once or twice i think which i still don't understand if its canon or not

putlocker is just too famous and with all it's variants running around it's hectic to find the episode
i use this site it's great mega library of all kinds of shows and movies https://www2.zoechip.com/tv/loki-42258

do you not use qbittorrent?


Lol ya real Sif is pretty fine too. Ya, I think AOS is supposed to be cannon but it seems to be such a underperformer Disney/Marvel wishes it wasn't.

Damn yo. *Pours one out for putlocker* Yeah, I got no idea what qbitorrent is. I'm a utorrent man myself, but I'm usually too lazy and don't have good enough internet to torrent stuff.


File: 1624168695761.png ( 169.94 KB , 1898x997 , Screenshot.png )

well if you ever get better internet i recommend using qbittorent
it is open source and the premier torrent program to use nowadays

torrenting is harder than before because all those mega torrent searching sites don't seem to exist anymore


Watched the new episode of Rick and Morty
I think Morty is slowly turning into his evil counterpart just going by the effortless slaughter he commits over basically being frustrated


File: 1624266277703-1.jpeg ( 779.38 KB , 2048x1133 , 515F6AD8-1E89-41BE-8524-D….jpeg )



is the show even a comedy anymore? it looks more like a drama now


It stopped being comedy after the 2nd season, when they fired the entire writing team for trying to unionize and replaced them with women to virtue signal away their union busting.


Woah, more info on the union busting at Adult Swim. This sounds intriguing.



are they finishing the revolution arch or was that just a one off thing


Trying to find out now but it seems like it's been scrubbed from the internet. Their virtue signal tactic was very effective, nothing but hacks sucking off how progressive they were for hiring female writers.


i don't think it was the women writers
dan harmon is the culprit

he made community and that too became boringly serious instead of comedic during the sci-fi tier episodes like dark timeline and paintball

he leans into too much of this nerd crap and doesn't know how to balance comedy with it


For once
Paul Rudd didn't show that clip on conan

It's the end of an era
Does anybody know what kind of a show his new gig on HBO is going to be?

Travel or just another talk show?
I should watch conan goes to cuba
I wasn't a communist when I watched it years ago and I remember a couple of spicy anti-communist bits on there I think




File: 1624444314598.jpg ( 112.19 KB , 1280x720 , not that filthy ningen.jpg )

I ship LokixLoki
It is fitting to his narcissism, that person he spends the rest of his life with herself

That loki is bi reveal wouldn't have felt so corporate and forced if these thousands of year old gods actually talked about it more casually rather than saying it like an actual reveal in-universe. These gods obviously won't care about straight and gay duality.

This entire episode felt like an outerworlds episode.
Also I knew it! The TVA is ebil.

My prediction feels like it's going to come out right


File: 1624598488513.png ( 142.3 KB , 330x336 , fuck.png )

Conan did his final show today
I watched all those team coco clips on youtube since I was a teenager

Gonna binge all those Jordan Schlansky and Clueless gamer clips especially

Here's the the entire chronological playist of over 9000+ clips uploaded on that channel

All media disappears away these days. I'm gonna take it in before it goes away


IASIP is the most fucked up show i've ever watched
the episode where they sexually assualt the homeless guy and get tempted to eat human meat was the last straw

too fucked up, literally stopped watching
is that the most messed up moment on the show or is there anything worse on it?




where is that quote from


Fucking Time Nazis man

Don't wanna incorrectly call them fascists, cause there's no real involvement of capital here and authoritarianism is a meme word

But muh sacred timeline is an awful lot like the faschite muh scared white race and culture
Spooked mentality on how something is supposed to be a "right" way and no deviations are allowed just because some shithead says so

All the TVA servants are fucking rule following liberals is what they are, Blind and just existing to follow whatever the law is without thinking to question its existence and purpose

This is a good marvel show, I'm not seeing any trash america shilling like their other movies show do

Literally went through heart break and excitement so fucking fast

Everything has been right as I've predicted, including the after credits moment. Let's hope they bring it home good with the finale.

Also there's nothing wrong with fucking yourself, Fuck all the morons on twitter whining about how lokixsylive is problematic
Loki is my favourite MCU character now, He's so much like me. This show made me like the character now.


File: 1625097298114.jpg ( 267.97 KB , 800x800 , Akira.jpg )

>So it looks like the Expanse is heading for a catastrophe like GoT. They only got renewed for another season which will be the last season, while still having more than three books to cover. Plus the actor who plays Alex got #metoo'ed for unsolicited dick pics and harassing female fans, so he won't be returning.
LMAO that's his vibe he always gives off. WTF? This is like Kevin Spacey level. That's exactly what you would think the character on the show would do. I'm still in the middle of season 5. You're this anon: >>6735 That spoiled Alex dying for me. it was my fault, I looked

Well it sucks that they're going to have to abridge the last season, but hopefully the season is good and that will be enough. It's like Akira movie vs the books. The movie follows books 1-2 and 6 almost exactly and cuts out everything in books 3,4, and 5. Still an amazing movie, even if what they left out could've been an amazing movie in and of itself.


I really like the late 2000's american family vibes

The middle and Modern Family capture that vibe in their earlier seasons

What other comedy shows capture that moment?
2007-2010 vibe


currently watching the I love the (insert decade here) series

It's good
Although I don't know how much of it is misremembered and crafted to be in a certain way but its fun


Somehow this is still not copyright blocked on youtube and the shows are up


Rescues Washington DC
Freakazoid Freakazoid

Unless something's better on TV
Freakzoid Freakazoid

Freaka you! Freaka me!


File: 1625293774314-0.jpg ( 918.83 KB , 1920x1080 , How I Met Your Mother (200….jpg )

File: 1625293774314-1.jpg ( 974.66 KB , 1920x1080 , How I Met Your Mother S01E….jpg )

do you prefer brighter and less accurate releases of shows or darker but less clearer releases of shows

i enjoy the atmosphere of both that give me
i've seen the bright version recently and most probably the dark version when it came first on tv

i'm going back to watch the darker more accurate version with contrast but the less accurate more bright versions still have a place in my heart


File: 1625663595214-0.jpg ( 932.49 KB , 1920x1080 , Precious Baby Boi.jpg )

File: 1625663595214-1.webm ( 22.32 MB , 1920x1080 , Everybody was Low Key Fig….webm )

File: 1625663595214-2.jpg ( 661.66 KB , 1920x1080 , Loki.S01E05.1080p.WEB.H264….jpg )

File: 1625663595214-3.jpg ( 714.77 KB , 1920x1080 , Jurassic Moment.jpg )

File: 1625663595214-4.webm ( 18.62 MB , 1920x1080 , Glorious Grant.webm )

I fucking love this show man

It rejects the individualistic, selfish Lokis and promotes the Loki to become a communal member and learn to trust and help each other.
Just because he is the god of outcasts doesn't mean he has to be alone. I relate so much.

The show is about change and how it is never too late to change your ways and evolve and that everybody deserves a chance to do so. I can't remember the last MCU media that had such a lefty message.

I hate the cunt that is the chief of the TVA, fucking absolute annoying lib. Muh institution, Muh stability, Muh authority figures must be protected!!!1
I hope she fucking dies, She is so fucking slimy and dishonest.

I don't get why everybody is saying the main guy behind it all is Kang the Conqueror
I've never read the comics. What kind of villain would have a castle in the middle of the end of time as his place of hiding. It's so classically tacky.

Also the fucking nerds put the Thanoscopter in the MCU
Season Finale next week, That's right Season 2 in the works.


This is going to sound dumb but, I don't care since the show is not in French.


>2007-2010 vibe


Yeah this was a great episode. Honestly some of the best MCU content in a while. I've been a life long marvel enjoyer but never cared for Loki. But since Ragnarok and this show he's evolved into less of sniveling, conniving bad buy and into a far more down to earth being just trying to get this shit together. Also I'm the same annon that said I wasn't sure pruned=death. So, called it. As for Kang he's the only logical orchestrator of this all. He's supposedly confirmed to be the villain in Ant-man 3 which makes perfect sense since Ant-man's been fucking with time too and his lineage as a marvel character has always been an omnipotent autocrat that exist outside of time.


i like it okay
do you know any shows or not about that vibe era

>Also I'm the same annon that said I wasn't sure pruned=death So, called it.
Where were you saying that my guy
I thought I was the only one still posting about this show

Now you say that. I want to believe it's him too because It would be awesome for this show that doesn't seem like would impact the MCU to actually have an impact

I've been fooled so much by those ""mcu"" shows that came before disney+ that had no real connection with the movies but this one has huge production values so I have more hope that it will bridge with Ant Man 3 Quantmania

>character has always been an omnipotent autocrat that exist outside of time

I want to be him. Sounds dope.


>been fooled so much by those ""mcu"" shows that came before disney+
Ya, the mouse really fucked up there. Especially in regards to daredevil and defenders etc. I think Daredevil, JJ and to some extent Defenders were high quality enough to incorporate them into MCU at some point but the mouse lied. I seem to remember some disney guy somewhere saying the Defenders would show up in the Avengers movies. I guess they thought GOTG was more important. Oh well maybe the Defenders or something similar will get rebooted on hulu or D+ or something.

But ya, however Loki ends it just wouldn't feel right unless it puts something into place for Ant-Man 3. Unless they're planning some whacky shit all together that no one could fathom. And ya I called that thing about pruning here >>6753


File: 1625750727589.png ( 866 KB , 768x768 , 5k8vkxl5sx971_jpg.png )

Oh you're the same guy I've been talking to since the beginning

I personally only loved Punisher show. I know he's not really the typical punisher looking guy but with the whole recasting j.jonah with the same actor in the mcu and quicksilver becoming kraven the hunter

I'd wish Jon Bernthal would return. The season 2 was really too long with the harleyxjoker type tertiary story but still

Who do you wish would return and get recasted into the MCU? The defenders?


Ya idk I only made it a couple of episodes into Punisher. It's not that I didn't like the show or Bernthal even but I just hate punisher type characters.

If anyone was going to return to MCU…at first I'd say Quicksilver but if that actor is gonna be Kraven I'm not opposed to that at all actually. So next I think i'd have to say the defenders, just bring em all back. Except for maybe Iron Fist.


I just heard someone mention "rule 34" in a fucking Law & Order SVU episode


ok you convinced me to watch

its not bad


>Mfw its late-stage Elementary seasons and I am watching them with my family and I we are not English and I am the designated translator because anglicanized zoomer and Holmes starts talking about incels or Pinochet helicopters and family asks what the fuck is he on about when I try to translate those words


I'm sorry, there is no way I'm gonna watch some more MCU crap. I don't even like Loki as a character, the way they design him feels like a rip-off from Baal in Stargate SG-1.


I can't imagine having to explain incels to my non-American parents.


Elementary as in the sherlock holme show but american?

IT's going on?

Why were they talking about that shit


i wasn't trying to do that but that's good to hear
hope you enjoy it

that implies something akin to intellectual property that is being imitated, much less properly
we do not believe in property, much less intellectual property

culture and art is constantly inspired from one another
but i understand that execution is a matter of subjective taste

so, why do you think the characters are similar and in what way is baal executed better?


Ya honestly. What similarities do MCU Loki and Baal have besides being gods in some form or another?


File: 1626261513992-0.webm ( 3.3 MB , 1280x720 , EXPLOIT.webm )

File: 1626261513992-1.png ( 675.19 KB , 793x430 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1626261513992-2.png ( 1.43 MB , 1024x799 , ClipboardImage.png )

I just wanted a conclusion.
I knew I should have watched WandaVision

I still have doubts that such a big effect is going to happen on the MCU from the loki show but now it seems definite

Goofy ass conqueror. How the fuck did 31st century science make the infinity stones into paper weights?


I liked the finale. I really don't know what people see in wandavision though. Here's the conclusion in that show she wears a tiara and they reveal her magic is special Call me crazy but I think wandavisions conclusion comparatively is ass compared to reveal of big wig bad guy that rivals Thanos.


Why can Loki speak perfect Latin but not a bit of old norse?


its today! its today!
whos hype?


What is going to happen in season 2
The last episode flipped the switch a bit and leaned into the anti-authority shift more which confuses me on what its actual politics were now. Capitalist agitprop always portrays their economics system with free will stupidly. So I'm kind a wondering about that

Man I hope the show comes back before Antman 3
I want to see the real Kang. A really pompous and self indulgent king is what I imagine he is like.

How do you think he is stronger than the infinity stones

I don't know. Weird
American shows just needed him to speak some weird old language I guess

What's today


>What is going to happen in season 2
No clue. Hard to say without seeing whatever Kang and the TVA do in Ant-Man 3.

>confuses me on what its actual politics were now

I'm sure the military entertainment complex has its claws in MCU like it does everything. But I'm not positive the show tries to do anything political. I mean it can't be easy to sneak politics into a show about demi gods fighting of a multiversal war to preserve a singular timeline.

>How do you think he is stronger than the infinity stones

I do hope we get less goofy versions of Kang. I want the more bellicose versions of him to be cold, stern and scary. As for the stones I guess they aint shit to him since like the show said he was still authoring all of time up until Slyvie kills him.


File: 1626466598486.jpg ( 34.29 KB , 353x500 , 51tgZiAELiL.jpg )

Anyone ever seen this? I was thinking about it the other day but it was pretty good. Kinda surprised people don't talk about it more. All the brits in the show are pretty based too. They're not really portrayed that way but I liked them. Does anyone know of more good spy shows like this?


oh wow more anti communist propaganda



I want to watch this ukrainan show man
Can't find it

Send help


what are you referring to


File: 1626596877251-0.png ( 1.65 MB , 1924x1052 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1626596877251-1.png ( 1.74 MB , 1924x1052 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1626596877251-2.png ( 1.76 MB , 1924x1052 , ClipboardImage.png )



What is that?


Oh loki, Yeah the finale is what gave me some anti-communist vibes because according to america foreign policy every communist leader is a dictator

Anyways I'm just gonna wait until I get more proof and just assume they were talking about hitler for now.


Anons of /hobby/, suggest me some non-lib pozzed series with a good plot to watch? (bonus points if its not about individuals, cause I'm tired of this gossip-tier lens on every fucking piece of narrative)


The Boss's Price is Always Right and The Hillary Clinton Comedy Hour


Brooklyn 99 is ending and I'm sad. Is there anything new the could replace it and numb my depression? No old shit, I want new stuff that will keep me going to years to come.


I'm watching The Underground Railroad and this might be one of my most favorite shows of all time. What a disturbingly beauitiful, epic journey.


>>6819 (me)
I just realized the guy who made this also made "Dear White People" which I thought was a pile of trash. Welp, that is something I didn't expect.


File: 1627622566996.jpeg ( 56.99 KB , 840x472 , 58D985C3-E786-4565-B736-5….jpeg )

Was I Wouldn’t Go In There the most redpilled ghost hunting show? The entire premise of the show is that it already admits that ghosts are fake and only focus on why the people believe that those places are haunted in the first place. Most ends with the explanation about the mass mental scarring of imperialism in Asia. One of the only shows that on Natgeo that talks about shit like Dutch colonial crimes in Indonesia, French political prisons in Indochina, War crimes committed by South Koreans to their own civilians and the US occupation of the Philippines.


Wow. They made a ghost show like that


>new and good
that's hard to come by these days


oh dear lord
this man is a /get/chan user

still sus


Its extremely based but I think its even with Battlestar and Stargate(politically Expanse is better).


>Post your highscore on those Ben 10 CN flash games.
I decompiled and hacked an old CN game to make it work again. It's probably in Flashpoint now.


>a /get/chan user
No wonder it's retarded


new rick and mort is trash

"millennials like to equate thanksgiving to genocide its what we do"

i really hate this kind of posturing where serious points are made into jokes in this way


Sounds like it's written by hipsters.


That's so fucking cool


it's always been shit


how do you hack that stuff
also wtf i never meant to type that

i meant those CN adventure time games
never watched the show but the games were so dope


File: 1628063209820-0.png ( 363.37 KB , 960x720 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1628063209820-1.png ( 150.98 KB , 1225x671 , ClipboardImage.png )

In that specific case, there were a collection of archived CN Flash games that had all their main assets (game files like code and images) self-contained, but a few were unable to launch. Sometimes they're site-locked (which is why BlueMaxima's Flashpoint has a fake browser included, to trick certain games into thinking they're at home) but this one was just not working. It loaded the loading screen and instructions, but then pressing 'start' did nothing.

When you have compiled code, you can decompile it, a process called reverse engineering. This is how game/software piracy is usually done, decoding part of the binary program back into comprehendable code (manually or automatically) and modifying it. Luckily for me, there are a lot of decent open-source decompiler programs for Flash .sfws so instead of literally messing with 1s and 0s, it will translate the file it into a readable code and show you each of the buttons, images, sounds, frames, with its scripts, animations, etc. You just lose all the comments (and in many cases, meaningful variable names), so "playerHeight = currentHeight + yVelocity" becomes "var1 = var5 + var7", but there are ways you can deduce the purpose of those mystery variables. Like if it checks if var1 < 1 to see if it triggers the "You Lose" animation, var1 is probably the number of lives left. It's like sudoku, the more gaps you complete, the easier it becomes to find the rest (unless you got them wrong). Fortunately, I think Flash games preserve some of the variable names, which made it much easier.

After tracing where the path the code takes after pressing start, it turns out the game was expecting to load an XML file with basic settings (time limit, lives, how many levels there were, is the character dead), but when you clicked start without it, these settings were unknown and the game wouldn't proceed. I just hardcoded some sane default settings (like not being dead when you start the game) and it worked without any issues.

In most real cases, it's harder than this. I've met people who reverse engineer ransomware to see if there are any mistakes in it that can be used to stop it, or to try and discover which group made it. At that stage, you might even find counter-forensic techniques trying to hinder reverse engineering.


I have wondered about something for a while
All these zombie shows or post apocoloypse shows like the walking dead

where government and society has fallen

What kind of economic system/society do they show that people are rebuilding

Do they do shitty ideological charged episode where anarchic non capitalists societies people have made are bad?


hackerman alert


Definitely repost this on /tech/, and in fact you should make a pdf guide on this kind of Flash Game hacking for other anons here.




Probably the best and only ghost show on NG. Too bad that channel went to shit after being acquired by Disney.
Based. Those CN flashgames brought back some great memories. Especially the Ben 10 create your own levels game.


its usually wild west ancap style and theres a strong hwite man who owns something important that creates the community

but they are mostly predictive programming to create an implicit distrust of your neighbors so that when SHTF you will kill each other instead of working together


yeah i loved the ben 10 alien force one where he's a teenager now and kevin is his friend

those CN flash make your own games were dope
blue beetle one was fun too

somebody should make a thread on /games/ about all the fun web games we played and post pictures


I was googling about Golden Girls spin offs to see what order to watch in and found somebody has the entire show Empty Nests on youtube

Watch it before the copyright ghouls get it. I remember my youthful summer when somebody put all of Frasier on youtube. It was so much fun. I watched so many episodes on my phone and kept laughing.

My sister Sam is also fully on youtube I think https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDMsInib5rI and I think Carlin's short lived sitcom too

Drop any other shows that are fully on youtube


Seriously use invidious or other sites.


Invidio hasn't mattered for a while, they went the same way as other youtube mirrors.

There's also Golden Girl Palace, but without Dorothy and Sophia it doesn't really work out.


> they went the same way as other youtube mirrors.
What do you mean


File: 1628660962142.png ( 29.55 KB , 788x348 , hooktube no longer functio….png )

Remember Hooktube? Invidio has been like current Hooktube since the beginning, it's almost meaningless to use.


i was looking for a youtube frontend to use that wasn't shilling rightwing ads
the other popular one always did that
what does this mean


rip sophia. i feel so bad after reading her wiki page.
The only reason I know about Golden Palace was I saw the hotel with don cheadle in some cracked video.


>what does this mean
The point of Hooktube and Invidious is to prevent data tracking and other shit that make youtube the kraken of a corporation it is. But since they use Youtube api this no longer applies and you're basically just wasting time.

Yeah she her dementia started kicking in at the end and her death was tragic. It makes the show all the more sadder. It really had a good heart and good humor.


>Finished season 2 of Snowpiercer
Jesus christ what a shitshow. Honestly the best example I've ever seen of a writer going "yo so I wanna go to point C in the story which is super awsome but I am stuck at A, uhh… yeah fuck it lets just pull off a dozen deus ex machinas, each more shitty and dumb than the last to do it, who cares about the middle of the story anyway?"


>>Finished season 2 of Snowpiercer
I'll pray for you.
I fucking hate shows like these that are based on other more expensive made media that are supposed to be "connected" but essentially just drip feed you clues until an embarrassing episode where they blow the entire budget on special effects.

I never watched LOST but I'll feel like all these drama shows belonging to franchises are trying to do that shtick where the fans theorizing is the only real content.


I saw LOST in portions, and after reading the spoilers I instantly lost interest because its so shit.
I didn't even know Snowpiercer GOT a 2nd season, MFW.


This clip interested me to think if I should watch Deadwood
Does it handle labor issues well?


Deadwood was based and the last season before getting canceled had a straight up capitalist as the villain. Haven't watched the 2020 season


I love the americana suburbia aesthetic that "The wonder years" has

I just love it so much and want recs for shows that have that style and take place in such areas


also quality doesn't matter as long as it takes place in a place like that

think wonder years or one tree hill style


Just watched one of the overtly political episodes of the wonder years

Just like kevin I didn't really understand anything back then but now man the entire conversation made me cringe and sick in the stomach

The "strawman" radlib boyfriend that his sister is dating was still a chad who answered the opposition without being too much of a wuss but man I really hope irl such conversations go much better if I ever encounter something like this.

I fancy myself to be a good communist talking combative, and I think for some things optics really matter, especially such words.
Words like "brainwashed" seem to be very touching" and reigning back and clarifying yourself comes across even worse I think

Of course the episode itself seemed to be neutral or whatever. Sure, It ended with the boyfriend being a cheater but I'm willing to take that not as them demonizing his character and just meant to be about the episode being no matter who you are at the end of the day, you're human.

Radlib, Hippie, Well meaning but naive archtypes and tropes are very shit in media. Like sure they're well-meaning in that they could be trying to teach people about how you can't solve everything at once or fix the world alone and things aren't perfect and that sometimes progress isn't a full falst march forward and sometimes you can get set back

But MAN, these lessons always end up on the most right wing tone, of capitalist realism
"Oh well things are shit in capitalism, Just forget about those things because you're privileged to and don't be grumpy anymore with those problems, sweetie"

I really wish these tropes are retired now in modern shows and films.


Just saw an episode of 3rd rock from the sun where it references neo-trotskyites anti-stalinist marxists and dick tries to get an entire girl's foot in his mouth while having sex

I mean I expected a show about aliens to be weird but damn.


I didn't even watch any of the What If shit but I heard about the Ultron one and was it funny how much OP they made him
And apparently these episodes aren't like one offs but connect to one big story

I love ultron so much. He's always been way cooler than thanos. He's like the zamasu and that's why I like him.

Him becoming omniscient of the watcher talking shit about and straight up going and beating his ass was just dope ass fuck

The only bad thing was once again the shitty anti-communist propaganda these wonks fit in somehow.
"ooo the ebil soviets were totally part of the nazi german cult H.Y.D.R.A and helped destroy the world!!"

Fucking hell


Also wow 7777 get
Didn't realise that.

Unique IPs: 125

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